Karika The Troubled

(Author Notes: I’ve edited this for better clarity. The first story I posted here after all :p.)


Being the only male teacher on the entire campus, my life as a teacher for The Mamono Reformation Class where monster girls from foreign lands, come to be educated on modern practices of human laws. It can be tough to work with the countless number of ignorant girls unknowing of the human standards of common decency. Never in my wildest dreams did I see this shit coming…wanting to become an English teacher to enlighten students about the wonders of literature, now forced to work to ‘educate’ these monsters.

“Oi, you just gonna stand there gawking at yer damn book or you gonna teach us a damn?!”

Hearing one of my students speak, I stared at Karika, one of my many troubled child students. A stupid-minded High Orc with a mouth to match. She was the pinnacle of all the other ‘girls’ in my class. I can’t help but recall how I got into this mess…


“What, what do you mean that all those positions are taken?!”

Looking at one of the staff teachers, her sharp piercing gaze did nothing to hide her annoyance. Being a Blue Oni, she simply sighed and shrugged off my complaint before speaking

“Mister…uh…Faulkner. I admire that for a man of your age… twenty-nine, I find it rather sad that it took you this long to get something as simple as a master’s degree.” She tilted her glasses as her eyes bored right at mine, drinking a glass of water before continuing. “Despite what I have mentioned to you…I’m afraid that even if I found you desirable for a position as a high school English teacher, I’m afraid that all the positions from the local school you’re eligible for are already taken. All of which were taken by teachers of excellent standards, ones that started their education as early as high school. I’m afraid we cannot make an opening for someone who spent the seven years he had in careless grandeur.”

Hearing her, I slammed my hands on the desk, causing the glass of water she had to spill on the table, wetting the papers that were spread about on the table

“What’s the matter with you?! You don’t know a thing about me and this is how you select candidates for teaching?! Ridiculous! Don’t think you’re so high and mighty just because you have a high position yourself, Miss Trisha!” I said to her out of a fit of rage. She simply sighed before picking up the tilted glass and putting it back on its bottom

“Quite…well listen Faulkner. I’m going to ignore your outburst just now out of professionalism and give you a chance. The job I’ll be offering you will still apply to your skills as an English teacher. In fact…” Saying that she paused as she tilted her head down. The refracted light from the ceiling light created a reflection on her glasses before letting out a sly smile. “If you do this job right…you’ll get paid double what you would normally earn as an English teacher…”

All I had to hear was double pay, and I instantly lit up before moving my face close to hers

“WHAT KIND OF JOB?!” Without thinking, I yelled right at her face, simply wiping off the droll that came out of my mouth with a glass cleaning cloth, she continued

“Why not be a teacher for the ‘Troubled Mamono Reformation Class’ or ‘TMRC’ for short? The job is simple, you will still teach English literature as you would normally, but the students must also be taught normal human practices, laws, and decency. Something that I’m sure you have plenty of knowledge of. We’re currently in need of staff for that class. Would you be willing to-” Hearing all that I needed to, I grabbed the pen from my pocket and signed the paperwork that she had presented to me at the dry side of the table. After signing, she giggled a little before putting the papers away in an envelope. “Congratulations Mister Faulkner, welcome to your new job as a ‘TMRC’ Teacher!” Presenting her hand, I shake hers without a second thought.

*Back at present time*

“OI?!” Hearing her scream one more time for my attention, I shook off the regrettable memory I had before Karika threw a wadded paper at me. Unrolling it, it was the assignment paper I had given them. Asking simple questions like ‘What do you do when you see a man injured?’ or ‘What would you say if a man insulted or discriminated against you?’. In her answers, she wrote for the first question ‘I’d slap him to wake him up, then fuck his brains out before he croaks’, and the other question was answered ‘I’d beat his ass till he cries uncle, then rape him as punishment!’. Such vulgar answers are typical of this dimwitted girl. She isn’t the only one either as there are normal Orcs, Ushi-Oni, Minotaurs, and other more simple-minded girls in my class. Some were simple-minded, some couldn’t even really think for themselves, but there was something special about Karika that made her stand out…and by stand out, I mean to be my worst student ever!

“Karika! How many times do I have to tell you to answer these right?! You really can’t expect to do these kinds of things in these kinds of situations right?!” I asked her, but she laughed it off as nothing more than a joke. She stood out of her chair and walked toward me until she was close enough to look down at me. Being a six-foot-three woman must be really nice for her. She took a heavy breath before breathing out, causing my hair to move with her intense exhale

“You can when you’re strong enough like me! Someone as puny as you would be crushed under my strength!” She said as she was flexing in front of the others. The other girls started cheering as she looked at them with a smile before turning her attention to me “I swear…if it wasn’t for these stupid magic sigils they place of us…you’d be on the ground covered in your own cum by now…” She said softly before hearing the bell ring. I let out a sigh of annoyance before speaking to her

“If you’re done with your empty threats Karika…I’d like you to take these papers home and redo them as homework, in addition to the ones I have already given to the rest of the girls. If you don’t complete these by tomorrow, I’ll personally speak to your parents about your deplorable behavior!” I said to her before she took the papers I presented to her as she left with the rest of the girls. After they all left, I slumped back on my desk. I can still feel my heart beating erratically from how close she was. Woman or not, the way she looked at me there and then almost looked like a predator looking down at its prey. “Those magic sigils…thank god for whoever made those…” Saying to myself, remembering that the sigils are placed on especially difficult students. When the sigil detects a certain amount of lust in the person, they paralyze the person inflicted with the sigil until they are taken away by the school nurse, who then waits for the lust to subside before letting them go. These sigils are applied to both students and even teachers, particularly male staff like me. But since I have no intention of fucking those uncouth barbarians, I practically feel no desire to sleep with those brats at all. “I’d better get going and grade their papers…what a pain…” I said to myself before leaving. As I locked the door to my class for the day, I saw Trisha in the hallway carrying a bottle of sake with her

