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You sighed on the phone with Sapphire, begrudgingly agreeing with her. Even if you weren’t totally on board with this the Vanessa and company aren’t going to leave you alone so you might as well get paid for it.

“Excellent, Vanessa will pick you up tomorrow as soon as she can it might have to be from your school so we can get you to the set so we can get started,” Sapphire said hanging up the phone.

Shit school, if that link got around like your friend said it did tomorrow is going to be absolute hell.

The day came and went mainly preparing a reply for any kind of insult that was going to be thrown at you for being nude and fucking a Monster on stream.

The next day it was time for school, the dread had fully set in. You grabbed a ride with one of your friends who had his own car.

They brought up the fact you should have woken them up when he got the text from Vanessa that night he stayed over and they could have reported all this.

It was true but she made it seem like all of them were with her not just her. You played it safe for the safety of your friends.

You arrived at school with your friends. Once parked you all get out and start walking towards the main building. The usual mass crowd was out front before the day started.

“Hey it’s the monster fucker,” someone quickly called out from the crowd.

All eyes were now directly on you from both human and the monster student body that shared the school with you.

You slumped into school with your head down alongside your friends. Stopping at your locker to grab a few books you and your friends were approached by some of the local Monster’s that also went to the school.

“This you kid?” she said putting her phone in your face showing you the video that was shot in your room with Vanessa.

The girl wasn’t so much a monster though she was an Elf a Dark Elf caramel skin, knife ears, medium bust size, legs, hips, and ass were to die for though.

You tell her begrudgingly “Yeah that is me.”

She smirked at you before saying “Didn’t think you had it in you,” she said slipping a piece of paper into your pocket. “Think about it, no pressure,” she said walking away to the group of other Monsters that were hanging out in the halls watching you.

You pull out the paper only for it to be her phone number with the words “We should do a tape, call me if you are interested.”

Your heart sank into your stomach she wanted a go but at least she gave you a choice in the matter.

Meanwhile, your friends chuckled and playfully told you to just go for it. She was attractive enough and maybe having been with the Arachne was leaning you more towards Monsters you started to look at them differently.

“Must be absolutely desperate to stick your dick into one of those,” A member of a group of jocks said pointing over at a group of Monsters while looking at you and your friends.

Your friends looked at you awaiting your comeback.

“I am pretty sure didn’t you and your boys got caught trying to flirt with some of the Succubus cheerleaders from the Monster school up the road, got rejected huh?” you said back to them.

Suddenly you were grabbed by your shirt and pinned against your locker. “Got a mouth on you all of a sudden, getting some freak pussy made you grow some balls,” he said staring down at you.

Your friends start to try to talk him down but it wasn’t having any of it.

“Jealous it seems, couldn’t score any freak pussy of your own so you want to take it out on him?” one of the Monsters said approaching them.

“Put him down,” the Dark Elf said approaching them with the other girl. The other girl was an Orc so she was certainly built to fight if absolutely necessary.

They put you down and he and his boys walked away.

You thank the two and the Orc gives you her number as well before the bell rang.

The day goes in and out, not a class goes by where someone doesn’t ask about the stream and or the private video Vanessa uploaded to her account.

The final bell of the day rang, and you headed outside with your friends.

“Ah my little bug, right on time,” a voice spoke to you as you and your friends exited out through the front doors.

It was Vanessa, Sapphire must have made the call to have him picked up.

“Vanessa, you look nice,” you say to her approaching her with your friends. Vanessa was dressed similarly to when you first met her, black band t-shirt of The Witching Hour, plaid skirt, and black leggings.

She gives you a kiss on the lips and gently touches your face before looking at your friends. “Ah you must be my dear bug’s friends, I hope you enjoyed the show yesterday,” she said to them wrapping her arm around your waist.

“W-Well it was quite the experience,” one of your friends said nervously rubbing the back of his head.

Vanessa smiled “Well your friend here has a film to start shooting with me,” she said.

“ForbiddenFruit is going to be picking us up, to take us to the set and sign some contracts,” Vanessa added but this time it was directed towards you.

