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You sit and do some homework while texting Vanessa. She talked about all the stuff they sent. She seemed to have gotten a bit less than you, no jacket, and no hats. Instead, she and the girls got multiple tank tops and a thin hoodie just for Vanessa.

She ends up asking you if she can swing by and see you before school, you agree to it just as you are getting into bed.

You sleep decently, waking up every so often to a text from Vanessa telling you “Goodnight” or “I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

It was nice honestly, Vanessa so far was trying to improve.

Morning came and you woke up stretching before getting out of bed.

You looked over at the open box from ForbiddenFruit debating on wearing something out of it to school. You shake that idea out of your head and move the box to the side but you take your security pass out.

Your phone goes off, surprisingly it wasn’t the first thing you checked. You had a message from Vanessa and Angelica.

Vanessa was on her way to the school from what she said in her text. Angelica was telling you about today’s shoot. “Today you will be working with a veteran model her name is Lust and she will fill you in on the details, being a veteran she has full creative control over her productions.” Angelica’s message wrote.

You shrug it off for now before getting dressed.

You grab a quick bite to eat and head out to meet your friends.

They don’t ask about the work you are doing with ForbiddenFruit, you just assume they don’t want to make it awkward even more than it already is.

You park and all get out then start walking towards the school.

“My dear I was waiting for you,” Vanessa said walking up to you. Vanessa was wearing her custom jacket and a tank top.

Your boys nudge you and tell you to go on with her while you can.

“You look nice in that Vanessa,” you say kissing her on the lips.

She kisses you back “I would say I am surprised you aren’t in all the merch they sent you but I know why,” she said.

“Just hoping that it stays a secret,” you say back to her.

“My dear, I want to do something before you head in for class,” Vanessa said while looking around.

“What is it Vanessa?” you ask her.

“A quickie behind the school for my channel, I don’t have a stream or shoot today but I want to put up some content,” she said.

This stunt would get you and her into serious trouble if caught.

“Vanessa we will certainly get caught if we do that,” you say back to her.

“I saw a decently hidden spot, behind the dumpsters near your cafeteria,” she said placing her hands on your chest.

That place was a usual spot for after school antics, normally if students couldn’t want to get home to smoke or whatever they would go there.

“Please, it will be fast,” she said looking up into your eyes.

“Alright, Vanessa.”

She smiles taking your hand and leading the way behind the school. Once behind the dumpster, she hands you her phone and tells you to record it.

“Play along dear,” she said unzipping your pants pulling your soft cock out and stroking it slowly.

You start the recording aiming the camera down at her touching your length.

“So hard already,” she said backing up against the side of the dumpster. Thankfully they power wash those things.

You were hard from her touch, deep down you were warming up to Vanessa but still much needed to be done to make it official.

“C-Come on and fuck me,” she said lifting her skirt showing she had no panties on.

She takes the camera from you to start recording from her point of view.

Meanwhile, you are looking around in paranoia to make sure you weren’t being watched or followed.

You lift her slightly against the dumpster before slipping your cock inside her pussy.

“Y-Yes baby, fuck me good,” she spoke followed by a gasp as you began pulling in and out of her tight hole.

Vanessa was switching between angles of you thrusting deep inside of her and turning the camera around to show her faces of pleasure.

It was hot, despite everything that has happened you taking her right here was quite passionate and intense.

You reach one of your hands up her shirt to touch her breasts while filling her with every inch you had.

“F-Fuck baby yes go on,” she said lifting her shirt and bra exposing her pale and pierced tits.

You grope her breasts while pumping fully inside her edging yourself closer and closer to cumming inside of her.

Vanessa gently starts to moan your name as you plow her depths which was enough to push you over the edge. Her name escapes your lips as you cum hard and deep inside her painting her walls white.

“Y-Yes baby cum in me fill me,” she pants out looking deeply into your eyes.

You instinctively lean down and kiss Vanessa hard on the lips. She slipped the phone into her bra kissing you back wrapping her arms around you.

“I-I don’t want you to stop, fuck me more,” Vanessa said to you grabbing the phone and turning it off.

