Commissioned by: Lumosom
Length: ~8k words

“Is this the place?”
So asked a knight, gaining sight of what lay in the horizon. Ruins of a castle, abandonment and decay apparent for what must’ve been years if not more. Only the stone remained standing.
“It should be.” Answered the bicorn next to him, rummaging one of her pouches. A bipedal breed contrary to the centaurs commonly found, leaving her to stand beside him at similar height much like a human. Robes of a magician comprised her outfit, with a staff as tool in contrast to the knight’s armor and longsword.
“The place must’ve been looted dry already.”
“So it would seem.” She said. In time she found a rolled paper, taking it out and opening it to read. “Doesn’t say where we to find it. Could be anywhere in the castle.”
With a sigh in predictive agony, the knight resumed his march.

A stone doorway marked the entrance with its door long broken and missing, though the true greeting to their entrance came in the shape of a hardly visible object strewn from side to side at ankle height. A tripwire, as the knight and the mage came to see upon inspecting up close. To the two, the implications rang obvious: Someone was inside. Didn’t take an astute observant to figure out the mechanism; hugging the wall of the doorway, a spiked ball rested, no doubt ready to swing against the head of any careless trespasser.
But it didn’t look like such person would miss it either. Seemed too obvious, even for a novice trapper. Looking closer still, the knight then spotted the true trap. A tripwire higher up, almost invisible by how thin it was, no doubt meant to be on the way of those who would simply walk over the first. Now that he had sight of it, he followed it about, to find that on the other side rested a few bells ready to ring out at a moments notice.
There is was. A trap not meant to maim, but to alert.
“Ellie. Bells to the right. I need silence.”
“On it.”
With a gesture of her hand and a movement of her staff, the bicorn focused and let her magic take place. A mundane spell, stealth as its primary component, with hardly a noise to be heard and visuals to be seen. To the untrained eye, it might as well have been nothing. Still, once the knight took his dagger and cut the tripwire, nothing was heard; the spell had taken effect. From there he disarmed the remaining one, carefully taking hold of the spiked ball and gently putting it on the ground.
“They must be further in.” Said the bicorn, readying another spell. “Shouldn’t take me too long.”
Once again she moved her hand and staff, though already in the first seconds little specks of lights came to be seen. At first they concentrated between her hands, until a pulse sent them outwards like a shockwave. It did not matter what they struck, be it the floor or the walls; they phased through, and soon enough none could be seen any longer.
Nothing terribly fancy, that spell. Just a life detection trick, granting the bicorn the awareness of all that lurked about. Rats, cockroaches, vermin of any kind…
And a salamander girl, further into the ruins. Though at first the bicorn wondered what could be done, a devious smirk found its place in her expression without the knight’s knowledge.
“One salamander girl.” She said.
“Only one?”
“Seems so. It’d be best if we surprised her rather than the other way around. I’ll deal with her, you search around.”
“I’d be wary about splitting up in a place like this.” Said the knight.
“It’s fine, it’s fine.” Waved the bicorn in reassurance. “I’ve survived worse, haven’t I?”
For those few seconds, the knight only gazed judgementally with no words to spare. Following his pause, however, he let out a sigh out his nose.
“Fine. Stay in one piece.” He answered, to then depart to one of the hallways.
“I will, don’t you worry!” Said Ellie with a cheerful smile, though once she no longer had sight of the knight, her devious grin returned in full.

A hallway. Such it was, what led the bicorn to the salamander’s location. However, still a few turns remained. Two, in fact:
Up ahead, a turn to the right led elsewhere. From her judgement, it’d lead into a turn to the left once more as if in zig zag. There by the last corner, she knew the salamander stood.
The salamander, however, had been there for a while. Too immobile for too long, facts the bicorn knew would make the idea of stepping into the corner a terribly unhealthy idea, as no doubt the salamander knew of her presence. Most likely, waiting in ambush. Ellie remained out of sight, just next to the corner without stepping forward, waiting and waiting just to feel through her magic that the salamander still did not move.
There was no uncertainty anymore.
“Managed to spot me despite avoiding your traps.” Said Ellie. “Bravo.”
Though the salamander did not return a word, she remained in place for a few seconds. Before long, she ran off further ahead.

Despite searching far and wide, the knight could hardly find anything of interest. It had been as he imagined: All, looted dry. Hardly anything remained which had not been bolted to the ground or walls. The room he had arrived to fared no better; opening a cupboard revealed nothing within, same as the cabinets he had no necessity to open with the broken glass revealing the interior already.
Lord knew how far this castle reached, as well.
He sensed something. A hunch, a thought, sudden beliefs of something amiss, of a threat unseen. A noise he had just now caught, unable to tell whether it truly was or if it had been in his mind. Until, the realization struck him. In haste he threw himself aside, landing on the ground by the doorway only to confirm his fears: From the doorway, an arrow then whistled past where he had once been, striking the stone wall on the other side of the room.
