Duncan and Niasa – 10. En Famille

The woman adjusted her mask, standing near the centre of her roof patio. Said patio was light in furniture: a small bench, a garden table with two chairs, and several potted plants. Above her, through the glass ceiling, the stars were almost all hidden by the nearby city’s light pollution. She had always hated Human cities. They were crowded, restless, noisy, smelly, and cold; they expanded in every direction, including up and down, without restraint or order. Simply put, they were the embodiment of humanity’s greatest flaw: the chaos inherent to their nature.

At precisely 9 PM, her contemplation was interrupted by a series of bell sounds forming a light melody. The masked woman made a precise gesture with her gloved hand, and a portion of the wall near her changed colour, revealing that it was in fact a screen. The words Incoming call – Sorina Chekov were displayed. With another gesture, the woman accepted the call.

“Good evening, ma’am,” Sorina said as her face appeared on the large screen.

“Good evening,” the masked woman said. “How is your task coming along?

– It’s going… fine, but something happened. It concerns D- our asset.”

The masked woman joined her hands behind her back.


– He’s figured out what we’re doing,” Sorina said in a single breath.

“What?” the woman said.

“He knows about alternate dimensions, and about our work at NUTEC. He accidentally mentioned something about it to me, and when I confronted him, he admitted everything.

– How is this possible?” the masked woman said, eerily calm.

“He found some research papers online and compared it to some of the work we had him do.”

The woman narrowed her eyes. If that was true, then that Human was smarter than they had assumed -certainly smarter than Chekov had assumed. Could it be he had faked ignorance before to remain beneath notice? If so, that could mean… Hmm… But on the other hand…

“This could work in our favour,” the woman said after a moment of reflection. “Let’s skip directly to the next step of the plan.

– Now? All due respect, ma’am…

– Yes, now,” the woman interrupted. “This represents an opportunity, one we cannot afford to pass up on. How is your control over the asset? Have you completed the other task you were assigned?

– I have, ma’am.”

Something shifted in Sorina’s expression, something that did not escape the masked woman, although she was not certain what it was.

“I have also progressed on his background, “ Sorina continued. “Nothing concrete as of yet, but I… may have a couple of leads.

– Communicate them to Janus, they’ll be fully in charge of this from now on.

– Ma’am?

– They’ll be more efficient at this. I have a new assignment for you, one that will be your priority from now on. Like I said, we are skipping directly to the next step concerning your asset. It’s time to bring him fully on board with our plan.

– That’s risky, ma’am,” Sorina said.

“I don’t need you to tell me that. That’s why we have to make entirely sure he cannot turn or be turned against us. For this, I want to have every possible leverage on him.

– What are you saying, ma’am?”

From Sorina’s voice, the masked woman could tell she knew exactly where this was going.

“Be prepared to Glamour him,” the woman said.

There was another shift in Sorina’s expression.

“I see,” she only said.

“Can I be safe in my assumption that there won’t be any issues this time?” the masked woman asked pointedly.

“Yes, ma’am.”

Her voice had dropped to a murmur.

“Good. I would hate to be disappointed in you once more, Ms Chekov. A lot depends on you, and I believe you know what failure would spell for us all. For you, especially.

– Yes, ma’am,” she repeated.

The masked woman nodded.

“Was there anything else?

– No, ma’am.

– Very well. Janus will contact you by tomorrow. I expect some progress very soon.”

Her hand made a horizontal cutting motion and the call was terminated. The woman walked away from the now inert screen and went back to her contemplation of what few stars she could see. She took off her mask, knowing full well the tainted glasses and the remote location of her mansion meant she did not have to worry about any onlookers. She looked at the city again.

Yes, she hated Human cities. Once Yggdrasil had become reality, it would be one of the first things she’d correct.

According to the GPS, we had driven over seven hundred miles when we arrived in the small town close to where Niasa’s family lived. Well, I say “we”, but it was almost entirely me, really. When we had initially planned our itinerary, Niasa and I had agreed we would take turns behind the wheel. In practice, though, Niasa had driven maybe one hour before she decided she was tired, leaving me to drive the rest of the way.

I would have been delighted to take the plane, sadly Niasa had vetoed the very idea, claiming that the TSA had a thing against Hellhounds. I was pretty sure the real issue was that she was terrified of flying, but I wisely decided not to pry.

