A sticky gal in a sticky mess.

“I’m sorry what?! What do you mean you need more ‘risque’ angles?!” Working as a small-time programmer, one of my duties as a digital artist is to draw the new monster girl eroge game that’s being marketed right now to make them more appealing to the general public. Though honestly with how well they integrated with society these days, I hardly see the reason for it. Still, there are some people who are apprehensive about dating monster girls, and supposedly, this game is one of the ways we can appeal to their ‘hidden tastes.

“You heard me, Carmen. What you’ve illustrated is great and all, but dude, you seriously need more seductive poses to work with. It’s all generic doggy-style poses and missionary crap with you.” On the phone with one of the coders, he’s apparently an expert when it comes to this shit, always getting on my ass about being bland. What the hell am I supposed to do huh?! It’s not like I have sex every day like that horndog.

“Look I got it alright. I’ll try and look up more pictures online to use as references.” Scratching my head, I was on my computer while talking. I was working in the middle of a sketch when he called.

“Hehe…no I got something even better for you to work with pal!” Hearing his snarky remark, I raised my eyebrow in suspicion at his tone.

“Oh yeah, go on?” spinning on my chair, I swivel around and take a look around my bedroom. It’s not much really, just a standard queen size bed, a couple of cabinets with lamps on top of them, and a six-foot glass display case filled to the brim with anime figures, most of which are custom-painted garage kits of Monster girls.

“So, there’s this new strip club that opened up about a month ago. The main attraction of the place is the fact that all the girls that work there are Monster girls! And they’re very receptive of requests!” Fucking perv…bastard can’t even hide the excitement from his voice.

“Oh yeah? Well good for you man. Do you think I’d go with you because of that?! You know I have a girlfriend right?!” I live alone for the most part, but I did manage to snag myself a girlfriend a few months ago. She’s a little…pranky at times, but it’s something I grew used to real quick. We started out as acquaintances from meeting each other at a job meet, but then one thing led to another, and well we ended up dating at some point.

“Oh right, Vanessa’s her name, right? Dude, have you even banged her yet? Hard to believe a bombshell like her ended up with your scrawny ass!” I wasn’t the most athletic guy. Honestly, the only thing I had going for me aside from my smarts was the fact that I wasn’t fat. So when he mentioned how I ended up with Vanessa, I can’t help but agree with him.

“Shut up asshole.” It’s all I could think of to say back to him. He laughed a little before continuing.

“Look man, I have two free admission tickets from one of the workers there. That way, all we have to pay for is the drinks. The tickets are good for about an hour-long worth of exposure. It’ll be great for getting you that inspiration needed for more seductive poses. Come on bro!” Knowing him, he probably wants me to tag along so he doesn’t go alone. But well if I don’t go, he’ll keep harassing me about it. I also can’t keep having my drawings rejected, or I won’t get paid this pay period.

“Fine, I’ll come along.” I let out a sigh of annoyance to let him know how I felt about it, but from the sounds of his excited shouts from the phone, he didn’t really care.

“Alright! Listen dude, it’s open in about an hour, so why don’t we go now?” Now?! Why This asshole planned this! But I can’t say no. It’s probably for the best so I can get this out of the way.

“Sure. Just text me the address and I’ll meet you there alright?”

“Got it!” With that, we both hung up. I stare at the computer screen. I was currently working on a pose of an Alraune Monster girl sitting down on her own pool of Nectar on a flower bed, her legs spread open with her slit exposed. I think it’s plenty erotic, but I guess for some of my clientele, I need to be more ‘creative’. Shit…I should probably grab a quick snack before getting ready.

Getting up, I walk towards my bedroom door and into the living room, ready to gra- “Oh shit!” I felt something on top of my foot. It felt cold and wet. But above all, it was sturdy like a rope. I trip and prepare to land face-first on the floor below, closing my eyes with my hands up to cushion the blow.

“Huh?” Just before falling to where I think the floor was, I felt another cold, wet rope on my hands. Pushing myself up and taking a look, it was actually vines, covered in red pads and sticky dew. Of course, there’s only one person I know who has that.

“Hehe! Gotcha!” Looking to my right, I saw Vanessa ‘vegging’ out on the couch. With a bag of beef jerky on her left hand and a controller on her right, she was wearing nothing but her blue underwear and white shirt. Aside from her clothing, her mannish posture of having her legs spread open with her crotch exposed didn’t really make for a very lady-like pose.

“Haha, very funny Vanessa.” Her vines retract back to her body as she sets the controller down on a coffee table next to the TV and stands up, walking towards me. “You know how hard it is to get your sticky dew off my clothes right?”

With my upper feet, hands, and face covered in her sticky dew, I took a moment to stare at her. She’s taller than me, standing at five foot ten. Her skin is light green in color. Her skin tone would lighten the closer she to her face. Staring down at me with her striking sky blue eyes. Her hair was probably her most striking feature though. Her ‘hair’ was thick strands of dark green vines covered with the same red pads. With the sticky sundew droplets on each tip, her hair would glow whenever she was near light. Her hair vines are shorter on her bangs, covering just her forehead, while the rest reached all the way down to where her ass would be. Though they could stretch further if she wanted them to. Basically, she’s a recently developed subspecies of Alraune that adapted features of a ‘Sundew’ Plant. A species of carnivorous plants that consume flesh as their primary method of gaining nutrients.

“Don’t be such a prude Carmen! At least I caught your face this time!” Yup, she did this shit before, only that time, my face landed face-first on the hard floor, hence why I had my hands up this time in defense. I could hear her rustling through the jerky bag, talking while she’s chewing. “So how’s that call with Ralf go?” I saw Vanessa reach down and grab a hand towel that was in the kitchen. She handed it to me.

“Fine I guess…though he wants me to go to a strip club with him to get ‘ideas’…” As I wiped my face with the towel, I swore I could see her face change to annoyance, but when I finished, she looked normal again, stuffing her mouth with more beef jerky. “Anyways…I was planning on grabbing something quick to eat in the fridge, but now I have to spend that time taking a shower instead.” Bending down to wipe the dew off my feet, I managed to get the bulk of the liquid off me, but the stickiness and smell are still there.

“A strip club? You’ve never been to one right?” Vanessa walks and sits on one of the tall stool chairs next to the kitchen counter. She puts her elbows on top of it while finishing the last of the jerky in the bag.

“No I haven’t, nor did I have any desire to do so. I have to show up though, otherwise, I may not get good pay this coming pay period. So off to jiggling tits and ass I go…” Opening the fridge, I grab a quick hot pocket and toss it in the microwave. “I’m gonna go take a shower real quick…I’ll be right back.” While my ‘snack’ was nuking, I saw Vanessa shrug her shoulder and walked back to the couch before resuming her game.


After my shower, I got dressed, grabbed the hot pocket on hand, and headed towards the exit door. Meanwhile, Vanessa was still on the couch, playing video games. This time though, she was sitting in a ‘Crisscross apple sauce’ stance, or you know? Sitting down with her legs crossed, something she only does when she’s playing an intense match.

“I’m leaving Vanessa. I shouldn’t be gone for too long.” Just as I turned the knob, Vanessa called out to me.

“Hey, what’s that place you said you were going to?” Odd how she’d ask me about where I’m going. She usually doesn’t give two shits, but I guess she just wants to know how far I’ll be considering it’s a place she probably doesn’t know.

