Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 18: Newcomer

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“I’m back!”, I shouted through the apartment after closing the door.
I headed into the living room, neatly folding my wet clothes onto a table next to the entrance. Another uneventful school day only left me wanting to come home that much more. The pouring rain outside and the absence of an umbrella made me yearn for warmth, her warmth.
“Hello, dear. How was your day?”
Nica stood next to the window, watching the tumultuous weather outside. She smiled at me, inviting me for a cup of hot chocolate. Thankful, I accepted the drink and took a cautious sip.
“Dreary and boring.”, I stated absentmindedly, enjoying the sweet and warm liquid flowing down my throat.
Nica’s tail wrapped around my hip, pulling me to her side.
“Oh, I can’t have my poor darling catching a cold now, can I?, she says, wrapping herself around me until I was locked in her embrace.
She hardly wasted an opportunity to dote on me, and I loved every second of it. A blush crept onto my face as I noticed that we were naked in front of a window, and I shifted uncomfortably. She apparently felt my uneasiness, laying her hand on my shoulder with a gentle squeeze.
“Don’t worry, dear. No one can see us from here. Your beauty is only for me to enjoy after all~”
Her calm and slightly sultry whisper quickly quelled my apprehension as I leaned into her. Despite the dark sky outside and the seemingly never ending flood of heavy rain, I felt at peace. I cuddled into her, gladly taking in the warmth of both the chocolate and her body.
“Hey, Nica? Should I cook something for the group again? They seemed to really like it last time.”
“I don’t see why not. Everything you make is delicious. What do you have in mind?”
I caressed her stomach slightly, causing her to giggle.
“I was thinking about making dumplings. What do you think?”
“I haven’t had those since I was little! What a wonderful idea. Do we have everything we need here or should we head out shopping?”
“I think we should be covered. No need to worry.”

With an appreciative nod from her, I headed into the kitchen. After throwing on the apron, I gathered vegetables and minced meat from the fridge for the filling. When I started on mixing the dough, I noticed that Nica had entered the room, taking a seat at the table in the corner.
“Is something the matter, Nica?”
“No, honey. I just want to see you work your magic~”, she swooned with a grin.
I felt her eyes eagerly investigating my backside, and I couldn’t restrain myself from swinging my hips with every move. I could already feel myself moisten from her piercing gaze alone. Peeking over my shoulder, I caught Nica licking her lips with a longing expression. I knew that I kept riling her up more and more, but I just couldn’t stop. I began to shiver and squirm as I heard her whisper directly into my ear, her bountiful chest pressing into my back. She had snuck up to me, cupping my chin with her hand.
“D-Dear, would you do me a favor?”, she asked, pleading in her eyes.
“W-What do you have in mind?”
“Just relax…”
I gasped loudly, feeling something pushing against my groin. Taking a deep breath, I felt her slowly slipping that familiar toy inside.
“Really, Nicaaa~?”, I moaned deeply, her fingers caressing my inner folds before leaving the small egg behind.
“Don’t you go acting like that, honey. You asked for this. I could smell you across the room~”
I bit my lip with a silent nod. She was right, but I was too embarrassed or too horny to confess it. The end of her tail tickled my legs, her sensual laughter echoing in my head once she had returned to her seat.
“A-And now?”, I asked her with a lightheaded expression.
“Nothing~ If you need my help, just ask me, okay?”
Her lusty gaze made it hard to return to the task at hand, but I somehow managed. I started mixing the dough, kneading and shaking it in my bare hands. It was sticky and slimy, not unlike… I yipped in surprise when the vibe came to life, slowly starting to massage my entrance with gentle vibrations. It was on a low setting, but I knew that her mercy wouldn’t last. I moaned and squirmed, kneading the mix thoroughly between my fingers. My legs were shaky, and I had difficulty focusing. As soon as I reached for a knife to cut the meat, the toy stopped suddenly. It rested inside me, utterly quiet and still until I finished dicing. The moment I laid the knife aside, the vibrations returned, even stronger than before. Barely audible, wet noises grew louder in my ears, prompting me to turn around to see where they came from. With the remote resting on the table, she had begun furiously stroking her members while watching me trying to cook. My body urged me to help her in her endeavor, but I had a job to finish first. Tearing my eyes away from her inviting shafts, I returned to the food. Flattening out the dough, Nica decided to spice her game up even more. Every time the rolling pin traveled across the beige batter, she dialed the vibe back and forth, making me quiver with every stroke. My juices leaked onto the floor, but the toy stopped once again once I started to cut the dough into the right size. Every time I almost got my bearings, Nica dialed up the toy again. She giggled at my struggle, but she was cautious not to push my limits. I searched for a large pot in our kitchen, purposefully bending over and presenting my exposed rear to her as I leaned down into a cabinet. In a futile attempt at retaliation, I slapped my rear, purring seductively as I formed a heart with my tail and made sure the tip pointed at my exposed behind. Suddenly, the toy buzzed violently. I had to catch myself on my hands and knees before I fell over. Still stunned, I heard Nica giggle behind me.
“Nice try, Sammy, but I’m still enjoying the view. You’ll have to be a big girl and tough it out for now.~”