We had arrived in the southeast of Nevada, not so far from the Arizonian border, in a small town called Bunkerville. From then on, I ignored the GPS and followed only Niasa’s instructions -she had miraculously woken up when we got into town. According to her, her family’s place was very remote; fortunately, Niasa had assured me they still had power and Internet. After an additional hour of driving on a dirt road, we reached a small forest. We had to park the car nearby and continue on foot. Niasa was carrying our luggage; she had taken off her clothes and put them in it as soon as she left the car.

The late afternoon was warm and a little windy. I never liked forests -you could say I watched too many movies-, and this one was not particularly inviting. It was dark and wild, having probably not seen any visitors in a long while; there wasn’t even a dirt path or anything. It got even darker as we advanced, and it wasn’t long before I couldn’t see the treeline. Undeterred, Niasa walked in a straight line, as if she was familiar with every leaf and every piece of bark. I kept up with her as best I could.

The woods became very dense, and we soon had to hack our way through bushes full of thorns. Fortunately, Niasa’s claws were like mini-machetes against the greenery.

“Is it far away?” I asked.

“No, not anymore.

– Are you sure you know where you’re going? I’m guessing the vegetation changed quite a bit since you moved out.

– I spent most of my childhood here. I could lead us with my eyes closed.

– It wouldn’t make much difference, anyway. I can barely see five feet away with all those leaves. I can’t see through the canopy, either. Is the sun even still up?”

I noticed my hands were shaking. A bad feeling was encroaching my stomach. I started looking around me, feeling like the protagonist of a horror flick. As I paid closer attention to my surroundings, I realized it wasn’t simply because of the darkness that almost surrounded me -though it certainly didn’t help. My ears had picked up a few faint sounds that didn’t come from either me or Niasa. And, although we were progressing rather fast through the woods, those sounds seemed to remain at the same distance from us.

“I think something’s following us,” I whispered to Niasa.

“You noticed too?” she said out loud. “She’s really bad at this.

– “She”? Wait, is that one of your sisters?

– Yup, Debra. She hasn’t gotten any better since last time. She’s not even facing the wind; I can smell her as if she was standing in front of me.”

A voice came out, seemingly out of nowhere:

“No, you can’t!”

Her -it was clearly a female voice- tone was petulant, and I could almost hear her foot stomping in childish frustration.

“Come out, Debra!” Niasa said. “Even my Human spotted you.

– You guys suck,” she said as she came out of a nearby bush, much closer to us than I would have thought.

Debra looked very similar to Niasa. Aside from the obvious fact that they were both Hellhounds, they both had the same nose pointing slightly up, the same shape of the head and of the eyes. Debra, however, was taller than Niasa by about four inches. Her mane was noticeably shorter and her fur looked like it was brushed regularly. Niasa was also somewhat more muscular, and Debra a bit more gaunt -as gaunt as a Hellhound could be, anyway.

Niasa patted her sister over the head with a soft laugh. Debra crossed her arms, her cheeks turning darker -the Hellhound equivalent of blushing.

“Duncan, this is Debra,” Niasa said. “Debra, Duncan.

– Hi,” I said.

Debra harrumphed and nodded her head, still embarrassed. We resumed our walk towards the house; I assumed Debra’s presence meant we were getting very close. She and Niasa talked a bit on the way.

“How have you been?” Niasa asked.

“Fine,” Debra said. “I validated my semester. 90th percentile.

– Not bad!

– What are you studying?” I said.

“My major’s biology. I’m minoring in physics.

– Nice. Are you working on a masters’ degree?

– I already have my masters. I’m working on a PhD.”

I whistled, impressed.

Niasa’s family home was a two-story house made out of wood and stone. It looked pretty old, but several parts had clearly been renovated; the roof in particular looked a bit like a patchwork. Fixated on the ceiling of the porch were a few light traps for bugs, colouring the front of the house in a light blue hue. I saw some lights through the ground floor windows, obfuscated by the shutters.

From the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow moving swiftly, so quick I didn’t have time to react. And neither did Niasa, as, in a blink of an eye, she found herself thrown to the ground with a loud thud and a flurry of fur. A third Hellhound had entered the scene, dropping from Gods know where. She and Niasa wrestled on the leaves-covered ground for a bit, growling, screaming, and laughing. After a few minutes, the newcomer stepped off my girlfriend, giving her a playful slap that would probably have dislocated my jaw.

“And this is Moira,” Niasa said as she stood up, brushing a few leaves from her mane. “Moira, this is Duncan.

