Harem Heroes: Heaven’s Gold Spear / Chapter 39- Aftermath

Chapter 39: Aftermath

Time passed, and David was once more returned to one person. As it turned out, the potion was not meant for use longer than a few hours, and the resulting backlash knocked him out for several days.

Delilah had gotten David, Ophelia, Arsa, Zagira, Zipporah, Calypso, Lakshmi, and Nona back by teleporting back to the machine alone and setting up the portal closer to Zipporah’s tomb.

Zagira had at first resisted, not wanting to leave her self-styled kingdom. But with some convincing from David, and surprisingly Zipporah, she relented. Though she insisted on bringing her entire entourage and her newly converted servant. After they had all returned to Vasherton, Delilah worked to return Trixie’s team from the Ice Queen’s palace.

She knew at once that David had slept with the Ice Queen from the suddenly vanished winter. In truth, she had largely planned for that.

Though she hadn’t planned on the captured human woman, David’s former friend, Bernice. David returned from the mountains with another stranger in his midst as well, a night-gaunt that Yuura had promised a stake in David’s growing number of suitors. Delilah was starting to realize that the harem was getting rather large. But Nyx was rather cute, so she was fine with it.

The most problematic individual was Aurora Winter, the Ice Queen, who was not happy about the situation one bit. She had accompanied David through the portal to Vasherton on the pretense that David was going to introduce her to Delilah so as to allow Aurora to make a complaint. She was none too happy about the actions of the 78th Division of the Overlord’s Army. When David had come face to face with himself, and snapped back into one self, she was completely unprepared.

Very quickly she learned that she was already sharing him with three other women. She had refused to talk to anyone until David awoke, instead keeping herself busy with her glacies. Those that weren’t mated to Rupert had come with her to Vasherton and begun hunting the city. Annabelle received a lot of dirty looks from the glacies at first, but after the first week, most of them were thanking her.

David woke up to the sound of songbirds. With a grunt, David stretched and cracked his neck as he tossed in his bed. As he sat up, he instantly recognized where he was. He was on a large red heart-shaped bed in a glossy black room with a gold and ruby chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Velvet red curtains hung along the walls, and from the ceiling were several glittering red, pink, and blue heart-shaped gems, each giving off a bright light. This was the same bedroom Delilah has conjured up to take his virginity.

As he sat up he was greeted with the smiling face of his beloved Ophelia, wearing black lingerie. She got up off of the purple velvet couch she was resting on and practically jumped on the bed as soon as she saw David was awake, wrapping her arms around him.

“You’re awake!”

David returned her embrace with a smile, his memory of them exchanging their virginities fresh in his head, despite the strange fact that he also had the memory of losing his first time to Aurora. He let that odd thought remain in his mind for only a second as Ophelia pulled him into a kiss, tangling his tongue with hers. It only lasted a moment however, as she pulled back and nuzzled her head into his shoulder.

“I was so worried! Delilah said you’d be fine, but still, I don’t think anyone’s used a Potion of Shadows like that before. And yours was modified, so I was so scared!”

David rubbed her back gently with one hand while petting her horse-like lower back with his other.

“I’m alright. Just a lot of… jumbled memories. Being in two places at once is a very weird situation.”

“I bet.”

Ophelia kissed him again, this time with even more vigor. Her hand wandered down to his groin, her finger trailing along his naked body. David pulled away gently, looking deeply into her crystal blue eyes. He smiled as he realized that he was naked.

“Have I been naked the whole time?”

Ophelia licked her lips and gave a nod.

“…did you do anything with me while I was out?”

Ophelia laughed

“No. But I did really want to.” She slipped her hand lower and touched the very tip of his flaccid cock. David however, gently removed her hand.

“Not right now, okay? I want to see everyone. The last I remember; things were rather bleak.”

Ophelia didn’t retreat, instead just giving him a coy smile, gently touching David’s member with only the slightest bit of pressure. David grabbed her wrist softly and removed it before his body betrayed him.

“Later, alright? If we start doing it I don’t think I’ll be able to stop.”

“Hmph. Fine. I’ll get your clothes. Delilah and I picked something out I think you’ll really like! We had to buy it from one of the new shops. We were just walking along one day and saw it in the window! It’s so cute, you’ll love it.” she removed herself from David’s side and began to rummage through a trunk David hadn’t seen before.

From inside the trunk, Ophelia produced an outfit that was white and purple. The white shirt was a soft silk, form-fitting, and long-sleeved. The trousers were much the same, though seemingly more stiff. The belt was a simple purple cloth. The boots he was happy to say, were Calypso’s. Though they were cleaned of sand or snow. Finally, she brought out the white cape with white fur she’d given him before. But he was most happy to see that the interior of the cape was purple, with little haphazard silver stars stitched on it.

“That’s my cloak!”

“Uh-huh! Trixie found it! It was still in the trunk in the prison where they keep all the contraband. I was able to sew it into the cape! I’m still not much of a seamstress, not like the arachne who made the shirt and trousers… but I hope you like it anyway.”

“I love it.”

He wrapped the cape around himself and clasped it before nearly jumping on Ophelia with a very large and tight hug. She returned it with a smile and after a few moments, David asked if Ophelia wanted to change before they made their rounds. She declined, stating rather coyly that her attire was rather normal for the new Vasherton.

As it turned out, the bedroom Delilah had conjured was inside a black tent on the outskirts of the city. Much like the camp that David had been in before, colorful tents adorned the landscape. However, the landscape was quite a bit different. They were very near the base of the wall, where five large breaches had been carved. The stone that littered the inside of the city, and the outside farms, were being gathered by several teams of strong monsters. Minotaurs, cyclopses, ogres, and golems seemed predominant, which didn’t surprise him too much. But what did surprise him were the humans that littered about.

The farms that were once filled with sour-looking depressed individuals were filled with laughter and several crews of goblins, centaurs, orcs, and succubae building and expanded the meager huts of the farmers. With a wave, a little witch would create a whole new story for a building from thin air. With relentless grit, a golem would be building a new wing for another house from the stone she was gathering from the wall. He saw the children laughing as they chased diminutive pixies and fairies down the trails and fields, and their parents seemed content with the affairs.

The conservatively dressed farmer wives gathered about talking to more scantily-clad succubae, lamia, and even arachne. It caused him to gape in awe. That wasn’t even counting the farmers he saw holding hands with a monster, a smile as wide as the sky on their face. 

Ophelia caught him staring at the state of affairs, a cheeky smile on her face.

“Pretty cool, right?”

“This is… this is so much better than back in my day.”

David took another look, after the awe had worn out, and became curious.

“What happened to the snow? I thought Aurora caused winter everywhere she walked?”

“Turns out you melted her frozen heart.” She elbowed him playfully. “you sweet-heart.”

“Well it didn’t really start out sweet… speaking of which, is she here?”

“She’s waiting in the city, same with Zagira and Zipporah. The three of them aren’t getting along too much. Guess we better go say hi. You’ll be able to get them to get along, I know it. They’ll be too happy to see you to be mad at each other.”

David resisted when Ophelia began to trot along, holding his hand. She stopped and looked at him quizzically.

“Actually… I’d like to go get everyone something before I met up with them. Could you take me to where you got these clothes?”

Ophelia smiled broadly. In a few short minutes the two passed into the city proper. David walked alongside Ophelia, their arms entwined, as he took in the sight of the city being rebuilt and redesigned. He realized that the monsters weren’t just rebuilding Vasherton when the style and colors of buildings began changing before his very eyes. While Vasherton was a wonder to behold before, it was quite something to see it improve with the steady hands of the clean-up crews. Though he supposed they were all doing quite a bit more than just clean up.

Where before he was impressed by Vasherton for the highly developed sense of style, and plethora of color, now he felt as if were walking into a king’s palace district. The colors were far more saturated than the last time he was here, and the flowers planted in every nook and cranny were overflowing. He spotted several dryads with happy men tending to several locations, satiating his curiosity as to their origins.

Deep reds, blue, purples, and golds were everywhere. Houses, buildings of commerce, and even the road were painted, and along every bit of the cobblestone roads were the familiar poles he had seen in the monster’s camp. The poles held glowing flowers that gave off a dull glow in the sun, but he suspected they’d be quite bright during the night.

Buildings that had their roofs or walls in disarray were being worked on diligently by a variety of creatures, in a variety of methods. But the result always seemed to be aesthetically pleasing. Whether it was a dryad effortlessly reforming wooden walls, or a team of gargoyles placing stone, the finished product never seemed haphazard. Succubae littered about everywhere, some would be helping restore the city with paint and magic, but most were engaged in some sort of public sex act. David wasn’t particularly acclimated to it and looked away whenever he caught one in an alley or even just in the middle of the road. But he did notice that these succubae were wearing the clothes of Vasherton citizens, rather than one of the more traditionally… scant outfits he had seen succubae in.

Eventually, Ophelia led him to the place she had bought his clothes. It was a lot like the open-air markets he had seen in Vasherton previously, only it had no booths. Rather, it was a long narrow street with various shops who had large glass windows showcasing merchandise to those walking outside. Every once in a while, instead of a shop there would be a café or restaurant. David could only beam at the luxury and noted that these buildings were completely new rather than restorations.

He and Ophelia were not the only couple walking along the narrow street. Several men in interesting outfits walked hand in hand with ghosts, ghouls, zombies, and whatever else. All of them of course, quite a bit prettier than what David thought they might be. Especially the zombies who looked more like very pale women with white hair and gaunt faces than the shambling dead.

David went to a variety of stores buying up things with a tab. He was surprised at how very helpful the storekeepers were, and how much they trusted him to come back. He made certain to write down everything he owed and to whom he owed it before he and Ophelia departed. Ophelia wore something that reminded David very much of saddlebags to carry it all, but she was insistent that it was completely different.

“So who should we see first? You’ve got a lot of people who wanted me to tell them when you were up.”