You didn’t want to stop either, right now you wanted Vanessa more than ever. “Yes Vanessa,” you said to her kissing her more starting to thrust again inside of her.

“Fuck yes harder babe,” Vanessa moaned as you slammed her pussy more.

You quicken the pace on your thrusts into Vanessa which already pushed towards another orgasm.

“C-Cum in me again,” she panted kissing you deeply on the lips again.

You did and it was quite the hard one, not as much cum but so much more force thrusting inside of her giving her every drop you could.

You pull out of her and she goes to stand but stumbles. “Baby that was amazing,” she said leaning into you kissing you again.

“I-It was, and I will be late for class,” you say to her.

“G-Go I’ll rest up and text you later,” she said smiling at you.

You kiss her passionately goodbye before rushing into the school.

You were incredibly late to your first class. At this point, it cannot be helped.

The rest of the day went by just fine. Once outside you expected just to see Vanessa waiting for you but not today.

“Dear bug, sweet sweet bug,” a voice said.

Shivers went up through your spine. It was Sapphire.

“Miss me?” she asked approaching you from behind.

You didn’t miss her at all but you decided to humor her.

“Yes of course Sapphire.”

She smirked, “You have a scene today?” she asked.

“Yes I do, I am waiting for my ride Angelica said it was on its way,” you reply to her.

“It is a shame, I need my one on one with you. The way Vanessa walked back into the place today I need what you gave her,” she said turning you around to face her.

Sapphire’s stare was intense those deep blue eyes look directly into your soul.

“Maybe another time Sapphire,” you say to her.

Sapphire sighs

“Alright my sweet bug, I am holding you to it.”

Your friends come out and join you and Sapphire.

“My oh my, bug you didn’t tell me your friends were cute,” Sapphire said looking at them.

Your friends turn red in embarrassment.

“I have some girls that would eat you up,” Sapphire said.

You roll your eyes while Sapphire questions your friends. Only to be disappointed when none of them are 18 like you.

“You two better call me when the time comes,” Sapphire said giving them her number just as your ride pulls up.

“Bug, I expect a kiss,” she said skittering after you.

You kiss her and tell her you will see her later.

You hop into the front seat this time.

“On time as always sir,” the succubus said to you.

“No need to call me sir I am too young for that,” you reply to her.

“Good to know,” she replies with a smug smile.

She drives you to the building and you and her both walk inside. This time Angelica was there waiting for you.

“We need to talk about something little recruit,” she said to you adjusting her glasses.

You look at her a bit confused.

“Um sure, Ms. Angelica.”

“Come on next door, we can grab a coffee while Lust gets ready for you,” she said walking past you motioning you to follow her.

You head out behind her, you and her head into the Warm Delights coffee shop next door. A place like that so close will be convenient for late sessions.

“What do you want to drink recruit?” she asks looking at you.

“I usually get the Energy Blend black,” you respond to her.

She orders two large Energy Blends but hers with cold mana.

You both sit down at a table that is overlooking the street. The atmosphere was quite nice, light jazz and classical music.

“I assume you are wondering why I brought you here to talk?” Angelica said sipping her coffee.

“Yeah, honestly,” you reply to her.

“Oh it is nothing bad trust me, ever since we brought you on, traffic to the site has nearly tripled, the videos you have been in are among some of the highly searched, and we have been getting a lot more mortals that want to work with us,” Angelica spoke sipping her coffee more.

It was all flattering, to say the least.

“Well thank you? I don’t know what to say,” you reply to her.

She smiled more.

“Don’t even worry about it, you have quite the future with us, I just wanted to thank you for all you have provided so far,” Angelica said.

You and her drink up your coffee before heading back to what you would call the office.

“I have to do some paperwork, also tomorrow you have a photoshoot for merchandise I will see you then Lust works on the 5th floor in the last room on the left,” Angelica said before vanishing into the elevator just as it was about to close. Looked like another Demon in there with her barely dressed.

You grab the next elevator and head to the 5th floor. A woman named Lust must be something else and she is a long-time model.

