The young man hummed to himself as he walked the town, well, hamlet really. A hamlet of squat, wooden buildings sporadic patches of rudimentary farms with oddly robust crops.

His clothes were grungy but rugged and reliable, signaling someone accustomed to long and messy work. He wasn’t just out on a stroll though; he was on a mission. Out to meet someone of great importance. (To him at least.)

With unfortunately practiced ease, he ignored the looks from his fellow villagers that ranged from neutral to suspicious and fearful. (With a rare smattering of grateful that he always cherished.) And soon enough continued his carefree stroll into the forest with a chip-toothed smile as the wind tussled his wild, auburn hair.

With only the faint whispers of a pair of particularly loud, gossiping villagers chasing him as he went.

“There’s something wrong with that Clarence fella.”

* * * * *

Clarence shivered as he looked about the small clearing he was standing in, fall winds whipping past and partially bypassing his wool coat. Maybe him being a little on the lean side was to fault for that. He swept his auburn hair out of his eyes as he scanned the tree line with increasing scrutiny.

‘Come on, I know she’s out here. But it doesn’t usually take this long. I feel like this visit really is the one too-‘

“By the dark mistress, you really are such a strange boy.”

Clarence immediately spun around to the source of the voice. There, barely visible under the camouflage of the leaves and branches, combined with her own traits, he could see a figure shifting. Then two eyes black as pitch, so deep and dark that they actually stood out of the dark forest foliage, became apparent as the creature he’d been searching for showed herself.

“I’m nocturnal, in case you’d forgotten, so what made you think it was such a good idea to peruse me while it was still this dreadful midday? You’re lucky I heard your stumbling about and decided to investigate.”

The sashaying figure of feathers glided down before landing in front of him with liquid grace. Someone’s first impressions would be that she was, well, quite fluffy. Despite her clipped words and harsh, predatory eyes. Lush, auburn feathers that transitioned into a snow white that seemed to swallow her calves, midsection, and collar; leaving plump thighs and a well-endowed chest clear to see only covered by a thin material. Not to mention the expansive wings she had practically cradling her waifish body.

This was, however, juxtaposed against the pitch-black eyes of an owl he saw gazing into his own green eyes.

“I- I wanted to speak with you a- again, Arany. To seek your council.” He stuttered as the owl mamono gracefully stepped towards him, her height advantage clear. Her shadow loomed over him, seeming to swallow him up like an oppressive wave. Clarence gulped a bit as her eyes seemed… different. Almost drawing him in as she got closer, so much so that they were now within arm’s reach.

Eventually though, the older woman just rolled her eyes before, with a few quick steps, moved to sit down on a nearby stump. And Clarence took a minute to breath a sigh of relief. Arany was usually more, while not quite standoffish, but definitely kept a certain distance when they talked.

‘Technically she didn’t get any closer than usual. But that look… Perhaps I’m just misinterpreting things. I’m all alone out here after all; if she wanted to attack me, she’s had dozens of chances already. It’s not like anyone would come looking.’

“You’re quite ambitious, I’ll give you that, Clarence.” She’d stopped only referring to him as “boy” after the first couple of weeks of their impromptu meetings, and hearing her actually say his name always made a little shiver go down his spine. Despite her words, her tone had shifted from cranky to playful “Most would have run and never turned back at best after first seeing me.” She idly picked at the inside of her wing. “At worst they would’ve tried pulling together some idiotic mob to lynch me. Yet you’re still sticking it out; I’d say that puts you head and shoulders above your peers.”

Internally Clarence wondered at the tone of utter confidence and aloofness coming from her when talking about the possibility of a lynch mob. From what little he’d been able to dig up, Owl Mages were supposed to be soft of disposition and a little cute. Not tall, imposing, and with a casual confidence that more looked like it belonged to a dragon.

Externally he just said. “W- well, I wouldn’t want to waste such an opportunity. Besides, you haven’t tried to attack me at all.” He briefly reminisced on the first time they had met then; the day he had traveled into the woods near his village in search of reagents, foraging too long into the night, and then coincidentally looking up to see eyes so black they stood out against natural darkness silently stalking him. He’d been seriously tempted to run, being alone and gazed upon by something otherworldly, but he was ultimately glad he hadn’t.

‘It was how we built our current rapport.’ Clarence thought before stepping forward and pulling out a blank scroll and a feather-pen, ready to start their usual routine.

He inquired the Arany, the elusive and intimidating Owl Mage on various matters of the forest. Clarence was a bit of an alchemist, but mostly focused on plants and medicine for his small hamlet. But they were on the border of Order territory, and his various potions and treatments required reagents that would be either too expensive or straight up impossible for their hamlets few connections to buy. Reagents that only grew in the wild, untamed forest. A forest “uncleansed” by the Order and far away enough from patrols for middling monsters to appear. Suffice to say; his help came at a risk. But having access to an intelligent denizen of the forest, a being that could tell him where to find certain ingredients more readily, what locations were the most dangerous, and when it was safest to travel.

Thanks to Arany’s generosity, even if she only called it an idle curiosity in him, made a big difference.