– How do you do?” I said, holding out my hand to her.

She shook it, a bit forcefully, looking at me from hair to toe as she did. Then, she started circling around me, sniffing me. As she inspected me, my eyes found themselves suddenly drawn towards her tail… and her butt. While Niasa was hardly lacking in that department, Moira’s behind was a thick, perfectly round bubble, and my mind felt obligated to imagine how firm it must have felt. I could have sworn I saw her lick the tip of her fangs as she finished her round.

“Do you approve?” Niasa asked her jokingly.

“I just did six degrading things to him in my mind,” she said in a surprisingly husky voice. “Two of which are illegal in this state.

– Lovely,” I said, slightly scared.

As all three sisters stood close together, I saw that Niasa was definitely the runt of the litter. Moira was almost one foot taller than her, and both her mane and her fur were longer and shaggier. She had purple highlights in her hair, on her tail, and on the patch of fur above her breasts. I noticed a small tattoo at the bottom of her stomach, but I couldn’t make out what it was in the dark.

Niasa knocked on the front door. It opened a minute later to reveal a man, almost as tall as Niasa, with broad shoulders, a muscly chest, and the birth of a beer gut. He wore an unbuttoned flannel shirt, brown jeans, and leather boots -the kind I’d have pictured on a biker. In the poor lightning, it took me a moment to notice the black horns on the sides of his head, and his unnaturally black eyes.

“Daddy!” Niasa screamed as she jumped on him for a signature Hellhound tackle-hug.

The man staggered a bit under her weight, but held his ground. Laughing happily, he put her down and kissed her cheek. I was introduced to him too: his name was Sathariel, but he insisted I called him Seth. As I shook his hand in the hallway, in the artificial light, I got a better look at him. He had a slicked back undercut, a goatee, and chest hair that would make a gorilla feel inadequate. His teeth had nicotine stains and a couple of them were chipped.

Demons were rather uncommon, but I had met a couple before Seth. The revelation of their existence had caused quite a bit of stir, as you’d imagine, and there had even been incidents of violence against them. Fortunately, as years went by, things smoothened for them as people realized they were no more evil than any other sentient creature. Still, many of them continued to use makeup, contact lenses, and different kinds of clothing to hide their features. It helped that only a few of them had horns.

“How was the drive?” he asked.

“Oh, it went by real quick,” Niasa said. I rolled my eyes.

“Your mom’s in the kitchen.”

The house had a nice “wooden interior design with a touch of DIY” feel to it. A myriad of smells tickled my nose as I crossed the living room and entered the kitchen: pine, lavender, floor wax, some cleaning products, and the unmistakable smell of something cooking. In the kitchen, tending to an enormous crock pot, was a fourth Hellhound. She was noticeably larger than the others, although she wasn’t exactly fat, and there was a bit of greyness in the thick, black bush of her mane. She wore an apron coloured like the American flag.

“Hello, Niasa,” she said without turning from her cooking. Apparently, she shared my Hellhound’s gift of sensing people approaching.

“Hi, Mama,” Niasa said as she went for a back-hug.

The older Hellhound put the crock pot off the flames of her cooker, and faced us with a large, motherly smile. Two big, strong arms reached around us and pulled us against her breasts, each of which was about as big as my head. I noticed quite a few scars over her body.

“Welcome home, little one,” she said.

“Mama, you know I don’t like it when you call me that,” Niasa said.

“I think that was for me,” I said.

“It was,” the mother said. “Our house is your house, for as long as you want.

– Thanks, Mrs…

– Call me Liz,” she said.

“Thanks, Liz. I’m Duncan.

– Don’t mention it.”

With a sloppy, affectionate kiss on each of our foreheads, she released us, then pointed at her crock pot.

“Dinner’s almost ready,” she said. “Niasa, tell your sisters to dress the table.”

Just like in our apartment, dressing the table at Niasa’s family home was almost effortless. It was just a matter of putting enough plates for everyone, as well as something to put the pot on. I noticed the Hellhound family didn’t bother with glasses either: they drank directly from the bottles and the pitcher.

I had no idea what the meal was, exactly. It had beef, chicken, mutton, potatoes, carrots, onions, jalapeño peppers, and corn, amongst other things, and marinated in an orange-brown stew. It seemed like a mixture of a week’s worth of leftovers, and the taste reminded me of Mexican cuisine. Whatever it was, it was pretty good.

