A Visit From A Vampire(Abridged) Journal Entry #7 Cont.

(Original voice acted by Willow Wisteria and written by Kyle R.)
Journal Entry #7 Cont.

We go through our usual song-n-dance. I’m shoved into the bedroom, she locks the door, and I’m told to strip down to my boxers. Slowly.

After a few seconds of leering at me from multiple angles I’m gently led to and laid across the bed, she handcuffs my wrists to the bed posts and then stood back to admire her work as I nearly sank into the unnaturally soft bed. The sheets were silky and cool as always after a good washing, which they had needed many of from how frequently Viktoria liked to express her affection.

She doesn’t stare for too long and slowly strips off her own clothes not long after I’m secured. Revealing a rather simple, if silky and form-fitting, panty and bra combo. Her delightfully round ass stretching the fabric just right.

“So, what, are you just gonna stand there and stare all night?”, I say in a surprising and probably stupid display of bravado.

Viktoria simply chuckles before reaching into a dresser drawer and pulling out a large white handkerchief, “I do love it when you get all spunky, Darling. It makes it all the sweeter when I get you moaning under me.” She crawls unto the bed and towards me, each movement and sway of her hips meant to get my blood pumping. Frankly, her fangs being on full display as she smiled down at me did a much better job in that respect. After giving me a quick kiss she wraps the handkerchief around my mouth and ties it with practiced ease, “But tonight; I don’t want to hear a word from you.”, she lowers her head whispers the last part into my ear. “You can squirm and buck, moan out your adoration, and you most certainly can and will climax for me. But no talking. I promised to be lenient, but this is still supposed to be a punishment.”

I nodded, thinking that I’d had a pretty good idea of what she’d do; Drink my blood, talk dirty, and then just ride me to completion/exhaustion.

In hindsight; it was rather arrogant of me to assume I knew all the tricks of an over five centuries old immortal and supernatural creature.

Fast as a viper, she suddenly sinks her fangs into my right bicep and I feel a strange tingle originate from the wound. For a moment I’m just confused, I don’t feel her drinking any blood; then it hits me.

It feels like liquid pleasure flowing into my arm, so intense and hot I could’ve sworn it was plasma. Or, would have if my breath wasn’t caught in my throat.

“That’s one~.”, My tormentor purrs out before switching her attention to my right arm. There’s just enough time for my eyes to widen in panic before she bites down and I get what feels like an even stronger dose. My mind goes fuzzy from the concentrated heat and pleasure now trapped in both of my arms. It was such an alien experience I can barely describe it; arms simply weren’t meant to feel that way.

I almost manage to drag my mind out of the haze of unnatural sensations before she lowered herself farther down my body, grinding against me all the way, until she had a frim grip on both of my thighs. I have just enough time to think, ‘Oh no.’, before she bites into the top of both of my thighs, the liquid hot pleasure stopping just short of my crotch. At that point I was completely enthralled by the energy, desperate for release; it felt like I’d been stuffed full of lust and edged for days on end in a matter of seconds. Thankfully my mistress didn’t keep me waiting for long.

“Oh my, someone is certainly eager to get started aren’t they?”, she crooned before reaching up and giving the rather strained tent of my boxers a firm squeeze with both hands. She took her time slowly fondling me through the fabric before simply grabbing the hem and ripping it off completely. My cock bobbed up, mercifully free of the tight confines of my now discarded underwear. She gives my balls a gentle yet firm squeeze, and it feels like I could go off at the slightest spike in pleasure, before she gave my shaft a long languid lick and gently suckled on the tip.

I felt unbelievably backed-up and sensitive, every agonizing kiss and lick a testament to that, but I was no closer to the actual physical relief than usual. I tried thrusting up into her mouth, but her preternaturally strong grip held as she kissed all along my shaft and balls before beginning to suck me in earnest. She licked all around me as she got half-way down but paid special attention to the underside of my cock as she continued her oral torture. It wasn’t long before she had reached the base and my dick was completely covered in her saliva as she pressed her nose into my crotch and her chin pressed against my sensitive sack.

