Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 23: In Her Arms

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The bond between me and Nica only deepened after her sudden outing. I stayed by her side, supporting and loving her to the best of my ability as days turned into weeks and weeks into months. I took great care in her health, making sure she got enough “exercise” and healthy food, so that by the end of the year, I had completely turned around her diet. She didn’t really need to watch her figure, but I insisted that we banish fast food from our home. I devoured multiple recipe books, and the dishes I cooked up afterwards made her agree quite quickly. Coming home from school, I slipped out of my student persona as well as my clothes, so I could embrace my new favorite role of the busty, trusty and lusty housewife. It didn’t matter if I was cleaning, cooking, or just relaxing. I just couldn’t stop tempting my gorgeous girlfriend as often as I could, and I was pretty certain that there was not a single inch of furniture, floor, or wall that she hadn’t taken me on or against. The comfortable, post-coital cuddles we indulged in were the highlights of every single day. She held me firm and secure, making me melt in her warm presence. We kept in contact with the girls, enjoying multiple group dates with Rena, Jackie, Saskia, and George. He still was a little scratchy at times, but the influence of his hellhound girlfriend made him more agreeable day by day. Behind the no-nonsense, jock facade hid a massive nerd. We found some common ground, and soon our girlfriends didn’t even know what we were talking about anymore. If only he had been like that sooner… No. I think it was okay this way. I might have suffered from his antics in the past, but I got the feeling that he was partly responsible for the pleasant situation I found myself in now. 

Mel and Sierra both started working at the hospital, fervently following their dreams while Nadja made a killing with a new line of perfumes made for couples. After we reluctantly told her what she had made previously, we convinced her to thin the formula so it didn’t smell like a well-used bedroom. She turned beet red at the revelation and obliged energetically. The next batch was much less sexual, but it still caused me to stare at Nica, heart-eyed. Nadja would custom make it for every couple that wished for it, making her quite famous in the city. Anna quickly rose in the ranks of her company, and she already had her sight set on her next promotion. Backed up by her co-worker and now boyfriend, Drew, she became quite successful, driving her workplace to new heights. Rena and Jackie kept suggesting me toys out of the seemingly infinite knowledge of the young succubus. I didn’t really want to know where she got it from, and I would never dare to ask.

Around christmas, we were surprised by a sudden call. I didn’t know the number, so I curiously picked up the phone.
“Hello? Halloway residence.”
“H-Hello, Samantha. C-Can we talk?”, an insecure voice echoed through the speaker that made my skin crawl.
“A-Annalise? What do you want?”, I spouted rather heatedly.
“Please, Samantha. Would you listen to me for a second? It’s really important to me.”
She was almost pleading and despite my distaste for her, I decided to trust her for once.
“What is it? I don’t want our dinner to burn.”
“Oh, thank the fallen god! First of all… You may not believe me, but I am very, very sorry. I behaved like a total bitch, only thinking of myself. I can understand if you want to have nothing to do with me anymore, Samantha, but you are still family to me.”
I didn’t know what to think, rolling my eyes in annoyance.
“What are you getting at, Annalise? I haven’t got all day.”
“We… I wanted to celebrate christmas with my family, with your parents and… with you and Veronica. Please, if you still care about us, come by anytime. Vera hasn’t been the same since then.”
My stomach started to hurt. Was she planning something? Did she still want to take Nica from me? No, Nica would never. Should… Could I give them a second chance? I didn’t know. That would be for Nica to decide.
“I don’t know Annalise. I’ll talk with Nica about it. If you try anything…”
“No! Believe me! Oh… why is this so hard. Please, give it some thought.”
“I will. Have a good day, Annalise.”, I replied stiffly, just about to hang up the phone on her.
“You too, Sam.”, she whispered with a sullen tone before cutting the call.

I hadn’t talked to my parents at all since my outburst, but Nica insisted that we gave them a chance. Apparently, I really knocked some sense into Annalise, since she got a job shortly after. She chose to change at least a little, and Nica saw it as the sign of betterment that it was. I wasn’t sure if our family could come back together like we used to, but we all were willing to at least try to mend our broken bonds. Mom was elated as I hugged her for the first time in years, sharing affection that we both had been sorely missing in the past years. She was all over Nica, wanting to know what she had missed of her only child’s life and being apologetic at every corner. My girlfriend didn’t want to break her secret yet since the relationship was still too thin, but she happily told them about our life together. Luckily, she chose not to talk about our… less than orthodox private life. Returning home, we were tightly hugged by a pair of cozy, hand-made sweaters that my mothers made. Mine was a cool, teal color, decorated with sweeping, green coils that looked like they wrapped around my midriff. Nica’s was a milky white, showing large and curved black wings hugging her shoulders. I couldn’t remember when I last exchanged presents with my parents, but the joy in Nica’s eyes as she unwrapped hers made me feel like a kid again.