“Uh…let’s see…” Pulling out my phone, I opened my map app and inserted the address Ralf provided. “Apparently, the place is called…’Sexotic Galla’…” What kind of fucking name is that?! “And it’s only about a three-mile drive from here.” Turning my head to Vanessa, she just awkwardly stared at me for a moment, then turns back to her game.

“Okay cool. Be careful on your way out.” That was weird. Anyways, after leaving and heading to my car, I drove off in the direction of where the strip club is to meet Ralf.


“Hey, you made it guy!” Waiting for me was Ralf in front of the entrance. Around him were two of our collaborators as well. One’s a human girl named Kimiko who does voice acting and is part of the artist group, the other was our music composer Shaun.

“What the?! You said it was just gonna be the two of us Ralf?!” Laughing at me, Ralf shakes his head and turns to Kimiko and Shaun.

“Ralf told us about you’re guy’s expedition, so me and Kimiko here thought it’d be a good idea to join. That way we’ll be in the loop of what you two are planning.” Shaun said. He and Kimiko are dating, so it’s no surprise to see them here.

“Yup. I’m an artist too, so I could learn a thing or two from the monster girls here since I could learn a thing or two based on the anatomical differences they have with humans.” Okay, I guess that makes sense.

We all turn to look at the sign on the top front of the establishment. Using bright, multicolored neon lights, the lights were shaped in the name of the strip bar ‘Sexotic Galla’. The entrance looked more like a movie theater entrance than anything. Going inside, we were greeted with a wide wooden reception booth. Two human girls were standing in it, dressed in casual attire. The ceiling had no lights, instead, light fixtures on the blue painted walls illuminated the place. Alongside the red carpet flooring, there are various metal hinge chairs with red padding lined across the entrance. The room itself is closed off from what I could guess is the main lobby of the place. A single door behind the reception booth as well as two double doors, one on each side of the reception booth probably leads to the main lobby.

“Welcome to Sexotic Galla.” Our silence was cut off by the two receptionists. As we got closer to the reception booth, the two girls greeted us with a smile.

“Hello. We’re here to redeem these.” Slinging his right arm around my shoulder, Ralf presented the two tickets to the ladies.

“Oh! These tickets are the opening special VIP treatment! Hehe I’ll be taking these so I can let ‘Those’ ladies know of our two special guests.” Bowing with a smile, the girl on the left who took our tickets went inside a door that’s behind the reception booth.

“And what about you two?” The other girl asked Kimiko and Shaun.

“Oh, unlike those superstars there, we’re here to pay for admission.” Pulling out a credit card, Shaun hands it to the girl.

“Alright. An hour session will be twenty bucks for each patron. However, it seems you two are a couple right?” Nodding at her response, the girl claps her hands together. “Haha good. In that case, I can give you the couple’s special. Thirty dollars for the both of you.” Charging them, the girl gives the credit card back to the two. Just then the other receptionist comes back.

“Okay. They’ll be ready for you in a moment. In the meantime…” Pressing a button on their desk, the double doors on the right open. Along with sounds of bustle and cheering, loud music filled the front lobby.

“Enjoy your stay!” Presenting their left hand towards the door, the two bow and wave at us before we walked inside.

“Holy crap!” Ralf was the first to say what we were all thinking. Inside the main lobby. It was pretty well lit in comparison to traditional strip clubs I’ve seen depicted in shows and movies. In front of us stood a large stage venue shaped in a ‘T’ with a strip pole on the bottom end of the stage. There’s three plasma TV on the top of where the pole is, hanging from some roof to TV mounts. Each TV showed the same thing, a list of names and times. It probably indicates the time that each girl named on the TV will appear at the main venue. Aside from that, on the sides were five smaller stage venues, each pin-shaped with its own strip poles on them. Some of them were bigger than others, and even two of them were closed off with a glass wall on them and filled with water.

“Hey, check it out Shaun, the strippers…” Kimiko was the first to point out the actual strippers. Each of them wore clothes that fit the stereotype their species were recognized for in several cultures and media. On the left venues, there’s a Lamia, a Goblin, a Succubus, a Hinezumi, and a Wonderwurm.

The Lamia girl was wearing a belly dancer’s costume, bells and all, swinging her hips seductively. Occasionally she’d shake them to make the tassels on her waist rattle.

The Goblin wore nothing but a tube top and the tightest-looking short jeans I’ve ever seen. She would rub the pole behind her between her shapely ass.

The Succubus…well she’s a fucking succubus. From dry humping the pole to trailing her hands seductively between her slit. Her skimpy clothes and demure expression also helped with captivating her fellow admirers below.

As for the Hinezumi, either it was her first time, or she was incredibly shy because she seemed very meek. Her flames seemed whiter than they should be, so my guess is that she’s either been claimed or about to be claimed. There was really only one admirer there for her, and judging from the way she would pose for him, I’d say the two were dating.

Finally, the Wonderwurm was probably the oddest of them all. The patrons around them seemed to be in a dream-like state. Drolling and almost absent-minded, they just carefully watch her talk. She wasn’t really doing anything seductive so to speak, but the men around her seemed aroused regardless.

“Takes all kinds and shapes doesn’t it?” Ralf said as he stared at them. While the group was watching the venue on the left, I turned to see what was going on the right side. Three of the venues were empty, but there were two that were being used, both of which are aquarium venues.

The first one had a Kraken. It was dark and murky in her aquarium like black ink was spread inside. I could only make out faint purple lights glowing in there. Occasionally, I’d see either her face, chest, or butt press against the glass. I really didn’t get it, but the patrons that were watching her seemed to like it.

On the other aquarium, it looked almost empty, like nothing was in there. Squinting my eyes, I felt like I could make out the outlines of a small girl inside it. She has a very translucent body. If I had to venture a guess, she was a Sea Slime. The patrons on her venue were oddly quiet, but smiling as they watched her gently float and swim about.

“Sorry for the wait you two…” Interrupted by an incredibly alluring voice, I turn to the source and see a beautifully imposing figure. With light purple skin, thick, dark purple tentacle hair, and striking, glowing yellow eyes. The bottom of her body was covered in some sort of cloak that spread apart like an umbrella. If I had to guess what she was, she was probably a Mindflayer.

“Oh…um hello there…” I couldn’t help but choke a little when I tried to reply to her. Her sex appeal and voice just invaded my mind. I know it’s in their name, but still to see one face to face. I tried my best to keep my calm, which seemed to please her as she giggled at me.

“My name is Villmersa…I’m one of the owners of this lovely establishment. I heard you and another gentleman have the special VIP vouchers?” Almost immediately Ralf responded by waving his hand and slinging his right shoulder over my neck.

“That would be me!” With a small clap of her hands, she closes her eyes and smiles at us. “I’m Ralf, and my buddy here is…” Waiting for me to respond, I wave hello to Villmersa.

“I’m Carmen.” Waving back, Villmersa just smiles warmly at both of us.

“Excellent. Please follow me, and I’ll lead you two to ‘our’ VIP lounge…” Moving away from Shaun and Kimiko, they waved goodbye to us before we saw them taking a seat on the main stage venue, probably waiting for the next girl to show up.