‘Thanks to this helpful, generous, beautiful, elegant…’ Clarence shook his head as his thoughts wandered, auburn locks flowing in the wild winds as he concluded his notetaking. Arany had just gotten done telling him when a particular, luminescent rose would be growing during this time of the year. The depth and accuracy of her knowledge was almost scary but to be expected from a monst- mamono (she got fairly upset the last time he’d accidentally called her that) who was rumored to have the both the wisdom and temperament of an owl.

Though he did notice something strange during their whole rendezvous. Occasionally, just at the corner of his vision when he looked down to write, he noticed that Look again. Where her eyes seemed to draw him in, drinking in every movement, almost demanding he step forward. The fact that Arany never acted aggressive or weird in anyway reassured him, but every time it happened, he couldn’t help but freeze up a bit. Which only seemed to make the gaze worse.

But, true to form, their routine was starting to come to a close without issue. Except that Clarence had one last thing to ask. ‘Now for the risky thing I have planned for today that could push my experiments over the edge…’

“Well, it’s been a curious pleasure as always, Clarence.” The owl mage said before starting to get back up but forestalled herself as Clarence kneeled in front of her. Her unnatural eyes widened in shock a bit, then she quickly schooled her expression, normal calm smile turning wry. “I regret to inform you that praying to me won’t do anything. Although it is quite flattering. Unless this some way of you trying to pledge allegiance to my dark mistress.”

Clarence kept kneeling. “I- I’m not praying. I just wanted to show the proper respect when asking one, last question.” He didn’t know if Arany had any kind of official title, or held a position of importance among her people, but she was definitely his superior when it came to age and knowledge. “I was wondering if you would be willing to give me one of your feathers for research.” Then he waited in tense silence.

From his kneeling position on the ground, face turned down, Clarence couldn’t see how her expression changed. Only that her talons tensed, digging small groves into the soft earth, before tapping in contemplation. A few more seconds that felt like minutes later… and Clarence felt something tickling the top of his head.

The young man looked up and practically beamed as Arany was holding out a single, brown feather tipped white. “Th- thank you, so much!”

Her smile was smug and amused now, “I don’t normally do something this trusting. But you’ve been pleasant enough company that I’m willing to trust you.” Then, unexpectedly, she wrapped him up in a fluffy embrace. “Sweet, earnest boy.” She spoke softly into his ear before letting go and then flying off in a burst of motion.

Leaving Clarence there happy, dumfound, and perhaps a bit flustered as well.

* * * * *

Clarence rushed into his sub-basement lab with a flourish and energy that only excited youthfulness could provide. Though to call it a “laboratory” may have been a bit of an overstatement as the village was only barely making above ends-meet and what he could use reflected that.

‘Though that could all change if my theory proves correct.’ Clarence thought as he navigated the cluttered room.

It was lit entirely by lamp light, three hung from the ceiling that bathed the room in a yellow hue. Several, wooden and rough tables littered throughout the room each held a variety of plants, bottles of potions, and other ingredients in a form of ordered chaos that only the young alchemist could comprehend. He immediately went for the table with his jerry-rigged chemist set; just as many “official” parts as there were ones he’d had to make on his own.

‘First things first; layout the ingredients.’ Clarence thought as he got out Arany’s feather; he placed it inside of a secure, glass case. Then he practically skipped over to a drawer and gathered a couple of things that would promote growth when exposed to the right chemicals and let them set in a bowl beside the glass case. Then he approached something that was less of a drawer and more like an impromptu vault; no complex lock, just one that required a key that he readily supplied and careful brought out the preserved result.

A Prisoner Fruit preserved in pine resin that he had found weeks ago. He let long fingers caress the hard surface for a moment before lightly placing it on the table with everything else.

‘Second is preparing them and making sure nothing else gets in the mix.’

The young man tied his hair up tight and then put a cap on before slipping on a pair of gloves, all made of wool and leather. He licked his lips in excitement as he began the standard stuff. He placed the general reagents in the bowl in a solution that would mix them together into a consistent slurry. This mix was poured into an extra-large beaker and he lit a fire under it to help things along. The Prisoner Fruit got the same treatment but with a different solution, thinning the resin enough that the fruit itself could be exposed.

Arany’s feather required something a bit different. He needed its essence in a more practical from than the physical feather.

To that end he’d placed it in a tear shaped beaker all by itself with nothing else mixed with it, but lit a small, magical fire underneath with the most basic of incantations; a cantrip for a normal wizard that had taken him months to read about and longer to figure out. Letting the arcane fumes purify his avian friends offering.

Then he sat back to wait for it to be done. A lot of his work required waiting. Most of the village didn’t understand as they just got the end result which produced very quick, if small scale, results. In actuality he was waiting for long minutes, sometimes hours even, and just watching the foundation for experimentation unfold before your eyes. Most found it boring, but the boy found it inspiring and tantalizing in equal measure.

The feather was reduced to a liquid dilution of its former self, his standard stuff was made into a nice, broad potion, and the resin around the Prisoner Fruit had melted away sufficiently.

‘Now for my favorite part; experimentation.’ If anyone had been watching Clarence at that point, they would have been struck by how oddly cute it was to see the young man do a little shimmy of excitement before getting to work.

