Golden Lust and Emerald Love – Chapter 10: The First Step

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The cool evening air had turned frigid as we arrived at my apartment. Nica was shivering already, so I quickly gathered up any blankets I could find inside the apartment. Her sluggishness soon subsided after I buried her in a mountain of warmth.
“T-Thank you, dear. I-I really hope I don’t intrude.”
She shed her leather jacket to get more comfortable, her shining eyes fixated on me. Her gentle smile burned itself into my mind every time I saw it. She looked rather hesitant as I cozied up to her, a weary expression on her face.
“I-Is everything alright, Nica? Do you need something? A hot chocolate perhaps? I can make one for you if you want.”
“That would be wonderful, Sammy. Thank you.”, she whispered as I went to the kitchen. I haven’t seen her this meek before and I wanted her to smile. I wanted her to feel as safe and secure as she made me feel today. Was she not telling me something? Concerned, I pulled out my phone to read up on echidna.  They were known as the mother of monsters, were gentle souls, and had the lustfulness so many mamono shared. I knew she was cold-blooded but that couldn’t be it. I swallowed heavily when I read that echidna could feel who their perfect mate would be. Thinking that she chose me made my chest swell with pride. Hot drink in hand, I returned to the living room. Her face was flushed and she was staring at the ceiling like in a trance. It was obvious, she must be sick.
“Are you alright, h-honey? Should I get a doctor?”
“N-No, I’m alright! Believe me. I just feel a little under the weather.”
I placed the hot cup onto the table in front of the couch before I nuzzled back into her side. I needed to warm her as much as I could since my heater was rather cheap and unreliable.
She weakly lifted the cup, slowly sipping at the sweet and milky drink.
“It smells exquisite, dear. That was just what I needed.”, she said slowly.
Why the smell? Didn’t it taste good? She kept taking little sips until the cup was almost empty. She delighted in every swig and inevitably drank it all.
“Ummm… Sammy? W-Where is the bathroom? I-I think I need to freshen up.”
“Down the hall, last door to the left. You can’t miss it.”
She nodded gratefully before slithering out of view. There was something I was missing, but I couldn’t get a grasp on what.

Nica was taking her time, so I chose to research a little more. Maybe, looking up echidna’s was a little too specific? I scoured an encyclopedia entry on mamono for anything relating to both smell and discomfort. Apparently, the smell of their husbands easily arouses them. Remembering my escapade this morning, I could only confirm that. But Nica was so… confident and strong. I could understand me falling to this, but not her. Thinking on what to do, I got a little more specific in my search. I quickly found an article about the lamia family, explaining their quirks and habits. A particular quote caught my eyes as I scrolled through it.
‘Lamia’s both taste and smell with their tongues. Even the slightest whiff or taste of their husband can push weaker willed individuals into a lust filled frenzy.’
I froze in shock, remembering something. I pulled out the pictures we took today to make sure. Did she lick my ear during that last picture? Oh no… If my fear was correct, then I brought her into a terrible situation. I jumped off the couch and headed straight towards the bathroom. I tried to draw her attention to me by knocking loudly on the door.
“A-Are you alright, Nica? I’m sorry that I didn’t noti-”
The words got stuck in my throat as the door creaked open. The lock broke down long ago, and I had never bothered to fix it. A mesmerizing scent almost knocked me off my feet. She stared at me in a mix of shock and horror, her hands firmly wrapped around her big, throbbing… I couldn’t look away. It was like I had been hypnotized by her… girths? She had two?! I wanted to scream. I wanted to run into my room and lock the door. I wanted to forget this ever happened. Those feelings quickly dissipated, however. Now, for some reason, I wanted to get closer instead. I wanted to help her… The sudden onslaught of my conflicting emotions and instincts made me dizzy. By Eros… What should I do?
Clarity returned for just long enough for me to notice the tears welling up in her eyes.
“I…. I-I’m sorry I…”, she sobbed, trying to cover both her crotch and her face with her hands but doing a bad job at both.
