Flechas Dulce

It hardly mattered that Isaac was upgraded to premier class for the final leg of his flight home.

The week-long conference was far enough away that he decided he should fly instead of drive.

The trade conference itself wasn’t so bad, but he didn’t like the idea of leaving Miel alone for several days at a time.

Isaac was particularly eager to make haste back home given the late hour. Chances are his wife would be stretched out on the sofa getting caught up on her telenovellas- if she was even awake. He thought the sappy telenovellas were campy and over-the-top, but on some level he appreciated that Miel was gladly sharing one of quirky passions with him.

After feeding a ticket stub with a bar code from his unremarkable import sedan into a machine at the airport’s long-term parking, Issac swiped his card and was off.

It didn’t take long for him to wend his way down various expressways, parkways and two lane roads before making his way into his own driveway. At this time of the evening he had the roads almost completely to himself.

Upon returning home, a rather curious sight greeted Isaac.


Usually Miel would leave the lights on for him if she couldn’t stay up herself. It was more common for her to catch up on some of her favorite telenovellas while she was waiting up for him.

Instead, a familiar and sweet aroma filled his nostrils

Entering his house, Isaac heard something unexpected, humming. A small smile crept onto his face as he approached it’s source. There in the kitchen lost in her own rhythm was Miel baking in candle light. It wasn’t just the sight of his wife that made his smile grow more but what she was wearing- or lack thereof. Isaac stood entranced, watching her naked butt sway side to side in the apron.

Plump and perfect and just begging to be squeezed Issac snuck up behind his wife and planted a firm smack on her rear.

EROS MIO!” the Cupid yelped as she nearly jumped a foot. Turning to face her husband who now had a big satisfied grin on his face the Cupid punched him square in the shoulder, wings fluttering angrily behind her.

Isaac!! Idiota, Odio cuando haces eso!

In response to his wife’s scolding, Isaac embraced Miel and planted a kiss square on her lips. This caused a small moan to escape from her as he took the opportunity to give Miel’s butt a gentle squeeze. The two reluctantly broke the kiss.

“I’m home.” Isaac announced matter-of-factly.

“Oh mi amor! I’ve missed you so!” Said the Cupid as she pulled her husband back in for a hug, her wings lightly fluttering.

“I missed you too, mi bella.” he replied before sniffing the air.

His sultry cupid wife wasn’t simply prancing about the kitchen in a naked apron merely for his entertainment- she was in the middle of something when he slipped in.

“Is that what I think it is?” he asked his wife eagerly.

The little grin on the sultry cupid’s lips was now a Cheshire cat smile as she looked up at him.

“Flechas dulce? Por supuesto, mi amor.” She purred as she slipped both arms around his neck.

Even if Isaac could withstand the temptations of his wife’s considerable charms and alluring body, he was helpless in the face of her culinary acumen. Particularly with her handmade Flechas dulce- sweet arrows. It was a sweet, flaky churro-like pastry shaped like an arrow with hints of cinnamon, butter and brown sugar.

Flicking the lights on Isaac found a seat at the table and beckoned his wife to sit down with him.

“So…” He paused “How have things been around here?” The cupid sighed a little and rested her chin in her hand, giving her husband one of her trademark loving looks.

“Slow, but that hardly matters now.”

The two continued to talk for a little while before Miel stood up and made her way to the oven, Isaac took the opportunity to stare at her butt as she did. Looking back and shooting her husband a wink the cupid bent over and removed the pastries from the oven. Steaming hot and delicious, Isaac couldn’t wait to pop one in his mouth.

“You’ve outdone yourself this time my dear” Isaac said as he chewed. The cupid bit her lip and smiled before putting her hands to her cheeks.

“I’m so happy to hear that! Thank you mi amor” Isaac pulled his wife onto his lap and planted a small kiss on her lips before popping one of her creations into her mouth.

“Mmmm!” The cupid swallowed before planting a more passionate kiss on her husband’s lips.

“Mi amor…” she whispered “I’ve been very badly behaved since you’ve been gone”

Isaac’s breath caught in his throat, he knew where this conversation was heading.

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you every night… I-I don’t know what came over me, I just couldn’t control myself.” The cupids breathing got more and more labored as she pressed herself against her husband. “I couldn’t stop touching myself. I’ve been so so so naughty…”

Isaac wet his lips “Do you want to be punished my angel?”

