Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 6

~Solicitation Is Hard~

It’s been close to two months since Ezraphel first arrived on earth and towards the end of that time (roughly over a week ago) Stanley has mustered up the courage to take a step forward in advancing their relationship. In other words he had, after many weeks of wilful ignorance, denials and stonewalling finally accepted Ezraphel as his girlfriend. You’d think this would be a problem for a woman who has been very vocal about sex and marriage since day one but the Lilim was surprisingly okay with the turn of events.

As it turns out Ezraphel was more understanding than Stanley gave her credit for and agreed to take it slow. It was for both their sakes as Ezraphel had enough self awareness to know that once she actually had sex with Stanley she would indulge and Stanley wasn’t prepared to take on that burden. Stronger men, hardened warriors and even some Heroes (who are superhuman) couldn’t compete with a Lilim’s lust. Stanley quite literally wouldn’t survive the experience without becoming an Incubus to compensate.

As for Ezraphel she has managed to deal with her ever present feelings of lust and hunger through willpower, distractions and feeding on Stanley’s spirit energy through esoteric forms of absorption.

With all that in mind their transition into an actual couple went without much fanfare. Really the only thing to change was Stanley’s approach to dealing with Ezraphel. He is less inclined to avoid her and has made actual attempts at forming a connection. It is not an easy feat for a man like him by any stretch but he found a means of connection through the only outlet he could genuinely claim to be an expert in, the media, specifically cinema. Ezraphel’s complete ignorance of earth culture has put Stanley in the precarious position of introducing film and television to someone who has never seen or heard of them before.

Capitalizing on this Stanley took it upon himself to enlighten his ignorant girlfriend to the wonder and magic that is earth film and cinema. He chose to do this by having the two of them watch what he deemed to be the Greatest Movie Classics of the Modern Era of Film. Essentially every day for the past week and a half he would pick a ‘classic’ movie to watch after dinner. To Stanley this was not just a means of introducing good films to his girlfriend but to also reaffirm his love and appreciation for the classics.

Most of them were hits with the Lilim except for last night when they watched the 1979 sci-fi classic, Alien. It was a mistake on his part as due to the film being so rooted in pop culture as a marvel of its era that has been discussed, dissected and parodied throughout the decades he overlooked the fact that Alien is a sci-fi horror movie. To him the movie was pure nostalgia fuel and cinematic appreciation but to Ezraphel…well let’s just say she did not share his appreciation.

Initially Ezraphel was mesmerized by the film that was shown at 1080p resolution on the flat screen. That appreciation would soon turn to dread then straight up horror as the movie progressed. The scream she let out at the chestburster scene may have actually ruptured his eardrums as the practical effects that looked dated to him were plenty real for his girlfriend.

Ezraphel was so completely absorbed in the movie that Stanley found it more interesting to watch her reactions than the actual film itself. The nail biting edge-of-your-seat tension, the open mouthed shock and awe and most importantly the pants pissing fear (which it thankfully did not literally come to) had all been so genuine, so fresh that Stanley didn’t even mind that by the halfway point she was effectively using him as a full body comfort pillow.

She wasn’t clinging to him, she held him like a big ol’ teddy bear.

Not that he had much of a problem with this but it got so bad that by the end of the film he had to show her a documentary about the making of the movie in order to calm her down. It admittedly took a while to convince her that the Xenomorph did not exist in this dimension at any point and that humans on this earth hadn’t even discovered space travel as depicted in the film.

Her reaction to the movie was strange to him considering she was a type of demon herself which led to some pretty interesting thoughts on the dichotomy of monsters. He didn’t think Ezraphel would get scared of a monster let alone to the extent that she did. Though he’s pretty sure part of it was exaggerated to keep close to him.

Again, he did not have a problem with this.

To make up for last night’s disaster today they were watching The Notebook and boy did Stanley feel like he betrayed his gender by being the one to suggest it. He took solace in the fact that he wasn’t watching the movie, you could not pay him to watch a movie like The Notebook, instead he once again found himself paying more attention to Ezraphel’s reaction and again he found himself fascinated with her reaction but for a different reason.

See, Ezraphel genuinely believes in that ‘love conquers all’ narrative so it was interesting to see her reaction to a romance movie that panders to said belief. As much as he didn’t fancy The Notebook he will give credit where it’s due as the movie is technically a classic within its genre. The fact that it gained a cult following status is proof of that claim even if he wasn’t part of it. At the end of the film Ezraphel actually cried and Stanley did as any boyfriend should by giving her a reassuring pat on the back while she hugged him close to sell the illusion that he actually gave a crap about what was happening in the movie.