Without delay he stood back up, unsheathing his sword and moving up next to the doorway. There he heard it clearly, the footsteps of another entity fast approaching. As if the arrow was not enough, he could clearly tell those were not hooves either. Once close enough, the knight gripped his sword tighter with hand in handle and other in blade, and stormed out to intercept the attacker in its tracks.
Right out the doorway he saw her, the salamander Ellie had told her of with her bow slung on her back and longsword now in hand. He had caught her by surprise in the act, though not much did it do, as both came to clash with their swords against one another. None could land a blow, left in a deadlock with their swords held like staves. There and then, he saw her in full clarity.
Kettle helmet and brigandine marked her armor, making up in scales what her arms and feet lacked in steel. Fiery red eyes complemented her hair, as well as a few scales running along her cheek and neck, all seen through the stern and determined expression she sported.
In a swift movement, he turned the blade enough to swing the pommel of his sword against her, forcing her to back off. So did he, both taking a step back and breaking the deadlock, though it did not last for long before she took a swing at him.
To parry it turned simple, though still somewhat difficult by the strength of her blows. Parrying and deflecting, plausible enough, but blocking, that was another matter entirely. Right as the blades connected, he deflected and thrust at her, though just as easily she pushed his blade aside. Shocking him, however, she let go with one hand and grabbed onto the blade, immobilizing it, trapping him. Still, that meant both her hands remained occupied. Without a second to think it through, he let go just like her, though with a clenched fist he swung against the salamander, connecting against the cheek, sending her stumbling back and letting go of his sword.
Holding her cheek, the salamander remained where she was, staring with scorn at he who struck her. Though the knight had been distracted enough, now he came to notice the flames igniting over her tail. The salamander glanced aside, but much to the knight’s surprise, scoffed to herself before running off elsewhere. He couldn’t help but follow her with his eyes till sight was lost, until from the other side a pair of hooves rang out with each step. From there, Ellie calmly walked by.
“You said you’d deal with her.” Said the knight.
“Oh I will, I will.” She answered, passing him by.
Though his irritation remained, his confusion heightened, spotting an eerie smile on her as she departed once more down the path the salamander had taken.

Step. Step. Hooves against the floor, echoes leading the way through the desolate hallway. A great number of doors flanked the pathway, dusty and worn, though in due time to the bicorn came to a halt by one in particular. With a quiet exhalation, she sat down with her back against it.
“I must’ve showed up at a bad time.” She said.
For a few seconds, nothing but silence remained.
“You looked like you were enjoying it. I saw flames on your tail.”
“Irrelevant.” A voice answered past the door.
“Is it really?”
The salamander, however, did not answer.
“Perhaps you’d like to fight him again.” She continued. “A spar. A duel. Not to the death obviously, as it’d be a tragic end no matter who wins. Perhaps… he could teach you a few things as well. Say, what’s your name?”
“Neither of us are here to make friends.”
Not long after those words, the bicorn heard the salamander stand up and depart in slow steps. For a moment the bicorn remained where she was, until she followed suit and stood up. To the door the had just rested against, she turned the handle and crossed in, to find the salamander on the doorway of the other end of the room with an arrow already knocked on her bow. However, it still only aimed at the ground.
“The only reason we’re here in the first place is to get whatever’s in the castle.” She said. “Stay out of my way, and I’ll stay out of yours.”
“And you’ve come here all alone?” Answered Ellie.
“Other people are a liability. More mouths to feed. They tend to run away when things get hard.”
“I see.” She sighed. “It pains me to hear those words. I suppose you’ve experienced that first hand, have you not?”
The salamander remained in silence.
“I supposed I lucked out.” Continued Ellie. “That knight with me has been my husband for a long, long while. I don’t need to wonder if he’ll run. He’s risked his life numerous times for me already.”
Still nothing left the salamander’s mouth. However, her stern stare seemed to falter ever so slightly, lowering her eyes before pursing her lips.
“Lucky you.” Answered the salamander, to then turn around and depart.
Though Ellie wished to ask her to wait, the inevitable result or lack thereof already seemed obvious. With just a few steps away, the salamander left sight past the doorway.

Too much of the castle had been searched. Had there been anything left, no doubt it’d have all been turned upside down. It felt more a patrol than a search, to walk and walk and walk, though now the bicorn and the knight headed to a room in particular. Unsearched, but at the same time, one that Ellie had felt the salamander in for a little too long to be considered normal. The two had arrived to a hallway on the third floor, bedrooms no doubt, with doors lining the right wall of their path.