“Let’s go see Delilah first. I think I owe it to her.”

Ophelia nodded. But before they were even out of the district, she began speaking, and it was painfully obvious that she was embarrassed by her question.

“You know… it would be quicker if you…rode me.”

David looked at her coyly.

Without even a moment’s hesitation, David mounted Ophelia and wrapped his arms around her waist. Her face became scarlet, and her eyes opened wide.

David kissed her neck and laughed as she acted embarrassed. He had thought she had become immune to such things when she became a bicorn.

David cuddled his wife closer as she fought her blush and carried him along the streets. David continued to drink in the rebuilding efforts and the variety of monsters on display. Ophelia, meanwhile, ducked her head every time they passed a centaur, despite the fact that over half of them also had a man on their backs.

When Ophelia brought him to where Delilah was holed up, he was surprised to see that it wasn’t the castle. Instead she had chosen a manor in its shadow, with a walled garden full of the same glowing flowers that hung on the poles throughout the city. It was a wooden house painted black with gold accents. It looked rather impressive despite the colors being so close to tacky.

David dismounted Ophelia as they crossed the archway of the walled garden and gave a nod to the two demons that were guarding the entrance. They were the first demons David had seen other than Delilah. Yet they seemed to know who he was all the same and ushered him in.

The inside of the fanciful manor was a dark mahogany, there was several pieces of blue and pink furniture. Plush red carpets also gave a bit of color to the place. Mirrors adorned several hallways, in the shapes of hearts more often than not. They helped make the place seem larger despite the dark colors.

The inside of the manor was empty, but David could still hear someone talking upstairs. As he and Ophelia went upstairs and passed the hallways, he could make out the voice of Delilah, his second wife. As he came up the stairs, there were several doors right next to each other on the far end of the hall. Two of which David noticed were quite a bit different to the rest of the house. One of them was a light blue color, and the other was an earthy sand color.

On the other side of the hallway was an open door, where David heard a voice.

“- unfortunate. But ultimately we have to focus on securing our position. The 78th Division doesn’t really exist anymore. Victims of our own success, sadly. As a result, I’d like to request enforcements. Or an entirely new legion, if need be. We’ve cut off Lancaster from most trade, and effectively isolated it, but with Silas escaping we’ll need to accelerate our plans.”

David walked into the room, whose door was open, with Ophelia in tow. Delilah sat behind a dark oak desk and sat in a plush red chair. The room was richly furnished, with a plum colored rug and large bookshelf taking up one wall. Delilah was in a dark blue robe with a plunging neckline that nearly went to her naval and billowy sleeves and a slit side that revealed her entire right thigh. On top of her head was a pointed hat that looked very much like a witch’s.

She was speaking into a mirror on her desk that revealed someone other than her reflection. A white-haired white-skinned succubus with black sclera and red irises.

“Duly noted. You’ve done well. I’ll send you a new legion. The 45th is eager to be put to use. Its an all demon and devil regiment, very keen on conquest. Set up a gateway nearby and let me know when its finished. I’ll be ready to send them through as soon as you’re done. And keep tabs on that Silas character. This could turn out to be a very dangerous situation.”

“Yes, My Lady. As you wish.”

Delilah gave a small nod to the white succubus in the mirror as she vanished.

David stayed still for a moment, not knowing if he should say anything. However, as soon as Delilah got up from her desk, she locked her eyes on him like a predator. David had no time to react as she ran up to him and practically jumped on him. He returned her embrace, though she used the opportunity to lock her legs around him and hang off of him as if she weren’t several inches taller.

“Love! You’re up! How are you feeling?”

“Wonderful. Especially now.”

He gave Delilah a peck on the lips, which she returned with force. After a few moments, she broke the kiss and smiled at him, a purple blush on her face. David thought it looked cute and gave her another kiss on the forehead as she let him go and stood up.

“You look like a witch in that outfit.” David remarked. “a sexy witch, though.”

“Why thank you, Love. But its actually a dark mage’s robe. They’re just so beautiful I had to get one.”

“I have something for you,” David said as he rummaged through the pack Ophelia wore. “The little girl at the store said magically inclined monsters would love this. So I hope she was right.”

David removed a box with six round bottles, each with a different potion inside. Delilah fawned over the gift as she got her hands on it and made a show of examining each potion.

“Ooh, Love. I had no idea you were so kinky.”

“…I actually have no idea what those potions do.”

“Well you’re going to have fun finding out. Let’s just leave it at that.”

“Why does that make me nervous?”

Delilah laughed and embraced David again after placing the potions on her desk. She leaned down to her diminutive husband and gave him a very unchaste kiss that was giving David a bit of a stiffy. He broke her kiss before his cock got too hard and overrode his plans.

“Sorry, I still need to meet with everyone else today. I told Ophelia the same. If I start now, I feel like I’d spend the whole day having sex with you.”

Delilah chuckled.

“That’s true, you would. But it’d be really fun.”

“Tonight, then. You, me, and Ophelia.”

Delilah flicked her eyes at Ophelia, who was staring at the two with unhidden lust, a hand massaging her sizable breast and another on the edge of her crotch.

“Ophelia dear, You didn’t think I forgot you did you?”

Delilah let one of her arms open up, beckoning to Ophelia, who stopped touching herself and gladly joined the two in a group hug. Delilah and Ophelia locked their lips together inches away from David and made a lurid display of it, tongues moving obscenely against each other. David shifted uncomfortably in the group hug as his cock hardened at the display almost painfully.

“Geez, guys. Have some mercy.”

Delilah smirked at him.

“Just letting you know what to look forward to, Love. Now before you go, I have a gift for you.”

Delilah broke away from the two and reached out her arm. With a wave of her hand, a black portal with pulsating purple energy opened up before her, and from it she produced the Heaven’s Gold Spear. With her other hand, she waved to the bookshelf, where a large tome flew to her. She grabbed it and turned it to a marked page.

“I’ve been studying, and I think I can get you back to normal.”

David looked up at Delilah, hopeful.

“You mean, you can get me my magic back?”

“Yes.” She continued flipping pages until she landed on the right one. “Are you ready?”

“Wait, right now? You can do it just like that?”

Delilah left the book floating in midair as she tipped the edge of her hat with a thumb, looking very self-satisfied.

“I can indeed! It took a bit of time, you were out for quite a while, but I’ve found the actual incantation for releasing the powers stolen by the Spear. It should be as easy as saying the words. We can do it right now, if you’re up for it, Love.”

David stood motionless for several seconds, he doubted her for a moment, the words she spoke seemed too good to be true. He swallowed as the realization that he would finally be whole again took hold, and the edges of his eyes became wet.

“Do it. Now, please.”

Delilah only smiled and gave a nod.

She placed a finger on the page and began to chant. She let go of the Heaven’s Gold Spear, hanging it in the air as it softly glowed. Her robes began to sway back and forth as if a wind were rocking them, David’s cape did the same. As the chanting continued, her voice became deeper, reverberating along the walls. The Spear’s glow brightened, and the nonexistent wind kicked up her robes to pool behind her, causing it to hug her waist, bust, and legs as the excess fabric twirled in fanciful ways. David’s cape blew behind him, tugging at its clasps. Suddenly, the nonexistent wind became real, and a whirlwind ripped through the room, papers on Delilah’s desk scattering, and Ophelia’s hair whipping across her face. The Spear’s glow had become like a shining sun, bathing the room in a golden light.

Then Delilah pointed a red claw at David as she finished her chant, and in a flash of lightning and a boom of thunder, a yellow bolt escaped the Heaven’s Gold Spear and landed squarely on David’s chest.

He was lifted off his feet, and slammed against the wall behind him. Ophelia, and Delilah were both startled, and as soon as the winds and light came they stopped. David struggled to his feet as Ophelia helped him up, and an embarrassed Delilah got out from behind her desk to make sure he was okay. The book and Spear fell to the ground as she lost her concentration.

“Love, are you alright?!”

“David, are you hurt?”

David placed a hand on Ophelia’s shoulder as he stood up, he assured them both he was fine as he became steady on his feet. He actually felt energized, excited. But he needed to know if he was actually back to himself again. With a small prayer, he cast a small fireball in the palm of his hand.

With a whoosh a small flickering flame came alight.

David cried out in delight at the small flame. He was back! He was whole! He grabbed Delilah by the waist and, despite her height, bent her over and kissed her passionately on the lips, far more obscenely than the demon had been with the bicorn. After several more kisses all along the demon’s neck and collarbone he had to let her go before he took her then and there. Delilah was smiling wildly at the impassioned display of affection.

“You are torturing me, my Love. I want to do even more obscene things with you now than I did before!”

Ophelia was no better, as she hungrily observed the display with her eyes. She was moaning as she returned to touching herself. David laughed and gave the bicorn a kiss on the cheek.

“I promise I’ll be back! You have no idea what this means to me! Thank you so much!”

“Oh, I think I do know. That’s why I did it. Anyway, go say hi to everyone. I actually have a few more gifts to give you when you get back. I think you’ll love them~.”

David embraced his demon wife one more time before leaving with his bicorn wife. As they left the manor, and continued down the road, David asked Ophelia where the others might be. She only smiled and asked him to climb up on top of her again. David returned her smile and did as she said, happy to be holding her again.

Ophelia brought him to a part of the city that was in more disarray than the others, where there was less public fornication and more actual work being done. David caught sight of a translucent purple woman nailing a wall together with several long tentacles with hammers created from the tips. He smiled as he recognized Yuurazha. Next to her was Arsanggha and Nyx, engaged in some sort of conversation.

Nyx turned her faceless head towards him, the first to notice him approach. He gave a wave and she returned it, causing Yuura and Arsa to drop what they were doing and do the same.

In a flash, Yuura grabbed hold of Arsa and Nyx in her slimy tentacles and stretched forward at a blinding speed that David was not expecting. Ophelia let out a yelp as all five of them were entangled in Yuura’s gooey body.