She locked eyes with me and gave me a smoldering look before slowly raising her herself to the tip before going back down to the base with ease. She kept increasing her pace until I was being deep-throated with gusto, my cock throbbing in time with every wondrous delve into her throat, my climax finally arriving. She must have felt it too, because she came to the base one last time and gave a powerful suck, her plump lips gliding over my skin, as she gave my balls a frim squeeze.

I felt the wave pinch and well up in my crotch, distend and travel through my cock before jettisoning down her throat. One. Two. Three… Five. I lost track of time as my entire body focused on giving her throat a creampie.

But as my last few spurts eked out and she gave one final suck before releasing my still hard cock with a pop, covered in saliva and still visibly throbbing. But thankfully no longer painfully so. Whatever unnatural energy she’d given to me seemed to have been thoroughly expelled.

“Jeez, Darling~.”, She says with a little tilt to her voice as she made a show of licking her lips and swallowing any left over cum. “Sometimes I wonder if I accidentally turned you into an incubus when I gave you immortality.”, she laughs a little at her own joke before eyeing my chest and making a shiver run down my spine.

I’m pulling at the handcuffs and try to twist my body away, but to no avail. She simply grabs my shoulders and places me flat on my back again with casual ease before sinking her fangs into my chest. ‘Just left of center…’, I dimly note before what felt like a star formed in inside of me.

The energy feels like it spreads out and seeps down into my chest until it reaches my heart and… my entire torso feels almost weightless, but still burns with the same impatient pleasure that my now limp limbs had.

My vampire was busy un-hocking and tossing away her underwear as I was absorbed by whatever she’d done to me.

She straddled me and angled her slit directly above my length, her puffy lips wet with anticipation, before giving me a wink and lowering her hips. She teased me momentarily by putting in just the tip and swaying her hips in a circle, but evidently she was just as excited as I was, and slammed herself to the base suddenly and without warning.

I jerked my hips upwards as soon as she reached my base, desperate for climax; noting again that despite the build-up and sensitivity that I wasn’t any quicker to finish. Thankfully she didn’t even bother to start at a slow pace, just slamming her hips onto mine before lifting up and repeating the process with barely a second in between.

My balls pleasantly slap against her pert ass as my thrusts meet her hips midway of every drop, I could feel myself getting closer as she cried out my name and I moaned into the gag. Her breasts bounced almost hypnotically before she grabbed and fondled both in a what looked like a fierce grip as she changed the tempo of our copulation, relatively slowly going up before slamming down hard and grinding her hips into mine with no small amount of force. I didn’t even attempt to last any longer as her rough treatment brought me, and her judging by her spasming walls, closer and closer to orgasm.

She slammed down and ground her hips against me one last time before tilting her head back and letting out a mix between a shriek and a moan, her body tensing visibly from the intensity of her orgasm. I could feel my own start welling up from my churning balls as her cunt tightened and twisted all around my cock. The load traveling up my dick felt even bigger than the last one as the first pearly white spurt of masculine essence shot up and into her waiting depths, splashing against her cervix and into her waiting womb.

My hips buck and twitch with each cock-distending spurt, the backwash of cum lathering my length after the sixth shot. Viktoria’s cry ends abruptly after she feels the first shot, her lips pursing as she’s coos with delight from each thick spurt that adds to the raw creaming I was giving her.

After a few pregnant seconds of progressively smaller and smaller spurts I finally run dry and we both sigh out at the finish, her in satisfaction and I in relief. The most infuriating thing about the aftermath being that she doesn’t even look tired, not even a little sweaty or red around the cheeks, her undead body having no need for such frivolous functions. She just had this fuck-drunk look on her face as she stared down at me with half lidded eyes.

“That. Was. Amazing.”, she said with what looked pride in her eyes, which then worryingly turned into all-too-familiar hunger. “But you know, Darling. I never did get to actually drink any blood from the bites I gave you.”

I may have whimpered slightly as she leaned down, naked body pressed against my own exhausted one, right before I felt two pin pricks to the neck that’s quickly followed by what now feels like a mild bit of pleasure.

She affectionately runs her fingers through my longish brown hair as she drank from me and I slowly drift into unconsciousness. 

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