Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 24: I Do

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When I got the feeling in my legs back, we cleaned the carpet as much as we could before dropping our bedding in the bathroom. I stuffed it into the washing machine, reminiscing how  incredible last night was.
“I got this, Nica. How about you wait for me in the living room? I feel like a whole lot of cuddling is in order.”, I giggled, slamming the door shut.
“A-Are you sure, Sammy? I fear that you are still weak from last night.”, she replied with a pinch of worry in her voice.
“I’m alright, Nica. I’ve never felt better! You can relax knowing that you did exactly what I wanted. I know you would never be too rough for me, remember that. I trust you with all of my heart, and so should you. Besides, I think I know how to handle a washing machine!”
A tiny tear rolled down her cheek as she gave me a gentle kiss.
“Okay. Tell me if you need any help. I have a phone call to make, anyway”, she said, winking at me.
“I’ll be joining you in a moment, okay? I really want you close to me.”
She nodded energetically, before leaving me alone in the bathroom.
I added some detergent to the mix, watching the milky water roil inside the machine, before following Nica.
I was walking way more bowlegged than I expected, but remembering the pleasures I had been in, I was more than content with the aftermath.

Shuffling through the door, I heard Nica’s calming voice echoing from the couch.
She held her tablet in her hands with a warm smile.
“I’m sorry I haven’t called in a while, but a lot happened, and I thought now would be a good time.”
“Vonnie, dear! How are you holding up? I’m happy that you called your old man. Should I get Min-min? I am certain she would like to see you, too.”
“Please, dad. I have a lot to talk about.”, Nica said with a smile that warmed my heart.
I snuck up to the couch and saw that she was holding a video call. I didn’t want to interrupt her, so I kept silent for now. The video feed was shakily moving until it came to rest on three figures. A tall, slightly chubby man sat on a couch. He had short, black hair, and a welcoming smile on his face.
Next to him was a huge echidna, holding a small hellhound puppy in her arms.
She looked much larger than Nica, but she didn’t have the healthy sheen that my fiancè had. Her smooth skin was tan, fading into slate grey scales that looked more like a stone statue. She looked quite exhausted but still cheerful, a wide smile on her face.
“Vonnie! It’s so good to see you again! We haven’t talked in ages and I wanted to show little Eva here her oldest sibling!”
She bounced the little infernal canine on her lap, making her giggle. She waved her tiny paw at the screen.
“H-Hello!”, she squeaked excitedly, making me grin at Nica’s blushing face.
“Hello, Eva! Nice to see you. I hope our sisters treat you well?”
The little hellpup nodded energetically, showing her tiny fangs.
“Yep! They keep talking about big sis!”, she yipped, her tail wagging furiously.
“You said that you wanted to talk about something, dear? What is it? Did you finally find a way to break that wretched curse?”, her father inquired, making me flinch a little.
“N-No… But I think I won’t have to anymore, dad.”
“What do you mean?”, her mother spoke up.
“I… I got engaged last night.”, Nica replied proudly.
The pair’s eyes widened, unable to follow.
“T-That’s wonderful dear! Who is the lucky one? B-But how does it solve the issue? We both know that it won’t, right?”
Her mother raised an eyebrow, looking concerned.
“Believe me. I’m going to marry the most passionate and beautiful person I ever met. Everything will work out. I love her with all of my heart.”
“Her?”, they asked in unison.
Now, it was my turn. I spread my wings until the tip was visible on the video feed, before wrapping it around her shoulder and stepping into view.
“Hello, Mr and Mrs Halloway. I’m Samantha Dylan, Nica’s fiancè.”
With a wide grin, Nica looked over her shoulder and gave me a quick kiss.
We both waited for her parent’s reaction.
“T-That was not what I was expecting.”, her mother blurted out, making me giggle.
“You know about her condition, right?”
“Mom!”, Nica shrieked, her face darkening in embarrassment.
“I do, Mrs Halloway. Trust me, I got it covered~”
Nica’s father burst out in laughter, holding his belly and making both his daughters jump.
“I like you, Samantha. You got guts! Call me Adrian, and this is my wife Minerva. Is Sam alright for you?”
I breathed a sigh of relief. Half of the challenge was overcome already.
“Yeah, Sam is alright, Adrian. It’s nice to meet my future parents-in-law.”
I saw Minerva taking a deep breath, before she gave us a meek smile.
“Listen, Samantha. Veronica went through a lot, and I would do everything to make her happy. How far would you go for her? I’d rather not give up my dear daughter for a half hearted relationship.”
I swallowed heavily. I feared something like that, and I rolled an unfinished answer in my head for a moment. Nica looked furious, and I could only imagine what was on her mind.
“Trust me, Minerva. There is nothing in this world I wouldn’t do for her. She is the best thing that ever happened to me. Since I turned, she’s done nothing but help me and lift me up. And I intend on doing the same for her.”
“Turned? Are you one of her patients? I know she is gorgeous and all, but she has needs that need to be addressed. Are you sure you can handle them?”
“MOM! You don’t have to-”
“It’s fine, Nica. Let me answer that.”, I said, calming her down with my hand on her cheek.
“There is a reason why I can’t walk straight right now, Minerva. We tried last night, and I’m pretty sure I can handle it. All of it.”
Both Nica and Minerva looked at me incredulously, and Adrian completely lost it.
Little Eva squeaked into the microphone, her ears perking up.
“Mommy? What are you talking about?”
“Uhmmm… Vonnie really likes to workout, sweetie. She does a lot of… exercises and needs someone to help her with them.”
“Uh! Uh! I want to help her when she comes by! Can I, mommy? Can I?”
Adrian was rolling on the floor after seeing his wife’s uncomfortable expression, and I couldn’t help but snicker.
“Sure, you can help her with her pushups, sweetie.”, I giggled, diffusing the situation with a knowing smile.
“Yaaaay! Mommy! Mommy! When are we going to see her?”, she barked, her tail shaking violently.
“Uhhh… We could-”
“How about two months?”, I said.
“Wait… Why that, Sammy?”, Nica asked me with a raised eyebrow.
“The wedding, dummy!”
“We haven’t even talked about that yet!”
“Well, now we have!”, I replied, holding my hands to my hips.
“That is a wonderful idea! I have a few words I would like to exchange with you two.”, Minerva smirked.
“I can’t wait to meet my daughter-in-law!”
“I… uhh… okay, I guess.”, Nica conceded.
“We’ll send invitations as soon as we have everything set up. Trust me, this will work out perfectly~”
“Alright, see you then. Bye!”
“Bye!”, we answered together, before cutting the call.
“That… was a little rushed wasn’t it?”
“It’ll be fiiiine, Nica. Come on now, we got two months to plan a wedding and practice pushups!”