“Dear Sir! You’re awake!”

The five of them were on the street splayed out and struggling in Yuura’s amorphous gossamer mass, but her torso was formed around David, with her soft pliant arms wrapped around him her head nestled on his chest and her eyes closed as she smiled contentedly.

“We missed you sir. Very much!”

Arsa pulled several of her tentacles out of Yuura’s goo with a bit of a grimace.

“Geez, Yuura, you could have warned us.”

Yuura’s mass reformed quickly, freeing the other three girls. Ophelia got up and readjusted her clothes, the only one of the girls who needed to worry about that. Since, of course, the other three were technically naked.

“Oh come on, Arsa. Can you really blame her?” Ophelia said, as she wiped some shimmering dark-purple goo out of her bra.

Arsa smiled.


Then she also leapt on top of David, and wrapped her arms around his neck while brushing her head-tentacles along his chest.

“I’m pretty excited to see you too. Delilah had us all wait away from the tent except for Ophelia.”

David beamed at the warmth from the two strange yet beautiful women, and gave each a smooch on their foreheads.

“I actually have gifts for you guys. If you let me get up.”

Arsa looked down at him with a predatory smile.

“Hmm, I think I’d rather just have you under me, how about you, Yuura?”

The shoggoth only nodded, a serene look on her face.

David tried pushing them off, but they resisted a bit more fiercely than he expected. Nyx stood next to Ophelia, both just looking on with amused expressions. Although, with Nyx, it was mostly conveyed through body language.

“Guys, come on, I want to meet up with everyone, and I can’t do that if you keep me here all day.”

“Did you forget our conversation in the desert, David?” Arsa asked, running a finger daintily across his chest.

“No. I didn’t.” he sighed. “But now isn’t the time. If you guys really want to… do that. Then head over to Delilah’s manor. I’m heading back there later today. Right now I’m just trying to tell everyone thank you. Be a good person and all that.”

Arsa considered his words for a moment.

“Alright, c’mon Yuura. He’ll play with us later.”

Yuura was reluctant, but eventually she got up off of him and helped him to his feet. David waved Ophelia over and took three objects out of the bag.

“For Arsa, I brought sweet treats that reminded me of my favorite tentacle monster.”

He smiled and revealed a plate of squid-shaped sugar cookies with fuchsia icing. Arsa had a look of surprise on her face as she took the plate. As she took a bite, her eyes seemed to moisten just a bit as she looked up at David with her mouth full of cookie.

“Ish really goof!”

“I’m glad you like it! I know its not much, but I wanted to thank you formally for getting me out of that dungeon. Speaking of which, Yuura, I have something for you too.”

David brought out a wrapped package for Yuura, which she happily took. As she opened it, she gave out an uncharacteristic squeal as she saw that it was a sexy maid outfit.

“Its beautiful, Sir! I’ll wear it every day! And look at the fishnet leggings! So cute. The skirt is so short too~”

David seemed a bit surprised, however. And sheepishly rubbed the back of his head.

“Oh. I… thought it was just…a normal maid outfit. Uh, I uh-”

Yuura kissed him suddenly.

“I love it, Sir. Thank you.”

David smiled back at her as he returned her kiss. It occurred to him that this was their first kiss together. And it hit him then that he was getting involved with more women than just Ophelia, Delilah, Nona, and Aurora. But he wasn’t scared of the fact, or intimidated. He was actually really happy.

“Oh, and for the newest member of the group! I got something for Nyx too.”

Nyx, who had been standing quietly by, walked closer and revealed her comely face. Though it was just as expressionless as her faceless form. David gave her a nervous smile and produced a stuffed bat toy with large eyes and a goofy smile.

“I don’t really know much about you yet, Nyx. But I hope to learn more in the future. And I wanted to thank you for helping Yuura out of her dungeon.”

Ophelia smiled cheekily.

“That’s kind of funny.”

Nyx nodded, dispassionately.

“Yes. Ironic.”

“Stop bullying me.” Yuura said, half joking.

Nyx took the toy with trepidation. She examined it for a few moments before holding it close to her bosom.

“Thank you, David.”

“You’re welcome, Nyx. I hope you like it.”

“I love it. I look forward to intercourse.”

There was a few moments of silence. David hadn’t been expecting that, but after a few seconds, he realized that… that was pretty much what Yuura had promised her. He decided to just smile, and after a few seconds he gave the night-gaunt a hug. He had gotten over the whole harem situation a while ago, and while he didn’t know Nyx all that well, Yuura did, and that was enough for him.

Nyx stood awkwardly without reacting at first, but when she returned the hug, it was quite a bit more fierce than David’s.

“I like you.”

“I like you too.”

Ophelia gave a whistle.

“Oo-la-la. You two are so cute together.”

David laughed.

“I’d say I didn’t like it when you tried to hook me up with other girls, but I’d be lying.”

David told Arsa, Yuura, and Nyx to meet him at Delilah’s manor and hopped up on Ophelia’s back. They rode off together waving to the three girls who were all fawning over their gifts.

“So where to next, dearest wife?” David asked.

“I’m not sure… I think the generals are usually meeting around this time. Want to go see Alexandra and Calypso?”

“That sounds great.” David kissed her cheek as she trotted off.

The two of them came to a large blue and yellow striped tent surrounded by armored dullahan and centaurs. They were allowed in without any trouble, the guards all seemingly knowing who they were. David thought the tent was a little oddly paced, being in the middle of the street at a four way cross-section. But he realized pretty quickly that the tent was meant for more than just war meetings. Several men and their monster wives were in the tent, lining up at desks scattered throughout. The tent was separated into many rooms by sheets of canvas, though there was a large open area where the desks were placed and Ophelia and David currently resided. David dismounted and began looking around for signs of where the generals would be. Instead, he saw a very familiar tall woman with dark brown skin and dark brown hair, a series of black tattoos that ran from the base of her neck to the tip of her toes. She wore only a loincloth, her breasts bare, though covered by her long hair. By her side was a short plump man, with a mop of greasy black hair.

David was dumbstruck as he recognized Sarash the Amazon, and Oleg the torturer as one of the couples.

He tapped Ophelia on the shoulder and pointed.

“Ophelia, look. Is that Sarash?”

The bicorn stared intently before gasping.

“It is! And look at that man by her! Is that her husband?”

“I… I think it is. That’s also the torturer that visited me in my dungeon.”

“Oh,” Ophelia became meek and wrapped her arms around David’s neck, which required her to bend down a bit. “I’m sorry, do you want to go?”

“No, actually. I sort of want to go talk to them. Its just so surreal, you know?”

“Ok… if you’re sure. You’re sure you’re fine?”

“Yeah. Oleg was just doing his job. He liked it a bit too much for my tastes, but… that’s all over and done with. Let’s go say hi.”

The two of them approached the unlikely couple, and as they did so, Sarash spied them. The amazon squinted her eyes at first, as if she were confused. But then a look of realization struck her and she tapped Oleg on the shoulder. As he looked up, he immediately recognized David despite his wardrobe change, and fought to keep his eyeballs from popping out of his head in surprise.

As David and Ophelia approached, both waved and David spoke.

“Well, fancy meeting you two here! Never thought I’d see either of you again.”

“Purple man? Is that you? And the unicorn! Not a unicorn anymore I see.”

Sarash was quite a bit happier to see them than Oleg, who kept his eyes on David, and shuffled behind Sarash ever so slightly.

Ophelia smiled at the muscular warrior and shook her hand.

“Hello Sarash. Its been a long time. Quite a bit has changed, huh?”

“Definitely! You most of all! I see you ended up sharing the purple man in the end. But you fought well. I don’t regret the past, but neither do I dwell on it. This is my husband now, I caught him during the fall of the city! Say hello, husband.”

She slapped Oleg’s back and forced him forward. He looked up at David with a half-hearted smile.

“H-hello. Ah, I missed your names.”

“David,” David pointed at himself. “And Ophelia. Also, Don’t look so nervous. I don’t hold a grudge. It was just your job, I understand.”

Oleg held his breath for a moment, looking intently at David as he processed the information. Then in the next moment he let out a heavy sigh and let out a bout of nervous laughter.

“W-well. I’m… thank you, David. I appreciate it! Let bygones be bygones!”

Oleg grabbed David’s hand and shook it vigorously. Though Sarash looked at the two confused.

“Husband? You know the purple man?”

“Dear, he’s not really purple…”


“Well how do you know him? Or the centaur?”

“She is not a centaur, Husband. She is a bicorn.”

“Actually Sarash, Ophelia and I were wondering what everyone was doing here. You two are in line for something?”

Oleg shut his mouth and stood with his arms behind his back, satisfied to let the conversation with his wife be put on hold.

“Of course! My husband and I are registering our marriage. Once that is done, we’ll be given a job to help rebuild the city. Also, lodgings and a stipend.”

“Oh. That’s interesting. I didn’t think monsters bothered with paperwork.”

Sarash laughed.

“I’m not much for it myself, true! But Lady Delilah is an efficient leader, requiring thorough information to make all her decisions. I must say you two look quite fetching together. I wish you happiness.”

Ophelia placed a hand on her chest.

“Aw, thank you! We better be going. David has a lot of people to meet today. Have fun!”

The Amazon thumped her chest and placed an arm around Oleg while giving a big smile. David caught that Oleg was leaning into his new wife, confirming what David already knew. The short greasy man was quite happy with his dominating wife.

They departed and David was led just outside a closed off area by an armored succubus who he had asked for directions.

“They seem happy together.” Ophelia said.

David agreed, though silently he thought they looked rather odd. Although, he wondered if other people would think the same if he stood next to one of his girls. Almost all of which were quite a bit taller than him. The only ones that weren’t taller, come to think of it, were Lakshmi, Persephone, Nona, and Trixie.

He and Ophelia were let in after about a minute.