As I prepared a vegetable stock in the pot, I heard her furiously working on her towering members, forcing a chuckle out of me. Filling the dumplings with the fresh meat and vegetables, the vibe performed a celebratory buzz every time I finished one. Soon, I was eagerly anticipating the completion of each and every dumpling, craving for the ‘treat’ I got as a reward. There wasn’t much left to do now. The vibe slowly thrummed in my depths when I carried the collection of tasty snacks to the pot. Piece by piece, I dropped them into the boiling liquid. With a lecherous grin, Nica turned the remote up a notch for every single one. Gritting my teeth, I fought through the pleasure, my groin vibrating furiously until the final dumpling swam in the strong stock. The intense sensation drove me over the edge, spraying the kitchen floor with my juices as I tried to turn the heat up on the stove. With a love-drunk expression, I shambled towards her, the toy still mercilessly assaulting my sopping wet entrance.
“Y-You…”, I stuttered, barely able to form proper words.
“D-Did I overdo it?”
Without giving her an answer, I sat down on her lap, her massive members holding me upright from behind. My hands met hers as I gave her a passionate kiss, burying my tongue in her mouth. Overcome by the sudden attack, Nica loosened her grip on the remote, letting me pull it out of her hand. I dialed it down but still let it buzz away inside me. Moments later, Nica’s phone alarm started ringing. She tore herself away from my mouth, breathing heavily.
“S-Sammy. We have to g-get ready. We can’t…”
“I won’t let you suffer through that again, Nica. You won’t leave this house before I wring you dry. You owe me that much~”
An idea sparked in my mind, a really effective one, if a little mean. It was time to step up my game. Leaning forward, I reached for the objects of my desire. I grabbed her members until they were firmly lodged between my legs. The vibrations shaking my lower body tickled her shafts, causing her to gasp at the foreign pleasure.
“You like that, Nica? L-Let me show you what you’ve been missing~”, I panted softly, before continuing the kiss.
I tightened my grip, slowly dialing the toy back up. We squirmed and moaned in pleasure together, the vibe adding a new layer of ecstasy to our further deepening love. With an almost lecherous grin, I turned the dial to max, my body freezing up as I climaxed for a second time. The indiscriminate raging of the toy drove us both over the edge, slickening her shafts with my juices as she sprayed her heavy load across the kitchen floor.

“What did you think of that, Nica?”, I asked her, completely out of breath.
“You’re so… lewd~”, she replied, nuzzling her face into mine.
“I’ll take that as a compliment~”, I said, giving her a peck on the cheek.
“Darling, as much as I want to stay like this a little while longer, we’re going to have to hurry to make it on time…”
“Fuck! The dumplings!”
Dismounting my girlfriend, I raced over to the pot. Luckily, they were still edible, if a little overdone.
“Go ahead and get ready, Nica. I’ll clean this up.”
“B-But that is my…”
“It’s not like I gave you much choice~ Don’t worry about it.”
“I love you, dear.”
“I love you too.”, I replied, giving her a quick kiss.
I took one look at the mess we made and realized it was a lost cause for now. I cleaned myself up before packing up the dumplings. While I didn’t look as decent as I wanted, I looked good enough… Aside from still being naked, of course. I thought of the girls while throwing my clothes back on. I hadn’t seen them in a week. I wonder how they’ve been doing. All things considered, I think I was taking my new life pretty well. I just finished brushing my hair as Nica emerged from the bathroom, clad in a simple, dark red sweater and a long skirt.
“Are you ready, dear?”
“Yes. Let’s hope they like them.”, I replied, holding the box of freshly cooked dumplings.
“I’m sure they will. They are made with love after all~”
I poked her stomach in mock annoyance before turning towards the door. Side by side, we exited the apartment. Luckily the rain had subsided, leaving a soaked but idyllic cityscape. Nodding to each other, we set off.

