Echidna Dice & A Chance of Corruption: Jinko

“Listen here, you over hyped circus animal.”

‘How did things come to this?’

“Despite what your delusions of grandeur might tell you; you don’t get to dictate the terms here.”

‘I’d done nothing to deserve this.’

“Now wipe that smug fucking look off your face, stop eyeballing my property, and answer me!”

Braxton, the young man currently contemplating why the world was currently putting him through this situation, was presently standing behind the person losing their temper. A danuki, one Lady Ludwig, and to her credit she wasn’t lying. The jinko she was yelling at indeed did look quite smug and was definitely eyeing him up, much to his conflicted feelings.

The jinko, one tribe leader named Ladonna, oozed confidence as she reclined on a love seat of furs, the two lesser jinko guards at her sides apparently unphased by her relaxed nature. But she wasn’t just different in terms of status among her fellows, but physically as well. Braxton didn’t know why, but the usual tawny brown or tanned skin tones were nowhere to be found on Ladonna. And neither did her fur seem to conform to the standard hues of this area either. Instead, her fur color was a deep purple with black stripes throughout. While the rest of her skin, excluding her luminescent tattoos (for style or status was anyone’s guess), dipped harder towards the darker side than the already sun-kissed textures people here had, going nearly a complete pitch black in tone. Her tattoos were tribal and held jagged designs that radiated ferocity and was the same silvery color as her eyeshadow, contrasting quite well with her yellow eyes and slitted pupils.

All told; she looked terrifying. And completely at odds with what Braxton might have expected from a “rough & tumble” village people. Far from rustic, she looked like a walking, exotic piece of art.

Not that Lady Ludwig seemed to care; glaring from her own, smaller, seat and giving scathing remarks to the mamono that looked like something touched by the underworld itself. A very muscular, very distractingly curvy and plump, fiend…

Braxton shook his head and brought himself back into the moment. He was standing on the opposite side of the room by Lady Ludwig’s guards while the two women negotiated… or at least that’s what Braxton thought would happen when they first arrived in these lands. Instead, without fail for days every time they came to the metaphorical table, as soon as Ladonna had saw him, all her attention was on him and she wouldn’t pay Lady Ludwig any mind beyond the bare minimum required. Which seemed to piss her off a lot.

Eventually, after giving him a wink, she deigned to address her visitor and quasi business rival once more. “Five hundred bushels.” She said, plainly stating a number barely over her initial offer, before going back to her man-gazing. Her voice was like a deep, yet feminine rumble, as if she was always speaking from her chest. To Braxton’s great embarrassment, he felt a little shiver go through him at just that simple utterance, as if her voice was caressing him.

‘Barely different from the deal she gave at the start of this meeting. Annnd, yup.’ Braxton thought as he looked over to his “master” and saw her taking in the blatant obstinance of the jinko. ‘My presence usually distracts most any mamono while also keeping them talking. Either that or they just ignore me. This is the worst of both worlds, no wonder she’s having trouble.’ Not that Braxton cared much about Ludwig and at least this was a non-threatening break in the routine. Usually, it was just Lady Ludwig dragging him from place to place, position her “prized virgin” to the side of trade talks, and then just watching and being terrified as various mamono had to hold themselves back from “indulging and corrupting his pure mind” as one particularly forward demon had said.

Except for the tribe leader Ladonna, Ludwig’s most notorious rival when it came to trade. No, unlike the others, she seemed completely but calmly fixated by him. Not struggling to hold herself back in the least. Ludwig’s usual gamble had fallen apart as Ladonna’s apparently typical devil-may-care attitude was just accentuated more as she eyed up Braxton while still effortlessly addressing prices and trades. All the while Lady Ludwig was just frustrated ever more.

Ladonna managed to make eye contact with Braxton, while Ludwig continued to sputter at the indignity, and rolled her eyes. The message of the gesture clearly being; “Can you believe how loud this tart is?” Probably not in precisely those words, Ladonna didn’t speak with a proper, high-society cadence like he did, having probably grown up in this god-forsaken jungle. “Kept One, I hope she isn’t taking out her rage over these failed negotiations on you. Though if she is, I’d be happy to soothe any aches you have.”

As Ludwig had never given his name over, that was what she called him… “Kept One”. He didn’t know how he felt about it, but the looks he got when she practically rolled it off her tongue gave the definite impression that he wanted to change his status.

Braxton turned up his nose at the obvious proposition and adopted an unamused and haughty expression… all the while trying to keep from letting any semblance of a smile or chuckle slip through his emotional mask. If he’d learned anything from the two months of working with Ludwig it was that she hated having her image undermined. (Even if she was doing that to herself currently.) And he did not want to test what she’d think of for punishment.

Eventually though, as most of the negotiations last week had, the Jinko deigned to actually barter back and it ended with something close to, but not quite, what Ludwig had wanted.

“Good day.” Was all the danuki said by way of parting words, the venom within them rendering the words basically irrelevant. “Maiden Boy, fetch my things.” She said as she turned to leave.

Braxton obediently bowed his head and carefully walked forward to retrieve her vestments. It was another obvious powerplay by making him get this close, but after not seeing any outward reaction from the lead jinko or her guards, he grabbed them and turned to leave without issue-

-Until he felt hot breath mist on the back of his neck. Braxton hadn’t even heard her move, but he knew it was Ladonna by the shadow cast over him. He gulped, not daring to look back, and started to take the most careful of steps out of the room. He didn’t dare call out, for fear of setting the tribal leader off as he felt her presence smothering him as her breath panted into his nape. Then, mercifully, as soon as he crossed the threshold into the hallway, suddenly it felt like a massive weight had been lifted from his shoulders. Ludwig called for him to hurry up from further down, and he did, but not before taking one last look back into the room.