Until, the two came to a halt by one. The knight took the handle and pushed, the door already partly open to give away presence within, and there he found the salamander from before sitting by the corner.
The salamander did not turn. She did not bat an eye, or do anything in response. She remained where she was, holding a simple wooden doll at the knight and the bicorn came to see.
“This is what you two were after, isn’t it?” She asked. “Not loot. Not gold. Just… a doll.”
“It is.” Answered the knight.
As if still not believing her eyes, the salamander kept looking at the door, staring expressionless with her fingers moving its arms inbetween lengthy pauses.
Then, she brought herself up to her feet. Past a few steps towards the knight, she extended the doll to him. Though understandably skeptical, the knight took it nonetheless, to then step aside as the salamander walked out.
“Are you leaving?” Asked Ellie. The question prompted the salamander to stop, to then turn towards her.
“There’s nothing in this rotten place. I paid a pretty penny for the rumor that two were on contract to recover something for a wealthy man, and it turns out to be a simple doll.”
Though the disappointment could be expected from anyone, the bicorn and the knight spotted some subtle hints. The voice, the demeanor, the lack of expression; it seemed to have hit her harshly. Too harshly.
“What do you plan on doing next, then?” Asked Ellie.
“Oh, I don’t know.” Answered the salamander, extending her arms aside in a shrug. “Starve to death, I guess. That was the last I had.”
“My offer from earlier still stands.”
The salamander blinked blankly, silent momentarily.
“To someone you don’t even know the name of.”
“We could use another sword.” Said Ellie, though such words caused the knight to turn his head to her in confusion.
“Are you… sure about that?” Asked the salamander, to then extend her arm to the knight for a second. “Even if I had tried to kill him?”
“You gave him quite the trouble, yes. I’d rather have that strength on our side in the future, rather than against us.” She said, to then turn her head to the knight. “Isn’t that right?”
The knight could not answer immediately, left pondering for a few seconds.
“…Sure.” He said.
“See?” She said, turning once more to the salamander. “He’s up for it. What do you say?”
Silence. Her gaze fell low, still expressionless though now in thought, pondering a hundred questions crossing her mind. For those few seconds, the desolation of the castle left silence to reign; at least, until she took a deep breath and raised her eyes to them again.
“If it’s alright with you two. And… sorry about earlier.”
“Think nothing of it.” He said. “What’s your name?”
“She’s Elizabeth,” he raised his arm towards the bicorn, to then lower it, “and I’m Benjamin.”
“We have the doll.” Said Ellie. “All that’s left is going back and returning it to the contractor. Then, we’re free.”
“Why would someone want a doll…?” Asked Caitlyn.
“His daughter was pretty distraught when she lost it during the evacuation.” Answered Benjamin, to then walk away past Caitlyn. The salamander and the bicorn then looked at each other momentarily, the bicorn extending a smile, before the two caught up with the knight.

Luxurious. Spacious. Blissful, to rest in a great tub of warm water with her arms outstretched over the edge.
The room seemed bigger than her home, or at least what places she used to call such for in her travels. Ornamented, decorated, walls and floor of pristine clean ceramics. Of all places she pictured herself ending up in, this was one of the least. Her old clothes had been taken with the promise of new ones awaiting her; not a terrible loss, as worn and tattered as her outfit had once been. With how she had seen the knight and the bicorn, she could hardly stop herself from wondering on and on what they had in store for her.
But, past all the favors done to her, faint traces of guilt crept in. Too much was given for her for too little in return, if not out of pure pity. Was she deserving of it? Was she being a leech?
Her thoughts had been interrupted upon hearing the door creak open. Turning her eyes, she found Ellie walking in with just a towel to cover her figure. Without a second to spare, Caitlyn sunk into the water down to her neck, shocked by the sudden visit.
“It’s… occupied.” Said Caitlyn.
“Oh I know.”
Ellie then reached the tub, removing her towel before stepping into it and sitting down with a sigh in relief and an ever present smile. At the same time Caitlyn only stared, unknowing how to react. How Caitlyn had once been, now Ellie was, arms over the edge and her breasts exposed as if none were in the room. Without a word for the salamander to say, an awkward silence had been left to reign.
“He’s great, isn’t he?” Said Ellie. It seemed from out of nowhere, enough for Caitlyn to stay dumbfounded for a few seconds. “You must’ve thought the same, judging by the flames of your tail back then.”
“I… don’t know.”
Ellie in return slowly turned her head towards Caitlyn, tilting it with her smile not subsiding.
“Hm? Wouldn’t you want to go for him?”
“I’m not gonna go for a person who already has a wife.”
“I understand, don’t you worry.” She answered, bringing her head back once more. “Although… I’ve come to learn that there is a bit of a problem involving you joining us.”
“…What is it?”
