Brunch Delights

It was a Thursday morning that was slowly approaching noon. Most people were busy going about their day, most still at work whilst the day gradually rolled by.

At the corner where a coffee shop known as Warm Delights stood, a car was making its way into a parking spot by the door. The white chassis of the vehicle with its imposing silver grill inched its way into the vacant spot until the motor was finally shut down. Stepping out from the Rolls-Royce with a wallet purse in hand, a pale figure was cladded in a form fitting set of dress pants, a polo with a From Beyond Relief logo, and a blazer. She looked down to the black Bentley beside her, smiling as she recognized who it belonged to.

Stepping into the building, the wight removed her sunglasses to survey her surroundings, luckily there weren’t many people inside. A table with a single patron caught her eye. She wore a navy blue maxi dress with a floral pattern, her back was bare save for the straps that wrapped to the front of the deep v-cut dress that barely contained her figure.

Walking towards the table, the blonde woman turned to reveal her blood red eyes and smiled upon realizing who it was.

“Maggie, it’s good to you.” The vampire greeted.

“It’s good to see you as well Eliza.” The wight responded.

These two were regular patrons of the establishment, meeting up here every week or so for brunch in order to catch up and share gossip.

“Hopefully you weren’t planning on anything special today, it appears that they’re running low on quality ingredients as of late. I was really hoping they’d have the other one in stock.” Eliza mentioned as she stood up and nodded towards the counter. “I’ll have to settle with cold mana today.”

Behind the counter were two employees, one being the anubis manager of the establishment known as Alexis and the other was a new face entirely. It wasn’t that tasty one from the last time she was here, but a completely different new hire.

“Hmm, a fresh one. Nothing special from the looks of it, but the store has had good luck getting some nice stock in hand, so I might just have to break him in and have a taste.”

Eliza simply smirked.

The two made their way to the counter, greeting Alexis as the vampire began to list down her order.

“I will be having the salmon toast with sliced avocado on the side along with a vampire dark roast. Cold mana.”

Eliza pulled out her platinum card, handing it to Alexis before she had the chance to read the total.

Alexis swiped the card and handed it back.

“I assume you two will be upstairs?” she asked.

“As per usual.” Eliza smiled, stepping aside for her fellow undead to make her order.

“I would like to order the breakfast bowl with a croissant and a barometz orange blend.”

Maggie eyed the newbie. He was a young, clean-shaven man. Probably in his mid-twenties.

“Is there fresh mana available?” she asked.

Alexis turned to look over to her recent hire, and simply nodded to the wight.

“Excellent. How about the renovations? Have those been finished?”

“I am sorry Margaret, unfortunately they aren’t quite done just yet.”

Maggie just sighs.

“But, you’re free to use my office if you don’t want to use the backroom.” She quickly remarked, not wanting to disappoint a platinum card holder.

“Is that so? Well in that case, I would like to personally have my drink topped with some fresh mana as well.” She said, pulling out her membership card and handing it to Alexis.

“Of course ma’am.”

She made the order and then walked over to the new hire, James, to inform him of what was happening.

He tensed up, but began to make the wight her drink as Alexis went into the back to handle the rest of the order.

James seemed to have had the hang of the coffee machine, maybe having worked at a coffee shop before this one.

Pouring the brew into a ceramic mug, James grabbed a saucer and spoon before approaching the wight.

“If you could please follow me, I was told to show you the way to the manager’s office.”

“Very well.. James.” She said, reading his name off his nametag, “You can call me Maggie, and I will be in your care.”

He handed her the mug and saucer before showing her the way. She could tell he was nervous as he led her to the office, he was practically sweating as they walked down the hall. This must’ve been his first time having to do this for the store. Oh, how lucky she was to be popping this cherry.

The two arrived, James opening the door for her and then closing it once the two were inside.

It was apparent that he had no idea what to do. Did Alexis scare the poor boy by telling him that she was a VIP or something? Perhaps she could have a bit of fun with this.

“James, are you a gambling man?” she asked with a smile.

“Uh… no? Not particularly. I mean, I have but I don’t usually.”

“How about a friendly wager then?”


Setting her coffee and saucer down on the desk, Maggie eyed James, looking him up and down with a confident smile.

“I bet I can make you cum into my drink without having to lay a finger on you.”

James’ face contorted, not believing what he had just heard as he looked to her for confirmation.

“If I win, you can pay for my little meal,” she said, opening up her wallet, “but if I don’t…”

Fishing out a stack of twenties, she dropped it onto Alexis’ desk for James to see.

“You can consider that your tip if I lose.”

James eyes widened as he stared at the stack of cash the wight just dropped. It wasn’t towering or comically large, but it was definitely a decent chunk of change there. Must’ve been a couple hundred, maybe even a thousand dollars in that stack.

“How does that sound champ?”

He blinked a few more times to make sure he wasn’t seeing things until finally responding.


There was no way he could lose.

Maggie flashed her eyebrows, biting her lip with a smile across her face.