He saw Ladonna and her guard standing a polite distance away and the leader in particular was giving him a warm smile and happy wave.

The look in her eyes made his skin goosebump and shiver for reasons he understood all too well nowadays.

– – – O – – –

Braxton kept silent and to himself as usual and Ludwig’s elven guards paid him no mind besides ensuring that he followed properly before being loaded back inside the carriage they’d rode in on. Oddly, with all of them having husbands, Lady Ludwig and her guards were the few mamono he felt relatively at ease around.


“Zat cunt really needs to learn her place.” Ludwig grumbled as they were ferried along the bumpy road carved through the jungle that would lead to the temporary encampment they’d set up. Her accent had slipped through again, as it always did when she got angry, and her lithe form was currently being rocked lightly in the lap of her husband; A grizzled man that paid Braxton about as much attention as the guards did. Which is to say; not much at all.

“And my little virgin didn’t do anything to help either. Again.

Braxton shifted uncomfortably at that even though he knew an answer wasn’t expected of him. To be honest, even discounting the oddly focused Jinko, this wasn’t the first time his presence had proved not even worth the effort of bringing him along at times. But it looked like, besides a disappointed glance in his direction, she didn’t seem keen on commenting further.

Which left Braxton to sit back during the trip and think about his all too recent, previously noble life as he watched the exotic fauna of the jungle blur by. (Well, “noble”, actually.)

He thought of a better time.

Of a quiet life as a barely-noble from a family that was at the lowest rung of the high family and when all the responsibility given to him being ownership over the family library. His life had been quiet, of few friendships, and simple, but ultimately pleasant and stable.

Then the city had been taken over.

Not assaulted or sieged, its defeat had been too swift for it to be called anything so gracious. A veritable wave of demons from the mamono lord’s armies had crashed over them in pursuit of new territory. Braxton hadn’t seen much of the fighting, but he’d caught a glimpse of a terrifying mamono with snow-white wings and hair leading the charge. Quickly after she arrived, all the major buildings of the city were breached soon afterwards, essentially meaning all of the nobility was taken… and then “taken”.

All except for him.

No, he’d been captured by an eccentric danuki before any other mamono could reach him. And then the next two months of his life had taken a turn for the weird. The first week had been spent with Ludwig making his position know; if he cooperated, he would remain unsullied until such a time as she decided to let him go to a mamono, one of her choosing. If he didn’t? Then she would throw him to the most vicious group she could find, simple as that.

It hadn’t been a choice, really. Braxton went along for the next several weeks with Mistress Ludwig’s plan and he was paraded around in various lands for various negotiations and deals. It was tense, strange, and worked for a time… until it didn’t. Whether it was due to word getting around or something else, he didn’t know, but suddenly he wasn’t nearly as eye drawing to mamono at the tables. (To his relief and worry.) And now here he was; his presence an active threat to Ludwig’s image instead of mere dead weight and now he feared that she would drop him for that.

This worry followed him as the carriage stopped at their camp, as he was led to his personal tent, and as he prepared for sleep. And he repeatedly came to the same conclusion; He had no idea as to what to do.

The young, quasi-noble was hardly in a position to bargain and his family hadn’t been the bartering type, all he knew were the basics. Rule One; Always take the initiative. Rule Two; Always try to negotiate through an intermediary. Rule Three; Always maintain one’s composure.

Braxton had never had the best relationship with his family but he hoped that repeating mantra in his head from his business-minded mother would help ease his nerves at least until the time came. The first two weren’t really an option for him, but he could at least try for the third, right?

– – – O – – –

Braxton was currently, as the commoners say, “freaking the fuck out”. Which was understandable seeing as he was currently sitting, undefended, in the middle of Ladonna’s “den”.

The events that lead him here had raised several red flags to say the least.

He’d been woken up by Ludwig’s guards as usual, watched while getting dressed, and had been loaded into one of the carriages… alone, save for the driver. When asked he’d been told he was simply being sent ahead of Ludwig to a new location. Which hadn’t seemed too out there at the time; sometimes Ludwig and her husband were too preoccupied… engaging in “stress relief”, as Ludwig called it, to always ride along. What had set off warning signs was when Ladonna’s own people had suddenly stepped out on the path in front of the carriage. One amazon and one jinko, both wielding spears and looked built enough to tear apart the carriage he was swaddled in.

After the sudden near-crash that Braxton wasn’t sure would have even hurt either of them, a hushed conversation between the driver and Ladonna’s tribe people had taken place that he couldn’t quite make out. Then the tribe’s women had simply stepped aside to let them pass, suddenly the carriage was taking him on a different route, and in short order he was dropped off and then escorted into Ladonna’s rather expansive tent, her “Den”.

Despite the simple name, it was definitely the dwelling of a leader. Easily eclipsing the huts in the walled off village in height and width. The front adorned with tribal writings that seemed to shift in the early morning light and the sides hanging with the skulls of hunted beasts. Some of which he could tell just from a glance were as big as his entire torso.

Then, without another word, the elven guard went back to the carriage and drove off. Leaving Braxton alone, confused, and increasingly worried as he heard increasing activity outside the tent.

His mind was a whirl with panicked thoughts. ‘Is this it? Have I been sold, to Ladonna of all people? But Ludwig hates her, why would she give me to her? And why did her people stop the carriage? Wouldn’t they just have let the carriage through if it was a done deal? Maybe the elf had been threatened and now she’s coming back for reinforcements?’