“There are selfish people out there. People who would abandon their group once they got all that they wanted out of it, or when things get difficult. I’m sure you’re already experienced with this, if what you told me time ago is anything to go by. In all honesty, I’d have probably been glad that you’d try to go for Benjamin, since that’d mean you’d have one more reason to stay with us for good.”
The salamander kept silent. The suspicions weren’t unfounded. She was still a stranger, after all. Worse yet, she had no proof to deny it; the innocent and the guilty alike would give the same answer.
“What am I meant to do to prove I’m not one of those people?” She asked.
“Who knows. I’m sure we’ll work things out in the future, so maybe we shouldn’t stress ourselves out this early. That aside, though…” She glanced at her from the corner of her eyes. “If he was single, would you still go for him?”
Skepticism surfaced within the salamander’s thoughts. Once again, this topic.
“…If he was single, I guess I would.”
“Do you think he’d like you?”
“How am I supposed to know?”
“You’re right. Let me check~”
Without warning, Ellie rushed over to Caitlyn. Despite the shock and recoil, Caitlyn could not react fast enough before Ellie’s arms started to wrap around her.
“What the hell?!” Ranted Caitlyn, followed by a number of rants and whines as a struggle ensued.
Wrestling, almost, with the water of the tub forming waves which threatened to escape over the edges. Still, the ordeal turned out to be a quick one, and in no time Ellie had managed to end up embracing Caitlyn tightly from behind. There was no longer any escape. No matter what resistance Caitlyn put up, it all turned for naught.
“Yes, I think he’d like them.” Said Ellie as she fondled the salamander’s breasts, her tone giving away what smug grin she’d have if Caitlyn could see it. “They’re even the same size as mine!”
“Let me go already!”
Ellie pressed herself against the salamander’s back, breasts squishing by the force. “Why?” She asked to her ear, her fingers dragging about till they reached her nipples. “I’m not done checking yet.”
“Who the hell gave you permission to check?!”
“I did.” She snickered, to then moved her hands lower. To the salamander’s belly, the faint outline of her abs, then her waist, thighs, and what made the salamander suddenly struggle like a panicking animal, her crotch. “We’re pretty close in body, actually. He’d like you a lot!”
“That doesn’t matter!”
“It does matter. Want me to lend him to you for a while?”
The question shocked the salamander to the core, freezing her in place with a choked gasp.
“…What?!” She then asked, indignation and stupefaction surfacing in full.
“What? Are you planning to leave us that you don’t want to form ties that badly?”
Whether through equal shock or stupefaction, the salamander kept quiet.
“You know,” continued the bicorn, moving her hands around once more over the salamander’s belly, “it’s not all happiness and joy between us. We have a… problem that we can’t really solve. The thing is, he has way too much stamina. I can’t really keep up with him, and I always end up falling short. You seemed to like him, though, and with that body of yours I’m sure he’ll like you as well, so the two of us can please him together.”
“You…” Asked the salamander, low tone betraying her continued inability to process it. “You want me to fuck your husband?”
“So vulgar!”
“That’s what you are asking!”
“So?” She answered, just for her hands to raise up to the salamander’s breasts, gently fondling and pressing. “Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want to know how it feels. You’d want it, the guy would like you, and I’m even giving you permission. Do you really want to refuse? Plus, just by imagining for how long you’ve been alone that you felt others were a liability… perhaps a bit of company would help you as well.”
No words. The salamander kept silent, only her heavy and flustered breathing coming out of her lips.
“…If it’s fine by you.” Answered Caitlyn, low like a whisper.
“Great!” Cheered Ellie, immediately letting go and standing up, startling the salamander by her sudden reaction. Ellie then stepped out of the tub and took her towel, wrapping it around herself. “Get dried up.”
“Wait, now?!”
“Yes.” She answered, cheerful almost to the point of unnerving. “Let’s not waste any time.”
Not a second afterwards, the bicorn had begun departing, prompting the salamander to pick up the pace and get out of the tub, rushing to her towel. “Hey, hey wait! Isn’t this too rushed?!”

Pretty. Shiny. Lots and lots of gold coins in a pouch he stared into, not to mention the numerous others about. Quite the sight, enough for him to have taken the pouch before even getting dressed; there he was, sitting in nothing but a towel by his waist over the bed.
The door creaking open caught his attention, however. It seemed too soon for the two to get out of the bath. Turning aside, he saw Ellie and Caitlyn walking out, and true to his suspicions, Ellie’s hair remained dry in great part. However, it was then that he realized that Caitlyn certainly seemed to not be too bothered with being only in a towel in front of him. What shyness and discomfort shown in her face didn’t add up with her actions, to him.
“Hey Ben.” Said Ellie, approaching him with Caitlyn a few steps behind. “We’ve been talking a bit, and… we’d like to try something out, if it’s alright with you.”
