Daily Life With A Lilim Chapter 4

~Waking Up To A Brand New Day~

It is amazing what one can get used to after prolonged exposure, human adaptability is a frightening thing sometimes. Something terribly new and off putting could be integrated into a person’s perception as ‘normal’ over a period of time. If left unchecked then that person is treated as abnormal by their peers. For one human he hasn’t reached that end of the spectrum yet but considering that he was woken up inside the mother of all cleavages yet again and hasn’t freaked out is very telling that this anime-esque situation was becoming something normal for him.

His name is Stanley Burkowitz, a short, plain looking, grouchy shut-in who just wanted to have a place of his own where he could laze around, play videogames, browse the internet and not have to deal with the pressures of the outside world. In today’s world such flighty pleasures would not do him much good for the modern definition of a ‘bright future’ but Stanley is a simple man with simple pleasures.

Also fuck the outside world.

Somehow this poor example of the human condition had inexplicably managed to catch the eye of the universal gods who had seen fit to interfere with his life in the worst (or perhaps best) way. How else would he explain what has transpired a couple weeks ago? How else could he explain this unbelievable set of events that ended with him being manhandled and smothered by a mythical creature from a relatively obscure fantasy hentai franchise?

Even more unbelievable than that, how the hell could it be that Stanley Burkowitz now has a girlfriend!?

Even more unbelievable than even that, how could said girlfriend be a supermodel/Miss Universe tier beauty that is completely devoted to and head over heels for him?

But the most important question that could be asked in this situation is why, in the ever loving fuck, is Stanley not over the moon about his most enviable position right now?

The answers for those questions are difficult to explain but as for the latter it had been two weeks since he met Ezraphel and he is still caught in a state of disbelief. A part of him, his libido, wanted him to damn the consequences, throw caution to the wind and get rid of the virginity that Ezraphel had continuously offered to take in any way he liked over the time she had been with him.

The more conservative and thankfully(?) dominant part of him told his libido to “shut the fuck up and let me think.”

He has been thinking for days and it shows in how absentminded and unfocused he’s been. He couldn’t remember a time when he simply lounged around his pc playing games or watching TV or listening to music in peace. Most of his time was taken up by Ezraphel, teaching her about the various appliances in his home, marveling at how she marveled at them and awkwardly avoiding any attempts at seduction with varying degrees of success.

He agreed to give this strange relationship a chance but looking back on it nothing has really changed much since that first night or rather day they slept together. Ezraphel was still overly affectionate which put Stanley off causing him to take a metaphorical step back every time she tries to usher things forward. What has changed is that they were no longer caught up in the moment and both have to come to grips with the changes in their lives. Stanley has to deal with the fact that he now has a very beautiful, inhuman woman living with him while Ezraphel has to learn to adapt to this strange new dimension and her stubborn new husband-to-be.

It was thanks to the latter that they were sufficiently distracted from the elephant in the room that was their relationship. Although calling it a ‘distraction’ is giving it a bit more credit than it was due, after all at the end of the day they were still two people living together in a house. Between her being a literal sex demon and Stanley not able to rub one out lest he be ravaged by her like a shark in a blood frenzy naturally the sexual tension is quite high.

It certainly isn’t helped by situations like this but no matter how he tried to prevent it Stanley would always, always wake up with Ezraphel in his bed using him as a body pillow. He would air his grievances but considering every time he tried to impress upon her his need for privacy, she would counter by, for keeping a long story short, shaking her tits in his face. At one point (yesterday) she actually just did this for a counter argument, now here they are again, except this time he didn’t even bother setting a barricade by the door.

Some things just can’t be helped he figured. Earlier that week he had gotten lucky with trying to stimulate her into letting him go. That was his mistake, he got the idea from the first scene of the first episode of Everyday Life With Monster Girls and used it subconsciously. Unfortunately such a method may have been the catalyst for enforcing his current predicament because why the hell would Ezraphel turn down the chance of an orgasm first thing in the morning?

Subsequent attempts to extricate himself from her clutches were less raunchy but ultimately unsuccessful. Again, this was his fault for Stanley had fallen into the trend of all generic harem anime protagonists. In the real world, this trend would ultimately become the downfall of most men and in fact it had become something of a trope in recent times. But what could this be? Of course he speaks of the trend of being a ‘genuinely nice guy.’

