Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 22: Resolutions

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The weekend was filled with cuddles, games, and training. Nica persuaded me into working out my new wings, despite me not wanting to leave our comfy couch.
“You can fly now. It would be a shame if you didn’t learn how, right? I don’t want my princess to fall out of the sky.”
Flying was rather difficult at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. The “rewards” I got from Nica made all the trouble worth it. My wings quickly grew in strength, and by Sunday, I was able to fly vast circles around the block. It was a wonderful feeling, nothing that running could ever compare to. I felt so free as the wind rushed around me, and I couldn’t stop myself from screaming in delight. More than once did I tackle Nica mid-flight in glee, nuzzling into her with a satisfied smile. She squeezed me tenderly in return, letting me know that I did well before carrying me into the living room to relax after my training. I was so full of energy on monday morning, ready to show the entire world my new me. I gave Nica a goodbye kiss and took off to school. 

Gliding high over the roofs of the buildings below me, I took in the scenery. Seeing the world from high above, I felt at peace. I have a loving girlfriend, a large home for us to withdraw into, reprieve from my parents bullshittery, and copious amounts of skinship and sex. I daydreamed between the clouds, already itching to get back to her side, but Nica took my education very seriously, and I didn’t want to disappoint her. With a grin, I dove down towards the school, eyes focussing on a light green silhouette standing on the courtyard.
“Good morning girls!”, I yelled, lading in front of Rena and her girlfriend, letting them recoil in surprise.
“Sweetie! Oh my, you look wonderful! Seemed like you enjoyed our present, perhaps?”
I shot a glare at Jackie.
“You could’ve told me that thing was cursed.”, I muttered in annoyance.
“Enchanted. I thought you would like it~ Shoot… does  it work differently on alps?… I hope it didn’t have any side effects?”
“Side effects is a nice way to put it, Jackie. I would appreciate it if you’ll warn me about magic toys… even though it felt really good.”, I muttered as my cheeks started to turn red.
“Sorry, sweetie. I’ll warn you next time~”
“I hope so.”, I giggled, my mind already anticipating her next idea.
It was incredibly dirty, but I loved how open minded she was. If she had more toys like that, I was likely to try them, someday.
“How are you holding up, Rena? Got used to your body yet?”
“Kinda. I’ll still need Jackie ta calm me down a bit.”, she grinned bashfully.
Rena’s arm was wrapped around Jackie’s shoulder, and I swallowed slightly as I noticed where her tentacles snaked into. Those two really had no shame, not that I could blame them.
Proudly, I sprawled out my wings, flapping them in the light morning breeze.
“What do you think? Do they fit me?”, I asked with genuine interest.
“You look like a proper succubus now, sweetie. Those things are enormous! Makes me almost feel underdeveloped by comparison.”, Jackie chuckled.
“Yep! They seem like they’re packin’ a punch! And were not talkin’ ‘bout the wings, girly.”, Rena snickered, pointing to her own, rather full, chest.
Jackie gave me a shrewd smile, coiling her long and decorated tail around her girlfriend’s tentacles as she laughed.
“Yeah…thank you…”, I replied, blushing profusely.
“And for the gift too. I still appreciate it, really.”
“We know ya do~”, Rena cooed with a devilish grin, making me blush a little.
The bell tore us out of our little chat and I quickly turned towards the building to get ready.
“See you later, you two!”, I yipped, before heading for the classroom.
The first time since I started going to school, I was actually enthusiastic to go there. Nica was waiting for me at home, and I would do anything to make her happy.

I slogged through the daily school material with vigor, earning myself Nica’s full attention in return. There was no better way to encourage me, and she knew it. I cooked her nice meals every day, going on long strolls aftwards. By Thursday, directly after school, I shed my clothes and went into the kitchen to prepare the food for our next meeting. I was in the middle of mixing a tasty salad when I felt Nica’s firm grasp on me.
