Mental Emasculation: Captain Morgan’s Spiced Revenge Part 4

Watching Chasity during her drunken antics always reminded Danielle of being at the zoo. An animal trying to crack open a coconut to get at the sweet flesh inside when the only tool at her disposal was an evolutionary predisposition for brute force, and an inability to think her way around an obstacle that didn’t include a larger rock. 


There was no way in Pandamonium Danielle was going to miss the chance to film the Manticore’s shenanigans. She had a discreet folder on her computer, filled with videos and pictures of Chasity’s hilarious, outrageous and often illegal activities. There may have been half-an-hour worth of Francesca, and at least one short video of Chantelle, but most of the memory was dedicated to the Manticore. Purely for her own pleasure. Well, including Francesca and Chantelle of course. And maybe Joseph if his relationship with Chasity and Francesca continued to go smoothly.   


Now there was something. Danielle would never have believed Chasity could comprehend the concept of a meaningful relationship beyond a sensually sloppy blow job followed by an extended session of fanatical fucking, never mind one that meant she had to share with another woman. Although when that woman just happened to be Francesca, it was easier to believe. Yet there they were, eight months down the line and it seemed to be all the Kobold could gush about. Chasity may have been a bit more reserved, but the silent look of satisfaction said more than her vulgar denial ever could. 


There was a slight pang of jealousy towards the Bitch; as he was so often lovingly referred to, being able to achieve what neither herself nor Chantelle ever could. Both women had experienced some semblance of a relationship with Chasity at one time or another. Danielle, in particular, was a long-suffering childhood friend who had found herself in numerous short-lived liaisons with the Manticore whenever she felt the need to cut loose and unleash her inner beast. Chantelle, on the other hand, viewed Chasity as an entertaining stumbling block along the road to conquer Francesca’s heart. Or more honestly, that nice big walloper of hers.  


There was a soft, almost cute little mewl from the Manticore, dragging Danielle away from her nostalgic trip down memory lane. She looked up just in time to witness Chasity utter a savage growl, tearing open the fly of her jeans and scattering buttons across the floor. The primal cry sent a shiver down Danielle’s spine and sent her tail swishing its excitement. A familiar, vicious-looking cock sprang from its cotton prison, throbbing angrily and trailing a sliver of pre-cum.  


Sounds of hysterical commotion emanated from behind the door, hinting at the salacious fun the Manticore had found. Danielle watched with mounting fascination as Chasity pinched her cock between her thumb and forefinger, prepared to offer the Manticore a hand, as it were. Though she’d be open to the suggestion of providing her mouth, pussy or arse should the rampant Lioness demand it. 


Though Danielle was a happily married woman who would never even consider something as deplorable as cheating on her man, Chasity possessed some kind of animalistic magnetism that compelled you to cast aside your morals and delve into depravity and sin alongside her.  


You could almost see the Manticore’s twisted view of infidelity. Having sex with another female didn’t technically count as cheating. In the same way a generous splodge of ketchup counts as one of your five-a-day. 


Breathing in the cloying scent of pheromones wafting from the lecherous Manticore, nothing stopped Danielle’s free hand from making its way towards her hot, aching crotch. Thick fingers traced the outline of her puffy lips through the moistened fabric of her underwear, rubbing the sensuous material against her mound.  


Danielle contemplated pulling the damp material to one side and slipping a couple of fingers into her sopping wet snatch. Shaking her head, she settled for a light fluffing, knowing it would take a bit more than a schlucking to get her off. She grinned, fantasising how exactly her husband would receive his rude awakening. 


It was fair to say Chasity was not a slender woman; her figure was more of a cello than an hourglass, but Danielle would be the first to admit there was something undeniably sexy and seductive as she writhed and whimpered on the floor.   