“Now, before we begin…” she said as she approached him.

Pressing her hourglass figure against him, she began to rub her hand against his crotch whilst her face was a mere few inches from his.

“We have to get you nice and ready before we start~”

It didn’t take long for him to become harder than stone, especially with this beauty up against him.

“Now, be a dear and stand over by the couch. Don’t want to dirty my knees. And lose the pants.” She told him with a wink.

James obliged, moving his position over by the armrest of the couch before undoing his pants to reveal his fully erect cock. Meanwhile, Maggie had grabbed her coffee so as to be ready for when James would top it off. Taking a seat on the couch with his awaiting member in full view, she couldn’t help but lick her lips in anticipation.

She leaned forward, balancing her mug on the saucer with just one hand as she pointed towards his penis with the other. Her finger began to waggle back and forth, ever so slowly as the sensations began to flood James.

What in the world was happening?

It was as if he was being jacked off by someone with the smoothest of fingers. The softness was mind-blowing, and he could feel the fingers running down his length. But they weren’t there. Nothing was. What was he feeling?

A grin formed across the wight’s face as she watched him make sense of what was happening.

“Something the matter handsome?”

How was this happening? His cock was being massaged by an unseen force, the tightness and warmth was incredible, the invisible fingers slid down his member as if though they were covered in lube. It was too much for him.

James was gripping the arm of the couch, causing Maggie to raise a brow.

“Ah, already?”

It hadn’t even been two minutes, but she nonetheless placed the mug just in front of his cock, her finger never stopping its motions until finally James let out his load.

Streams of semen shot out from his penis, most managing to make it into the drink as some stuck to the side of the mug or landed on the saucer.

As James looked down at the mug, he could almost make out what seemed to be something wrapped around his cock. He rubbed his eyes, but whatever it was had already gone. Maybe a trick of the eyes.

“Aww, couldn’t do it?” Maggie playfully asked.

James was still panting, he hadn’t cum that hard in a while.

“Wow. That… was…”

“Overwhelming? I could tell.”

Maggie scooped up some of the jizz from the saucer with her finger, placing it in her mouth to sample it.

After a few seconds, she gave it a nod of approval.

“Very nice, it would go great with this kind of drink.” She stated, stirring her drink with the provided spoon. “Now then, as far as our little wager.”

Standing up from the couch, Maggie made her way to the desk where she placed her drink down and began to put away the stack of cash she had displayed back into her wallet.

“Seems like I won.” A knowing smile was across her face as she said so.

James wasn’t sure what had happened, but in all honesty, he was more embarrassed about the whole situation.

“But…” she continued, “I didn’t quite get it all into my cup, so a consolation prize for my tasty barista.”

Pulling out a single twenty dollar bill, she gave it a kiss and slid it into his shirt pocket.

“And no need to concern yourself with my meal, I can handle it.” She assured him.

James didn’t question it, there was too much going on to question it as it is.

“Now, once you pull up your pants, would you be a dear and lead a lady out?”

He nods, opening the door for her after pulling up his pants and showing her the way out to the front.

Maggie thanks him for the fresh mana as she heads upstairs to meet up with Eliza.

“Did everything go alright?” Alexis whispered to James.

“I think so… but my pride says otherwise.”

Swaying her hips with each step she took, the wight made her way to the second floor. Right away she was able to spot her blonde associate sipping from her glass mug by the window at their usual table, and it seemed that they had already been served their meals. Maggie made her way to the table and took a seat, noticing a sly smile from the vampire.

“You made quick work of him it seems.”

Maggie covered her mouth as she let out a small laugh.

Eliza mentions that the food had been served less than a minute before she arrived. Eliza had an order of salmon toast served on a rectangular plate with a few slices of avocado. The toasts were two open face sandwiches, light toasted sourdough bread topped with a spread of crème fraiche (a variation of sour cream), topped with smoked salmon along with thinly sliced red onion and radish. The whole thing was seasoned with a special house blend used on the bagels. A rather tasty treat.

For Maggie, she had ordered a breakfast bowl. The bowl was served warm with a base of quinoa that was decorated with sliced banana, blueberries, chopped walnuts, pumpkin seeds, slivered almonds, and dried cranberries. On a separate plate was her fresh croissant.

These meals were part of the secret menu for being platinum card holders for the franchise.

The wight took a sip of her coffee as Eliza raised a brow, waiting to hear about the choice of mana.

“The fresh stock has potential, but does need some refining. Just a bit more time to ripen… or perhaps someone to speed up that process.” She smiled.

“Is that so? I may need to keep an eye on him then.” Eliza responded, taking a bite of her toast. “I take it you’ll be heading to the parlor after this?” the vampire asked, noting the uniform Maggie was wearing under her blazer.

“Yes, I have to train one of the new girls and make sure she’s got everything down.”


“Ah yes, I haven’t told you yet. We just got a new girl. A nice ghoul who just moved here from Puerto Rico.”

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