Duncan and Niasa – 13. A Matter Of Perspective

Sorina had slowly regained control over herself, helped somewhat by the cup of Maghrebi mint tea I had fixed her. She had stopped crying, although her eyes were still red and underlined by dark rings. She was now very quiet, except for the occasional sniff. The three of us were sitting on the couch, Niasa on Sorina’s left, and I on her right. Quite a few crumpled tissues littered the coffee table in front of us, hiding the teapot. 

Eventually, Sorina put down her cup and exhaled, signalling that she was ready to tell us her story.

“It was about three years ago. I had been recruited in Bianchi’s… crusade, or whatever it is. At the time, I was working a similar job to what I had you” she pointed at me “do when you were hired at NUTEC. After a while, Bianchi noticed me, and decided to try me on something… different. A special assignment -a test. 

“There was this file she needed in a rival corporation’s headquarters. With me being a Vampire, this would be an easy thing. I would just have to come in at night, seduce my way past a couple guards, sneak past the security cameras, grab the file and leave. And it pretty much worked according to plan.

“Bianchi was pleased, and so I was pleased. I was recruited into her inner circle, and started pulling more assignments not unlike this one. At my official job, I was made manager, and tasked with recruitment.

– Recruitment,” I repeated. “You mean, people like me?

– That’s right. People who showed aptitude for the work we needed done. My job was to find them among NUTEC’s employees, and report on them to Bianchi. There was also another aspect to what I did… Employee retention, I guess you’d call it. It wasn’t anything untoward, just making sure our most gifted people didn’t go to the competition. Mostly it was raises, life accommodations… One time, I think someone needed a felony charge dropped.”

I found it a bit surprising that an archangel fancying herself as God’s Chosen, harbinger of Order, would approve of helping a bloke escape the law. No doubt she had a slew of rationalizations for this. Sorina sighed, and continued:

“That’s how I met Tom. He was hired for a level-entry job, too, and quickly showed great promise. I reported that to Bianchi, and she decided to make him an asset to Project Yggdrasil. When we recruit someone, we make him go through two different tests. First, there’s a skill test, typically a logic and math exercise much like the one you passed. Then, there’s a loyalty test. For me, it was that file theft.

“For Tom, Bianchi had something similar in store. NUTEC had a rival company we suspected of secretly studying interdimensional portals as well. We wanted confirmation. Bianchi tasked Tom with installing malware on one of their employees’ personal laptop, and use it to copy as much data as possible. The idea was to use that personal data to blackmail the employee into becoming a double agent working for us.”

She sighed and shook her head.

“I knew Tom. He was young, brash, and he had always been the mischievous type; he even did some petty thievery when he was younger. But he wasn’t a bad person. He would never have gone for it. I told Bianchi that, and she told me it was my role to make him go through with it.

“She didn’t know that Tom and I had developed a relationship that went beyond the professional. I had feelings for him. I didn’t want him to become the kind of person who does… well, who does what I did.

“So, I decided to steal the laptop and do the blackmail stuff myself, without letting Bianchi know. But she found out anyway. She confronted me, and I broke down and told her everything. She was not happy. If Tom wasn’t loyal to our cause, she said, he would be made to be. She ordered me to Glamour him.

– Ah, here we are,” I said. “So, what exactly is a Glamour?

– It’s a power every Vampire possesses. Essentially, it places a victim -usually a Human- in some sort of hypnotic state. That victim then becomes completely obedient and enamored with the Vampire. In the old times, Vampires used that ability to feed on unsuspecting Humans, and it would dissipate soon, erasing their memories. Bianchi wanted me to put him under a semi-permanent form of Glamour, to insure his obedience.

– Woah,” I said. “She was going to have you… date-rape that bloke? Turn him into a brainwashed slave? I… can’t even snark that.

– Mom told me the archdemons in our homeworld had a similar thing,” Niasa said, “or Vampires at their service to do just that. Good to know the archangels are catching on.”

Sorina took another tissue to wipe her nose, and continued her story:

“Obviously, I refused to do that to Tom. I pretended to go along with Bianchi’s order, but behind her back, I started planning something else. I decided the only way out for Tom would be to disappear. I told him everything, that I approached him only for the sake of Yggdrasil, that Bianchi wanted me to Glamour him… He was hurt. I tried to convince him that my feelings for him were real, but I don’t think he believed me. 