“Ohh my…” Danielle pressed a finger against her moistened mound, digging into her slit as Chasity growled, tensed then spluttered a savage sneeze, expelling a spray of pearly-white cat-spunk from her shuddering red tonker. From this angle, it looked as if the Manticore had spontaneously ruptured like an over-ripened licking fruit as her cock continued to release her thick, pungent seed across her jeans, the floor and even managing to glaze her own paw in mirth. Finally, the Manticore slumped into a sweaty heap, paws flopping to her side as she deflated with a slovenly sigh of gratification. Looks like the show was over. As if sensing the Minotaur’s disappointment, the twitching red member shuddered its defiance and produced one final pathetic spurt of cum. The pearly bead dribbled down the softening member. 


Wiping her glistening fingers across her skirt as she smoothed out any rebellious creases, Danielle squirmed uncomfortably. The damp warmth from between her legs slowly seeping through her lacey underwear and encroaching upon her thighs. Not forgetting she was directing an embarrassing little movie, Danielle crept towards the panting Manticore. Which wasn’t the easiest thing to do with hooves, settling for a stealthy sidle. The phone was thrust into Chasity’s flushed face for an extreme close up. 


Slowly opening her muzzy eyes, the Manticore was confronted by the beady lens of Danielle’s camera phone thrust in her face.  


“Get that fuckin’ thing oot m’face!” Chasity made a lazy swat at the phone with a cum-splattered paw. Danielle danced backwards with a deep chuckle, mindful of the large, glistening jellyfish which oozed across the floor. Sitting up from her slouch, Chasity flexed her neck in a burst of satisfyingly sickening cracks and pops. 


“Ye better nae be pittin’ that on the internet like the last video. Dinnae want folk tae think a’m some kinda filthy slut!” Looking on with a grin, Danielle watched Chasity sniff her sticky paw. A rough, pink tongue flicked out, scooping up a thick glob of Manti-jizz. Swallowing the gloop with a wry smile, Chasity began to lap away at the threads of cum clinging to her fur.  


“Oh, and what you gonna do about it then?” Danielle quirked a bushy eyebrow at the lewd display. A blush tinted her cheeks, ears flapping with amusement. She could almost taste the memory of Chasity’s sticky-sweet spunk on her tongue like zesty lemon curd. Once again, Danielle reminded herself she was a very happily married woman, and it would be unbelievably stupid to jeopardise her marriage for the sake of a casual yet exhilarating fling with an ex-lover. And once again, the Manticore’s twisted view of infidelity could be heard in the echo of her abstinence… 


It’s not as if her husband would ever find out, and he had been preoccupied with work recently… 


Big sentimental softies such as Danielle needed a whole lot of lovin’, and the Manticore was always willing to lend a charitable cock… 


“I suppose I could delete the video if you agree to be my bitch for the night…” The Minotaur flashed what she believed was a playful smile, pulling aside her moistened underwear to gift Chasity a glimpse of her puffy, pink and neatly trimmed mound. 


“Bullshit! Ye’d be m’bitch, and ye ken it! Dinnae forget fa popped both yer cherries back in school.” Danielle’s face instantly dropped into a scowl, punctuating her displeasure with a low, rumbling growl and a flick of her slender tail. Too late, Danielle was reminded as to why a relationship with Chasity quickly fell apart. 


Chasity, on the other paw, was either too pissed to notice, or more than likely just didn’t care. Clasping her sticky paws together in front of her chest, a devilish sneer spread across Chasity’s sweet yet punchable face.   


“Oh Chasity, I ever do wonder what it feels like to get pounded by a good stiff cock? Come here and ravish me like the wild beast that you are!”  The Manticore tried her hardest to mimic a horribly stereotypical accent straight from a Bronte novel. Given Chasity’s usual slovenly drawl, it was quite a remarkable accomplishment. It doesn’t even begin to answer the question as to how the uncouth Manticore was aware of Bronte, however. 


Though it sounded nothing like Danielle, the spiteful intent at what the Minotaur considered to be quite an intimate moment between two close friends got her hackles up. Knuckles cracked as she formed a hefty fist. 


“Look here you-” Danielle stepped forward, her hoof clicking against the tiles dramatically only to be interrupted mid-accusation by the bathroom door almost being torn from its hinges. An Ogre clad in an ill-fitting black suit and shades stormed in with a thunderous expression, fists raised ready to deal out swift retribution. 