All burners turned off, left for a few minutes more to cool off, then he took the ingredients out of their respective beakers and onto a different table with spoons, ceramic bowls, a selection of potted plants, and some paper with a quill.

‘Now, if my testing bears fruit(hah), I’ll be able to understand what causes so much accelerated growth in mamono plants. And then how to replicate that growth in mundane plants but with none of the corruption.’

Clarence poured out a small amount of the growth promoting solution, letting a few drops land on top of the Prisoner Fruit. The cherry pink, semi-translucent crop throbbed with life, the little leaves at its top even fluttering a bit. Then, handling a small knife with surprising dexterity, he cut a thin line across the fruit’s surface, what would have been sweet smelling juice flowing freely. (And he might have smelt it if not for the nose plugs he wore.) He quickly set about collecting the juices inside of a small beaker, then he eyed the other plants and set to work.

What followed next… was also pretty boring.

Sure, Clarence found it plenty exciting; this was what he lived for. But to the average observer, dropping small drops of Arany’s essence and Prisoner Fruit juice on to pants, waiting several minutes to observe results, and then scribbling down nearly a page’s worth of notes in seconds. Only to repeat the process yet again with similarly minute results, was tedious.

‘A section of leaf on Subject #1 turned a shade of pink. While very pretty, is an obvious sign of corruption, will burn in furnace latter.’ He thought over the first experiment.

‘Subject #2’s stalk throbbed like something with veins and I could see a small pocket of unnatural fluids gathering. Different result, but obviously still a sign. Will burn later.’

On the third. ‘This one grew a small spine, also tinged pink. Obvious in hindsight for a baby cactus, but still a sign. Looks like all three get the furnace.’

Clarence sighed as he gathered all the plants into a small, wool bag. Then he fired up the furnace and threw it in with little fan-fare. Usually he’d tried to use the growing solution to try and speed up the development of the plants and to see the full potential of the changes his ingredients made. But the problem was that anything to do with corruption was so volatile and infectious that he couldn’t risk exponential growth. He wouldn’t discount the possibility of suddenly making some freakishly strong, mutant Prisoner Fruit that infects the whole village with corruption. He had to make sure to only get the enhanced growth properties, but without the telltale signs of mamono corruption. He’d the regular growing solution on hand just in case the plants showed signs of mundane growth, and no weird mutations, but that hadn’t born fruit. ‘Heh.’ But this was just the beta trial, he’d try different methods tomorrow.

But as Clarence shuffled back to the table, an idea struck him.

He thought about it for a second before just shrugging and decided to give it a try; his usual method for experimentation vetting.

Clarence cut off a small section of the Prisoner Fruit and put the rest of it in a preservative for tomorrow. Then, with careful precision, he extracted three drops of Arany’s essence and dropped them into the growing solution. But he added something new to it this time, they were actually ingredients Arany had helped him find; nightshade and wolfsbane meticulously mixed together and then bonded with the most minor of magic. It essentially reversed the side affects of the growing solution, but was incredibly slow; taking days to have any visible affect and wasn’t dangerous in the slightest others.

Then, tongue sticking out slightly, Clarence let it drip onto the practically beating fruit…

And it died.

There was no other way to describe it. After only one drop the section of vibrant, pink fruit rotted and neuroticized with incredible speed. Bloating up, turning a sickly green, then black, trending to grey, and then deflating and curling into a shriveled mess of festering juices. No longer did it smell sweet and alluring, now it smelled more of something left to fester in the pig’s stye.

It was disturbing to say the least. Clarence felt his gills turn green before his drive to confirm this unsettling phenomenon was sated.




Several hours later and Clarence had established several things; his new invention only affected Prisoner Fruit; mundane plants were left unaffected. Without the essence of a monster-, err mamono, it wouldn’t have any effect on Prisoner Fruit. And it didn’t seem to have any effect on human flesh either.

“A perfect pesticide…” Clarence sighed to himself. After having sorted all of his ingredients carefully, but purposely not writing down the exact method for making the pesticide, he’d washed himself then retreated to his room. Now he lay on his bed, staring up at the wooden ceiling, palms pressed to his closed eyes as he thought and mumbled. “Incredibly specific ingredients but cheap as well…” He rolled over and just sighed then. “If the Order had access to this and knew how to make it, they could easily start mass production. Do flyovers with flying chariots and destroy crops in mass without having to resort to highly destructive magic.”

Now came to the matter of telling them. It wouldn’t be hard. Just one jaunt down to the local church and a brief conversation could see a contingent of knights down in the village in short order.

‘Assuming I wasn’t beaten to a pulp the moment I revealed I had been harboring mamono fruit for months.’ Clarence thought, which lead to the central cause of his hesitance.

Clarence wasn’t quite an outcast, but his eccentric interests (helpful as they were) lead to a sort of quasi-hermit existence and the fact that it brushed up against heresy with how liberal he was with what he was willing to do to find more reagents. It hadn’t always been like this. Back when he was younger and still had the approval of his parents, he was the talk of the town with his little herbal remedies. But as the town got into dire straits, so too did his experiments to help until eventually they went from small, helpful tricks to full on alchemay. An art that the simple folk of the village. With each new day of research fueling more rumors about him being “corruption touched”.