“Welcome home, dear. How was school?~”, she chimed, rubbing my shoulders.
“Hey Nica. Boring like always. You?”
“Work was alright. Although I was missing something, Sammy.”
“What would that b-”, my question got drowned in a surprised yelp as she effortlessly bent me over the kitchen counter.
I bit my lip in anticipation, feeling her stiff rod prodding my backside.
“You~”, she cooed, laying her hands on my exposed back and unceremoniously shoving her tool inside me.
“Umph… Nica! I have to finish this.”, I groaned, reflexively pushing myself back into her.
“You’re a woman now, Sammy. Multitasking shouldn’t be a problem.”, she giggled while hooking her hand into the apron and massaging my breasts with a firm grip.
I continued working on our dinner as she gently pushed me against the counter with every thrust. Casual encounters like this quickly became a daily occurance, and we both were constantly waiting for opportunities to surprise the other with loving attention. By the time I was finished with the dish, she was close as well. With a wicked smile, I turned my head to meet her in a deep kiss as she released into me. Ever since my second transformation, I managed to absorb her essence so quickly that by the time I cleaned myself up and exited the shower, the noticeable bulge had already receded enough to be almost inconspicuous. My assets were steadily increasing in size, although at a much slower pace now. Luckily, it would take a while before I would need new clothes.
“Are you ready, my princess? We have to head out soon.”
“Sure, Nica!”, I shouted out of the bathroom, slipping in some comfortable clothes that could hide the remaining seed within me.
“All done. Let’s get going!”, I chimed, hooking my arm into hers and holding a bag full of snacks for the meeting in the other.

My chest swelled with pride as I showed the girls my new wings, flapping them excitedly.
“They are magnificent! Congratulations, Sam.”, Anna yipped as we sat down in the office.
“Aren’t they a little oversized?”
“Damn it, Mel! Can you be any more blunt?”
“Sorry sis’.”
We chatted a little while devouring my dishes. I tried many new things to see if I could surprise them and, judging by their reactions, I apparently succeeded.
“How did the last week work out for you, girls? Any news you would like to share? Why don’t we start today, Sammy? A lot happened.”, she grinned with a gleam in her eyes.
“Ummm… I moved out of my house and live with Nica now. I feel so much happier since then, and I don’t want to ever leave!”
I earned myself some “awww’s”, smiling into the small crowd.
“Well… also my transformation finally finished, as you can see. Nica helped me a lot during my transition, but I think I’ll be alright now.”
“Well said, my princess~ I am also really satisfied with the arrangement. There is nothing I would trade this for, ever. How about you, Sierra?”
The vamp mosquito flashed a coy smile, her thin wings buzzing slightly.
“Mel and I went to a clinic this week. I can drink blood packs now, but it still makes me somewhat uncomfortable.”
“Yep! I’m proud of her.”, Mel interjected.
“We also got ourselves an internship!”
The cheery statement of the devil bug made me smile. She came a long way too. She looked so much livelier now, just like Sierra.
“We both want to go into the medical field, so we’re interning at the hospital.”
“Do you have any specific things you want to get into?”
“I want to become a nurse!”, Sierra squealed.
“How can I say… It’s kind of… in my blood? Heh…”
Mel giggled, giving her a slight tug.
“I want to work in the lab. There are many things I could help with there. I don’t want anyone to go through the same shit we did.”
“Language!”, Nadja quipped in annoyance.
“It’s fine, Nadja. We all went through some shit. Some more than others.”, Nica giggled.
“F..Fine. Anyway, Veronica? I got a good grip on my nose now, even found some nice scents you might enjoy. A little thanks from me as a gift.”
She handed Nica a small, tightly sealed glass bottle before returning to her place.
“I tried to mimic the nicest flavor I’ve smelt since my transformation, I hope you like it!”
“How sweet! I wonder…”
Nica carefully opened the bottle, before freezing up, a slight blush creeping into her face.