You head to the room you were told she would be in, you knocked and you heard quite a sweet voice say “Come in.”

You open the door to be greeted by a heavily Egyptian themed room, wallpaper that looked like the walls of the pyramids even with various hieroglyphic symbols peppered on it, a table which looked like it was used for mummification covered in equipment, and the bed totally custom made like a sarcophagus even the giant window that the bed sat beside had curtains with more hieroglyphics sewn in it.

“My office is nice isn’t it, you should see my house,” that same sweet voice spoke.

You look over and see a woman, purple skin, ink-black hair, deep yellow slit pupil iris, a bountiful bust quite bigger than the few girls you have done scenes with sitting in an oversized ForbiddenFruit t-shirt, and the biggest part about her was her deep purple snake bottom half which started a bit below her waist.

You stood in awe at everything you were seeing, she was even more exotic looking than any Monster you have ever seen.

“Go on take it all in, my dear you are going to be seeing a lot of me,” she spoke slithering over to you.

It certainly was a lot to take in, you felt like you stepped into a whole different world.

“The name is Amethyst Lust, but you can call me Amy or Lust if you prefer,” she said circling your body.

She was eyeing you all over and you were doing the same to her.

“Mmm do you look at all the girls as intensely as this?” she asks stopping in front of you looking directly into your eyes.

You nervously smile

“I am still trying to get used to all of this, and honestly I have never seen a woman like you.”

“My oh my, you flatter this old snake,” she spoke while her tail starts to coil around one of your legs lightly.

She called herself old, but her body and everything else spoke otherwise.

“I highly doubt you are that old Amy,” you spoke to her looking down at her tail wrapping around your leg.

“Please dear sit down, relax I like to take things slow,” she said turning your back to the bed before sitting you down.

The bed had to have been custom made too, it was the softest you had ever felt.

“Have you eaten? I can order something to eat for us,” she asked.

“I had coffee with Angelica before I came,” you reply to her.

She places her hands on her hips, “No guest of mine is going to go without something to eat before a session,” she said.

“If you insist Amy, I see you aren’t going to let me say no,” you said smiling at her.

Amy slithered onto the bed grabbing her phone that was charging behind you.

Her tail was incredible that beautiful shade of deep royal purple.

“Admiring my tail huh? You really must have never seen an Apophis before,” she said starting to coil around your stomach and chest.

“Relax in my coils while I get us some food,” she added tapping away on her phone.

Her scaly tail massages your chest and back as it explored your body.

It was amazing how comfortable it was, you’d think it would be rough like sandpaper but it was so smooth and soft until it would occasionally flex then it felt like a giant bicep.

You let out a small sigh she was relaxing you with her tail.

“Food is ordered, now for you to relax,” she said leaning up before putting her hands on your shoulders gently rubbing them as her tail slowly uncoiled itself from around you.

“I-I am quite relaxed Amy,” you say smiling up at her tilting your head back.

It was surprising that she had done so little and managed to make every bit of nervousness vanish, she had a very motherly touch.

“Still, relax,” she whispered into your ear nibbling on it gently while her hands now caressed your chest. “I hope you don’t mind that I want to take this slow,” she added.

Her being slow would be rather nice in comparison to your other encounters.

“G-Go right ahead please take your time,” you tell her as you feel her soft lips kiss your neck.

She smiled giving your neck a gentle lick before saying “I hope you have no plans for tonight then.”

“I am still in school Amy,” you tell her.

She coils around you again shifting her upper half facing you. “My oh my I have so much to teach you,” she said embracing your head into her soft breasts.

You try to think for a moment, but your head is stuffed between her breasts was certainly clouding that.

“L-Let me send out some messages, my friends will vouch for me and I can do my homework here,” you say reaching into your pocket for your phone.

“Of course dear, this is going to be a long session you will be here through the night,” she said releasing your head and smiling down at you.

Your mind was a mess right now, what was going on she had this aura about her, you felt safe and very comfortable.

You first text your house letting your parents know that you are crashing with your friend because you have a project, then text him telling him the whole situation.