On top of all that, this was a new sensation for him. This was supposed to be his element, the one source of admiration he got from any of the villagers, and yet now he felt unease. And he just didn’t feel comfortable exposing this side of himself to people that are usually lukewarm about him at best. The only person he could think about was…

Clarence came to a decision then. It may not turn out to be the most unbiased decision but it would be from someone who’d always treated him with respect at least.

* * * * *

It wasn’t hard to find her this time. He’d essentially caught her in her equivalent of the early morning for her. This late in the night though? She practically owned the forests.

The wind howled even more fiercely and with how heavily clouded the sky was tonight, if he didn’t have a lantern young Clarence would have immediately gotten lost and turned around only a few meters into the thick forest. As it was, he steadily walked forward, careful to step over roots and dips in the earth that could easily trip or cause a twisted ankle. His cloak, wrapped around him, whipped hard whenever the winds rushed by and made his lantern sway as he traveled a path he knew like the back of his hand at this point.

Even in the near pitch of the fall night, Clarence would find his way to what he knew to be Arany’s stomping grounds.

It wasn’t any specific location, per say, and more like a natural expanse where she’d told him that he could find her in. And after what was now easily over a dozen rendezvous’, Clarence found it easy to tell (even in the dark) when the trees became more barren and spread apart. When the overhang of branches thinned ever so slightly, and even the distinct shift in frequency of visible roots. Once he was in this area, all Clarence needed to do was wait.

And so, he did.

Long moments passed and then all the usual sounds of the forest at night cut out like a snuffed candle. The little chittering of bugs, scampering of small creatures, and so much more that his human ears couldn’t pick up were just gone.

‘Not gone,’ Clarence thought as he looked up in anticipation. ‘They fled. I’ve read about this phenomenon before; local wildlife fleeing in the presence of the alpha predator of the region.’

A dark silhouette was perched on a tree only a few feet away. Her flight had been completely silent, and if she hadn’t landed within his line of sight and he didn’t know to look for those flint-black eyes that contrasted darkness itself, he never would have seen her coming.

‘And Arany is that predator.’ Clarence’s appreciation took on a more horrified tone as the dark shape continued to just stare down at him. He shivered as another brisk breeze swept through, and possibly as those dark eyes bore into him. He knew Arany was only a bit taller than him, but from up there it looked as though the dark figure could swallow him up, as if he were prey being eyed up by a predator.

His fears were assuaged however as the figure glided down and in front of him, revealing itself to in fact just be the dusky and busty Owl Mage he’d gotten to know so well.

“It’s a might past your bed time, Clarence.” Arany’s voice was calm as ever, even as her eyes bored into him with unusual intensity.

“Arany,” Clarence began, head bowing a bit under the weight of her gaze. “I need some… emotional support, I guess you’d call it.”

Arany titled her head with the almost sickening level of fluidity that only owls could do. “How curious. You usually ask for directions or tidbits of wisdom about the forest. What troubles you so, friend?”

Clarence couldn’t quite see it in the oppressive darkness, but her expression looked carefully controlled. As if she were trying to hide something, or hold herself back. It was faint though, the shadows of her feathers preventing him from getting a clear measure of her expression.

They found a felled log to seat themselves on, Arany sitting right next to her young friend because she “didn’t want him to get too cold” which he appreciated, and Clarence wasted no time in pouring his heart out. He expected it to be harder, but the words just came out naturally. He told her about the pesticide he’d made (although not the exact process and ingredients) what it did only to Prisoner Fruit, all the doubts he had about telling the Order, and even his own fellow villagers.

All the time, Arany didn’t say a word as she listened with rapt attention. Only allowing herself a wing draped across his shoulders as Clarence got into the heavier stuff.

“So, uh,” He stammered after finishing, absently mindedly wiping some wet fluid from his eyes that must have been allergies. “got any wisdom to impart for me?”

“You poor thing.” She intoned, mouth close to his ear while drawing him into a soft embrace, wing rubbing gently up and down with a radiating warmth that permeated the boy’s body. She let the crook of her other wing lift up his chin, his head having dipped during his confession of sorts. “Come, no words for now. Just embrace and be comforted in turn.” And with that she swung up and over him, straddling his legs and letting her wings engulf him fully.

Clarence’s eyes widened at the burst of movement that he almost couldn’t even see, and then gasped at the feeling that washed over him. Arany always exuded a sort of comforting aura whenever they talked but it had always been a distant sort of thing. Now, with her wrapped around him, he felt his body and mind instinctively revel in a profound sense of safety. A little ironic considering it was coming from a mamono that was closely related to one of the most renowned forest predators in known to man.

The texture of the feathers was unreal; the transition of dark brown, to lighter, and to white around the edges was like a different state of massage wherever it touched him, even though his clothes. The wings like a cloak and tent at once that shielded him, her collar engulfed his neck as she leaned into him, and her fluffy calves did the same to his legs.

The perfect embrace.