Unfortunately watching Noah and Allie’s relationship on screen made Ezraphel reflect on her own relationship. The first topic to come up was, of course, marriage which Stanley had something to say about.

“Ez, my thoughts on marriage is it’s nothing but a certificate, a stupid ring and a gaudy ceremony of validation. It really doesn’t matter if we’re married” he slipped a hand around her waist and hugged her “you’re my woman.”

God it felt weird saying that out loud.

Ezraphel practically melted into his embrace, enveloping him with her larger body “I know, it’s just…” she trailed off.

“…is it the sex?”

“YES~” she cried out in a whiney tone before gaining a sad look “and I want everyone to know me as Ezraphel Burkowitz.”

Stanley looked at his girlfriend oddly “Ezraphel Burkowitz?”

The Lilim nodded, still looking depressed but with a note of cheerfulness in her tone “of course is it not tradition for the wife to take the family name of her husband?”

“Well yeah but…”

“Is there something wrong?”

“No! I mean yes, kinda? Look I never thought I’d get married so I’m just…wrapping my head around a Mrs. Burkowitz that isn’t my mom.”

Ezraphel hummed at that “I’d love to meet her someday.”

There was a pause followed by a short noncommittal grunt were his answers and increased tension was noticeable.

Ezraphel did not pry and instead changed the subject “can we watch another?”

“G-uh actually I have to catch up on some work” he said just a bit too quickly.

“Truly? You usually have time for another.”

“Yeah, I know, something came up.”

“Hmm” she stared at him while humming causing the hair on his neck to stand up.

‘Please God’

“Alright” she shrugged.

‘Thank you’

She leaned down for a kiss and he obliged only to be taken off guard when she pushed him down and proceeded to rape his mouth with her tongue. Ten minutes later a dazed Stanley was stumbling away while Ezraphel giggled at his silly expression.

‘She does that on purpose’ he rightfully deduced.

After entering his office he locked the door before collapsing on his game chair aka The Throne. If there was one downside to all this, it has to be the fact that Stanley no longer had that barrier of anger, suspicion and paranoia to distract him from the fact that Ezraphel is literally the sexiest woman alive. Oh sure he acts chevalier about it but it doesn’t change the fact that Ezraphel is very much out of his league, like literal dimensions apart.

Yes that was meant to be ironic.

He also took note of three facts:

First, Stanley is still a virgin.

Second, Stanley has not masturbated since two days before the day Ezraphel fell in his backyard.

Third, understandably this meant that Stanley is really fucking horny.

While the anxiety surrounding the cons of having sex with Ezraphel are quelled one might ask why Stanley hasn’t just asked Ezraphel to help him with the ‘release’ so to speak. A very apt and reasonable question considering Ezraphel’s nature but then Stanley could counter with another question.

How does one broach that particular subject to their girlfriend?

Oh you expect it to be easy because she’s a succubus and one who is obviously thirsty for him right? It still doesn’t change the fact that Stanley would essentially be soliciting his girlfriend for sexual favours. It took him a month of cohabitation to admit to himself that he has feelings for her and to give their relationship a shot. This is literally his second week recognizing her as his girlfriend. Some guys would call him a pussy, he’d call himself inexperienced. He’s pretty sure even guys trolling for prostitutes for the first time don’t suddenly start harnessing Big Dick Energy from the Chad dimension to roll up and ask for their services.

Welcome to the reality of an insecure man who claims not to give a fuck most times but whose decisions are sometimes weighed by that invisible audience he always imagines to be watching his life unfold and judging him. It wasn’t something always thinks about but it almost always comes at the most random and inopportune times.

To distract himself from his own inadequacies his mind veered back to Ezraphel and how she hasn’t tried anything. No really looking back aside from the extra long make out sessions, cuddling and even a bit of heavy petting that never went anywhere Ezraphel has been remarkably mellow as of late. It was the opposite of the previous month where she was being heavy handed with the seduction.

She is acting very much like the perfect girlfriend and he would have been totally fine with that if she were human. The problem is she isn’t human, she is sex personified and every single time he interacts with her over the course of the past few days he felt as if he’s being cock blocked and blue balled at the same time.

‘I really need to get this fixed’ and by ‘this’ he meant the aforementioned blueballs.

Well he is alone in his office, the door is locked and he is sitting by his personal computer where the various porn/hentai sites are literally a few key strokes away.

“Hrrrr” he pursed his lips letting out a long groan. His hands twitched to the keyboard dexterous fingers on autopilot as they began to-

Your succubus girlfriend is literally in the next room, stupid.

With that friendly reminder from his brain he couldn’t help but to imagine how Ezraphel would react to him rubbing one out without her involvement.