“Huh…oh well Mister Faulkner, I take it the job’s going well?” Asking in an almost sarcastic tone, I walked up to her and grabbed her by the shoulders

“You…you enjoy every moment of seeing me like this don’t cha?!” She giggled at my response to her before lifting her shoulders

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Faulkner…your salary is even bigger than mine, so why get so upset over a couple of deviants. You seem to be in one piece at the moment so why not just try to adjust?” She pulled back from my grip before looking back at me

“Look I know you may have a disdain for me…but trust me when I say that I picked you because you’d do a good job. Any other man who took the position before you quit before even a month passed, but you’ve been around for an entire semester! Why not come with me and talk about your troubles? I promise I’ll listen to them…” Sounding serious all of a sudden, she tilts her sake bottle which was half my size. She held the bottle with one hand like nothing. But putting the absurd bottle aside, she sounded sincere for once…so I simply nodded to get an excuse to drink the problems away

“Fine…you’re paying for the damn drinks though alright?! I know how damn Oni’s are and your absurd drinking tolerance.” Laughing at what I said, Trisha pinched the bottom of my chin with her free left hand before speaking softly

“Actually…only Red Oni’s have a high tolerance…blue ones are even bigger lightweights than most humans. If I wasn’t already married to a perfectly wonderful husband…me asking you to drink with me would be like asking you to fuck me raw…you need to refresh on your Mamono knowledge, Faulkner…” Giggling before letting go, she moved past me for a bit before turning back to look at me

“Come on, let’s go! I can’t wait to hear all the little complaints you have about your work, should make for a good laugh!!” That little shit seriously laughed at me just then. I turned to her and screamed back

“WHY YOU?! You said you’d listen to me, not laugh?!” She waves her left hand up and down as if to calm me down

“Hey hey relax will yah? I was just joking. Let’s go before it gets too dark!” Letting out a sigh, I walked with her as we headed for the local bar a mile and a half away from the school. Looking at the place she picked, it was a Mamono-friendly bar with both humans and Mamono in it, some drinking to have a good time, others to pick up girls or guys. With a bright atmosphere that looked both modern and classy. We sat at a two-man booth before a Werewolf server came to our table

“Welcome to the Aphrodishiack! Where equality and pleasures arrive! What’ll it be folks?” She asked us. Taking a gander, I do see that the other booths are filled with some bright-spirited girls, even human ones just talking with other girls, human or Mamono. The walls were black with pink stripes that go down vertically, with a gray cement flooring and a bar table of redwood with intricate patterns on it

“I’ll have the Alraune Palmer with a red slime jello shot mixed in…” Without realizing it, Trisha had already mentioned her order, leaving me the only one without a drink as the Werewolf looked at me with a smile

“And you sir?”

Looking at my options, there were a lot of drinks I was unfamiliar with since a lot of them were a mix of human and Mamono alcohol and spirits. Eventually, though, I found the one draft beer that I always go for

“For now…I’ll start with the dark stout flavor of Genus please…” As I mentioned my order, she Werewolf nods as she jots down the drinks on her notepad before talking

“I’ll be right back with your drinks folks. Then when they come, you can order food if you’d like any. If you’ll excuse me.” She bows before leaving us. Trisha then laughed a little when the waitress was gone

“Genus? That stuff is usually ordered by older guys around their fifties or so. You have some strange taste for a relatively young guy!” Hearing her, I spoke back in an annoyed tone

“Haha…very funny right? I don’t like the taste of that lighter beer crap. I want a drink with a more stout and dark flavor.” After our little exchange of words, I take a look at the menu, which had a variety of foods from burgers to hot dogs, to some of the Mamono favorites like honey cakes and slime ice-cream

“Sorry for the wait folks…” The Werewolf girl comes with our drinks as she places them on our table “So guys, what’s for eats?” Asking us, Trisha spoke up first

“I’ll have two American-style hot dogs with cheddar cheese stuffed inside them, with a side of seasoned fries…” Nodding her head, she writes down Trisha’s order

“And you sir?” Asking me next, I was eyeballing the ‘Death cap supreme.’ I always liked some mushrooms on my burgers

“I’ll have this…Death Cap Supreme.” I saw Trisha’s eyes widen a little before the waitress finished jotting down our orders

“Alright, guys! The food will be out shortly!” She said before leaving us again

“Hey…you sure you want that burger? The mushroom contains diluted Matango caps. They’re a type of mushroom that makes men lose their sanity and indulge themselves in lust. Of course, the ones they serve here are as I said diluted, so it shouldn’t really do anything but give you a hard-on…or at least make it easier for you to get one…” Explaining it to me, I already read the description of the item on the menu, so I already knew what it had

“Look…I just wanted to try it since I’ve never been here before and it seemed like the kind of burger I’d like. It even says it has seven different spices mixed in with the burger to give it that ‘Death cap’ name.” I shake my head though before taking a sip of my beer

“Never mind that…so while we’re waiting…how’s the job so far?” She asked as she took a sip of her drink

“Not great. The girls are all so rebellious. Karika especially…that little shit stain is so disobedient and cocky. She’s pretty much the center of attention to the other girl, getting cheered on for her behavior.” Taking a sip of my beer, I took a deep sigh before continuing “The other girls are no better…but Karika…ugh…” After speaking, Trisha let out a small laugh