And on and on his increasingly nonsensical thoughts went until the tarp over the door way inside the main room parted and a familiar voice that set his teeth on edge called out to him in a low rumble not-unlike a purr. “Hello, previously Kept-One.” Her voice echoed out through the room itself, which was decidedly plain compared to the outside visage, with plain wooden walls with sparse art, functional rooms, and soft “furniture”.

That was all he needed to hear to start backing up further along the couch at her approach, she’d obviously already made her decision about her course of action. “H- hello, Ladonna. P- perhaps we can talk things out before-“

“That’s chieftess to you.” The remaining distance was consumed in a lunge before he could reach the edge of the seating. Ladonna’s form a black and purple blur that bowled him over and had him pinned in seconds; wide, heavy hips settled upon his while big meaty paws gripped his wrists and upper forearms. His opened mouth protest was cut short as she pressed her forehead to his, so close that he could now see the intricate details in her retinas and slitted pupils, down to the last vein. “I have been so very patient. I will not be denied this.” Her lips barely brushed his, on the precipice of intimacy. Then, suddenly, she leaned up and pressed a kiss to his forehead. “But not until you give something to me; tell me your name.”

Braxton blinked once, then twice more, in silence. “I- what?”

She tilted her head in that cute way that animals sometimes do. “You heard me. Give your name.”

He squirmed, only to find her grip and position just as unyielding. “W- what happens when I do?”

“Do not worry yourself about that.”

“But-“ Then the ex-noble’s voice hitched as Ladonna leaned to the side and nipped his jaw. Nothing painful, but enough to demonstrate that there was a lot of space for her to “attack” per say. “Unkept One, listen. You can give your name to me or I can make you give it. So, what will it be…” Then she leaned down until her lips were touching his ear and hair was brushing against his face. “The easy way or the really easy way?”

Braxton took a moment think.

“You have until the count of five.”

He balked at the brazenness, though seeing her negotiate should have tipped him off to how unfair this would be. “T- that’s not fair!”

All Ladonna did in response was smile while pressing a kiss to his cheek that was anything but wholesome in nature. “One.”

The young man bucked against her bit again.

Ladonna shifted her lips from his cheek to where she had nipped him. “Two.”

His mind raced, but all his options left was either trying to awkwardly kick or try and headbutt her, neither action likely to produce good results in his opinion.

A long lick from his jaw to his jugular made him shiver once more. “Three.”

He closed his eyes and tried to muster up his pride as Ladonna progressed to a light sucking and a murmured “Four.”

“Braxton.” That brought her up short. “My name is Braxton.”

Then the jinko chieftess smoothly resumed their forehead-to-forehead contact. “Braxton~” She said the name like she was tasting a new flavor. “I like you, Braxton.” Then she kissed him.

And the kiss made the world fall away.

What felt like twin spots of heat in his head and crotch ignited at the contact. It wasn’t hungry or dominating, just searching, and then melting as she found what she wanted. So consumed by the feeling of it, Braxton didn’t even noticed when her arms transitioned from pining his to sliding underneath his head & neck to pull him in harder. And even if he had, he wouldn’t have cared.

Eventually they separated (Seconds, minutes later? He couldn’t tell.) and they just breathed deeply while still deep within their embrace. With a small chuff, Ladonna decided to sit up from him, smiling openly at his dazed expression. “Mhmm, that was certainly gratifying.” Then she fully got off of him, setting herself down in a proper sitting position, arms draped across the back of the couch. “Well? We need to talk, unless I should take you presenting your belly to me as acceptance.”

The depression the jinko made in the furniture caused Braxton to slide into her side as soon as he got up himself. An opportunity she immediately took to put an arm around him, but resisted the urge to bundle him up in her arms fully.

“You’re… not going to push for more?” He asked hesitantly.

“Not unless you want me to.” She said with a fanged grin.

“N- no! I’m good! It’s just… not what I expected.”

“Oh, believe me, it is a mighty temptation to resist. Especially with my Blessing.” At his questioning look, Ladonna chuckled. “Oh, come on now, Braxton~” She was definitely rolling his name on purpose. “You can’t tell me you thought the coloration of my fur was some benign difference between me and my kin.”

Braxton couldn’t help but look over at the furred hand caressing his shoulder then, deep purple and black hues almost seeming to shift subtly. Then to her charcoal-esque skin with tattoos that almost seemed too natural on her. “I admit that, p- perhaps, I was wondering about it for a while.”

“Thinking about it while turning your nose up at me every time I tried to talk to you?”

The young man blushed, and tried to sink into the couch further to no avail. “Th- that was Ludwig’s suggestion for how I should act, not mine.”

“As I suspected,” Ladonna sighed. “But you were right in your suspicions. This fur is a sign of how the spirits have Blessed me. I have more power than my sisters, and with more power, comes more hunger. But we can talk about that later, for now, I’d like to discuss…” She’d started leaning in again, probably to whisper something into his ear, before pulling herself up short.

Then Ladonna purred, her already coy smile turning a bit soft, then started nuzzling the top of his head. “I must have missed it in the initial excitement; You smell like flowers. Perfume?”

Braxton flinched at the fact that this was the new topic of conversation and at her blunt, if accurate, assumption. “I- it’s not like I get much choice! It’s meant to make me ‘enticing’ or some such other nonsense.”

Ladonna merely nuzzled him further, breathing deeply before relenting. “Understandable.” Was her simple response. “That will change once you are with me.”