“I got him a fake ID, some money, and an escape plan, along with a place in some remote small town where he could lay low. I knew Bianchi would be mad, but I didn’t care. I drove him to a train station, and we parted ways.

“Something in the plan went wrong. I never found out how, but Bianchi managed to find Tom as he was leaving the state. Bianchi confronted me again, telling me Tom had been captured, and she was keeping him somewhere. Nothing would happen to him, she said… But I had better not fail her a third time.

– Maou’s tits, what a cunt,” Niasa said, summing up my thoughts in a more eloquent manner.

“I never saw or talked to Tom again,” Sorina said. “I went back to my job as a manager; Bianchi made it clear I should not expect any promotion or opportunity in the near future.

– I’m really sorry, Sorina,” I said. “You’ve been through a lot.

– And it’s not over,” Sorina said. “Bianchi has told me to be ready to Glamour you, too.

– I’m not getting a loyalty test, too?

– You should be, but I don’t know. Bianchi is acting strange these days. She’s rushing through the usual process. Normally, it would have been months before you were brought to her. Something’s going on, but I don’t know what.

– Could be she’s getting close to creating a portal,” Niasa said. “And she’s getting antsy as she’s getting close to the finish line.

– She has been trying for over twenty-five years at this point,” I said. “And she almost succeeded once.

– Right,” Sorina said with a frown. “You knew about that, too. I shouldn’t be surprised. Seems like there’s a lot you knew that you didn’t tell me.”

She shot Niasa a look.

“Ah, yes,” I said, pursing my lips. “I’m… sorry about that. Given the circumstances, I hope you can forgive me.

– Just tell me one thing: was this all part of a plan? You and me, was this…

– A lie?” I said. “No. I don’t do plans, and I don’t do cons. Not anymore. I didn’t use you; I didn’t want to use you. It’s like I told you: the only reason I came onto you is because I fancy you.

– But you knew I was part of something.

– I did. That’s why I came up with that story, on the roof.

– You wanted to let me believe I was using you,” she said with a strained smile.

“Yes… That part was a lie. I apologize. In my defence, I needed to get more involved in that secret project, and to find out if Blofeld was behind it.

– Blofeld?

– I mean, the mamono who created that portal, years ago.

– And apparently, she is behind it,” Niasa said. “Not to sound accusatory, but why did you join her crusade in the first place? Did an Angel invasion sound like a good idea to you?

– I didn’t know what she wanted when I joined. It was like with you” she pointed at me “she only told me when she knew she had me.”

Sorina held her head with both hands.

“What a fucking mess,” she said. It was the first time I heard her swear.

I was a little surprised to see Niasa put a hand around her shoulders and say:

“At least, you’re not facing this fucking mess alone anymore.

– She’s right,” I said. “We can be on the same side, now. Together, we can take down Blofeld. No, wait. Let’s call her Islington from now on.

– How about Trias?” Niasa said.

“Meh,” I said. “Video games are your thing. I’m more of a Neil Gaiman fan.

– It’s not really fitting. Islington wanted to go back to Heaven. That feathered bitch wants to bring Heaven to her.

– Yes, well, Trias wanted to- You know what? Let’s leave that, for now.

– I appreciate what you’re saying,” Sorina said. “At least, the part I understand. But I can’t go against Bianchi. Janus has kept proof of the things I’ve done for her. And she still has Tom.

– Then we destroy the proof,” I said. “And we find Tom.

– How?

– I have no idea whatsoever,” I said with a smile. “But there’s got to be a way. Don’t you think it’s worth trying?”

Sorina took a deep breath.

“Okay,” she said. “I don’t really know why, but I want to believe you can do this.

– That’s because we can,” Niasa said, patting her confidently on the shoulder.

“So what do we do now?” Sorina said.

“First things first,” I said. “Let’s make sure you know everything we know.”

Niasa and I spent the next half-hour getting her on the level. Sorina didn’t say a word while we talked, but looked fairly stunned the whole time. When we were done, she had but one word:


She blinked, then said:

“This whole thing is… Damn.

– You said it,” Niasa said.

“Okay, so… you” she designated me “had a piece of Hellhound’s soul in you…

– Yup,” Niasa said.