Neither could pin point exactly when they started murmuring to each other, but soon enough they were both lost in honeyed whispers as Clarence hugged her back just as hard. And for as hard as he squeezed, the Owl Mage didn’t seem bothered in the least. Clarence’s words were mostly a constant streams of thank-you’s and other such adorations.

While Arany’s took on a decidedly more possessive tone and cadence. Just repeating his name over and over again, “sweet boy”, “precious”, and the occasional “mine” between just inhaling while burying her face in his hair.

Then eventually the mamono, at the peak of her heat season, couldn’t restrain herself anymore.

It started off with a soft kiss to his forehead, then transitioned into wet smooches along his cheeks and down his neck, soft lips pulling at the fair skin at her mercy. Clarence gasped under the bold moves of course, but the unexpected pleasure just made him clutch at the mamono almost in his lap even harder, unable to do anything other than stutter and hiss.

Finally, with a lick of her lips and a predatory smile on her face to go with those black eyes, the Owl Mage relented and stared down at her human.

“Oh?” Arany purred as she practically loomed over him from her new position, gazing at his stunned expression. “Not so talkative as usual? What’s the matter, Clarence?” The emphasis she put on his name made him shiver, electric excitement racing down until toes curled in his simple boats. Her voice had never done this to him before.

“I- Well, yes, I s- suppose-“ He gasped again as she pressed delightfully soft lips against his adam’s apple, sucking lightly. At the same time, sinfully soft thighs and wings moved to caress him completely.

“So much stress~” Her voice was not quite a purr anymore, but not a hiss either. It felt like the sound an owl might make, a sensual whoo-ing that tickled the inner ear. “I want all of it~”.

“W- what?” Clarence might have realized it was a bit too late to be surprised at this point if not for the arousal, comfort, and the suddenness of it all clouding his usually logical mind.

“You must be working very hard every single day. Poor thing~” Pillow-soft wings caressed his back and sides, seamlessly turning the embrace into a message. “A simple chat in the woods will do no good for that level of stress. My abode should provide a sufficient place to fully relieve you of this burden and time to answer your questions.” With that she pulled away from, body gliding and lips brushing against his before leading him through the forest.

Her dark, smoldering eyes held a clear, sultry promise for where they were going. But the gentle, yet firm grip, and honeyed words made the thought of resisting seem like a withering dream.

After an immeasurable amount of time measured in both seconds and days of weaving between trees and groves, she led him to a tree with a perfectly door shaped hole on it. From the entranced dim, soft light and the smell of tea poured forth and exude a similar feeling of comfort as his friend did. And she quickly ushered him in to get a view of the interior. The insides matched the two signs the place had given from outside; the interior was rustic, lush, and held an aura of soft comfort. Not that Clarence had much time to analyze this.

As soon as they stepped in and the dark forest faded away, the entrance closed over with roots and branches as Arany swept her wings around him once more and brought the young man into a kiss.

If the feathers had been supernaturally comfortable, this lip-lock was heavenly. Not the kind that the preacher in the church spoke of. No, this heaven was full of heady lust, long simmering affection, and the predatory satisfaction of validation. Those were all the emotions that Arany managed to convey with her kiss, so hungry as to make the act almost primal in nature.

Her tongue had no problems slipping past his inexperienced lips. Clarence found the new situation comforting and controlling in equal measure. Arany’s lips slid sensually against his own while her small tongue delved in his mouth, tangling with his own with some intent. The young man moaned after only two seconds under the thorough ministrations and his will promptly crumpled under the assault. A brush across his gums set his toes curling, bite on his lower lip made him whimper and lean in for more.

They separated with a wet, smacking sound after nearly a minute of angling their mouths to get deeper into each other. Both panting lightly from the make-out session, they gazed into each other’s eyes unabashedly; brown pupils staring into pitch. Clarence panted from exhaustion and Arany from excitement.

“I don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do that.” She said after a moment, an uncharacteristic blush coloring her cheeks. “But I suspect it has been for quite some time.”

“I- I- W- well, likewise, I suppose.” Clarence stammered as he held onto her, whether out of a need for support or desire, he didn’t know.

“Well then,” Arany started, eyeing the bed of her den. It wasn’t particularly big but it looked to be made of a soft looking wool and cotton with a solid frame. “Why don’t we see what else we’ve been missing out on?”

Clarence was in no mind to comment on the cliché-ness of her words and merely followed as she drew him further in, then willingly recommenced their tryst as they fell onto the bed in a tangle. He found himself on the bottom again, straddled by soft legs as his soon-to-be lover worked her (metaphorical) magic again. The well curated, herby smell of her den and her smooth plumage definitely didn’t help with the heady feeling in his mind either as he submitted to the lip lock in full. This time there was no inquisitive bites at lips or insistent probing, they immediately set themselves into a deep pace. Lips rolled and rubbed against each other as tongues dance and wrestled, Arany’s often going in for long, sensual licks. It was a wet, slippery affair, and if Clarence wasn’t so drawn in, from an outside perspective he might have cringed at the amount of saliva being swapped around and wetting lips. Instead, Arany taking the opportunity to give his tongue some attention and sucking on it like a lolli just pushed him that bit further, his hips thrust up instinctively into the inviting crotch of the woman on top of him.