“Taken care of Amy,” you say looking up at her.

Amethyst smiled putting her hands together.

“Let me check in on our food, and you get started on your homework no fun until it is all done,” she said uncoiling you before slithering back over to her phone behind you.

She was very motherly. It was kind of nice, to be honest.

You grab the backpack that you left beside the door when you entered before getting back into bed with Amy who had grabbed her laptop to sit and relax while you worked.

While you worked on your homework, Amy started to coil her tail around you again gently embracing your body.

Not too long after Amy said, “Food has arrived.”

You offer to go down and pick it up but Amy isn’t having it. “Look, dear keep working and let me go get it,” she said uncoiling your body before slithering out the door to her office.

You wonder if she is like this with everyone she works with. If she is being this gentle now, what is she going to be like in bed?

Amy returns upstairs a few minutes later with four takeout bags, looked like Chinese from the place Ren Express the bags even had the smiling Panda logo on it.

“H-How much did you order Amy?” you asked her seeing her walk in with all that food.

“Don’t you worry your cute self about that at all, I am going to take care of you, it also isn’t everything I ordered from Warm Delights too for drinks which should be here soon,” she said putting the bags down near her desk table.

“Amy, look I do appreciate it but you are going to have to let me pay you back,” you say to her.

She puts her hands on her hips and shakes her head. “My dear I am not allowing that you are my guest,” she said.

Amy was insistent and it doesn’t look like much would change her mind.

You sigh and smile at her. “Alright Amy, you win,” you say to her

You relax and finish up your homework while Amy continues to relax on her bed doing things on her laptop.

“Our drinks are here,” Amy said getting back out of bed.

“Let me get this one Amy,” you said getting up and walking towards the door.

“One condition, give me a nice kiss before you leave,” she said stopping you from leaving.

You agree and she coils around you before wrapping her arms around your neck. You and her both look into each other’s eyes leaning in slowly and locking lips with each other. Amy’s lips were smooth and soft, it didn’t just stop at one you kissed a few times before she breaks it by nibbling on your bottom lip.

“Go on dear, get our drinks, and then we eat like pharaohs,” she said uncoiling your body.

You head out of the room and down the hall and pushed the button for the elevator.

No one was in it but just as the door was about to close, a hand reached in reopening it. It looked like another Demon like Angelica.

“Whew caught it just in time,” she said stepping it.

She had a killer body, navy blue skin, not too big but not too small bust, beautiful legs, and a thick ass that rested in some booty shorts. Meanwhile, she was just wearing a hoodie for a top.

“Headed to the first floor as well? Leaving for the night or what?” she asked seeing the button you pressed.

“Picking up some drinks for my night session with Amethyst,” you reply.

She smiled

“Ah working with Lust, that old battle-ax.”

“Yeah she called herself old too, I don’t see it,” you replied.

“She isn’t that old just you know up there in age for this business, close to her 40’s if I remember correctly,” she said with a hearty chuckle.

You still shrug it off Amy was treating you nicely.

“You play games kid? You look barely legal to work here,” she asked you

Honestly, that question threw you off, never thought someone like her would ask you if you played games.

“Y-Yeah I play games, I usually have game nights with my friends every Friday night.”

“I am not much of a sex worker, I do premium nudes and stuff here, and I stream games with my cleavage showing wearing slutty outfits,” she said looking down at you. Her eyes were sharp but a lovely shade of blue that matched her skin.

ForbiddenFruit certainly had a lock on every kind of market.

“Yeah, I fall into the sex work area myself,” you respond to her as you both step off the elevator.

She smirks

“I have been hearing about a young human making a splash in the monster erotic industry, I assume that is you.”

You see the Warm Delights delivery boy waiting outside alongside a delivery girl for the Mexican place Mama Elf’s Taco’s up the street.

“Yeah that is me,” you tell her before thanking the delivery boy and taking your order.

She grabs her food and you and her both enter the elevator again. “Maybe I could come game with you and your friends? Make a whole date of it?” she asked.

What was happening? This super hot Demon is asking you out on a date.