“Where are we going?” Ralf looked around as we passed through a red draped entryway and into a hallway. Each side of the hall had smaller draped entrances that’s seven meters apart. The faint, moaning noises of men and women alike were distracting enough, but in front of me, Villmersa purposefully swung her hips sensually with each step she took. Ralf didn’t even try to hide his interest as his eyes were glued to her shapely ass. She took notice of our stares and just giggles. There’s a lingering feeling in the back of my mind that I should just turn back, but leaving Ralf alone as well as running would probably get my ass fired from the team.

We reach the end of the hallway, greeted by two double doors. The door itself’s decorated with a dark purple velvet cover. Diamond patterns adorned the door with two, gold-colored handles to pull the door open. Inside, a stupidly large bed greets us. Styled after beds that you’d see the royal types use, it had privacy drapes, embroidered bed sheets, and the softest looking pillows I’ve ever seen. There were also two chairs right in front of the bed. Both seats were engraved intricately with red velvet cushioned seats.

Hearing the door close behind us, we turn around to find a happy Villmersa.

“Whistonia…our honored guests are here…” Her voice echoed in the room for a couple of seconds, then sounds of jewelry along with sultry laughter filled the room.

“Deary me…these men look so young…and virile…” Under the bedsheets, a purple-skinned woman emerges from the sheets. She looked similar to Villmersa in color tone, but she was shaped more like a cobra. As she stretched to wake herself up, the bedsheets covering her top falls off, revealing nipple tassels as her only cover for her otherwise bare breasts. Around her back, a large hood ornament adorned her back. With pieces of fine jewelry hanging on the edges of the hood. She also had other accessories on her like arm bracelets and necklaces.

After her stretch, she moved off the bed, showing that she’s what I thought she’d be. An Apophis. Looking down around her waist, she had more accessories along with a waistband that covered her lower crotch with a black embroidered cloth.

“Welcome honored guests.” Villmersa moved close to Whistonia before the two bowed at us.

“Ah yeah…so this is the VIP lounge? Looks more like a bedroom to me…” The more I thought about the situation I was in, the more I started to doubt my place here. I was pushed to come with Ralf due to my job, but I don’t think this is worth it.

“Indeed it is. Take a seat you two.” Villmersa said as she waved her hand towards the chairs, prompting us to sit down.

Taking the seat to the right, Ralf turned to me and nudged me on my arm.

“Dude…these chicks are fucking hot…but bro I feel a little overwhelmed here…” I know what he means. Villmersa and Whistonia are no doubt beauties in their own right. Being around them though feels incredibly debilitating. It was hard to breathe, and it’s hard to keep my focus on anything, well except for the two bewitching women in front of us.

Villmersa focused her attention on Ralf, getting on her knees as she slowly took pieces of her clothes off in front of him, whispering sweet nothings to his ear.

Meanwhile, Whistonia focused her efforts on me. With only the sounds of her soft chuckles and jewelry filling my ears, I couldn’t keep my eyes off her. She puts her hands up in the air at first, then as she slowly moves them down, she trails her fingers on her cheeks. Her right pointing finger pulling down on her bottom lip as a faint trail of saliva coats her finger. Then getting to her ample bosom, she purposefully presses her fingers on them, showing off how soft and supple they are with the way her fingers sank into her flesh. Then grabbing hold of her nipple tassels, she pulls them off, revealing her nipples. She had a sizeable areola and has inverted nipples?!. With her still moistened finger, she pokes at her right nipple, causing it to go pop out fully erect. I instinctively gulped air as her hands slid down further to her belly. Smooth and curvy, her skin must be so soft. Finally, her hands went around to where her waistband was. Taking off the band, the embroidered cloth that hid away her waist falls down on the bed. She was quick as her hand covered her crotch before I could fully see it.

“Holy shit…” I barely managed to say that in perplexment. Whistonia seemed very pleased with my words. She moves closer and closer to me. As she did, she would tease the idea of moving her hand away, giving me an intimate look at her most precious spot. I’ve seen more porn on the internet than I’m willing to admit, but this right here? This is a rare sight that makes the hardcore porn on the internet I saw as nothing, compared to being here in person. With her hand practically away from her snatch, I was on the cusp of seeing her most intimate part. My hard-on was practically painful with how much I was anticipating the si-

“Stop right there!” With a loud shout that snapped me out of my trance, my vision went dark as I felt something cold, wet, and sticky wrap around my eyes. I know this feeling…wait why is Vanessa here?!

“Oh my!” I couldn’t see anything, but I heard Villmersa speak out, sounding surprised from the sounds of it.

“What’re you doing interrupting our service?!” Whistonia, on the other hand, sounded upset as her sultry tone of voice changed to that of someone with an authoritative figure.

“Vanessa, you’re here right?! Get your sticky vine off my eyes! Are you trying to blind me?!” With a strong pull, I felt myself being pulled back until I hit something from behind. Two familiar soft mounds pressed against my back before she finally loosened her vines.

“Shut up asshole! You may as well be blind after the shit you’ve nearly pulled here!” Wiping the sticky nectar that I could off my eyes, I managed to squint and look up to faintly see Vanessa, looking at me with anger in her eyes.

“Hey, what gives Vanessa?! You interrupted our session here!” I could hear Ralf, upset about having our session interrupted.

“You shut up too, Ralf. It’s your fault that Carmen’s here in the first place!” It’s not often that Vanessa gets mad, but when she does, her tone of voice shuts nearly everyone up. Her nectar’s acidity also intensifies in relation to her mood, so with her being so upset, her nectar could probably melt raw meat in minutes.

“What are you doing interrupting our session girl?” Whistonia took a moment to glance at Vanessa before her eyes widened. “Wait…you’re one of those Earth-adapted monster girl species aren’t you?” Villmersa stood quiet in perplexment with her jaw slightly hung open.

“Yes, specifically, I’m a ‘Sundew Alraune’. And you were seducing my boyfriend just now!” Looking even more surprised, Whistonia blinked a couple of times, turning her head to Vanessa, then to me, then back to Vanessa.

“Boyfriend? I see. Well, I apologize in advance, sweetie. Seeing as how your boyfriend here Carmen came with Ralf, I assumed the two were single.” A change from the sultry tone Whistonia had up until just now, she sounded apologetic and painfully genuine. With an annoyed sigh, Vanessa just shook her head.

“No, it’s not your fault completely. It’s my fault for letting my boyfriend come with that idiot Ralf.” Hearing her retort, Ralf just looks at Vanessa angrily, to which she just stuck her red tongue out in retaliation.

“Vanessa, seriously why are you here?!” Ignoring my question, Vanessa pulled out a folder of some kind.

“Ralf, you wanted him to come here to get references for erotic poses for your eroge game project right?” Shaking her hand, the folder flops around, probably to catch his attention. “I took photos of myself for you to use as reference! They’re naked photos too!” Naked?! WHAT?! Sure she dresses like a slob at home, but I’ve never seen Vanessa naked before! The farthest we got was kissing and some light groping.

“Oh really?! Give them to me, I can refer them to Kimiko!” Absolutely not! I won’t let anyone see her naked!

“No way!” Taking the folder off Vanessa’s hand, I hug it as tight as I can on my chest. “Look..I…I’m going home! You can stay here and continue with your ‘research’ Ralf. Fire me if you want, I don’t care!” With my message clear, I grabbed Vanessa’s arm and dragged her with me. I could hear Whistonia and Villmersa apologizing one more time before we left.

“Ah, hey! I’m not done scolding you yet!” Vanessa said, but I ignored her and got into the car outside. She went in with me, and from there, the drive home was nothing but silence. I could see her occasionally peeking at me, but other than that, nothing else happened.