Dinner was very animated -rather loud, too. The family talked a lot, oftentimes with their mouths full. Quite a few things had happened since Niasa had last visited. Seth had become the owner of the garage at which he worked. Moira’s podcast on true crimes and unsolved mysteries had reached two hundred thousands subscribers. As to Liz, she was still enjoying the stay-at-home mom thing, especially after what she summarily described as “years of excitement”.

Niasa looked elated. It was like she was reliving her childhood. With a chuckle, I took the beer bottle I was offered and drank a few sips. I expected the typical watered-down American stuff, but was pleasantly surprised to find something resembling taste in the ice-cold liquid -along with a bit of spice, of course. The bottle had no label or sticker.

“This is nice,” I said.

“Glad you like it,” Seth said.

“Did you brew this?

– Sure did. Personal recipe a friend and I came up with years ago. I brew it all in my garage.

– You make alcohol at your workplace?” I laughed. “I like your style.

– I’ll take you there tomorrow, if you want.

– Good idea,” Liz said. “Anybody else want to go get drunk with Dad?

– Hell no,” Moira said. “I’m going hunting tomorrow. Niasa, you game?

– You bet!” she said.

“If you leave early,” their mother said, “please don’t wake up the whole house.

– We’ll try to be quiet,” Moira said with a strange smile.

My stomach was ready to burst when Niasa and I left the table. It was only when my feet started wobbling under me that I realized how badly I underestimated the alcoholic content of those homebrewed beers. I wasn’t proper drunk, but still it was a good thing Niasa was there to help me with the stairs. Niasa’s old bed creaked like an old woman as we both fell on it. It amazed me that my Hellhound managed to fall asleep so fast after an entire day spent sleeping. I followed her in Dreamland very soon after.

When something warm and wet on my neck woke me up the next morning, I almost thought I was back in our apartment. But then, I noticed something strange. Niasa was the big spoon, and her mouth was currently nibbling at my ear. I opened my eyes, and saw that I was in fact sandwiched between two Hellhounds, the latter of whom was slowly running her tongue alongside my neck in order to wake me up.

“Morning,” Moira said.

“Hi… Weren’t you supposed to go hunting this morning?”

She smiled.

“Right,” I said. “I’m the meat.”

Moira’s claws gripped my chin, then she forcefully shoved her tongue in my mouth. Much like her sister, she liked to invade my throat, but unlike her, she didn’t just give it a quick browse. She lingered there for a bit, before getting out, leaving me choking and panting.

Niasa groaned, then rolled on her back, her paws still holding me, and I ended up on top of her. If I didn’t know Hellhounds, I would have assumed Moira would have been discouraged, seeing her sister close to waking up as she was putting the moves on her boyfriend. But of course, that just encouraged her. After giving my morning wood a pat, she crouched over me, her back turned, and lowered her hips. The crack of her perfect bum pressed against my dick, soft like a lover’s kiss. Soon, she started moving her hips. My first reflex when I sensed the incredible sensation of that butt caressing the most sensitive part of my anatomy was to slap my hand against my mouth, but Niasa had taken possession of both my arms, and kept them immobilized with hers. Same went for my legs.

“I saw you staring yesterday”, Moira whispered, shooting me a look of superiority over her shoulder, her ass still moving up and down against my cock.

“I… Ung…

– In front of your girlfriend, too,” she said, quickening her pace. “Naughty boy.

– Very naughty,” a familiar voice said. “You’ll be punished severely.

– Niasa?” I said.

– Morning, darling.”

She bit my ear with a growl, and strengthened her hold on my limbs. I felt her claws digging into my skin.

“Really, darling?” she said. “My sister. In front of me.

– I know you’re just p-playing with me,” I said, my voice strained as I struggled not to moan. “You were okay with me sleeping with Sorina.

– Sorina isn’t my sister. Do you like her ass better than mine? Is that it?

– I…

– Of course he does,” Moira said. “He’s not blind.

– If you cum on her ass,” Niasa said, “I’ll punish you even more.”

My eyes rolled back in my skull. How could I not? The mere thought of what Moira was doing to me was enough to bring me to the edge.

“Ignore her,” Moira said, her voice sweet like honey. “Come on. Cover my ass. You know you want to…

– Don’t you dare,” Niasa growled.

I fought as hard as I could, but Moira finished me with a single word:


I exhaled loudly and closed my eyes. My muscles relaxed. I heard Moira laugh and say to Niasa:

“That’s how it’s done. Want a lick, Nini?”