“T-That smells w-wonderful, t-thank you.”, she stuttered, quickly plugging the bottle again.
“Anything wrong with it?”, Nadja inquired with a concerned look.
“No! No… It’s great, really. Now then. How about you, Anna? Any luck with your crush?”
Nica quickly changed the topic, clearly uncomfortable, but luckily Nadja didn’t want to pry any further. The anubis’s tail started to wag from side to side as she pushed herself upwards.
“I… I finally managed it! I got the promotion and I… I… got a date too!”, she squealed in delight.
“Congratulations, Anna. I’m sure you made a good choice. Finally, Rena. How did your heart to heart with Jaqueline go?”
“Perfect. Jackie’s got even more clingy. Gotta love when she cuddles up to me at night so that we can work durin’ the day. She’s really careful too. Her soft hands… her beautiful b-”
“Too much information.”, Mel stated bluntly, for the first time in support of her sisters.
“Sorry. Lost myself in it a lil’. I’m thinkin’ I’ll be good from now on.”
As the tentacle girl finished, all eyes went back to Nica, waiting for the next step in this weekly ritual we all became accustomed to.
“It looks like I will no longer be needed then. I really hope I could help you with your fears and your acclimation to life as mamono. I’ll always be available if you need me~ Does anyone have any final questions for today?”
I was genuinely surprised to hear that, but thinking about the progress of the others, there was not much left to talk over. None of the girls really had something to ask, until Anna hesitantly spoke up.
“I-I’m thankful for helping us, Veronica. I would s-suggest we all go out on the weekend. What do you think?”
She looked questioningly into the group, earning unanimous agreement from all of them.
“I would love that. Rena? If you don’t mind, would you invite your girlfriend and Saskia too? I would love to have a word with both of them.”
“Sure can do! I’m sure they’ll come along.”
“Thank you. I really hope I was of help to you. How does Saturday sound? There is a nice karaoke bar nearby. I’ll make a reservation.”, she said, making me crave her wonderful voice already.
Saying our goodbyes, the group quickly disbanded, leaving us two alone again.
“Nica? You looked a little shaken up back then. Is everything ok?”
She blushed slightly, pulling out the little bottle and handing it to me.
“T-Take a whiff of this, Sammy. You’ll see…”
Carefully opening the flask, a strong scent filled my nose. It was sweet, fruity and very familiar. I froze in shock, staring up at her.
“I appreciate her effort, but I don’t think I’ll use perfume that smells like… us.”, she said, trying to avoid looking into my eyes.
I nodded in understanding, wrapping my arms and wings around her to hide my blushing face.
“She meant well. No need to be bothered by it. Besides, I kinda like it. It reminds me of our time we spent together already! I love you with all my heart, and I would gladly use it.”
“I love you too, but I’d rather not have my girlfriend reek of our nightly endeavours in public. Should we head home? I’d like to enjoy the real thing~”

The following day, we decided to go shopping for some nice clothes for the party. The frilly, purple dress that I had worn became way too small for me. I wanted to go with a more casual attire, but Nica had another idea.
“I want you to wear something special. And I already know what it is going to be~”
“Come on, Nica! Don’t leave me hanging. What is it?”
She chuckled quietly, as we headed into the mall. Intrigued, I followed Nica’s gaze, leading me to the same shop we first went into together.
“I remember some fabulous dresses in that store, and I am sure you would look gorgeous in them!”, she chimed, pointing towards the large window in front of the store.
I felt my spine tingle with anticipation when I laid eyes on the main exhibition.
The phenomenal purple dress was still in place, now much more amicable for my changed physique. Wine red embroidery and silken, white strands snaked through the fabric, giving it the illusion of layers upon layers of smooth, comforting cloth. The cocktail dress was flamboyant and revealing, the signature opening in the back offering more than enough space to easily slip my wings into.
“What do you think, Sammy? Ready to look gorgeous?”
I was at a loss of words, my eyes fixed on the bombastic display.