Oh yes the ultimate weakness of the generic harem anime protagonist that has led them down a path of pseudo self destruction due to bending to the whims of whatever cute girl that fancies them. Of course Stanley wouldn’t have given a flying fuck about any of this but considering the turn of his life right now he cannot help but make the comparison. And upon reflection he had come to an epiphany in regards to how he has accommodated his guest.

You see, buried beneath all the half baked excuses, quick temperament and bravado Stanley has come to a decision about himself. He, Stanley Burkowitz, was not a ‘genuinely nice guy’ and it is time his guest realizes that certain things will not fly in his house, a line must be drawn.

Finally able to move his hand, Stanley drew it at Ezraphel’s side just above her hip. She’s either faking sleep or is dreaming something nice because she drew him closer into her chest and wrapped a leg around his. Ignoring the feel of slender arms, pillowy breasts and thick thighs a gleam entered his eyes.

‘Consider my line drawn’

Then he struck!

The hand which had been drawing soothing circles suddenly clenched a handful of skin at her side with as much gripping power that could be afforded by him.

The reaction was instantaneous.

Ezraphel’s eyes snapped open as a yelp of pain ripped from her mouth “OW!”


Unfortunately for Stanley it was short lived as in an attempt to distance herself from the source of her pain the Lilim had pushed him away. Now what could have been a small shove turned out to be a lot more as even without the might of her magic Ezraphel was a great deal stronger than even the most fit of human weight lifters.

She would have to be since she lugs around those two massive objects that are her chests every day.

Needless to say Stanley ended up on the carpeted ground of his room for the second time that week. One of these days he’s going to get that escaping from the clutches of the booby monster thing right and on that day it. Will. Be. Glorious.

Sighing to himself Stanley tiredly pulled himself standing before stretching out the kinks in his back. He could see Ezraphel giving him an adorable pout that was about as threatening as a cocker spaniel…once you got over the demonic looking horns, bright red eyes and black sclera.

“Why did you do that?” she demanded while gesturing to her side which she rubbed lightly.

Stanley regarded her before speaking blandly “good morning to you too, so much for those royal etiquette classes.”

Her cheeks grew red on her pale skin, It could have been indignation or embarrassment, he had no idea, that etiquette jab was a shot in the dark.

“Good morning Stanley” his eye twitched “would you care to explain why you pinched me while I was sleeping?”

“Funny thing about that, cause I remember specifically telling you not to sneak in my room in the middle of the night to smother me in my sleep”

“And I remember informing you that as your wife I refuse to not share the same bed as you” she retorted drawing herself up while kneeling on the bed eclipsing his standing height.

“You realize this bed wasn’t made to occupy two people right?”

At least it wasn’t made to hold a near 7 foot tall woman with G cup breasts, a three foot wingspan and a tail let alone her and someone else. Even if she hadn’t wanted to she would have been forced in close proximity to him anyway.

“I already said you should purchase a larger bed”

Stanley rolled his eyes ‘princesses’

Of course she would say that as if buying a new bed was as easy as clicking something online. It was but then what the hell was he supposed to do with his old bed? Throw it out? Fuck that, it was perfectly fine.

His musings stopped when Ezraphel continued and Stanley was startled to realize that she was right there in his face, nose almost touching “if I had my magic it would be child’s play to enlarge it, among other things” she said with sultry smile and bedroom eyes.

Stanley actually took a moment to contemplate what the ‘other things’ in that sentence meant. Now what could she mean by enlarging other thin-oh, she’s talking about his dick.

He scoffed in her face and walked off. The action merely caused her to giggle behind his back. That had him turn around to see that the Lilim was now sprawled across his bed like the centerfold of an old playboy magazine.

…He went through a retro porn phase when Hugh Hefner died, rest in peace.

 ‘At least she’s wearing clothes’ he thought ‘she’s not completely incapable of toning down.’


On the other hand.

“Next time I’ll bite you on the boob, hard” and he made sure to bare his chompers at her when he said it.

The smile vanished off his face as the Lilim involuntarily hid her girls from his sight with a gasp “you wouldn’t dare”

Stanley arched an eyebrow. Turning to her fully he puffed his chest, folded his arm and asked her in his best ghetto impression “you think I’m playin?” unfortunately the threat fell short because Stanley was the literal opposite of a six foot tall, muscled, bald, black dude with a baseball bat.

She scrutinized him for a moment before coming to the conclusion that no he was not playin because Stanley was fully committed to biting her boob if she infringed upon his domain without implicit permission.