“Well, it’s more like I have some of her transdimensional energy,” I said.

“Nuh-uh,” Niasa said. “It’s a piece of my soul. That’s where we landed on.

– And that” Sorina continued, “is what makes you so good at the work we have you doing.

– That’s right.

– And your father” she pointed at Niasa “is the one who stopped Blo- Bianchi the first time.

– Yup,” Niasa said with obvious pride. “Him, my mom and my step-dad.

– Damn,” Sorina repeated.

“Yes, I have to admit, this whole story is pretty crazy,” I said. “I realized that as I was telling it.

– There’s one thing I’m still not clear on. It’s pretty minor, but…

– What is it?

– What happened with that girl, Claire?”

Ah… Claire. I sighed.

“Well, as Bianchi told you, the marriage was arranged by our parents. I hadn’t even met her before our engagement.

– Why did they arrange that marriage?

– The thing is, back then, I had discovered mamonos,” I said.

“And all the fun things you can do with mamonos,” Niasa added with a smirk.

“Right. And, well, my parents did not approve.

– The sleeping around, or the mamonos?” Sorina asked.

“Mostly the first, but the second probably didn’t help. So, this was their way to… fix me, and turn me into a proper member of high society.

– That’s pretty crappy of them. I’m sorry.

– Thank you. But, suffice to say, it didn’t work. I continued having an… active social life even after being married.

– You cheated on her,” Sorina said.

“I did…” I felt my face drop. “That’s not how I saw it, at the time. This was a loveless marriage, I barely even knew my wife -and in fact, I didn’t actually consider her to be my wife. To me, the whole thing was just a formality to give us the appearance of normalcy. I naturally assumed Claire felt the same way.

“I was wrong. As it turns out, Claire really wanted to have a relationship with me; she truly wanted to make our marriage work. When she found out, she was… Gods, heartbroken doesn’t even begin to describe it. You see, her parents were super-conservative; even more so than mine. Her whole life, she had been taught that marriage was sacrosanct, the centrepiece of a woman’s life. A woman is nothing without a husband, she was told, and she believed it.

“When she realized I didn’t love her, she blamed herself. She thought she failed as a wife -as a woman. She…”

I clenched my jaw. Niasa placed her paw on my head in a comforting gesture. She knew that story already, of course, and she knew that, even years later, it still hurt.

“The worst part is, even after all that, our parents refused to let us divorce. I couldn’t believe it. I was making this girl miserable, but that was less important than keeping up appearances. And Claire agreed! I got mad. Mad at her, mad at my parents… mad at myself.

“That’s when I decided to move to America. To get the Hell away from it all. I grabbed my passport and as much money as I could carry, and I took the first plane out of Heathrow. I landed in Boston, first. From there, I started wandering around, until I ran both out of money and into Gordy. You know the rest.”

My lips stretched into a bitter smile as I looked at Sorina.

“Turns out, there was no commonality between us,” I said. “You broke Tom’s heart because you cared about him. I broke Claire’s heart because I didn’t give a shit about her.

– Oh, Duncan…” she said.

She brushed my cheek with a sorry look on her face.

“Anyway, back on topic,” I said, anxious to change the subject. “There’s one last detail I didn’t mention. Something I need to verify, too.”

I rifled through my desk’s drawer, pulled out that piece of paper with “show Niasa” written on it, and showed it to Sorina.

“What’s that?” she asked.

“Right. I didn’t think it was you, but I needed to be sure.

– What wasn’t me?

– A couple of months ago, as I made my way to the break room at work, someone bumped into me, rather hard. I didn’t spill my lunch, so I thought nothing of it. Then, Niasa found that piece of paper in my pocket. It was something I was working on at the time. She showed it to a colleague at her work, and that’s how we figured what NUTEC was truly working on.

– Wait. You’re saying someone tipped you off on what we were doing?

– Bingo,” Niasa said.

“Who? Why?

– Two very good questions,” I said. “I was hoping you’d have an idea.

– I really don’t… It would have to be someone in Bianchi’s inner circle. Some kind of double agent?

– That’s about what we figured,” Niasa said. “Except…

– Except that person also knows about Niasa,” I said. “They know we’re together, they know she works at InstaDream. That’s really strange. Even Bianchi doesn’t seem to know that.”