Niasa growled again, and laid me on the bed. I reopened my eyes to see my girlfriend licking my cum off her sister’s butt cheeks, to the latter’s delight. Feeling spent, I was ready to take a quick nap, when Niasa tapped me on the cheek with her tail.

“Hey, don’t fall back asleep. We’re not done here; I still have to punish you.

– What?… I am done, love. I just…”

I looked at my cock, which was somehow fully erect again. Apparently, two Hellhounds teaming up on me inspired me more than I thought. Niasa went to ride my crotch as usual, but Moira wordlessly pushed her aside and took her place, reverse cowgirl style.

“Seriously?” Niasa said. “You already had his dick!

– And it’s my turn again. You can have it anytime you want, anyway. Unless you want to fight me for it?”

Niasa grumbled, but settled for sitting on my face. Moira liked sex even rougher than her sister. She didn’t even bother building up a pace: as soon as I entered her, she began riding me hard, wildly smashing her hips against mine like she was trying to break my bones.

“Calm the fuck down, sis!” Niasa said. “Where’s the fire?

– Where do you think?”

Moira laughed at her own joke, and I rolled my eyes as I worked my tongue inside Niasa. Their sibling bickering thankfully took a backseat as we all enjoyed each other for some time. As great as the experience was, I would definitely not recommend a threesome with Hellhounds to the faint of heart. Niasa was only mostly kidding when she said I was being punished: my own cardiac muscle was close to giving out when they finally released me. Oh, and in case you were wondering, Moira’s tattoo is a goat’s head. I found this out when they traded places.

With the racket the bed made under our combined efforts, it amazed me that we didn’t wake anyone up. The only one at the breakfast table when we got there was Seth, who had obviously been awake for some time. The rest of the house came to join us eventually. Breakfast was pretty much all protein and spice -and a couple of beers for Seth. Throughout the meal, Debra kept shooting dark looks at the three of us -particularly Niasa.

A quick shower later -for some reason, Niasa insisted I showered after breakfast, unlike what I usually did-, Seth and I left the Hellhound house (or Hellhouse, as I decided to call it) and took his pick-up van to go into town. The place he worked at was called Tillman & Son. Now that the previous owner had retired, leaving Seth in charge, he was thinking of changing it, but couldn’t think of a good name.

“I’ve been working here for over twenty years, now,” he said as he gave me a tour of the place. “It was my very first job when I came in the region. I didn’t know jack about cars, but it was the only place that was hiring. After I started working, I fell in love with the job.

– I’m guessing there weren’t many cars where you came from.

– Ha! No, there really…”

He did a double take, and shot me a look of bemusement.

“Niasa told you, didn’t she?

– I like to think I would’ve figured it out on my own. But, yes, she did.

– Damn,” he muttered, scratching his forehead. “All right. Okay.”

He shook his head as we got to a room in the back of the garage. His microbrewery equipment was installed there on a table, smelling strongly of alcohol. I was no expert, but I didn’t think this variety of metallic objects had been bought in a regular store. It looked more like a bunch of appliances used for a different purpose than the one their maker had in mind, jury-rigged by people with some experience in fixing stuff -and possibly some ethanol in their blood. On another table were several dozen bottles, all empty.

“Niasa must really be committed to you if she told you about the homeworld,” Seth said. “And if she introduced you to us…

– Yes, I guess she is.

– What about you?”

He had said that in a neutral voice, but I could sense behind it the accusatory tone of the loving father worried about who her daughter was placing her trust in.

“I’m in it for the long term,” I said. “As long as she’ll have me.”

Seth stared at me for a few uncomfortable seconds, then smiled and slapped my back.

“Attaboy. But if you ever hurt her, I’ll bury you without making sure you’re dead first.

– You don’t have to worry about that. If anything, I should be worried about her hurting me.

– Ha, yeah. My girls tend to be a little passionate. Take after their mom -and their dad, I guess.”

Seth approached his beer-making apparatus, then pulled an icebox from beneath a table. He opened it, grabbed two bottles, twisted them open, and gave me one.

“My little Niasa,” he said. “I remember when they were born, her and her sisters. I could literally hold her in my hand. It was the most adorable thing I’d ever seen. I’m not ashamed to say it: I teared up that day.”

He held out his hand, looked at it with nostalgia, then scoffed.

“Now, of course, she’s taller than me, and she can bench-press me.

– You’ve known her since she was born?” I said, taking a sip.