“More than anything…”

Without any further prompting, Issac carried his wife to the bedroom and hurriedly set her down on the bed. Dashing to the closet Issac retrieved their special box. Rope, a wand massager, a custom made binder for her wings, some lotions and all other kinds of toys.

Miel’s wings fluttered slightly at the sight of all the toys and restraints. However, before she could say anything, Isaac asked her to turn around. The breathless cupid obeyed, her back now to her husband as she felt something gently tugging on her wings while pressing them together.

It was the wing-binder, which worked like a pair of leather sleeves for the cupid’s wings that could be buckled into place. This was something that Miel had special-ordered from a boutique for their anniversary last year- the binder was originally intended for succubus wings, but it could work on angels, cupids and Valkyries with minimal modifications.

The cupid was already dripping wet as her husband secured her arms behind her back with an arm-binder. Miel jumped slightly at the light smack that Isaac planted on her rear. “By the end of the night, I’m gonna turn your cheeks red” Isaac said as he planted a peck on her cheek. “They already are” said the cupid, lacking any shame in her voice. Lifting her up, the cupid’s husband dropped her on the bed and fished the wand massager out of the box. Isaac waved it back and forth in front of the cupids face before plugging it in. Isaac started with his wife’s nipples, making little circles around them before pressing into them more and more forcefully.

The cupid moaned in her restraints as the massager made her cute pink nipples more and more erect. “Oh mi amor, if you keep teasing me like this-” Isaac pressed his finger to his wife’s lips then wagged it.

“Nuh uh uh my angel, I didn’t say you could cum just yet” The cupid blushed even deeper as Isaac continued to tease her breasts before moving down to her stomach, it was there that the cupid started to giggle. He made slow and deliberate circles around her belly button before pressing into it. The cupid tensed up and thrashed slightly in her restraints, Isaac couldn’t help but giggle maniacally at the helpless cupid laughing up a storm of her own. Deciding to show some mercy, he eased up and rubbed his wife’s smooth tummy before planting a small kiss on it.

A wicked grin crept across Isaac’s face as though he had just thought of something. However, in order to follow through on this brilliant idea he just had, he would have to leave Miel unattended for a bit. Still, that brief absence could be use to further his beautiful wife’s sensual torment.

Walking out to the kitchen with a Space-X rocket-sized hardon was a bit difficult, although not impossible. On the counter, he spied the plate full of her flechas dulces cooling off. It wasn’t that Isaac suddenly had a case of the munchies and decided to abandon his bound and horny wife.

Oh no- he had plans for these.

Taking the whole plate with him, Isaac made his way back to his bedroom and his eagerly waiting wife in nearly no time at all.

Ay Mijo…what are you doing?” Miel asked impatiently, craning her neck so she could see exactly what Isaac was up to.

“Mmm….well, you worked so hard to make these, I figured you should enjoy the fruits of your labor.” Isaac said cloyingly as he dangled one of the flecha dulces in front of the cupid’s lips.

“But they’ll go straight to my thighs.” Miel lamented.

“So will I.”

“Promises promises, mijo.” the cupid purred. Anything else she may have had to say was cut off when her husband playfully stuffed one of the flechas in her mouth.

Mmmph…mm…” she moaned as she gently bit a portion of the tender, flaky, buttery pastry off in her mouth. Momentarily forgetting that she was bound, Miel absently reached for another before she was reminded of her predicament as the restraints prevented her from reaching the platter.

Turning her head, she could see her husband was still dangling the sweet pastry she had taken a bite from just out of reach.

“Meanie.” she pouted.

Somewhat moved by his helpless wife’s halfhearted protests, Isaac indulged Miel and dangled the rest of the pastry arrow before her.

She nibbled on the rest of the sweet buttery pastry, eyeing her husband with a knowing grin.

“Hmm….these are still pretty good. Would you like one more?”

Trying her level best to keep a straight face, Miel nodded wordlessly.

“Whoopsie” he deadpanned as the next flecha dulce dropped from his hands and landed just between her legs. “How clumsy of me.”

Almost as soon as he went to retrieve it, Miel felt her husband gently stroking the pastry against her moistened inner thighs, making her tremble even more in anticipation.

“Wh-what are you doing?” she asked with some trepidation.

“Looks like I dropped one of them.” he said indifferently, giving her thighs a little more attention before pulling away the dropped pastry.

“Do you still want it?” he asked, dangling the pastry in front of Miel’s eager lips. “It’s a little wet. Can’t imagine why.”

Si…si, mi amor….” she whispered deliriously.