After getting back to the apartment, I put the folder she had on her next to me on the kitchen counter. I turn around to face Vanessa afterward. With her arms crossed and her facing away from me. I could tell she was upset.

“Okay first, how did you get there?” I wanted to know how she got to the strip club. I mean I told her the directions, but it’s still a few good miles away.

“I took a cab genius. I had some spare money.” She’s really upset, her voice strong and authoritative.

“…look…I can kind of guess why you’re upset. And to be fair, I can’t blame you. But could you have least texted or called me if that’s the case?” I seemed to have struck a nerve.

“Called you?” Pulling her arms off their crossed position, she walks towards me. With her eyebrows pointing down in annoyance, she bent her chest downwards with her right pointing finger mere inches from my face.

“You were mere moments from eating out that Apophis ladies cunt you idiot! Learn how to read the room more!” She’s usually on this upset when she’s either lost a game too many times, or she doesn’t get what she wants, so it’s rare for her to be this mad, but still. I mean she’s right about it being too close. I didn’t want to cheat on her, so she’s right.

“Okay…I get it. You did save me from doing something I could never take back. And yeah I should have left when I felt something wrong. But you didn’t have an issue with me going before! If you did, you should’ve said something!” I was trying to find excuses to defend myself, which just buried me further down the shit hole as her eyes widened with shock, then closing her eyes as I could feel the anger emanating from her body from the way she was trembling. She stood up with her hands clenched in anger.

“Really?! I know I’m your first girlfriend, but are you so incomprehensively stupid that I have to tell you what sets apart a good idea from a bad idea?!” Stupid?!

“Hey! I didn’t have a choice alright?! I told you already that I had to go, otherwise my pay would’ve either been cut or gone altogether! Do you have any idea how much we rely on my checks?! You haven’t managed to find a single job yet! So if we lose our only form of income, we’re fucked!” After catching my breath, I could see the reaction Vanessa had. Her jaw dropped with nothing to say. Her bangs grew out to cover her face as she looked down. Fuck…I think I went too far. Still, there was one more thing bothering me. Grabbing the folder she had with her, I wave it in front of her.

“And what about this then huh? I know you’re upset, but did you really have to be so petty that you took photos of yourself naked to get Ralf to leave me alone?! I haven’t seen you naked before.” I get no response from her, instead, she just pulled a stool from the kitchen counter and sat on it.

“…nothing to say huh?” I open the folder and flip through the pictures. “You had to be petty and vengeful by showing someone else you’re naked body huh? How pett-wha…” After looking at the first picture. It was a snapshot photo of me and Vanessa on our very first date in the arcade. Flipping through the next picture, it was us again at a restaurant, then another at a nature park, at home, and even some photos of just me that even I didn’t know about. “Vanessa?” I turned to look at her. The ‘dew’ on her head was very minimal, a change that only occurs when she’s either sick or is feeling sad. Her legs and thighs were wet before I noticed tears falling from her face.

“Anniversary…” Anniversary, the first words she uttered. It quickly occurred to me then that our anniversary was coming in about a week from today. One of the reasons why I was desperate to keep my job aside from rent was because I needed money to afford her gift which would’ve been a custom engraved ring made from demon ore.

“The photo’s in that folder. They contain precious memories of you in them. Each one I cherish more than any of my videogames.” When she rose her head to look at me, her bangs shortened before showing me her teary eyes. “I don’t have a job, so I can’t afford to get you anything expensive like I wanted to. So instead, I thought it’d be better to make you something sentimental. I know you’re a sap for these kinds of things, so I was planning on handing you a photo album. I was going to name it…‘My most precious memories…’.” Precious memories…is she referring to me? Holy crap…I feel like such an ass!

“When we first met at that job meet, meeting you has been the most important change in my life Calvin. Before I met you, I was heavily contemplating suicide.” What? Did she want to kill herself? I could never see her as the type to do something like that, yet here she is telling me.

“You already know about my species right? I’m a rare mutated Alraune based on the living fauna on Earth. I was born in Australia where my mom and dad had me. The human and Mamono doctors both concluded my mutation was due to the environment we lived in. Like my mom, the nectar, or ‘dew’ I produce has a sweet, honey-like taste. Unlike my mom though, I don’t have that aphrodisiac effect that Alraunes have. Instead, my nectar is acidic. Its primary function is to ensnare and melt flesh. Because of my characteristics, I scared away humans and Mamono alike from how different I was. Even other Alraunes avoided me, disgusted by my eating habits.” Getting off the stool, she walks to the fridge and pulls out a raw piece of bacon I was thawing for breakfast tomorrow. Wrapping around it with one of her vines, I watched the raw piece of bacon turn into mush as it’s soaked into her vine.

“I mean, who would want to see that?” She asked pointing at where she melted the bacon. Vanessa then sits down on the couch. I sat on one of the recliner chairs we have next to the couch. “I moved out after I graduated high school. Alone with no friends and a burden to my family, I decided to move out and live here in the states of Florida. With the money my parents gave me, I made do by just living outdoors for a while.” Did she live outside despite being given money?

“Wait, they sound like they love you because you felt like you were burdening them. Did they not give you enough money when you left?” She shook her head at my question.

“No, I had more than enough honestly to live in an apartment for a month or two. But the thing is, you need a job first, a form of income. So I had no choice but to live outside. I could’ve lived in a motel, but I didn’t want to waste my money on those when I could take advantage of my physiology. But well aside from that, I doubt any place would want to accommodate a ‘flesh-eating’ monster.” It occurred to me that every time we go out, I’d get weird stares whenever I was with Vanessa. I knew about how different she was, but I didn’t think it was to this extent.

“As I went place to place to find a job, I’d get rejected. Whether it was food service, retail, and even hard labor. Seemingly any palace I applied to rejected me because of who I was. So…seeing as how I couldn’t find a future for myself…things just got darker and darker. The job fair was my last excuse to live. If that failed, I would’ve taken my own life. I saw no reason to live if anywhere I went, I wasn’t wanted.” This is the first time she’s disclosed something this dark with me. Whenever I asked her about her past before, she’d just say that it was uneventful. From the way she acted, I never would’ve expected her to be the way she was in the past.

“Vanessa…why didn’t you tell me about this?” I got off my chair and sat next to her on the couch. Taking a piece of facial tissue from a box of it on the coffee table, I wipe the tears off her face. She turned to face me, smiling and grabbing hold of both of my hands with hers.

“Because after I met you, my past didn’t matter.” Seeing her smile at me with her wet blue eyes, I felt incredibly embarrassed at how sincere she was. My face was probably as red as a tomato. “When we first met, you approached me because you didn’t know anything about my species. Do you remember what you said to me then?” How could I forget?

“Your hair, I’ve never seen something so beautiful. The dark vines and red filaments. It makes your hair look like you have red highlights. And the dew from the tips makes it shine with the lights.” Nodding, Vanessa’s vines wrap around my arms. I could feel her cold, wet dew coat my arms. It just felt sticky to me, so she probably lowered the acidity to a safe level.