Braxton squirmed a bit at that… and found himself supremely surprised that Ladonna didn’t immediately pull him back in. But at the promising sign, and with great trepidation, he removed himself fully from her embrace and looked up at the bulky, young woman.

“So, it’s true, then? Ludwig sold me to you.” His voice held a small tremor to it that just couldn’t be masked. And he saw with faint horror stirring in his gut that Ladonna’s ears flicked back and her slitted pupils dilated slightly. But instead of pouncing…

“No.” She said simply, causing the young man’s eyes to go wide as she leaned back in a languid stretch that made her heavenly chest bounce in their tight, leather coverings. “Ludwig meant to sell you to the Antlings south of my territory. Doubtless trying ruffle fur by selling to my rival.” She rolled her eyes, the movement seeming odd to Braxton for the captivating, golden orbs. “Predictable.”

Combined with this being the closest she’s ever been to him (sans a few seconds ago and minus what had felt like barrels of adrenaline rushing through him), the most he’s heard her speak, and the surprisingly juvenile gesture; Braxton realized that, past all the fur and muscle, she didn’t look much older than him; two years at the most. This filled him with some momentary confidence until the full implication of her words sank in.

His shoulders sagged slightly. “But you stopped the delivery somehow?”

“Bribe.” Was Ladonna’s simple reply, not even the slightest hint of shame at the admission.

“I- I see,” Braxton said before trying to get into the swing of the conversation. “Why then? Did you want to save me?”

“I am thinking of throwing you back to her, currently.” Ladonna said, folding her arms under mouthwatering cleavage, looking away from him.

Braxton was startled and nearly started to panic before he noticed Ladonna’s tail; it was poking out from behind her back and almost beckoning to her side. It didn’t take long for Braxton to take the hint and… and the implied threat. ‘If I don’t give her the skin-ship she wants, I’ll be thrown back to Ludwig to fend for myself.’ Even then, the young man felt his hammering heart relax slightly as he slid back to Ladonna’s side and slipped an arm behind her well sculpted back to make the embrace mutual. He was still in a not-good position, but this was the first voluntary decision he’d made since the strange turn of events in this negotiation. Maybe, just maybe, he could swing something?

The oddly colored jinko immediately embraced him in return, the expanse of her near jet-black covered breasts caressing his head. Braxton made the “mistake” of breathing in; a rich, earthy scent invading his senses as he felt the purr emanate from her as she once again started sniffing the top of his brown hair.

“There we go.” She said in approval. “Where you belong.”

“S- s- so.” His stammering speech faltering as he tried in vain to find a non-lewd way of gaining enough purchase to at least get his face from being partially submerged in her soft mounds. When his hand fell on a soft thigh, he yanked it away, same for her toned stomach, especially when he tried to for her hip and started to feel the generous curve of her-

Braxton eventually just resigned himself to his soft hell of intoxicating scents and rumbling words. “-Could I p- possibly,” He could feel her nipple pocking him through her regular cloth wrappings. “- p- persuade you to l-l-“ He shuddered as a clawed hand caressed his lower back. “-let me go?”

Even to his own ears, Braxton’s plea didn’t sound convincing. And Ladonna’s next words proved it.

“You don’t seem to understand, unkept one.” Clawed digits ran through his hair before getting a gentle, but firm, grip and pulling him out of her cleavage. The thought of resisting this beast (both metaphorical and literal) of a woman as she tilted his head up slightly to meet her eyes didn’t even appear in his mind. “You either submit to me or I allow Ludwig’s gift to the antlings to go through.”

Braxton had expected his face being free of her chest would help his mind, but he’d been so, so wrong. He gulped and felt the bulge going down his threat press against the breast-flesh molded against his collarbone and neck. Sweat that had nothing to do with the heat started to form on his brow, breathing deepening.

Ladonna ran her claws through his hair again, claws lightly scraping against his scalp in a soothing message. “I hear the rumors about how they treat men. Dozens of orgies to make the most use out of a male resource. Personally, I think it sounds amusing but might be too much spirit for a virgin like you. And had I not interfered you’d simply have to grit your teeth and bare it.” He felt those golden eyes locked with his drilling into the last dregs of his resolve. “But now, you can be mine. Instead of being taken by the dozens of strangers in a cave. You can be owned by the jinko you’ve been stealing glances at for the past few moons; taken thoroughly on soft material and taken care of for the rest of your life. The choice is yours.”

Braxton’s world was on the verge of spinning away from him, his body flush with heat he hadn’t at all been prepared for. Every passing second felt like the embrace was getting tighter, his trousers were tenting with his erection, and the look in her eyes conveyed a kind of hunger that made him warry of whether she wanted to take him right here or rip his throat out.

He didn’t really have a choice.

“I- I submit.” He stammered before saying again, more firmly. “I submit.” He felt like he’d done something irreversible. Though that feeling fell away as she brought his head back in and the thrumming of her own rapid heartbeat soothed him somehow.

He was pulled possessively into her lap, his tent wetly pressing against her toned abs, that she showed her appreciation for with a feral smile, before the tribal leader grabbed his hips to grind their fronts together. Her pillowy breasts squished lewdly around his own flat chest, molding perfectly to him and feeling like he was being enveloped in a warm blanket.

But his mind was quickly preoccupied when he yelped as Ladonna pressed a sucking kiss into the nape of his neck, sharpened teeth pricking his skin lightly. And strong arms around his back ensured there was nowhere to escape as these kisses continued. Wet sucking and smacks as she made her way up his neck, making sure to leave hickeys in her wake.