After the realization came the pout “Stanley, that is not a very nice thing to say to a lady.”

The short man rolled his eyes with a scoff and turned to leave but before he did he left the Lilim with three words

“Renegade for life.”

~Adapt and Overcome~

Ezraphel was left brooding on her husband’s bed, yes his not theirs because this bed was clearly not meant to accommodate her let alone both of them. This was but a minor inconvenience to the overarching problem Ezraphel found herself facing at the moment. It is a problem that was always there but had suppressed for nearly all her life. The problem of course is that Ezraphel is horny…like really horny and this fact is not helped at all by Stanley.

Sometimes Ezraphel really wished that her Stanley was like every other man and simply gave in to her advances and take her. You would think being a reclusive virgin would have made him more pliable to the advances of a succubus but you would be wrong. Every time she felt progress he somehow steps back from the edge with a scowl on his face and a sarcastic retort on his tongue.

And oh, that tongue of his.

For once she did not mean that in a purely sexual way. His words can be surprisingly effective at shutting down her advances, killing the mood and even hurting her feelings. Sometimes she wondered if the price of a negligible chance at sex was worth the verbal abuse that is almost guaranteed after every failed attempt. Then she lay back on the bed and started to roll around in the sheets in an attempt to soak up remnants of his spirit energy.

‘Oh yeah, that’s the good stuff

…what was she ruminating about again?

Right, Stanley and how she would tempt him into her embrace.

This was more than just wanting his spirit energy to perform her magic, this was a matter of pride. She could recover mana, as negligible as that is due to lack of magic in this dimension but what she could not recover was her dignity as a daughter of Lilith. How could she call herself a Lilim, nay a succubus, when she has spent a week under the same roof as a man she intends to be her husband and seemingly not make any progress towards consecrating their marriage?

You could always rape him.

‘No, that would be too easy. What am I, a savage?’

But oh wasn’t that thought so tempting. There was a certain appeal in taking a man against his will, Ezraphel has thought about doing this once or twice…or a couple dozen times in the weeks since she had started living here. The problem with that method, aside from her personal distaste, is the repercussion.

It hasn’t all been about trying to get into Stanley’s pants for the relatively young Lilim. Ezraphel has been dealing with culture shock among other things. Magic does not exist in this world and it has had a profound effect on the Lilim. Without magic or monsters you would think that the there would be an abundance of spirit energy in the air given that the world was populated by several billion humans. Unfortunately that is not the case, something was restricting the flow of spirit energy in the atmosphere.

The good news is that this restriction does not extend to the humans as far as she is concerned. Though there might be issues with the quality, not that she has any problems with Stanley’s spirit energy.

‘We are so compatible the quality of his spirit energy is almost on par with a Hero’s’

Ezraphel couldn’t help but swoon at the thought. Her spell had worked and even exceeded her expectations. Sure his attitude left a lot to be desired but truly Stanley was the perfect husband for her.

‘I just need to break through that hard shell of his’

Using spells was out of the question however, the restriction of mana in this dimension is affecting her ability to cultivate demonic energy. Since Stanley refuses to share she has had to work on building up her reserves the old fashion way, absorbing spirit energy through eating and basic recovery. This method was never as efficient in restoring Mamono energy as consuming spirit energy through semen but it, along with basic recovery methods, should have brought her reserves to a reasonable level with time.

Nearly a week later and she wasn’t even at 10% of her original power and she was only able to get so far because she had been absorbing Stanley’s spirit energy through close skin contact. Not only is there little to no spirit energy in the air but it is absent from everything except humans apparently. The thought that she was literally at the mercy of whatever dangers this dimension has with nothing but the protection of Stanley left Ezraphel with an overwhelming sense of vulnerability.

Lilim were powerful by nature and Ezraphel was no different and to suddenly be stripped of that power and all the defenses that came with it was an insecurity that reared its ugly head constantly. Each and every day she would be reminded of her powerlessness through even the most mundane of activities, she could not even fly properly without the assistance of magic. It would have kept her up for most nights, if she had not found a solution to this on that very first day.

Ezraphel doubted Stanley would be able to grasp just how much she was dependent on him at the moment. This went beyond mere pleasures of the flesh, this was something more. For Ezraphel embracing him made her feel safe, made her feel secure, it made her feel like her worries were worlds away and that everything would be right with the cosmos.

