Duncan and Niasa – 18. And Here We Are

The air was hot and dry, as befitted a late Summer day in Nevada. The forest could only protect me so much from the Sun. I had drunk about a gallon of water since I had woken up, and I still felt like I was going to turn to sand. Fortunately, I was so stressed out that my dehydration problem paled in comparison. I hoped my sweating wouldn’t leave a stain on the wooden bench I was sitting on.

I had no idea what kind of mosquito repellent Liz and Seth used around the Hellhouse, but, sitting on their porch, I couldn’t so much as hear one. All I heard was some distant voices, the rustling of the tree leaves, and some footsteps coming closer.

“Hot enough for you?”

It was Ray. On that special day, he was wearing dress pants (loose at the ankles to allow them to breathe), a white shirt proclaiming his love for a music band called Midday Nightmare, and a pair of sneakers.

“I’ll be fine,” I said. “Can you grab me another bottle of water, please? And pour it directly in my mouth? That’s the best man’s job.

– It definitely isn’t. At least take off your jacket, buddy. It almost got pit stains.

– I’m only taking this off after the ceremony. It’s only about an hour away now.

– Yeah…” Ray sat on the wooden bench beside me. “How nervous are you, right now?

– Medium, I suppose. I’m not physically shaking, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to eat anything.

– That so? I’ve got just the thing,” said another voice.

It was Gordy’s. He came out of the house, holding two champagne flutes, and gave me one. I frowned at the sight of him, but took the offered drink. The liquid’s colour looked slightly off, less yellow somehow.

“Gordy. You’re here?

– Aye, I’m Rin’s plus one. Wasn’t gonna miss that, was I?

– I see…” I took a sip of the champagne. It was fruity, with a sweet aftertaste. “You and Rin. I would have never guessed.

– Well, no, it’s not…” he mumbled, flushing slightly.

“I’m sure,” I said. “Oh, by the way: Ray, this is Gordy, a friend from my mysterious past. Gordy, this is Ray, my former coworker, occasional game night host, and regular drinking mate.

– I’m back to being your friend, then?” Gordy said as he and Ray shook hands.

“Let’s call it a probationary basis.” Looking at the flute, I added: “That’s pretty good. Is it a cocktail?

– Sort of. I took some of that fancy French champagne you bought, and added some green for the nerves.”

Ray balked; I pinched my lips.

“You just slipped me some pot?

– Sure did.”

I downed the rest of my drink.

“Get me another.

– There ya go,” he laughed, and gave me his second glass.

“Before you get too drunk,” Ray said, “or too high, whichever comes first, your bride asked to see you.

– Oh? Did she say why?

– She said she needs to talk, and “check another item on the list”, whatever that means.

– Uh-oh,” Gordy said. “Your bird said “we need to talk”?

– It’s not like that,” Ray said. “She’s not gonna dump him. Especially not an hour before the wedding.”

I emptied the second drink, gave both glasses back to Gordy, then stood up and buttoned my jacket.

“How do I look?” I asked.

“Killer, mate,” Gordy said.

“Still pretty sweaty, bud,” Ray said.

I left the Hellhouse and went towards the clearing, the same one where Niasa and Debra an impromptu lesson, using me as educational material. Two white marquees had been raised there, by the stream. One was more than twice as large as the other. I went towards the small one and pushed my way in. As I looked before me, I temporarily forgot how to breathe.

Niasa was sitting on a wicker stool with her long, furry legs crossed, wearing a beautiful and very flattering black wedding gown. The gown was rather simple, and didn’t cover much: her arms and most of her legs were bare. Moira, standing behind her in a dark blue dress, was trying her damndest to tame her sister’s mane. I had told Niasa she didn’t have to style her hair, but she insisted on trying. On a vanity table next to them, I could see a series of hairbrushes and combs who had lost their teeth in that losing battle. Unusually, Niasa was wearing some makeup, just enough to make her smiling lips a uniform black and to underline the happiness of her glowing eyes. I could see she had also tried to trim her fur. Her face lit up when she saw me.

“Seeing the bride before the wedding: check!” she said.

I pulled up a seat in front of her, and put my hands on her knees.

“I think we’re about halfway through the list, now,” I said proudly.

“What’s that list you keep going on about?” Moira said. I noticed then that she had dyed her entire mane purple, and dressed it in a sort of mohawk. A punk Hellhound in a dress. Now I’ve seen everything.

