Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 20: My Life Part 2

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I was giddy like a schoolgirl as Nica closed in on our home. I showered her in kisses as she carried me all the way back with a wide smile on her face. I couldn’t get enough of her, forcing the worries out of my head.
Her arm hooked under my legs, holding me upright, as she rummaged in her voluptuous cleavage with the other until she produced her keys. With a satisfying click, the door to our den sprung open. She slithered inside, closing the door with her tail while heading for the living room. She gently lowered me onto the couch, the love in her eyes warming my soul. Just being near her calmed me down so much.
“How about we head for a shower together and then we head to bed for the night?”, she asked
Sheepishly, unbuttoning her clothes.
We quickly shed our unnecessary garbs, embracing each other in the way only lovers could do.
“Why don’t you get the water running, Nica? I’ll be there in just a moment~”
“Sure thing, my princess, but don’t leave me waiting, alright?”
I nodded enthusiastically, watching her backside until she left the room. With a lascivious grin, I searched her discarded clothes for a peculiar item she had stashed away. Holding it in my hand, I giggled to myself. This was going to be fun.

Following her into the bathroom, I traced the emerald green trail of scales along my girlfriend’s tail to her breathtaking form. She was holding her hand into the flowing water, waiting for it to heat. I playfully slapped her exposed rear, causing her to yelp before I headed inside. The water was relaxing, pearling down my bare skin. I looked over my shoulder, delighting in Nica’s flustered expression. Cupping my chest with one arm, I waved her in with a wink.
“Come in already! The water is warm, and I crave your touch~”
She was a little stunned by my suggestiveness but she quickly agreed, slithering around me.
Inconspicuously placing the remote on a small metal shelf, I picked up a large bottle of shampoo.
“Here. Just relax.”, I cooed, generously applying the cool liquid all over her chest.
She shivered at the sensation as I began to tenderly massage her chest. She panted and gasped with every touch, and I quickly felt her harden against my stomach.
“Do you like that, Nica? Am I doing a good job?”
“Y-Yes, honey. I-It’s wonderful.”, she moaned sensually.
I trailed my hands down her waist, rubbing my hands all over her with religious fervor. Holding in her pleasure, she coated her hands in shampoo and slowly massaged my scalp with her slender fingers. We meticulously washed each other with both love and lust on our minds.
My hands rubbed down her muscular tail, up her back, and between her towering members. She caressed my calves, my budding breasts, and my face in return, filling my head with sweet bliss.
“Nica? I got a present for you. Would you close your eyes?”
“Sure, sweetie, what is it?”
“That would ruin the surprise. Now, open your mouth. And no peeking!”
She complied, letting her split tongue loll out between her luscious lips and shutting her eyes. She didn’t look, even as I started moaning softly into her ear. Reaching down, I gently parted my folds until I got a grip on the toy. It was absolutely soaked in my love, and I was sure she would savor it. With a love-drunk grin I slipped it inside her mouth, letting her mewl in surprise. I pulled myself towards her, following up with a sensual kiss. Our tongues intertwined in a lewd game of keep away, rolling the toy around to get a grasp on each other. We exchanged moans and whimpers with every moment, savoring the taste together. I felt the high winding down, so I grasped for the remote and turned it on. The buzzing made me lightheaded, but I still continued my assault on her. A throaty giggle escaped Nica’s throat, and I felt the toy travelling forward. Our game quickly turned into a tantalizing, reverse tug of war, trying desperately to push the vibe into each other’s mouth. It was an incredible experience, I buckled and quivered under the pressure, the love and the tongue of my wonderful girlfriend as she slowly won, carrying the egg onto my tongue. I hesitantly parted from her lips, mine tightly closed around the raging toy within me. Deeply gazing into her eyes, I turned off the toy. I began pulling it out agonizingly slow, so she could savor the spectacle. I took great care in not breaking eye contact, and soon the little egg popped out of my mouth. I held it between us, my voice choked but full of longing.
“Y-You win~”
She was hard as a rock, her gargantuan shafts rubbing past my stomach on both sides. Her eyes were wild with lust, but there was also something else in there. Was it… concern? She ruffled my hair, turning off the shower.
“T-That was so… wonderful, dear. You are so full of surprises, and I love it. Let us dry off and head to bed. We have all night~”, she said with barely contained arousal, her tail tip whipping back and forth.
“Yes… Yes we do.”, I replied in a haze.