Our happy life continued as usual, the deep snow making way for the first, warm rays of spring. The finals were coming up, and thanks to Nica’s insistence… and rewards, I absolutely nailed it. I had plans for my graduation, and I would like to see them come to fruition.
After months of daily doses of Nica’s love, my body finally settled down. I hadn’t grown much in height, but my curves got wide and squishy. Nica loved to play with my now c-cup breasts, fondling them whenever she had the opportunity.
I was overjoyed to see that they still fit into the loose cocktail dress as I prepared for graduation. I had asked miss Loyd for permission to hold a little speech. I was excited yet scared, ready for the big day. After this, the world stood open to me, and I already knew what I wanted to do.

“As a highlight of this evening’s celebrations, I would like you to welcome one of my students. A lot happened in the last year, and she would like to share her story with us. Please, applaud for Samantha Dylan!”
Loud clapping echoed through the hall as I climbed up onto the stage.
I wore almost the same outfit like I did half a year ago, the silver snakes adorning my horns refracting the beams of the spotlights into a rainbow of beautiful colors. The only thing missing was the choker. After three weeks and lots of torn leather, we decided that it would put too much pressure on our wallets to keep buying new ones. I still hid some at home though, just in case Nica was in the mood for some snapping. Clearing my throat and trying to get the image of our last attempt out of my head, I approached the microphone.
“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. I am Samantha Dylan. Some of you may know me as Sam… or Samuel for that matter. Over half a year ago, on my 18th birthday, I suddenly woke up as an alp. I was confused, scared but most of all, embarrassed. Why me? Was this some kind of sick joke? Some higher being laughing at my suffering? I knew that changes like these were permanent, and I slowly but surely came to accept who I am. I am here today to thank those that helped me through those rough times. First of all…”
I paused for a minute, looking for the imposing hellhound in her flame-wreathed dress.
“Saskia Tennille! The powerful and intimidating queen of our school. I was terrified of what others would think, how they would react. I didn’t know what to do or where to go, but she gave me a solution, a flyer for a support group where I could talk to people like me, with their own problems. Thank you, Sas’. For everything you have done for me.”
The hellhound stood stiff in shock, her eyes burning bright white and a barely visible blush creeping onto her face as the people cheered. She obviously wasn’t expecting me to call her out and George was laughing deeply, earning himself a meek punch to the shoulder from his embarrassed girlfriend. This was only the beginning though.
Next were the girls.
“Rena Tennille and Jaqueline Vasques! I was new to all of this, hiding myself in an old, oversized hoodie so I could escape the gazes of those who might pity me… Or worse. You two showed me the joys of being a woman, boosted my confidence, and pushed away my fears. Thank you two for giving this girl the looks she needed.”
Once again, the crowd began to cheer as I pointed at the mamono pair at the front.
“Next up, my trusted friends. Anna Kaguya and the Vilaa sisters! They can’t be with us tonight, but I wanted to thank them regardless. Thanks for supporting me as I struggled with my new body. Thanks for showing me that I was not alone. And most importantly. Thanks for telling me that my cooking wasn’t crap.”
I waited a moment for the laughing to subside. This was the last step, and the most important one.
“Finally, there is one person I want to thank from the bottom of my heart. You were there for me when I was at my lowest. Protected me when I was weak. Gave me a home when I felt lonely. You shared your greatest secrets with me and never asked for anything in return. Veronica Halloway, would you come up to the stage for me?”
Quiet murmuring echoed through the crowd. Nica was known for her work in the city, and almost everyone had at least heard of her achievements. Rising high, Nica slithered up the stairs until we both stood atop the world. Her golden eyes had a questioning glint in them, wondering what I had planned.
“Nica. You gave me everything I ever wanted. A place to belong. Safety. Someone to talk to. And most of all, a lover.”
I lunged forward, going for a powerful kiss as the murmuring got louder and louder. I wanted absolutely everybody to know that she was mine and I was her’s.
“Just as you gave me all of this, so I want to give you my everything. I want you to have what you craved the most, a family. Nica…”
I stopped for just a moment, my spade-tipped tail lifting just in front of her eyes. On it, I balanced a little, black box that revealed an elaborate silver ring.
“Will you marry me?”
The room fell entirely silent, waiting for her reaction. She stood there, frozen in place until a tiny tear squeezed itself out of her golden orbs. With both hands, she grasped the box tightly.
“Yes.”, she whispered, before coiling me up in a tight embrace that was impossible to get away from. Not that I ever wanted to.
“Yes!”, she screamed in joy, returning a kiss that put my own attempt to shame.
My mind melted into a puddle as the people began to cheer loudly, roaring in support of us.
“Ya go, girl! Get ‘er!”, Rena screamed up to me.
I was in heaven, and no one could have told me otherwise.
“I love you.”, Nica sobbed, tears streaming down her face.
She looked so beautiful in the light of the stage, her eyes reflecting the image of the plain, silver ring as I put it on her finger.
“I love you too, Nica. Please, take care of me for all the days to come.”
“Of course, I will!”
She lifted me off the stage, carrying me down towards our future, accompanied by the cheers of the crowd and our closest friends. Held in her arms, she gracefully carried me out of the building like the princess she saw me as. The graduation was about to end anyway, and there were far more important things on our minds. I grinned like an idiot, giggling like a little girl as she lowered me onto the backseat of the cab. On our drive home, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other, exploring every bit of skin of our significant other. Luckily, the driver was focussed on the road, or she would have been in for quite the show. Paying the bill, Nica didn’t even let me walk for an inch, carrying me all the way back to our door. She held me on one arm, her fingers aggressively fondling me beneath the dress as she struggled to open the door. Her burning passion and lust burned so bright that I could almost see it. 