“O- oh!” Was all Braxton could manage to let out as Ladonna made her way to his chin, before pressing a firm kiss to his lips, heat blooming within him again.

Soft lips molded against his as they traded groans, her’s notably more feral than his, as they both shivered from the simple expression of affection. One that Ladonna proved more eager to pursue. As soon as the jinko pulled back for breath she immediately pressed in again for a more sustained and sensual lip-lock. The tigress, despite her own relative inexperience, relied on her instincts to dominate her mate. Head titling as she pressed her “attack” forward, teeth tugging at his lips when she wasn’t busy trying to press hers against his with increased aggression.

On Braxton’s part, he was completely overwhelmed, and utterly unable to back up and compose himself as Ladonna’s hand went back into his hair and pressed him forward into her eager kisses. While her other paw had traveled down and was now gripping his posterior and giving periodic squeezes as they grinded together.

His defenses didn’t last long, such was the ultimate dichotomy of a human being pinned by a superior predator. As such, it was no surprise when she immediately thrust her tongue into his mouth when his pressed lips finally showed weakness, immediately tangling with his. To that end, their embrace took on the frantic pace of two horny teenagers trying to greedily get as much pleasure as they could. Though with one obviously more in charge than the other.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective on things, this frantic pace meant that the apex of Braxton’s pleasure was fast approaching from all the slow, but constant and heavy, pressure put on his shaft from the stomach being grinded against him.

Braxton felt the telltale tingle and heat from his loins as he neared his peak. His suddenly increasing grunts and moans only signaling to Ladonna that he was close, and she was determined to finish him off.

With a firm grip on his ass, she rolled her hard abs against his shaft with particularly sensual rolls of her hips that pushed the young man over the edge. They separated their lips as he felt a full body clench and shudder go through him, inadvertently pressing them together even harder. Ladonna growled into his ear, the deep, subvocal reverberations of a tiger’s intimidating timber adding an odd edge to Braxton’s orgasmic release. Each pulse of his shaft that sent a rope of seed against the inside of his silk shorts signaled a twitch of his hips as Ladonna just held him down and fondled him.

With a triumphant sigh, Ladonna finally relaxed her grip. Not letting him off her lap but the lack of frenzied movement let him slump freely into her body. As for Braxton, he was flushed from the top of his head to his chest. Her scent and what felt like the hardest orgasm of his life twisting his mind unbeknownst to him as the pleasure had his eyes nearly rolling into the top of his head.

Until he let out a yelp as Ladonna gave his ass a hard smack.

“Ow!” He cried and jolted back to sitting up.

“No nodding off.” Ladonna intoned, her tone commanding as she shoved him onto his back on the couch. He grunted and then sighed as Ladonna ripped his shorts off with little fanfare and cooler air hit his prevents. Only for his back to arch in a near U shape as she set upon his shaft with rough licks.

A groan leapt from his lips, tongue peeking from his mouth as he lost his composure. Ladonna was ravenous; her thick, rough tongue seeking to scrap up and lewdly swallow all the seed his shaft had soaked itself in. She snorted and slurped like a rabid animal, as if licking his cock clean brought her a primal sort of joy.

Only when his throbbing shaft was sparkling with a sheen of spit did Ladonna back off, strings of saliva breaking off.

“Such rich spirit.” Ladonna said, apparently none the shorter of breath after her fervent cock worship. “Yes, you’ll do nicely.”

In one, smooth, motion she scooped him up in a bridal carry. Braxton yelped at the sudden change in positioning, his cock bobbing with the motion as she began walking deeper into the building. “We’ll continue this in my private quarters.” For how out of breath he was, her still-smooth demeanor was a stark contrast. And after only a few seconds of being carried deeper into the tent, to the view of Ladonna’s guards standing in the halls no less, he was even more flush than before.

The trip wasn’t a long one, mercifully enough; one hallway and two turns later they had arrived at Ladonna’s chamber. The room was large and exuded status and importance despite the rugged materials it was composed of; soft lanterns of blue light hanging in each corner, intricately design carpet, and all manner of furniture about the room. All centered around a circular bed that looked like it could comfortably house four people.

Details he didn’t have much time to dwell on as Braxton quickly found himself thrown onto the deceptively soft feeling bed of furs. Then the entrance to the room closed behind them, it’s cloth and fur surface flaring with a rune that he didn’t recognize.

But the message was clear as Ladonna turned back around and met his eyes; that tent flap wouldn’t be opening back up anytime soon.

Braxton expected a lunge or pounce and for his virginity to be ripped away in a fit of savage lust, a prospect that would have made him shamefully blush with how unnaturally appealing it felt if he weren’t already basically a tomato at this point.

But, instead of doing any of that, the tigress simply said; “Take off your clothes.” Before proceeding to strip off her own.

He didn’t need to be told more than once; she’d made the hierarchy between them quite clear from the start. ‘She could have at least said please though.’ He thought, peeling off his tight shirt just in time to be tackled onto the bed. Braxton struggled briefly in reflexive panic before being swiftly pinned down as Ladonna set about again with a series licks and sniffing to his nape in a gesture, he was beginning to think had something to do with marking him. A voluptuous, honed body in full contact with his own made such complex thoughts flee him as the young brunette sighed and bucked, though his new master seemed content with the current pace.

The ex-noble looked down over her shoulder to see that Ladonna’s back was as a sensual wonder to behold as the front. Smooth muscle all the way from her shoulders to her feet. A ridiculous ass whose expansive globes flexed and gripped his shaft, trapping it in its soft embrace. The faint scars on her toned back told the story of a rough and tumble life, but his mind was too awash in the moment to contemplate what had been able to hurt this beast of a woman.