The days flew by so fast after our engagement, and our wedding drew closer and closer. Tomorrow will be the big day.
“Alright! Alright! Everything is set up and ready to go. Have you put the namesigns up for everybody, Nica?”
“Yeah, honey. Our parents sit next to each other like you wanted. The entire north table is reserved for my sisters and the girls sit next to us. Anything else?”
I scratched my head, putting the finishing touches on the tables. I didn’t believe her when she told me that her family would need an entire table by themselves, but that quickly changed after she showed me a family photo.
“That should be it. Let’s get ready for the wedding. Ohhhh, I’m sooo excited!”, I squealed, anticipation clearly audible in my shaking voice.
We prepared our wedding for the last two months, and I made sure that it was deserving of my goddess. I wrapped myself around her, casually dipping my tongue into her mouth. We made out for minutes, before reluctantly breaking apart.
“Tomorrow is the big day, dear. Are you ready for our new life together?”
“Yes, Nica. I can’t wait! I’ll see you then, okay?”, I cooed, sliding my hand below her skirt and rousing her rods from their slumber.
“Sammy, again!?”, she stuttered.
“Why not? I have to keep my hands off of you for too long!”, I replied with a devilish smile, while sliding down on my knees.
With a practiced motion, I lifted her skirt, lunging forward and swallowing the first of her towering members in one single stroke. I quickly bobbed on her shaft, my gag reflex nowhere to be seen as she grabbed my head with a loud moan. She leered down at me, taking the lead and slamming my head into her pelvis since I had given her full permission to use me as she saw fit. I was delighting in the feeling, and she was able to keep her libido in check by recklessly pounding me at any time she felt like it. Keeping her tapped daily made nights like the one two months ago a rare occurrence but still a welcome one. Her essence quickly built up as I stroked her second tool with my hands, bringing her close to her inevitable climax. I had trained like a madwoman for this, taking both tips into my mouth and guzzling her combined loads without even spilling a single drop. I didn’t want to clean the ballroom floor… again.
“Let us continue this tomorrow night, Nica~”, I cooed, the last dregs of her release still on my tongue and my belly swelling from the strain.
“Y-Yeah.”, she gasped, quickly fixing her skirt and helping me up. In the last few weeks I felt my libido steadily increase, and I craved her more than ever.

