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You cuddle Amy’s body while in her coils through the night.

The sun rising the next morning woke up both of you, even before your alarm goes off.

“Mmm morning dear,” Amy said smiling gently kissing you on the lips squeezing you in her coils.

“Morning Amy, I hope you slept well,” you say to her after the kiss breaks.

Amy smiles gently “I slept so well I am normally coiled around a pillow,” she replied.

You grab your phone and check the time, you have a few hours until school and you have numerous messages from Vanessa and Sapphire.

You respond to Vanessa first she wanted to meet you before school and Sapphire was asking for her dick appointment which made you roll your eyes.

“Coffee?” she asked getting out of bed.

That would certainly hit the spot you need the boost from all the food and sex.

“Yeah that sounds great Amy,” you say stepping out of bed and reaching for your clothes, it looked like your shirt has just disappeared.

“Can’t find your shirt? I must have thrown it somewhere but you can go with my shirt here,” she said tossing you the shirt she was wearing last night.

It was the ForbiddenFruit shirt, you didn’t want to just wear it but you looked like you had no choice at this point. You slip it on it felt just a size too small for you.

“A bit snug but it looks nice on you,” she said before going back to typing on her phone.

“Order placed, also take that GiraEnergy drink with you, you will never know when you might need it,” she added sitting back on the bed stretching out her still nude body and tail.

You slip the can into your backpack before closing it back up.

You also stretch a bit last night was quite restful, one of the better nights of sleep you had gotten since this whole mess began last week.

Amy just sits there and stares you down, “Hey my dear, give me your number so we can stay in touch,” she said

You sit back down and give her your number. Amy kissed you gently on the lips. “Do you have a scene today?” she asked breaking this kiss.

“Not a scene, but I do have a photoshoot for some clothes for the site’s shop apparently,” you respond to her.

“Keep me posted because um I kind of want you to stay here again tonight,” she said nuzzling her head against you.

“Yeah Amy, as much as I would like that I am going to have to stay home tonight,” you respond to her kissing her on the cheek.

She sighs and looks at her phone again seeing that your order has arrived.

“I’ll go get it,” you say to her stepping out of the room and heading to the elevator.

While you wait for the elevator, you spot Angelica also walking out from a room nearby.

“Ah you spent the night with Lust I see, and you can still walk,” she added patting you on the back as she approached you.

You give her a light chuckle.

“Yeah I stayed but I need to get to school soon, I am picking up a coffee order for Amy,” you tell her.

“I am about to head out now, so if you want a ride I can take you just take the coffee up to Lust,” Angelica responded stepping into the now open elevator.

You wanted to share the coffee with Amy but you’d rather take the ride while you had it.

You grab the orders from the delivery boy out front and rush back up to Amy’s room.

“So fast, now come snuggle and watch the city with me,” she said patting the bed for you.

“Amy I can’t, Angelica offered me a ride to school and I need to take it. Can I make it up to you?” you ask her. Amy treated you fantastic last night so it was only fair to do something nice for her in return.

Amy sighed again, “I want a weekend of filming with you, but we’d do it at my place if you want to make it up to me,” she said.

Shit, she wanted a weekend, that is going to be hard to get with whatever you get called for or Vanessa and the crew.

“I will see what I can do for that, I know this weekend will be out the question, Sin asked to do something with me on Friday and who knows what else I might get called for,” you tell her.

“Sin? The gaming Demon?” she asked getting out of bed slithering over to you.

“Yeah, she asked me yesterday when I went down to grab our drinks, she was getting some food too,” you tell her.

“Maybe we can have a date on Sunday?” she asked wrapping her arms around you while you grab your backpack.

She wants to spend more time with you. “I will try Amy, I promise,” you say kissing her on the lips. “I have to go now,” you add after the kiss.

“I’ll call you tonight,” she says as you exit the room.

You grab the closest elevator before meeting Angelica out front.

“Good on time,” she said as you hopped into the passenger seat.

On the way to your school, she reminds you of your photoshoot today for new merch that will be going into the site’s shop and she wants you to bring Vanessa with you.

“Yeah sure I will bring her, she will be excited to come along,” you say as you pull up in front of the school. It was filled with more people outside than usual lots more Monsters.

“Uh oh, Monsters from the rival school are over here I wonder why?” you say getting out of the car.

“Just be safe I don’t want my star here to get hurt,” Angelica said giving you a wink before driving off.

You spot your friends and they are giving you quite the smug smile.

“I thought you wanted this all to be a secret, you came in one of their shirts.” one of them said giving you a nudge.

“Lost my shirt last night during a shoot, I am going to try to sneak in my house today without being seen,” you say to them.

It was early still so you chatted with your friends and had the coffee that you had gotten from Amy. They asked about the work you had been doing and you were honest with them.

“You aren’t going to be able to keep this secret forever if the wrong person catches a glimpse of that magazine you are done for, no way your parents are going to let you keep doing porn,” another one of your friend’s mentions.

You agree unfortunately the money was good so far, so that might be able to coax them into letting you keep working.

“Ain’t that Vanessa?” one of your friends asked pointing over.