As suspected, we arrived a little late. The other girls were waiting for us at the door.
“I’m sorry, girls. We were talking on our way here and didn’t notice we were running late.”, Nica told them with an apologetic smile.
It wasn’t a lie, but more didn’t need to be said.
“About time!”, Mel pouts, earning herself a whack on the head from her sisters.
Nica chuckled softly, opening the door to let us in. The glass door creaked open, revealing the familiar, welcoming room behind it. Waving us inside, she closed the door behind us.
Taking our usual places, Nica welcomed every one of the girls one by one as I placed the dumplings on the table.
“Today, we will have a newcomer. Hopefully, she will arrive soon, so please welcome her!”, Nica chimed.
We waited for the arrival, the girls already eying what I had brought today. Just before Najda could ask about it, someone knocked against the door, prompting Nica to open it. In the doorway stood a large girl. She had a light-green skin color, her body turning into dozens of intertwining green and purple tentacles below her waist. She had a wide smile on her face, waving her tentacled appendages at the group.
“Evenin’! Good to see ya two again!”, she yipped happily.
My eyes widened in surprise as I recognized her.
“Rena Tennille. Nice ta meetcha!”
I knew I heard the name somewhere before, but I hadn’t expected it to be her. I thought about the day after my transformation, how hers might have been. Was she alright? How did she cope? What did Jackie think? I wanted to talk with her later. Now wasn’t the best time for a chat just between friends. Maybe, I could pay her back for helping me. She slinked into the room, giving a slight nod towards Nica. She took a while longer to recognize the bubbly girl since she had only met Rena once.
“Welcome, Rena! How is Jaqueline doing?”
“Ummm… Ya know… resting? Sort of…”, she stuttered with a flushed face.
Seeing the dozens of writhing tendrils thrashing around her, I think I already knew more than I wanted. She was a little wobbly on her ‘feet’ as she pulled up a seat next to me. She continued to coil and wrap her body around itself, despite her not really seeming to notice. Rena looked even more lively than she did before. It was like she was almost shining.
“How about we enjoy my de- Sam’s delicious dumplings and introduce ourselves again?”, Nica said, Rena giggling quietly.