I giggled in anticipation, Rena putting the last pieces of my wedding dress in place while Jackie judged the look. Rena was, for the lack of a better term, stark naked. Her entire body was like a dress already, sleek, green curves and flowing tendrils down to the ground. Jackie wore quite the special dress however. It was molded after her girlfriend, sporting the same, elegant, green curves and large tentacles. She told me that it was nothing like ‘wearing the original’, but I didn’t even dare to ask what she was talking about, much to Rena’s amusement. I wore an emerald green dress, reaching down to the ground and fanning out widely. The fabric tightly hugged my slim waist, showing off my prominent hourglass figure and snow white snake patterns curled around my arms, culminating into immaculate snake heads on the back of my hands. A golden veil was fastened to my horns, obscuring my vision and making it hard to see around me.
“How are ya feelin’, girly? Everythin’ fittin’ alright?”, Rena asked, nudging the veil into place with a thin tentacle.
“I’m feeling perfect, Rena. What do you think, Jackie? How do I look?”
I saw her silhouette making some hand signs. I coughed a little, pointing at the veil covering my eyes.
“Ah sorry, sweetie. You look gorgeous! Veronica is going to be speechless~”
“I sure hope so.”, I giggled, while brushing along the sleeves of the dress.
“This thing must have been expensive.”
“Don’t worry about that. I got you both covered, you know?”
Jackie called in some favors and had a friend of hers agree to sew a wedding dress for each of us. I couldn’t wait to see what Nica was going to wear, but it wouldn’t be long before I saw it anyway. Hearing heels clack in front of the door, I turned around. My parents stood in the door, dressed in their formal attire.
“You look gorgeous, dear!”, my mother chimed, moving in for a hug.
With a slight smile, I embraced her too.
“Thanks, mom. How are the preparations coming along?”
“That’s why we’re here, Sam.”, my father said.
“We’re all set, and I’m here to pick you up.”
After mom let go of me, I excitedly slapped my hands together.
“This is it! I’m ready!”, I proclaimed before taking a deep breath.

“We’ve come here together today to celebrate the union of two who have found each other against all odds. To find love is a wonderful thing. It doesn’t matter who or how you love as long as all sides are fulfilled and content.”
The dark priest stood in front of the altar, watching over the congregation of friends and family Nica and I now shared.
“Please welcome these lucky women, who found each other in the dark, not expecting their lives to change as much as they did.”
With a final, deep breath, I followed the left path around the pews, Nica likely taking the right. The group cheered for us, and my heart began to flutter. My father led me to the front, his secure grip on my hand reassuring me in my endeavour. It took much prodding from Nica for me to overcome my apprehension towards it, but asking him to guide me was the right choice in the end. My wings were tugged firmly to my body, tense and stiff under the pressure. My dress slid over the smooth stone, not tripping me up like I feared it would. In the corner of my eye, I could see Nica approach, still obscured by the golden veil that adorned my head. I saw streaks of purple and black, making me smile with glee. We matched.
We both approached the altar, giddy and excited at the proposition of seeing each other in our wedding gowns. Finally, we arrived and without much fanfare, the veils were lifted.
Nica wore a wonderful, purple dress, the rim hovering a couple of inches above the ground. Three sets of black, demonic wings were embroidered on the fabric, wrapping around her shoulders and back in a protective curve. The emerald green veil matched my eyes, now tugged over her face and revealing tears of joy. I couldn’t help but smirk at the flash of red poking through her black hair. Like I suggested, Ava and Ophelia were wearing little bowties, and it was absolutely adorable. I gave her a reassuring grin, stifling the tiny flow of tears in her eyes.
“Today, we will witness the unity of Samantha Dylan and Veronica Halloway. But before we can proceed, we must get the important things out of the way.”
With a bright smile, the dark priest placed a box with ornate silver rings onto the altar. They had a scaled texture, interspersed by tiny, onyx claws that coiled around the shiny metal. She handed Nica one of the rings before starting the ceremony.
“Veronica Halloway. Do you swear to protect Samantha? To share both the good and the bad? To live together for the rest of your lives?”
I looked at Nica, her eyes lost in mine as she held the ring between us.
“I do.”, she said, gently lifting my ring finger and sliding the ornate ring onto it.
My heart thumped up to my throat and I was shivering slightly. Next, the priest turned to me.
“Samantha Dylan. Do you swear to stay by Veronica’s side? To be her anchor in trying times? To love her unconditionally for the rest of your lives?”
“I do.”, I exclaimed, putting the larger ring on Nica’s finger with trembling hands.
“By the divine decrees handed to me by the fallen one, the loving one, and the deep one, I hereby proclaim you wed to one another. You may now kiss the bride.”
I, Samantha Halloway, stood motionless, entranced by the endless love shining in my wife’s eyes. She leaned forward, inching closer and closer before I regained my bearings and returned in kind. We met in the middle, engulfed in an embrace full of love and affection. Lust had its place, and it was in the back of both of our minds, but we would have to wait before we could satiate our desires. The congregation cheered, clapping loudly as we linked our lives together. Effortlessly, Nica lifted me off of my feet, carrying me out of the chapel and into the warm evening air. The rest of the group followed suit as we headed into the large ballroom not too far away. We were greeted by a torrent of mamono, each one of them eager to meet their new sister-in-law. 