The increasingly aroused cupid opened her mouth, but before she could bite down, Isaac stopped her.

“Uh-uh. Not yet. Not before you lick those juices off.”

Miel let out a long, frustrated growl at her hubby’s taunting, but acquiesced as he gently slid the flecha in past her gently parted lips.

Without giving it a second thought, the cupid began licking up and down the sweetened ‘shaft’ of the arrow.

“How does it taste?” Isaac asked coyly.

Mmm mmnngh mmm hmmph…” she mumbled as her tongue resumed licking the naughty, phallic shaped pastry. After the bound cupid put on her little show for Isaac, she gently bit into the pastry.

“You want to keep going?” he asked

“Is that even a question?!” the breathless cupid huffed as she wiggled slightly.

Isaac retreated to the box and grabbed a bottle of oil, rose scented, Miel’s favorite. The cupid’s husband undid the restraints securing her wrists to the headboard before rolling her onto her stomach and started to massage her. Starting with her shoulders, Isaac rubbed gently and made sure to lather a generous amount of oil on her back, Isaac licked his lips at the shiny skin and planted a small kiss on his wife’s neck as she hummed happily. Isaac slid down to the small of her back and rubbed in the oil before tenderly taking his wife’s hand and rubbing her palm with his thumb. The cupid sighed happily and squeezed his thumb a little before he moved onto the main event.

Miel’s posterior was truly something to be celebrated, it was the first thing Isaac noticed about her when they had met all those years ago- and he had never really considered himself a butt man. Miel was extremely proud of it as well, always finding ways to flaunt it and tease Isaac as she did work around the house. Applying a generous amount of oil to his hands Isaac placed them both on his wife’s supple and soft cheeks. Isaac rubbed and watched with delight as her butt reacted, jiggling and bouncing with every little touch. Isaac moved his hands to her inner thighs and pushed one of her legs to the side for easier access. Isaac rubbed and listened to the increasing volume of his wife’s moans. Isaac continued to rub for a minute before moving his hands to her dripping folds. He started slowly at first, lightly poking and prodding before slipping a finger in. The cupids back tensed and her wings twitched sightly in their binders as her husband went deeper and deeper. Isaac pulled out and grinned wickedly.

“Oh my angel, you’re so naughty.” he reached for the box yet again and pulled out Miel’s favorite dildo (pink, just like her wings) Isaac bit his lip and smiled at what was about to transpire. Grabbing a handful of one of his wife’s cheeks and pulling it to the side, Isaac pressed against her puckered hole and began to slowly slide in.

“Mmmmmnnnnaaaaa!” The cupid moaned as the dildo began to spread her further open. Biting the pillow Miel endured the dildo’s seemingly endless inches sliding into her ass before finally reaching the hilt. The cupid’s husband flipped his wife back onto her back and shot her a quick wink. The bound cupid’s husband retrieved the wand massager and began to massage her again, this time starting just above her leaking pussy.

Upon feeling the wand encroach upon her most sensitive area, Miel started involuntarily thrashing against her restraints before tensing up. Isaac slowly withdrew the massager while placing one hand on her hip and whispering gently in her ear.

“You’ve waited this long, mi corazon….what’s a little longer?” Isaac said reassuringly.

Although she had a point. He didn’t want to show it right away, but he was every bit as eager to get started as she was.

Placing the wand massager back right up against her folds, Isaac grinned as Miel struggled in her restraints. 


“Mmmmahhhhh!” the cupid moaned as her husband began to press harder and harder. “M-mi amor I-I can’t!!” The cupid was cut off as Issac pressed his lips against his wife’s. The cupid moaned into his mouth as her husband brought things home. Miel tensed and arched her back as she came, Isaac felt her tongue come into his mouth and explore as deep as it could as she squealed happily. he broke the kiss and lifted the now dripping wand massager and brought it close to his mouth, giving it a small lick.

“Oh dear… Look at the mess you’ve made” the cupid blushed as her husband brought her over his knee. He planted a firm smack on her rear end as he admonished her “Oh you naughty, naughty, naughty angel! You didn’t cum without my permission!”

The cupid smiled slyly “Oh, mi corazon I-I don’t know what came over me” she said as he landed another smack on her rear end. “Hah! I-I was careless and silly!”

He continued to ‘punish’ his wife for what she had done and smiled at the ideas running through his head. Her punishment would have to be severe and long lasting. Issac grinned wickedly as he landed another smack. Her punishment would come, but for now her was happy just to turn her cheeks red.