Moments later, I found myself naked on our bed, the imposing silhouette of my soon-to-be wife looming over me.
“Are you ready darling? Ready to become my queen?~”, she whispered sultrily, making my skin crawl with anticipation and need.
In response, I bared my lower body to her, spreading my legs wide before waving her over to me.
“Come here, Nica. I got something to tell you~”
Following my invitation, she leaned over me, her massive members pressing to my chest as I whispered into her ear.
“Please, Nica. My lover, my… my wife. Give it to me. Give me everything you got!”
She looked into my eyes with a shaky smile.
“Everything? Sammy, we talked about this already. We can’t-”
“Of course we can! I waited so long for this day, and I want my reward now.”
My eyes were burning with passion, making even Nica swallow heavily.
“I don’t care if it stings. I don’t care if I can’t take it. I don’t care if I fucking pass out. Just~ Fuck~ Me~”, I cooed into her ear with a sultry tone before pulling her head down for an aggressive and messy kiss.
I was ready for her. Ready to let everything go for our pleasure, for her pleasure.
“Come here, Nica. Give your queen the attention she needs~”
That did it. The infinite lust that boiled within burst out with an aggressive grunt.
In one swift motion, she impaled me on her, hilting within the depths of my quivering entrance. I had been leaking like a broken dam, making the entry a wonderful, carnal delight. With slow and steady strokes, she bottomed out with every thrust, the outline of her throbbing shaft clearly visible as it stretched me. She shook her hips in reckless abandon, choosing to switch between her rods every time she slipped out of me. Her bulk pressed me down into the mattress, the frame creaking loudly from our frantic lovemaking. I gasped and moaned, roughly fondling her generous breasts and pulling her down for sloppy kisses. My mind drowned in sweet bliss as she hammered into me relentlessly. Just how I wanted it to be.
In a rare moment of lucidity, Nica moaned softly, whispering down to me with heavy breaths.
“Are… you alright with this? I can slo-”
“Less talking, more fucking, Nica. I need it, please!”