“Keepin’ it a secret, ey?”, she chimed loudly, earning both confused and embarrassed looks.
Nica ignored her, introducing herself again before opening the box of dumplings. The rest of the girls followed suit, devouring my snacks afterwards until we arrived at our newest member.
“I’m Rena Tennille. Upcomin’ fashion model and… plant? I guess? Turned 18 a couple days ago, and my girlfriend’s DE made me a lil’ more… wriggly. I’m hopin’ we can all get along!”, she said, her writhing mass of tentacles forming a makeshift salute.
Her boundless optimism was contagious, but it was not difficult to hear her hesitation breaking through here and there.
“I’m happy that you could join us, Rena. With introductions out of the way, would you mind going first? What’s been on your mind since your transformation?”
“Okey Dokey. Uh… The new me is a bit more… aggressive, ya know? I’m worried ’bout my sweet Jackie. Don’t wanna do anything to hurt ‘er.”, she explained with a somewhat sullen tone.
“Jackie is a succubus, Rena. While it is good that you are concerned about her, don’t forget that she shouldn’t have really much issue dealing with your… needs. I assume that she usually led in the bedroom?”
Nica’s attitude forced a blush from Anna, Sierra, and me as we listened intently.
“Y-Yeah… but I fear I’ll take all her time away. I didn’t let her outta bed for most of da last two days. She started walkin’ funny, too.”
Definitely too much information, but I nodded in understanding. It must be hard on both of them.
“I’m not used ta be the one givin’ ya know? More of the receiving kind, I guess. Wow, that’s embarrassin’ ta say out loud…”
Nica flashed an inconspicuous but knowing smile, making me sink into the chair a little.
“I can’t keep my hands… tentacles off her sometimes, and it drives me nuts! I just wanna let her enjoy my new body. She had this wonderful smile on her face that one time, heart eyes n’ all. Oh, the adorable sounds she made~”
Rena shook her head a little when she seemed to realize what she was doing as she almost got lost in her thoughts.
“Before, I loved the way she used to hold me at night, the things she would do… It hasn’t been that long, but now, whenever I see ‘er, I just get tha urge to wrap her up and… A part of me wishes we coulda’ gon’ back to the way things were.”, Rena said as she slumped a little in her chair.
“Don’t focus on the past, Rena. As blunt as it may sound, this is the ‘new you.’ You should make the best of it. I think Jacqueline does, and I know in my heart that she loves you like this just as much as she did before. Obviously, making your partner feel good is not the only thing in a relationship. You want her to embrace you too. I think a lot of, if not all, lovers can relate, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Just talk to her, Rena. I’m sure she’ll be more than happy to indulge in whatever… activities you wish to do. Your transformation seems to have turned the tables so to speak, right?“
“Er… Somethin’ like that. I… I just wanna make her happy. I’m worried ‘bout going too far, doin’ too much. I kept her from goin’ to school yesterday. She was gettin’ ready, and when I saw her just in her skirt… It’s kind of a blur after that. She said it was fine, but I can’t help but feel guilty.”
“Tentacles are a very dominant species by nature, and both you and your sweetheart have to work together to accommodate it. You will need some discipline to keep your desires in check, and I’m sure Jackie would happily help you with that. Always think about what you two need and want to do today, and make sure you two have enough time left to do so. This isn’t just a mamono problem, just a little worse for some of us. Desire and self-control are universal. I think that is something everyone should know, honestly. There’s nothing wrong with you both indulging in your love together. You don’t have to stop, obviously. Just show a little restraint. The payoff will be so worth it.”
“It definitely is…”, I mumbled absentmindedly.
My face turned red like a tomato as I realized what I just said, and Rena’s wide grin told me that I was way too loud. The others looked at me with a confused expression.
“Got yourself a boyfriend already?”, Mel stated bluntly, making me twitch. Was she jealous or something?
I snuck a peak at Nica, who nodded assuringly. I swallowed heavily before answering.
“I-I didn’t. I found someone better.”, I stuttered with a proud smile.
Leaving them hanging just a little longer, I started fishing my phone out of my bag. I felt the need to show my progress, not just talk about it.
“What are you talking about? I really want to know now.”
“Dear, you’re taking too long. Why don’t just tell them?”
“One moment, Nica.”
The girls were a little lost, much to Rena’s amusement. My grip tightened on my phone as I felt Nica’s tail coil around me.
“Time’s up~”, she cooed, pulling me in for a deep, loving kiss that was followed by multiple surprised gasps.
“Sorry! I just can’t hold myself back when she is so cute like this!”
My cheeks hot from her sudden affection, I gave her a gentle hug before sitting back down.
“Sammy is mine now~”, Nica chimed happily before returning to her place.
“Congratulations!”, Anna yipped excitedly, her tail wagging back and forth behind her.
The other girls were about to say something too, but Nica went with the flow to continue the discussion.
“Sammy here… I am allowed to say this, honey?”
I nodded silently, calming myself by scarfing down a dumpling.
“She is like you. Love goes both ways. Just because you’re more dominant in the bedroom doesn’t mean that Jackie would ever stop pleasing you. That probably hasn’t even crossed her mind. Talk to her, and you’ll see. She is a succubus after all~”
“T-Thanks, Veronica. That makes me feel a lot better. Maybe ya can give me sum’ tips afterwards?”