No point in letting Miel’s toys have all of the fun.

“Even though you’ve been a naughty cupid, I guess it wouldn’t be fair to keep you waiting any longer.” he mused as he started to undress.

It wasn’t long before Isaac had slipped out of his wrinkled business casual travel attire- he had been quietly itching to do this since coming home but was understandably distracted upon seeing Miel baking at this hour.

Almost as though he had done this several times before, Isaac went to work removing the rest of his clothes before undoing Miel’s restraints. As much fun as it was to toy with the cupid’s flawless body while she was restrained and helpless, it felt even more amazing to be held in the cupid’s slender arms and feel the soft breeze from the ecstatic fluttering of her wings.

Still, Isaac couldn’t resist giving Miel’s pert right nipple a teasing little bite before expertly undoing her wing restraints.

This was what he had been waiting for. While pleasant, those late night texts and brief chats over Zoom with his wife really didn’t do much more than whet his appetite to hurry home and into the loving embrace of his wife’s slender arms.

Almost as soon as the binders were off of Miel, he could feel her arms slipping around his shoulders and her legs gently wrapping around his waist as her feathery wings fluttered.

“Meanie…” she pouted once more. “No fair going away and leaving me by myself like that.” although the passion with which she began to kiss him with didn’t seem to indicate any lingering ill-will.

Isaac returned his wife’s kisses as he felt his rigid member align with what felt like a searing heat between Miel’s legs.


After multiple orgasms, Miel was clearly still ready for more and let out a little satisfied moan as her husband’s shaft began tentatively penetrating between her moist and slickened lower lips.

“I missed my naughty cupid….my beautiful archer so much.” Isaac whispered in her ear as he further penetrated Miel’s depths.

“Give it to me…..I’ve been waiting so long…” the cupid whispered deliriously as she began rocking her hips, legs now tightening their grip on Isaac’s waist.

Isaac said nothing right away, but began finding a rhythm as Miel’s walls began tighetning around Isaac’s manhood. The cupid gently arched her back, pressing her body even closer to her husband and allowing him to penetrate even further as she gently ran her right hand back and forth across the back of his shoulder.

“Miel….I…I’ve been waiting all week for this.” he said as the tempo of his thrusting began to increase.

“Si….yes- You must have so much AH!…” Miel gasped before gently biting her lower lip. “….s…saved up, mi amor!”

Waves of indescribable pleasure begin washing over Isaac- the sounds, sight and feel of his passionate wife proving to be almost too much stimulus as the pace of his thrusting further intensifies.

How he had missed this. Without saying another word, Miel seemed to understand that he was reaching his limits as his erect cock began twitching.


“Casi….casi….” she moaned, tilting her head back at a slight angle.

The cupid was right. Before Isaac could say anything, he began shooting a stream of his seed into Miel, causing her to squeeze her husband even tighter. For Isaac, it felt like several minutes had elapsed before he finally stopped cumming.

Before he could even think of pulling out, he felt Miel’s folds tighten around his member as she tensed up and threw her head back and pulled her husband’s body even closer to her.

Ha….s-si! Te…te quiero! Te quiero…” she moaned as Issac felt her entire body shudder before finally relaxing.

Miel simply looked up at him deliriously while she found the strength to gently run a hand up and down his right shoulder.

“Haah…..I….see…..that I’m not the only one who’s been waiting for so long.” the cupid purred sensually as she continued gazing adoringly at her husband.

“I..I guess…” Isaac said, struggling to catch his breath as he pulled out. “I guess you’re right.”

“Ay- Eros mio. You must not have gotten yourself off all week to save such a big load for me.” Miel teased.

“You’re not….” her husband panted. “…that far off, really. But……I feel kind of bad….”

“Oh? How come?” the cupid asked.

“You made sweets….even….even did the naked apron thing for me.” Isaac explained as he gulped for air. “And…l-let me use some of our favorite toys on you, but…..I didn’t even remember to get you a souvenir while I was gone.”

“Ohhh….that’s so sweet of you to worry about me like that, mijo.” the sultry cupid cooed. “But you don’t need to do that for me……”

“Well- I should probably do something special for my sweetest angel.” Isaac replied as he interlocked his hand with hers.

“Ay! If it bothers you that much, I can think of something you can give me.” Miel teased.

“What’s that?” he asked. Despite his exhaustion, Isaac could feel his loins stirring once more.

The cupid’s answer was short and sweet as she gently climbed atop her husband.

“Round two.” she said with a wink.

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