It was a profound sentiment for a Lilim who had not even gone beyond the perimeter of Stanley’s home. Yes Ezraphel has not been outside the entire time she had been in this dimension and yet she has seen so much of this new world. Through Stanley’s explanations as well as several ‘documentaries’ the Lilim had learned that in the absence of magic the humans of this dimension had to advance their technology over the course of thousands of years.

Their technology is now so advanced that in most aspects it is comparable to her dimension’s magic and Magitech. But more than the technology itself was the famed ‘human creativity’ to which they applied said technology. This dimension’s humans has had centuries of trial and error in applying technology and even today they are still building, still advancing and with no sign of stopping.

The latest innovative technology today would become obsolete as quickly as a year into the future. Everything is fast paced, big things come in small packages and you no longer need to have the backing of nobility, fighting prowess or even scholarly intellect to make something of yourself. As wonderful as Ezraphel thought of Stanley even she could see that a man of his stature would not make it in her world. Here however he has amassed a fortune, bought himself a home which he has fortified and according to him is also the place where he works to earn a living.

Perhaps she was wrong, Stanley could make it in her world because by all accounts the man was the definition of a wizard. He certainly acts very much like a certain Dark Mage she knew of when he gets into talking about the things he likes. Not that she could blame him as even though some of the things said flew over her head there was much flashy things to show that got her attention.

Compared to Eos (her home dimension) Earth has perfected communication, long distance travel and entertainment to a degree that will not be realized on Eos for at least a thousand years. Ezraphel has seen so much on the ‘television’ and ‘internet’, things that had horrified and humbled her in equal measure. This world, much like hers, was a cruel one that did not care for its inhabitants and she could understand why Stanley was the way he was. Cynical, mistrustful, pessimistic and abrasive and until he disclosed such information she could only guess as to the specifics behind his attitude.

And yet Ezraphel saw how beautiful the world also is, the fact that they have been able to capture this beauty in so many different ways and store it to be viewed and shared with the rest of the world told her that despite everything there is hope for the world yet. Even Stanley has hope, he was putting up with her despite the obvious aprehension he held for her behind his attitude.

‘Yes, there is hope for us’

With this thought in mind Ezraphel finally got off the bed and after fixing the covers nodded to herself. Stanley had yet to leave the bathroom and while she was tempted to join him and damn the consequences, Ezraphel denied herself what would be a satisfying yet short lived tryst to instead delegate herself to a more difficult task that could yield much greater rewards and satisfaction in the long run.

Ezraphel spent a week studying her quarry, learning of his habits and predilections. She listened with rapt attention as he explained how the various important devices in the house worked. She had also taken liberty of the spare laptop which he had given to her for personal use as a tool of research, YouTube had been her friend in this most trying time. Today her theory had been proven correct and Stanley has adapted to her efforts in physical seduction to the point where he outright gave her an ultimatum.

This was a sign for her to stop playing around.

“Yes,” she nodded to herself with eyes flashing “it is time to get serious.”

When Stanley came down to the kitchen he will be in for a shock, for he will not be dealing with the average Lilim Ezraphel anymore!

~What’s Cooking?~

‘I sense a disturbance in the Force’

It was an odd thing to think about while hiding out in the shower. Sometimes Stan would have such random thoughts but for some reason this particular quote resonated with the situation for some reason. What is the ‘situation’ one might ask? Stan couldn’t tell you because he wasn’t someone who had a sense for these things. Still, with a quote like that and a Lilim in his house he would err on the side that’s probably warning him that shit’s about to go down.

‘And I just got my boner down, great’

Of course he got an erection from this morning’s escapades, he was just very good at hiding it or rather Ezraphel was too distracted to notice. If she did notice he highly doubt she wouldn’t bring it up, not that it mattered now. Stanley turned off the shower and began drying off, the whole process of bathing first thing in the morning was a relatively new thing for him.

Not to say that he doesn’t take his daily showers but it is hard to gauge the level of your cleanliness when you barely leave your air conditioned house. Sweat might as well be a seasonal tourist for him and he never saw the point in wasting water washing off the barely existent grime accumulated from sitting down doing fuck all most days. His electricity bill was already making the utility company a killing.

This can be chalked up to one of several changes Stanley had to make to accommodate his guest. Something about a beautiful woman willingly choosing to be in close physical contact brings out the common decency in him and he isn’t disgusting enough to use body odor as a means of getting her to keep her distance. On that note Stan has kept a tight lock on his hamper, he wouldn’t think Ezraphel would do something like route through his dirty laundry but at one point during one of their snuggle session he could swear she was sniffing him like a drugged up coke addict.