“Are you sure Nica? Will this thing suit me? And don’t even get me started on the pri-”
“I don’t care about the price tag, my princess. I want others to see you as regal and awe-inspiring as I see you already~”, she cooed, making me hide my face in my hands.
“You’re embarrassing me, Nica. I don’t look that good.”
“Don’t spout nonsense like that! There is no-one more pretty in this city than you, my dear. I know it.”
“No, there is someone that looks better than me. Way more suited for that fabulous dress than I am, Nica. I don’t know…”
She frowned, putting her hands on her hips.
“And who might that be?”
“You~”, I whispered with a sly smile.
Now it was her time to blush.
“Sammy! That’s not fair! Why must you be so adorable?”, she whined, embracing me in a bone-crushing hug.
“I have a dress at home that I want to wear, dear, but I want it to be a surprise. I believe this piece would look wonderful on you. Please, give it a try? For me?”
“Mphh… Okay, I guess.”, I conceded, following her into the large store.

I paced nervously up and down the wooden pavement of our apartment, accompanied by the telltale clacking of the black high heels that Nica chose for me. It was a pain to walk, but she likes how they look so I was more than happy with wearing them. I waited for Nica to emerge from the bathroom, primed and ready to head to our little party.
“Do you need help in there, Nica? Should I come in?”
“N-No! I’m alright! One second.”, she yipped through the closed door, making me giggle.
Shortly after, she slithered into the living room, taking my breath away.
She wore a low-cut, sleek, and black dress, a prominent v-cut exposing her bountiful cleavage. Her attire had a suggestive cut up the side, usually exposing the leg but now giving a generous view of her hypnotizing scale-patterns. The dress sat tight, pushing all of her curves to the forefront. My girlfriend looked like a goddess made flesh. A large amulet hung from her neck, adorned with a finely cut, green gem, grasped firmly by onyx claws.
“Damn Nica! Any prettier and Ava and Ophelia need to wear bowties. You look gorgeous!”
I slowly inspected her tantalizing silhouette, taking in the view and slowly stepping forward. The heels slid to the side, and I braced myself for a nasty fall, but Nica caught me in her arms, gently putting me back on my feet.
“Oh dear~ You look stunning yourself! I knew it was a good choice.”
She gently put her hand on my hip, lightly squeezing my supple flesh through the purple fabric. My sudden growth spurt had outgrown the silver rings I decorated my horns with, and Nica insisted that we should look for a replacement. Two small, ivory snakes now coiled around my curved appendages, four tiny beads of amber forming golden eyes on the immaculate work. The last piece of the puzzle was a broad but thin leather choker hugging my throat, imprinted with scale patterns. Nica brushed her fingers from my chin down and along it, a glint in her eyes.
“This night is going to be fantastic~”, she chimed, causing me to hug her affectionately with my wings.
Darkness enveloped us as I went in for a kiss. I craved her touch so badly, but that had to wait for now.
“Yes, it will. Ready to head out?”, I asked with a cheeky smile.
“Let’s go already!”, Nica exclaimed in return, already giddy at our little outing.
With a smile that melted my heart, she pulled me out into the cool evening air.

Nica gently lifted me out of the small cab. She had to squeeze herself out of the tiny car beforehand, but insisted to help me out of it. I cuddled into her side to keep myself upright, wrapping my wings around her for support. A large neon sign informed me that we had arrived at our destination, “The Siren’s Serenade.”
A gust of warm air met us at the door, quickly reinvigorating my cold-blooded girlfriend as a voluptuous gandharva strut over to us.
“Good evening, girls! How can I help you today? Did you make a reservation?”
“Yes, actually. We booked a karaoke booth under the name Halloway.”
The stacked bird-woman skimmed through a book with her bright orange wings until she perked back up.
“Of course! The others have already arrived. Please follow me.”
She led us to a room at the far and of the building, pointing towards the door.