“Sure why not, I am sure my friends won’t mind having you over,” you say to her. I mean it couldn’t hurt, you and Vanessa were not even committed yet even though she wants to be.

“Excellent, let me get you my number,” she said.

You and her exchange numbers and both get off on the same floor. She calls herself Sin or at least that was her stage name.

“See you around,” she says before vanishing into her room.

You walk down the hall and knock on Amy’s door.

“Come in dear, I have all our food set up,” she says from inside.

You walk inside holding the cup holder that held the four drinks she ordered.

Amy did set out all the food. She ordered an assortment of Chinese food. Eggrolls, dumplings, spare ribs, orange chicken, sesame chicken, beef with broccoli, shrimp fried rice, pork lo mien, and donuts for dessert.

“Amy lord you did buy a lot of food,” you say looking at the table.

“We are eating like the gods of Egypt but well with modern Chinese food,” she said prepping you a plate.

You place the drinks down on the food covered table and watch her load up your plate with a little of each thing before handing it to you.

“I don’t know what to say, you are treating me so well Amy,” you say to her taking your plate and sitting down on the edge of the bed putting the plate on your lap.

“Movie and dinner with some cuddle time certainly sound lovely doesn’t it?” she asks starting on her plate.

“It does,” you reply watching her quickly fix her plate.

She puts her plate on the table “Was the sun setting when you went to pick up the drinks?” she asked.

“Oh, it was starting to yes.”

She slithers over and opens up the curtains to give you both an incredible view of the city and sunset over the horizon.

“I love the view,” she said getting into bed with her plate. “Now for a movie,” she added.

Amy had a movie loaded up on the biggest monitor it looked to be The Mummy or some variation of The Mummy.

You and Amy sat and ate until you were too full to have another bite, which leads to you being pulled back into her coils for some snuggling time with the movies she picked out.

“Amy, I don’t mean to sound rude but Angelica said you request me for a scene today,” you say to her while she wraps her arms around you while her snake half gently rests on the bed.

Amy looked at you kissing your cheek before saying “Yes dear I do but here is the thing I always have wanted to shoot one of those scenes like I am with my husband and we go at it like we were just married.”

You flush red immediately hearing that.

“Most guys that work with us are just in it for a quick check and a Monster to add to their resume. I don’t want to just squeeze the cum out of someone I need a co-star,” she said.

That was kind of sad to hear.

“I-I will do whatever scene you want Amy, you have been treating me so well I don’t feel like a piece of meat,” you say to her.

Amy smiled and kissed you gently on the lips again. “I am getting sleepy from all the food maybe our iced coffee will wake us up,” she said getting out of bed.

“I ordered you an energy blend on ice, and Scorpion Energy drink just in case it is necessary,” she said handing you the coffee.

It was now nightfall, the crescent moon was rising, you and Amy cuddle while watching over the city. Little did you know she was already recording you both.

“Come here my dear,” she said putting her cup down kissing you on the lips deeply.

You put your cup down next to her’s and kiss her back. While you two kiss, her snake half coils around you with the tip dipping into your pants and begins to rub and massage your cock.

She breaks the kiss and looks deep into your eyes. “Undress me,” she says to you.

You start to take off her extra big ForbiddenFruit shirt to realize she has no bra on.

Amy’s breasts were incredible, that beautiful purple color, with her nipples being only a few shades lighter.

“Now for you my dear,” she said taking your shirt off and tossing it to the side before locking lips with you again pushing you down to the bed lacing her hand with yours while her tail coils around one of your legs.

You two kiss passionately for a few, she breaks the kiss and starts to kiss and nibble against your neck. “Let me put it in my mouth please,” she said looking at you as her tail tugs at your pants wanting them off.

You help her pull your pants down and your cock sprang out fully erect. “Mmm it looks so delicious,” she said looking at it before kissing down your chest, stomach, and thighs before gripping your hard length with her hand stroking it gently.

She closes her eyes and licks your cock head like a lollipop, slow and teasingly she ran her tongue from the base of your cock to the tip before taking your cock into her mouth sucking gently.