“What is it?”
Didn’t take long till she reached the bed, though he then came to see her climbing on it with knee over the blanket. Suspicions turned to concern, seeing her advance towards him and then gently push on him, to which he laid down over the bed unknowing her intentions. Still, the whole situation seemed to be something one would not do in view of others.
“I don’t think this is the time or the place.” He said, shooting a glance at the salamander who stared on in silence.
“Do you think so?”
As if answering with an action as well, she brought her hand to the top of her towel by her breasts and pulled, undoing it and letting it fall without batting an eye. Now, there she was, naked despite the eyes of another present. Not long after that, her hand slid downward from his chest towards his groin.
“In front of her?” He asked. “What’s gotten to you?”
“She’s alright with it. Why do you think she’s there doing nothing?”
“What? What have you two been talking about in there?”
“Things, you know.”
Still, he did nothing to resist it. Though his confusion could not be denied, morbid curiosity dictated he let her do what she wanted, if only to see where it went. As obvious as it had been, her hand then tugged onto his towel, to then pull and free his half-erect cock underneath. As if it was any other common day, Ellie spared no time in grasping it with her hands, to then stroke a few times till it hardened to full.
“So? How does it look?” She asked, though he knew the question had not been directed at him. Glancing over at the salamander, he still saw her silent, though now blushing and wide-eyed. “What, cat got your tongue?”
“I-I uhh…”
“Wanna have a go with it?”
The salamander blinked in surprise, as if broken out of a trance. “E-eh?”
“Pffff.” Smirked Ellie. “Watch and learn.”
She lowered herself, head moving lower till she came to face his cock now at full mast. Eyeing it for a second, she stroked it again until she pulled to reveal the glans in full. She closed in, lips kissing the base before letting her tongue run along its length upwards, and when she reached the glans, opened her mouth and engulfed it all in one go. Her lips returned to the base, Benjamin feeling the sudden warmth of her mouth and her saliva covering his cock entirely so quickly, though still in a situation he’d have rather not been in given the choice.
Past a few seconds, she brought her head higher, lips reaching just where the glans began. Her tongue danced and slipped about, reaching far and wide over the head without a spot to be left dry, before lowering again. Once low enough, she lifted her mouth, to then lower, and raise again, finding a slow and steady rhythm. She then raised her head one last time, gently letting go with a kiss to the head on last contact.
“Your turn.” She said, turning her smirking face to the salamander. That alone served to make her half-panic.
“…What?” Asked Caitlyn, though Ellie did nothing in return other than simply tug about on his cock, moving it while looking at her.
Caitlyn pursed her lips, unknowing what to do. Taking a deep breath, she mustered her courage and forced a few steps forward towards the bed before climbing on top and making her way next to the bicorn. Lowering herself in equal manner, she ended up with her head close to Ellie’s, and right in front of Ben’s cock. Already Ellie held it pointing at her, inviting her for the obvious.
Though unsure, Caitlyn still moved her head closer; as if cautious, skeptical, anxious, she spent a few seconds in inactivity before finally letting her tongue out and taking a faint, small lick off the head.
A strange situation, Ben thought. Not even once had he considered the possibility of someone else’s tongue sliding on his cock, and much less with Ellie’s saliva still on it.
“Come on, he doesn’t bite.” Pressured Ellie, bringing her hand to the back of Caitlyn’s head and ever so gently pushing.
Though unwilling at first, the salamander then gave in, letting her lips touch the glans. With it so damp and Caitlyn breathing down on it, Ben couldn’t help but feel a certain cold to it, though it did not last for long before the salamander opened her mouth and slowly took it in.
“Come on!” Ellie pushed, forcing Caitlyn to take it almost in its entirety in one go. Though she bounced back in reflex up to the glans, Caitlyn did not let go with her mouth, and instead threw a death glare at the bicorn. “See? Nothing happened.”
Her glare then quietly shifted over to Ben, scorn changing to anxiety again over this new predicament. She couldn’t deny that Ellie had been correct; for all her fears, nothing happened. Glancing down again at his groin, she took a few moments to regain her composure and then slid her lips down again. Like Ellie, albeit slower and methodical, she dragged her lips and tongue along his shaft, up and down in a newfound rhythm.
Until, she let go and gasped in relief, catching her breath.
“So? How did it feel?” Asked Ellie.
“I feel like my jaw is gonna ache if I do it for too long.” Answered Caitlyn, passing her hand by her lips.
“You’ll get used to it, don’t worry. Or not. Boy’s difficult to please~”
In return, Caitlyn gave a glare of confusion and worry, to which Ellie replied with a chuckle.
“Wanna go first, then?”
Still, silence, though now the salamander’s eyes shifted between the bicorn and Ben’s cock. Past a few seconds, Ellie acted and moved up to Ben, placing herself over him with her crotch lining up with his.