The interior of the room was rather empty, with only a single round table and six individuals inside. Four of those individuals were Naruko, Ivanka, Calypso, and Alexandra. The other two, David hadn’t seen before, but had a pretty good idea of who they were. Two men, one sitting on Naruko’s lap, and the other providing a lap for Ivanka to sit on, were also in the room.

Naruko smiled coyly as she softly stroked the head of the young man in her lap, who had long curly blonde hair and a very androgynous youthful appearance. He wore fanciful clothes, like that of a noble. He was also completely engrossed in Naruko’s preening and was happily resting his head on her breasts as she continued to stroke.

Ivanka sat on the lap of a very tall, muscular man with short black hair and several days’ worth of stubble. He wore an unbuttoned white shirt, showing off a very hairy and well-developed chest. In a reverse of what was happening with Naruko and her man, he was the one stroking Ivanka’s hair. However, unlike the youthful young man in Naruko’s lap, Ivanka seemed to be rather stoic. However, when the man stopped as David and Ophelia entered, she took his hand and placed it back on her head.

Alexandra and Calypso immediately stood up and ran over to David as he entered and tackled him to ground. Calypso wrapped her coils around David with a squeak.

“David! You’re awake!”


“Get off of him, Calypso! I want to hug him too!”

“You are hugging him! Its not my fault you can’t reach him through my coils.”

“Kind of is.”

David shot out his arms and grabbed Calypso’s face and kissed her deeply on the lips. Calypso froze for a second, before her body relaxed, and her coils slipped off of him. She returned the kiss with fervor, clasping his cheeks with her claws and pulling him even closer. David pulled away and took a large breath.

“It’s nice to see you two. How have you guys been?”

Calypso almost wrapped herself around David again while nuzzling against his chest, but Alexandra was too fast and slipped in to crush David in her own embrace. David let out a wheeze as Alexandra clutched him close to her body and joined Calypso in nuzzling the smaller man.

Neither one stopped cuddling him as they spoke. Alexandra was the first to speak.

“We would have stayed with you until you woke up, but Delilah said there was too much work to do. I missed you, David. A lot.”

Calypso’s hand wrapped around David to his backside, and gave his butt a squeeze.

“I missed you too. Ivanka said you’d be okay, but She’s a really good liar.”

The aforementioned Ivanka perked up.

“Thank you.”

David looked past the two cuddling monsters wrapping themselves around him and nodded to the diminutive lich.

“Hello Ivanka, how are you doing?”

“I am doing well, thank you. I like your new clothes, very sleek. Would you like the rest of us to leave? It seems your Calypso and Alexandra would like to consummate their relationship with you.”

“No, no, That’s fine. Girls, could you let me up?”

They were much more compliant than Yuura and Arsa and got up as soon as he asked. But when he got up off the floor, they didn’t stand to the side, instead they just squished him between themselves in another hug. Ophelia clapped her hands at the display with a smug smile on her face.

David decided to just smile and embrace it. He slapped both of their backsides and got a nice handful. His face became beet red as he realized what he was doing and the fact that he was now being watched by not just Ivanka and Naruko, but their husbands as well. He quickly remembered how very unused to relationships he was. The two large monsters placed their heads on top of his, since they couldn’t reach his chest while they were all standing up.

“So, nice to see you again Ivanka. You too, Naruko. Who are your… boyfriends?”

“Husbands~” corrected Naruko, her arms around her lover’s waist. “This little charmer is Oliver, I found him cooped up in a big fancy house all alone while we were taking the city. I fell in love with him at first sight.”

Oliver, the blond boy, smiled at David a little awkwardly and waved.

“Hello there. Its, as she says, I was hiding. I thought they were going to kill us all, so I was rather happy to find out otherwise.”

The large man that was Ivanka’s husband nodded.

“Same. The church has been teaching that monsters kill and eat people, and I always believed them. I was pretty surprised by the uh… truth. Oh! I’m Frank, by the way. I used to be, er… I guess I might still be a guard. I’m not sure.”

Ivanka laid her head back on his chest and laid a hand on his cheek.

“If you want to work, I shall let you. But I would prefer you stay with me. I work plenty for the both of us.”

Frank smiled down at his wife and kissed her chastely on the lips.

David smiled and nodded to the two men.

“Its nice to meet you both. I’ll ask about how you met Ivanka and Naruko in detail some other day. But right now, I have gifts!” he motioned for Ophelia to come over.

Ophelia produced two items from her bag. A white and purple mask made for a basilisk, and a silver collar necklace with a sparkling azure gem. David took the opportunity to remove his hands from the posteriors of the two and handed them the presents.

The two of them took the gifts with glee, happily putting them on as soon as possible. Calypso made sure to close her eyes, as she removed her old mask and donned her new mask. Alexandra, as she clasped her collar on, looked at David with a very obvious case of bedroom eyes. Her mismatched blue and green eyes sparkling with mischief.

“You know, David.” She said. “Calypso got to kiss you. But I haven’t.”

“Oh, ok th-”

He was cut off as Alexandra grabbed his face and leaned downward, locking her lips with his. It was an obscene display, her tongue overcoming him and thoroughly violating him in a lurid show of affection. She moved her dragon’s claws down to the small of his back while her lion’s paw moved to the back of his head. After a few intense moments of kissing, she leaned back.

“Now it’s Alex’s turn.”

Alexandra closed her eyes for a moment before opening them back up, her draconic pupils changed to round lion’s pupils.

“My lord! I am pleased to see thee!”

“I’m happy to see you too, Alex.”

The chimera once more bent down to kiss him, this time the display was far more chaste, no tongue involved. Alex broke the kiss slowly, placing her forehead on David’s forehead.

“We were worried Aurora would take you from us.”

“She did take me, but not from you.”

David gave Alex a peck on the nose as he wrapped his arms around her waist.

“… I have way too many romantic partners.”

Alex, Calypso, and Ophelia chuckled at that. He wasn’t wrong.

“Speaking of which,” Alex said, “Alexis would like to give thee a kiss too.”

“Have I met her?”

“If you have met me, thee have met all of me. But no, Alexis and Alexa have not met thee in person yet. But they have seen you through mine eyes. As I spotted thee through Alexandra’s eyes.”

Alexa closed her eyes, and as they reopened, they were slit like a snakes.

“Nicccce to meet you in perssson, David.”

David raised his eyebrows at the sibilance.

“Its nice to meet you too. I heard you made Aurora pretty mad. She talked about it quite a bit.”

The snake-like personality gave a giggle.

“I did. I did. But withhhhout Annabelle we’d be sssscrewed. Sssshe was inssstramental. If you haven’t yet, you sssshould go ssssee her.”

“I will. I have gifts for all the special people in my life. And she’s definitely one of them.”

“That’sss good. Now, kisss me.”

Alexis’s kiss was long and deep, her tongue deep and caressing against his own. It wasn’t as sloppy as Alexandra’s, but it seemed just as passionate. It was like a cool refreshing drink of water after the fire of Alexandra’s kiss and the cool breeze of Alex’s. It was amazing how differently each personality kissed. David moved his hands up to the chimera’s cheeks, stroking her face. Alexis moved her hands as well, down from the back of his head and small of his back to the sides of his waist. Alexis began grinding against him, which David almost began grinding with her, until he remembered Frank and Oliver were also in the room. David had to stop her from grinding on him, as she was close to jumping his bones right in front of everyone. She pulled away disappointed. David whispered in her ear.

“Not in front of everyone, ok? Meet me at Delilah’s manor. You and Calypso both.”

Alexis licked her lips as she nodded in agreement.

“One lassst kissss.”

With a blink of the eyes, Alexis’s eyes changed into a horizontal goat’s.

“Long time no see, sexy.” She gave David a quick peck on the lips. “I won’t take too much of your time.”

Alexa’s kisses were soft and sweet, a series of butterfly kisses all over his face. David hadn’t expected it, but he was very happy with the show of affection. It was so strange, and so wonderful at the same time.

When he and Alexa finally parted, He noticed Frank and Oliver looking away, both embarrassed. Naruko and Ivanka, however, seemed to be eyeing him intently. Ophelia was biting her lips, flushed red with excitement. David cleared his throat and gave Calypso and Alexandra one last hug before hopping on top of Ophelia.

Calypso crossed her arms and looked up at him with her new white and purple mask.

“Aurora is taking the fact that you have a harem pretty poorly, just letting you know. Zagira and Zipporah aren’t too upset, but they’re still worried. Be careful when you meet up with them.”

“Will do. I’ll see you two at the manor. Love you.”

It was a small thing, but it was the first time he had said he loved them. Both of them were frozen for a few seconds before both of them flushed a deep scarlet and smiled so broadly it looked as if it hurt their faces.

David asked where he might find Annabelle and Lakshmi, as he decided he wanted to meet them next. Calypso gave him directions to what David realized was the bath house that Bernice had taken him to so long ago. David realized in a sudden moment that ‘so long ago’ was a little over two weeks ago. He pinched the bridge of his nose as he processed that thought.

As Ophelia trotted down the street, and David held on tight, she began giggling quietly to herself. David ignored it at first, but he broke down fast.

“All right, what is it?”

“You realize everyone is going to want you at the same time, right?”

“To be honest… yes. And I’m looking forward to it.”

Ophelia stopped her giggling.

“Wait… really?”

David pressed his body against Ophelia’s back and kissed the top of her head as his hands playfully rubbed at her waist.

“You convinced me to embrace this back in the desert. I was nervous, unsure of myself, scared… but honestly, this is really exciting. I’m still nervous, but what man wouldn’t be absolutely flattered to have so many beautiful women after him? Even better, they actually want to share me! I’m not going to say no. They’re all amazing girls, and like Lakshmi said, If I want to love them, I will. I want to, so I will.”