Immediately he pressed his hands between their grinding bodies and start to undue and pull up his shirt, a surprisingly difficult feat with how eagerly the older woman clung to him. An almost instinctive need drove him to get even more skin contact with that beautiful, smooth, dark skin. As soon as Arany caught on to what he was doing, she was all too happy to help. They separated with a few strands of saliva that connected their mouths breaking and then the avian mamono glided down his body and made short work of his pants while Clarence fully got his shirt off, revealing a slim build to go along with his lifestyle.

Arany’s own coverings were a far simpler affair; two swipes and the covering on her chest and her waist fell to the floor. Though “fell” may have been too generous a word.; with how tightly they had been wrapped around her body, near to the point of obscenity, they peeled off with barely a whisper of sound. The clingy fabric leaving faint imprints on the soft mounds of flesh that bounced free and the motherly swell of her waist and a generous ass that dipped slightly under it’s own weight.

And Clarence’s mouth watered as Arany made a point of tightening her thighs and glutes, lifting her buttocks into a toned bubble butt instead of it’s naturally soft, heart-shaped state. Then she twirled a bt, making heavy set breasts with perky, dark peaks bounce and sway with the motion. And she found him to be sufficiently enraptured, she became far more focused on what she found when tearing down Clarence’s undergarments.

His cock bounced free, having been obviously straining against its fabric prison for quite some time, and nearly smacked into her face on the back swing. She immediately coo-ed a bit as she appreciated the pale length with her lips along the shaft, enjoying the way it pulsed hard after only a second of her ministrations. The thing reached from nearly chin to head and Clarence let his head roll back as he put hands on the back of her head, fingers getting tangled in her feather-esque hair.

“All Mine~” Was all Arany said before moving to dig in properly. She glanced up towards Clarence to gauge his reaction (a perfunctory thing considering where his hands were), and upon seeing him looking just as needy, it just emboldened her more.

He shivered at the tone in her voice, and felt his skin prickle even more at the actual sensation assailing his throbbing length. She wet his shaft with long lips that swirled at the top, before dropping back down to the base, skillful tongue paying some lavish attention to his balls as well. Attention that quickly turned to light suckling as he bucked more, the first few precious inches sinking into the warm confines of her mouth, his hands forcing her to take more and more. She twisted her head a bit with each bob downwards, adding a further sensation to her clenching throat and swirling tongue.

The natural, un-maskable sound of plunging her throat at this speed was a turn on for both of them as well. Wet slurps and saliva dripping liberally from the seal her lips formed, even though her lips valiantly gripped his shaft in an attempt to be air tight. Only to fail as she dived and was brought back down with the assistance of Clarence’s hands, cock getting deeper into the damp cove, Arany’s jaw quivering and loosening from the pleasure. She made eye contact each time she engulfed those new inches with her wet fellatio. Soft lips pulled at the veiny expanse and dragged along every time she pulled back all the way to caress the tip.

This cyclical blowjob continued until finally the owl woman hit the base of his shaft, holstering the entirety of his cock inside her soft mouth and tight throat. But instead of continuing to bob, she lifted off entirely, easily pushing her head past the young man’s hands. Before he could voice anything though, she lifted up slightly and leaned over, sliding soft, delightful breasts around his wet and visibly twitching shaft.

Clarence groaned openly and she grinned at the reaction before bunching her shoulders to increase the pressure and going harder. The soft seal of tit-flesh swallowing his erection was incredible to see and even more so to feel, turning the drips of pre-cum into a steady stream that dribbled down and made the wrapping even wetter. Clarence bucked his hips eagerly now, gripping onto the side of the large tits and fucking up into it as if it were a woman’s quim. It certainly felt like what he imagined one would feel, and he could scarcely imagine what the real thing from Arany would feel like.

This sudden dynamic was to be short lived however. They’d gone in too hard, too fast, and Clarence was too inexperienced. But there wasn’t even the pretense of trying to stop or slow down when his cock engorged slightly and the telltale increased frequency of throbs and building pressure grew to a crescendo. They both eagerly mashed crotch and heavy breasts together until Clarence hilted one last time and moaned in release.

Rope after rope of off-white seed shot from the tip that barely peeked above the mashed together tits, painting Arany’s smooth neckline and dark chest in the virile substance. Before the woman quickly sealed her lips around the tip, each pulse and thrum now only feeding her the pressure sign of his love for her. Clarence groaned between clenched teeth as each tensing of his balls signaled another surge as his tip was played with. He went from gripping her breasts to the tangle his hands in her feather hair and bringing her down harder as his orgasm reached its apex for several long seconds before descending, the wads of seed going up his length feeling even better due to the soft mammaries messaging it from all sides.

Arany took it without a single complaint, suckling, gulping, and humming until well after he’d stopped pumping and become sensitive in his post orgasm, before popping off with a “Mwah!” sound.

Clarence effectively slumped back at that, just bathing in the afterglow and nearly oblivious to the world around him. Like most young men, he’d experimented before, but that didn’t really compare to the attentions of a live woman, and that went double for the preternatural skill of mamono in this area. The fact that it was from a woman he held no small amount of respect for only compounded the emotional side of things.