After gently drying each other off, we headed to her bedroom standing in front of our comfy and inviting bed. I couldn’t wait, but Nica was hesitant.
“Yeah, Nica? What is it?”
She swallowed with a worried expression.
“I have never seen you that… aggressive before. Are you alright, Sammy? You know you can always talk to me.”
Her words hit me like a sledgehammer, the ugly thoughts I had buried under my libido resurfacing.
“I-I’m just a little more excited than usual.”
Nica quickly closed the distance, bringing her face close and cupping mine with her hands.
“Please, tell me what weighs on your mind. Whatever it is, I will help you with it. You are my one and only, and I can’t stand seeing you like this.”
“I… I… Do you know what my g-greatest fear was when I first came to your office?”
“There are many things that newly monsterized women fear. Regardless of what it is, I am with you, Sammy. You are not alone. I love you.”
“I love you too, but it’s not that easy. Oh, by Eros, I feel so stupid saying this.”
“What is it, dear? I can’t help you if you don’t talk to me.”, she whined softly, her caring gaze laying on me.
“Y-You know… I… I came to you because I was afraid to do what succubi are known for. I-I couldn’t stand the thought of being with a man. It repulsed me to no end, but I dreaded the prospect of having to accept it, accepting what I had to be…”
Tears welled up in my eyes, slowly dripping down my cheeks.
“You were there for me. You love me, and you give me strength. I’m not sure what I would have done without you.”
She began to stutter with a sorrowful look on her face.
“So, are y-you just afraid of being with a m-man, or are you scared of… of this?”, she pointed down at her throbbing members with a pained expression.
I was almost heartbroken at the allusion she made. I swallowed heavily, giving her a warm smile.
“I-I was at first, y-yes. But now…”
I paused for a moment, wrapping my hands tightly around her stiff rods until she gasped.
“N-Now, I love them. I love you. You helped me through all my troubles, and you didn’t get anything in return. I-It isn’t fair.”, I pouted.
She exhaled slowly, her eyes shining in the dim light of the bedroom.
“I love you too, my princess. I did get everything I ever wanted, Sammy. I have a friend to confide in. I have a lover to hold. I have you… No matter what you think, you will always be more than enough~”
“I-I’m not sure, Nica… You deserve so much more. I- How can I-”
“Hush, dear. Don’t think like that. Don’t push yourself, and just enjoy what we have instead. You are everything I’ll ever need, Sammy. Love is not about give and take. I’m happy as long as we are together, and I hope you will be too.”
Tears streamed down my face in a torrent of emotions. Relief, anxiety, love, joy and lust broiled within me, and I was finally able to let it all out. She truly loved me, and that was all that matters.
“Nica, would you grant me a wish?”, I asked hesitantly.
Her warm smile soothed all the bad feelings within me, leaving only affection behind.
“What is it, darling? If I can do it, I will.”
I stretched out my arms, my petite form displayed in front of her.
“Would you pick me up? Hold me?”
She was surprised but delighted at the prospect.
“Of course, darling!”
She swept me off my feet, pressing her chest into mine. Her heat spread over my body as I wrapped my legs around her hips, her hot and twitching poles pressed tightly against my stomach. I went in for a kiss, full of passion, full of love. This was it, and I had no hesitation left holding me back. She was perfect. Parting our lips, I suddenly leaned backwards. The sudden shift in weight made Nica lose her balance, and we fell onto the mattress. I grinned at her, my heart fluttering as I was pinned beneath her.
“Sammy? What-”
“I have one more wish, Nica. Will you make your girlfriend happy?”
She nodded silently, unable to even formulate an answer. I pulled her closer until our heads rested next to each other. I playfully bit her earlobe, tickling her with gentle affections and whispering into her ear with the most seductive tone I could manage.
“Take me~”