“If you want any snacks or drinks, please ring the bell. Have fun, you two~”
“Thank you… miss?”
“Call me Claire! I wish you a nice evening.”
With that, she left us alone.
“You ready, dear?”
“Never been more ready, Nica.”, I replied, butting my hand on the doorknob.
Taking a deep breath, I pushed it open with a confident smile.
The first thing I noticed were Rena and Jackie, relaxing in the back of the long couch. Rena wore a sleek, orange dress with curly, tentacle-designs imprinted on it. She gently massaged Jackie’s leg, who looked like she took the wrong turn towards the stripclub.
She wore a black fishnet top that was so see through, that she could’ve just gone topless. Her legs were covered in dark stockings connected to a garter belt that was clearly visible beneath her short, red skirt. The thin tentacle’s sneaking into her top and her skirt made her decision to stay in the back quite sensible. Jackie waved at me, her face less flushed than it should be.
“Hey, sweetie! Took you two long enough. We started without you already. You two look stunning, by the way.”
My face turned a deep shade of red, before I realized that she was talking about the karaoke in the front. Anna stood in front of the screen, singing powerfully, while the siblings stood behind her as backup singers. It took me a moment to understand what they were trying to do and I couldn’t suppress a chuckle. They were singing a song called “Show me love” by Tatu. Anna hit every tone, but the other three were desperately trying to follow russian lyrics they probably couldn’t even understand. Nica led me by the hand into the spacious room, careful to not disturb the quartet from their attempted chorus. Sitting down on the couch, I rested my hand on the closest thing that Nica had to a thigh, squeezing playfully and giving her a gentle kiss. Anna wore a wide, black dress with golden accents, accompanied by egyptian themed eye makeup. She looked regal and powerful, despite her stature. The sisters all wore light blue dresses that looked like they were, albeit masterfully, handmade. They were still struggling with the chorus, but they looked like they were having a lot of fun. Soon the song wound down, and they tried to return to their places as they noticed us.

“Oh god, Veronica! Sam! Did you hear that?”, Anna asked with a slight blush on her face.
“Of course I did! That sounded wonderful, all of you! Where did you learn to speak russian, Anna?”, Nica replied with a smile.
“We travelled a lot when I was a kid since my dad was a pilot. I was born there.”
“That’s so cool! I always wanted to go there but…”, she pointed down at her serpentine body.
“The cold makes it rather difficult for me.”
Anna gave her an apologetic look, before continuing.
“There are a lot of nice places in the world that are a lot warmer, Veronica. Have you ever been to the mediteranean?”, she asked with her head cocked to the side.
I giggled quietly, drawing their attention to me.
“What is it, Sam?”, Anna inquired with a confused expression.
I wanted to answer, but Nica beat me to it.
“I was born in Cyprus, Anna.”, she chided with a wide smile.
“So you are greek then? I think I should order us a round of Ouzo then.”
Nica’s head snapped over to Saskia with a shocked expression. She sat next to the door and was so silent that we didn’t even notice her. She wore a Deep red dress with an intricate flame pattern on it. She grinned at us, showing her sharp, wolfish fangs.
“Hey Saskia! You’re always so sneaky. Ouzo? I haven’t had that in years. I don’t know…”
“It’s fine, Veronica. We’re your friends here, not patients. Let loose for once.”, she said while rolling her burning eyes.
“I… I guess one bottle wouldn’t hurt.”
“Bottle?”, I gasped in surprise.
“Glass! I meant glass!”, she corrected herself, tinting her dark cheeks with a blush.
With a satisfied grin, Saskia headed for a small screen next to the door, carefully tapping on it with her claws.
“Anything else, girls?”
“I’d like a coke!”, I stopped in shock, before laughing.
Anna, the sisters, and me were absolutely in sync, and it was hilarious.
“Alright, 5 coke’s it is. Anything else? No? Good.”
She sent the order and returned to her place. We almost sat in a circle like we were used to. It felt so familiar as Rena spoke up.