Sorina made a face and looked in the distance.

“You just thought of something,” I said.

“I mean… In theory, there’s one person in our organization that could know that.

– Right,” Niasa said, “that Janice person you talked about.

– Janus, yes. Like I told you, they’re kind of like… our spymaster. If anybody knows that kind of thing, it’s them. But…” She tutted. “It doesn’t make sense. Why would they do that?

– Well, maybe there’s some disloyalty in Bianchi’s ranks,” I said. “Given her methods, her goal, and… honestly, her personality, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise.

– Could be that,” Niasa said. “Could be Janus has got an agenda and is playing both sides.

– That wouldn’t surprise me either,” I said. “Well, whoever our secret friend is, and wherever their loyalties truly lie, we can’t rely on them. By that I mean we can’t just wait around and expect them to come to our rescue, like some kind of deus ex machina.

– Totally agree,” Niasa said. “Let’s be proactive. I’ll ask Falkenstein if she’s got any ideas.

– I have one, actually,” I said sombrely. “But… wow, I don’t like it.

– You gonna sleep with Bianchi?” Niasa said.

“No, it’s wor- well, it’s comparable, really. I can’t believe I’m about to say it. The mere thought, I mean…

– Ah, come on.

– All right: we find Gordy.”

Niasa arched her eyebrows and leaned back against the couch. Sorina looked confused for a moment, then her face lightened up.

“Your old partner?” Sorina said. “Why?

– Because Bianchi has yet to find him. If she does, she’s likely to find out about Niasa, and that will be a disaster for us. We need to get ahead of her on this one.

– Makes sense,” Niasa said. “Though that won’t help us make a move against Bianchi. That’s just preventing her from making a move against us.

– Not necessarily. When we were working together, Gordy had lots of connections with… well, all sorts of unsavoury characters. Loath as I am to admit it, we could make use of them.

– Yeah!” Niasa said. “Okay, we’re doing that. Do you know how you can find him?

– Hmmm. I think I’ve got an idea, but it’s a bit crazy.

– Crazy? Crazy is good! Lay it on me, darling.

– We’ll need Doktor Falkenstein’s help on this. I’ll tell you the whole thing at her lab. Long story short: we’re not actually going to find him. He’ll find us.

– I’m liking this even more,” Niasa smiled. “All right, I’ll arrange a meeting as soon as possible.”

Sorina seemed troubled.

“Is something wrong?” I said.

“There may be something I can do, too. But… I just don’t know.

– Is it crazy too?” Niasa said. “If so, go right for it.

– I was thinking that all this planning is well and good, but what happens if we’re not ready to act against Bianchi when she actually orders me to Glamour you?

– I guess you’ll have to actually Glamour me,” I said. “Can it be faked?

– Maybe… But Bianchi can sense when someone’s mind has been altered, and when it hasn’t.

– Let’s get him some drugs!” Niasa said enthusiastically.

“She’ll be able to tell the difference. But… I might be able to put you under a lighter form of Glamour, if I don’t do the ritual completely. You’ll still have your free will, but it would still feel like you’re under an actual Glamour, to her.

– That sounds like a plan,” I said.

“Yes. Um, of course, there’ll be some side effects.

– Like what?

– Mainly, you won’t be able to lie.”

I frowned.

“Hmmm. It seems pretty risky.

– Yes, it could be. I’ve never actually tried it on anyone, but I heard some people are capable of controlling themselves to a degree while under it. Even if you can’t actually lie, you might be able to twist the truth somewhat.

– Well, let’s try it, then,” Niasa said.

“What?” I said.

“Put him under that Glamour-lite,” she told Sorina with a smile. “Let’s test him.

– Hold on, I’m not so sure about that,” I said. “What kind of questions are you going to ask me?

– Oh, ya know, all kinds,” Niasa said, unconvincingly faking innocence. “Come on, it’s important.”

I sighed.

“All right, okay. Do your thing, Sorina.”

Sorina nodded, then closed her eyes. She took my head between her hands, and slowly went for a kiss. Her tongue, as it went to brush mine, tasted different. Something cold and sour seemed to drip from it. As the kiss continued, I realized it was her own blood. I sensed something change in me, though I couldn’t tell exactly what. My mind seemed… clearer, lighter somehow. Sorina broke the kiss and looked me in the eyes.