“The fuck is going on he-” a meaty fist smashed the furious Ogre across the cheek with a sharp smack. Sunglasses cracked, spinning through the air as spittle flew from her slack jaw, face rebounding off the wall with the sickening crunch of cartilage yielding to hard, unforgiving tiles. Shards of ceramic dust puffed outwards, the horns that crowned the Ogres forehead leaving behind two sizeable bullet holes in the cratered tiles. 


“ffnnngh, dngl snck?” Dazed, confused and more than a little shit-faced, the Ogre tottered towards the sinks before her knees buckled, crumbling to the floor with a pathetic gurgle.  


“Aw bollocks!” Danielle looked down at the crumpled heap before turning her embarrassed fury back upon the laughing Manticore. 


” This is all your fault you… bastard!” Years of recreational boxing and a temper with a blasting cap instead of a fuse had honed Danielle’s reflexes to swing first and ask questions if they were still conscious afterwards. It had to be said the Minotaur pirouetted gracefully on her hoof, taut muscles flexing as she lashed out with a thuggish grunt. Chasity’s goading had only served to add a layer of resentment to the Minotaur’s surprise. She now loomed over Chasity, glowering down at the smirking Manticore which only helped to increase her anger. 


“S’nae my fault yer a short-tempered heefer. Poor innocent wee quine wiz jist trying tae dae her job and ye aboot rip her head clean aff.” Chasity stood up with drunken deliberation, seeking support from the cubicle and shook her head in mock resignation with a click of her tongue. 


“Fuck you! Don’t give me that shit.” Danielle wrung her massive hands together. The calloused skin rasped against itself like sandpaper. “C’mon. Let’s get out of here before she wakes up.”  


“So, ave nae time tae pump her oar the toilet then? ”  


“It’s an Ogre! I’m not getting arrested for a fight you started. Again!” 


“Aye, well. Ye laid her oot. Doubt she’s gettin’ up fae that any time soon. Anyway, looks like ye might’ve broken her jaw. I could prob’ly cram m’balls in there!” Chasity grinned impishly, reinvigorated by a spark of mischief.  


Danielle shot the Manticore an incredulous look in reply before heaving a deep, weary sigh.  


“You know what? Do what you like.” Danielle turned towards the door with clenched fists. “I’m grabbing Francesca and leaving. She doesn’t need dragged into your shit.”  


“Wait, wait, wait! ” Chasity had managed to stand on unsteady legs, trudging towards the slouched Ogre in a swaggering stagger.  She slapped the Ogre across the face with a sticky paw, smearing a thick dollop of cum across her lips and chin. Chasity gave an unnerving snicker as she pulled out her stiffening cock, pushing the tip past the unresisting lips and looked at Danielle with a smug smirk.  


“Well, ye gonna take a picture or fit?” 


There were many things Danielle wanted to say, and really, she knew that walking away would’ve been the best option. Yet for some inexplicable reason, she stupidly took several photos of a proud Chasity, giving her the thumbs up. Her tail had buried itself between the Ogre’s legs as the Manticore slowly eased her cock deeper past the soft, slovenly lips. A heavy glob of semi-congealed cat-spunk had formed and hung lazily from the Ogre’s chin. 


“Ye sure I dinnae hae time tae bang one oot across her face? A wee gesture of apology, ye ken?” 


“Chasity, come on! She’s not gonna be unconscious forever, you know?” Danielle said, hoping to appeal to the Manticore’s sense of reason before she remembered Chasity didn’t have one. 


“Nae shit Sherlock! Why’d ye think I’m trying tae take advantage when a’ve got the chance? Ken how many times she’s chucked me oot o’here? Bitch is far too handy with thon fists.” 

As if to prove a point, the Ogre gave a soft mumble, silvery threads of seamen stretched between her lips. Even Chasity realised that was her cue to tuck and run. 


“Good point well made. Now, let’s go fetch Francesca an’ go tae a tittybar!” 

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