“Heh…well it is to be expected. Karika is a High Orc…a class of Orcs that are more…daresay daring than their normal counterparts. It’s hardwired in their DNA to be the center of attention, made to coral other Orcs and be the ringleader, they’re smarter compared to normal Orcs and a helluva lot stronger.” Taking another sip of her drink, she played with the rim of the glass with her right pointing finger as she looked at me “But calling any Orc smart is laughable at best. I’d say the best way to deal with her is to simply ignore her. I can already tell by your complaint that you always retaliate whenever she acts right?” Surprised at her guess, she hit that right on the nail as I nodded in agreement

“Yea you’re right. How the hell did you manage to guess that?” She shook her head at me, smiling condescendingly

“You really underestimate me. You’re very irritable…I knew that the moment you came to me for a job opening. But that’s not the point here. Simply put, Karika gets pleasure from hearing you retaliate. If you’d be just smart enough to ignore her, she’ll eventually get fed up and she’d end up making herself look stupid. You’d be surprised at how easily Orcs can get flustered if they don’t get their way.” Trisha actually had a point there. All along I always yelled or retaliated at Karika for her misconducted behavior. But maybe if I Ignored her, she’d lose her reason to be unruly in the first place.

“Wow…that actually makes sense…damn I hate to admit it, but you’re absolutely right about me. But even I don’t want to be hated by my students. I just wish she’d listen more…” Hearing my plea, I saw that Trisha tilted her head slightly, giving me a look that suggested she was suspicious of something.

“Faulkner…this is just my guess but…are you doing this job because you want to have some experience with kids?” I let out a gasp as I heard her, guessing me accurately, I never once remember telling her about that reason. I always wanted to know what it’d be like to be a father, so I thought being a teacher would give me the experience I needed to get a head start. “Haha…I hit it right on the nail. The way I saw you grade your students’ work…” Saying that, Trisha opened her bag as a pile of papers spilled out. She spread them neatly on the table, displaying that the papers were the ones that I graded for my class. “Let’s see here…from what I read…you always give detailed hints to each of your students’ papers. Most teachers simply grade their work without explanation. But you go above and beyond and write down solutions to help your students learn from their mistakes. I can especially notice it on Karika’s homework. The advice and hints you wrote for her here are almost a paragraph long in detail. I was right to pick you as the teacher after all…” Putting them away, she chugged the last of her drink before finishing. “I know you won’t admit it, but you love every single one of your students. You treat them like your own child, wanting them to develop into responsible adults. It’s a wonderful mindset to have as a teacher. But you have to remember that these ‘children’ are known to initiate sexual affairs the moment their puberty arises. You can’t treat them like humans Faulkner, they’re Mamono with lust just waiting to ebb out of them…” After speaking, the waitress finally came with our food

“Alright, here you are mam, your two hotdogs with seasoned fries.” She said handing the food to Trisha. “And for you sir, your Death cap burger. Enjoy.” Before leaving, Trisha rose her hand to the waitress

“Hey before you leave, miss, I’d like another glass of this please…” Trisha said as she handed her empty glass to the waitress

“Of course mam, I’ll be back with your drink.” She bowed before leaving us again. After she was gone, Trisha continued speaking

“I know it’s hard to teach unruly students like them. Your class in particular has some of the hardest to teach students on campus, and yet we noticed a jump in their grade level under your tutelage. They listen to you because you show care for them. You don’t just treat them like some student or a paycheck but as individuals. Just be careful though, as treating them like this might give them the wrong impression.” Taking a pause from her speech, she took a bite of her hotdog as I took a bite of my burger. Having that spicy kick I was looking forward to, the mushroom flavor in particular popped out the most, having that taste that complimented the meat and spices nicely. “In any case, you do a fantastic job as their mentor. Unruly as they are, they actually listen to your advice. It may not seem like it, but you’re able to leave a positive impression on them. Don’t get discouraged and just keep doing your job” Biting more into my burger, I took a sip of my beer to wash it down before speaking

“I guess…but I wonder if what I tell them really sticks to them. They usually seem to enjoy toying with me more than anything.” Trisha smiled as she finished off her first hotdog.

“True, but it’s their way of being endearing towards you. If not for the magic sigils on them, they would have most likely fought over for you as their man.” She paused for a moment as she saw the waitress come with her drink

“Here you are mam, sorry about the wait.” Bowing, she dropped off the drink before taking her leave

“Standards regarding humans and Mamono are different from our world. It’s morally acceptable to have a wife and child regardless of an age gap no matter how high. Your world is the weird one to us since humans insist on having moral standards like being eighteen to be considered an adult, or debates over dating someone that has a five or more age gap. It was a pain to read and learn all about the human standards of this planet, even for me. So imagine what it’s like for less intelligent Mamono who relies on instincts to survive?” Taking another sip of her drink, she starts eating her fries, giving me a chance to speak

“Right, I keep forgetting that in your world…Mamono were treated as monsters to be avoided or killed. Being forced to rely on brute force to survive or cunning. But in this world, they can’t be doing that for moral reasons that humans on Earth have laid out. Of course, I can only imagine that most single guys would welcome girls to have sex with them if they wanted to satiate their lust.” Stopping to take another sip, she puts her drink down afterward and speaks again