He’s almost there, Stanley’s eyes were glued to the screen as his hand moved quickly, sweet release was literally within his grasp.


Suddenly it all came crashing down faster than his door did. Startled even past his noise-cancelling headphones Stanley looked at where his door was and gasped in pure unadulterated horror. Ezraphel was standing there, red eyes glowing unholy light, slasher smile in place and looking like something Freddy Krueger repressed as trauma.

“Stanley~” her demonic voice spoke in a horrifying coo.

‘Yes Satan?’

“It’s time for your Conjugal Visit~” Ezraphel reached behind her back and hefted The Penetrator from Saints Row.

Stanley’s eyes turned into pinpricks “no…”

Suddenly he found himself relocated to a room straight out of the Saw franchise bound, bent over a metal table and butt ass naked.


Ezraphel pulled a chord he hadn’t noticed a few times and the giant purple dildo bat started vibrating with chainsaw sound effects.


With a giant purple dildo bat violently vibrating in hand and a crazed witch-like cackling she stalked forward.


And he was back in his office, he took a cursory look around and the hand hovering over his keyboard pushed his chair away.

“Not today.”

He knew he might be over exaggerating her reaction but Murphy’s Law became a thing for a reason so… not pulling the pin on that grenade. Still he found the fact that the horrific and visceral hallucination failed to get rid of his erection very concerning.

‘Guess I’ll have to do this the old fashion way’

A cold shower and gross thoughts.

Videogames weren’t going to do anything for him and the longer he stayed by a computer unsupervised the more tempted he’d be to go the ‘fuck-it’ route. With that Stanley exited the office in desperate need of a cold shower, as he was pitching a tent and despite his earlier ponderings he just could not think outside of how embarrassing it would be if Ezraphel saw it.


‘What the hell was that?’


For a moment he swore he heard a-

*Moaning Noises*

Oh shit was he having that kind of hallucination, again?

*Sex Sounds*

‘Okay I’m reasonably certain that wasn’t coming from my head.’

And if it wasn’t then…

“No fucking way”

Boner forgotten for the moment Stanley made his way to the living room where he came upon a sight that was most…peculiar. From his position he could see the back of Ezraphel’s head as she sat on the couch, her eyes glued to the TV screen which was definitely showing ‘sexually explicit subject matter.’

Ezraphel is watching porn on his 75 inch plasma screen HD TV.



As a precaution during that first week of her stay Stanley had made sure to ‘lewd proof’ his electronics. This meant adding child blockers to the TV and programming the laptop he loaned her to block explicit materials. It was to protect himself but in hindsight he saw that his decision actually protected them both. Ezraphel may be an apex sex demon with comparatively dubious morals when it comes to sexuality and freedom of expression but all the same she was an otherwise oddly ‘innocent’ girl.

She was scared during Aliens, she cried at the end of The Notebook and she held him tightly the whole night after watching Titanic a few days back because she ‘didn’t want to let him go’.

‘Wait…’ his eyes trailed to the side where he saw his laptop resting on the coffee table.

And suddenly the stars were aligned as he remembered that in his haste to flee without her noticing his arousal (which she did btw) he forgot to close down his laptop where he had hooked it to the TV when streaming the movie.

Stanley palmed his face ‘fuck you Murphy’

Still he had to wonder if this was a thing with her species because he was only gone for a few minutes. A few minutes alone with an unblocked laptop and she already found porn.

Imagine if she had a whole day.

Stanley paled, shuddered and swallowed at what that would mean for him if she suddenly got interested in some of the things she would see.

*The Violator Flashback*

‘No! Evil thoughts Fuck Off!’

He couldn’t do much about it now but this does raise some interesting prospects. How would Mamono react to earth’s porn industry? There’s no doubt that they would be all up in that. Hypothetically if they were to cross over then hands down the first industry they would effectively takeover would be that. Stanley wondered what that would be like for a moment but shelved the thought away.

So Ezraphel found porn, if he was shocked at how quickly she found it then he was even more shocked at her reaction.

“No, NO, NO!” the Lilim yelled at the TV in frustration “you’re doing it all wrong! Use your mouth to make a seal around the head then swirl your tongue!”

Okay this is unexpected.

“Don’t neglect his testicles-gah!” eventually she raised her hand in frustration and opened a can of soda and took a swig “tch, amateurs.”

What the hell was happening right now?


In his gawking at her reaction he hadn’t realized that he had walked close enough to stand at the edge of the sofa.


“Are you well?”

“Yeah I’m…” his eyes flickered to the screen briefly “so you found the uh, porn” he said oddly calm about the whole thing.