“So… Anna, how didya get that date? I wanna hear all the details~”, she purred.
Anna looked away with flushed cheeks.
“But it’s embarrassing!”, she cried with a hint of excitement in her voice.
“That’s even better! I wanna hear!”
Anna looked into the group, slightly panicked. Everyone wanted to know, and she could feel that.
“Uhhh… Have you ever had that feeling when you feel so happy and proud that your brain stops working for a second? That you do things that you never would do? Ever?”
I peeked over to Nica, who returned me a knowing smile.
“I did that… After my promotion.”
“Don’t torture me ‘ere. What didya do?”, Rena prodded.
“Well… I left the boss’s office and directly ran into Drew…”, her expression turned into a wide smile.
“Must be him, right?”, Mel asked with a serious tone.
“Yeah… He asked me how the meeting went… I didn’t answer…”
“You didn’t? Ho-”
She buried her face in her paws with a loud sigh.
“I grabbed him by the collar and pulled him in for a kiss! The rest is history…”
We sat there in stunned silence, surprised at how forward she could be. After a moment of silence, Rena raised her voice again.
“Ya go girl! That’s how ya do it!”
“Is it?”, Jackie replied.
“How about love letters under the desk and poems in the locker?”, she cooed before Rena quickly plugged her mouth with a tentacle.
“Jackie! Didn’t I tell ya not to talk ‘bout it? I was like… really embarrassed okay?”
The entire group broke out in laughter, only interrupted by a surprised shriek from Rena as Jackie began to sensually lick her appendage. She slipped it out of her mouth and wrapped it back around her. 

We enjoyed a little more banter from the two lovebirds before a weak knock on the door prompted us to turn around.
“Come in, please.”, Nica yelled over the loud music.
Slowly, the door swung inward.
“Good evening. Sorry for the wait. I’m new here and-”
She stopped mid sentence, locking eyes with me. I expected many things from her, not a single one of them I could appreciate, but I never thought I would see Annalise actually work for a change.
“I… Uhhh… Here are your drinks, girls. Call me if you need anything.”
Without waiting for an answer, she rushed out the door, her face red with embarrassment.
I looked over to Nica, who was just as disbelieving as I was.
“What the hell was that?”, Mel quipped.
“That was like… really rude.”
I swallowed heavily.
“That was quite tame, all things considered…”
“What do you mean?”, Anna asked with raised ears.
“That was… My step-mother? Kind of? You know what I mean…”
I didn’t really want to talk about it, but I had to get this straight.
“Like… The one who took your parent’s away from you?”
Both Sierra and Nadja buzzed their wings as they waited for an answer.
“Yeah… I blew up at them last week. Seems like I knocked some sense into her after all.”
Remembering the mighty slap I delivered, I let out a quiet chuckle.

The following hours were filled with copious amounts of singing, drinking, and gossipping. It was good to see Nica drop her professional attitude once in a while. She was just a mamono after all. Aside from the sisters, we all enjoyed some alcohol between the songs, leaving us slightly tipsy. It wasn’t dangerously so, but enough to loosen some tongues.
“How did you like our present, Veronica? Sammy told me that you two were in for quite a ride~”, Jackie snickered with a sultry smile.
“Jackie! Why would you bring that up here?”, I protested.
“Because you are both here, and your reactions are cute.”
I pouted at her until she broke out in full on laughter. Nica however, was not amused.
“I would appreciate it if you wouldn’t hand my girlfriend enchanted toys, Jaqueline.”, she frowned.
“Come on! That was just a little fun~ It didn’t hurt anyone, did it?”
“She passed out on me.”
Jackie’s eyes widened as I hid my face in my hands.
“She did what? Nah, that can’t be, Veronica. It was just a slight enchantment, nothing major. Unless you have a dick, I doubt that would ever happen.”, she giggled nonchalantly.