“Oh, since we both dislike wedding traditions,” I said, “we decided to make a list of all of them. We aim to ignore, disrespect, or outright violate as many of them as we can.

– Yeah, that’s why I’m wearing nothing old, nothing new, nothing borrowed, and nothing blue,” Niasa said proudly.

“Aren’t those my earrings?” Moira said.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t count, ‘cause I stole them. Hey, darling.”

She uncrossed her legs, spread them just enough to give me ideas, and bit her lip enticingly. I wasn’t the least bit surprised -but very happy- to see that the bride was going commando.

“On a scale from a regular, boring supermodel all the way up to me, how hot am I today?

– White dwarf, love,” I said.

“You’re damn right. Sis, how’re we doing on that hair?

– Perfect,” Moira grumbled, dropping another now-useless comb on the vanity table. She patted Niasa’s mane to remove some teeth that had stayed stuck in it.

“Ah, whatever, it’s fine like this,” Niasa said. “Where’s Debra, by the way?

– Oh, um, she’s delayed a bit,” I said. “But she’s going to be here. She told me.”

She raised an eyebrow.

“She’s fucking her boy-toy on my bed, isn’t she?

– I think she started there, yes. Out of precaution, I’d just burn the bed sheets… and every piece of furniture in your room. Also, do you have a favourite spot in this forest? Because she said she was going to find it, and try anal in it.

– I do have a favorite spot. I’m getting married in it.

– Yeah, that won’t be awkward,” Moira said.

“So, Ray said you wanted to talk to me?” I said.

“Right, yeah. I just wanted to ask you something before the wedding.

– Shoot.”

She put her arms over my shoulders, and placed her forehead against mine, apparently not bothered by my sweat.

“You know how you have a tendency to be sarcastic, darling?

– Who, me?

– Hm-hm. But this is a very important day to me. One of the most important days of my life, possibly the most important. Today, we will create memories that will last us a lifetime. So, for instance, when we meet with the priestess, and we get to the part where we’re supposed to say “I do” -I know that’s technically a tradition, but we had to keep it for legal reasons-…

– Yes?

– Please don’t say something like “I guess”, or “Sure, why not?”, or “Beats masturbating for the rest of my life, I suppose”.

– Pshh, that is so not my…

– Also, we’re not doing that throw the bouquet thing, so please don’t turn to my sisters and yell: “fetch!”.

– Whaaaat? Dog jokes? To Hellhounds? I’d never.

– That’s right: you’d never,” she said. “Because you love your head. You love how it’s attached to the rest of your body.

– That’s its best quality, really.

– Then we’re in agreement: no sarcasm from you today. Now, have you written your wishes?

– No, that sucks,” I shrugged. “I’m going to do without.

– Same here. Check!”

We joined hands and I gave her lips a little peck. Kissing before the priestess tells us to: check.

“I only really have one wish, anyway,” I said. “To love you, and be loved by you.”

“Dawww! So dorky,” she said. “But that’d be my wish, too. So, you’re ready to be married?

– Hell yeah!

– Hell yeah!” Niasa said, and she high-fived me. “Hey, how about instead of a “you may kiss the bride” part, we have a “you may high-five the bride” part?

– So long as it’s not a “leave the groom hanging” part. But, actually, I think I have an even better idea.

– Ooh, lay it on me, darling.”

I did, and she agreed it was an even better idea. We then left the marquee hand in hand. Our guests were just getting seated; it was a rather short list of people: outside of Niasa’s family, we had invited Ray, Chloe, Rin -along with Gordy, apparently-, and a few family friends. We initially wanted to invite Fyodor as well, but he insisted on bringing seven plus ones. Neither Niasa nor I had wanted a big wedding, nor an expensive one.

Oh, you’re probably wondering how I eventually did propose to Niasa. The truth is, I didn’t. Even after that talk with Sorina, I continued pussyfooting for a while. Then, one day, I finally gathered the courage to take that bracelet out its hiding place. But before I opened my mouth, Niasa sat with me on our bed and told me to close my eyes. I did; she took my wrist and slipped something cold around it. Then, as I opened my eyes again to see a simple zinc bracelet on my wrist, she asked me to marry her.


The actual wedding ceremony was held in front of two black trees bent in such a way that they formed a sort of orchard. There were no mosquitoes here either, only a few birds chirping a few yards away. As we walked through the small crowd, Niasa recognized someone.