“I-I should’ve gone home when… when… P-Please, don’t look at me! I feel so dirty, d-doing that here. I… I better go.”
Seeing her pained expression and the fear in her eyes, my concerns were washed away by the need to… to… comfort her. Fighting against my own hesitation and anxiety, I took a few steps towards her.
“Wha-… What are you doing, Sam? P-Please, I didn’t want this, I…”
I took another step towards her, my love for her overshadowing everything.
“D-Don’t hate me for this… I… I’m so sorry. What shou-?”
Another step and Nica’s eyes widened as she looked away.
“I’m… so unsightly. Y-You shouldn’t have to see… this. I can understand if you no longer want to-”
I interrupted her mid sentence as I gently cupped her cheek in my left hand and leaned in for a deep kiss. I could feel one of her shafts press against my chest, but aside from a slight blush, I didn’t care.
“Shhh… It’s alright, Nica. I’m here for you. Y-You can talk to me if you have problems. I… I should have known… It’s not your fault. It’s mine, really. W-We’re in this together, r-remember?”
She was speechless, only sniffling softly in my arms. She was so strong and yet so frail as she let go of her anxiety. I kept close to her, wiping away her every tear. However, her second member pinned between my legs reminded me of the situation I was in. If she was to lose control for even a second, there was no chance I would get away before… before she takes me. I gently patted her head as her crying subsided.
“But… But… what should I do? I can’t keep my urges under control like this! I would need to take-”
“You don’t need to take anything, Nica. There are so many things I’m afraid of, so many new sensations I have yet to explore, but there is one thing I can do for you. Something that I know all too well.”
Nica gazed at me in confusion, trying to make sense of what I said.
“What… What could yo-”
Her words were cut short by a pleasured gasp as I overcame my hesitation. Still cupping her face, I gently wrapped my right hand around one of her trembling shafts. It was a nostalgic feeling, for obvious reasons. Then, I remembered that it wasn’t my own and I had to try my best to suppress this stubborn revulsion still roiling in my head. Both of her twin members were so… alien. Their dark purple hue fading to almost black at the tips. The one in my grasp felt cool and smooth to the touch, faint veins snaking across it. It widened towards the middle before tapering to a point, a bead of precum dripping onto her other, quivering member. I swallowed heavily at the sight, trying my best to not drool as my mouth watered. They must have been about a foot long and were thicker than my arm at their widest point. How would this ever fit into-
“S-Sammy! Why… You don’t have to-”
“Hush, honey. I’ve done this a million times already. Nothing new to me.”
I began to slowly move my hand along it until I reached the base. I thought I would meet resistance, but she hadn’t been cursed with the attachments I had initially expected. Instead, my fingers just slipped between her two shafts, causing her to quietly whimper in pleasure.
“Everything is going to be alright, Nica. I’ll handle this.”
Before she could answer, I closed in for another kiss as I slid my hand back up her shaft. She gasped and moaned into my mouth, much to my delight. I moved just a little bit faster for the next stroke, making her shudder and her tail whip about before she decided to wrap it around me. The experience felt so surreal as I started to… jerk off my girlfriend. Her arms wrapped around my shoulders, caressing my exposed back. It felt like the intimate embrace that lovers would share, and I loved it. I could feel myself drip onto the hard erection just below my crotch. I pressed her second member between my thighs, quivering everytime it brushed against my lower lips. A strange, passing sensation spread across my lips as her long tongue slowly brushed against it, asking for entry. I knew what she wanted and I would love to oblige. I opened my mouth just enough for Nica’s prehensile tongue to slip in. She playfully massaged my gums with the forked tip before entwining it with my own. It felt mind melting, making me speed up my ministrations once again. She convulsed slightly, the blood pumping through her erection telling me that she was close. Her moans got deeper and more needy as I pushed her closer and closer to her climax. A jolt of pleasure suddenly coursed through my chest, distracting me from my goal. Nica had snuck her hands inside my dress, caressing my breasts with her fingers and gently pinching my nipples. Her moan slowly built up into a scream, reverberating in my head. One of her hands began creeping downwards, and I spread my legs in anticipation, inviting her to continue. Nica slipped a hand into my panties, playing with my soaked lips. Her coils held me tightly against her as they undulated wildly, barely controlled. All of a sudden, Nica’s body tensed up, her coils constricting me like a vice. Nica knew she was getting close and so did I. She gently rubbed my aching clit, driving me further as well. In a final act of defiance towards the lingering aversion of the task at hand, I began rapidly stroking her entire length. Powerful shockwaves traveled through her entire body. Her tail clamped onto my legs like a bear trap as she released onto my belly and thighs. Her eyes rolling into the back of her head, she desperately recolored my dress over and over again. Her fingers began to erratically jerk over my untrained womanhood, quickly pushing me over the edge as well. As I came on her hand and soaked my panties, my legs turned to jelly and I collapsed onto my girlfriend. As soon as our climaxes subsided, I slowly pulled my head away. We were both breathing heavily, and Nica’s eyes were glazed over in the afterglow.