At the mention of this her brows furrowed “is that what this is called?”

“Yeah, you don’t like it?”

“I find it lacking” she said with all the air and sophistication of a woman whose pallet was distinguished “her techniques are deplorable. None of them seem to take into consideration there partner’s cues when attempting to give pleasure and now that I look at it, obviously there is no love between them. If I didn’t know any better I’d say this wasn’t even real.”

Stanley opened his mouth, closed it and thought about what she said before chuckling “that’s because it isn’t.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean this is basically entertainment for the masses” he said ignoring the moans onscreen “They fuck but it’s not real, it’s just like any other show…except they don’t censor the sex”

Ezraphel blinked then watched the scene with pursed lips “so it is as if they are both actors in a play?”


“…this is the worst show of acting I have ever seen from this world” really.

“Yeah well, people don’t watch porn for the acting and it’s not as if porn stars are trained actors anyway.”

“I suppose that makes sense” her eyes went to Stanley.


“Why was this on your device and not mine?”


“Have you been watching this…travesty all along?”

Panic entered his expression, as well as it should. In his stammering he managed to get out “I-I…I mean I did- I was…”

Ezraphel gasped “Stanley you would release yourself to this?”

“O-Oh come on! I haven’t done that since you got here!” he yelled out in panic.

“Hmph, as you should” she nodded “for I am clearly superior to this so-called porn star.”

“Ugh, can you please shut that off?”


“Really hard to concentrate with that on right now Ez” he spoke through gritted teeth.

“So be it” she used her burgeoning technical skill to close the window.

“How the heck did you manage to find that anyway?”

“I was curious as to the things you would be interested in and I saw in your browser history that particular site is one where you frequently visited in the past.”

She paused in surprise and slight worry as Stanley smacked himself in the face, hard.


Immediately she was by his side “why did you hit yourself?”

“Punishment for sheer stupidity”

“Excuse me?”

“Never mind” he waved her off “and for future reference I do not appreciate people going through my personal laptop. It’s why I gave you your own” he said this while disconnecting his laptop from the TV and closing it.

“Understood” she answered but frowned in contemplation while watching him something he noticed.


“Do you…normally watch such things Stanley?”

Stanley did not panic this time, instead he took a deep breath “I did, not anymore though”


“Don’t have much time for watching those since…you know” he made gestures at her body “embodiment of sex living in my house.”

The Lilim smiled with a gleam entering her eyes. Her tone took on a teasing edge “oh Stanley, you flatterer~”

“Whatever” He rolled his eyes, trying to hide his emotions behind a veil of apathy.

Ezraphel saw through his rouse however and giggled before latching onto him before he could make his escape “wait~”

Pulling him onto the sofa Stanley found himself on top of her, his head between the valley of her cleavage, she smelled of lilac and milk for some reason. He knew from experience that struggling was futile so he simply rested his laptop on the floor to soak in the warmth and intimacy of her embrace with a red tinged face.

“Ez, what are you doing?”


“About what?”

“Why you haven’t asked me to help relieve you?”

Red flag!

Jolting his body upwards he only succeeded in moving his head up to look the Lilim in her eyes. She had red dusting her cheeks, a smile on her face and the gleam in her eyes only intensified. He wasn’t a wizard at reading facial expressions but the implications were very clear.

Stanley swallowed “oh, you noticed that?”

“Stanley” she began with a mock exasperation “I tasted it. Do you honestly believe I would not notice my own Husband was pent up? I find your lack of faith in my capabilities to be very disturbing.”

…she has a point and at that moment Stanley realized his mistake. Because she has been so blatant about so many things he had perceived her as being a girl who isn’t capable of subtlety, clearly he was mistaken.

“If you knew all that, why didn’t you say anything?” She’s been going on about him being her husband and occasionally spouting off about her role as his wife so he could not fathom why she wouldn’t have at least offered to ‘ease the tension’ earlier.

She gave a cute tilt of her head “why Stanley, you had been so insistent on setting the pace of our relationship. As my earlier attempts were not fruitful I thought it would be best to let you decide when we should become more…intimate~”

Stanley glared at her with the intensity of a supernova yet Ezraphel maintained her coy smirk. Closing his eyes, Stanley fought the urge to verbally rip into her, it might have been those breathing exercises he looked up, it might have been the feel of her soft boobs pressed against his head but Stanley found he was able to remain calm.

“I see what you did there?” he grumbled finding the strength to leave her embrace.

She allowed him to “hm, what ever could you possibly mean Stanley?”

“This is you getting me back for how I treated you that first month isn’t it?” he deadpanned.