I gazed up at my towering girlfriend, waiting for her to respond. She had a thoughtful expression on her face. Would she? No, she wouldn’t.
“I have two.”
She would.
All eyes were on her, all smalltalk had entirely vanished. The girls stared at her in disbelief.
“You are kidding me right? Toy’s don’t count, sweetie~”
“I’m not joking, Jaqueline. I got cursed by some vengeful baphomet because I looked at her boyfriend the wrong way. I lost my fertility, but got twice the virility instead. Honestly, If she wouldn’t have passed out, we would probably be still at it.”
“NICA!”, I screamed.
“What is it, dear?”, she looked over to me with an expression that made my heart jump.
She looked so relieved. Of course, she just lifted a massive weight off her shoulders. I was proud of her courage, although it was partially liquid.
“Nevermind, Nica. It was just a little… I mean it’s really embarrassing you know?”
“Wait wait wait.”, Rena interjected.
“Yer packing? Like fo’ real? How the fuck do ya keep that hidden?”
“Not anymore…”, she sighed.
“I’ve been like this for about ten years now, and I’m tired of keeping it a secret. I wanted you all to know before something like that happens again…”
The others were speechless, not really having anything to add to the surreal outing they just witnessed. That was until Saskia spoke up.
“Everything makes so much sense now. I never knew, and I thought I never would have. Was that why you invited me?”
“Partially, yes. You are also a good friend of my darling, like everyone here. There are not many people I would rather break this secret to.”, she whispered.
“Thank you for sharing, really. It means a lot to me.”
All the girls agreed with Saskia’s statement.
“But please, keep it under wraps. Not everybody needs to know… At least not right now.”
“My lips are sealed”, she said, once again followed by universal agreement.
“With that out of the way, let us enjoy the rest of the night, ladies! There are still a lot of songs to sing!”
She was back to her old self, and I was oh so thankful for it.
“Jackie? I think we gonna have ta change our bets a lil’, right?”
“Yeah. Didn’t really expect THAT kind of turn, to be honest.”
“Bets? What kind of bets?”, I asked with a raised eyebrow.
“Well… I was pretty sure that you would be on top, but I would have to give that one to Rena.”, Jackie giggled.
“Oh wow. You two really have no shame, right?”
Mel spoke up after her long bout of embarrassed silence.
“This is… a lot to swallow-”
Jackie and Rena burst out in laughter, and even I couldn’t stop myself from a sheepish giggle at Mel’s slip up. Locked in an awkward situation, Nica turned to her.
“Trust me, it is~”
The entire group broke out in maniacal giggling, my face turning redder and redder.
“I am really proud that you trust us with this. You are still the same, Veronica. Don’t let anybody tell you anything different, okay?”
Anna rested her hands on her hips, trying to look as commanding as possible. I was sure she would quickly get into her new job. She had that strong presence despite her rather small stature.
“I’m happy you both found who you were looking for.”, Nadja chimed in with a gentle buzz of her wings.
“You two are pretty much… made for each other, right?”
I turned to my girlfriend, lost in the endless, golden sea within her eyes. I had, what she lost, and she had what once had been mine.
“Yes… I think we are.”, I cooed, giving Nica a sweet kiss.
Sierra snickered.
“Get a room already!”
Nica winked at me, and my body locked up when I saw the bottomless lust in her eyes.
“Well… I guess I have to go to the bathroom for a moment. I need to freshen up. Sammy? Would you mind assisting me with my makeup?”
The unanimous gasping around us made her intentions clear, but who am I to disagree with this mortal goddess?
“Sure Nica. We’ll be right back, girls. Afterwards, we can sing some more~”
“If you find your voice again, sweetie~”, Jackie chided with a knowing and lecherous grin.
We quickly vanished inside the bathrooms, returning almost half an hour later. I did my best to keep composed, but the party quickly devolved back into banter as they noticed that my choker was missing. This night was going to be long, and I couldn’t wait to see how Nica would end it.


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