At this point, if the money is good, it could be a good jumpstart. Vanessa also won’t be taking a no for an answer.

“This the freak, you doing movies with?” the same jock from earlier asked approaching them alone this time.

Vanessa smiled quite the smug grin at him. “Talking to me and my man that way can get you into some trouble,” she spoke.

“I doubt that highly,” he spoke back with quite the confidence in his voice.

“You look like a special kind of bug, one that looks tasty but probably cannot get it up,” a voice spoke behind the jock.

It was Sapphire.

“Now our bug here does more than get it up, he knows how to please a woman,” Sapphire spoke stepping behind both you and Vanessa.

The jock was beyond pissed at this point, but he was alone it was no way he was going to try anything at all.

“You lay a hand on my man, or if I find out you tried to hurt a Monster in this school or anywhere else you will be taken care of,” Vanessa said to him as a Limousine pulled up behind them in front of the school.

A Succubus in a suit stepped out of the front seat walking around opening the back door and outstepped a Demon also in a jet black business suit and no tie.

She points at you and motions for you to come to her.

Vanessa and Sapphire follow you over to the Demon waiting outside the car.

“I see you are the one I am here to see, get in,” she said stepping out of the way.

You, Vanessa, and Sapphire stepped in the limo. They struggled a bit to get the spider parts of their bodies inside but managed.

You were soon were on the road.

“Ah, so you must be the one who hit over 30k viewers in that live sex stream yesterday, so much vigor for one of your age,” the Demon spoke.

You turn instantly red hearing that.

“My man here is still a bit shy,” Vanessa said putting her hand on your shoulder.

“Well, hopefully, we can break you out of your shell soon enough, I have some contract for you and your girls here to sign,” the Demon spoke reaching into a suitcase.

“I was told on the phone that ForbiddenFruit was interested in doing some films with us and our little bug here,” Sapphire said.

The Demon smiled before replying “Oh yes we are very interested in doing some high-quality productions with you both and him, and for him, we have others who are interested in scenes.”

“Others?” you thought panicking slightly while staring at the Demon talking to Sapphire and Vanessa.

“As a matter of fact, we’d like to shoot a scene with you today with one of our models if you have time?” the Demon asked you, “We will of course get the contracts out the way first,” she added.

You give in and just pull out your phone and let your family know that you may be home late. Keeping this a secret for as long as you can.

“Y-Yeah I have time for a scene,” you reply back to the Demon.

“Excellent, let me relay the message and you three look over and sign these,” she said handing them the contracts and a pen.

“Who is this model I will be shooting with?” you ask the Demon as she typed away on her phone.

“Oh the Dullahan, Remi she is on set but it looks like she is going to be doing live sex so looks like your up,” she said looking at her phone.

“Remi Sadler, she does quite well whenever she goes live because she looks the most human if she doesn’t take off her head,” Sapphire said signing off on her contract.

You sigh and just look over your contract, a deal for 7 films, unlimited use of sets for you and your Arachne girls, and on-call requests to do scenes with other models which is optional but it would be extra money if you decided to take it.

You sign the contract and hand it back to the Demon as does Vanessa.

“Excellent, now we head out for your scene with Remi she is waiting,” the Demon spoke.

Vanessa and Sapphire chatted it up with the Demon while you sat in awkward silence.

The Demon Angelica was one of the top executives in the company and dealt with most of the legal aspects.

You enter the city and the limo parks outside of a building pretty close to the downtown stadium. Lots of good concerts are held there at least once a month.

“This is where most of our scenes and films are shot at. Models that don’t have space in their own homes can also come here to shoot and do live shows you three will be given ID’s to get in,” the Demon said as all of you stepped out of the limo.

The building was quite big perfect for this kind of business. All three of you entered behind the Demon and she leads you all into an elevator.

The combination of gentle and loud moans echoed throughout the floor once you three exited off the elevator.

“Ah very nice, my girls are doing great,” the Demon spoke as you three walked down the hall.

The recording rooms looked very much set up like regular offices but just with beds, cameras, and a laptop so that if they are going live they can interact with the chat.