‘Speaking of Ezraphel I hope she’s gone, I forgot to bring new clothes before I left’

He forgot his clothes but he didn’t forget his tablet, priorities and all that. A few taps showed that the Lilim has left the room and she wasn’t waiting to ambush him outside the bathroom door either. He wasn’t about to make any moves until he saw her though and-oh he found her.

“What the hell?”

After a few minutes of watching her Stanley could say that he definitely did not see that coming. Although in hindsight he really should have taken it into consideration. More importantly since she was preoccupied with that it meant he was free to make a run for it. Quickly as he can he wrapped a towel around his waist and after double checking to make sure there were no surprises locked himself in his room.

‘Note to self, get deadbolt for bedroom and bathroom’

He doubted it would stop her if she wanted to get through but it was more for his peace of mind than anything else. It is a sad day when a man can’t even shower in his own home without worrying about a busty Amazon woman breaking down the door looking to snu-snu.

He spent a few minutes getting dressed and after closing the window for his camera on his tablet journeyed downstairs to where Ezraphel was cooking up her next plot to advance their relationship. He meant that literally by the way, he actually smelled it before he saw it and god damn did it smell good.

The stairs were to the left side wall when coming down, to the right was the living room and an expansive kitchen with island countertop in the middle where the food can be served. In the kitchen Ezraphel was making breakfast and he didn’t know what was more surprising, the fact that she was doing such a thing or the fact that she was doing such a thing while wearing clothes.

What, as if the thought of a succubus cooking you food would not bring up thoughts of her employing the legendary naked apron technique.

‘Thank god for that’

For a moment Stanley felt a profound sense of loss at the internal admission, as if he had missed a great opportunity and it burned deep within his male soul.

‘What the hell is wrong with me?’

“Hello Stanley” Ezraphel interrupted his thoughts with an over the shoulder smile.

He did not return the smile, though his expression was curiously harmless “heeey, so what brought this on?”

“Well, as much as I have come to enjoy your ‘take out’ food I do not believe those kinds of food are good for you” she perked up with a cheery smile “so I will be taking the liberty of cooking your food from now on.”

She sounded like his mother and considering she was the only other female he had ever interacted with for a prolonged period of time it could have either been a coincidence or it could be a ‘woman thing.’ In either case Stanley wasn’t sure how to feel about it.

‘This is obviously a ploy’ Stanley thought with a frown as he took a seat at the island counter.

Maybe so, but it’s not as if she’s wrong.

Stanley could give her that, he acknowledged that many aspects of his lifestyle choices weren’t exactly healthy but as the saying goes ‘old habits die hard’ and it’s not as if he was completely hopeless, Stanley can and has cooked before. He was far from a master chef but he can do simple dishes and on occasion, if he was properly motivated, he would make a YouTube assisted dish and try it out. The problem was that Stanley was lazy and preferred fast and easy food that tasted good over long meticulous healthy food that tasted good.

Though if there was someone who was able and willing to make stuff for him…

Speaking of “what are you making?”

“It’s a surprise~”

Stan grunted, he wouldn’t pry, there was something about Ezraphel or rather, a woman, in a kitchen that made him defer to her. Call it a stereotype and call him sexist if you want but for him personally, if a woman knows what she’s doing in the kitchen then as a man (who happens to not be very kitchen savvy) its best that you shut the fuck up and leave her be.

And Ezraphel looks like she knows what she’s doing. Stan was almost utterly mesmerized by the speed and meticulousness of her work. Also damn if whatever she is frying up doesn’t smell good.

‘If this is going to become a regular thing…’ Stan paused at the thought, he knew he had some ingredients in the refrigerator, long forgotten in the freezer but hopefully not to the point where they had gone spoiled.

‘Shit I hope they aren’t spoiled’

That’s the thing about his cooking motivations, Stanley didn’t necessarily plan cooking, it just sort of comes to him like a whim. Unfortunately that could be weeks or months away by which time most of his groceries would have gone bad. You would not believe how many times earlier in this phase that he had to wipe down his cupboard and fridge with bleach or throw away things that had been expired and eaten by insects or rodents.

He winced ‘might need to do some grocery shopping later’

Considering how long she’s been here and most of her time was spent in his presence by design he wondered when and how Ezraphel even got to the point where she was flitting about the kitchen like a master chef or someone who knows what they are actually doing. He may have once read that some mamono are domestically inclined but he didn’t think a Lilim princess would even try to be domestic.