“That’s right, and because of that moral code the humans of this world follow, it puts us Mamono in a tight spot. Adjusting to such laws at a radical and rapid pace is hard. That’s why people like you are needed, ones patient enough to guide the students to the right path of success both educationally and morally. In a way, my world and yours benefit from one another. Your world gets to decrease its insane population of humans, while we Mamono can increase our number through yours. And with the technological and scientific knowledge of your world that only ours can imagine combined with our magical knowledge that’s considered fiction in your world, we may one day find a way to birth male humans or male counterparts of our prospective species…a grand thought don’t you think?” As we spoke, we just dragged on more and more and how our worlds are so different from one another, giving me a chance to rethink my reasons for accepting the job. I know I wanted it for the higher pay, but a part of me really did just want to know Karika’s and the rest of my students’ perspectives of our world and learn about theirs. After about an hour, we finished our meals and paid for the bar before we left. Standing at the entrance, Trisha smiled as started to part ways “Remember Faulkner, just do your job the way you do now. I know it’s hard for now, but it always is the first time with anyone, human or Mamono. The girls will eventually respect you. Heck I know some of them already do with the way their grades have improved.” Listening to her words, its true that the girls were a lot rowdier at the beginning, but as I got used to them, they started settling down

“Yea…your right.” I looked at Trisha for a second and saw her face was as red as a red Oni’s “Hey…why aren’t you assaulting men right now? I know blue oni’s get drunk even easier than humans due and attack them with lust, but you never once wavered of made a move on me…” Trisha laughed at me for a second, hiccupping in the middle of her laugh before speaking

“Idiot…that’d be the case if I was single…in almost all cases with Mamono regardless of their species, once married, we only have a desire for the man we claimed. Oni’s like me in particular can share men or just sleep with other men too of course, but I love my husband too much to cheat on him. To tell truth, I’m just about ready to finger myself right here right now, but I have to wait till I get home, then I’ll fuck my dear beloved till dawn…hehehe…” I could see the lewd smile coming from her face, her husband must either be really lucky or really screwed to have her around when she’s drunk “Besides, I already told you that I had a husband earlier remember? Gosh you’re an idiot…” That’s right, she did say that, I almost forgot

“Right…you did say that. My bad.” I said awkwardly, bowing in apology. Trisha just smiled at me

“It’s alright. Anyways…take it easy Faulkner…” Waving goodbye, she stumbles in the direction of her home. Waving back, I turned the other direction to get home myself

“Just keep doing my best…I guess I did get a little carried away. I should probably apologize to Karika tomorrow and find a better way to teach each of my students in a different way to cater to their needs…” Looking up at the night sky as I walked, I gazed upon the stars, lost in thought. But my thoughts were cut off short when I heard a familiar voice yell out

“HA! Is that you Sensei?!” I looked down to see Karika, sneering at me as she still had her school uniform on. Underneath her was a group of teenage boys, all knocked out “

“Karika?! Why are you out so late, and what’s with the boys on the ground?” She looked down at the boys on the ground in front of her before smiling, hitting her right fist into her left palm

“They picked a fight with me, thinking they could take me on when I told them to get out of my way! I just plowed right through them like the trash they are!” Laughing at her victory, I ran to the boys on the ground to see how they were. Luckily it seems they were just knocked out with only bruises on them

“Karika! You can’t just solve everything with violence you know?! If you know you’re stronger than them, then be the better person and leave! Don’t pick a fight because now, you’ll look like the cause of the problem, not the victim.” I tried to scold her about acting violently, but she just shrugged off my words. Instead, I saw her sneer at me as she lowered her head, pointing her horns towards me as she started to lower her upper body as if getting ready to tackle me

“Heh…now that we’re not in campus…I don’t have that stupid magic sigil slowing me down. I can finally take you down a peg and make you my bitch!” Feeling the blood from my body leave me, I felt a sense of bloodlust coming from her, but not murderous, more like dominating

“Wait…Karika…you’re not going to-” Before she let me finish, Karika started to charge towards me, moving incredibly fast

“I can’t wait to make you mine!!!” I move to the right just in time to avoid her charge, busting through a light post like nothing as it fell under her charge

“What in the hell are you doing?! You’re causing property damage now you moron! Stop at once!” She turned around after her charge, unfazed by hitting the pole

“You’re gonna have to make me Sensei. I doubt you can do jack shit though, being as small and scrawny as you are!” Laughing at me, I got annoyed from her taunt

“You little shit stain…Fine!” Bracing myself, I took a deep breath before pointing at her with my right hand, then beckoning her “I guess I should have expected that you’d attack me like that, it’s the only thing your head’s good for anyways since thinking wasn’t your best talent is it Karika?” I could see the veins on Karika’s head pulse from my comment, getting angry at the taunt, she smiled back at me

“Oh…you grew a pair eh Sensei? I can’t wait to push you down and humiliate you…” Sprinting towards me again, she readies herself for another charge attack, but this time, I carefully wait for her. When she was within reach, I grabbed her by her horns

“What the-” Before she could react, I used the momentum of her charge, pulling her to the right and straight into a wall before letting go. As she hit the wall, her momentum was strong enough to crack the wall, but not bust through it as she got dazed from hitting a solid wall “Oww!” Grabbing her by her right wrist, I used my weight and pushed her down towards the ground before grabbing her left wrist and pulling it up away from her body while her right was pressed on her back

“No matter how strong you are, I can always use your momentum against you and pin you down. You lose…” I’ve never gotten this close to Karika before, but I noticed that she had fresh scars and bruises on her well-toned body.

“I…lost…no way…in one move…that’s…that’s…” Her voice started to sound more feminine for some reason, almost as if she was panicking from what happened “I was supposed to have my way with you…but now…” Turning her head to look at me, her facial expression caught me off guard, looking at me with a nervous, but endearing look

“Wah! What’s wrong with you?!” Letting go of her, I backed away from her but hit a wall behind me. Before I could move out of the way, Karika pinned my legs down with her hands, easily stopping me from moving with her powerful arms

“Sensei…” Her face blushed bright red. For some reason, she started to smell pleasant to me…feeling my rationality leave me, I gather what strength I had left to grab her by her shoulders to try and pry her off

“Karika…please…let go of-” Feeling weaker and weaker as I smelled her more, she leaned her face closer to mine. Now that I got a good look at her, her face was really beautiful. A nice dark skin that looked softer than what I’d thought it’d be.