She grunted affirmatively before continuing to drive her tool back home. I spasmed in delight, drenching her diamond-hard shaft in my juices as I climaxed over and over again. She filled my life with love. She filled my days with joy. Right now, I wanted her to fill my body with her seed.
She growled deeply, and I could feel her rod twitching in my womb. String after string of sticky essence flooded my baby chamber, glazing it in a thick layer of love and lust. My wings wrapped around her as a mind-shattering orgasm coursed through my veins. I couldn’t move, couldn’t breathe, couldn’t talk. All I could do was give her a silent plea with my watering eyes. I wanted more. In silent agreement, she slid her member out of my quivering hole, immediately plugging it back up with her second tool to keep her essence from escaping. With another, low grunt, she erupted again, bulging my belly obscenely as my body accepted her semen.
Slipping out of my dripping hole, Nica wasted no time. The tip of her tail quickly plugged me again, thrusting madly and letting droplets of her liquid life spray across the sheets. With her slender fingers, she began stroking her shafts, making them quickly rise back to full hardness. She grinned, overcome by crazed lust as she looked down at my form. Heart-eyed, I stared back up at her, voicelessly mouthing “more”.
Her lips puckered, placing kisses on my body as she travelled down to my chest. Her tail mindlessly hammered away, keeping me on the edge for the entire time. With a flick of her forked tongue, she brushed across my hardened nipples, sending shivers down my spine. She circled them with fervor, before she started to suck at them. I mewled and screamed, overcome by the bliss of her administrations. This was how it was supposed to be. Two lovers, together in a sensual embrace. She drove me to my climax for what felt like the thousands time over, and my vision began to blur. I squealed in glee, feeling her hands grasping my legs tightly, pulling them high above me.
“I hope you are ready for this, darling~”, she cooed, spearing me in a mind-melting mating press.

My tongue lolled out my mouth, my eyes rolling back into their sockets as she claimed me over and over again. Her essence poured from around her shafts like depraved waterfalls, making room for her next load. I was a shaking wreck at the mercy of my gorgeous girlfriend. My vision began to darken, drunken with love, exhaustion, and lust. I judged her groans and ragged breath to anticipate the next release, cooing profanities in her ear in order to rile her up even further. I felt it surge again, bubbling out from her nethers like a firehose to douse the flames of passion that lit up my womb. Screaming incoherently, I clamped my legs around her back, pushing her massive tool as deep inside me as I could. It sprayed from my stuffed opening like a broken seal as the torrent mercilessly flooded my overstuffed entrance. I bit my lip to stifle my vocalizations, but it was useless. As she retreated to give me the fourth present of the night, my vision darkened further. Riding the waves of pleasure, hearing the soft words of my goddess, I fell unconscious.

The rest of the night, I slipped in and out of my body, delighted to see that she had taken my words to heart. She kept pounding me, only stopping between climaxes to see if I was alright. Her efforts were commendable, overpowering yet gentle and caring for my well being. Smiling contently, I allowed my consciousness to fade away again. I knew she held back so much for my sake, so it was only fair that I would give her what seemed impossible, to drain her enormous libido and give her true relief. In my dreams, her endeavors continued, albeit even more extreme and in locations I would never dare to try… Or would I? 

I awoke utterly exhausted. My legs were numb and my lower body was sore to the point that it slightly stung. Nica was coiled around me tightly, penetrating me tenderly, even in her sleep. I was content to let her ride out the last waves of her countless orgasms. My eyes slowly adjusted to the dim darkness of the bedroom and I froze in a mixture of shock and pride. The entire bed, every single sheet of cloth, and even parts of the carpet below were thoroughly drenched in her sticky goo. This was going to be a bitch to clean, and I made a mental note to wrap the mattress in a sheet of washable plastic for the next time. I grinned at the thought. Next time for sure. I wouldn’t be able to do that every night, but I was willing to let her run wild every now and again. The warmth of our heated bodies, soaked in our unending love, made it more than worth it.
Giggling quietly, I booped Nica on the nose to get her out of bed.
“Wake up, sleepyhead. I need to clean this mess… and me!”, I snickered as Nica slowly opened her eyes.
“Wha? Good morning hon-”
She stopped mid sentence, seeing the mess she had made and blushing deeply.
“D-Did I do well, dear? Did you like it~ I’m sorry if I-”
“No apologies, Nica. You know what I want to hear, right?”, I asked her with a raised eyebrow.
“T-Thank you?”, she stuttered, earning herself a deep kiss.
“Good girl! Now, would you help me up? I don’t think I can move… at all.”
She giggled, lifting my soaked body off the bed and carrying me to the bathroom.
“We need to do that again sometime~”
“You bet. I loved it when you were in control, and my body can take it~. I just need some time to recover from it.”, I said meekly, batting my eyes at her
With a happy expression on her face, she lowered me into the bathtub, before dousing me off with a stream of warm water. That had been the best night of my life, and here, with my gorgeous fiancè by my side, I was at peace.
“Thank you, my love.”
“No… Thank you, my queen.”
“Now… let the water fill up and come in, Nica. Let’s get each other squeaky clean~”
With that, we enjoyed our morning together, before we tackled the seemingly insurmountable task of trying to get literal litres of semen out of our mattress. I finally managed to break her lingering restraint, and I was already fantasizing about the nights to come and the days we would share.

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