She laid on top of me, completely at a loss for words. I stared into her shining eyes, waiting for her response.
“A-Are you sure, Sammy? I mean you… you said that…”
“I love you, Nica. I want you to be the one, to be the only. I made up my mind. I’m not afraid of you or your size. So please, let go of your fear too, and let’s make this a night worth remembering~”
I squeezed her with my legs, pulling her even closer to me before loosening my grip again.
She breathed heavily, barely able to keep herself composed. No turning back now. She leaned back above me, her towering members shifting in the dim moonlight that shone through the window. Slowly, overthinking every move, she aligned one of her shafts with my soaking wet womanhood. I bit my lip in anticipation, motioning her to continue. Steadily, bit by bit, her tool parted my entrance. We moaned in mind-numbing ecstasy as she slowly pushed the tip inside.  My walls contracted and massaged her, unwilling to ever let her go again. The very end of her trembling rod rested on my purity, stretching my folds apart. I took a deep breath, bracing myself for what was to come.
“I-I didn’t think I would fit in-”, Nica began stuttering, clearly doubting herself.
I wrapped my arms around her, burying my face in her cleavage. She moaned and gasped, slowly calming back down while I greedily suckled on her nipples. She was too cautious, too hesitant.
“Nica… Please, kiss me.”, I whispered, motioning her to lean down towards me.
As soon as I locked my lips on hers, I closed my eyes and relaxed as much as I could. Taking all my courage, I flexed my legs and slammed her hips into me. I screamed into her mouth, overcome by both pleasure and pain as my womanhood swallowed her member. About a third of her tremendous shaft was lodged deeply inside me. Her face was panicked, staring in shock as tears formed in my eyes.
“Sammy! Eros, let me pull ou-”
I locked my legs tightly around her hips, gritting my teeth.
“N-No, Nica. J-Just like t-this. Stay…”, I groaned, my eyes rolling back into my head. I could feel my womanhood struggling to contain her, but that didn’t matter. We were one now. True lovers. The pain I felt was nothing compared to the joy and bliss I floated in. I breathed heavily, Nica eyed me with a wary expression until I regained my composure. I glanced down my body, seeing her girth entering my small body. It should feel painful, torturous even, but I didn’t feel as uncomfortable as I initially feared… The pain still throbbing in my groin was not of her size, and that gave me peace of mind. Once it had subsided, we could enjoy ourselves… She could enjoy me… The very thought made my womb convulse, drawing loud moans out of my girlfriend.

“R-Ready?”, I panted between labored breaths.
“R…Ready for what?”
The pain had subsided, replaced by the warm feeling of her massive rod lodged inside me.
“I-I’m ready for y-you now, Nica. P-Please start moving but slowly, please.”
“Are you sure?”
I sighed heavily. I needed it, and I would get it. I moaned loudly, holding her head in my hands. My eyes pierced hers, showing her the endless lust just beneath the surface.
“Fuck me, Nica. Take me.”, I whispered, love and lust in every word.
That did it. With a grunt, she slid backwards, leaving me nearly empty and wanting once more. She gave me a passionate kiss before parting me once again. One. Two. Three. With every thrust, her massive chest slowly swung over my face like a mesmerizing pendulum. Occasionally, she pulled all the way out to reach for a kiss, just to fill me again shortly after. I started going numb from the never ending bliss, my vision fading to white over and over. With every thrust, she dug deeper, burying her burning hot shaft inside me. I quickly came to a climax, unfamiliar with this wonderful sensation, but Nica was far from done. I spasmed and twitched under her weight, holding onto her for dear life. Happy that I managed to flip her switch, I wrapped my arms around her, caressing her back as she pounded me sensually. Mouth hanging open and drooling, I drowned in the hedonistic euphoria of receiving my lover. I felt a warm sensation, and I soon realized that she was already leaking inside me. The feeling of her nectar lubricating my deepest depths was perfect, wonderful. However, it only made me crave the real deal. I couldn’t get enough, and neither could she. Nica literally poured all her effort inside me, panting and heaving above me. I was afraid she would wear herself out at that rate, and I wanted so much more.
“N-Nica…”, I huffed meekly, cupping her face with my fingers.
“Can… Can I be… on top now?”
Her face lit up, grinning widely.
“Sure, my precious princess. Let me roll over.”
Leaning her weight to the side, she rolled onto her back until I rested on her pelvis. She smiled up at me.