“Sure thing, Rena. I’m always open to my patients. But for now, why don’t you girls tell us how the last week went. Anna?”
“Nothing worth sharing I think. I’m sure what you guys have been up to has been more interesting.”
Mel decided to give her opinion like usual.
“Oh, come on! I doubt you’re that boring. You can’t just sit at home all day, read a book, and organize your library like a stereotypical anubis.”
This earned her quick jabs to the sides from her sisters. Anna scratched the back of her head.
“Work is going alright. My coworkers have been pretty understanding since my transformation, making sure not to be too loud for instance. My company hired someone to work with me since our boss has been more absent recently. He’s been pretty nice…”
“Don’t leave us hanging, girl. There’s gotta be more to that than what you’re letting on.”, Rena piped up.
“Umm… He’s been really sweet and helpful. I’ve never seen such a good work ethic before. He asks me if I need anything whenever he passes by, how I’m doing, stuff like that. He comes to work early and stays late sometimes. He’ll work himself to death at this rate, I fear. He even covered for me when I was late to work the other day. All things considered, he’s been a perfect gentleman…”
“What’s the problem then?”, Nica said
Anna could only look straight down in shame.
“I can barely talk to him… Whenever he speaks to me, I just lock up and stutter. I can barely get my point across. It makes it hard to work with him, to be honest. It was hard just to send an email to him. It didn’t help that his desk isn’t far from mine either. I’m worried that he thinks that I may not like him at all.”
“So you’re crushing pretty hard on the new guy, huh?”
Mel’s sisters didn’t bother this time, resigning themselves to each give her a sideways glare.
“Y-Yes, absolutely, and I have no idea what to do. I’m up for a promotion soon, something I’ve really wanted for a while now, but it’s hard to focus with him around. It was hard to count how many errors were in my last report after he shared his lunch with me.”
Nica put a hand to her chin in thought.
“What’s more important to you, right now? Your success or him?”
“I-I don’t think I can decide. I’ve been waiting for this, but it’s hard to keep my mind off of him. Just today, he showed me some stuff he added to the project I’m in charge of along with giving me new ideas, things that hadn’t even crossed my mind. I had to keep my tail from wagging, and I think I could have died from embarrassment if he saw.”
“You just have to be confident in yourself, Anna. They wouldn’t give you this opportunity if you weren’t good at what you do. Don’t waste it.”
“S-So I should try and ignore him?”
“No, no at all. That’s the opposite of what you should do. Tell me. If you get promoted, would that make you his superior?”
Anna nodded as Nica smirked.
“If that happened, wouldn’t you two have to spend more time together?”
Anna nodded again while starting to blush furiously.
“Then, focus on that. He obviously likes you enough as a coworker and probably a friend if he’s willing to do this much for you already. It is a bit blunt, but you just have to do it. What are you worried about anyway? There is a good chance he likes you back as well.”
“It’s hard to express myself is all… If I see him smile even, my heart just starts beating faster and my body heats up. I don’t know what it is. I just can’t help it.”
“Oh, the joy of being in love~”
I caught a Nica’s smile, as she glanced at me.
“Just trust yourself for once. Throw caution to the wind. I doubt there’s much you could do that would make him dislike you. Work with him. Get to know him. You said he was helping you, didn’t you? Use that. Think about it. What’s better than a career and being in a loving relationship? You’ll do just fine, Anna. I know it.”
Anna was left speechless. My mind flashed back to mine and Nica’s time at that cafe, where our relationship really began, so I decided to throw in my two cents.
“I have to agree. You can’t just let this pass you by. Is there anywhere you want to go with him, anywhere at all?”

“I started going to a karaoke place pretty often since our last get together. They have pretty good food there as well. I was thinking about inviting him after work one day, but I can hardly perish the thought on actually going through with it.”
“Why not? It sounds like a great idea. You like singing, don’t you? Show him your skills. Have a good time. I think you’ll both love it.”
Anna sat deep in thought for a moment before her ears perked up.
“Thank you, everyone. Your encouragement means a lot, and I’ll consider it. Especially you, Veronica. These earplugs work wonders, but I don’t use them that often anymore since they get in the way now more than anything.”
“Not a problem, dear. It’s what we are here for.”, Nica said, her voice optimistic.
I remembered Nica’s suggestion to go to karaoke sometime, and I desired to hear more of her wonderful voice. A small, annoying feeling spread through my heart at listening to Anna. Why didn’t I think of that sooner? 