“Okay, it’s done… I think,” she said. “I don’t know how to be sure.

– I do,” Niasa said. “Hey, darling, do you prefer my ass or Moira’s?

– M- Yo- Moira’s,” I said.

“Holy shit!” My Hellhound laughed. “It works. Quick, what can we ask? Oh, I know. Are you thinking of a threesome, right now?

– No!

– Really? Why n- Oh! I get it. Were you thinking of a threesome in the last ten minutes?

– N… Yes.

– Interesting,” Sorina said.

“Yeah,” Niasa said. “He can use the exact formulation of a question to change his answer and alter the truth. That’s totally why I asked that question.

– Sure it is,” I said.

“He can still be sarcastic, too,” Niasa said. “Guess it’d take a miracle to stop that. Hey, darling, do you pick your nose, sometimes?

– Y- N- Yes.

– We should try asking open-ended questions,” Niasa said. “Hey, Vampire, I’m carrying the team here! Ask him something, too!

– This isn’t a game,” Sorina said, frowning. “I want to help Duncan, not embarrass him.

– No reason you can’t do both. Come on! There’s got to be something you want to know. Oh, here’s one. Darling, if you had to choose right now, which one of us would you want to suck your cock, and why?”

I fought hard not to answer, but said:

“S-Sorina, b-because we haven’t done that yet.”

A bit of red decorated Sorina’s cheeks.

“Well, I’d say that’s only a matter of time,” Niasa said, her carnivorous smirk reappearing on her face.

“Excuse you!” Sorina said.

Niasa laughed.

“Oh, don’t play coy with me, Vampire! I know you can smell me all over his face, and I know that’s not leaving you indifferent. And you definitely noticed he’s not wearing underpants, right now. I saw you peeking.

– Ah, damn it!” I said, trying to hide my erection by crossing my legs.

Sorina’s face turned completely red as she tried to not look at my crotch. I noticed something in her expression, something that reminded me of that moment we shared on the floor of our office. A light in Niasa’s eyes let me know she noticed it too.

“Darling, what do you want to do to your Vampire, right at this moment?” she asked, lowering her voice to sound more intimate.

– I… I want… Ugh!”

I closed my eyes and clenched my jaw.

“Wow, you can actually fight it. Shame you still can’t lie.”

She leaned towards me and said:

“But, come on, don’t be afraid. Tell us. We both want to hear it. What do you want to do to her?”

I just shook my head, my teeth clenching so hard it was almost painful. It felt like my mind was on fire -and not in a good way.

“Interesting,” she said. “Hey, Vampire, try asking him the same question.

– W-What? Why?

– You’re the one who put him under a Glamour. Let’s see if that makes him less resistant when you’re asking.”

I had to admit, Niasa’s logic was solid, even though she was clearly just using it as a cover for her games. Sorina, still blushing, turned to me and said:

“Duncan, what… what do you want do… erm, to do to me right now?”

This time, it felt like something was untied in my brain, and my words flowed more freely:

“I want to pin you down on the couch, th-throw your legs over your head, and f-fuck you senseless.”

The red of her cheeks became quite pink.

“There, we learned something else,” Niasa said. “Now, let’s try another thing. Open your shirt, Vampire.

– Why would I possibly do that?” Sorina said, trying -and failing- to sound angry.

“Well, because it’ll tell us whether being turned on makes him even more truthful. And because I told you to,” she added with a grin.

“This is… This is just…” Sorina mumbled, undoing her shirt’s buttons. She was wearing a white bra, that day.

“Now, ask him something. Duncan, try as hard as you can to lie.”

Sorina thought about what to ask for a moment, then smirked.

“What does she call me behind my back?” Sorina asked, designating Niasa.

“Corporate Bitch,” I answered without hesitation, even though I was mentally preparing myself to say “Sorina”.

“No, not something like that!” Niasa said. “Oh, well. Hypothesis proven, I guess.

– Glad to be of service,” Sorina said, snarky. She moved to button her shirt again. Niasa stopped her by putting her paw on her hand.

“Woah, woah. You’re not done, yet.

– Excuse me?

– You don’t get to tease my Human, and then not follow through.

– Um, that’s literally what you did, not an hour ago,” I said.