“S….S-See, Nica? Everything is fine. I… I’ll help you anytime.”
She was still hazy from the experience when she regained the confidence to speak.
“I… I love you, Sammy. Thank you for going so far for me. You really didn’t have to go through so much trouble.”
“I know, but I did it anyway. What kind of girlfriend would I be if I let my darling suffer so much? I love you too. Don’t ever think that I won’t. ”
She nuzzled into my neck, giving me a weak kiss before pulling me closer once again. With her libido sated, Nica’s members conveniently receded inside a slit just below her waist. I enjoyed her embrace for a couple of moments until I noticed her cum seeping through the dress and dripping down my legs.
“O-Oh my god. What have I done to you? I-I’m so sorry dear.”, she stuttered as I put my finger on her lips.
“Don’t worry. It’ll wash out.”, I replied while pulling the cum drenched clothes over my head. Squeezing my hands through her loose coils, I pulled off my dripping panties. I threw the clothes into the hamper and couldn’t help but smile as her gaze longingly followed my underwear. I couldn’t help but feel prideful and free at being fully exposed in front of Nica. A feeling only intensified by her reciporation. She slowly pulled her shirt over her head, almost burying my face in her bountiful bosom. I was distracted, however, by her essence still clinging to my fingertips. The intoxicating smell clouded my thinking for a moment and I cautiously moved my finger towards my mouth to take a small lick. Her semen dissolved into a cocktail of bliss and ecstasy in my mouth, prompting me to lick my fingers completely clean. The feeling of relief was almost indescribable as her essence seeped into my very being.
“Don’t do this on your own anymore, alright? I can always lend a ‘hand’.”
The sultriness in my voice betrayed my instincts taking over, but it didn’t bother me too much since they slowly became a part of me.
“Okay. I’ll remember that, darling~”
Her usual confidence began to return, and I was happy that I was right.
“How about we head to bed together?”, I giggled, much to Nica’s surprise.
“Let me clean you up first!”
She took a soft towel from the rack and soaked it in water before sliding it along my stomach.
Slowly, her hands reached down to my thighs, brushing it across my exposed womanhood. She pulled downwards, wiping my legs clean of any lingering scent.
“It would be really cruel if you had to wake up with that smell in your nose.”, she chimed.
“Honestly, I don’t think I’d mind a bit~”
“Ohh, you~ There! All clean. Let’s get some sleep.”
She gently picked me up before carrying me to my bedroom in a bridal carry.
“Sweet dreams, Sammy. See you tomorrow.”
“B… But… Why don’t you sleep here with me?”
“What if it happens again? I don’t know if I could hold myself back. I might even…”
“Then I’ll have to help you again, silly! Don’t worry about it. We talked about this, didn’t we? Whatever happens, I’ll be there with you. Now, get in here so I can keep you warm.”
She hesitantly wrapped around me, my bed barely large enough for her to fit. It didn’t really matter to us though, because we fell asleep naked in each other’s arms without a care in the world.

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