‘One of the many mysteries of Mamono I suppose’

A few minutes later and Ezraphel placed down a plate of egg and cheese omelet with a side of bacon, toast, orange juice and a tall glass of milk.

He raised an eyebrow at her but was at a loss for words “uh…”

“I tried to make tea or coffee but you did not have any so I had to improvise” now she was looking self conscious “is it bad?”

“No, no! I mean, it’s just that when I woke up today I did not expect…this” he gestured to the food.

“Oh Stanley it’s only natural for a wife to cook for her husband.”

“We’re not married”

Stan’s heckles were raised when she gave him a pitying look that screamed “oh you poor misguided little man.”

He grumbled under his breath and took a bite of toast, paused, then took another bite.

His expression showed confusion “this is French toast?”

“Yes, I made them from scratch”

“Is that right?” he said while nibbling on the very tasty treat “I thought I was out of milk”

“O-oh you still had some left that I could use” she informed him quickly.

Too quickly and was he imagining that stutter?

“I should clean up. Eat your breakfast and tell me what you think okay?” then she leaned across the counter and pecked him on the cheek.

Stan didn’t even have the awareness to tell her off and he figured he had better use of his time than to waste his breath on a clearly hopeless endeavor anyway. So the moment of truth, he dug into the omelet and bacon whilst munching on toast, then washed it down with some milk.

The verdict?

‘Never have I wanted something so badly and never realized it until just now’

Perhaps it was an exaggeration but it did not detract from the fact that the breakfast was really good and before he knew it Stanley was taking the last bite of his makeshift cheese omelet sandwich. Ezraphel also had her own plate although her attention was solely on him, waiting in anticipation.

“So, how was it?”

He swallowed “okay wow that is pretty good” in fact it was too good, suspicious “you didn’t put anything weird in it did you?”

For her part Ezraphel looked insulted “are you insinuating that I tampered with your meal?”

Red flag!

One of the lessons he had learned from a young age was to never insult a woman’s culinary skill and after tasting her food Stanley didn’t think he could go back to microwave food and takeout for breakfast.

“N-no! what I meant was if maybe you did something different since I’ve eaten omelet before and it never tasted as good as this”

Ezraphel continued to glare at him, her smoldering red-black eyes making him shift uncomfortable.

Then she smiled “that is a trade secret~”

Stan blinked, glared and for a moment he actually pouted which made Ezraphel giggle “so cute~”

With a roll of his eyes and a slightly disgruntled sigh Stan got off the chair “fine whatever, don’t tell me” he picked up the plate and headed to the sink “where did you even learn how to make French toast and omelets anyway?”

“You underestimate my world too much Stanley” she said with sniff as she started eating primly with a knife and fork, looking the part of an aristocrat “we also have such cuisines though from what I have seen they are named differently. I will wash the dishes.”

He paused and gave an unsure “okay” before mulling over her earlier words “I guess that makes sense” he placed the dishes down and turned to her drumming his fingers on the sink “what’s the other reason?”


“…fair enough. Sooo… I guess you’re cooking from now on” he stated slowly.

“Of course but only if you want me to” she took a gulp of milk, some of it dribbled at the corner of her lips (most likely on purpose) to which she trailed a finger along it and sensually licked the white cream clean.

“Do you want me to, Stanley?”

He scowled lightly at the deliberate pause and averted his gaze “I would appreciate it, yes”

“Then I will handle all your needs then” she chirped as if nothing had happened “it will be challenging with the ingredients on hand but I am sure I can make something for lunch and dinner”

Stan waved her off “don’t bother making anything for lunch-”

“I insist” she interrupted “I will handle all your needs from now on Stanley”

He blinked at the force behind those words and he knew somehow that arguing with her was hopeless “fine whatever. As for ingredients, make a list and I’ll get them later” he said before walking away.

“Anything?” she asked.

“If I can get it, I’ll get it. If not” he shrugged “just make sure it will last for at least a week”

Ezraphel hummed, now finished with her meal she got ready to wash the plates and utensils.

“Understood, then I shall make a list of ingredients and give it to you within the hour”

“Take your time. I have to work anyway”

The Lilim paused “work? You?”

He gave her a surly look before facing forward “you get a pass, just this once”

She winced, to be honest she hasn’t seen him leave the house and assumed he was living off of an inheritance. As he walked away a devious smile crept onto her face.