“Sorina !” she exclaimed.

She went to bear-hug her; I followed in suit, and kissed her on the cheek. Sorina had changed in subtle ways, in the few months since we last saw her. She wore her hair shorter, and not in a bun; she dressed in a manner that was both professional and warm (a dark red suit with pants). But the main difference was her smile. It was a casual, discreet smile, the kind you don’t realize you have until someone points it out to you. A smile that stuck.

“Hey, guys,” she said. “Hot enough for you?

– I sure am!” Niasa said. “Oh, you mean the weather. Yeah, totally. I’m so glad you could make it!

– Of course! I can’t stay for long, though. I’m flying back this evening.

– That’s all right, we’re just happy you came,” I said. “How have you been?

– Great, actually. Scotland is really nice, and I love my new job.

– Awesome,” Niasa said. “By the way, are you gonna be okay in the sun?

– Oh, yeah. I fed before I got here. Nice, young guy I met on the plane.”

From the corner of my eye, I saw the priestess step out of the big marquee. I excused myself to go talk to her, leaving Niasa and Sorina to talk about the latter’s life across the pond. The priestess was an older, muscular female Demon wearing a religious outfit which looked like a cross between a leather armour and a monk’s scapular. It’s hard to describe, but basically, picture a Knight Templar going to a Megadeth concert. No idea how she could stand to wear something like that under that heat. She had what had to be the longest dreadlocks I’d ever seen: they just about reached her calves. Her horns had been carved with what looked to be tribal motifs. A handful of brass earrings and several copper bracelets completed that unique -and quite badass– look.

Niasa’s family practiced a religion known as trinitarism. Describing its tenets would easily take a few pages, but to sum it up, it is something resembling a mixture of Voodoo, Wicca, paganism, and anarchism. Its history is intertwined with that of the Hellhounds, the Demons, and their rebellion, which is why everyone in Niasa’s family is observant -although it is really more of a cultural affair than a spiritual one. Interestingly, that Maou, whose body parts Niasa keep referring to when she swears, has nothing to do with it: it’s a divinity from another religion. Those interjections are just something she inherited from her father -who had converted to trinitarism late in his life-, kind of like when an atheist says “oh my god”.

I exchanged a little with the priestess about a couple of last-minute changes. She proved quite accommodating, and only asked for a single beer by way of a bribe. We had an open bar, courtesy of Seth, so I guess it was a symbolic gesture.

The ceremony started at eleven o’clock almost on the dot. We decided the whole thing would be rather short and informal, in part due to our disdain for wedding traditions, but also because it was near lunchtime. Not to mention, we didn’t want our guests to have to sit through hours of ceremonial bollocking under the Nevadan dry heat.

I don’t quite remember how the priestess’ speech started. A portion of it was spoken in a foreign language. It was Hellian, the language originally spoken by Demons in their homeworld, of which the Hellhound language is actually a vernacular. Outside of the Demons that had participated in the Hellhound rebellion -and fled to our world twenty-five years ago-, it had been mostly forgotten in our world.

We went on to do a few rituals. One involved Niasa and I placing a personal item, supposed to represent our past, in a terracotta cup. The priestess then burnt the objects. This was meant to symbolize the end of our past lives. Niasa used an old, broken wooden toy from her childhood; I used a fake ID from my time as Dunk; I was actually happy to see it burn, and not just because the picture was really unflattering.

For the next ritual, we gave each other another personal item of great emotional value, to symbolize our commitment to each other. I gave Niasa my family’s signet ring, the only thing I kept of my home -of what was once my home-; she gave me a rifle bullet, which had been bequeathed to her by her late biological father. On it were carved the words: “I was here”.

“It is done,” the priestess said. “From then on, Duncan and Niasa are bonded, bodies and souls. With the three powers as our witnesses, they are one.”

She cleared her throat, and added, suddenly dropping her ceremonial tone:

“The groom asked that I mention this: he does believe that to be better than masturbating for the rest of his life.”

Niasa flashed me both a frown and a grin.

“Really, darling?!

– What? I did what you said: no sarcasm from me today!”

She grabbed me by my lapels and drew me closer to her.

“Um, you may now kiss,” the priestess added quickly.

“Oh, we’ll do you one better,” Niasa said.

Our lips locked, and we pressed our bodies against each other. I easily slid Niasa’s gown off her shoulders, then uncovered her chest. My jacket dropped on the grassy ground, quickly followed by my shirt. The priestess looked at us with circumspection, and a hint of annoyance.

