~GT~ Black Sand


> Hotel on the beach
> Place doesn’t get many tourists for some reason
> The place is known for people to meet aquatic MG’s of all kinds, for the most part, people watch them from the rooms facing the ocean.
> (MC) Stays there for a few days while on vacation
> Goes to the beach
> Approached by over a dozen women, asking questions, and even some proposals
> Flattered but turns them down, none take it too hard.
> Later on at the hotel bar, he hears a local legend of an actual monster the lives in the deep.
> The townsfolk tell you that you know it is near, the sand becomes the purest of black.
> No one has seen it, once the black sand is spotted no one goes near the ocean, they consider it an omen.
> (MC) leaves the bar a bit tipsy and decides to take a short walk on the beach before heading back into his room
> The full moon lights the beach up quite nicely.
> (MC) should have taken one of the girls up on an offer for a date.
> After a short walk he decides to head back inside
> Once he gets back to the front of the hotel where there is more light, he notices his feet are dyed black
> A wave of relief sets in because he walked back to the hotel. He didn’t want to get pulled into the ocean by an actual monster
> The next morning MC wakes up and opens his the curtains to get some sun into the room
> He slowly backs away from the window after pulling the curtains back.
> A message is written in black on his window
> He cannot quite make it out because whoever wrote it didn’t write it to be read inside.
> He quickly throws something more decent on and runs out on to the beach, under his window the sand under him was jet black and what looked like footprints leading up to his window also black
> The message on the window said: “You stayed longer than anyone has when I come up. I would like to see you tonight around the same time just follow my dark trail.”
> (MC) runs back to the hotel bar where he heard the story
> Tells the owner what happened
> Owner is shocked
> Tells him “It has never spoken to anyone before, it wants to show itself after all these years, I’d suggest you listen to it and go.”
> (MC) Has no idea what to do, he doesn’t want to be swallowed up by some sea demon.
> (MC) “I’ll think about it.”
> (Bar Owner) “The townsfolk would love to know what has been terrorizing this area of ocean for centuries.” “If it wants to see you, I am sure it means no harm, you might help us get rid of the beast.”
> (Inside MC’s head) It must be dangerous, they didn’t mention anything it has done besides the black sand, what kind of mayhem has it caused
> (MC) “I am still going to think about it.”
> He heads up to his room to think about it for the day, he was going to relax on the beach for the day but after this decides against it
> Nightfall comes
> He decides despite his head screaming at him to not do it to go
> Since this was some kind of sea beast, he takes his swimsuit and a shirt.
> (MC) walks down to the bar, which was loaded with people, seems like the news spread like wildfire.
> (Bar Owner) “It looks like you have made your choice.”
> He nods back for asking for some liquid courage before heading out into the night.
> Bar owner laughs a bit and says “I will do one better” giving him the alcohol and a flashlight for the trip
>(MC) takes down the shots given to him, loosening up a bit.
> (Bar Owner) “Go on lad, head out, and go find that beast and report back to us.” he said
> (MC) nods and walks out of the bar and down to the shore before turning on the flashlight to follow the trail.
> He followed the trail for a while at least a mile down the beach until he came to a small cave where the black trail led inside
> He had come too far to quit now
> He stepped inside the cave and sunk into a pool of freezing cold water, dropping the flashlight.
> “Shit I dropped it.” he said after he recovered from the jolt of the cold water
> “Y-You came.” a voice spoke from inside the cave.
> (MC) “Y-Yeah I did.” he replied to the voice.
> “Please come closer, I want to see you again.” the voice spoke.
> The voice was clearly female and kind of sultry
> He wades through the water deeper into the cave until he strikes a dead end with a slightly deep pool at the end of the line
> “I am so glad you came, you spent a lot of time on the beach last night, longer than anyone when I am watching.” the voice spoke again.
> (MC) “Where are you? I want to see what has been spying on me.” he asked
> “You have no more light, I can provide a special kind of light.” the voice spoke
> He didn’t get any time to respond to the voice before being pulled underwater
> The pool was a bit deeper than he thought, he couldn’t see anything under the water at all he just knew he was being pulled under.
> “Don’t struggle please, I’ll allow you to breathe here.” the voice said
> He felt something soft against his lips before a cold sensation fill his lungs
> “You should be able to breathe now, then you will be able to see me next.” the voice spoke
> To his surprise he could breathe, it hurt a bit at first but he quickly adjusted.
> “Now you get to see me.” the voice spoke
> The water seemed to grow darker than anything he had ever seen
> A pale womanly figure appeared before him
> Long black hair, pale complexion, long legs, plump breasts, and a skirt of tentacles
> “I am what they call, The Kraken.” she said as she embraced him close to her
> That is a story everyone has heard, the mythical beast that sunk countless ships in the sea and pulling everyone aboard into the dark depths
> “T-The K-Kraken.” he spoke nervously.
> “Yes dear, the one and only.” she spoke as she started to undress him.
> “Now I am not going to hurt you, I need to mate, I have for so long now, everyone thinks I am a killing machine, luring people into the water and drowning them, sinking ships to snatch treasure, that isn’t me, I am just a girl who is craving a mans touch.” she said taking his hand and guiding it to her soft breast.
> He looked at her stunned, she wasn’t a monster, she was lonely and aroused.
> “Now I hope you will be good with me.” she said laying him against the bottom of the pool at first
> “I-I will.” he said nodding since there was no way to get out of this. He came to her lair on an invitation
> “G-Good let me get it in.” she said mounting him gently slipping him inside of her
> Her moans must have been able to be heard all throughout the cave under the water
> She moved up and down gently in the water, her breasts bouncing gently
> It didn’t take either of them very long to reach the peak of intimacy
> Once the act was through, she returned him to the surface and let him catch his bearings.
> “I-I hope I was to your liking.” she said embracing him from behind in the darkness
> “You are to my liking and I was told to report back so they can hunt you, and I am not going to do that.” he said
> “S-Stay here with me, we can be happy here in the ocean together and no more inking up the beach, that was my way of trying to attract a mate, but I have one now.” she said
> “Right now, I cannot make that choice but I will visit you tomorrow night as well if you’d like, the same place at the same time.” he said.
> “Yes please, we can talk more then.” she said kissing him on the neck and leading him out the cave.
> They say their goodbyes for now
> He heads back into the bar, soaked in water and her ink.
> “Don’t worry everyone, she isn’t to be feared. The Kraken has been filled and you have nothing to worry about, she is my responsibility .”

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