“Course. I knew her father, too.

– She never talks about her father.

– That’s ‘cause she never met him. Died before she was born.”

He sniffed, an air of sadness darkening his expression.

“A damn good man. One of the best people I’ve ever met.

– What happened to him?”

Seth pondered my question for a moment, then said:

“All right, if Niasa told you about the homeworld, I suppose I can tell you about this. His name was Jackson Pulver, but everybody called him Mad Jack. As you probably gathered, he was a Human. A very singular kind of Human. He came from this world, but somehow, he had found a way to travel to our dimension.

– Really? How?

– We never found out for sure. Best we could figure, he accidentally found a portal and crossed it. When it looked like he was stuck in the other world for the foreseeable future, Mad Jack was actually overjoyed. He decided to become an adventurer -a mercenary, I guess you’d say. Built himself one Hell of a reputation in no time.

“One day, he went on a bounty hunt, after some Hellhound that was causing a lot of ruckus. Bounty was pretty high, which meant the risks were, too. That’s probably what encouraged Mad Jack. It turned out, she was uniting her kind and rebelling against the archdemons -long story.

– That Hellhound was Liz, right?

– Sure was. That’s actually how the three of us met. I was one the people sent after Liz, too. Used to serve in the archdemons’ armies.

– I take it those archdemons were the rulers of your world.

– A portion of our world, yeah. Sadly, the portion in which my and Liz’s peoples used to live. Anyway, long story short, we all met, fell in love, and decided to band together against our masters. Rebellion went on for some time, but didn’t go so well, so we decided our best shot at freedom would be to book it to Mad Jack’s home dimension, where there were mamonos, but no archdemons.

– How did you do that?

– That’s another long story, but the gist of it is, some powerful people knew about other dimensions, and had ways into them. We piggybacked off one of them and managed to get the Hellhounds and a bunch of Demons into this world.

– Quite a caper, by the sounds of it,” I said. “Niasa told me her mom always preferred this world to her homeworld.

– So do I,” Seth said, finishing his beer and immediately getting another. “Mad Jack was bummed he had to go home, though. His own world hadn’t been kind to him, from what he said. But for us, he would have gone down to the Abyss.

– You haven’t told me what happened to him.

– I’m getting there… After we all crossed safely on the other side, it turned out our work wasn’t over.

– Let me guess: that’s another long story.

– Yup. The three of us found out about some mamono that was planning on opening a portal to another dimension –our dimension, seemed like- to bring their forces down and conquer the world, or some shit. We were all pretty weary from years of war, at that point, but we knew it was up to us to stop him -or her, we never found out who that was.”

He lowered his head, looking at his boots. I hung on to his every word. Unless I was mistaken, he was talking about Blofeld.

“When we confronted the Big Bad, it turned out he -or she, or whatever- was already on the verge of creating a portal. The only way we had to close it before it was too late… was by packing a shitload of explosives and crossing it while it was still incomplete. Which was suicide, obviously. Mad Jack volunteered. 

“Fuck. We all begged him not to. I literally got on my knees, but I knew he was doing the right thing. Liz fucking cried, for the first time since I had met her, and told him she was pregnant. He told her he knew, and that was why he was doing that. He wanted his kids to be born and grow up in a world where they could be free.

“We said our goodbyes, and… there he went.”

His narration ended in a broken voice. He raised his beer, then dropped some of it on the floor.

“Sounds like quite a guy,” I said.

“He was,” Seth said, tears appearing in the corners of his eyes. “I’ve never met anyone like him. They say there’s a small line between genius and madness; Mad Jack rode that line to Hell and back -almost literally. Maou’s ass! We were one Hell of a romcom, the three of us. Mad Jack called us the “trouble trouple”; Liz called us her pocket harem.”

Seth tinkered with some of the microbrewing equipment. After a while, it started making weird sounds and emitting a bit of smoke.

“I never had someone like him in my life. I doubt I ever will again. Same for Liz, I think. What we had was incredible, but it was one of a kind.

– And so you raised his children,” I said.

Our children,” he said. “Yes, I did. I swore to him, on that last day, that I would love them, from the moment they’re born to the moment I drop dead. Maybe even after. Love them and protect them. From anything… and anyone.

– Message received.

– Good,” he said with a sharp nod. “I wasn’t kidding about that burying you alive thing. Well, not completely.

– I take it Niasa knows about her father?