“Wow, so… you’re going to… fuck… right here,” she said.

“Yup,” she said. “Feel free to grab a seat.

– And some popcorn,” I added.

Our audience reacted in different ways, from Rin looking bemused to Sorina shaking her head and smiling. Seth laughed boisterously, then said:

“All right, guys. It’s lunchtime. Let’s get inside the tent before the beer gets warm.”

As the small crowd dispersed, Niasa and I both got on our knees.

“You sure you don’t want to keep some for our wedding night, husband?” Niasa said, stressing the last word with a happy smirk.

“Oh, this is just a quick fuck, wife,” I said. “We have something else planned for our night.

– Ooooh, that’s right. We do, don’t we?”

Niasa laid back on the floor. I swear, between the sun and her body heat, the sweat of my torso sublimed when I embraced her.

Some time later, we joined the others around the large dinner table under the marquee. Almost everyone had already gotten started; which was good, because I didn’t want people to starve while Niasa and I were having our fun. Our wedding lunch had turned into a sort of potluck: Liz and Seth had insisted on cooking, but the guests had still brought all sorts of foodstuffs and drinks; even Sorina had brought some bridies from Scotland. The whole thing was a mish-mash of various cuisines and alcohols. We really had a great time. Eventually, several guests decided to give a little speech. Liz gave hers first:

“Somehow, I always knew Niasa would be the first of my girls to get married. She’s always been very passionate. She’s always been in a hurry to live her life to the fullest. I’m glad she has found someone with whom she can continue to do so, for as long as she can.”

We cheered for these words. Then, Moira gave her speech, short and to the point:

“I always told Nini: “if you grab a Human by the throat, and he pops a boner, marry him.”. Glad to know she took my advice.”

I raised my glass at that. Niasa poked her tongue out at her sister for using her childhood nickname. Ray went next:

“Duncan and Niasa were always… obvious to me. For the whole time I’ve known them, they were joined at the hip. I’ve never even seen them fight. I mean, not actually fight. They have their disagreements, like everybody. Their arguments, even -mostly on nerdy stuff. But they always come through together, in the end. One time, I thought they were fighting, but it turned out they were trying to get me to leave their place so they could do it in the living room. Seriously, if you stay at their place, don’t crash on their couch. Friendly advice.

– We do have a guest room,” I said. “But, actually, it’s probably not safe either.”

Sorina coughed a bit, and became suddenly very interested in the contents of her plate.

After a few laughs, we turned to Debra, who was once again busy making out with her guy -his name is Irving, in case you were wondering-, who still looked completely entranced by his Hellhound. There was a bit of a lull, then Debra noticed everybody looking at her.

“Oh, um, err… I don’t, err… Ding-dong, the bitch is wed?

– I hope you just came up with that,” I said, while Niasa and Moira pelted her with crumbs. Debra ignored everyone and went back to her business.

There were more speeches, more laughs, some tears, and overall a lot of good memories. Eventually, the food was gone and the hour got late, and people started leaving. Niasa and I -my wife and I- decided it was time to go back home. Due to various time constraints, we had decided that our honeymoon (a cruise to Hawaii) would have to wait a couple of weeks after the wedding. That was no problem, especially since, like I said, we had plans for our first night as a married couple.

When we arrived late in the evening, the apartment looked exactly the same as before. Yet, somehow, everything looked brighter to me. Sure wonder why. Niasa got rid of her clothes, then went to get something in the closet, which she held behind her back.

“Soooo…” she said with a playful smile. “Where do you want to do this? We still haven’t tested the new soundproofing in the bedroom…

– Bedroom it is,” I said. “But first…”

I gestured at her hands. She licked her lips and showed me what she was holding. The collar. It was a black leather collar dotted with small round studs, with a padlock and a large loop. The last -and in fact only- time we had used it was for my twenty-fourth birthday. For my gift, Niasa had told me to “just go crazy” in bed; I had brought out that collar -to this day, I don’t quite recall where I got it-, and pretty much put it on her without asking. I had been a bit concerned, at first, but she really liked it, as it turned out, and it ended up being one of my best birthdays ever.

