I Put A Spell On You

(Slutbucks #3 Bonus Story – Read that first)

The morning after, Mark wakes up before Cynthia. She was lightly snoring while laying nearly completely on top of him, Mark gently moved her off of him before getting out of bed looking at the sun-soaked sky outside and stretching a bit.

Cynthia woke up soon after once she felt no one underneath her as she slept. “Could have just woke me up you know,” she said leaning up stretching with her luscious blueberry orbs bouncing a bit.

“Didn’t want to disturb you, Cynthia,” he replied to her. 

Cynthia stood up out of bed nearly naked just in some panties. “Mind if I shower first?” she asked grabbing her work uniform that was beside the bed.

Mark told her to “Go right ahead.” while he picked up his phone to see a message from a number that he didn’t exactly recognize immediately. It was Xael asking him if he would still be coming tonight. He replied to her “Yes of course me and Cynthia will be there right after our shift.” 

Barely a minute after he received another message from Xael. “I look forward to it. See you then” with a little kissing lips emoji next to it.

This was getting more and more awkward for Mark, Xael was a pop star idol in one of the most popular groups currently. 

Cynthia and Mark showered separately before both heading into work. They took the merch they received last night to change into before they leave for the concert.

The day came and went mainly due to the excitement of Cynthia about the concert tonight. She couldn’t stop fangirling about how they were going backstage.

Once the day ended, he wanted to grab orders from the shop. Alexis prepared two travel-sized coffee containers one hot and one cold. 

“Uh, extra insolation I imagine just to keep this hot?” Mark asked her as she handed him the two handles of coffee. 

“Oh yes, very good quality materials, Yeti fur I believe it will keep this hot for hours,” Alexis replied with a slight chuckle. “Now go on get out there and have some fun,” she added swatting him on the ass.

“Concert time Mark, let’s go!” Cynthia said extremely excited while pulling him out the front door 

Cynthia offered to drive them out downtown to the theater. Parking was a nightmare but once parked Cynthia couldn’t wait to get out to the show. 

Mark texted Xael and told her that they were here and quickly texted back that once inside they gave special instructions to security to let him and Cynthia inside.

They showed the VIP passes to security and they called over an escort to take them to the backstage area. 

Mark and Cynthia followed the escort through the stadium to the backstage. 

Cynthia was bouncing up and down completely excited about the concert. 

“Go on text Xael tell her we are here,” Cynthia said as she took plenty of different angled selfies 

Mark relayed the text to Xael. Shortly after he received a reply about how she wanted to see them before the show but they suddenly got strapped for time with makeup and costume so it will have to wait for after the show. 

“We will see them after the show,” she said leaving the two containers of coffee backstage before grabbing him and dragging him to the VIP seats right in front of the stage.

They were still setting up it seemed crew members out and about rushing to get stuff up.

Cynthia stood there waiting taking pictures and posting them everywhere she could soon after.

People soon came flooding in grabbing the closest seats, monster and human alike most of them came in The Witching Hour’s merchandise just like Mark and Cynthia.

Once the theater was packed the lights were put out all throughout the theater. 

“Oooh they are starting soon,” Cynthia said grabbing Mark tightly. 

Four different colored lights shined from above stage one neon green, orange, fire red, and finally purple.

The crowd erupts for a short moment before settling down, then the girls float down from the rafters at the top of the stage levitating slightly above the ground all color-coordinated as well matching the streaks in their hair.

They looked great all of them, they were all dressed in skin-tight leather tops and pants each with diagonal lines all color-coded to their hair color. 

Cynthia was jumping up and down clutching Mark’s arm in excitement as the girls started the set.

They performed for over an hour before Xael took the mic and spoke. “I hope you all had a good time tonight, but I think we have time for one more song something special for the spooky season.”

I put a spell on you

Because you’re mine

You better stop the things you do

I tell ya I ain’t lyin’

I ain’t lyin’

You know I can’t stand it

You’re runnin’ around

You know better daddy

I can’t stand it ’cause you put me down

Oh no

I put a spell on you

Because you’re mine

You know I love you

I love you

I love you

I love you anyhow

And I don’t care if you don’t want me

I’m yours right now

I put a spell on you

Because you’re mine

You know I can’t stand it

Your running around

You know baby daddy

I can’t stand it

‘Cause you put me down

“She actually did it,” Mark thought looking up at Xael performing the song she was singing to herself on the bus. 

Xael looked down and saw Mark before smiling. She held out her hand towards him before using her magic to lift him off his feet up on to the stage. 