“You were terrible at starting conversations. I took it as a sarcastic joke at first and ignored you. So in your panic to make things right, you apologized right away. Usually, people apologized to me out of fear of being attacked by me. In your case, however, you meant it sincerely. I can’t recall how many times you bowed and said sorry. It got annoying sure, but it also made me a little happy that you meant it. Then after lying to you about not being able to find a job because none suited my talents, you decided to help me out. Out of pity from not having anything to give you, I offered to become your girlfriend after getting to know you for the few days you tried to help me. As we dated, I started thinking less and less of what others thought about me, and I found that each moment I spent with you along with your kindness, the darkness that had covered me started to vanish. From that time since, I saw a future for myself, something that I could strive for with all my might!”

Using her vines, she pulls my arms towards her chest. She pulled her white shirt up, revealing her bare breast. I could tell they were bigger than my hands from the glances I took, but to see them right in front of me was a right sight to behold. Her nipples were a shade of light red, like her pads. I expected them to be dark green. Regardless, she pulled my hands and pressed my palms against them. Aside from the softness, her bare skin felt different from a human’s. It felt like I was holding a plant stalk. The feeling that stood out the most though was her heartbeat. Her heart was beating so fast and hard, I could’ve sworn it resonated with my own.

“Carmen…” Turning my attention to her face, Vanessa’s smile warmed my heart. It was so sincere, her eyes glistening from her tears from earlier. The dew from the tips of her filaments created faint sparkles of light that further showed her beauty. “I love you. So much so that I couldn’t express how much I love you if I lived two lifetimes. Every photo, every moment I spend with you, It’s all priceless to me. It’s not a very good present to give you a photo album that’s really something that makes me happy, so instead of just getting to see me naked, let’s go for the full experience. I’ve never done it before but, I’ll do my best to make you forget about that Apophis woman from before.”

She was still worried about that? Honestly, I’ve forgotten what I was mad about and where I was before the moment she talked about her past. Getting to know more about Vanessa was more intriguing and fascinating to me than any sexy bimbo, in real life or the internet. Aside from that, I now feel like a total ass for not recognizing how important I was to her. I’m not used to having someone else be dependant on me. Still, it’s not an excuse for being mad at her before, even if I didn’t know the context as to why she was upset.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t realize I was that important to you.” Her vines loosened their grip, letting me pull my hands away from her chest.

“Well, it’s my fault too. As you said, I should have just said no to you going from the beginning. I figured since you literally work on a porn game and look at naked pictures of other girls online and stuff, the strip club wouldn’t be an issue. While I was gaming though, the more I thought about the idea of a Mamono run strip club, the more I realized how bad of an idea it was to leave you with that horny asshole Ralf.” I laughed at how true that was. Though by now, that asshole is probably mad at me for leaving him behind. Well, he’s got Kimiko and Shaun there, so he should be fine. Though in my case, my ass is probably gonna get canned from the team, Oh well.

“Hey, Vanessa…about that photo album gift you mentioned.” Pulling out my phone, I open my gallery and show her all the pictures I took of her. Everything from when she’s eating her meals, playing video games, or even sleeping with her mouth open. I planned to prank her with these photos, but hearing her perspective, made me reevaluate them as valuable treasures.

“Wha?! Hey, when did you take these?! I look so ugly in these!!!” She grabs the phone out of my hands and flips through all the pictures I had. Her panic quickly died down as she scrolled through more and more pictures. “My god, there’s a lot in here…” Her face turned red with embarrassment at the sheer amount of photos I have of her.

“Hehe. You’re quite the prankster at times you know? I know it’s your way of showing endearment, but it would eventually get grating to me at some point, so I had all these photos compiled, and I planned to show them to you as a slideshow file.” As if to retaliate at my words, she pins me down on the couch with her vines, keeping arms pinned by my wrists while holding my phone in front of me.

“Oh yeah? Well, now what tough guy?! Can’t use these photos if I delete them!” Shit, I’d better get to my point quickly.

“The photo album you planned.” Hearing me say photo album, Vanessa froze and stared at me. “You said it’s important to you right, even though you meant it to be my anniversary gift? Well, normally I was desperate to get paid because I wanted to get you something too.” Setting my phone down on the coffee table, she focuses her attention on me.

“I wanted to get us matching promise rings. It was going to be made out of Demon ore so that I could enchant it with magic. The enchantment I had in mind would’ve allowed us to sense if one of us was in danger. You’re important to me, so I want to have extra insurance to make sure that you’re safe, but also have a symbol we can wear as a sign of our relationship.” Vanessa stayed quiet, hiding her face again with her vines on her bangs.

“But considering I’m probably gonna get fired from the team for leaving Ralf and the others behind, I don’t think I’ll be able to afford it. I’m sorry.” Nervously laughing, I felt bad that I wouldn’t be able to give her the gift I intended for her since she had hers ready and planned.

“No, I’m the one that should be so-” Here we go, if this keeps up, we’ll keep apologizing to one another, so I forced my right arm up and closed her mouth with my hand. She’s probably distracted from me talking, so her vines pinning me down didn’t really do much to stop me from moving my arms if I really wanted them to.

“I think we’ve already established that it’s my fault. So don’t worry about it. Though with your photo album idea, I was thinking that, rather than a personal present to me, we can just use our photo’s as presents to each other, and the album as a place to put it.” Letting go of my phone, she just left her mouth slightly open with a surprised expression on her face.

“You said that the photos you had in mind were precious memories right? We’ll honestly, those photos in my phone are also timeless, so why don’t we compile both of our pictures for now and make it an album that we can both admire hmm?” I try and put on my biggest, most sincere smile, closing my eyes with what I could only imagine being a stupid-looking grin on my face.

“Don’t worry, I still plan on getting the rings for the both of us, gotta make sure that the girl of my life that depends on me is sa-” Before I could finish talking, I felt something soft pressing against my lips. I open my eyes to see Vanessa’s face planted on mine. Sneaky gal, she planted a kiss while I had my eyes closed! Wrapping her arms around my chest, she pressed herself pretty firmly against me. Between my lips, I could feel her tongue desperately trying to drill its way through my teeth and into my mouth. Even without tasting it, I could already feel the subtle acidity her saliva has on my lips. Like her dew, her saliva shares the same properties ability to melt things down. Makes sense given that she can eat with her mouth too.

Relenting, I open my mouth. Asides from her tongue, my mouth was assaulted with a sweet flavor that her saliva had. I try my best to retaliate in response by pushing my tongue against hers, but the sweet flavor of her saliva made me want to savor the flavor, pursing my lips in an attempt to suck on her tongue like candy. She in turn pressed her lips harder against mine, pushing her tongue deeper into my mouth, moving her tongue inside erratically to coat every nook and cranny of my mouth with her saliva. She pulled away from the kiss afterward, licking her lips with satisfaction written all over her face.

“This is stuff we’ve done before…but it feels different from before too.” Retracting her vines away from my arms, I wipe a small bit of droll on my lips from our kiss with my finger. I licked it to tease Vanessa, it’s sweet.

“That’s because we’re getting a bit more into it. Our kisses up until this point were other pecks on the cheek and lips, or just some deep lip kissing.” Letting go of my chest, Vanessa scootched back to give me room to sit back up.

“Look, before things get messy, why don’t we move to the bedroom huh? I need to take my clothes off, less they melt accidentally from your dew.” Puckering her lips scowling, Vanessa tried to make a cute pouting face.

“Hey! I can control the acidity of my dew you know?! I won’t melt your clothes.” Melting my clothes isn’t really the issue here.