Clarence just lay there with a rather goofy smile on his face for all of three seconds before his reprieve was interrupted. He yelped as Arany put a wing under his legs dangling over the edge and then swung them over until he was lying down length wise in one fluid motion. Then let out a light gasp of breath as Arany landed with a solid thump on his waist, straddling him easily, her breasts bouncing obscenely from the movements.

“My, you really are inexperienced.” She giggled, covering her mouth with one wing. “What are you doing relaxing while the lady has yet to get off yet?”

Clarence’s face immediately went as red as one of his enhanced tomatoes in full growth and promptly began apologizing. “Oh my god I’m so sorry I should have thought about that I just got so lost in the moment and-“ Then Arany pressed a wing to his mouth, the smooth limb of feather shutting him up.

“By the Dark Mistress, sweet boy, I’m only teasing. You’re fine, just let me take care of things for the rest.” Her voice was calm, reassuring, and oh so sultry. Which happened to match perfectly with the way she angled her hips up and aligned her actively dripping entrance with his still rock-solid cock.

Their eyes both met again as she descended and promptly sent the first few inches squeezing past the slick heat of her outer lips and started her descended. She crooned openly while he gasped and lolled his head back, the question of who had the momentum now more than clear.

Just like with her mouth, the point’s where their bodies intermingled, his flesh inside her, was warmer than anything he’d ever experienced and yet was still entirely pleasant. The soft friction of her shapely hips and ass rolling in his lap while her cunt massaged his cock was firmly imprinted in his mind with every passing second. Without prompting, his hands traveled up to cup the shapely globes of her behind that regularly clapped against his thighs now. He squeezed down hard, too inexperienced for any sort of finesse, and his fingers sank in down to the knuckle.

At that Arany cried out her need too as her lover dug into and kneaded her soft flesh as he thrust up into her, matching his thrusts to her downward pummeling. The thrusting so harsh that his balls impacted the soft expanse he was gripping and the ridding so rough that the head of the vascular length started to beat at her baby chamber as if it were trying to break through.

Despite how it may have looked like from the outside, Arany still solidly had control over her human, the difference between who was equipped to handle the most pleasure was too much. Clarence’s hands clenched and pulled out of more reflex than anything as the pleasure increased but he wasn’t close to orgasm yet, thrusts becoming wild and sending his head grinding along her tunnel at odd angles as his thrusts grew erratic. For Arany’s part, she just let out pleasant little huffs as their tryst continued while Clarence was reduced to a grunting, gasping, thrusting mess beneath her.

“Good boy~” She droned, nearly drunk on her position of power. “Such a good boy. You’re trying so hard. Don’t worry, my love, we’ll both get what we’ve been working for soon enough.”

Her eagerness combined with his excited drive made it so that there was barely an instance where his cock wasn’t hilting into her depths with meaty thwaps, sweat and musk permeating the air more and more as their exertions continued. And the few instances where a few inches of cock were exposed to open air, it was clear covered in the glazed honey that Arany’s quim was constantly outputting.

It was fortunate that neither was particularly concerned about protection or preventing a pregnancy in the heat of moment either. Or the near constant stream of pre-cum being dumped into Arany’s hungry snatch would have been quite the cause for concern. As it was, when Arany clearly felt the sticky substance that was already gumming up the entrance to her heart-shaped womb, she just went faster. Enjoying the way Clarence gazed up at her deliciously bouncing curves. Her feathers fluttering with each movement, wings contracting tighter to her body as the ecstasy mounted. Unlike her lover though, Arany’s eyes weren’t half glazed over, her dark orbs were intent and focused on the boy’s pleasure-struck face. She want to see what expression her man would make when his body submitted what it owed her.

Not that she was that far from her own nirvana either though.

“O- oh, f- fuck, Arany. Please.” Clarence babbled, an edge of the impending in his tone.

“By the dark mistress, yes. I can’t believe how badly I’ve needed this, dear boy.” Arany’s words weren’t stuttered in the least, she was ecstatic and oh so pleasured, but far from uncomposed. She leaned down to fully be embraced by her new love, breasts and taut stomach pressed smoothly against him as she put her lips to his ear. “Just hang a bit long, lover, and will both get what we want.”

His only response was another grunt as he thrust into her tight cunt and she responded her approval by biting his ear lobe.

Clarence’s hands almost immediately went from her ass to wrapping her upper half into a tight embrace. No groping or pinching, just an embrace that made the skin contact of their chests that little bit more devious while he thrust up into her. Leaving her hips with more free movement. And Arany wasted no time in bringing her hips down in rolling drops that quickly filled the room with wet smacks as her ass clapped against his thighs. “O- oh, darling, I’m right on the edge.” Arany finally stuttered in speech as her g-spot, which as typical for a mamono was impressively large, was mercilessly smashed down.

It was that phrase that drove Clarence into a frenzy of new ferocity, drawing out all the way to his tip over and over again. Lips made to submit and pink membranes made to perfectly embrace the shape of his shaft through sheer ferocity. A dim part of Clarence realized that this was his last chance to pull out before blowing his load inside of Arany. She certainly seemed in no mode to slow down, so it was all up to him considering they weren’t using any protection, mundane or otherwise.