Nadja was next, literally buzzing in excitement to the point where she almost lifted off the ground.
“Everything’s been pretty good. It’s been three days since I finally was able block out some of the less favorable scents around me. New ones meet me at every corner. My store’s been getting more business too. I smell something wonderful coming from you two! It’s sweet for sure, but it’s also kinda fruity? Candy, perhaps? It’s really hard to put into words… Could it be that actual love has its own scent?”, she asked with a genuinely knowledge hungry gaze.
Nica let out a surprised snort as Rena started laughing heartily. She stuck out her tongue with a wink before answering.
“Yeah, the scent of love’ is wonderful ain’t it? I can smell it too!”
My face flushed in embarrassment, unable to even try to speak up. Nica covered her mouth with a quiet chuckle, her cheek’s tinted lightly. None of us really wanted to tell her, and I was pretty sure we should keep it that way. Once she finished, Mel went next. Her chitinous carapace was polished to a mirror sheen, entirely spotless.
“These wipes are the work of Eros! I’m really happy that they work so well. I really need to know, Veronica. Where did you get them? I need more!”
“To tell you the truth, Mel, those were just regular wipes. They sell ones just like them down the street. I think you need to be careful about overdoing it.”
To say Mel was giving Nica ‘a look’ could be considered an understatement.
“What do you mean, overdoing it? I just want to be clean!”
“Mel, devil bugs aren’t inherently dirty or filthy by any means. With a regular lifestyle, they basically have the same hygiene as most other people. Some just choose to live that way, and that’s completely up to them. Devil bug’s reputation is mainly exaggerated preconception. Look at yourself. Your carapace shines in the light, but I don’t think that much sanitization can feel good or be very healthy.”
“I feel fine. I don’t see what you’re fussing about.”
“You wouldn’t mind me getting a second and third opinion from your sisters then?”, she says, looking at Sierra and Nadja. Nadja spoke first.
“Sis has been going a little overboard since the last meeting. I’ve seen her using those wipes and washing her hands quite a bit. She takes a lot of time every day to make sure she’s basically spotless before being satisfied. Even then, she isn’t happy with it for long. She was even hesitant about hugging me the other day…. I would be a bad sister if I said I didn’t worry.”
“I agree with Nadja. Mel has been rather adamant about her cleanliness as of late. I fear it’s getting in the way of her life at this point. She’s been really jumpy a lot and doesn’t like going out as much anymore either.”, says Sierra after the beelzebub.
“You guys are making a big deal over nothing!I just don’t want to spread or pick up any more filth on me.”, Mel says while rubbing one of her arms.
“You’re skin is dry isn’t it, Mel? It must be rather irritating. No doubt from all the cleaning you’ve done on yourself. I just don’t want to see you develop any more bad habits, Mel.”
“Like what!?”
“How do you see yourself, right now, Mel? Do you consider yourself clean? Are you comfortable in your own skin?”
It took a couple seconds for Mel to answer.
“No…”, she mumbled, defeated and dejected
“It’s not what you are, Mel, that matters here. It’s who you are. You are not going to suddenly be grimy as you think you may be just from being a devil bug. You can see that, right now, can’t you? The goal of this group is for everyone here to feel happy and confident with their news forms. We all, especially your sisters, want that for you as well. You’re probably even cleaner than you realize. Enzymes in a devil bug’s body fluids break down harmful substances and bacteria, so that they don’t endanger those around them. You don’t have to worry about getting someone else sick or dirty.”
Mel was silent again as a tear escaped her eye.
“I-I’m sorry for making you guys deal with this. I just-”
She was cut off by her sisters hugging her from both sides. She quickly wrapped her arms around both of them, returning the favor.
“I love you guys.”
“We know sis.”
“We care about you.”, Sierra finished.
“If you put your mind to it, devil bugs can be one of the cleanest mamono that exist. Don’t put yourself down because of some stereotypes.”
Mel nodded as her sisters returned to their seats.
“How are you faring, Sierra?”, Nica asked the lean vamp mosquito sitting next to her sister.
“N-Nadja has been helping me recently. I still can’t really look at it, but she offers me some of her blood once in a while. Not directly, of course. I took small sips from a cup. It tastes quite nice and sweet actually.”
Nica looked rather satisfied with her progress, flashing her a wide grin.
“Good. Seems like the tea has bridged the gap for long enough then. I’m glad your sister decided to take my advice as well.”
“Excuse me?”
“I’m sorry for deceiving you, but I neglected to tell you that your drink contained a small amount of blood in it.”
My echidna waved her finger, a tiny scar across it.