“True, but your dew is also sticky. Though I guess at this point it doesn’t really matter.” Looking down at my body, my sleeves, chest, and legs are covered in dew. Hearing her giggle lightly, Vanessa got up first and walked towards the bedroom.

“Okay, I see your point. Let’s move this over to the bed then.” Getting inside first, I follow closely behind her. While I closed the door behind me, she jumps on the bed waiting for me to get on the bed with her.

“Hey…was that what you were working on before Ralf called you?” Looking at the top monitor I have on my 2 monitor computer set up, it was the unfinished sketch of the raunchy Alraune I was working on. “You got the proportions right and everything and her expression basically scream ‘Fuck me’ so what’s the problem?” hoping on the bed, I crawl next to her with my knees and lay on the bed with her.

“Apparently the pose has been done to death with a lot of other eroge games. I wanted to finish it anyway because once I start drawing something, I ain’t stopping until it’s done.” After a short laugh between the both of us, Vanessa turns around and stares at my face.

“Nuff chatting. Off with the shirt, pants, and underwear.” Fuck, here’s come the part I’m most nervous about…

“Uh…are you sure you want to see me naked?” Tilting her head in confusion, she smiles and laughs for a moment before grabbing hold of the bottom of my shirt. With one swift movement, she pulled my shirt up and off my body.

“Don’t be so nervous damn it! You’re the person that helped me overcome my insecurities about how I look, so you’d better do your damn best to be a good example for me!” Embarrassed, I cover my face to hide how red they must’ve been, but my arms were quickly pried apart with her vines. “Carmen, come on, I’ve seen you shirtless before, so why are you so nervous now?” It should be obvious why.

“I know but…you’re so close!” I‘ve always been on the skinny side, so I always felt insecure about my physique. I felt Vanessa’s vines rub and wrap around my chest. This is the first time I’ve felt them rubbing against my bare chest like this.

“Oh? I feel something getting hard…” Opening my eyes, I look down and see two of the tips of her vines were focused on my nipples. I could feel the little pads under her vines wave and move around.

“Ah! Vanessa, stop, that feels weird!” It was cold, wet, and sticky. Each movement of her pads pulled slightly on my nipples. Seeing my reaction, Vanessa took advantage and crawled over in front of me. “What now?!” Looking down at my pants, she let out a smile before grabbing hold of my pants zipper and pulling it down. What greeted her was my red boxers. My dick was pushing against the seams of my boxers.

“Hard already huh? Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of your dick.” Without hesitating, Vanessa slid her fingers between my boxer’s slit until I felt her fingers grab hold of my cock. With a gentle pull, she exposed my cock for her to see. “Oh?!” Fuck, I’m gonna die of embarrassment! “Calvin, you’re uncircumcised?” It’s even worse to hear it said aloud.

“Yes, I am alright?! Make fun of me if you must!” Just then, I felt her grip on my cock tighten, almost to the point where it would’ve hurt. “Gah! Hey, easy!” Vanessa scowled at me.

“Listen Calvin. I’m not the kind of person who cares about this crap alright?! You accepted me for who I am, and I’ll accept you for who you are. Have some faith in me alright?” I couldn’t say anything back to her. She did have a point. “Besides…” Looking back down at my cock, she noticed the tip of my foreskin was wet. Dipping her right pointing finger at it, she twirls her fingers around the tip. I know it wasn’t her intention to do so, but even that alone felt good.

“It’s covered in precum…probably from being aroused earlier from that Apophis woman!” She sounded slightly annoyed. She got up and smiled at me before the vines she had on my chest stopped moving. “Calvin, since I stripped you down, you get to strip me down in return. So come on.” Sitting up, she smiled and placed her hands above her chest.

“Got it.” Sitting up, I nervously gulp in anticipation. I’ve already seen her boobs, but to actually be the one to strip her. I grab the bottom of her shirt. With a smile on her face, she raises her arms up so I can pull off her shirt easier. Once it was off, her boobs gave a slight bounce as I pulled her shirt off. Setting her shirt down, I stare at her boobs for a bit, my hands slowly creeping up to touch them.

“…I didn’t think looking at them would be so mesmerizing for you…it’s actually kind of embarrassing.” Vanessa was unusually embarrassed this time around. Her face is almost as red as her nipples.

“Sorry about that. I mean I saw them earlier when you let me touch them. But I’m getting a more intimate, closer look at them now that I’m not caught off guard…” Grabbing both tits, I move my hands in a circular motion inwards, taking the time to feel and lightly press against her soft chest.

“He-hey! You can play with them all you want later. You still have to undress me here too!” Vanessa pulled my hands off her chest with her vines. She leans her crotch forward, showing me the jeans she was wearing. “Hurry up…” Nodding, I reach down and undo her belt and the buttons on the jeans. After pulling it down, Vanessa took a moment to pulls the rest of it off her legs, tossing it off the bed before leaning her crotch forward to me. Like before, she was wearing her blue panties in front of me.

“I don’t get it, you walk around in the apartment with nothing but your shirt and panties. Now all of a sudden, you’re embarrassed to even show me now?” Vanessa looked down at me. Her face was as red as a tomato.

“Like I said, It’s different because you’re staring so close and intently at me alright?! Just hurry up and pull them down!” I smiled and did as she asked. With my hands on both sides of her hips, I grab her blue panties and slowly pull them down. A trail of her love juice stretches from where her pussy to her panties were, breaking off after pulling it down to where her midthigh is. Moving her legs so that I could pull the panties all the way off, she sat back up to show me her pussy.

“So this is what your bare pussy looks like.” Like her pads on her vines and her nipples, her pussy lips were red in color. Spreading them open with my fingers, her love juices were thicker than I expected, sticking to my fingers. “Wait…so Vanessa, does your pussy juice have similar properties to the dew on your hair and saliva?” I could see her hesitating for a bit, but she eventually nodded to me.

“I’m an Alraune after all, so nearly all of my bodily fluids from sweat, saliva, sexual fluids, and even my nipples can secrete the same dew that’s on my vines.” Even her nipples huh? I got to try that out later, for now though. “How much longer are you going to sta-AAARE?!?!” Surprising her, I push my tongue deep inside her pussy, licking in every direction my tongue could reach. “You asshole!” She put her hands on top of my head to try and push me off, in response, I pushed my mouth deeper into her pussy until my lips were practically kissing her folds. “KYAAHH!!!” Her grip weakened from that attack just now. Her hands are still on my head, but I can feel them shaking wildly.

“Mmmmlaahh…” Gasping between eating her out, her pussy juice tasted slighter sweeter compared to the dew on her hair. I wonder if the dew that comes out of her nipples is even sweeter. After a few more licks, I pulled my mouth off her pussy. A mix of my saliva and her pussy juice created a trail that stained the bed below. Kind of gross really, but at this point, I don’t care.

“…Calvin…that’s not fair…” I giggled at her as her before she sat on her ass, gasping loudly to catch her breath. “…take off the rest of your pants…” Right, I still have my pants and boxers on. “Take them off or I’m melting them off!” Oh crap! That took me by surprise.

“Okay, give me a second!” I undo my belt and pull the rest of my pants and boxers off. Setting them aside, I sit down on my ass butt naked along with Vanessa. My dick standing hard and ready for whatever comes next.

“You got carried away earlier you ass. You were just supposed to strip me, then we’d decide on how we’d approach foreplay. Then you go and play with my nipples and eat me out!” The hell? She played with my nipples and dick though!

