Hellhounds Sharing

The road seemed so close before, but now it feels unreachable. Your friends are absolutely nowhere, disappearing into the foliage with your pursuers. You probably turned after pushing past a low tree branch and didn’t realize it, and are now heading off in a different direction. Going back to the campsite definitely isn’t an option either, the only thing to do is just keep running and listen for a sign. The car engine, a friend calling to you, anything. Humans are great runners, we can run for a very long time without getting exhausted when the situation allows. But you aren’t running from a slow bumbling bear that you can keep ahead of. The imposing creatures are nimble, they made huge leaps and bounds, and without the trees to navigate around, or their element of surprise lost when one of them panted way too loudly, you’d have been caught in a single pounce already. Only one seems to be after you now. Which means there’s still another chasing down the rest of your friends. The feeling that maybe running back towards them is a bad idea starts to grow and make you sick to your stomach. What if it’s too late, and you’re already a midnight snack? Shouldn’t you lead this creature as far from your friends as possible?

It’s irrelevant. The growls get louder, the crushing of leaves gets closer, and the sound of a roaring engine alerts you that you’ve missed your ride out of here. Distracted for just a moment, you don’t notice that you’re in attack range until it’s too late, and a gigantic mass of fur and flesh tackles you to the ground as if you’ve been stomped on by an elephant. Struggling to look up you see raven black fur absorbing the moonlight, and a softer graphite skin reflecting it. A more powerful source of light though is a heavy orange glow, you can’t tell where it’s from, but it feels so close that it feels like it’s about to singe your hair. Head to the side you can’t see much more than these fuzzy appendages and where the fur gives way to the skin. Claws like black steel tap the ground and you immediately gasp in fear, but wonder why they’ve not struck you yet. Instead the creature is… inspecting you? Paws gently knead at your back, a nose that feels oddly human approaches you neck and…. a tongue! slippery and warm, touches your nape and tastes your flesh, while the beast hums in delight. This is the end.

“Mama! Mama!”

Mama sits up and looks over, the same direction as your head is turned, to the creature running up after her.

“No luck? You were chasing after one!”

“He got away.” She stopped yelling to be heard, and spoke more dejectedly. “The others must have found out I was only interested in him, because they protected him and stowed him away in the back of their car.”

“Ahhh, I warned you humans were smart. It’s not your fault. Maybe we’ll find a loner.”

She stepped closer, but unfortunately out of your sight, the most you could make out were that her body was strikingly humanoid in shape. The most obvious differences were the fur, but also glowing orange streaks around the eyes and wolf-like ears on her head.

“Hey don’t look so down. You’re already a better huntress than I was at your age, you’re just missing a bit of luck is all.”

“Yeah, just luck.” She clearly doesn’t believe her mother. “I don’t see why you get all the luck, this one you’ve caught is pretty tasty looking. Do you think I could possibly, I mean, just this once…”

The Mama growled at her, the paws holding you down squeezed with more pressure, and her chest, oh god her chest, it landed on your back pressing two very large and soft orbs into your shirt, in a very confusing hug. It was incredibly warm but it felt like chains keeping you from escaping.

“MINE! I caught him! You’ll get better and catch your own someday.”

“I’m tired of waiting, mama! It’s been over a year already! You had your first time at my age!”

First… what? What is going on? The two seem oddly passionate in the argument, right out the gate.

“It wasn’t easy for me to find my first, you know. And Mama’s not so lucky as you think, or else she wouldn’t be hunting with you.”

“It wasn’t luck, you– you– lonely, desperate, woman! They got away because you were too hungry to keep quiet, so they ran before we could pounce! Look ma, I’m just asking to share. Just once so I can finally feel what it’s like?”

“Hellhounds never share mates! Hellhounds don’t share husbands! That would be…”

This one is showing remarkably fiery attitude to bark at someone who is apparently her mother. Her accusations were as deep and personal as her conviction. And it seemed Mama took notice, because she resigned the argument in the middle of her rebuttal, realizing she was perhaps wrong, with a hot and deep breath tickling your ear as the beast atop you sighed.

Wait, did she say husbands?

“Come on mama, I know you’re upset about your last mate, but I want a cute husband, too.”

“Very well, Victoria. I was just as horny at your age, but let Mama go first, she’s earned this.”

The tongue peeks out to taste you again, this time the lobe of your ear, then dancing a little inside it, before it goes to licking her lips. The claw raises and you prepare for the worst, but it’s amazingly precise, tearing your shirt clean off in one strike, and your pants in another. The claws themselves only trace their tips on your back, almost tickling if they weren’t so strong. The paws then roll your body over, lying you face-up in the pile of your ripped clothes, and bringing the two … girls… into view.

They looked at you with hungry stares, both licking their lips. Mama, too, had a pair of ears on her head, and glowing orange streaks from her eyes that seemed to burn hotter from the argument. Fur framed both their faces and covered their arms and legs, with matching wine-colored accents at the cuffs where they met the paws, ending at their thighs and shoulders, where smooth graphite skin formed the rest of their womanly figures. Victoria was a little shorter than Mama, but her waist was just as slender and her hips just as curvaceous…. They were quite attractive women, actually. And you had made no secret of that. Mama’s paws were now inspecting your crotch, while Victoria’s were holding you down, and both were watching it stiffen as she pulled your attention towards her enormous chest. From her shoulders, it sloped very gently and gradually into massive round breasts with pitch black nipples perched exactly at the peak of each, but below those peaks rounded out in a wide arc landing above her smooth abdomen, where, just below, her navel was heaving with her deep breaths to recover from her exercise, and every single surface was just a little bit sweaty. The massive weights swaying before your eyes and emanating maturity had some good competition from Victoria’s, which were much perkier and held their shape as she moved, and were instead adorned with pink tips fading in from the charcoal skin, though their size was no less impressive. Both of them grew fur just above their cleavage, which seemed strangely inviting. Despite being held down against your will and not a moment ago wondering which part of you they’d eat first, you now felt your own heat setting in.