“Tssk! Quiet, darling. Now, you,” she pointed a commanding finger at Sorina “take your shirt off. The bra, too.”

I fully expected an acerbic retort from Sorina, but all she did was whisper something unintelligible as she unhooked her bra and took it off, along with her shirt. Did Niasa have a Glamour on her or something?

As I observed Sorina and Niasa more attentively, I realized that, no, it wasn’t a Glamour, it was the next best thing: Niasa’s talent -and natural inclination- for domination, combined with Sorina’s… proclivity. Niasa smiled and nodded as Sorina’s white bra fell to the floor.

“Now, the skirt,” my Hellhound said with that silk-hiding-steel voice she often had when she wanted to play.

Sorina shook her head, hiding her chest with her forearm.

“I said: the skirt,” Niasa said, a hint of coldness in the tone.

“No, please, let’s stop there,” Sorina said, and, from her voice, there was no mistaking it: she really was in character.

Niasa encircled her shoulders with her arm, and placed a paw on her thigh.

“Do you want me to rip it off you?” she said softly in her ear. “One way or another, it’s coming off.”

Sorina took a deep breath, then silently opened the zipper, and slowly moved her skirt down her legs. There was definitely a damp spot on her white undies.

“Good girl,” Niasa said. “And no need to cover yourself, doll. I bet Duncan wants to see your boobs; just ask him.”

The Vampire hesitated, but Niasa insisted:

“Ask him.”

Sorina turned to me, averting her eyes, and said:

“Do… Do you want to see my boobs, sir?

– “Sir”?” Niasa said with a chuckle. “Aren’t you well behaved…

– No,” I managed to say. But before I could control it, the rest of the answer came out: “I don’t just want to see them.

– Oooh! Nicely tried, darling,” Niasa said. “Too bad you really can’t lie to her. Well, you heard him, doll.”

Apparently, Sorina had graduated from “Vampire” to “doll”. I assumed that was to be her character’s name, so to speak. Sorina put her arm down at her side. Both my and Niasa’s eyes were set on her small but well-shaped breasts, watching them rise and fall as her breathing got brisker.

“Now, how about a few drops of blood to get you going?” Niasa said.

“No,” Sorina said, so softly we barely heard her.

Niasa put her claw under her chin and lifted it.

“I don’t think I heard you right, doll.

– Yes… ma’am,” Sorina said.

“You’ll call me mistress,” Niasa said.

“Yes, mistress.”

She leaned towards me and opened her mouth as she approached my throat. Once more, her fangs lightly pierced my skin and drew some blood. Like the other time, it seemed like she was just going to take a small sip, but all the same Niasa took her off me, grabbing her by the arm and the head.

“Don’t get greedy, doll.

– No, I wasn’t g…” Sorina said, but Niasa interrupted her.

“If you want more, you’ll have to be good,” she said, like she was talking to an unruly pet.

“Please, I don’t want this…

– Liars get muzzled, doll. Now, before we begin, the safeword is “rainstorm”.”

A safeword! That was a good idea. I slightly regretted not thinking of that last time. Good thing Niasa seemed to have more experience with that sort of thing. I then remembered that Niasa and I also had a safeword, but neither of us had ever used it, so I had sort of forgotten about it. I think it was “Billybottom”.

“All right,” Niasa said. “Now, take off his pants.

– Please, mistress…” Sorina said.

Despite her weak protest, she leaned over my legs, then unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. I lifted my hips to help her slide them off. She bit her bottom lip as she saw my cock nearly jump at her.

“Get down on your knees, doll.” Niasa said.

Sorina got off the couch and did so, alternating between staring at my cock and looking into Niasa’s eyes. Niasa moved to occupy her now vacant spot next to me, and said:

“Now, finish what you started, doll.

– No, please,” Sorina said, looking at the floor.

“I think she wants some guidance,” Niasa said to me.

Niasa went to kneel behind the Vampire, her large tits pressed against her back, and grabbed her chin a bit roughly by the sides. She guided Sorina’s head towards my crotch, clearly enjoying handling and playing with her as if she was an actual doll.

“Open your mouth.”

Sorina’s lips parted and wrapped around the tip of my member.

“That’s it, doll. Go on, now…”

Niasa slowly but firmly pushed her head down; Sorina swallowed my length obediently, not even choking once.