– Niasa, Moira, and Debra. They all know what I told you. There was no way I wouldn’t tell them everything about their father.”

I nodded, then downed my beer. What a story, I thought.

“Bit of a silly question, but you’re quite sure they’re his children? I mean…

– One hundred percent. Demons can’t breed with Hellhounds. In fact, my particular kind of Demons can’t breed with much of anyone. Little kindness from the archdemons to make sure they kept us under control.

– I’m starting to understand why you rebelled.

– Kid, you don’t know half of it. But I don’t want to talk about that; that’s enough about the past, anyway. Want to see my future?

– I’m guessing it involves more alcohol.

– Olympic pools of it! But not just that. Follow me.”

He finished his bottle and dropped it in a sink I hadn’t saw when I came in, then pulled out a key out of his jeans, and we went to another room in the back of the garage. It was a small, dark room, with a garage door. Most of the space was occupied by a large object, covered by a white sheet. Seth flipped a switch, and the light fixtures came to life. He picked a corner of the sheet and, with a dramatic gesture, removed it.

“And there she is.”

She was a sports car. Well, most of a sports car. It lacked one wheel, one of the two seats could use a reupholstering, the opened hood revealed that the engine lacked quite a few pieces, and the body was rusted in several places. Despite those issues, I could clearly picture it turning into a really great car someday.

“Nice ride. What is it?

– That, son, is a Dodge Charger from 1972. My dream car.”

I bent over to look at the inside through a window.

“Judging by the dust, it has been here for a while.

– Yeah… Jack and I found her at a police auction a while ago. The moment we put our eyes on it, we knew she had to be ours. Of course, she needed some fixing… A complete overall, more like.

– Sounds like it. You had it -her- for all this time, and you’re still working on her?

– There were some hurdles. Money was the main thing, but it’s not just that. I fucked up the original engine, for one thing -I was still learning about cars, back then. There were some issues when I imported a turbo from Korea without paying taxes, too -that was after the Reunification, so customs was really anal about it. Oh, and I lost a wheel. Not sure how, just lost it.”

He brushed the roof of his car.

“But I’m gonna fucking build it. Don’t care if it takes me another two decades, or another fifteen grand. And when I’m done, I’m gonna take it on a grand tour through all of North America. From Anchorage to Cancun, from Corpus Christi to Quebec City.

– That seems like a pretty great journey. That car is a two-seater, though. I’m guessing you won’t be taking the kids.

– Nah… They’ll move out soon, like Niasa did. Right now, they’re studying and working from home, but they can do that anywhere. Moira’s waiting for her online thing to pay enough, and Debra… I’m not sure, I think she only wants to move in with someone else. She doesn’t like being alone. Huh… I can’t believe they’ll all be twenty-six in a few months.”

After admiring the would-be car some more, we put the sheet back in place, killed the lights, and left the garage. On the way back home, Seth asked me a few questions about me. It didn’t feel like he was interrogating me, not anymore. When he started asking about the UK, and why I left, I told him I wasn’t ready to share that story. He respected that.

We got back to the Hellhouse in time for lunch, which was a massive takeout order from a local Chinese restaurant. After the last grain of rice was scooped up and ingested, Niasa took my arm and gave me the look. Surprisingly, she didn’t lead me to her room, but outside.

“Want to frolic among the trees?” I said.

“Something like that.”

Niasa picked a spot in a clearing, not too far from a stream. I found the décor surprisingly romantic. Niasa didn’t usually care for romance, at least not when shagging was involved, but I guessed visiting her childhood home had put her in a mood. She dropped down on the grass and stretched her limbs enticingly. I lied beside her and we were soon making out in the nude. Suddenly, a voice arose, somewhere around us.


I turned my head slightly to see a very annoyed Debra drop down from a tree.

“Oh, Debra,” Niasa said. “You were there? I didn’t see you.

– As if!” Debra said. “It’s not enough that you and Moira have fun on your own, or that you taunt me about it over breakfast, you have to do it again here?!

– Are you sure I’ve done that? That doesn’t sound like me.

– Really, Niasa?” I said.

She muzzled me with her paw, then pinned me down before I decided to get up.

“Yes!” Debra said. “Yes, you’ve done that! You’ve been taunting me about how supposedly I can’t get a Human ever since… ever!

– Now, now, that’s not what this is about. Actually, I wanted to help you.”

Debra scoffed incredulously.