“Are you serious?” He asked.
“Why would I not be?” She said, moving her hand back and guiding his shaft till the glans touched her labia. “And you,” she told Caitlyn, “watch closely. You’re going next, alright?”
Her silence came to be an answer, as Caitlyn sat back and stared almost as if in shock. Hard to blame her, as who would imagine themselves in a situation like this not hours after concluding starvation would end their days? Without a ‘no’, Ellie took is as sign to proceed, lowering herself further with a moan escaping her lips. Ben felt the pressure upon him, slowly forcing himself into Ellie all as Caitlyn watched in morbid curiosity. Soon enough the head disappeared, followed by the shaft, until her butt rested on his hips.
“It’s all in…” She sighed. She then brought her arms around Ben, pulling enough for him to sit up before she embraced him in full with her breasts tightly pressed against his chest. Left in what appeared a Lotus position, the bicorn then turned her head enough to look downward to her butt from the corner of her eyes, as well as steal a glance of the salamander who still stared red-faced.
Settling in nicely and comfortable, Ellie then slowly lifted herself up. That almost clear fluid had begun to drip out in faint drops, as Caitlyn came to see. Ellie’s breathing hastened in part, rising until his shaft had been left exposed almost in its entirety. Then, she let herself go, engulfing it once more in one swift movement.
Niceties ended there and then, however. Experience came to show in force as Ellie lifted herself up and then dropped in quite the rapid succession, grinning at the dumbfoundedness she no doubt caused Caitlyn by the abrupt change. Such it was, that Ben had come to place one of his hands on Ellie’s waist just for stability.
Up. Down. Up. Down. Lewd squishing and moaning gasps rang out, joining the creaking of the bed in what reigned within the room.
“What’s with that face?” Asked Ellie, a tone almost reminiscent of taunting. “What, don’t tell me this would be your first time?”
Nothing. Not a word from her. Not a mere answer to deny.
At that moment, Ellie found the reason as to the salamander’s reactions. She had nothing to say upon the reveal, though still he was a little too busy for a dramatic reaction. No matter, not a deal breaker at all; all the contrary, it’d make it all the more interesting. But as she bounced up and down, desire to watch her reaction lessened as her focus shifted. She paused in her movements for a second, rearranging herself and embracing Ben tighter who returned the act in kind, and continued on with greater fervor.
Up. Down. Again, and again, and again, moans gradually losing the control in them, nuzzling her cheek against his as their breaths grew wilder. In due time, nothing else was in her mind other than him.
And then, an abrupt and immediate end, letting out a choked gasp right before she began twitching as if spasming. Even to Caitlyn, it seemed obvious that the bicorn had finished. Though her expression betrayed the infinite bliss in that moment, Ben did not share it; the salamander managed to spot him with with a faint smile, though one betraying hints of disappointment.
The spasms soon ended, and with it her breathing stabilized. Taking a deep breath, she lifted herself once more, now enough to reveal not just the shaft but the glans as well, letting Ben’s cock plop out free. Still, it remained as hard as it had been, with none of that thick white fluid one would expect to be found. Ellie then let herself go to the side, laying down on the bed for a quick rest.
“Well, go ahead now.” She said. “Your turn.”
“You don’t need to do this if you don–” Attempted to say Ben, only to be cut short with the bicorn’s gentle hit on his arm.
“Come on, don’t be shy now.” She said, to then get up and move over to Caitlyn.
Ending up behind her, she pulled on the towel, an act which met only slight resistance before the salamander covered her breasts. It all lay to be seen, her soft skin so contradictory to the image of a lone looter. This would not do, thought the bicorn, right before taking hold of her arms and forcing them apart, letting Caitlyn’s nipples be visible despite silent protests.
“I’ll guide you, don’t you worry.” She added, pushing herself against the salamander enough to force her forward, till she fell over Ben. Now he remained with his back against the mattress and head over the pillow, and with Caitlyn’s arms over his chest in her attempt not to fall face-first onto him. Inevitably, as both lay there naked, Ben’s erection pointing upwards lined up close enough to the salamander’s nether regions.
“You’re really pushing this.” He told the bicorn.
“Believe me, darling. She seemed really into it when we talked it out in the bath.”
“‘Really into it’?!” Protested Caitlyn.
“You could’ve just said no at any point here, you know. Even now.”
Ellie waited.
And waited.
And grinned, seeing the salamander not reply. The grin must’ve been an annoying one, if in return the salamander gave a frown.
“Sorry, sorry.” She snickered, to then grasp Ben’s cock and guide it properly with one hand. The other, the placed over Caitlyn’s waist and slowly pushed down. “Easy does it, alright?”