Ophelia looked upwards at the man on her back with a mischievous smile on her angelic face. David, knowing what she wanted, kissed her. It was an awkward position, him on her back, leaning almost straight down, and her throwing her head all the way back, but they became engrossed in their passions, and David, forgetting where he was, grabbed at her breasts. The kiss was like lightning pulsing through his body, exciting him and setting him aflame with passion.

His fingers traced her nipples over the sheer black lingerie, filling his hands with smooth and soft handfuls of flesh.  She moaned just with him rolling his fingers and lightly brushing his fingertips over the nubs of her nipples. His dick was already rock-hard against his pants, pressing into Ophelia’s back. He was overcome with lust for his bicorn wife, and he was filled with the thought of mounting her in a very different fashion.

Their tongues wrapped around each other, and sucked at each other, taking turns in dominating the other’s mouth. David was still not especially skilled, but the love between them was so impassioned that neither particularly cared about skill. Violating the other’s mouth and sucking on each other’s tongues brought about its own animalistic satisfaction. So much, in fact, that for a moment both of them completely forgot where they were.

They were reminded when the city’s bells began to ring, signaling the hour.

They broke their awkward kiss and had the decency to blush. David caressed Ophelia’s cheek as he continued staring down at her, her head leaning back.

“You know, I should be angrier. Silas won. Yet I don’t particularly feel like a loser.”

“When you’re with people who love you, it’s hard to feel that way. That’s what my daddy told me, at least.”

David nodded his head as he gave Ophelia one more kiss on the forehead and slumped back on to her hindquarters. He’d have to meet her father someday. He also remembered that he still had to find Devon, Kris, and Danny. He had gotten caught up in this entire debacle and it had distracted him from his original purpose. He wasn’t too upset about it, however. The world had changed… largely for the better. If his brother or his friends were out there among monsters, he thought they were in good hands. He made a mental note to himself to remind Delilah of her promises back in the desert. She’d used some sort of charming magic on him, he was sure, but that didn’t mean he had forgotten the contract. She had promised to help him find his friends. And he was sure she would, she loved him after all.

Ophelia and David passed by a statue that David recognized as Goliad the Fair, the one Bernice had wanted them to meet at before things went so completely south. It had been modified to have a curvaceous succubus by his side, an arm and leg wrapped around him. They arrived at the public bath a few minutes later and to David’s surprise, the bath had been renovated to be even more impressive than it was before.

The curtain that had separated it from the larger courtyard had been bedecked with glittering jewels, and long gold colored ropes were hung up above the curtain. The large stone structure was also flanked on both sides by statues of the goddesses Eros and Poseidon.

Within the courtyard several couples milled about, David noting that Ophelia was quite right in her statement earlier in the day. Wearing sexualized clothing did not make one stand out. Several gorgeous, well-endowed women walked about with bright colored bits of fetishistic clothes that showed off the female form in a variety of enticing ways. On the arms of the various lamia, arachne, gargoyles, and satyrs were the male citizenry of Vasherton.

David got down off of Ophelia and walked by her side, hand in hand as they approached the bathhouse. No one was guarding the entrance, and the two of them walked through the curtain without any trouble. The interior of the bathhouse was just as beautiful as the last time David was here, only the layout had changed quite a bit. Where before there was a long hallway down the middle, with several arches leading to barbers, or the men’s and women’s bath, now there were no dividing walls.

What was inside was the same vaulted ceiling stretching upward, but no dividing walls. The original long hallway was gone. Instead the entire area was a large shallow bath, with two walkways on either side of it, smaller baths on each side of the walkway. Within the large communal bath were several raised daises, around which were gathered groups of naked monsters. Stained glass windows newly installed all along the walls bathed the entire area in ethereal blue and red light. The golden statues holding trumpets had been replaced by nudes resembling angels. Great chandeliers still hung overhead, but they were not currently in use as the daylight filtered through the stained glass.

The edges of the building had several decorative rocky formations and flowers, as well as cubicles for people’s clothes.

It seemed almost too decadent, the crowded mass of naked breasts, slits, and posteriors. David could feel his face heating up, embarrassed. He caught sight of several men as well, which caused him to become even more uncomfortable.

“Ophelia, you’re sure Lakshmi and Annabelle are here?”

“Well, I mean, that’s what Alexandra and Calypso said.”

From the edge of the bath, near David and Ophelia, a dark brown woman with wide hips and massive breasts emerged from the pool. She had shimmering blue hair and a very seductive sway. It took a moment, but David finally recognized the woman as Lakshmi, dripping naked. His mouth dropped open in shock as she embraced him tightly.

Right behind her, another dark-skinned woman with large white wings and long pink hair emerged. He recognized the other, taller, woman as Annabelle. David couldn’t help but stare with surprise at the beautiful woman as Lakshmi continued to rub her naked wet body against him. Annabelle was silent, but hardly shy as David ogled her taut beautiful breasts, long toned legs, and her… lady parts.

“David! We’re so happy to see you! Isn’t this place great? You can feel the love in the air!”

“Well, its… I can feel something. It’s pretty humid. I um, do you mind if we leave the bathhouse? I’m not so sure this place is for me.”

David was taken by surprise as Annabelle walked behind him, and then wrapped her arms around both him and Lakshmi, pressing her naked body into David’s back. His entire body flushed with heat, and his cock began to stir.

“Its wonderful here, so relaxing! Annabelle and I come by every day. The others are here too! But they prefer the private baths. Annabelle and I’ll take you there. They’re going to be so excited!”

David cleared his throat.

“Others? Which others?”

Lakshmi spoke, but was still pressing her voluptuous body against him and, David thought, intentionally rubbing her bare thigh against his crotch.

“Well, there’s Trixie… Persephone, she really loves it here, Nona, Zagira, and Zipporah. I think Alexandra, Calypso, and Delilah are working. Aurora is still in her room. Arsa and Yuura, I’m not too sure…”

A thought occurred to David.

“Where do you think Bernice might be?”

Lakshmi looked up at him, curious.

“You didn’t know? She’s being kept locked up. She’s been uncontrollable. I think she’s in the castle dungeons. I hear your friend John tried talking to her, but she refused to see him. Her mother won’t even try to see her. Says she isn’t the right person. I think its silly, but Zagira agrees with her.”

“… You said that there were private baths? Where I won’t have to be naked in front of a bunch of strangers?”

“Uh-huh, they’re past the individual pools”

 Lakshmi let one arm free from David’s midsection and pointed past the smaller pools on either side of the main one. Sure enough, there were blue curtains that David guessed led to those private baths.

“Alright, then. Let’s go see the others. Ophelia, you feeling like a bath?”

The bicorn nodded with a small smirk as she and he followed Lakshmi. The two followers of Eros let David go of their hugs, but still clutched to him in other ways. Lakshmi held his hand and led him down the bathhouse to the where the others were apparently waiting. Annabelle wrapped her arms around his left arm, and placed her sopping wet mop of hair down on his chest as she leaned into him.

It took all of David’s willpower not to stare at Annabelle’s naked body. She must have caught on to what he was doing, because she broke her silence with a pleasant and angelic laugh.

“You don’t have to look away. Of all the people who have seen me naked, you’re the one I want to see me the most.”

“… I really don’t want to think about who all has seen you naked.”

“I’ve kept myself pure for you. I’m sorry if I made you believe otherwise.”

“Ah, that was just a joke. I wasn’t implying anything. Its just,” David had to concentrate very hard not to get distracted by the swaying backside of Lakshmi’s perfect rotund butt as she led them down a hallway of curtains. “Public nudity is still a bit much for me. That’s not what I was expecting when I got in here.”

“Ah. I understand. You’ll like the private baths a lot better.”

“Oh I’m sure. But… why have that be the first thing people see? I think a reception area might be a good addition.”

“Hmm. I don’t know. I rather like the atmosphere. I’ve seen a lot of guys who wander in find wives in the first hour they stumble in.” Annabelle sighed as she pressed her dripping naked body even closer. “It’s very romantic.”

David swallowed and continued to follow Lakshmi. He was prepared for hugs and kisses, but he hadn’t expected them to be nude. Not so soon anyway. He put on a brave face, but this was still all very new for him.

As Lakshmi led David through a curtain some ways from the public area, David was greeted with the sight of the naked forms of Zagira, Zipporah, Trixie, and Nona. Lakshmi and Annabelle let go of him as they entered the room and slipped inside the water, greeting the other girls.

The area was large, and had its own cubicles off to the side, which Ophelia was already heading too. The bathwater was a milky bluish color, and the bath itself was decorated in such a way with rocks laid about it so as to appear a natural hot spring that had simply been refined with modern architecture. On the other side of where he stood, a large rocky outcropping had water continually flowing out of it and into the bath.

Laying luxuriously on one of the recessed seats in the bath was Zagira, whose long serpentine body could be seen splayed out inside the water. She was the largest of anyone there, and towered over Zipporah who was seven feet tall at the least. Her coils reached nearly 40 feet altogether, and the bath was able to hold all of her. Her torso was not submerged in the water, instead laying back, bearing her massive breasts for all to see. She had an arm wrapped around Zipporah, who was nestled close. Zipporah’s dark lustrous skin shone in the light. David felt as if she were showing off her taut bronzed body, giving Zagira a run for her money. Both women were bereft of their typical jewelry, yet they looked no less regal.

Playing in the bath as if it were a public swimming pool were Nona and Trixie, who seemed to be playing a version of tag where you could only get the other one if you were underwater. Though it seemed neither could see unless they were out of the water, so they’d pop up every few seconds looking for the other.

Trixie had a beautiful slim body, that David was a little concerned about being attracted to. It wasn’t overly developed like most of the other girls’ but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t like her cute butt and cheery smile. Nona was her lovely self, dark earthy black skin, glittering green eyes, and a soft and inviting body.

David was brought out of his admiration as some of the water in the bath rose up in a gurgling swirl of liquid crystal. David realized very quickly that it was Persephone as she ran to him and like many before her, wrapped him up tight. Though unlike the others, a wave of water followed her and completely soaked him as she rubbed herself against his chest.