All up to him to simply let go of her soft curves, delicious friction of her breasts on his chest, the meaty claps of her hips descending down on his with greedy intent, and the heavenly feel of dick being massaged by her insides.

‘Just let go, just let go…’

And so, after over a dozen of this new thrusting, Clarence slammed in balls deep and simply let go inside of her, every instinct in his mind telling him this was oh so right. And the pleasurable feeling of his shaft engorging while his tip was mashed against the entrance to her most sacred place, setting off Arany as well, made them very hard to doubt.

Suddenly Arany was under the assault of long, thick ropes of something warm and gooey filling up her bare womb. Her head rolled and she groaned and shudder in her own climax, tongue lolling shameless from her mouth while her quim constricted and messaged the shaft hilt deep inside her, as if begging for more cum.

Clarence humped helplessly into the hungry hole of his sultry friend, overwhelmed by the pleasure of seeding his first woman bareback. Each pump filling up the womb suckling on his tip with salty cum until it literally overflowed and started to gum up her pussy and bath his cock in the warmth of his own seed. A truly inhuman amount, something that he would only belatedly realize later.

Eventually they just lay there, basking in the combined glow of their post-orgasmic releases, headless of the sweat and sexual fluids coating their crotches. After a few moments of silence only filled by their panting, Arany lifted her head, dark and white locks slightly sticking to her forehead, and angled herself to give Clarence a kiss. The young alchemist moved in to do the same, reciprocating a soft lip lock that was more loving than lustful now. She sighed after separating and lifted her hips from his. Her pussy clenching and undulating hard as to not let a single drop of seed escape, and shifted until she was lying against him, her head against his chest as she curled up on top of the young man.

Clarence was on the verge of drifting to sleep now (And after having such enthusiastic sex for the first time in his and with a wonderful woman, who could blame him?) …until a thought suddenly struck him. And, lacking in any knowledge of what’s expected of pillow talk, he just blurted out what was on his mind.

“Hey, Arany?”

“Hmmm?” Her voice was a little dreamy, a dazed and giddy side to her that he’d never seen before.

“I feel relaxed and calm now. But you didn’t really answer the question of what I should do with what I discovered.”

Arany blinked, then blinked again as she suddenly remembered the whole pretense as to why he’d sought her out in the first place.  “O- oh, right… That is, to say…” This time her stumbling over words was due to embarrassment at being so easily caught off guard instead of pleasure. “You probably shouldn’t reveal what you found out to the Order.”

Silence hung for an awkward moment before Clarence spoke again. “Was that all?”

“Well, I was more focused on helping you destress.” Was her poor excuse.

“…’Relax’, yes. Still, I feel like such a short answer doesn’t need a whole trip through the forest and then a tryst.” He couldn’t help but tease a bit.

Arany did something then that Clarence had never seen before; she pouted. “Oh please, as if you didn’t want it as much as I did.”

Clarence chuckled then, and she pouted further at his clear amusement at her expense. Then it softened as he kissed the crown of her head. “Fair enough. …Should I go or?”

“No.” Was her immediate, earnest response as she spread her wings, flipped them over so as she was cradling him, and wrapped him up tight. “Just sleep with me through this night. We can discuss how this,” She mentioned toward their entangled bodies. “Changes things in the morning.”

“How long has ‘this’ been brewing on your side, by the way? I only really took note after you kissed me on that log.”

Arany sighed and titled her head back, a blush creeping into her cheeks. “I stopped being in denial just today. I have been… fond of you for quite a while now that I think about it.” Then she looked back down at him, all snug in her wings, and smiled. “I had originally planned to woo you after accepting my feelings during our usual talk today. But then the heat was in full swing and then you confided in me, which touched me dearly, and well… I couldn’t hold back anymore.”

“Heat?” Clarence repeated before shaking his head in embarrassment. ‘That should have been my first guess to what those looks meant.’ Then another question came to him. “If it’s Heat season for you, does that mean you’ll still be, uh, needy tomorrow?”

Arany’s smile turned wry as she chuckled. “I’ll tell you all about what you’ve gotten yourself into tomorrow. For now, sweet Clarence, sleep.”

Clarence nodded, snuggling closer and sighing into the crook of her neck, getting a plaintive “Whooo” for his trouble. His mind slipped into blissful sleep in short order, the pleasant warmth of his Owl Mage simply too good to resist even if he had wanted to.

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  1. Small nitpick, but in the very beginning his hair is auburn in one paragraph, and blonde the next?

    There’s a couple spots where you go from first person to third person, this one in particular stood out. “I didn’t know if Arany had any kind of official title, or held a position of importance among her people, but she was definitely his superior when it came to age and knowledge.”

    The word is “massaged” not “messaged”.

    Overall not a bad story. The first half was well edited and didn’t have too many grammar/spelling errors to distract the reader. The second half of the story when she starts putting the moves on him, it seems to have been a bit more rushed. The spelling errors, syntax, and sometimes awkward phrasing is distracting and caused me to lose the immersion effect.

    I think with some editing it would definitely be a five star story for me. It’s nice to see a story with a character that doesn’t get given much love. Looking forwards to your future works!

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