“I can’t let you do all the work. My turn~”, I cooed, raising my hips above her.
I choose to switch to her neglected shaft. I was sure that Nica wouldn’t mind. Slowly, I lowered myself onto her rod, impaling myself on her until half of her girth vanished inside me. We whined and moaned in unison, shivers running down my spine. I took a moment to catch my breath, and I already felt her meekly thrusting up inside me. She was insatiable, and I loved it. I braced myself on her hips, pulling myself up from her before my numb legs gave out. With a wet thud, her tool hit home. The sudden insertion knocked the air out of my lungs, but unreal pleasure soon followed. I tried again, succeeding in lowering myself back into her lap. I soon got into a rhythm, bouncing myself on her lap as she pushed up inside me, her groans growing louder and more laboured by the second. My legs buckled again as she continued to thrust up into me. Looking down, I could see the faint outline of her member in my belly. Caressing it with one hand brought it to Nica’s attention as well, only seeming to motivate her more. It was a mesmerizing sight as she reached the deepest parts of me. Only her words ripped me out of my haze.
“S-Sammy! I won’t… I won’t be able to… hold out much longer!”, she yelled pleadingly.
“Then give it to me!”
“No buts! Fill me!”, I grunted, her powerful tail wrapping around my hip and pushing me as deep as it would go, forcing a tired, long moan from my mouth.
She howled loudly as I stroked her second member with both hands. I braced myself for the finale, clenching my walls and firmly securing her member. I felt her twitching inside me. It shuddered once, then twice. I screamed in ecstasy as torrents of her virile semen flooded my womb. Overwhelmed by the sensation, I forgot about her second tool. Throbbing in my hands, it burst too and covered me completely, inside and out. I could feel her semen fill me, bloating my stomach until the rest streamed almost endlessly from my entrance. I smiled down at her, slumping onto her stomach when the world suddenly fell dark. I was still conscious, but I felt… different. Stronger, livelier, heavier? I savored the moment, her girth receding and slowly sliding out of me. I felt a stream of her love flowing down my legs with nowhere else to go. I reveled in the silence, listening to Nica’s pounding heartbeat as we came down from our high. She cooed and caressed my back, whispering sweet nothings as we drifted to sleep.

(Thanks to Nonanni for the artwork <3)

I awoke from a gentle tickling sensation on my nose. Groggily opening my eyes, I found myself face to face with a white snake, affectionately flicking its forked tongue against my cheek. I heard Nica giggle above me.
“Good morning, my princess. I hope you had a good sleep?”
“Yes, I did. It was amazing~”
I was draped in a large, black blanket, still laying on top of my girlfriend.
“I… I really like your new look, Sammy.”, she cooed.
“Huh? What do you mean?”
She giggled, holding her hand in front of her face.
“Most alps struggle to fly, but I don’t think you will have an issue. Your transformation is complete, dear.”, she grinned, patting my head.
My transformation? Confused, I pushed myself upright. I felt heavier, but it wasn’t from Nica’s love alone. I looked down to see that my chest had increased in size considerably. I trailed my hands down my body, the scent of Nica’s essence still clinging to me. I had become a lot more curvy overnight, my hips wider and more pronounced. The blanket pulled back as I stretched, prompting Nica to look past me. I followed her gaze and froze. They were wings, my wings, large and powerful, folded neatly behind my back. I turned back to Nica with a questioning expression.
“You didn’t have enough spirit energy for the transformation before, honey. Now, that I gave you the rest, you channeled all of it into your wings alone. You look gorgeous, my princess~”
I tried to spread them slowly, realizing that they were about as wide as I was tall. I really hoped they wouldn’t get in the way, but they looked truly magnificent. I smiled at her, wrapping both my wings and my arms around her.
“Thank you, Nica. For accepting everything about me. For loving me. Everything. You can’t imagine how much you mean to me.”
“That’s what lovers do, right? I love you, Sammy, and I always will.”
I squeezed her tightly.
“I love you too.”
I buried myself in Nica’s chest again, wrapping my wings protectively around the both of us. My life had truly begun last night, and I would live it to the fullest with her by my side.

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