Braxton couldn’t help it, he whined as Ladonna rolled her hips, pushing her doughy cheeks up-and-down his shaft, giving him a tantalizing hotdog but only for the one stroke. If the aggressive and possessive start had kept him constantly flustered in the meeting room, then this new taunting of how far they could go was agonizing in a whole new way.

As soon as he arched his back and let out that plaintive noise though, his chest squishing her larger bosom, her furry ears had twitched. Then without warning her lips were on his again, tongue delving deep and dominating his wet cavern. Rough growls spilled from her mouth to his as her hands went from his wrists to interlocking fingers with his own. Braxton didn’t bother to try and keep up this time, groaning along as sharp teeth nibbled at his lips betwixt boats of the hungry plundering her tongue did.

After long seconds of her dark hair framing his head from above, like a natural curtain that blocked the world from seeing the aggressive lip lock, they separated with a sigh. The jinko placed a hand under his chin, gripping it, and tilting his head to look into her eyes. “I need you to do something for me.”

He gulped, wondering what she wanted. Perhaps for him to repay the oral favor from earlier? “H- how may I be of service?” Braxton said, mimicking phrases he’d heard from maids in his now-defeated city.

She grinned, all sharp fangs and confidence. “Service, is the right word. I played a dangerous game to get you,” she nuzzled him then, purr vibrating into his throat. “So, I think I deserve to just relax while you complete the rite for me.”

Then she flipped them over, a blur of motion leaving him to be the one on top, strong thighs securing his hips snuggly against his. One tug on his hips from her secure paws had his shaft rubbing against her vulva. “Well? Get to it.”

Braxton was looking down at her for the first time since he’d met Ladonna but it sure didn’t feel like it. Her wild, silky black hair framed an intimidating visage as her golden eyes gazed up into his. Claws gently trailed their way up his back before combing through his hair, tugging a little to try and pull him along. But upon seeing hesitance that wasn’t born of reluctance at the mere idea of intercourse, but rather just nervousness, she had an idea. One that Braxton could blatantly see as her eyes narrowed, the edges crinkling with mischievousness.

“Well, maybe you need a more natural view.” She said before getting up, easily pushing the young man off of her, only to indeed adopt a more “natural” position.

She went to her hands and knees, tail swinging to and fro, giving light peeks at her sex, before she fully committed and dropped her upper body fully down. Her back in a smooth arc, her bare ass was pushed out tantalizingly with the support of her legs spreading further and tail lifting. The heart-shaped target and strong hips practically begging to be mounted.

Braxton was too sheltered to know what this position was called, but something about it instantly flipped a switch in the young man.

‘Her posterior is amazing.’

He couldn’t resist the obvious invitation, his instincts, and his own personal (previously unknown) preference any longer. Hands shot forward and immediately started groping the expansive ass laid before him. Ladonna shivered and groaned as the man’s fingers sunk in knuckled deep, dark ass flesh bulging around the points of contact as he began to tug and push at the glorious globs.

Braxton was on the edge of groaning himself as he felt the heat radiating off of the generous asset laid before him. As he, with increasingly less shame, groped the fat ass in front of him, his cock only got harder. Until, at last, he could wait no longer and even the natural hesitance could not stymie his libido. The newly bought man stepped forward, spreading those heavenly cheeks, revealing the tight hole of her rosebud above her leaking slit, winking at him in excitement. He wasted no time, shoving his shaft between her ass -cheeks before promptly and roughly starting to hot-dog her, grunting all the while.

A small chuff of satisfaction escapade the young woman’s lips below Braxton, her far more prominent animal instincts prompting her to shove her ass back into him as hands greedily tugged on her wide hips. Wet slicking sounds cascaded throughout the room along with their hisses and coos of pleasure, hard inches of cock flesh warmed pleasantly by the embrace of the mamono’s truly entrance. Every upward thrust ending in a dull thump that caused a small jiggle and each withdraw lighting the pleasure centers of her brain with the delightful friction.

Only when his shaft began to vibrate with small throbs does Ladonna even consider doing anything but submitting to the good vibes flowing up and down her spine. Not because the small vibrations and precum that leaked from his shaft to lube up her holes felt anything less than divine, but because these signs reminded her of the inevitable conclusion that she was chasing.

“Come on~” She whined, pushing her ass even harder into him. “Put it in, claim me~” The last words came out in an insistent hiss as her tail went from encircling his arm to tugging at his waist.

Braxton was feeling the tug too. Inexperienced as he was, he knew what the best place to enjoy this position actually was. He pulled his hips back, aimed his cock at her slick, lower entrance and intended to take a breath to brace himself- That is until she slammed back and immediately sheathed his not inconsiderable inches into her steaming depths.

The affects were drastic and immediate to say the least.

A line of fire burst up Braxton’s spine as he thrust back, meeting her push back as Ladonna immediately let out a deep groan of ecstasy as a ball of tension she’d felt in her core since their first kiss suddenly unknotted itself. In its place a sense of feral fulfillment rolled through her body, replacing it with a tension and need of a different kind.

One that her human lover was apparently eager to fulfill himself, she soon found out as Braxton only bathed in the heat for a moment, relishing the way her ass molded against his pelvis, before pulling back and thrusting back inside of her. The Jinko’s tail shot up and poofed out so hard as to give the impression of spikes as she was treated to a series of harsh, downward thrusts that reached her deepest places. Each impact producing a lewd smack, every subsequent withdraw revealing a cock slick with arousal, while each hilt dumped small ropes of fertile precum into her spasming depths.