“I swear. You can’t get yourself a Human because you were just never taught how. You spend all that time in your books, and none on the hunt. Sure, you got laid, like once or twice, but there’s a difference between having sex and fucking. The reason I came here with my Human is so that I can teach you that.”

Debra’s eyes widened. Mine rolled.

“You… what?”

Niasa patted the grass near me, enjoining her to join us. I tried protesting, but only managed to let out a vaguely sarcastic-sounding muffled groan. Great. How did I let myself get trapped like that again? Did I subconsciously let that happen? Damn you, id, you horny slut! Looking both miffed and sceptical, Debra moved towards me like a tiger on the prowl. Niasa said:

“Okay. Lesson one: holding down your Human.”

She suddenly let go of me, and I said:

“Seriously, Niasa? Now I’m your test subject?”

I made the mistake of trying to run away. This triggered Debra’s reflexes. She jumped on me and grabbed one of my wrists, holding it over my head as she pressed her body against mine. Her hold on me wasn’t perfect, which unfortunately Niasa pointed out before I could take advantage of it.

“See how it feels?” she said. “Like every time he tries to push you back, you want him more?

– Yeah, but… Hmph! Does he ever surrender?

– Not on his own, he won’t. That’s lesson two: taming your Human.

– Taming?” I said. “What am I, a pet?

– That’s exactly what you are,” Niasa said with her trademark carnivorous smile. To her sister, she added: “And that’s exactly how you must treat him. Make him understand that he’s yours, that you’re in charge, period.”

Debra had gotten hold of both my wrists, now, and kept them in place with one of her paws. Her free paw grabbed my jaw and held my head in place.

“Stop struggling, Human!” she growled. “You’re mine.

– Good,” Niasa said. “Listen to your instincts. Go with what feels right. Now, lesson three: getting your Human in the mood. All Humans have weaknesses that a good Hellhound can use. Aside from the obvious” she pointed at my dick “many like necking, for example.

– Like this?” Debra said as her tongue trailed along my neck, from the base to my ear. Her technique was sloppy and a bit clumsy, but it still felt nice.

“That’s it. Don’t hesitate to use some teeth, too. Yeah, that’s the way to do it. See how he squirms under you? Keep going and he’ll be all yours for the taking.

– Good luck with that,” I moaned.

“This one likes to be difficult,” Niasa said, amused by my resistance. “But that only makes it better. Try finding some of his other weaknesses.”

Debra’s mouth went to explore my body. She started with my nipples, tried my stomach, then decided to go straight for the crotch.

“Not very imaginative,” Niasa said. “But I guess it makes sense to go with what works on your first try.”

She parted her lips and licked my cock with some hesitation. It was clear she had very little experience with blowjobs. Niasa gave her some guidance, and soon she was able to take almost the entire length of my member in her mouth, although she gagged a bit.

“Isn’t he gonna cum early if I go like that?” Debra said.

“Well, if he does…” Niasa said. She whispered the rest in her sister’s ear, who looked surprised.

“We can do that?” she exclaimed, prompting Niasa to hold her index finger against her sister’s lips.

“What did you tell her?” I said.

“Now that your Human is ready and has stopped struggling,” Niasa said, ignoring me, “it’s time for lesson four: enjoy!”

Debra sat on my crotch, her knees on each side of me, and hesitantly guided my cock to her wet entrance. Her jaw dropped as I entered her completely.

“Oh, Maou’s cunt!” she said. “That feels great!”

She started moving, a bit erratically at first, but she soon found her rhythm. Positioning herself to the best angle, she started squealing, then screaming.

“And that’s the difference between having sex and fucking,” Niasa said in conclusion.

Debra, now in her own universe, wasn’t really listening anymore. Her tongue hung from her mouth, a thread of drooling dripping off it, and her eyes rolled inside her skull.

“Ah, ah! Ah! Yeah! Oh, ah! AH! AAH! YEEES!”

Her whole body shook like she had a spasm, then I felt her pussy tightening, making me orgasm in turn.

“Great fucking Maou,” she said, out of breath. “I can’t wait until I have my own Human.

– Well, you’ll have to.” Niasa said, helping her stand up, “This was just a one-time deal.

– What? Oh, come on!

– Unless you beg on your knees, that is,” Niasa added, winking at me.

The two sisters fought and bickered some more as we made our way back. Niasa and I stayed two more days and nights at the Hellhouse, then it was finally time for us to go home. A fun vacation, all in all, but I felt like I would need another vacation right after to recover from it.

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