Caitlyn scoffed, though her irritation turned to anxiety once more, looking down on what she believed would have quite the trouble fitting inside her. Ellie had made it look so easy as well, and yet here she was, already having second thoughts. Swallowing her fear, however, she lowered herself as Ellie guided her down, her labia soon coming into contact with the head of his cock.
And with Ellie’s aid, she pushed further down. A whimper escaped her mouth, low yet continuous, trying to force such a thing through in such a sensitive area. Little by little it stretched to accommodate, and yet, it felt like at any given point it had stretched already too much.
Easy did it, as Ellie had said. Slow yet steady, progress was made, until the head had all but disappeared within her. At that point she halted, taking a break and catching her breath in what felt embarrassing to think was an arduous effort. Lowering her hips, that’s all it was, and there she was already fired up.
“You’re not really at your limit already, are you?” Taunted Ellie.
Gritting her teeth, Caitlyn figured her break over. Again with the same effort as before, she choked a whimper and lowered herself more and more, letting Ben’s shaft slide in. Her voice had begun to waver as much as she wished to keep it contained, breathing turned erratic, until with strenuous effort and determination, she finally sat on his hips at last.
“Good girl.” Said Ellie, to then move her hands to her hips. “That’s just the start, though.”
“You have to lift yourself now!”
Confusion turned to panic, Ellie’s hands sliding to her butt and gripping firmly enough to begin pulling up.
“Hey! Hey wait nonnonoo– Ahhh!” Protested the salamander, only for the movement in her sensitive region to make her mind run circles. Despite her struggles, she could not really stop the bicorn from lifting her up partly, but there and then a loud moan escaped the salamander: Ellie had suddenly let her strength go, to then drop her weight on the salamander and have her drop down upon Ben’s cock in full force.
“You seem really into it!”
“Let go, let go!” She whimpered, losing her mind. “I can’t…!”
“Sure you can!”
A struggle emerged, one Ben could hardly do much other than awkwardly remain silent as it progressed. It seemed like wrestling, Ellie attempting to get a proper grip of Caitlyn who attempted to avert it. However, Caitlyn soon lifted herself up, freeing his cock and falling back over the bicorn.
“You of all people, saying she’s really into it…” He whispered to himself, watching the tragic scene before his eyes and hoping for the best.
Once the struggle seemed to end, the two had fallen to an interesting position. Ellie seemed victorious, though only in immobilizing: She had fallen on her back, hugging Caitlyn tightly against herself with their breasts squishing together. Another prominent detail as well turned out to be Caitlyn’s butt, sticking out towards him.
“Say, how about letting Ben take over?” Suggested Ellie.
“Now, I’m sure you’d pick him given the choice of letting me handle things.”
“Why can’t I go at my own pace?!”
“Lord almighty.” He sighed, getting up to his knees and moving up to Caitlyn, placing one hand over her butt and the other on his erection. “It’s hardly been a day and you’re gonna traumatize the poor girl.”
“You know what gets me going, darling~”
“Unfortunately.” He answered, to then turn to the salamander. “At your pace, alright?”
Though the salamander could hardly reply, partly due to the earlier and partly due to the embarrassing position, she gulped her anxiety and gave a firm nod.
An obvious response, he thought. Ellie had a point in the choices present. Almost too much of one, schemer as she was.
Regardless, he guided the tip once more against the labia. Once in place, he gently pushed forward; though the salamander betrayed shivers and muffled whimpers, it seemed low enough for him to keep pushing without issue. Slowly and steady, hastening and slowing by her reactions, little by little driving himself into her, tightness hardly believable had he not heard of it being her first time or very, very close.
First, the head. Then, the shaft, facing resistance by how he felt himself almost getting pushed out, but still he persevered, until he had driven himself all the way in. With his hips coming into contact with her butt, he brought both his hands to her waist.
“You alright?” He asked.
“Y…” She tried to answer, her own erratic breathing interrupting her. “Yeah…”
“Yes?” She asked.
“Let her go already, dammit.”
Ellie snickered still with her grin, though soon let go of Caitlyn. Freed at last, the salamander lifted herself partly, holding herself up by her arms with her hands over the blanket. Then, she did nothing.
Waiting, he figured. Testing his thoughts, he slowly pulled back, sliding his cock out to face the same reaction from her. At least, he had thought it was the same at first, to spot the subtle differences betraying greater pleasure than simple effort. Once out up to the head, he slid back in, receiving the same noises. She had caught up with her sensitivity, alright.
He rearranged himself slightly, getting comfortable for a more thorough rhythm and duration, an act she had noticed enough to glance back and stare with a mixture of expectation and impatience.
“I’ll go a bit more rough now, alright?”
“Alright.” She answered almost in a sigh mixed in with a moan.