“What’re you talking about?! You played with my nipples too you know! You also played with my dick too with your finger from earlier!” Vanessa blushed and turned her face away from me. She knows damn well that she’s in no position to complain.

“…alright fine…but.” I couldn’t see her face all the way, but I could see a smile creep from the corner of her face. “I did want to try something kinky with you, so let’s see what kind of reaction you’ll give me when I do this.” I felt something cold wrap around the base of my cock, looking down, I saw one of her vines wrap around it.

“Co-cold!” I felt a chill run down my spine from how cold her dew was. With a satisfied grin, she turns to face me again and leans forward, pushing my back on the bed, my head resting on the pillows below.

“Don’t worry, a bit of friction will heat things up.” While putting her left hand on my ballsack and pulling the back of my head forward to her lips with her right, she starts kissing me, playing with my balls, and stroking me with her vine all at the same time! And she said I was being unfair!

“Muwaahh…I’m gonna get my revenge for what you did earlier, so get ready!” going back to her kiss, she’s more aggressive with her kiss compared to the first time, pushing her tongue through my lips and into my mouth to meet my own tongue. Her sweet tongue along with her hot breath filling my lungs made me feel lightheaded.

Her left hand gently played with my balls. But the feeling that was the most intense, however, was her sticky vine on my cock. Starting with the base, her sticky pads would lightly tug and pull on my skin along with her stroking. Then around the tip, she rubbed the exposed part of my glands with her sticky pads. Opening her eyes slightly, she pulls away from our kiss for a moment.

“The way your breathing and moaning is really cute. I wonder what else I can do to make you moan?” Suddenly, I felt her vine push harder on the tip of my cock. “I want to feel your tip directly…” In one swift motion, her vine slipped inside between my foreskin and glands, coiling her sticky dew-covered buds on the tip.

“Wah?! NO!!!” Grabbing a hold of my cock with her left hand, she tugged on the base to expose my tip. Covered with her sticky pads, each slight movement pulled against my sensitive skin, causing a strange sensation. The buildup of heat from my dick made the sticky sensations feel less intense and more relaxing.

“Feels good right? Let me take it up a step…” Gently resting my head against the pillow below my head, Vanessa crawled on the bed until she was directly in front of me. Going down on all fours, she moves her head down close to my dick. “Let me get a little taste of you…” Sticking her tongue out, her vine and sticky pads made a small room for the tip of her tongue, ready to lick at the very tip.

“Vanessa…if you use your tongue, I don’t think I’ll be able to-” Cutting me off midsentence, a spark of pleasure radiated through my body as she gently pushed the tip of her tongue against my urethral opening, using the sticky pads on her vine to rub the head and back neck of my dick. All of that sensations at once along with her teasing pushed me to the edge.

“I’m cumming Vanessa!” I saw Vanessa’s eyes widen a little, opening her mouth just enough to suck the tip of my dick inside her mouth. Sucking hard while flicking her tongue up and down, I shoot my load inside her mouth.

Narrowing her lips, she pulls out with a pop. Smiling at me, she opens her mouth slightly to show me the cum I shot inside her mouth.

“Uh…” I wanted to say something, but she just closed her mouth and swallowed it in front of me. It’s kind of gross, but erotic too with how she didn’t even hesitate to swallow.

“Ehehe…I was a bit hesitant on whether or not I should have spat it out or just let it cover me. It doesn’t taste as bad as I thought it would, though that may just be my own dead taste buds.” Leaning forward, nearly all of her vines start to creep and wrap around my body, covering me in sticky dew.

“Don’t worry about it. Can’t you melt the stuff away anyways?” Her species evolved to specialize in melting away flesh, so her taste buds in particular are dull in comparison to other Alraunes.

“You know, you said earlier that you could basically lactate right? Why don’t I see if I can make you lactate?” Vanessa blushed lightly but nodded without saying anything. Crawling on top of me, her boobs hang down right on top of me like two succulent fruits, ready to be devoured. “Time to eat!” Leaning up, I latch onto her right tit and start sucking on her nipples.

“Aaahhh…Calvin…” Flicking the tip of my tongue on her nipples, I could taste a subtly sweet flavor with each flick from the tips and areola of her nipple. I look over to her jiggling left tit, grabbing it with my left hand and squeezing it with my hand. “Ah, not the other one too!” I could feel her arms wiggling, struggling to keep herself up, so I pushed her up with me and sat up. I pulled on her back tightly with my right arm while pressing my lips even harder against her tit as we’re now sitting up.

“I can’t really tell with what little’s coming out but…I think your tittie milk is slightly sweeter.” I look up for a moment as her eyes locked with mine. She turned her head away to hide her obviously red face.

“I don’t lactate milk asshole! It’s nect-AAAARR!!!” Nectar? Just as I was sucking and licking, a near overwhelmingly sweet taste fills my tongue. Pulling my mouth off, her nipples were leaking a lightly cloudy white nectar. My left hand is also left covered in the stuff, letting go of her left tit while I lick the nectar off my fingers. “As far as I can tell, the nectar I produce from my breast is a lot sweeter than the dewdrops I produce from the pads on my vines and even my saliva and vaginal secretions. I’m not really sure why it’s different, but I first found out about it whenever I played with myself…” Does she mean masturbating?

“Wait, you’ve been masturbating behind my back?” Turning her head to look back at me, she looks like she’s on the verge of passing out before nodding.

“Considering the line of work you decided to follow, it’s only natural that I get curious alright?” I guess that’s fair, just as how I’m working and looking at porno of other human girls and Monster girls, Vanessa must be flicking the bean with the same things.

“Imagining myself being fucked by you in every naughty position and situation…it made me horny just thinking about it!” Imagining? Is she fantasizing about being fucked in all those different ways, with me?! “I just couldn’t help it you-” While she was talking, I grab her butt and pull her waist closer against mine.

“Can you feel it Vanessa?” Confused as she looked at me, she looked down and realized that my throbbing cock’s twitching, hitting against her vaginal lips. “I’m ready to go for the real thing if you are?” Smiling, Vanessa nodded and raised her hips up slightly, positioning her pussy just above my cock.

“This is it…you ready?” Instead of responding, I grab her butt again and pushed her down. In one swift movement, I felt a hot, sticky sensation envelop my cock from root to tip. “KYAAHHH! Calvin! That’s mean! You’re supposed to do it nice and slow!” Making a pouting face, I laughed a little in amusement.

“Sorry. It’s just that I’m so happy that you’re thinking about me when masturbating. But considering the mess you’d be making, where have you been doing it? I can’t imagine the bedroom or the sheets would always be in the wash.” I tried to interrogate her, really just to see if she’s willing to divulge everything now that we’ve gone this face.

“Ah…well, I…I did it in the bathtub alright? That way I can always just wash the stuff away with hot water!” In the bathtub huh? So that’s why the bathroom smells so sweet sometimes. “You’ve been a real ass taking advantage of the situation Calvin. Don’t think you’ll be the one on top for long!” Vanessa started to buck her hips up and down quickly. She’s wasting no time!

“Oh craooaaap!!! Your pussy’s clinging really tightly to my cock along with your sticky dew!” Her love juices’ stickiness just adds to the push and pull of each thrust. The vines wrapped around me start rubbing against my skin in a milking motion too, her pads tickling my body all over. “No fair! I can’t fight against this!” It’s too much. No matter where I focus my attention, every part of me is feeling good and sticky. I have to retaliate somehow!