Panic set in when Mark was floating through the air in the short amount of time that he was but Xael had no intention of dropping him. She placed him beside her having him bend her over backward while he held her as she sang…

Ooo I put a spell on you

Because you’re mine

Because you’re mine

Because you’re mine

Oh yeah

She made sure those last words were slow and sweet as she looked up into his eyes as he somewhat awkwardly held her.

The second the song stopped she dropped the microphone and the crowd erupted in screaming and cheers. Cynthia jumped up and down clapping her hands together at the sight of both of them looking at each other on stage.

Xael quickly had Mark and Cynthia ushered to the back of the stage while she and the rest of the group thanked the crowd.

Mark couldn’t believe what happened, Xael brought him on stage just for those lyrics and that look she gave him was certainly something else.

The girls then walked backstage. “Well, what did you think?” Xael asked Mark smiling and approaching him.

“It was great Xael, I loved it,” Mark replied to her giving her a gentle smile back.

Cynthia greeted the band members before seeing how intense Xael was looking at Mark. 

“We are going to sign some things out there, so um Xael the tour bus will be empty,” Trinity said grabbing Cynthia by the arm taking her out along with the other girls

Xael took Mark’s hand and grabbed the container of the cold brew started to lead him to the back of the stadium where the tour bus is parked. “We can have our alone time now,” she said opening the tour bus up and dragging him to the back after placing the container of coffee down in the middle of the bus

Xael immediately locked lips with Mark before leaning him down on the bed climbing on top of him not giving him a chance to breathe.

Mark kissed her back leaning back as much as he could on the small bed. Once the kiss broke Mark looked up at Xael who was stripping out of her outfit, her top came off first exposing her small but plentiful breasts. 

“Now for you,” she said smiling down with complete lust in her eyes before snapping her fingers rendering Mark completely naked.

“I-I didn’t expect that Xael,” he said to her suddenly being nude under her body. 

“Kiss me more and continue undressing me,” she said leaning down locking lips with him once more. Mark returned the kiss with her while pulling down her leather pants.

Cynthia stood with the band members and chatted with them as they signed things for all the fans. “I think I should go check on those two,” she said to Trinity. 

Trinity responded with “Might be a good idea she is going to wear Mark out.”

Cynthia gave a light laugh before heading once again backstage. She walked around blindly before she asked a stagehand where it was who then pointed her in the right direction. 

Meanwhile, Xael was using her magic to light up the bus for the mood before she gently starts stroking his length while kissing him deeply once more. 

Cynthia walked on to the bus looking around starting to fangirl all over again seeing all the instruments and recording equipment. “Mark and Xael I am just checking in on you,” she said looking around the bus.

Xael called out to her “Thank you, Cynthia we are just fine.”

Mark was already rock hard from just the stroking and admiring Xael’s curvy body. 

“So you are going to take me right now, ravish my body,” Xael said laying down on her back

Mark swapped places with her climbing on top of her Xael’s hands wandering on his naked body as he slowly inched his length inside of Xael’s pussy inch by inch. 

Xael gasped in pleasure arching her back gently on the bed. “Yes give me all you got,” she said starting to wrap her legs around his waist. 

Cynthia hadn’t left the bus yet she started to look through the bus for a cup so she could have some cold brew before heading back out with the rest of the band. 

She started to hear Xael and Mark go at it hard and it aroused her, she sat down out of sight on the bus and started to touch herself gently rubbing the seal on her pussy and tease her puffy butthole.

Mark pulled in and out of Xael’s love hole hard and deep while she slapped her body against his matching his thrusts. “H-Harder,” she panted grabbing his hand lacing her fingers with his.

“Yes Xael,” he panted holding her hand back before leaning down kissing against her neck and breasts as he continued to pump hard inside of her body. Xael felt incredible her insides were gripping him so tightly trying to milk every drop out of him.

Cynthia meanwhile still listening started to bury her fingers deep inside her ass while touching her breasts through her clothes closing her eyes in pure pleasure hearing Xael and Mark.

Xael grabbed Mark’s head pulling it to hers kissing him while he filled her depths with all he could give. “C-Cum in me don’t hesitate,” she panted heavily running her fingers through his hair as he kept thrusting inside of her.

Mark was reaching his limit and hearing Xael’s voice also was edging him hard. “Y-Yes Xael,” he panted starting to leak precum inside of her slowing down his thrusts.

“C-Cum in me, cum in me,” she moaned loudly digging her nails into his back scratching him.

Cynthia now was completely in rapture, fingering herself, rubbing her nipples through her shirt, and eyes closed completely blocking everything out trying to cum.

Xael kissed him deeply on the mouth slipping her tongue inside holding him inside her as he pumped her full of hot sticky cum. She broke the kiss panting heavily under him before kissing him once more nibbling on his bottom lip. “T-That was something else,” she said looking up into his eyes putting her hand on his cheek.