“Dammit…I didn’t want to lose but…oh god Sensei you’re so freakin hot!” Karika picked me up easily, moving her face close to mine until I could feel her breath down my neck. “Let’s go somewhere private…” Pulling me towards her, she grabs me by my waist when I was pulled towards her, then hoisting me up until my stomach was against her right shoulder.

“Hey wait, LET ME GO DAMNIT!”

My plea fell on deaf ears as she ignored me, easily keeping my legs together with just her left hand while keeping my body rested on her shoulder with her right. I couldn’t tell from my point of view where she’d take me, but as I saw the residential walkways stretch out in the distance, I suddenly felt like we were falling down, sliding down from what I could see as a grassy hill. When we finally stopped, she lifted me out of her shoulder and tossed me to a wall of sorts. Hitting the wall relatively hard, it took me a second to catch my breath. Taking a look at where she took me, I saw a small river in front of me. Looking up, I saw a bridge. I realized soon enough that she took me under one of the bridges that connected the residential areas here. After figuring out where she took me, I took a glance at her, staring at me with a crazed, almost beastial-like gaze. It was hard to tell from how dark it was getting, but I could see her body sweating profusely, her breath so hot that I could see the steam coming out of her mouth. I shook my head again to get these sensations out of my head to try and talk to her one last time

“Karika…wha-what happened to you, why are you acting like this?! Is it because of what those boys did to you, did they drug you or something?” I felt like under all the cloudiness in my mind, I felt like I was forgetting something important, but I was just too distracted by the situation at hand to think straight

“You really don’t get it, do you? Those guys tried to have their way with me. Thinking they could pin me down with numbers, they were hardly a challenge and I beat them senseless to teach them a lesson you dolt…” She said, her breathing getting heavier with each inhale and exhale “I don’t really get what’s going on either…a moment ago I hated your damn guts, always making me work.” Her breathing started to quicken as well, averting her gaze to me “GAH I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!” Screaming her lungs out she lets go of me and instead lays on the ground. What came next took me by surprise, she started to rub under her skirt with her right hand and playing with her breasts with her left, drooling intensely as she looked at me in the eyes “Fuck me Sensei! Stir my insides up with your cock-” Hearing her, I blushed deep red in embarrassment, looking around to make sure no one was around. The rest of her words were deaf to me, quickly moving to close her mouth, used my right hand to plug her shut

“You idiot! Don’t shout stupid things like that, what if someone heard you?!” All I could see is her teary-eyed face, feeling her heavy breathing on my hand, covering the palm with sweat. “Look, we need to get you back to your hou-” Before I could finish my sentence, I felt Karika licking the palm of my hand, pulling my hand off her hand with relative ease, she starts to lick and suck on my pointing finger “Hey stop that you moron!” I tried to stop her, but I lost my balance trying to stop her and fell on her body, my face right between her chest. Under her school uniform, I could smell an intoxicating sweet scent. It was like getting drunk but worse. My vision started to get hazy, and all I could focus on was Karika, who looked helpless. I’ve never seen her so vulnerable, or so sexy for that matter. “What am I thinking?! This is terrible, why do I have these kinds of thoughts!” Lost in my own confusion, Karika noticed that I was looking at her, sneering at me, she unbuttoned her school uniform, revealing her sweaty cleavage. It was starting to get chilly outside, so I could see her breath in the air as even her body is letting off steam from how hot her body is

“You said you wanted to discipline me right Sensei? Now’s your chance to really give it to me…all sweaty and vulnerable. I wonder if you can even resist at this point?” Taunting me, I could see the kind of bra she wore, an unexpectedly pink lace bra which was a nice contrast to her chocolate-colored skin. She pulled her skirt up as well, her panties were of the same color and design, dripping with her love juices “You…wouldn’t break your moral code by fucking a student would you? This plump, soft pussy is just itching for your cock…” Seeing her like this, it’s like I reverted to my hormonal teenage years. Before I knew it, I looked down and saw that my dick was desperately trying to push its way out of the zipper on my pants.

“Fuck…it hurts…my dick’s so fucking hard that it hurts…” I pulled my zipper down as my dick popped out of the slit of my boxers. “Wah, why the hell is it this big?!” No matter how I looked at it, my dick got even bigger than it was supposed to be. “It’s like seven inches now? Is it because of that damn burger I ate?!” regardless of the reason, with each pulse from my dick, a throbbing pain followed “Gah…I guess there’s only one way to get rid of it!” Without thinking, I started to jack off in front of Karika. I know it was wrong, but that just turned me on even more. Staring at her lewd body as I jacked off, I just wanted to fuck that plump, sweaty body of hers! Her breasts looked so soft, I wanna know what’d be like to have my dick between them.

“Eh, already Sensei?!” Brought back to reality from Karika talking, I only just noticed that I had already cummed, spilling my jizz all over her chest “That was quick, you must be a virgin if you popped one that quickly. But hey that’s good news for me!” She stopped touching herself as she wiped a small amount of cum off her chest and licked it “Hmm…so this is what cum tastes like. It’s salty and kind of sticks to my mouth, but I like it…” Still laying on the ground, Karika pressed her boobs together, jiggling them slightly “Hey I know you were staring at these as you whacked off, you wanna fuck these next right?!” Smiling at me, I couldn’t take it anymore

“Dammit! Don’t fucking tease me Karika!” Without hesitating, I grabbed her top and tore them sideways, breaking the buttons on her uniform as only her bra covered her breasts. Giving no fucks about her bra, I pushed my dick between her chest. “Oh god…it’s so warm and soft!” Feeling her boobs wrap around my cock, the warmth they let off felt amazing in contrast to the cold air around us “It’s like my dick is melting in this heat!” Losing myself, I drooled a little as I started to thrust my hips on her chest like a wild animal