“Alright then, how about this?!” I grab her jiggling wet tits and grope the one on the right and suck on the left this time, causing her to arch her back in pleasure. This didn’t slow her down though as she kept bouncing up and down harder and harder on me.

“Hehe, I won’t back down this time!” With a slight push, I’m forced back on the bed with her. Careful with her movements, Vanessa slides her body forward and backward, pushing my cock as deep as it could go with each push. Meanwhile, the sweetness of her nectar from her boobs is making it hard to think straight. Maybe her boobie nectar contains an aphrodisiac effect after all…or maybe it’s just too damn sweet!

“Calvin, I’m gonna cum soon!” Not a moment too soon. The sweetness from her tit nectar was strong enough to distract me from my imminent ejaculation.

“Va…Vanessa wait!” Vanessa stops all her movements, from her body and even her vines.

“I haven’t had a chance to say it yet.” With her attention at me, I smiled at her as best I could. “I love you, Vanessa. My days as a single lonely programmer came to an end when you came into my life. Sure you’re a bit of a slob, petty-minded, and nosey. But you’re also the only girl for me that’ll tolerate the shit I do like making lewd porn games or my childish antics of collecting anime figures and toys. Point is, being with you sparked joy in my life in ways I didn’t think possible. So let’s make sure we spread that joy…you know…to when we have kids…” I’m not so sure if we could even have kids, let alone afford them. Didn’t seem to matter to Vanessa though, seeing her eyes tear up.

“Really? You’ll make me a mommy? Let’s do it then!” Using her vines and body, she flips us over on the bed so that I’d be on top and she’d be on the bottom. Her vines weakened their grip slightly, allowing me to sit up. With her hands wrapped around the back of my neck, she pulls me down real quick and whispers to my right ear.

“I want you to fill me up with cum…so much that our bed sheets will stink of sweet-smelling cum no matter how much we wash them.” This girl…

“AAAHHH!!!” Screaming out like an idiot, I start slamming my hips hard against her pussy, thrusting as hard and deep as I could inside of her. With each tug and pull from her sticky pussy, a mind-numbingly sensation filled my body. I could barely manage to keep my legs from wobbling. It didn’t take long for my rising ejaculation to rise up. I move my head up and kiss her one last time, sucking and licking each other’s tongues before cumming together. Cum and sticky pussy juices stain the sheets below as before finally laying limp on top of her.

“I can’t recall the last time I came that hard. Probably the hardest I’ve done so…” Beneath our labored breaths, I could see Vanessa lightly smiling at me.

“Me too. Using my fingers or vines is nothing compared to getting dicked.” Wrapping her arms around my back, she rubs her cheeks against mine. “Let’s keep fucking every day until we make a baby okay?” It was more of a spur-of-the-moment kind of deal, but seeing how happy she was at the idea, I had no choice but to take what I said seriously.

“Deal, but we both got to find a job okay? I’ll most likely be fired from my job, so we’ll go job hunting together starting tomorrow.” Vanessa frowned a little when I mentioned that. Is she still afraid of what people will say to her?

“I’m sorry again. It’s my fault that you’ll probably get fired…” Oh…that’s what she’s worried about.

“Hey don’t worry about it. There’s plenty of demand for graphic designers and programmers for me out there.” I reach my right hand up and on top of her head, rubbing her hair vines. “We’ll be fine.” After seeing her smile, I closed my eyes before falling asleep not long after.

Just before I fell asleep, I heard Vanessa whisper to me.

“I’ll say it again, I love Carmen…”


“And…done…” Waking up bright and early…or should I say the definition of what we consider bright and early, I finished up the Alraune drawing. This time, I added some vines covered in sap as well as her body covered in said nectar to add to the eroticism of the work. While it seems pointless, I can’t just let a project I worked on unfinished.

“Oh for the love of…INK THE DAMN TURF YOU MORONS!!!” Meanwhile, Vanessa’s out in the living room playing a game, upset at her usual idiot random teammates she’s often stuck with. Must’ve lost that match. Not too long after, I hear the bedroom door open and see her walking, wearing only a black shirt and pink panties this time. “I need a break…” She said before walking next to me.

“Sounds like you do.” Vanessa takes a look at my art, resting her pointing finger and thumb on her chin.

“Wow, this looks great. Had a spark of inspiration did you?” With a snarky grin, she knew exactly what she was referring to.

“Yes, yes I did. Though now I guess it’s pointless seeing as how I’m-” Suddenly, my phone started ringing with an all too familiar ringtone. “That ringtone…it’s Ralf.” I pick up the phone and answered. “Hello?”

“Oh thank god you answered.” It’s Ralf alright, though his voice sounded raspy like he was tired or something.

“Ralf? I was under the impression that with what happened yesterday, I’d be fired.” It took a couple of seconds for him to respond. All I could hear while waiting was heavy breathing. Was he jogging or something?

“About that man, look it’s my fault for bringing you there anyway, so there’s no reason why I should fire you.” Huh…so I get to keep my job. “Look, Kimiko and Shaun, they left the team.”

“What? Why would they leave?” Kimiko helped carry some of the load when it came to illustrations, but Shaun was the only music composer.

“Well because…when we headed to ‘Sexotic Galla’ last night, I guess the two go real busy that night and well, found some other purpose of some sort. Something about spreading the word of Fallen God or some shit, I don’t know. The point is they don’t work with us anymore.” He sounded annoyed at whatever those two did.

“So listen, I really, REALLY need you to stay on the team for the time being alright? This game HAS to be released on the deadline. Otherwise, I’m gonna get the boot. I’ll ask the boss on high to see about a pay raise for the trouble.” Pay raise?! Shit, I definitely need that.

“A pay raise huh? Alright…but I take it you want me to double down on the illustrations…” It took him another few seconds to respond, this time I swear I could hear moaning in the background.

“If you can do them faster then yeah that’d be great! Okay well, I got to go for now. I’ll worry about the music composer later. Thanks for sticking with us.” Listening carefully, I was able to make out another voice in the background.

“Are you done with your call sweetie? Let’s get back to some carnal fun…” With an excited giggle, I heard one more thing come out of Ralf’s mouth.

“Yes, mistress!” He then hung up. If I had to guess, Villmersa hit it off with Ralf.

“Hey, so what did Ralf want?” Vanessa shook me off my thoughts as she was now lying on the bed.

“Oh, well good news is, I’m not getting fired. In fact, he said he’d get me a pay raise if I stayed with the team. Though part of the reason why he gave me the pay raise was that Kimiko and Shaun left the team.” Vanessa’s face lit up with excitement, clapping her hands together.

“That’s great! But…that means you won’t be going job hunting with me…” Pouting, I get on the bed with her and kiss her on the cheek.

“Don’t get all pouty. I’ll still go with you to your job meetings alright? I’ll be cheering you on. In return, I hope you’ll be cheering me on when I start with the illustrations again.” Wrapping her vine around my wrist, she moves my hand over to her chest.

“I know you can do it. You can draw pretty well and quickly when you need to. As for you’re reference, we’ll be fucking plenty of times, so you’re bound to get ideas out of those.” Right, we’re also striving for kids now. With a quick peck on each other’s lips, we decided to have a little fun before getting ready for our new life goals.

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