~One Small Step~

‘Matilda was right, the stomach is the way to a stubborn man’s heart’

It was something that was said by her old Kikimora maid, one of the few Mamono she knew who had spent most of her life in the company of humans. Before she came to work as her personal maid Matilda was the maid of a wealthy and belligerent nobleman. Given her disposition she was not one to actively seduce the man, her body was not built for such things anyway. Instead she had started small, doing her duties as is required of her, then over the years as she learned more about him and his tastes she would escalate.

Through her work she would earn his respect, then his adoration and finally his pleasure. It escalated to the point where he could hardly function properly without her assistance. It was an utterly devious plan of the demure Kikimora and one that paid off in spades as shown by their three daughters.

Now Ezraphel didn’t plan on waiting years for this to work, goodness she would become positively insane if she had to wait that long. It wasn’t the point of the story anyway, the point is that in love there are many different ways for a mamono to appeal to their love without having to resort to physical force or magical coercion. Her mother had told her this, she had even mentioned that it wasn’t her sex appeal or the abundance of demonic energy in the air of the Royal Makai realm that swayed her husband and Ezraphel’s father Adam to her side as most assumed. Rather it was her determination and willingness to work towards peace and cooperation between Mamono and the other races whilst fostering what was now the current Mamono culture and values.

The bottom line is that while highly effective in most cases sex does not always work and in that case it is always good to have a contingency and for Ezraphel this was it. One would think that as a Lilim and a princess she would be appalled at doing such menial work for a man who does not seem to appreciate her. It would be if not for the fact that she knew her Stanley and as refreshingly different as he was as a man, in other ways he was like every other man in her dimension when faced with something they don’t understand.

His abrasiveness was little more than a defense mechanism half the time. It was a balancing act with them but one Ezraphel was content to play until he was truly comfortable with her. He would come to accept her and they would be together like a true couple. She just needed patience, meticulous handling of his personality and, of course, knowledge of household appliances.

‘This place can use a good cleaning’

In wanting to stand out from her siblings and carve out her own path Ezraphel tried many things. One of them included being a maid and if she were honest the real reason why she attempted such a thing was because she found the idea of being taken by her ‘master’ while dressed as a busty maid doing chores was incredibly hot.

…she was going through a phase!

Of course that didn’t stop Matilda (whom she respected and sought out) from running her through the gauntlet. The Kikimora seemed to take it as a personal offense that Ezraphel thought of her profession and lifestyle as little more than a fetish to get into some man’s pants. After the training (some of which Ezraphel has mentally repressed) she had gained a newfound respect for the maid profession as well as a healthy dose of fear for the veteran Kikimora.

As a side effect of her training Ezraphel became more self sufficient and no longer needed servants. One of the first things to get beaten out of her was the inherent laziness that came with being an all powerful lady of royalty. Ezraphel may not have the natural inclination for doing household chores as a Kikimora but she can perform them with the same proficiency if she wanted.

And speaking of which…

‘Now where does Stanley keep his cleaning supplies?’

She had work to do.

Several hours later…

Stanley exited the room, it wasn’t all the time he had to work but when he did it was always mentally exhausting.

‘Oh right I still have to do a grocery run for Ez’ he took a few more steps into the hall when it hit him.


Is that pine freshness?


Yep that was definitely Lysol, his pace increased as he went downstairs only to pause at the bottom.

“The fuck?”

One could forgive the language because it’s not every day one leaves a room for a few hours only to come back and find the furniture moved around and the carpet missing. Luckily he could hear the likely culprit around the back. Now Stanley was expecting none of this so he was technically prepared for anything and yet what he found still blew his damn mind. He went to the backyard where he found Ezraphel cleaning his carpet.

For a long while he stood there watching, trying to figure what brought this on. Of course this was a ploy but he could not see a reason why she would go to this length. Yes, cook him food but cleaning his house and to the point where she was cleaning his carpet, furniture and judging from the supplies laying about, a whole slew of things.

“What the hell is going on?”

She stopped her work looking sweaty and…and she’s not wearing a top, again “hello Stanley”

“Don’t hello Stanley me” he stomped towards “what is your endgame here?”

“Excuse me?”

“I can get cooking for me, hell I can even get doing some occasional cleaning but” he paused gesturing around “seriously what’s up with this?”

The half naked Lilim looked about the place and giggled abashedly “I may have overdone it a bit.”

“Yah think?”