David wiped his face with his freehand as he returned Persephone’s embrace, and looked up to find Zagira, Zipporah, Nona, and Trixie all gazing at him smiles on their faces.

“Master! You’re back! I haven’t seen you in so long!”

“Hey Persephone,” David kissed her forehead. “I missed you.”

Nona and Trixie raced each other to get out of the bath, pulling each other back and forcing each other back in the water in their mad dash to get to David first. David watched with amusement as the two of them emerged from the bath dripping wet. David was ready and waiting as the earth elemental and devil wrapped him up.

His face was still beet red at the fact Trixie’s little naked body was rubbing against him, but he’d be lying if he said he wasn’t enjoying it. Trixie gave him a cheeky grin as she looked up at him from under her sopping wet hair.

“Well, well, well! Little man’s up and about! Havin’ fun with all the attention I bet!” 

“I’m loving it, you cute little devil.”

“Since when did you start flirting back?”

“In the desert, Calypso, Lakshmi, and Arsa talked me into just accepting the whole harem thing. Personally, I think you’re beautiful and I’m happy they talked me into it.”

Trixie grinned and let go of him, twirling her little body around and showing him every inch.

“Take it in, lover-boy. You’re gonna pound it hard and kiss it sweetly tonight~”

David returned her smirk and let go of Persephone and Nona before picking Trixie up and kissing her fully on the mouth. The little devil was surprised by the kiss at first, but recovered as she wrapped her legs around David and returned the kiss.

“I like this new less-bashful you.”

A deep, chuckle emanated from the bath. Zagira lowered her golden gaze to David and the leg-locked devil.

“Indeed, its very nice to see you embrace your lovers so eagerly. I hope that you are that eager with me. I have been waiting for payment these past few days.”

“Hello Zagira, Zipporah. You’re both looking lovely.”

Zipporah smiled demurely at David

“Thank you, David. You look very handsome. Mistress Zagira and I have been looking forward to seeing you again. How are you feeling? Dizzy?”

“Before he answers that,” Zagira interjected, “Why doesn’t he disrobe and join us? We would love to engage in some good clean fun.”

“Actually, I still need to meet up with Aurora… and Bernice, now that I think about it. I’m telling everyone to meet me at Delilah’s manor for later tonight. That’s what I’m here about actually. That and I wanted to give everyone something. You especially Zagira. As thanks for your help.”

“Considerate of you, my pet. I must say I was quite upset when I learned how many were clamoring for your attention… but then I got to know them. They’re very wonderful. I accept them as your slaves. So long as you know that you are mine.”

“I’m going to put a pin in that. Ophelia?”

The bicorn trotted back towards him, breasts naked and swaying, her clothes left behind in the cubicle. David’s eyes were glued on Ophelia’s bountiful bosom, and as he held his composure, he had the thought of simply forgetting to wait. Why not strip down and have some fun? His cock was painfully erect in his trousers, and his will to resist was already rather weak after seeing Lakshmi and Annabelle. Not to mention the cute little Trixie.

“Damn it, Ophelia. You are making it really hard to say no.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she replied coyly. “I just thought I’d join Zagira and Zipporah. They look like they’re having fun. Here’s the gifts for everyone.”

She handed David the saddlebags (that Ophelia insisted were not saddlebags) and slipped into the water. David retrieved a heart-shaped box of colorful chocolate candies for Trixie, and two heart-shaped prisoner fruits for Nona and Persephone, who he remembered liking them back from before they all went on their missions. All three of them eagerly began opening their gifts and enjoying them. Persephone and Nona smiled up at him as pieces of translucent pink fruit dripped off of their lips and hit the floor. It was cute.

Zipporah stood up and strode towards David with a seductive sway that made full advantage of her towering beautiful statuesque form. Zagira followed after, her serpentine form slithering through the water in slow undulations, her own massive size, not detracting from her beauty in any way.

“Have any gifts for us, my pet?” Zagira asked.

“I do indeed, beautiful.”

Zagira stopped for a moment, not expecting the compliment.

Zipporah emerged from the water and stood by David, smiling down at him as she bent over at the waist. Her tits were large, full, and firm, and Zipporah very deliberately dangled them in front of him as she spoke.

“You know… I really do think you’re very handsome. I look forward to tonight.”

David swallowed as he let his eyes linger on her body. Monsters, he knew, liked direct action. So he took a chance and reached up to her right breast and began fondling it. Her smile only got larger. David was surprised as she picked him up and held him close to her bosom. She kissed him softly, sensuously, playing with him and entwining her fingers in the locks of his hair as she pressed him against her. David looked up at Zipporah, impressed at her strength.

“I knew you were tall, but I didn’t know you could lift me up off the ground.”

“I’m quite powerful. I am a Pharaoh after all. I may not have known you as long as the others, but you are lovely, and I am happy to be with you.”

“I’m glad you feel that way. I thought about what you might like the most. Living in a desert, I thought you might like these.” David patted Zipporah’s arm and she let him go.

He rummaged through the bags and revealed a box of flowers. They were roses, deep red and full. Zipporah took them gently, and deeply inhaled.

“They’re wonderful.”

Zagira slithered up next to Zipporah eyeing the two with a smug expression.

“Well, well, you two have some chemistry. Its nice to see my darlings getting along.”

“I’m glad you approve, Zagira. I have something for you too, of course.”

“Well of course.”

David produced for Zagira a large stuffed snake toy, the same shade of purple as herself.

“Zagira, I’m sorry if its corny…”

She took it and examined it with a careful eye. After a few moments she hugged it tight and smiled down at David.

“So, Delilah’s manor hm?”

David smiled back.

“Yes, Delilah’s manor.”

“I don’t suppose anyone has told you that that’s actually where we all reside already?”

David cocked his head, and blinked his eyes. He turned to Ophelia who was now cuddled up to Persephone and Nona, both of them on either side of her arms their heads resting on her breasts. She gave David a shrug.

“I didn’t think it was that important. I mean, they still needed to know you were gonna have sex with them, and to they needed to be home for that.”

David pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration.

“Alright then. I guess I’ll see you all back at… did you say home?”

“The house is for all of us, David.” Ophelia said as she stroked Nona and Persephone’s heads. “Delilah’s been working hard while you slept. She has a room for everyone at the manor. Sorry, It… kind of slipped my mind.”

“Actually, now that I think about it… I did notice a lot of doors on the top floor. More than I would have normally expected.”

Zagira, who was examining her toy as if it were made if glass, spoke up.

“Zipporah and I live in the sand-colored door. Which in actuality is a gateway back to our pyramid. The ice-blue door goes right to Aurora’s bedroom in her Winter Palace. It was Delilah’s idea, and I think it was one of the better ones. She’s quite an effective leader. I admire her for that.”

David nodded

“Yeah, she’s pretty great… how long have I been out, exactly? The exact number of days, please. No one’s told me.”

Persephone was the one to answer

“12 days.”

“…twelve days. I feel like I’ve missed a lot.”

Zagira curled her length around him, a predatory look in her eyes. David felt a bit uneasy as Zagira’s naked body was brought to his attention again. She was beautiful, with long shimmering hair, elegant well-muscled arms, a long sinuous neck and large firm breasts. Her face had high cheek-bones, and full dark lips. A glint in her eyes told David that she was sizing him up.

“In all honesty, you didn’t miss much. All of your suitors got to meet, we all got along, and we agreed that sharing you would be acceptable as long as we kept anyone else from you. Ophelia being a bicorn was a bit of a problem, it makes a man all the more enticing when marked with her mana. Quite the opposite of every other’s mana which keeps other monsters away. You only slept with four of us, and a bicorn’s attractive mana doesn’t begin to dissipate until the sixth partner.

“That’s why Delilah, Aurora, and I, decided to keep you in the tent. So you wouldn’t tempt anyone else. Even now your mana is filling my senses, making me go crazy. I want to strip you bare and throw you into the bath right now. But… I guess I’ll settle for this.”

She lunged at him with a surprising speed, picking him up and hefting him up into the air, her arms holding him snugly. Her toy fell from her arms, but in a graceful move, a coil of her serpentine body caught it before it hit the floor. Her long wet hair stuck to her David’s body as she twirled about. Her golden eyes peered deeply into David’s storm blue eyes as she licked her lips with a long purple tongue. She pressed her lips against his and David opened up to her, eager for her.

Her tongue was dominating, sweet, and fierce. It was less sensuous like Zipporah, and more voracious, with a primal hunger and need. Her entire body convulsed and pulsed with every movement of her tongue, and David could feel her body sway in the air as she carried him along.

He returned the passion and need, his smaller tongue putting up token resistance, but ultimately failing to gain hold over her. Her nails dug into his back as his fingers tangled in her hair. Ophelia openly ogled the display and gave up trying to control herself. She let a hand dip into the water as she inserted two fingers into her pussy and began to pleasure herself none too subtly.

Persephone and Nona were watching intently too, with Persephone releasing a heavy sigh.

“It isn’t fair, Nona. He had sex with you. I should have had sex with Master already.”

“It’s coming Persephone, tonight. And it’ll be worth it.”

“I hope so. I can feel Master so faintly. And the way you describe it… that covenant you have with him sounds wonderful.”

“I don’t even think he knows how strong it is. I can almost feel Zagira making out with me!”

Persephone looked to Nona with glint in her eye. Nona returned the gaze but was confused at what Persephone was hinting at. When her hands grasped Nona’s breasts, and her lips locked hers, the gnome understood. Nona’s earthen claws grabbed at Persephone’s thighs, nearly invisible in the water, and soon the two elementals were furiously making out right beside Ophelia.

Trixie, meanwhile, just floated on the surface of the water, watching the carnality along with Lakshmi and Annabelle, a look of happiness on all three of their faces.

“Now this’s the life.”