You reach a door near the end of the hallway, and the Demon knocked on it.

“Come in,” a happy-sounding voice said from the other side.

The Demon who had finally introduced herself as Angelica opened the door to the small office-like room where a leggy blonde was preparing a cup of coffee in her coffee maker off the desk that was next to her bed workstation.

“Ah Angelica, and this must be the new recruit from that 30k stream,” she said turning around and looking at you.

She was quite a lovely woman, with blonde hair, hazel eyes, legs, and ass that would make people bend over backward to see. She was wearing black lace panties and a bra to match which held her roughly size B breasts nicely.

“My little bug did really well didn’t he?” Vanessa asked her.

You turn your head down in embarrassment once more.

“He certainly did, I was in the stream during my own,” she said with a slight chuckle.

“So Remi, I am going to get these two set up with their own recording room and you can do your show with our newest star, give him a good start,” Angelica said starting to lead Vanessa and Sapphire out.

Vanessa leans in and kisses you gently on the lips, “You got this my bug, make me proud,” she said leaving with Angelica.

You are now alone with this new woman well Monster, she looks completely normal but apparently, she is a Dullahan.

“So I guess you will be on my stream today, we can relax a little bit before it starts, I shot some solo’s for my channel page and apparently you are into the more kinky sides of Monsters so I can be more open,” she said sitting down on the bed motioning for you to join her.

“Actually how about coffee first and you can review what I shot and tell me how good or hot it is?” she said quickly standing up to pour another cup.

Maybe this will calm you down for this scene.

“I-I am not exactly fully familiar with Monster erotica,” you tell her as she sits back down and hands you a mug of fresh coffee.

She looked confused by your statement. “How is that? You handled yourself so well yesterday and I have seen the video of you and your Arachne lover in the bedroom,” she said.

You figure she wouldn’t believe that they assaulted you at first and not even just that it was four on one.

“Well, Vanessa was my first time with anyone,” you respond to her settling on that answer.

She still looked quite shocked, “First time and you just make a debut like the way you did, I like your style,” she said grabbing the laptop near her.

You kind of just shrug at her before assuring her that you did your best.

She starts to then show you the solo video she did earlier, it started off simple a striptease before allowing her small breasts to be shown. She followed up by rubbing her pussy gently leaning back on the bed with gentle moans escaping her mouth letting her free hand twist and tease her nipples.

Then it took a turn, she removed her head. No blood or anything, she was a Dullahan the top of her neck with her head removed was smooth almost like a mannequin must have been some kind of magic. She placed her head between her legs and started to let it eat her out, both her hands roamed her body as she licked her pussy deeply with such passion.

She cut it off before it finished, “Can’t show you the climax but what did you think of what you saw?” she asked with a smile as she sipped her coffee.

You were mortified, you had never seen anything like that in your life. Certainly stories of the headless horseman and stuff but nothing along these lines, but as taboo as it was you felt aroused it was quite the odd sensation.

“I have never seen anything like it, very versatile,” you respond with a slightly nervous smile.

You two sit and drink your coffee and chat, she was nice and seemed to honestly really like what she did.

“Well let’s start shall we?” she said turning on her live stream.

“Mmm welcome to the kinkiest show you will probably ever see, I am here with my new friend you may have seen him before so let those credits fly,” she said removing her bra letting her perky B-cup breasts free.

She reached over and started to undress you, pulling off your shirt first and tossing it to the side on the floor.

You felt a lot more relaxed this time, maybe you could grow to enjoy this work.

“Foreplay huh? A bit vague but I can get the idea,” Remi said grabbing you by the head leaning it towards her, and kissing you deeply on the lips before wrapping her arms around your neck.

Remi’s lips were soft with a hint of cherry flavor, she slowly got more into it slipping her tongue inside of your mouth trying to wrestle with your tongue.

You already started to feel a growing in your pants, Remi also must have noticed because one of her hands was already grabbing at it through your jeans.

“Might as well get you out of these,” Remi said unbuttoning and removing your pants and underwear tossing them where your shirt was.