The next hour was a never ending wave of congratulations and greetings. A nearby table quickly filled with presents, ranging from beautiful house plants to spicy toys from her closest friends. I quickly stowed away the depraved assortment. Not because I was embarrassed, but because we still weren’t quite ready for the reveal. Some of these things quite obviously required something that a woman usually shouldn’t have. My favorite was a gift from Saskia. It was a fancy leather collar that would comfortably fit me or Nica. I fought with myself, part of me wanting to wear it during the festivities but, much to Nica’s relief, I decided against it. I saw Saskia sitting together with George at the table, a bright grin on the hellhound’s face as she coddled Nica’s youngest sister, Eva. They looked like a young family like that, and given the large silver ring adorning her paw, that would also soon be the case. I walked around the tables, talking with the guests here and there until I stopped at our parents, Nica sitting next to her mother.
“Sam! How are you feeling, dear? Come here, give your mother-in-law a hug~”, Minerva cooed, reaching out her hands.
I obliged, getting tightly squeezed in the tall echidna’s hold.
“We never really got to talk, dear. Come on, sit down! By the way, do they serve Ouzo here?”
Nica laughed heartily.
“Yes they do, mom. Anyone else?”, she looked into the small group, waiting for a reaction from the rest.
“I’ll take one too.”, her father spoke up, to neither her nor my surprise.
Nica’s questioning gaze pulled over to my parents, intently listening for their choice.
“Thanks, Veronica. But we stopped drinking.”, Annelise replied, leaving me speechless.
“That stuff doesn’t really do much other than making you temporarily stupid.”, my father huffed.
That was by far the last thing I was expecting, but I was more than happy with the outcome.
Anna brought along her boyfriend, Drew, who was deep into a football conversation with George. He was a good guy and quiet like Anna was. The insect sisters sat at our table, chatting with an imposing minotaur who was apparently the 24th eldest sister of the Halloway household. As they saw us approach, the sisters jumped out of their seats. Hesitantly, Mel approached us before giving us a tight hug. Thinking about how far she had come, I couldn’t help but feel happy. She still had to deal with her germaphobia, but she seemed to get used to it.
“Congratulations, you two!”, she yelped, followed by baffled handshakes from her sisters.

The party was a total success, leaving everybody full, satisfied, and happy. It was already getting late, when we sat together in a tight group. I wanted to show them something, and couldn’t wait for their reaction.
“I made a present for you, Nica~”, I cooed, handing her a thin booklet.
She looked at it, raising her eyebrow.
“What is it?”
“I made a photo album with everything we did together! Well… almost everything.”, I chuckled.
Interested, Nica flipped it open, being greeted by the photos we made on our first date. They were quickly replaced by newer ones, showing my transformation bit by bit.
Minerva had a questioning expression on her face, as she saw how I looked like before.
“I have four succubus daughters. I’ve never seen something like this…”, she said, scratching her chin.
Nica and I let out a bellowing laugh, catching her by surprise.
“What is so funny?”
“I’m an alp, Minerva.”, I chuckled.
“Wait… that means you are… you were?”
“Yes. I used to be a guy a year ago.”
“That raises more questions than it gives answers.”, she said, exasperated.
Nica continued to flip through the booklet until she arrived at the very end. The very last picture was blurry, black, and white. A couple of irregular shapes were depicted on it.
“Sammy? What is this?”, she asked, seriously confused.
“You know, Nica… I told you, I made a book with everything we made, yes?”
“Yes but-”
“It’s an ultrasound, dear.”, I quietly cooed into her ear.
She locked up, staring at the picture in front of her. In the middle, almost invisible, was a tiny, figure, soon to be sporting a snake tail. Tears rolled down Nica’s cheek. A torrent of unbridled joy that she had no chance of stifling. She cried her heart out on my shoulder, sobbing thanks into my ear over and over.
“What is it, dea-”, Minerva asked with a worried expression before she saw the picture, falling into a similar hysterical fit.
My parents just stared at me in utter confusion, and I couldn’t stop giggling in elation.
Adrian let out a chuckle, before turning to me.
“Let’s just hope that Vonnie didn’t inherit my gambling addiction.”, he grinned with a mischievous smile.

It took Nica a while to recuperate from the experience, sighing in relief after I told her it was going to be okay. I would give her as many children as she desired. But then, a realization hit us.
“Nica… We can’t-”
“Keep it a secret anymore.”
She took a deep breath, before rising from her seat.
“Everyone, I have an announcement to make.”, she said with a reassuring smile, before slithering up to the stage.
My eyes followed her. My goddess. My lover. My wife. I was so incredibly proud of her as she took the microphone in her hand. Things would be different for sure. Affectionately patting my belly, I was sure things would only get better from here.



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