Firmly grasping her waist, he took a deep breath and then pushed his hips forward. The faint slap of his hips against her butt coincided with a yelp escaping her, though as he withdrew and thrust once more, the yelp was nowhere to be heard; one in surprise, no doubt, though now a hastening breath and surfacing continuous moan came to be heard.
“Enjoying it?” Asked Ellie, face to face with Caitlyn from below. Caitlyn did not answer, returning a faint frown past what bliss she could not hide. Thrust after thrust she was moved about, her breasts bouncing back and forth in rhythm already. “Come on, you can tell me. I let you borrow him for a while, at least.”
Still silence, but not like she expected an answer in any case. Her expression and blushing served enough as one.
“Say… Do you want him to go harder?”
The frown still remained, but Ellie came to spot her eyes moving aside, as if trying to find the man behind her. A dead giveaway.
“Say it.” She pressured, but the salamander would not give. Rather, Caitlyn closed her eyes as if trying to block her words out. “Come on, say it.”
“Do you think he’s gonna hear you?”
Ben paused his movements for a second, as if processing that sudden call. Not too long after, his grip on her waist tightened just as he raised a leg to put a foot down on the mattress, before commencing again in greater force. What had been faint noises turn audible, the slap after slap of flesh against flesh. Its effect turned immediate, Caitlyn unable to keep her mouth closed as moan after moan ran out in succession.
That, however, gave Ellie the unfortunate opportunity. Without Caitlyn ever aware of even the possibility, Ellie raised her head an stole a kiss from her, connecting lips and tongue without a mere hint of previous warning. Though she immediately tried to withdraw in shock and fright, Ellie had snuck her hand by her head, holding her in place. In those few seconds, Caitlyn had gone from wide-eyed, to close eyed, to then eyes half open in drunken ecstasy to fight back at all.
When their lips parted, Caitlyn gasped out loud, catching her breath with a moan to escape immediately thereafter, though she could not do much before Ellie brought her in for another kiss at the same time. Hand on head, other on her waist which then dragged on to fondle her breast; Ben’s hands on her waist, one letting go to then hold onto her tail. Already Caitlyn had begun to lose herself, that last action hastening it all to a visible extent.
But there Ben came to notice. Her tail already had flames on it. Flames he was in contact, as he now realized, though lacking any burning properties. He’d have found out the hard way seconds earlier, if they did. Strange, though intriguing. This was neither the time nor the place to ponder on it; his heavy breathing and what layer of sweat had been building up served as sign enough for the inevitable.
With tail in hand and waist over the other, he thrust with greater fervor and intensity. Already was Caitlyn moaning continuously whenever her lips were not trapped by Ellie’s, though soon enough she raised her head, hardly getting what air she needed. Thrust, thrust, thrust, pounded from behind as she held on for dear life to the blankets wrinkling under her grip. Over and over, until, he gave one last thrust before letting go and leaving himself to drop onto the salamander, who in turn could not hold and dropped onto the bicorn.
Abrupt silence from both. What Ben had done, the salamander had felt, and turned undeniable for the smiling bicorn. With his cock embedded deep inside her, splurts of that thick white fluid came out, going deep into the salamander who twitched with each wave. On and on, as if convulsing, they remained in silence until their bodies ceased to spasm, leaving their heavy breathing to reign as noise in the room.
“You look satisfied.” Said Ellie, looking at Ben who could hardly return an exhausted glance, let alone a mere word. Ellie then stole a kiss on his cheek.

“Back so soon?” Greeted the clerk behind the counter, with the cacophony of a dozen voices creating an ambient noise within the guild. However, the clerk soon grew silent with a raised eyebrow. His eyes had fallen on the salamander, accompanying Ben and Ellie. “…Is she with you?”
“Yeah, for the foreseeable future.” Answered Benjamin.
“New to your group, or just a companion?”
“A group of three, then…” He pondered, to then slowly grow a smirk. “Some contractors have been wary of hiring you, thinking a group of two would be just too few people to handle their tasks. I can go back and tell them you have a new member, for a fee.”
“Only if I get the contract. I’m not paying a fee just to have you spread the word.”
“Sure, sure. That aside, I assume you came looking for another. There’s one from the governor three cities south; wants a few lads beaten up good. Called him names, vandalized his house, burned down a granary, so on. Bandits too crafty for the local guards, so he put up a bounty. The three of you oughta be able to deal with them just fine.”
“We’ll take it.”
“Right. Give me a second and I’ll get all the details.” He said, to then depart to a labyrinth of bookshelves.
As the three waited, Benjamin grew curious, and so turned to glance over at Caitlyn.
“How are you feeling?”
“…Huh?” She asked, as if having just spaced out.
“The first contract you’re taking with us.”
“Oh. It’s… uh… weird.”
“You’ll get used to it.” Assured Ellie.



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