“Perish the thought-”

“No, no” he interrupted now sitting by the sofa armrest “I was kind of a dick, I get that.”

She quirked a brow.

After a bit of awkward silence Stanley looked to the side “so, all I have to do is say the word and you’d do anything I say?”

“That is correct~”

His eyes flickered to her “anything?

Her eyes bore into his own with a sudden intensity “anything~

He was now suddenly aware of her choice of attire, a tank top and short shorts, not that he hadn’t notice before because who wouldn’t but nowadays he learned not to look too closely where Ezraphel is concerned. Especially now when she is laid out on the sofa in what he’d affectionately calls her ‘centrefold pose.’ How she manages to do something like a Playboy modelling pose so naturally is lost on him, what he does know is that is it super effective.



“You were about to say…”

Oh right soliciting his girlfriend, one moment.

He coughed in his hand to regain his composure “Ezraphel”

This got her to sit up straight “yes~”

“I want you”

She leaned forward smile widening “hmm?”


“Hmmmmm~” the excitement was palpable now!

“Wash my car”

Cue the record scratching, glass shattering, face faulting effects as Ezraphel’s carefully constructed façade gave way to incredulity.

“I-I beg your pardon?”

“Wash. My. Car” he repeated slowly, thoroughly enjoying her expressions “what, don’t tell me you were expecting something else?” red eyes over black sclera narrowed at the mocking tone “I mean you did say you would do anything I want right?”

“…that is true” she said uncertainly before giving him a confused look “but why that?”

Stanley shrugged “you’ve managed to clean everywhere in the house except the car so I thought ‘why the hell not’ you know?”

She doesn’t and she knew that he was only partially telling the truth.

“Great!” he said cheerily before standing “I’ll bring the car in the backyard, you get the hose”

“Hose? Why?”

He paused “oh right, they don’t have cars where you’re from. Come to think of it why haven’t you washed the car yet?”

At this Ezraphel came up short, looking a bit embarrassed as her tail waved languidly behind her. It wasn’t as if the thought hadn’t crossed her mind but…the reason is most ridiculous.

“I…just…never got around to it? Y-your ‘car’ seemed clean enough to my eyes Stanley”



“You know I’d be inclined to agree with you if you hadn’t cleaned the carpet, wax the floor and sanitized the furniture…in a single day…all by yourself.”

Ezraphel folded her arms, emphasizing her chest and looked away with a petulant pout “it is the truth!”

“Okay” he says that but this will definitely not be the last they will have of this conversation “you might want to look up on how to wash cars.”

Ezraphel scoffed and flipped her hair “I have no need for aid Stanley. I am very capable of washing your car” the last bit came out in a small snarl.

Seriously what is her deal with that thing?

“If you say so, you’re the Princess Maid.”

Ezraphel puffed out her chest “of course!”

~The Wash~

‘This might actually work out better than I thought’

If there is one pet peeve Stanley had in his life it is being seen as predictable by people.

Oh, he doesn’t have the aptitude like his brother so he’ll end up working a dead end job at some fast food joint, renting a cheap apartment and such.

Now he’s a self sufficient self made man living in a house he paid off with money he earned.

Oh, he doesn’t socialize with people so he’ll end up living alone with no friends eventually dying a virgin.

Now he’s being spoiled by his girlfriend who is literally the sexiest woman alive.

Oh, a virgin nerd like him won’t last a month before he’s all up in that Lilim, it’s not like he could do better.

Second month in and he’s still a virgin…whether that’s a good thing or not is still up for debate.

The point is when Ezraphel expected him to ‘beg’ for a sexual favour, how could Stanley not defy expectations by doing something no one would see coming? Upon further thought Stanley is convinced all those years of playing real time strategy games might have turned him into a low key genius.

Wash my car.

Of course one could never see the brilliance of those words at first glance but as Stanley sat on his lawn chair with shades on his face, a bucket of ice containing assorted sodas to the side and a view that was to die for he could only think to himself

‘Nice job brain’

<You’re welcome>

Stanley nodded to himself for how could he not pat himself on the back for duping his girlfriend into washing his car in the middle of summer? And in true Lilim fashion she managed to, without a single prompt, make it look like the sexiest thing he ever witnessed. Popping off a cold one he watched as Ezraphel, clad in a white T-shirt (tied at the bottom to show off her flat stomach) and a pair of  low cut short jeans proceed to act out number eight of his top ten fantasies.

Just to reiterate, Stanley did not at all give her any sort of suggestion on what to do or what to wear aside from telling her to look up how to wash cars. He brought the car in and she came out looking like a college sorority girl in a raunchy porn flick. Of course Stanley predicted this because at this point he had established it as a fact that when left unsupervised then somehow, someway Ezraphel will find a means of being sexually explicit.