“I did not mean to go this far, really” she bit her lips “but our home was so dirty I just could not help myself.”


“…it’s not that dirty” he mumbled. Sure he doesn’t clean the house, like at all but he wasn’t a slob about it, also-

“And you had so much cleaning supplies that I just had to use them.”

He let that sink in for a moment “you had to use them?”



“Because the house was filthy”

‘Was it really though?’

“You uh, look like you know what you’re doing.”

“But of course” she smiled proudly and stuck her naked chest out.

*Obligatory shameless view*

“So, how does a Lilim with overwhelming magical power and the authority of royalty over her own people go about learning how to do menial household chores?”

Ezraphel faltered a bit “well, that is…” she trailed “a-a woman must have her secrets Stanley, you understand?”

“Yeah, yeah sure um” there was a long awkward pause and even Ezraphel was starting to look uncomfortable.

“D-do you need anything else?”

“I-uh…the list?”

“Li-oh! The list of ingredients”


“I have it right here”


He expected she would have left it lying about somewhere but at this point he should have known better. Unfortunately he didn’t so when Ezraphel dipped her hand in her cleavage and took out a crisp looking piece of folded letter size paper his brain may have shut down and rebooted for a moment.

“Here you are. I consulted the internet to make sure I have the proper names and measurement…” she trailed off.

Stanley wasn’t looking at her, he was looking between the paper and her uncovered breasts, a question on the tip of his tongue. He wanted to ask, he really did but-



He jolted, grabbed the paper and turned away “you do you Ez” he walked away never to look back though he did hear her last words to him.


A blushing Stanley beat a hasty retreat.

~One Giant Leap~

Two Days Later…

Ezraphel crept to the door, careful not to make any noise her hand grasped the doorknob and preparing a simple spell of unlocking managed to get as far as twisting the knob only to freeze in her casting. The knob twisted revealing the door to have been unlocked the entire time. Blinking back her surprise she slowly opened the door to reveal a not so fully awake but still coherent Stanley sitting by the bed. He put his ‘tablet’ on the nightstand and fixed her with a glare.

“About damn time”

Ezraphel was very confused and went to voice said confusion only to be cut off by Stanley’s raised hand.

“Stop. Just, if you’re going to sneak in here every night to…cuddle then at least get it right because I am sick and tired of waking up half suffocating in your boobs” the Lilim shifted on her feet under his scrutiny and he rolled his eyes and sighed “now come on before my common sense wakes up from all the racket” he grumbled and punctuated his last statement with a yawn.

Ezraphel could hardly believe it or maybe she should. Ever since she had started taking to doing the household duties Stanley has been noticeably more amicable to her presence. Not to the point where he would drop his guard but she had been able to get away with more than she originally been able to last week. From a third party’s perspective it would be obvious that he was simply becoming more enamored with the idea of her being his wife but Ezraphel felt that was only part of it.

There was something more to Stanley’s change in behavior and while it may have coincided with her taking a more domestic role in the household it was hardly the main reason for the change in attitude. Stanley did not seem to really care about such things, taking an apathetic approach to the whole idea of gender roles in society which in his words amount to “whatever is more convenient at the time.”

‘What could that reason be?’

After thinking about it for a while Ezraphel’s thoughts were interrupted by the man in question “starting to get second thoughts. It’d be a real shame if I kicked you out and bunker down my door like any reasonable man would.”

She didn’t need any more motivation, she was most likely over thinking things anyway and you know what they say about looking a gift horse in the mouth? So it was a grinning Ezraphel who practically glided over with a flutter of wing movement and the two settled in a comfortable spooning position. Shockingly Stanley allowed Ezraphel to act as the bigger spoon which in the times before she only did because of convenience. It looked to her that Stanley was pretending that she wasn’t even there in the first place.

Unbeknownst to the Lilim Stanley only grudgingly accepted this position because her breasts make for a better pillow substitute.

The thought that he was ignoring her presence brought a pout to her face and she decided that if he was going to invite her to his bed then he should face her like a man.

Deviously she pecked him on the cheek to which he grunted.

“Good night Stanley~”

“…night” he mumbled drifting off.


Though she wondered…

“…I love you~”

“Don’t push it”

The reply was swift, curt and unusually sharp for someone who was about to drift off into slumber.

Well that was another barrier to overcome if she had ever heard one but one for another day perhaps.

‘All in due time’

The Lilim hugged her betrothed closer as they both fell into a restful sleep.

~To Be Continued~

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