“Aww fuck! Your cock’s so freaking hot. It feels like it’s burning my chest!” Pressing her hands on her boobs together, she bobs her breasts up and down in sync with my thrusts. “Ha…the tip of your cock’s popping out of my cleavage, let me take care of it for you…” Sticking her tongue out, Karika licks the tip at every opportunity it pops out, adding to the maddening pleasure I felt. With my attention focused on the pleasure this time, I felt my climax coming

“Karika…I’m going to cum again!” Thrusting my hips faster, Karika noticed as she moved herself up, pinning me against the slanted ground under the bridge, she was on top of me this time, finishing me off as she squeezed her boobs down on my dick and covered the whole tip with her mouth. Feeling her suck on the tip, I cummed inside her mouth

“He-hey slow down with the sucking will yah?” Sucking the last drop of cum in my dick, she pulls her mouth off the tip with a popping noise. Seeing her swallow the load she took in, she smiled at me as she moved closer

“That was a thick load you shot in my mouth. I can still feel your cum sticking to my throat.” Giggling to herself, she unhooked her bra, revealing her pink, erect nipples. The color of which popped out due to her dark-toned skin. “Yea you like what you see don’t you Sensei? Well here, suck on them as much as you like!” Pressing her left nipple on my lips, I suck her nipple in my mouth as I started to suck, licking around her areola. “Kyah! Now you’re the one that’s sucking too hard Sensei…” Hearing her sexy moans, I felt more inclined to tease her, so I started to play with her right boob, squeezing them and pinching her right nipple with my fingers “Hey don’t pinch my nipple! Wincing in surprise, Karika’s cute reaction to her nipples being pinched prompted me to tease her even more. Pushing her off me for a second, I sat up and looked down at her skirt

“You stupid brat…I wish you’d listen to me more.” Looking at me in the eyes, Karika spoke up softly

“I am now…Sensei…” She said, breathing slowly as she caught her breath.

“Oh yeah? If that’s the case then stand up for me.” Without hesitating, Karika did as I told her and stood up. I can see the warm love juices seeping out of her panties and leaking down on her legs “Now stay like that, don’t move until I tell you. Oh and stop calling me Sensei, just call me by my name now, understand?” I look up at her for a second, waiting for a response

“Alright…Faulkner.” After replying to me, I nodded to her.

“Good. Now, where were we?” I grab her thighs with my hands, gently caressing them “Look at that, you’re soaking wet. If I just let it drip, it’ll get your knee socks all wet.” I stick my tongue out and start to lick the juices off her inner thighs

“Gyah! Oh god, your tongue!” I feel her legs shaking, she tried to cross her legs off

“Hey, I said hold still Karika!” Holding her thighs apart with my hands, I keep licking her thighs, switching from left to right to lick all the juices flowing from her panties off them. “There, all clean.” Licking the juices off her thighs, I looked up at her panties next “You know, for someone who acts like a boy, you sure have a girly pair of underwear, but hey that’s a pretty good contrast from your tomboyish nature. Let’s see what beneath those soaking panties of yours.” Pulling the bottom of her panties to the right, there I saw her bare pink pussy. Dripping wet in anticipation. “Wow…would you look at that? The heat coming from your pussy is so hot that I can see the steam coming out of your love juices. You really do want my cock inside don’t you?” Taking my chance to finally tease her for a change, I start to lick her slit. Looking up for a moment, I saw her eyes widen and her teeth clench from the sudden sensation. Seeing her trying to keep her voice down as her eyes squint in pleasure, covering her mouth with her right hand as she drools. “That sensitive huh? And you said that I cummed quickly. Let’s see if you’re any better.” Grabbing her waist, I press the tip of my tongue inside her slit and into her vagina.

“HYAAH!” Arching her back in surprise, her legs gave in as she pushed my head to the ground, pressing her vagina onto my mouth. “No stop! This is too much!” Closing her eyes, I could see that she was trying to hold it in. That reaction was so cute. I wanted to see more, so I start to move my tongue inside her, trying to push it in and out of her slit, occasionally licking up and down on her slit “AAHHH…Fau-Faulkner! If you keep this up, I’m going to-” Drowning in my own desires, I just kept licking her, sucking gently on her clit. “N-NO!!!” Hearing her scream, she cummed all over my face, spilling her love juices in my mouth. I pulled out of her vagina after her release, breathing heavily from being under her

“Geez…that was a lot. So this is what it’s like for a girl to ejaculate. Guess it’s not a myth after all.” Giggling at my own joke, I wiped off some of the juices off my mouth. “I can’t really describe the taste…but it somehow tastes sweet…” Taking time to catch my breath, I looked up at Karika’s face. She looked like she was in pure bliss, trying to catch her own breath

“Hey, did you hear something?” Suddenly, I heard a woman’s voice

“Yea…sounds like someone was moaning around here.” Oh crap, there were two people above us on the bridge! They must have heard Karika screaming.

“God dammit you idiot, now look what you did?!” I silently screamed at Karika, but she wasn’t even paying attention to me. “Karika, hey listen to me!” I heard the two women’s footsteps getting closer “Oh shit!” I wrapped my arms around Karika’s stomach and carried her farther into the bridge’s shadow, trying to hide from the upcoming women. When I got to a good spot, I turned Karika around so that she’d be sitting on my lap with her back against my chest. I moved my left hand up her mouth and covered it “Stay quiet you hear?” Waiting for the two women to stop moving, all I see is their shadows reflected by the light posts above us on the bridge

“Huh…I don’t see anyone? I guess it was somewhere else.” One of the women said

“I guess so, let’s go before it gets too dark.” Hearing their footsteps, they started to get farther and farther away from us until I couldn’t hear them anymore.