You close your eyes and lean your head back on her bed in absolute pleasure, the way she used her mouth and tongue on your most sensitive areas was incredible.

“It tastes so good babe,” she said reaching for your hand again taking it and lacing her fingers with hers.

You lean up and just look down at her sucking you off. It was a sight to behold.

After about a minute she stops sucking and simply kisses the head of your now twitching length. “My turn, taste all of me please baby,” she said grabbing you and pulling you on top of her.

You kiss her neck while squeezing and massaging her soft purple breasts, she let out soft moans as you touched her nipples. “Go down and suck them, they are so sensitive,” she whispered into your ear.

You nod and kiss down her neck and chest before taking one of her light purple nipples into your mouth sucking it while massaging the other with your hand.

Amy let out gasps and loud moans as you suck her extra sensitive nipples.
“Baby, I am so wet,” she said taking your hand and placing it at her human pussy that was right above where her snake tail began.

She was right, she was soaked all that nipple sucking and teasing had heavily aroused her.

“Please my love, fuck me and fuck me good,” she whispered in your ear.

She grabbed your cock pressing it against her entrance, “It will be a tight squeeze,” she said pushing it inside inch by inch.

You gasp at the tightness of Amy’s pussy while looking down into her yellow eyes.

“M-Make me know that I am yours,” she said coiling her tail around your body.

You smile and start to pull in and out of the tightness that is Amy’s pussy, giving her every inch of you.

Amy grabs the bed below her in pure pleasure with one of her hands while the other is placed against your chest.

You thrust deeper and deeper inside of her as she wraps her arms around your neck gently moaning your name.

“Give me it all make me cum,” she said kissing you deeply while grabbing your hips making you thrust harder and harder in her.

You kiss Amy back while cupping her breasts in your hands.

She moans more breaking the kiss putting her one of her hands on your face and grabbing the bed once more below her.

You were already leaking precum inside of Amy edging closer and closer to cumming inside of her.

“D-Don’t pull out, put a baby inside me and make me yours forever,” she said coiling her tail around your hips keeping your cock fully inside of her.

Amy starts thrusting against your cock while locking lips with you once more, she wasn’t letting you pull out. You kiss her back deeply squeezing her breasts before cumming hard and deep filling her pussy and womb with your cum.

She breaks the kiss and looks up at you smiling running her hand on your cheek. It was quite the orgasm for you and you felt her tighten up just as you came into her.

Her tail slowly uncoiled around you reaching over to the camera that was aimed at you both turning it off.

“B-Best scene I have had in years,” she said kissing you once more on the lips.

“Wait you were recording that? When did you start it?” you asked gently pulling out of her.

“A-Ah mm I recorded when you were coming back in with the drinks. I am going to edit it all together like we were having a date like a husband and a wife,” she said as you pulled your cum slick cock from her depths.

“I hope I didn’t do anything wrong, my dear I liked this a lot. I haven’t had anything romantic like that in years,” she said pulling back the blankets.

It was nice, it felt genuine too, she was smiling a real smile not just happy she got fucked.

“It is fine Amy, I liked it too it was nice to feel some romance,” you respond to her.

“Mmm, what about that spider you have been with the most? She seems to care for you,” Amy said patting the spot next to her.

You grab your underwear putting them on before getting into bed with Amy.

She covered you up and turned on a new movie. “I hope you don’t mind I like sleeping with noise on,” she said embracing your body from behind and coiling her tail around you again.

“I don’t mind at all Amy I am quite comfortable myself,” you respond.

“So about that spider? Does she care for you?” Amy asked as she caressed your bare chest.

Vanessa does care for you but Amy didn’t know the full story. Vanessa was trying unlike the rest of the girls. “Vanessa does care for me but we aren’t anything official yet,” you tell Amy.

“Well now you are going to have two care for you, we are going to have loads of scenes together and fun off-camera,” she said to you.

You and Amy snuggled together chatting for a while before actually deciding to turn in for the night. You set an alarm for yourself in the morning so you can get to school…

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