David and Zagira parted ways, a trail of saliva linking their lips. David’s brain was fogged up by his powerful lust, and he desperately wanted to fuck Zagira right then and there. But as he cleared his head, he remembered that he had denied everyone else so far, and if he gave in now, he’d be showing favorites. He rested his head on her pillowy bosom for a moment before asking to be put down.

His clothes were soaked from the constant hugs that all of his naked lovers had been giving him. He composed himself and conjured a spell to dry himself. Trixie took note of it, being the only one who was either not aware Delilah had returned him to his former glory, or not aware he had ever been deprived of most of his magic in the first place.

“Annabelle, Lakshmi, I still haven’t given you two your presents.”

The two girls looked up at him with smiles as they once more left the opaque water, the light shimmering off their wet luscious bodies.

David didn’t hide the fact that he was admiring their pleasantly well-developed forms, his embarrassment forgotten as lust overrode it. Annabelle balanced on the tip of her toes as she stood next to him, a pleasant smile on her face as she clasped her hands behind her back, nothing obscuring the view of her naked form. Lakshmi did the same, gently bobbing in place next to David, her shorter, yet deliciously curvaceous body giving David a very pleasant show.

David waved a hand and the two’s gifts flew out of Ophelia’s bags and into his hands. He handed them both boxes, a small square one for Annabelle, and a long rectangular one for Lakshmi. Lakshmi opened hers first, a bundle of fruits and candies arranged on a bundle of sticks. She eyed it, curious, before taking a small translucent heart-shaped prisoner fruit, and a chocolate strawberry and plopped them in her mouth. She moaned rather uncharacteristically. David smiled at her exuberance.

“For Lakshmi, I got this edible bouquet. I’ve never seen one before, and I thought it looked rather neat.”

Lakshmi placed the bouquet back in the box as she took a bite out of another chocolate-covered strawberry.

“Its great, David, I love it!”

Annabelle opened her own gift, excited. It was a pink crystal heart necklace, with gold chains looping about in elegant display. Annabelle was immediately entranced and placed it on her neck, fondling the pink crystal heart with a rapturous expression on her face.

“Annabelle…what happened in the Ice Palace-”

He was unable to finish his sentence as Annabelle gently lifted his chin up and placed a kiss upon his lips. It was soft, delicate, but no less passionate than the other kisses he’d had that day. Fire, water, lightning, none of those seemed to be in her kiss. No, hers was one of a gentle spring, a warm bath, a soothing place that you never wanted to leave. It was full of a different, quieter form of passion that spoke of warm days and cool nights filled with erotic promises.

“Did you enjoy your night with the Ice Queen?” she asked as she let him up for breath.

David didn’t have the guts to lie to her.

“I enjoyed it a lot.”

She smiled, not at all upset.

“Then my arrows did their job. I love you, and I hope you and I can spend a night alone together soon.”

David kissed her again, wanting to return to those pleasantly warm sensations. She returned his affections, letting his hands wander over her naked body, groping and caressing her. He fondled and squeezed her breasts, thighs, stomach, and finally rested his hands on her backside, pressing the two of them together. When the two’s lips parted, David kept the tall bronze angel pressed against him.

David let a moment pass to gather his senses.

“Do any of you know where Aurora and Bernice are, by chance?”

Zipporah, who had slipped back into the bath, answered.

“Yes, Aurora is in her room back at home. She’s come out only a handful of times. She and I get along the best as fellow Queens, but she has been avoiding everyone else. Bernice I gather is the daughter of one of Mistress’s new servants?”

Zagira, who had stayed near David and Annabelle, put a hand on her hip and chuckled.

“Ah yes, Beatrice’s daughter. Last I heard she’s in the castle dungeon. My lovely servant has been helping her husband transition power to his son. I’ve seen her only a scant number of times since we arrived here.”

David let go of Annabelle, who wasn’t too happy for him to go, but nodded solemnly as she took Lakshmi by the hand and led her back into the bath. David waved to everyone before he spoke.

“Then it seems I ought to go back to… our home.” David paused, mulling over the fact that he had a home, “I’ll see Aurora first. Then I’ll… see Bernice.”

David shivered a bit at the memories of Bernice’s breakdown in the wake of Silas’s abandonment. Silas had a policy it seemed of leaving people behind if they slowed him down or endangered him. David wanted to be angry at him for that, but he couldn’t deny it had been effective. And he was also glad that Bernice hadn’t gone with him. He liked the girl, as a friend, and wanted what was best for her. Being a soldier of the Order would have only left her lost and confused.

But at the same time, he knew stewing in a dungeon for 12 days wasn’t conducive to one’s health. He wondered if that was really the best course of action. What did her mother think? Had she and the Vasher clan been the ones behind imprisoning her, or was it Delilah? He had a lot of questions.

“Ophelia, are you coming with me, or are you staying here?”

The bicorn did not remove her eyes from the two elementals who were still engaged in a very passionate make out session.

“I’ll stay here. Give Aurora my best.”

“Will do. Goodbye everyone. I’ll see you all tonight.”

With a round of goodbyes David took his last gift from Ophelia’s bags and vanished in a puff of violet smoke and white light.

David arrived back at the black and gold house with a euphoric smile on his face, happy at last to regain the power to teleport. The demon guards around the house were startled at first but calmed at seeing who he was. He gave them a wave and they let him in without fuss.

As he entered the house and walked upstairs, He found Delilah right where he left her. She had her head down, looking over a stack of papers as a pair of half-moon spectacles rested on her nose. David thought they looked rather cute on her. David walked knocked on her open door.

“Hello there, Delilah, my darling demon wife~.”

Delilah looked up from under her pointed hat with wide yellow eyes.

“Love! I didn’t hear you come in! You’re back so soon. Is Ophelia with you? Wait, what time is it?”

Delilah sat up but sat back down when David held up a hand in a waiting gesture. He pulled up a chair and sat down across from her.

“It’s not quite time for all of that. I’m just here to see Aurora and ask about Bernice. Ophelia decided to stay with Zagira, Zipporah, and all the others at the bath house.”

“Ah. Yes. Of course, it is about that time.” Delilah nodded her head with a smirk on her face. “They’ve all taken quite a liking to the new bathhouse. Very popular spot in New Vasherton. My own idea, actually. I quite like strutting about naked, so I thought others might like to try it out.”

“I… would prefer you wear clothes in public from now on, please.”

“Of course, Love! I do love wearing cute outfits too. Anyway, I’m glad Ophelia is bonding with the others. They’re all quite wonderful. What did you want to ask, specifically, my Love? Do you need to know where they are, or something else?”

“Aurora is in her room, here in the house, right?”

“Yes, I believe so. It’s the light blue door down the hall. Believe it or not-”

“It’s a gateway to her bedroom in her Winter Palace?”

“Oh. Did I tell you already? I thought I’d forgotten to this morning.”

“No. Zipporah told me. She said the sand colored one was a link to her and Zagira’s pyramid too.”

Delilah nodded slowly and removed her spectacles.

“David listen, about Bernice. She’s fine. But she hasn’t listened to anyone who has tried to calm her down. Her mother doesn’t want to show up as a lamia all by her lonesome because she doesn’t think her daughter would take it well. She asked me to ask you to go with her, to help Bernice.”

“Last time she was monsterized it changed her personality, why isn’t that happening this time?”

Delilah blinked.

“Last time?”

David realized that he had not spoken about Bernice’s Parasite Slime to Delilah in their various conversations.

“Before you and I met, before I even met Ophelia, Bernice had been attacked and monsterized by a Parasite Slime. She nearly raped me. But I was able to subdue her and Silas cured her using the Heaven’s Gold Spear.”

Delilah didn’t say anything for a few moments, then a wide grin of pearly white grew along her face.

“Oh Love, you have no idea how useful that information is!”

David was about to ask how when Delilah stood up and got the spear which David hadn’t seen resting by the bookcase. She produced an empty glass bottle from her desk and began chanting the familiar spell that had returned David’s magic to him.

A familiar whirlwind kicked up in the office, light emanated from the spear, and Delilah’s robes hugged her body in obscene ways. Delilah pointed to the bottle, and in a flash of lightning and a crash of thunder, a yellow bolt of energy struck the empty vessel.

But now, the bottle was empty no more. A small glowing orb of yellow light was inside. Delilah quickly corked the bottle and handed it to David.

“This should be a sliver of Bernice’s soul. The part that Silas cut out.”

David took the bottle with trepidation.

“Is it… wise to give it back? Isn’t this just the Slime that infected her?”

Delilah shook her head.

“Souls are more complicated than that. The monster mana he cut out… she acted differently before, right?”

“When monsterized, yes. But I don’t know if I want her acting like that again. She returned to normal afterwards.”

“Really? She didn’t seem withdrawn? Hesitant to open up to others? Distrustful?”

David was silent. She had been all those things. But he’d been certain that had more to do with the awkward near-raping.

“I’m not sure, Delilah.”

“I love you, David. But it isn’t your choice. Present this to Beatrice, Bernice’s mother. She can decide. I would prefer asking Bernice herself, but she’s in no condition to decide. Having a piece of your soul missing isn’t spiritually healthy. She may have lost her ability to be emotionally intimate with someone. That might explain why she can’t come to terms with what all has happened.”

“Maybe. Or the fact she was a part of the Order all her life and was abandoned by a friend not once but twice in a matter of weeks could be a part of it. Plus being infected by that sword, which I’m guessing is filling her with desires she’d rather not be feeling.”

Delilah waved a hand in dismissal, sitting back down with legs and arms crossed.

“All of the men in New Vasherton were raised by the Order. Several of them thought we were going to eat them when we stormed their walls. They came around. Why would she not be the same?”

“Men and women have very different attitudes when it comes to sex.”

“Not monsters. Not us. And last I checked, she is one of us now.”

“Delilah, my sweet wife, have you ever stopped to think that perhaps she doesn’t want to be a monster?”