“Y-You did what? That wasn’t necessary.”
“Are you sure? You were dangerously pale, and you definitely wouldn’t have liked the urge to take it by force, right? I really didn’t want to lie to you, but it was the easiest solution at the time. Your body depends on it now, and your health would have really suffered otherwise. I’d rather not say to what degree.”
“And what was that about my sister?”
“Nadja pulled me aside after our last meeting to discuss your health. Her and Mel were very concerned to say the least. I told her that she could offer you some of her blood in hopes of making you feel better. You’re all lucky to have each other, and I’m glad that you agreed.”
“Is… Is that true, Nadja?”
“You could barely move that morning, Sierra. We had to carry you here, remember? We couldn’t just sit by and watch you suffer. You wouldn’t even look at one of those blood bags either. We’re really sorry, but we didn’t know what else to do. You don’t hate me for that, do you?”
“I can never hate my sister, Nad, especially when she’s looking out for me like this.”
“I hoped that it would help you get more accustomed to the idea of drinking blood since the taste and scent would be more familiar. It also helped that your sister decided to take the initiative, so you could get it from someone you trust. Most vampires don’t like the idea of drinking random plasma at first.”, Nica continued.
“T-Thanks… I guess. But please, don’t do that again!”, she quipped, taking another dumpling out of the box.
Something about Nica giving herself to someone else, even just a small amount, rubbed the wrong way, and I couldn’t put my finger on it.
“These are really tasty. Thank you for making them, Sam. By the way, what about you?”, the vamp mosquito stated with the snack still stuck in her mouth.
Not wanting to throw Nica under the bus, I didn’t tell them everything.
“T-Those sweets Nica gave me calmed me down a lot, and I can really enjoy my new body! It took me a while, but I feel like I’m okay with it now… Mostly.”
“Mostly?”, Rena interjected with a raised eyebrow.
“Well… uh… there are a few things that come with being a woman that I don’t quite understand. Nica helps me a lot though.”
“I won’t pry, but ya gotta tell me how my suggestion worked out.”, she said with a lecherous grin. My body cramped up, and a blush crept into my face as her words reminded me of our fun time in the kitchen. I nervously rubbed my legs together, sweating when I suddenly noticed that I still had that vibe in me.
“I… I-I will.”, I stuttered quietly, avoiding her gaze.
Rena giggled while reclining in her chair, amused at my reaction.
Nica continued by describing what our forms are capable of, the changes that we might have missed. I knew already what my transformation entailed, letting my heart throb in anticipation.
Soon, the meeting found its end and the sisters left together. Only Rena, Anna, Nica and I remained, getting ready to leave as well.
“We should do a girls night, sometime! I would love to get ta know you guys better.” Rena chimed enthusiastically.
“We could! How about karaoke?”, Anna added with raised ears.
“That sounds like an excellent idea. We should ask the others if they would want to come.”
“Yeah. We should. Next weekend, maybe?”
They seemed to like my proposal, universally agreeing.
“We have to head home now. I don’t want my princess getting cold~”
“Have fun, ya two! I gotta see ma babe. It feels like I haven’t seen her in ages!”
“I still have to work tomorrow, so I need to head back soon too.”
“Tell Jackie I said ‘Hi,’ Rena. Good luck with your promotion, Anna. I’ll see you both later.”
We turned to leave as Nica shot me a lascivious gaze. Grinning lewdly, she reached into her bra and grasped onto something.
“Nica? Wha-”
I was interrupted by a sudden bolt of pleasure, the toy buried inside me coming to life. Gritting my teeth, I stumbled to her side. A loud cough and giggling echoed from behind us, prompting us to look back. Anna’s face looked like a tomato, and both of her ears were folded forwards. Rena just smirked at me while trying to hold in her laughter. She just tapped her nose in confirmation. My legs buckled as shame bubbled within me. I wanted to curl up in a ball. In a fluent motion, Nica caught me in her arms, cradling me softly as we left. This would work too.
“I-I’ll get you for that…”, I breathed into her ear.
“Oh dear, I look forward to it~”

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  1. Even before their meeting, the two still cant resist the urge to tease one another. At least with Nica, Sammy’s become much more prominent with her sexual advances. It makes me think she’s even lewder than Nica at times, but then Nica plays dirty by pulling out tricks like playing with the vine in synch with what Sammy’s doing.

    I was a but worried regarding who the new guest was going to be in the group, thankfully it’s someone Sammy knows well so that was reassuring.

    Wonder what Sammy has planned now that Nica had pushed her luck. Only time will tell

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