He was hurried and amateurish, not that either of them seemed to care, lost in the pleasure as they were. His shaft grinded against fluttering walls at numerous angles before settling on one that he noticed made the voluptuous tigress cry out the most.

“Y- yes, yes! By the spirits!” Ladonna panted, heedless of the way her tongue flopped from the corner of her mouth as each womb bruising thrust sent her face into the soft furs of the bed.

Braxton tried to remember the raunchy scenes from all the romance novels he’d read as a teen, he really did. But for the life of him, the only thing he could focus on were the wonderous sensation of making the meaty ass before him clap and jiggle as he kneeled behind and fucked Ladonna ravenously, the initial penetration sparking something wild within him. Eventually his attention strayed from the way her ass moved, to her multi colored hair, apparently a sign of power. The way her hair bobbed with each heavy and wet smack, how her claws dug into the covers and her toes curled. Only half a dozen more thrust with his breeding-spire later did he give in and pull another ballsy mode.

Ladonna yowled in surprise as a hand tangled in the roots of her hair, yanking her upper body up into a more classic doggy-style, punishing thrusts continuing all the while. Her ass was treated as no more than supremely supple and warm pillow for Braxton to rest his pelvis on each time his cock plugged her quim. Each hilt heralded by increasingly large amounts of pre-seed.

“Give it to me. Breed me~” She’d transitioned from shouts and growls to languid moans and pleading as her eyes glazed over from the pleasure.

Unbeknownst to Braxton, the incubization process had already started. Which was what made hearing such a plea from the cat woman he was plowing cause him no particular distress. Quite the opposite in fact as the idea of dumping a salty creampie into this predator caused his thrusting to speed up. He greedily drank in the sight of her muscular back dipping slightly under his fucking, muscles tensing constantly as he huffed and grunted. With his other hand, he decided to give something else a try, grabbing onto her tail, gripping and tugging hard near the middle.

Ladonna mind and mouth had already gone numb from the pleasure, but that didn’t stop her tail and ears from twitching wildly or, most importantly, her cunt from contracting harshly around the invading shaft. Sweat dripped off of the young man’s body as his energetic movements never stopped or slowed, just fucking his weeks-long source of sexual frustration with a fervor. Just railing the tight, wet sex with all the energy of a young man desperate to impress.

All good things came to an end, however. And the desperate pulses from Braxton’s shaft was telling him just that; his leaking precum turning into a steady stream that had positively gummed up the entrance to Ladonna’s womb. The woman who was letting out increasingly desperate gurgles and moans of pleasure. Honestly, they both could have stopped as impregnation was practically assured at this point.

Suffice to say, such an idea entered neither of their minds.

Braxton’s mind had long since given up what he thought of as noble decorum or standing. So, it was with no hesitation that he leaned forward, his hands going from her hair and tail to her full breasts. The soft mummeries proved to be just as malleable as her ass, his fingers sinking easily into the dark flesh, hard nipples pressing into his palms. Without conscious directing, Ladonna’s tail whipped fully around the young man’s waist as she shamelessly pressed her rump into his thrusts in this last stretch of rutting. And it only took a dozen more quacking thrusts before he shoved his cock down to the hilt, pressing himself there as he let go and moaned into the woman’s furry ear, at the same moment that she had her own roaring orgasm.

His balls tensed and scrunched up against her sex as the pleasure heightened and then snapped like a cord stretched too tight. A small bulge traveled up his shaft that heralded a long gush of baby batter that shot through the tip of his cock currently being suckled by the gummy entrance of her womb, it’s salty substance sticking to a uterine wall. He gritted his teeth, a grunt escaping as several more ropes of his impregnating load followed, filling up the small organ until it began to balloon Ladonna’s otherwise chiseled stomach. Ladonna herself was no better off, just firmly pressing back while her own orgasm ripped through her and her quim milked the young man’s shaft for all it was worth. So complete was their lewd embrace that Braxton’s pale form was practically glued to the woman bellow him, hips nearly enveloped by her ass, only humping minutely as he dumped the contents of his balls into her begging depths.

Over a minute later, with dulled senses, Braxton realized that he had stopped cumming. And a couple seconds more until he bothered to unmount himself instead of just dumbly pressing himself into her hair and breathing deeply. Their bodies were slick where they had been in contact, their sexes especially as they separated with several string of female ejaculate. No seed though; Ladonna’s cunt had proven to be a very thorough “eater”.

Braxton tried to stand, before simply rolling over with a satisfied huff, arms splayed to either side of him as he just stared up at the ceiling with a dumb smile on his face. Ladonna didn’t join him though, merely stretching a bit as she stood from her kneeling position while a decidedly self-satisfied and smug smirk spread across her lips.

“That was oh so very much worth the wait, Braxton. Wouldn’t you say?” She said as she crawled over to him. And Braxton thought she looked like, well, not to be cliché, but like the cat that had caught the canary.

“… I guess, you’re right.” Braxton panted, noting with some distress that his cock was still as hard as ever despite having the hardest orgasm of his life. And then with even more as Ladonna straddled him and large hands secured both of his wrists, pinning him to the bed and only leaving his legs free. Not that they would help much in his current predicament. He tried to shift his hips to get out from under her… only to achieve pretty pathetic results. The young man might as well have been trying to move a boulder. “This is, uh, q- quite the odd position for post-coital cuddling.”

“I am not trying to cuddle.”

He decided to drop all pretense as her flat, hungry gaze told him her intentions with certainty.

“I- I’m tired.”