“Very good. Not your first time, huh, doll?”

The Vampire let out a low moan that could have been a confirmation or a denial. She had almost reached the base of my cock when Niasa instructed her to start moving her head. She did so, bobbing back and forth with a slow rhythm. Niasa was watching her work attentively, smiling broadly and rubbing the Vampire’s lower regions with one of her paws all the while. Sorina sighed, and closed her eyes. The tip of my cock entered her throat.

Wet, slurping sounds filled our living room, accompanied by our Vampire’s sighs of pleasure when Niasa’s claws hit a good spot on her lower lips. I couldn’t help but notice that Sorina’s technique was less forceful and a lot less noisy than Niasa’s as she went down on me. Her tongue quivered as it softly caressed my member, from base to glans. I suspected Niasa purposefully tickled her pussy just the right way every time she licked my glans, so that her pleasure would echo into mine.

“All right, he’s going to cum, now,” Niasa said. “Don’t drop any of it on my floor, doll, or I’ll make you lick it clean.

– Hm-hmm,” Sorina mumbled.

A few seconds later, Sorina finished me off with a tightening of her throat and a quick move of her tongue. She dutifully minded Niasa’s directive and swallowed all of my cum, then licked every part of my genitals clean.

“Very good, doll!” Niasa said in a cooing voice as Sorina released my cock and took a deep breath. “You earned your reward. Do you want it?”

Sorina gulped the last of my cum and nodded.

“Then say it, doll.

– Please, mistress…” she moaned.

“Please what? Tell me what you want.

– Please reward me, mistress,” Sorina immediately said. “I want it. Please!

– Gladly,” our Hellhound said.

Niasa, who so far was simply rubbing Sorina’s lower lips, started fingering her with two claws. With her free paw, she grabbed the Vampire’s tits and began massaging one of them, from base to nipple. Her fangs went to nibble on Sorina’s ear, strongly enough to leave small, saliva-covered bite marks. Under my Hellhound’s fast-paced, rough assaults, it wasn’t long before Sorina opened her mouth wide and breathed in deep, her body stiffening as an orgasm overtook her.

“Rainstorm,” she said the next moment, as she went limp in my girlfriend’s arms.

“Is something wrong?” I asked, concerned that she had suddenly regained her normal voice.

“No,” Sorina said, “it’s just that if I don’t drink your blood right now, it won’t taste as good.”

Niasa laughed. Sorina sat on my lap and gave me another Vampire Kiss. This time, I counted seven sips before she was satiated.

We decided we needed to take a break after that. Okay… we decided I needed to take a break after that. Sorina did another little ritual involving her blood and my mouth, and released me from her Glamour.

“I’m surprised you didn’t use that opportunity,” I said to Niasa.

“What opportunity?

– To finally find out about my secret fantasy.

– Please, like I need that! And you were just about to tell me, anyway.

– True. But now I think I’ll keep that story for another time.

– Suit yourself,” she said with a shrug.

A bit surprised by her lack of reaction, I said:

“You’re no longer anxious to find out?

– Eh. I’ve just proven I can turn your fantasies into reality. I don’t need to dig it out of you; you’ll want to tell me, if you ever want to do that secret fantasy.”

While we were talking, Sorina had finished putting back her clothes and adjusting her bun, which had gotten loose.

“Thanks,” she said. “This was actually pretty fun.”

Niasa looked into her eyes and smirked as she licked her claws. I couldn’t help but smile when I noticed that, this time, Sorina’s tone didn’t carry even a hint of embarrassment over her kink. She is getting more comfortable with me -with us, actually.

“It’s getting late,” I said. “You can stay here tonight, if you want.

– Yeah, we have a guest bedroom,” Niasa said. “Well, it’s more like a storage room right now, but it’s got a bed.

– I’d rather not attract Bianchi’s attention on you.

– Just tell her you’re working on Glamouring me,” I said. “Technically, that’s true: I’d like to try it again, see if I get better at countering its effects.”

Sorina considered it, then agreed. This rather uncommon day -even by our standards- ended calmly and happily around some tandoori chicken with basmati rice. Unfortunately, it turned out Sorina had a lesser tolerance to spice than Niasa and I, but this was nothing that couldn’t be fixed with a lot of lassi.

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