It was Vanessa she was still in her custom jacket and a plain black tee with a black skirt.

She notices you almost immediately and skitters over as fast as she can wrapping her arms around you. “I missed you, my dear,” she said kissing you as hard as she could on the lips.

You kiss her back and put your arm around her. “Yeah, I missed you too Vanessa. Angelica wants you to come with me today for the photoshoot,” you tell her.

Vanessa was more than happy to hear that.

“Cutie, mind signing this for me? I was told this was you and judging by that shirt it is,” a voice said approaching you.

It was a Monster that didn’t go to your school.

Vanessa immediately shot her a somewhat nasty look.

The girl noticed Vanessa glaring. “I just want the magazine signed relax,” she said handing you the latest copy of ForbiddenFruit magazine.

It was you and Mindy, they went with the shot of her carrying you in her talons.

“Y-Yeah I’ll sign it,” you say to her reaching for the pen she was also handing you.

You sign your name for her.

“Thanks, cutie,” she said kissing you on the cheek.

Electricity flowed for a second through your body when her lips touched your cheek. She must have been a Raiju.

“See you around, I’ll be watching more of your stuff tonight,” she said walking away.

“Just hope your parents don’t see that cover,” Vanessa said lacing her fingers with yours.

That was the biggest concern, working for ForbiddenFruit wasn’t nearly as bad as you thought. They were treating you right and the pay was incredible.

The bell soon rang for you to go to class. You kiss Vanessa goodbye and she reminds you about the shoot this afternoon.

Once you get out of school for the day you receive a text from Angelica telling you they will pick you up at home instead of school they had extra set up to do.

You grab a ride home with your friends after texting Vanessa telling her to meet you at your house later on but of course, hide if need be.

Once you get home, you make the full attempt to sneak in to change.

“Hold it right there,” a sharp voice said once you were inside.

It was your mom, she normally was at work when you got home.

“So, tell me why I am at work and I get a call from your school telling me that explicit videos of you are getting passed around the school and getting put online?” she asked staring at you with her arms crossed. It looked like the secret is out.

You go to speak but immediately get cut off. “Oh and this too,” she says reaching behind her grabbing the latest copy of ForbiddenFruit magazine.

“It was in the mail along with a little letter thanking you for doing the shoot as well as a check for doing something with a Monster called Lust,” she continued.

“500$ it looks like, how long did you intend on hiding this from me?” she finished her rant off with.

“I knew you’d react like this, I am making good money mom and ForbiddenFruit is taking good care of me,” you say in your defense. “This kind of money could jumpstart my future,” you add.

“You are selling your body to those Monsters for money, you have been tainted,” she said throwing the magazine down and putting her hands on her hips.

“Mom please don’t do this, I have a photoshoot today for new merch ForbiddenFruit wants to release soon, and I have to be there,” you say.

Your mom continued to berate you for what you have been doing after school while you walk with your head down into your bedroom to change.

“I am going to let you do this little shoot, and just wait until your father gets home we are going to see what he has to say about all of this mess,” she said stomping away.

You swear silently to yourself as you change into something normal.

After you head out she continues to give you as much shit as she can before you got a text from Angelica to meet her outside with Vanessa.

“I’ll be back later, and we can talk more,” you say to your mom before leaving.

“My dear,” Vanessa said leaning in for a kiss.

You walk past her with your head down. Your mind right now was a mess.

“Babe, what is wrong?” she asked getting into the back of the car after you.

“Mom got a call from the school, apparently my scenes have been getting passed around in school, and my cover shoot for the magazine came in the mail which she also got a hold of,” you said putting your head down against the back seat.

“Look, little star do you want me to talk with your mother? You are the future of ForbiddenFruit and I don’t want that jeopardized,” Angelica asked.

What could it hurt if Angelica talked to her for you?

“Go on Angelica, see what you can do,” you tell her with a deep sigh.

Vanessa wraps her arms around you pulling you to her.

Angelica nods to your usual Succubus driver and she takes off with you and Vanessa.

“Angelica will figure things out, just relax babe please,” Vanessa said snuggling you kissing your cheek.

You hated the idea of this job and wanted out at first, but now that you see you are being taken care of so well, and not even just monetary.

“Angelica will take care of everything dear, she knows how to talk to people,” your succubus driver said.

You hoped so, honestly running into Vanessa and her crew was a blessing in disguise.

You and Vanessa get to the ForbiddenFruit building. “Your photoshoot should be up on the 3rd floor, I believe it is the Halloween collection,” she spoke.

You and Vanessa walk into the building and hop into the nearest elevator.

“It will be alright babe, let Angelica do her thing,” Vanessa said to you taking your hand and kissing it gently.

Your mind was torn, on one hand, you could get out of your contract and go back to a somewhat normal life, or you can continue in the business and play your cards right to have a good future for yourself and possibly another.

Once you reached the 3rd floor someone was already waiting for you. “Our new star I assume and his girlfriend,” she said tapping away at what looked like a tablet.

She was a Sphinx by the look of it and was using that tablet with a stylus probably because her paws would get in the way.