“Good…we managed to avoid a fiasco there…” Still looking above to make sure no one else was around, I felt a warm, wet sensation around my crotch “Huh?” I look down to see Karika rubbing her slit against the shaft of my cock “He-hey! Cut it out, you moron!” She wouldn’t even listen to me. She pulled my hand off her mouth and looked at me from behind

“Faulkner…I’m sorry but I can’t take it anymore. I’ll go crazy if you don’t stick it in me! Please fuck me until this burning desire inside me goes away.!” Turning herself around, she puts her hands on my shoulders, resting her chin on my left shoulder “Please I want it bad!” Continuously rubbing herself on my cock, if she wasn’t so wet, the friction caused by her movements would’ve burned by now

“Alright! I’ll give you what you want, but you have to stay quiet. If we get caught it’s over.” I said to her. She looked at me impatiently, all teary-eyed like some spoiled brat who couldn’t wait for her reward

“I can’t keep quiet! It feels way too good!” Drooling, she hugs me even tighter, pressing her boobs against my chest “Just give me your cock already!” Pushing her off me, I grabbed her by her shoulders

“Fine!, I guess I’ll have to shut your mouth off myself. Don’t think of letting go or I will pull it out, got it?!” Waiting for her response, she doesn’t even speak as she just nods “Good. I’m sorry if this is a little sloppy but this is my first time so don’t make fun of me afterward!” Clearing that out, I pulled her head towards mine and kissed her, pressing my lips against her. At the same time, I push the tip of my cock inside her vagina, pushing all the way inside in one thrust. From our kiss I could feel her tongue sticking out, drooling even more as her eyes widened. I looked down at our crotches, seeing her bleeding from penetration. ‘This is her first time huh? I guess that’s no surprise there.’ I thought to myself. Waiting for Karika to ease in the pain, her eyes stared right at mine. Nodding to me to let me know she was ready for movement. Since she was on top of me, she moved first, moving her hips up and down on my cock. With each thrust, I could feel her breath going down my throat, connected by our kiss. We licked each other intimately, tasting each other’s saliva as our tongues licked one another. I felt her legs start to give out, probably from how good she was feeling. I turned us around and laid her against the ground, this time fucking her missionary style. We broke our kiss for a moment to speak

“Faulkner. This feels so good. I can’t even feel my legs anymore, I’m so weak from the pleasure!.” she said in between her moans

“Yea…I know…this feels great for me too. I wish you were more attentive Karika. I just wanted what’s best for you, for every one of you girls in my class. So I have to ask, why do you hate me so much? If it’s because I’m strict or a bad teacher then I’m sorry, I should have been more considerate for you and the other girls, I-” Interrupting me in the middle of my conversation, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me again. Feeling her tongue lick the insides of my mouth, she pulls out shortly afterward and smiles

“Look…I was lying okay? I don’t hate you, at least not anymore.” I stopped my movements for a moment so that we’d both get a chance to catch our breath and talk “You were annoying at first, but as I started to know you more, I noticed that you really cared. For each assignment we’d do, you’d always write down what I did wrong and how I could do better. I’ve had many teachers from our class, both men and women, and even Mamono who gave up on us. But you, you stuck by and really did your best. We were just so used to being treated like idiots that responding aggressively is all we knew to do. So I’m sorry Faulkner, I don’t hate you. I…I love you. No magic sigil could stop me from developing real feelings towards you. I wanted you all to myself, that’s why I made it a point to the others that I’d be the one to tease you the most. I want to be the center of your attention! So please I beg you, make me yours. I wanted to make you mine so badly, but after you dominated me, I realized that being dominated by you would be even better! Only look at me. It’s okay to be nice to the other girls but you have to only love me okay?!”

After hearing her speech, I took a moment to remember what Trisha said to me. But this was just more than just respect. This was a girl who poured all her feelings out to me. The one time I wanted to hear something positive from one of my students, I got more than respect, I got a love confession. Karika, who’s lying in front of me, crying in pleasure and desperate for my love, just poured every ounce of affection she could muster onto me. I was so moved that before I realized it, I felt a tear go down my eye

“You…you little shit. All I wanted from you and those other brats was to appreciate what I did for you guys.” Karikas eyes widened as she saw me. Crying in happiness, I finally felt happy about my job, accomplishing the one goal I had in mind when becoming a teacher. Hearing my students being happy with me. For Karika though, she wasn’t just happy, she was ecstatic. “Alright, Karika. Like the spoiled brat you are, I’ll give you what you want.” Grabbing her wrists with my hands, I started to move my hips again, thrusting in and out of her as fast as I could “You’ll have the rest of your life to get my attention because I’m gonna knock you up and make you my wife! To hell with my damn morals, I’ll move to your world if it means living out my life as your one and only husband!” Declaring my love to her, she smiled at me, sitting up as she wraps her arms around my shoulders

“Faulkner! I love you! I’ll be your loyal wife for the rest of our lives!” Kissing me one last time, I push her back down as I lay on top of her body, thrusting my hips faster. I could feel the warm walls of her pussy gripping my cock tightly with each thrust. It feels like it’s sucking me deeper and deeper inside of her with each thrust. With our sloppy kiss and silent moans echoing in the night, I felt my limit coming. I break away from the kiss

“Karika…I’m going to cum soon…” In between her moans, she replies back to me

“Me too! Let’s cum together Faulkner.” With the few thrusts I had left before my climax, we hugged each other as hard as we could. Pushing my cock deep inside her as I shot inside of her. Karika’s vagina clamps down in response to my cum gushing inside of her, releasing her own juices out of her vagina. We stay in embrace until we were both done with our climax. Relaxing as I lay on top of her, resting my head on her chest