Leave her in a room with a laptop for a few minutes?

She discovers porn.

Let her clean the house?

She’s topless in the backyard wiping down furniture.

Wash the car?

Suddenly it’s the setup for a Brazzers video.

In her defence once he manages to uh properly appreciate the sight of Ezraphel in a wet t-shirt (she most certainly soaked deliberately) and start to pay attention to what she was doing he found that she was actually doing a pretty good job. All her movements whilst made to entice actually served a purpose in getting the car cleaned. It was very remarkable how she is able to combine the sensual movements of a stripper with the technical precision of someone who actually knows what she’s doing.

Oh, now she’s cleaning out the interior while twerking.




…what was he talking about?

‘Eh, guess it wasn’t important’ he shrugged

At least not as important as what was going on in front of him, no siree.


Life is good.

On the other end of the spectrum Ezraphel was finding difficulty in her assignment. Not to say that it was difficult to clean the vehicle but she has grievances, specifically with cars in general. Over the course of several days Ezraphel had bore witness to a number of these vehicles flipping, crashing, burning and exploding in a number of ‘movies’ her and Stanley had watched. Stanley did not seem to think anything of this but a quick search for the number of accidents that befell these ‘automobiles’ running on the roads has created a stigma within the Lilim for the contraptions.

With the amount of fatal motor vehicle accidents recorded yearly Ezraphel could not fathom why her Stanley would own one of these death traps, let alone ride in it. The only thing stopping her from disposing of the thing (other than attracting her Stanley’s ire) is that the man seldom left his home. She never did mention her concerns to her Stanley, mostly because he would laugh and tell her how ridiculous she sounded.

Taking advantage of the fountain of knowledge available to her Ezraphel went on a one woman crusade to assuage her fears. She had spent an entire afternoon going over the causes of these accidents and came to the conclusion that there were just too many variables to pinpoint a probable cause. From human stupidity, to problems with the vehicle itself, other drivers or even unlikely accidents, the list goes on. She could fix these problems however that would require a significant amount of magical power that is unfortunately unavailable to her at the moment.

For now what she could do is place protection spells on the vehicle itself to ensure neither it nor her Stanley would be harmed, because she knew how much he valued the blasted thing. Ezraphel arched her back while rubbing circles in the hood, ever mindful of her one man audience and how she could feel him practically raping her with his eyes.

“Wash my car.”

She scoffed, she knew damn well that wasn’t what he was going to say originally but she could hardly dispute the words that came out of his mouth. It was puzzling to her why he would even say such a thing in the first place. How could he say such a thing? Ezraphel had him, she did, she could see it, she could feel it and hell she could taste it, his arousal that is. Stanley was a resilient man but not even the Heroes blessed by the Chief God would be able to do anything less than beg for her body if placed in her Stanley’s position.

Yet her Stanley had been able to while not under any silly notions such as a ‘crisis of faith’ whatever that means. What really clinched it for the Lilim is the randomness of the order itself.

“Wash my car.”

If she didn’t know any better she’d think that this was all part of the plan from the beginning. Considering her current position putting on a show for her Stanley it is plausible that this might have been the case. There is some doubt however as she sensed his emotions were in too much turmoil and focused lust to have thought of something as intricate as that. This means it would have been a spur of the moment decision that is paying off. Regardless this serves to drive home the fact that her Stanley is one of the cleverest men she ever met even if he doesn’t know it.

Just then she crouched down to clean the wheels. The visible straps of her black thong and the short jeans riding up served to give a tantalizing view of her rear. Despite this seemingly deliberate and smooth motion Ezraphel’s mind was elsewhere.

‘If he were born in my dimension I could only imagine where he would be’

A noble was the most obvious position when comparing his current life, although she would not rule out others. For instance while Stanley lived the life of a noble he was actually very hardworking, earnest and economic. Combine all these traits together along with his intelligence and guile and you have the makings of a very successful merchant.

“Hmm, though a merchant would have to travel and meet with potential customers before establishing a base of power” Ezraphel hummed to her herself while using her tail to grasp the wet sponge only to ‘accidently’ squeeze it and let the soapy water run down her back down to the valley of her cheeks.


That got a shudder from the man who was watching behind those dark shades. Smirking at the reaction her thoughts turned to other possibilities of what her Stanley would be if her were born in her dimension. If she were to use his most prevalent personality traits while mirroring his current lifestyle choices and combine them with the right circumstances then it is in her opinion that Stanley would have been…a magus. But not just any old hedge-mage, charlatan sorcerer or what have you.