Even though it had been laying at the bottom of our closet (in what I thought was a good hiding place; do I just suck at hiding things?), it had clearly been cleaned recently. I took it with both hands; its material was cold, but the texture felt nice. Niasa squealed a little, then gave me the look. This time, I fought harder as she pounced and threw me to the floor -this time, I didn’t intend to “lose”. There was a sort of frenzy in her as we wrestled on the ground. She bit and clawed -playfully-, as if she had turned feral; she even roared.

“So, you think you can handle a Hellhound, Human?” she said.

“Stop it!” I said, grabbing her jaw as she was about to bite my throat again.

I pushed against the floor with my foot, and got on top of her. She roared again as I grabbed her wrist and slammed it down, then caught it under my arm. I blocked her knees with my legs to prevent her from kicking.

“Let me go or I’ll eat you alive!” she said.

“I don’t think so,” I said.

Despite how hard she seemed to fight back, it was pretty obvious she was letting me win. In a straight fight, there was no way I could have gotten the upper hand. There would have been a lot more violence, and I would probably have had a few nicked arteries instead of mere scratches.

“Enough!” I said as I passed the collar around her throat and closed the padlock.

Feeling it tighten around her neck, Niasa let out a sound that resembled a dog’s yelp. She quivered, or maybe it was me.

“Take it off, Human!” she snarled.

“No. You’re mine, now.”

I slapped her paws when she put them on her collar and tried to take it off.

“I always wanted a pet Hellhound,” I said, tauntingly.

She roared again. I held her down for a few minutes, and she started to calm down. Glowing streaks descended from her eyes once again, and I felt that familiar heat coming from down below. She was ready. And so was I.

“Good,” I said. “Now that you’re tamed, it’s time to domesticate you. Let’s start by teaching you a few tricks…”

I got rid of my pants, and kneeled over her head, reverse cowboy style (Is that a thing? I don’t know how else to describe it). Niasa had a fleeting smirk when she saw my member, and took a sniff. I pushed the tip against her lips, but she kept them sealed. After a couple more attempts, I pinched her nose, forcing her to open her mouth, and shoved my cock in. She growled in protest, but dutifully took it all.

It took a lot of effort not to moan as that incredible hot sensation enveloped my member again, but I needed to be strong for my role. I began moving my hips; I tried to control myself and be slow at first, but between the wonderful warmth of her mouth, the swift moves of her long tongue, and the sight of her tits flopping up and down, I couldn’t help it: I quickly started fucking her face. I grunted with pleasure which each stroke. Knowing there was no way I would last long, I decided to pull out after only a couple of minutes. But, just as I started to do so, Niasa did a quick move with her tongue and her throat that immediately brought me past the edge. I squealed in surprise.

I pulled out, and saw her smiling as she swallowed. Leaving her lying there, I went to my desk, and took something from the drawer. It was a leash, about ten feet in length, made out of leather just like the collar, but brown in colour. When she saw it, Niasa’s smile turned into a daring smirk.

“Dangerous idea,” she said. “Most Humans would consider that downright suicidal.

– I guess I’m not most Humans,” I retorted as I attached the leash to her collar’s loop.

I tugged on it a few times, first to make sure it was secure, then for the fun of seeing her head jerk. She growled at me again, baring her fangs and lowering her ears. In other circumstances, I would have feared that I had gone too far, but I knew I was fine so long as she didn’t say the safeword.

“Get up,” I said. “Time to take this to the bedroom.”

She got on her feet and moved to stand, but I pulled her leash down.

“Pets don’t walk on two legs,” I said.

Niasa shot me a dark glance, but got on all fours, her tail raised. I led her down the hallway, tugging on the leash again when she showed recalcitrance. I saw her smirking again as she tugged back, as if she was testing how serious I was about dominating her. Putting in more effort, I pulled hard to get her to stop. She did, for a while, and eventually I half-dragged her all the way to our bedroom. I patted the bed and said:

“Hop on, girl.”

My pet Hellhound jumped on it, then turned her butt towards me, her tail now wagging, looking me in the eyes above her shoulder. It was that look again, mixed with a hint of mischievousness. I climbed behind her, and placed my hand on her pubis. She reacted immediately by rearing into me with a toothy smile. She was very wet, and her lower lips were swollen. With my other hand, I petted her mane.

“Am I a good girl?” she said, snarky.

“Pets don’t talk either,” I said.

Before she could retort anything, I grabbed my dick and pushed its tip between her moist lips. Deciding to take a page from her book, I started pounding her at once, without bothering with my usual build-up.

“Maou’s ass!” Niasa screamed. “Someone’s inspired! Huh! Ah… Ah!”