“Obviously not.” Ladonna said with some mirth, rubbing her sex against his still throbbing shaft.

‘Why am I so damnably virile!? I should be spent after that.’ He thought frantically before actually saying. “Y- you have to give me a break. You promised to take care of me.” It was a long shot.

“Ah.” Ladonna intoned, as if she had just found the problem a particularly naive child was having. “You are confused. I warned you that my condition meant that I had quite a bit more spirit to me than others of my kin. That means at least four more couplings before I’m satisfied. Only then could I start pampering you.”

Braxton felt his voice piqued a few octaves. “F- four-!”

He abruptly shut up as his jinko dipped forward and gave him a strong kiss on his mouth, no tongue, just short passion. Then she spoke against his lips. “Do not fret, my energy shall sustain you as an incubus.” Then her eyes dilated and her movements took a decidedly decisive turn and her gaze went from intense to mischievous. “Also, even though I know it wasn’t your fault. All those smug, haughty looks really made me want to see your face while being drowned in pleasure.”

From outside the room, two more muffled sounds of light protest could be heard before being eclipsed by the firm, primal sounds of love making. Followed not soon after by groaning monas and feral laughter.

– – – O – – –

“Congrats, you did it. You officially managed to be more of a smug cunt than I thought.” Contrary to her words and tone, Ludwig actually looked calm while gazing upon what was, in fact, a very smug Ladonna sitting across from her with a nervous Braxton sitting beside her.

The jinko wasn’t wagging her tail, she wasn’t some werewolf or kobold, but her tail was lazily curling around Braxton’s hips, all without a hint of trying to hide her affections. Instead of lazing on her side like usual, giving the air of a calm, yet powerful, tigress. Now she sat up fully, not out of any new found respect, but simply so that she could drape an arm around her lover.

An arm around Braxton’s bare shoulders, as he was now was wearing “traditional tribe wear”. Not standard wear, oh no, of course not. His chest was left bare while his lower half was only covered by what could be called a skirt of intricately woven furs and leather.

“I am… surprised you are not enraged, Ludwig.” Ladonna said, tilting her head like a mildly interested cat.

“I’m restraining my anger, I assure you.” Ludwig said, then pointed over to Braxton. “That one was starting to be more useless than he was worth already. And due to the antling’s… sudden and unexpected refusal of my deal,” And the tanuki shot them a look that made it clear she didn’t buy whatever story she’d been told. “I didn’t have to spend anything on getting rid of him, so you inadvertently saved me some coin. Which I’m always happy about.” Everyone in the room, stoic guards and all, could tell she certainly didn’t look happy, just not livid. Nobody mentioned it.

“So… thank you, for that. As such, I see no reason to extend my stay here any longer.” Ludwig dipped her head towards Ladonna, her guards picking up on the que to give half bows in the same moment.

Which was… pretty substantial. In all of Braxton’s experience with her, he’d seen Ludwig satisfied, frustrated, and relived near the tail end of negotiations with a contact. But this, whether it was due to them being business rivals or not, produced a new emotion; respect and thankfulness. “Allow me to give thanks to you, Ladonna, for finding a suitable mate.” Then she turned her eyes on him and a touch of soft, familiarity was there. “And you as well, Braxton, for finding a strong woman to protect you from now on.”

Braxton couldn’t help but smile, dimples on full display as the expression seemed perfectly normal on his youthful face. This sudden bout of sincerity had been nice, relaxing even. Which is exactly when Ladonna decided to ruin it.

“So, you will not try to negotiate a better deal after failing utterly to do so yesterday, Ludwig?”

“Go fuck yourself with your new meat-dildo.” Was Ludwig’s prompt reply, keeping eye contact the entire time and with a calm expression, before turning and striding out of the grand tent with her guards in tow.

“Well, that was nice while it lasted.” He grumbled as soon as the dankui and the guards were well out of hearing range. Sighing despite himself as he relaxed in Ladonna’s embrace. “Might have even been sweet if you didn’t say that.”

Ladonna just chuffed, obviously still amused. Then, with a wave of her hand, she dismissed her own guards from the room, leaving them alone. “Her thanks are appreciated but it would not do for a rival to become too friendly.” Her tone was filled with the usual self-assurance but there was a touch of softness there that even Braxton could detect.

The young man opened his mouth to reply again, only for dark purple furry digits to grip his jaw and turn his face towards her. Immediately he was beset by a kiss that tasted of spices and meat, which turned into nibbling and licking only a few seconds later.

“More importantly, in light of this meeting being cleared from the day, I’d say it’s time you worked on your daily upkeep.” She said, after separating the kiss with a heated breath. Then, without preamble, she pressed him down into the long seat, breasts pillowing against his chest as she laid against him. Another initial attempt at speech was aborted as she immediately laid into his neck with kisses, one hand pressing him down and the other undoing the strap of leather covering her chest.

“R- really, right here? At least let us- ugh” She was getting a little rough with those hickeys. “Get to your actual bed.”

“This entire place is my personal space. I have leave to mate with you in every room within.” Her obsessive assault on his nape was paused as she pressed a tender kiss to his lips. “And I intend to do just that. With five a day, you’ll be intimately familiar with every room here before the week is out.”

In spite of, or maybe because of, the lewd promise, those piercing eyes, and confident smile, Braxton couldn’t help his own response. His cheeks tinged pink as he gave her a peck on the lips back. “Very well, m- my chieftess.” He said, and then sighed as the jinko made a happy little sound in the back of her throat before ripping both of their garments apart in her excitement.

His fate was sealed and he never imagined the experience being so alluring.

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