Her Stanley is not a man who will be satisfied with being a pawn on another’s board. Whether it was people, Mamono or even the gods themselves, he is the type of person to ‘flip’ the table and leave rather than play games, especially if it involved his life. To that end Stanley would completely divorce himself from society to immerse himself in the arcane. The difference between him and every other magical practitioner is that he will have the will and ability to succeed where most would fail.

Concepts such as fame and glory mean absolutely nothing to him. He will only be interested in his personal safety, pleasure and anonymity. To that end through his arcane studies as well as clandestine machinations he will amass an excess of wealth and magical power with just enough influence in the world to ensure his safety. He will be a force all onto himself but one few would be privy to the identity of and fewer would dare to cross.

She also imagined he would create a pocket dimension with the most powerful security spells layered upon each other to provide maximum safety. His dimension would be akin to a farm where he grows his own crops and rears animals for food. A forest would surround it bearing plants, herbs and reagents used for making potions. While nature would prevail on the outside, Stanley’s home would be one of luxury and she could imagine him appropriating Magitech into his studies.

She kept imagining a more archaic version of his home on earth.

‘I wonder what the outcome would be if I used the spell and end up intruding into the life of this alternate Stanley?’

While in her thoughts Ezraphel continued to diligently perform her duties. Such was her impeccable ability to multi-task. Even still it took her a moment to become aware of a disturbance.


Her gaze turned to her beloved and the sight caused the Lilim to pout in consternation. At some point her Stanley had fallen asleep…somehow. How any could man fall asleep in the middle of watching her was just…argh!

‘I should punish him for this transgression’ she thought and a devious smile came upon her lips.

Stanley would not be able to properly recall when he fell asleep but his dreams were filled with much magic and whimsy. Said dreams were then drowned by a spray of water that had him sputtering and falling off the lawn chair. Hearing the feminine giggles accompanying his predicament Stanley, in a violent fit, shouted the first words that came to mind.

“BEGONE THOT!” and thrust his hands out.

Then he realized he was in his backyard, his car was right before him looking damn sparkling and Ezraphel had the hose in her hand looking surprised at both his outburst and action.

He shook his head “Ez, what the fuck?”

“Language” she chided.

He rolled his eyes “whatever, answer the question. What the hell was that?”

She harrumphed and gestured to the vehicle at the side “I finished ‘washing your car’ Stanley but you fell asleep so I had to wake you”

“Did you have to turn the hose on me?”

“I thought it would be more fun~”

He gave her deadpan glare and growl to which she rolled her eyes “if it is so bad then…” she trailed off with a sultry smile and continued with a husky voice “why don’t you” the hose was locked off and thrown at his feet “return the favour~”

Stanley looked at the hose then to her and the thought just occurred that Ezraphel was dry, like hadn’t-just-finished-washing-a-car dry. Also she was wearing a different set of clothes, a white T-shirt and thong. Combining that attire and her suggestion…

“Gee, I wonder where this is going?” he spoke to himself sarcastically while picking up the hose.

Even as his words were sarcastic his thoughts were contemplative.

“Oh, not by the car” Ezraphel interrupted bouncing to the fence “I waxed it”

“Where did you even” he shook his head “nope, not questioning it.”

She struck a pose “I’m ready~”

“…” he stared.




“I just want to reiterate, I, Stanley Burkowitz, fucking suck at romance. Do you understand me?”

Ezraphel could only stare as this came out of left field but she understood “I do”

“So, would you say giving an incompetent romantic the reigns in a relationship over someone who has basically trained their entire life to be in a relationship to be a smart choice?”

Guilt started enter a expression just a bit “n-no”

He sighed “look, this thing is new to both of us. The difference is that you actually seem to know what you’re doing. So from now on you’re in charge of this” he gestured to the both them “at least until I manage to get a clue or something.”

If Ezraphel could smile any wider Stanley would be concerned as it is though he braced himself for an armed assault.

“Oh Stanley~” she went for a hug only to get hit square in the face by pressurized water “ACK-pft-STANLEY!”

“Hey, you said I could do this, what are you complaining about?” He had a cheeky grin

Once the spraying stopped Ezraphel growled playfully “that won’t stop me from giving you snuggles~” she said whilst bending over slightly with her arms pressed under her chest to emphasize them.

The pose worked as Stanley’s eyes were instantly drawn to her wet T-shirt. At the same time a gleam entered her eyes and with a flex of her wings she was off. However not even the speed of a Mamono could compare to the trigger finger of an elite gamer, airsoft rifle enthusiast and former paintball death match champion.