“Halloween season is upon us soon and that means seasonal merch, so come on both of you, you will be our models,” she said walking away while motioning for you to follow her with her stylus.

You and Vanessa follow the Sphinx into an open door in the hallway.

The entirety of the room was a green screen, not an inch of the bare floor was visible. Three cameras and two giant lights stood in the center.

“Alright, we are going to give you each a different set of things to try on and we will be taking alternate pictures and a few couples shots,” the Sphinx said to you both while pointing at two boxes set up near the cameras.

You both open the boxes, the Halloween merch was something else. Hoodies, hats, jackets, long sleeves, sweatpants, and even themed socks.

Vanessa’s box was similar but with thigh high socks instead of normal ones.

The shoot went well, solo shots and couples shots alike.

“Ah perfect, you two look great together. Go on take those boxes they are yours and a check for each of you,” the Sphinx said handing you and Vanessa the small piece of paper.

“$500 sweet might be good for a date night huh babe?” Vanessa asks you.

You grab your box and pocket the check before letting out a full sigh “If things go well at home, yes we can Vanessa,” you say

You and Vanessa thank the Sphinx and head out to grab your ride again from the Succubus waiting outside.

You put the boxes in the backseat with you before Vanessa starts to snuggle against you.

“Shit it looks like my dad is home now,” you say as you pull up in front of your house.

“Just text me once you can please,” Vanessa said kissing your neck gently and then lips.

You kiss her back and grab your box of new merch before walking back inside your home.

Angelica wasn’t here it seemed.

“We need to talk about this whole thing son,” your father said to you with your mother standing behind him in your small living room.

“Alright, I just want to get something for you to see so I have some defense for myself,” you say placing the box down on the couch.

You walk into your room grabbing the other two checks you had received for previous scenes.

You come back to see your mother sifting through the box you had brought in.

“Halloween collection from ForbiddenFruit,” you tell her sitting down on the couch.

“So everything your mother has told me is true? You have been doing adult videos behind our back?” he asked.

“Yes, for the moment I was trying to figure out how to tell you,” you reply.

He sighed deeply “How did you get into it?” he then asked.

Now that one you couldn’t answer honestly. Vanessa and the crew assaulting you and strong-arming you into doing your first live sex show wouldn’t exactly help your case.

“Well? How did you get involved?” he repeats himself.

Your brain struggles for an answer you had to tell him something.

“M-My girlfriend Vanessa is who got me involved,” you blurt out. It was the only thing you could think to say.

“How long have you had this girlfriend?” he asked.

“A few weeks, she was already doing live streams for them and asked me to come on being her boyfriend after all, according to her the chat was going crazy for me and she got a call to work out a deal with them,” you say reaching into your pocket grabbing the checks.

“Now, that woman Angelica called you the future of the site, you must be doing alright,” he said.

You were a bit surprised by the end of his sentence, your mom on the other hand didn’t look too pleased with where this conversation was headed.

“I have made roughly $3,000 in just this one week of working for them, my contract I signed put me up for 7 film scenes and if I take scenes from Monsters that request me it is just bonus money in my pocket,” you explain to them.

Your dad seemed a bit more on board with this whole thing and he pretty much lit up once hearing that level of cash.

“3 grand?” he asked.

“You aren’t considering allowing him to keep selling his body?” your mom asked quite concerned.

“Angelica said everything is safe, all birth control is given and all the girls are checked for any kind of std before being allowed to do any kind of duo work. I recall a healthcare plan for all employees too,” your dad said to your mom.

This was going better than expected, your dad was completely on board with this adventure.

“So I can continue working?” you ask.

“Go ahead, I’ll take you Saturday to get you an account set up so you can keep a card on you,” your dad said.

Your mother wasn’t happy at all with this decision, but she had to grow and accept it.

You sigh in relief before taking your box and retreating to your room placing it right next to the first box you had received.

Soon Vanessa was texting you asking about what had happened. You tell her everything had gone well surprisingly.

She asks can she come over and you tell her that she can even spend the night if she wants just, she just has to bring a change of clothes.

“I’ll be right over as fast as I can,” she replied. You imagine she was overjoyed for you to ask her to stay the night.

You decided to get a jump start on your homework but then you get a call from Amy. She sounded tired, but you tell her everything that happened.

She asks about having a date with you this Sunday, you just had to remind her that you still were not sure about that but you will keep her in check with it.

Vanessa was knocking at your window while you were still on the phone with Amy.

“Amy, I will talk to you later I have to go for now,” you tell her.

She sighs and tells you to call her as soon as you can.

You open your window and let Vanessa inside. She still had a bit of trouble fitting her spider half through but she managed.

“I brought a change of clothes,” she said.

“Good, um go make yourself comfortable,” you tell her as she puts her bag in your bed.

“Wait, can I buy us dinner? I can have it delivered,” she asked getting in your bed.

“Yeah sure Vanessa, I will be getting an account set up this weekend so maybe if you are good we can have a nice date,” you tell her.

Vanessa smiled and stretched out on your bed typing away on her phone.

Things were starting to look up, you can keep working and soon you will be able to start spending your actual money…

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