Mama cut right to the chase, picking up her hips and sinking them onto your cock, exhaling deeply as her internal heat blended with yours in a passionate hellfire. Her pussy was warmer than a hearth and the muscles pulsated snugly around you to make a perfect fit. Victoria looked impatient, but excited. Her tail wagged as she watched your penis go into her mama’s depths, no doubt picturing herself in that position.

“mmmmh, I haven’t felt this in a loooong time…”

Her hips circled gently over yours, moving both forward and backward and up and down, to create steady but forceful strokes that kept you pinned to the ground and teased every surface inside her pussy. She continued to go slow, showing off for her daughter. Sometimes she leaned forward, over you, so you could look desperately into her merciless, hungry embers and know you would be here until they were both satisfied. Other times she leaned back, enjoying the freedom offered by her daughter holding you down to instead put her hands on the ground at either side and keep her balance. It was almost playful at first, but when she sped up, she meant business. A soft seductive smile fell open to let out desperate and aching moans, resonating deep from her diaphragm and filling the woods with her deep howling. She leaned completely forward, letting her boobs rest on your chest and bounce roughly like cushions between you. The contact between your hips was becoming louder and more slippery. Her kegels pulled with a massive strength and she collapsed on top of you for her orgasm and rubbed her paws onto your face tenderly.

Though the collapse seemed more of an indulgence of the pleasure filling her nerves than a sign of exhaustion, as she right away picked herself up, and would have gotten right back to slamming her hips onto yours had she not made a promise. Instead she immediately pulls off and is pleasantly surprised to see you haven’t cum yet.

For the first time, she addresses you.

“You were holding back for Victoria, weren’t you?”

You nod, admitting that it took some effort not to cum. You kept to yourself that it was a survival choice, since angering these girls would be a very dangerous thing right now. Even if they direct the anger at each other, you’d surely be in the crossfire.

Victoria excitedly steps over to you, her mother kissing you on the cheek in approval. Hellhound lips feel a little firmer than humans, or maybe that’s just hers, but the kiss felt as much a stamp of ownership as affection. You don’t have much time to contemplate that sensation though before Victoria excitedly hilts herself onto your cock in a single motion, an excited grin on her face. Her pussy is much tighter, but lets you in right away, too hungry to wait any more. It’s already very wet from watching Mama’s demonstration and is eager to emulate. She’s a lot louder than her mother, and starts off at a breakneck pace. Her moans are shorter and sharper in pitch, but more frequent and she just lets her mouth hang open panting like a dog. She practically bounces on your lap, her but shaking slightly with each rebound and her tits swinging a lot more wildly than her mother’s.

“aaahah, it’s better than I imagined! I want to do this every day!”

A look of shock forms in your eyes at that, and doesn’t go unnoticed.

“ufufu, maybe we should keep him then.”

“Yes mama! let’s take him home and make him ours! I promise I’ll share!”

“I never thought I’d be sharing a husband with my daughter, but…”

She finishes her answer not with words, but by climbing up onto your face and placing her wet, hungry ‘lips’ right atop yours, where she begins to vulgarly rub and hump your face.

“Come on! Use your tongue! I don’t want to have to start punishing our new husband!” she demands, grinding your face and squeezing her legs as if trying to suffocate you in her pussy before letting you go. Learned your lesson, you comply and start to taste and caress Mama’s depths with your tongue, pushing firmly and licking thoroughly until her walls contract yet again and flood your mouth with her juice. At the same time, your cock is pushing deep enough into Victoria’s newly deflowered womanhood to give her a ‘deep kiss’, teasing her deepest and most pleasurable spots until her legs weaken temporarily, and she trembles atop your waist orgasming while your dam finally bursts and she howls for the heavens. She drools and wags her tail violently feeling your load spurting into her pussy and filling her hungry, burning womb for the first time. She pants loudly to recover her breath, only speaking between breaths, but she doesn’t look tired out in the least.

“How does it feel?”

“So…. Goood~…”


“And I… want more…”

Mama looks at her with a sparkle in her eye, understanding her daughter’s new sensations completely.

“More? How much more?”

“As much as it takes! I… could spend… a lifetime… just doing this…”

“… and that feeling, is how you know you’ve found your mate.”

Mama traces your cheek with her claw, letting you know your night, and indeed your new life, has only begun.

Hours later you’re all still in the same spot. The clothes and the leaf litter have made a crude bed for the three of you, though your comfort is assured. The hellhounds are cuddled on either side of you, Mama is resting her head over yours, her paw nuzzling you gently into her cleavage. It’s soft and pillowy, her beasts snuggled around your neck and face so you can indulge in their warmth and steady heaving from her breath. The tufts of fur there keep your forehead nice and warm through the rest of the night. Victoria is cuddled a little lower, her head resting on your shoulder and her paw just rests lazily on your stomach feeling it rise and fall. Her own breathing occasionally blasts your neck with warm air. Your neck is adorned with playful bites and drying saliva, your shoulders and chest showing scratches otherwise hidden from view on your back, together marking you as their shared mate. Both of the monster women have taken one of your legs hostage and held it captive tangled between their own, where they occasionally taunt you by rubbing them together. The fear that drove you to run when you first left is completely gone, beat out of you through an hours long session of repeated sex and cuddles and kind words. Now there is nothing to do but to wait for the sun to pass and the evening to come. Then they’ll take you to your new home.

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