“Back, back you white she-devil!”

Another spray hit her mid charge throwing her off course giving Stanley enough time to run for cover. This continued on for a couple more minutes until Stanley was eventually caught and Ezraphel claimed her prize, resulting in a half hour long makeout session in the backyard.

~Happy Ending~

Once again we find Stanley at the end of the day’s journey, preparing for a long and comforting rest with his girlfriend. Except Ezraphel is nowhere to be found in his room which was concerning because it meant that she was planning something. It is to be expected since he basically gave her authority over their relationship. If it were him a month ago he would have called it a questionable decision but he came to realize the last obstacle to their relationship was his hang-ups on relationships themselves.

He’s seen all the ways how an intimate relationship can go wrong and while he and Ezraphel wouldn’t be in any danger of falling into those pitfalls he carried that anti-relationship stigma for over a decade. You don’t just get over something like that and Stanley knew this so for the sake of moving forward he’s going to need Ezraphel to pull him along until he stops dragging his feet. Whether he liked it or not this was for the greater good and Stanley was surprisingly calm about it…until now.

He expected Ezraphel to make a move tonight and while he could only guess take a guess as to what she has in mind he can most assuredly guarantee he’s going to be fighting an erection…which is fine. If it turns out she wasn’t up to anything and he was over-thinking things then that’s fine too. It literally doesn’t matter to him anymore, he has washed his hands of putting in that much effort into this relationship so it’s all on Ezraphel from this point forward.


Speaking of whom…

‘Note to self, grease door hinges’


‘Why do I have this ominous sense of Déjà vu?’ he said with some dread creeping in and that dread was immediately swept away when he feast his eyes on her.

Ezraphel was dressed in a-

*Blue Screen Crash Effect*

Shaking his head Stanley decided not look closely at her lest he lose anymore brain cells. What he did see of her clothing was lacy and minimal which are the only things that matter. Use your imagination to fill in the gaps because Stanley sure as hell isn’t in a position to give details.

As Ezraphel aka every-man’s-wet-dream-come-to-life stalked inside like the sexual predator she was her voice oozed out like melted butter.

“It’s time for your conjugal visit~” she cooed and reached behind her back.

Oh dear god.

‘Am I hallucinating again?’

Because if she takes out the penetrator he’s taking a header out the window, please believe that. Luckily for his mental and physical safety Ezraphel pulled out a bottle of olive oil.

‘Oh thank all the gods’

 Also “huh?”

Ezraphel merely hummed as she approached and not to downplay her looks but for his immediate mental health his eyes were still on the bottle in her hand.

“H-how did you even get that?”

“I found this one day while I was looking through your supply of ‘toiletries’ I believe is the term you refer to them.”


He can neither prove nor disprove this claim since it’s been a while since he last looked into those.

“Okay, but why though?”

“Oh well” she deliberately trailed off as she took a position behind him “after the events that transpired today it has come to my attention” delicate hands began messaging his shoulders “that despite having spent so much time cleaning and servicing things around here” she leaned forward a bit pressing her chest to his back “I have still yet to take the time to service you~” her last word was followed by a shallow blow by his ear.

“O-oh~” he shuddered.

“You are very tense Stanley~”


“An oversight on my part” she continued languidly “one I will be correcting henceforth.”


‘Did it suddenly get colder?’

He looked down to find that his shirt was gone.

‘Da fuck!?’

Ezraphel tossed his shirt away and levelled a stare that was absolutely smouldering.

“Will you lay down Stanley” she patted the spot on the bed.

‘I’m not sure I should’

Taking note of his hesitance Ezraphel reached up and pulled down her top to reveal her most glorious assets. He might have seen those girls unobstructed more than a dozen times and felt them twice as much but goddamn he could never get used to seeing them.

“You like?”

“Uh-huh” he said dumbly watching as those two perfectly shaped and perky orbs magnify to encompass his whole world and suddenly her face was right before him and he was being sensually kissed.

“Are you ready?” she gently guided his body to lie down on his back.

As flustered as he is Stanley was still coherent enough to slur “f-for what?”

The question made her seductive smile widen.

“Why, your ‘Happy Ending’ of course.”


Realization dawned as his gaze went to the oil

‘No way’

With a grin Ezraphel poured a generous amount of oil in her hands on her chest and proceeded to rub it into her skin.

“Oh my glob” his eyes were the size of dinner plates as he watched his girlfriend fondle herself.

“No ‘glob’ only Ezraphel~”

And for the next couple of hours she would be the entirety of Stanley’s world.

~To Be Continued~

Author’s Notes: And what a way to start the New Year, cue the fireworks!

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