I pulled on her leash, making her half-stand like a rearing horse.

“I said: “pets don’t talk”!”

Pretty much as I expected, the rough-housing and the dirty talk really got her going. Her hips all but smashed against mine; and the harder I pounded, the more she bucked. I simply adored the way her ass bounced with every stroke. What I expected less, however, was for her to actually start barking:

“Woof! Arf! Arf! WOOF! ARF! AAAARF!”

She continued barking like a bitch in heat as I continued; she even began to drool! This, in turn, made me go at her harder. I grabbed her collar and pulled on it, my groin now smashing against her ass so hard it almost sounded like I was spanking her. With my other hand, I reached for her clitoris and stroked it. Niasa came, so hard I was worried the soundproofing wouldn’t be sufficient. I came right after.

Neither of us wanted the evening to end here, so my pet placed her claws around the base of my cock and did her thing. I got hard again, and back we went at it. After five of six orgasms, I hurriedly pulled out of Niasa, making her growl in frustration and surprise, then shoved my member in her ass. I grabbed her shoulder and pushed her upper body down against the mattress, then somehow began fucking her even harder. The whole thing was incredible; it was like we were driving each other crazy with our passion, in a shared moment of madness. I was pretty much shooting sand by the time I was done.

Eventually, my stamina ran out, and I dropped on the bed, barely conscious. My breath was ragged and irregular; I felt like I had run a marathon. My sweat soon traced a me-shaped silhouette on the sheets. Niasa lied down against my flank, then pulled me into a hug. My nose dived in the patch of fur above her chest. She wasn’t the least bit sweaty. As far as I know, Hellhounds never sweat; don’t ask me how they maintain their body temperature.

“Damn, darling!” she said, jubilant.

“Damn indeed,” I mumbled, so out of breath I sounded like an old man.

“We’re gonna have to do this again.

– Then… not too often.

– What? You loved it! This is your secret fantasy.

– Yes, but… I… I feel like… like I just… shaved five years… of my life expectancy.

– But I wanna do that agaiiiin,” she said, shaking me, affecting petulance.

“Fine, then… maybe once a month…

– Once a week,” she corrected. “Think of it as cardio.

– Oh gods. Okay, fine.”

With a satisfied groan, she hugged me tighter. Maybe it was just my perception of it, but there was something different in the way she hugged. It seemed both more affectionate and more possessive. My husband, I could pretty much hear her think. I responded in kind, pushing my body against hers to the point where it was almost painful. My wife.

We laid there for a while, on top of the sheets -which we would definitely be washing tomorrow. Despite the late hour and our tiredness -okay, my tiredness-, neither of us fell asleep for a while. I guess we both wanted that day to last just a bit longer… forever, if possible. I stared at her for a long moment, as I gathered my spirits. Eventually, she stared back.

“You’re lost in your thoughts again,” she said.

“Yes… No. I was just… huh… It’s not important, right now

– No, tell me.

– It can wait.

– Come on! We’re thinking the same thing, I can tell.”

She climbed on top of me. I saw something in the red-orange glow of her eyes I had seen a few times before, when she felt we were in sync.

“Let’s say it together at the same time,” she said.

– Okay. One… two… three…”

Simultaneously, we said:

“We should have kids, now!”

Niasa opened her mouth in a big, overjoyed smile. I chuckled. I’m not sure who initiated the kiss that came right after, but it was long, wet, and positively burning with happiness.

“Let’s get started on that after the honeymoon,” Niasa said. “Don’t want to ruin our vacation with pregnancy sickness.

– Sure. We should think about getting a new place, too. Something bigger.

– Maybe a house?

– Mmmh. Maybe.

– What else?” she asked. “No, let me guess. A new car, a fancy one. And… a new guitar.

– You really think you can read my thoughts?” I smiled.

“I know I can, darling. Right now, you’re thinking of doing it again.

– Pfft! Definition of a lucky guess.

– Yeah? You’re thinking of doing me reverse cowgirl style, with your hands cuffed to the bedhead. Then, you want me to sit on your face, smother you with my pussy, and do that edging thing again until you beg for mercy -I’m totally down for that, by the way. Is that a lucky guess?

– How?!” I sputtered. “I mean, yes, but… How can you…

– Hellhound magic!”

We laughed, and kissed again. I couldn’t wait to enjoy that Hellhound magic for the rest of my life.

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