She leaned down and started to take your length into her mouth right after she aimed the camera slightly down to aim right at her sucking you off.

She worked her magic around your cock teasing the head with her tongue before taking you fully into her throat until you were fully rock hard which didn’t take long.

“W-What did you mean by this is going to be the kinkiest stream?” you asked her while tilting your head back in pure pleasure from her lips.

She aimed the camera back up a bit after stopping the pleasure she was giving you on your length.

“Such a tasty cock, I don’t want it to go to waste,” she said looking directly into the camera winking. “You can keep sending those lovely credits boys and girls, it is time for the real show to begin,” she said removing her head.

She put her head down on the bed spreading your legs and laying you down on your back.

“You all watching are going to like this just as much as I am about to,” she said climbing up on your body mounting your face with her pussy and ass.

“Eat up baby,” she said grinding her ass on your face before grabbing her dismembered head and slipping your cock into her mouth gently bobbing it up and down like a fleshlight.

This was a different form of pleasure, eating her pussy as she used her disembodied head to throat your cock.

You slip your tongue deep inside of Remi as she rubbed her pussy on your lips. She removed her head from your cock and moaned loudly before going back to having her throat fucked by your cock.

She thrusts more against your face as you lick her insides, the bobbing of her head on your cock slowed assuming that she didn’t want to make you cum so early.

Soon after she pulls her head free letting her tongue, lips lick, and kiss on your still hard shaft.

“Mmm, should I let him cum?” She asked the chat while licking your cock from base to tip.

The chat was spamming “Let him cum” and “Squirt down his throat.”

“F-Fuck you all know what you want,” she said slipping your cock back into her mouth and throat thrusting it deeply.

You had been on edge for a little bit before she shoved your length back into her throat which caused a small eruption of precum to leak out.

She picked up the pace tasting your precum, slamming her hips against your tongue still buried in her, her head working its tongue around you trying to milk you for all that you are worth.

You came instantly into her throat painting it white, meanwhile, she clenched hard and came squirting down your throat.

She rests coming down from her orgasm and removes her head from your cock placing it beside you before getting up off your face.

You quickly lean up and gasp for air your face covered in her juices.

“Mmm I hope you all enjoyed the show, see you next time same time and place,” she said picking up her head and placing it back on, and turning off the stream.

“That was great wasn’t it?” she said with quite the smile on her face kissing your cheek before standing up and grabbing a robe to toss on.

“I-I-It was certainly an experience I won’t forget,” you respond to her getting slowly dressed.

“I wouldn’t mind doing more scenes with you,” Remi spoke relaxing back on the bed.

It might not be so bad, having this kind of experience alongside the possibility of some fast and good cash it would be worth it.

“I-I wouldn’t mind doing more scenes with you Remi,” you say back to her.

“Perfect, um let me give you my number so we can communicate,” she said grabbing her phone.

You and her exchange numbers before Vanessa, Sapphire, and Angelica returned.

“Fantastic show Remi, we watched it while they set up,” Angelica said placing her hands together smiling.

Vanessa had a hint of jealousy on her face while Sapphire being quite excited about this whole situation.

“Well let me get out of your hair, I’ll see you another time Remi,” you say as she kissed you on the cheek before you head out with Vanessa and company.

Once outside the door Vanessa quickly grabbed your hand lacing her fingers with yours.

“Oh before I forget, here is your pay for this impromptu scene you did,” Angelica said handing you a check.

“500$ good lord,” you say looking at the check.

“Plenty more for you and your ladies here,” Angelica said leading you all back into an elevator.

You looked at Vanessa who was still clutching your hand. She kept herself locked to you the whole way back, Angelica offered to take you home which you decided it wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

You made it back home, Vanessa kissed you goodbye and you kissed her back before getting out of the limo.

Not even a second later Vanessa texted you.

“Look, this is a bit weird bug but I want to see you tonight for a little one on one time and talk,” she said in her message.

You respond to her “Sure Vanessa, just come over whenever.”

“See you soon dear,” she responds once more with a little black heart…


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