“Neither did Beatrice, but now she’s finally with the man she has been pining for her whole life. Human’s don’t know what they want. It’s the biggest lie they tell themselves. That’s why I do what I do.”

David decided not to push the matter. It was obvious that this was a topic Delilah felt strongly about. He took the bottle and placed it in his pocket.

“Alright. I’ll leave the decision to Beatrice. She’s at the castle?”

Delilah nodded.

“Along with John Sr, John Jr, and his two wives.”

“Right, the ninja succubae from Zipangu.”

“Hoshiko and Miyako, lovely girls. Now, you ought to go see Aurora. She was… quite irritated with me last we spoke.”

David gave a chuckle at that.

“She spoke at length about how you could have just talked to her instead of scheming against her.”

“Oh yes, I know. She… had a point, I admit. But it seemed like such a stroke of genius to get her to come down the mountain early to weaken the city. I didn’t really think it through.”

“You? Not think something through?”

Delilah leveled a smug look at him.

“Don’t get snippy, Love. I made a mistake, but it turned out alright in the end. Go say hi to her, I have some last-minute things to take care of before tonight.”

David returned her smug stare with a smirk and kissed her chastely on the lips as he left her office.

As David walked towards Aurora’s door, he made note of the number of doors along the hallway. He hadn’t counted before, hadn’t really made note of it. But now that he knew everyone would be living here, he was more curious.

Across from Delilah’s office was an open walkway with practical yet decorative railing that oversaw the downstairs and led to another hallway. It was at the cross section of the walkway and the hall that David could see Aurora and Zipporah’s doors, right next to each other. As he approached, he found that there were three other doors on either side of theirs. They were undecorated, however, and looked identical to the other doors in the house. He spared a glance down over the railing of the walkway and spotted 8 other doors on the bottom floor which he thought might be the other bedrooms.

He was really going to live in a big beautiful house with 15 wives. He almost didn’t believe it. Wasn’t he just a lonely wizarding mercenary just a month ago? But no, that was a lifetime ago. He was a very different person than the one who got petrified some 3 millennia ago.

He knocked on Aurora’s door three times and waited for a response. He briefly wondered how the tall monarch would look like trying to get through the smaller door.

When no one answered him after a moment, he decided to let himself in.

Just as had been told to him, it was a gateway to the Palace in the mountains. He felt the temperature drop immediately. Though strangely enough, he was not uncomfortable. The room was indeed the same one Aurora had forcefully taken him, still largely made of crystal ice, and glittering in a plethora of colors.

As he closed the door behind him he noticed the room was empty.

Curious, David left the bedroom and entered the hallway, calling for Aurora. The Palace was chillingly empty. All the glacies were out in Vasherton, enjoying their new marriages. He wondered if Aurora was living in this huge Palace all by herself.

He frowned. She must be lonely.

He looked and called for her in every room he could find as he descended the stairs, but she was not in any part of the tower. He kept calling for her as he came to the ground floor, looking for her in every room.

As he crossed the throne room, he found her, sitting alone.

He was quite a distance from the throne, which stood solemnly like a great icy pillar against an otherwise empty room. The room was lit up with a thousand scattering shafts of light, but only a single one laid upon Aurora.

She was slumped over, a position that just didn’t seem to be in line with her personality. She held her staff limply, letting it lay mostly against the floor. David couldn’t see her face, her long blue hair was obstructing it.

David teleported in a puff of purple smoke and knelt down next to his wife. He reached out a hand to touch her cheek.


Her head snapped up; her wide blue eyes wet with tears. She grabbed David’s wrist in a sudden motion that startled him. But as sudden as she had been, her movements returned to the regal grace he had come to expect. She placed the hand on her cheek, closing her eyes, and reveled in the feeling of his caress.

David reached up with his other hand and cupped the other cheek.

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you love me?”

David paused for a moment, composing himself. Aurora looked up at him again, blue eyes meeting blue eyes.

“Our relationship may not have started… conventionally, but I would be lying if I said I didn’t care about you deeply. I think you are a beautiful woman, beyond measure. And I loved every minute of our night together. I count you as my wife, and I’m sorry I caused you distress. I love you, Aurora. Even if we haven’t spent a lot of time together, I know that we will spend time together going forward.

“There…are others, in my life, other wives. I didn’t really think any of this would happen. I didn’t plan for it. I was against it even, at first. But a good friend told me that if I wanted to love someone, that it was as simple as doing it. And so I do love you, Aurora. I really do.”

Aurora smiled, swallowed, and wiped a tear that was forming.

“I love you too, my king.”

She let his hands fall away from her face as she stood up from her throne, still composing herself.

“I’m sorry, I was just-” She cleared her throat as David saw her rub her eyes more vigorously. “I didn’t know the circumstances of your life when I took you into my bed. I didn’t know anything about Ophelia or Delilah, or… any of them. That damn black arrow just… I felt so lonely. I recalled every night for every one of my long years as…cold. I’ve never been cold before. Funny, isn’t it?

“And… when I saw you, I felt a flicker of warmth in my chest. I never considered the possibility you might love another. Or others, I suppose.”


“When your bodies became one again, I didn’t know what was going on. I thought perhaps I had laid with an apparition, an illusion.” She paused, needing a moment to compose herself. “When I was told the full story, I began to fear, I began to fear that I was the only one who had felt that fire in my bed. That I felt something wonderful that I could never again feel. That it not only belonged to someone else. But that by taking you forcefully, I would never have your love. Never earn it.”

She turned to David, arms outstretched as she embraced him.

“I love you, my king. I love you so much.”

David hadn’t expected the outpouring of emotion from the normally cool and collected woman. He returned her embrace, a snug gentle and comforting presence.

Aurora smiled down softly at him.

“Whenever I am with you, my king. All I feel is warm.”

“I feel the same.” David replied, nuzzling the taller woman with a smile on his face.

Aurora did not break the embrace for a long time, she seemed too enthralled in his touch to do anything but keep hugging him. But, after a while, she did speak up.

“My king, I have a gift for you.”

David looked up at her with an amused expression.

“What a coincidence.”

“My king?”

David retrieved Aurora’s gift from his pocket and presented it to her with a smile.

It was a fist-sized crystal heart, glimmering in a rainbow of colors much like her Palace.

Aurora took it with slight trepidation.

“It’s not much, but-”

Aurora placed a finger on his lips.

“A glass heart…” she smiled, looking wistful, “a fitting metaphor for myself. Thank you, David. I will cherish it.”

She held it close to her chest as she stood still for a moment, thinking.

“Come, I wish to show you what is now yours.”

David followed after his Ice Queen lover as she quickly began strutting across her Palace. She rebuffed questions as to what his gift might be. After quite a stroll, they arrived at a plain unadorned wall which didn’t seem all that special. But with a wave of Aurora’s hand a large entryway with glowing runes appeared. Aurora put an arm around David’s shoulders and led him through the door.

He realized then, that this was the treasure room. It was filled with nothing but piles of silver coins and diamonds. Large piles, higher than a man was tall, were strewn about haphazardly, filled with either silver coins or sparkling diamonds. In the middle of the room was a glass pedestal, which David deduced is where the Chalice had been before it had been taken.

Aurora let go of him as she navigated the room and placed the heart on the pedestal. As she did so, she turned back to him with a smile on her face that David hadn’t seen worn by her before. An expression that was warm and serene, and made David want to smile too.

“My dearest husband, my king… as my dowry, I offer all of my treasures, everything I have…is yours.”

David didn’t speak for a long time, instead just looking about at the incredible amount of wealth. He’d never seen anything like it before. The room was as large as a grand hall, round, and filled to the brim with glittering gleaming diamonds and silver. There was more money in the room than he had ever seen in his entire lifetime as a mercenary.

“I…thank you. I love it. It’s-”

David couldn’t finish the sentence. He was starting to get choked up, now. He’d never been rich or even had a house. He’d gone from village to village, inn to inn, taking bigger and bigger jobs to one day maybe have something a fraction of this.

Aurora, sensing he was done, embraced him gently, keeping him close as they shared their company. David pulled her chin down to kiss her with all the skill he had acquired over the past few days, and she returned his ministrations.

“You know,” Aurora said, “I’ve always had a dream… about making love to my eventual husband in this room, with all my precious things gathered in one place.”

David was sorely tempted to say yes.

“I’m sorely tempted to say yes. I had a similar dream once, when I was younger, from another lifetime… The answer isn’t no. But I’d like to hold off on it, ok? I’ve held off relations with all the others. I wouldn’t feel right showing favorites.”

Aurora nodded glumly.

“I understand. The others… aren’t so bad.”

“I know you didn’t want to share, but-”

Aurora held up her hand.

“My king, I understand. I do not hold the situation against you. I just worried… and still worry that I might be forgotten.”

David wrapped his arms around his Queen’s waist and looked up at the tall elemental woman with a smile.

“I promise that will never happen.”

Then, with surprising strength, David swept the larger woman off of her feet and held her in his arms. Aurora, surprised at the display of strength, was even more surprised by the gentle kiss David laid upon her lips. She melted in his arms and wrapped her hands behind his head, reveling in the moment. It was a small shower of gentle kisses that enthralled the both of them to each other, though eventually David’s strength gave out, and he had to put Aurora down.

“I’ll see you tonight,” David said as they exited the treasure chamber.

“Tonight? What’s happening tonight?”

“I was hoping to… consummate all of my relationships.”

“An orgy with your wives and wives in waiting?”

“That sounds so crass.”

“But it is the truth?”

David rubbed the back of his neck as they made their way up the stairs past the throne room, back to Aurora’s bedroom.


Aurora nodded, though didn’t speak until they entered her bedroom.

“I’ll be there. I want to feel you inside me again, and if I have to wait in line for that, I suppose I can.”

David knew the situation was strange, but he was happy to hear Aurora’s words and gave her one last kiss before he left her room. She let her lips linger and waved goodbye at him as he left.

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