“I-It was great,” Mark said back to her looking back into her eyes before slowly pulling out of her.

“Coffee Time,” Xael said before standing up off the small bed leaving a decent size wet spot of her and his cum on the mattress.

Cynthia was heavily fingering her ass while massaging her breasts under her shirt eyes fully closed completely unaware of her surroundings. Xael walked out seeing her fully nude placing her hands on her hips. “Enjoying yourself too I see,” she said.

Cynthia opened her eyes and froze in place looking up to see Xael’s naked body in front of her. “I-I was,” she responded nervously turning red in the face. Xael smiled down at her before leaning down kissing her on the lips.

After the kiss broke, Xael smiled before saying “I could go for something light, maybe a little taste will be good for both of us.”

Xael led Cynthia into the back of the bus with Mark still sitting up on the bed naked. “I think your friend here was listening in on us and she also wants to get off,” Xael said sitting Cynthia down on the edge of the small bed. 

“Uh Xael I’ll leave you two be if you want to take Cynthia,” Mark said standing up nervously from the bed watching Xael undress Cynthia.

Cynthia then grabbed his hand before speaking “A threesome would certainly make my night Mark.”

“A threesome with Cynthia and Xael would be something else.” he thought but as he contemplated getting back in bed Xael pulled him towards her kissing him once again.

“I think you need a bit of coaxing,” she spoke gently kissing against his neck as Cynthia leaned down before taking his length deep into her mouth working her tongue magic on him as usual in the shop.

Mark’s body was already sensitive from what had happened with Xael shortly before but having them both tag team him in this state was already driving him completely wild.

“Hard already? Come on give Cynthia her fill while she tends to me,” Xael said climbing back on the bed.

She pulled Cynthia off his cock before deeply french kissing her. Once the kiss broke Cynthia smiled completely flushed and aroused it didn’t take much for Xael to bend her over placing her head between her legs only for Cynthia to immediately go to licking and what was left of Mark inside of her.

“Go on Mark give it to her,” Xael said leaning back as Cynthia ate her out while massaging her body with her hands.

Mark climbed behind Cynthia rubbing his cock against her puffy dripping ass before slipping it in all the way without hesitation. The feeling of him entering her caused her more prominent demon appendages to come out, her wings and tail which immediately wrapped around Mark’s waist.

“T-That’s the spot Cynthia yes,” Xael moaned gently looking at Mark filling Cynthia deeply.

Mark looked back at Xael who already looked close to another orgasm. This whole situation was absolutely insane but incredible. Mark kept thrusting hard and deep inside Cynthia’s ass while grabbing her hips tightly.

“M-Mark don’t cum in her let me know when you feel it,” Xael said leaning her head back in pure pleasure. 

The smooth walls inside Cynthia were already milking him towards his limit already but he continued thrusting deep inside of her while looking at Xael’s body. 

Soon after Mark nodded to Xael signaling he was at his limit. Xael quickly leaned up pulling his cock out of Cynthia’s ass taking it into her mouth greedily. Cynthia gasped at him exiting her before turning around, leaning up, and locking lips with him passionately wrapping her arms around him. 

Mark moaned into Cynthia’s mouth while reaching around grabbing her ass tightly which she loved. 

Xael meanwhile was working his length hard and deep with her mouth. She pulled his length out shortly after rubbing it against her face “C-Cum into my mouth.” she said panting eager for his second load.

He moaned deeply into Cynthia’s mouth as she kissed him continuously before cumming a second time right into Xael’s mouth. Xael didn’t immediately swallow. 

She dragged Cynthia down breaking her from her grip on Mark before locking lips with her again pouring the cum into her mouth. 

Cynthia caught on quick as they started to kiss swapping the cum back and forth from their mouths touching each other’s body. 

Mark looked down at them while his orgasm high started to drop. Watching both of them go at it was incredibly hot. 

Soon they finished before Xael leaned back on the bed completely spent. “I’d say this night was a success for everyone,” she said motioning to Mark to join her.

“It was unexpected dream come true,” Cynthia replied to her standing up going to fix them each a drink once she found the cups in the bus

Mark sat next to Xael and she put her arm around him. “Now, don’t think this was just a little one-night stand. I will certainly be paying a visit after the east coast tour,” she said to him.

Cynthia returned with a drink for each of them. “Thank you, Cynthia, this is going to hit the spot,” Xael said to her taking her cup from her.

Cynthia leaned her head back against the side thanking Xael for everything and telling her how much she loved the experience. 

“Glad you enjoyed yourself, deciding to stop at that shop was certainly one of the best decisions I have ever made…” Xael replied looking at Mark…

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