“You know. I always keep forgetting just how tall you are Karika, nearly six-foot, you’re ten inches taller than me.” Breathing heavily from cumming, Karika just giggles a little at me

“Nah…you’re just short Faulkner. But hey it doesn’t matter.” Closing her eyes, she smirks a little and places her hands on my head, brushing her hands softly at my hair “You’re going to keep your promise right? I’m your one and only?” Asked me again, blushing slightly

“Of course…I wouldn’t lie to my students. Especially to someone, I declared my love to.” I said as she smiled at my response “But still, this will be complicated. A teacher fucking his own student. This situation is like out of a fucking doujin. If anyone finds out about what we did, I’d be fired for sure…” Saying that, I saw a familiar sake bottle roll down the hill from the bridge

“You got that right! You’d be fired on the spot and even arrested for pedophilia and unprofessional behavior.” Hearing a familiar voice, I felt the blood rush down my body as I saw Trisha “HAHA! Welp, I guess you took my advice to heart, then blew it out of the fucking window cuz you just fucked your own student!” Trisha started to laugh at us. I wanted to get off Karika, but I was too exhausted from having sex that I couldn’t move even if I wanted to. Instead, Karika sat up, holding me up with her arms

“Trisha Sensei? What the hell are you doing here?” Karika asked her

“Oh me? Well, I was going to head home, but being drunk out of my fucking mind, I kinda forgot where I lived for a moment. But when I heard soft moans of two lovers going at it, I couldn’t resist and just wanted to watch the nasty unfold. To my belated surprise, it was you and Faulkner! Welp at least this way you two got to bond more than what even I anticipated!” Moving closer to us, Trisha sat next to Karika “Under normal circumstances, Faulkner would be arrested for this regardless of who started this. But since this world is shared by the Mamono who follow different rules than humans here, certain loopholes were made to exempt certain circumstances from resulting in jail time.” Hearing Trisha said that I asked her a question

“Wha? I never heard of loopholes. What kind?” I asked Trisha

“Sheesh…you don’t know Faulkner, well I guess I can explain the ones that pertain to this situation. To tell you the truth, there are so many exceptions and loopholes in the treaty between humans and Mamono in this world that’d be in its own category. Basically in your case, as long as the love between you two is consensual and one that has blossomed into genuine love, then there’s no issue between the two getting married despite their position.” Hearing her explain that exception still left one question for me to ask.

“Wait, then what about the age gap?! I’m twenty-nine! If they found out I had sex with a high schooler I’m screwed!” Staring at me in disbelief, I saw Trisha’s face slowly distort from a dumbfounded look to that of hilarity

“HAHAHA! You freaking idiot! Faulkner, I never said that TMRC was a high school! It’s a general education institute that accepts all manner of ages. It’s kinda like college but it doesn’t require any level of education since it focuses primarily on Mamono to human culture relation and study! You can be as old as a three hundred year old Inari and still qualify to go to the institute if you want to integrate into human society here! Karika’s twenty-one years old you dimwit! You were so excited about the job when I announced it to you that you didn’t even give me time to explain what kind of institution it was and signed away like an idiot.” With my mouth agape in disbelief, I did remember that reading through the class records, the age gap between each of my students was widely inconsistent. I guess since the girls all just look so young because of being Mamono, I always tend to forget their actual age

“Oh…right…I did remember that.” Feeling Karika’s chest move, she was laughing hysterically at me

“Wow! And you call me the idiot, just look at how dumb you are yourself HAHAHA!” Blushing bright red at being laughed at by Karika, I got off her and pointed at her with my right hand in anger

“SHUT UP! I don’t need you of all people laughing at me! It’s all your fault that you girls all look so damn young to me!” Karika giggled a little more before holding the hand I was pointing at her with, pulling my hand and placing it on her chest, I could feel her heart beating

“It’s okay, because you’re my idiot, and I’m yours right?” Blushing as she said that, she just smiled at me with a cute expression. I looked away from her face and scratched the back of my head with my left hand

“Yea…I know.” After that, we got dressed and Trisha walked with us back to Karika’s home where she was dropped off. Afterward, I went on my separate ways with Trisha and went home as well. Laying back home, it was already two o’clock in the morning “Shit…I guess we were out for a long time…” Tired from what had happened, I felt my eyelids shut before falling asleep


Getting back to TMRC, I was about to get to the entrance when I saw Karika, waiting for me at the entrance

“Karika. Did you sleep well?” I asked her, she just smiled and walked toward me

“Yup, had a great sleep last night. Though I guess after today since it’s Friday, I’m going to start packing my things as soon as I get home.” ‘Wait, why is she packing, is he moving somewhere’ I thought to myself

“Huh? Why’s that?” I asked her myself

“Isn’t obvious silly? I’ll be moving into your place. My house is just an apartment complex, so it’s no big deal for me to move. From now on, we’ll live as a proper couple should. Especially since you took my first. You are going to take responsibility right?” Though I know she’d kill me if I said no, I had no reason to refuse her since after the shit I did to her, it’d be wrong not to

“Of course, I’ll take responsibility. I am your teacher after all. Only this time, I’m not just your teacher, but your loving husband as well.” Smiling back at her, she simply smiles back. Holding each other’s hand, I saw Trisha looking down from the second-floor window above us and simply smiled. Moving towards the new day of my life, I anxiously wait to get this day over with to spend my new life as husband and wife.


Sequel: http://touchfluffytail.org/?story=an-arrival-of-a-rival-ch-1

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