A Man and His Hellhound

The wind blew across the mountains and through the forest surrounding the manor, carrying with it all the scents of verdant greens, mountainous whites and the faint azure of the lake, dancing and twisting gaily through the air with all the careless joy only something which is purely of nature can know, before finally blowing past Diedrich, who sat in his hand carved chair he loved so much on the castle’s veranda, ruffling his soft blond hair and leafing through the pages of the large tome in his hands. Diedrich smiled and took a deep breath of the aromatic breeze, allowing the comforting scents to calm his mind and fill his heart, before turning his head back to the book, his eyes drinking in every word as they scanned rapidly across the rare writings of some of the greatest spell casters and monster experts that had ever lived. The portions of the monster experts he did not care about overly much – he had enough experience dealing with monster girls as it was, given his companionship in the manor and all the various monsters and monster girls inhabiting the surrounding forest – but the sheer detail and breadth of spells, spells that not even he had ever heard of, mind you, was utterly, truly fascinating.

Technically, Diedrich was a monster, but one of a very different kind than what would readily come to mind when one thought of monsters. He had no claws, no wings, no venom. As a matter of fact, if one were to only look at him for a short period of time, like out of the corner of their eye or saw his reflection in a pond, they would surely assume he was just an ordinary, if exceptionally handsome, human man. But this illusion would be swept aside should said person choose to speak with him for any length of time. His appearance would not change, he would still be a tall, very well built and muscled man with chiselled features, naturally pale skin the complexion of the winter’s snow, ice blue eyes that seemed as though they could freeze your very soul, and nearly shoulder length blond locks that looked as if they had been formed by golden thread, but his very presence would change. No matter what the human tried, they wouldn’t be able to get around the fact that it seemed as though he was simply other, from the way he moved far too gracefully, to the way his laugh was utterly and distinctly nonhuman, to the way he spoke of ancient history as though it were yesterday, recounting details so minute it wasn’t possible he could have read them somewhere. If humans were water, he was ethanol: visually identical, yet fundamentally different in every other aspect.

The sun was at it’s zenith in the sky, a great golden orb framed by the bluest of skies shining down on the greys and greens of the mountainous forest, accompanied by trills of bird calls and the various noises that monsters seem to never tire of making. In short, it was a perfect day for reading. A perfect day for reading that would never be fulfilled, as just as Diedrich was getting truly mesmerized with a passage about a spell to turn light tangible, he heard the telltale soft padding sound of bare paws against the varnished wood floor of Beatrix walking towards him. Diedrich sighed softly, knowing that the time for reading was now gone. He didn’t, however, look up from his book. He merely kept poring over the large tome, all the while the steps that somehow managed to be both heavy and soft at once came closer and closer. In no time at all, the great hellhound that was Beatrix was directly behind his chair. Or perhaps, towering over the chair would be the better word for it, as Beatrix stood at seven feet tall, not including her large ears of course. She leaned over the back of the chair, resting her massive breasts against the top of his head, a feeling he was neither unfamiliar with nor dissatisfied by. She never wore clothes, much like every other monster girl, so he could directly feel her soft, black breasts press down against him.

“Hey, Diedrich,” she said, her voice husky and alluring by default. “What’re ya doing?’

“I’m doing what most people do when they look at a book. Reading,” he responded, not once moving his eyes from his book, not even when she began coiling her fluffy tail around his body, thick fur of the deepest crimson at the tip fading away to fur so pitch it seemed to outright absorb the light around it in an attempt to be the only thing noticed. The sarcasm in his voice was as thick and heavy as syrup, but there was no anger or annoyance in it. Though he complained about her somewhat regularly, often lamenting her overly rambunctious attitude or her hyperactive libido inhibiting his work (albeit this complaint occurring far, far fewer than the former), he truly did care for her, to the point he truly couldn’t imagine living here without her.

“Nope. Wrong, that’s not what you’re doing,” Beatrix retorted. Somewhat confused, Diedrich finally looked up from his book, turning his head up to look at her gorgeous face beyond her massive breasts, his view going from one of the beauty of nature to a natural beauty. He knew which he preferred without a shadow of a doubt. He arched an eyebrow at her, but in the eyes beneath was a glimmer of excitement. “Oh? Then what am I doing?”

Beatrix smiled, a hungry, wolfish grin that showed off her pearly white sharp teeth that contrasted with her full black lips beautifully. She reached down, one powerful hand gripping him on either side, before she lifted him up off of the chair and placed him standing in front of her. With the great claws that sprouted from each finger, she tore off the plain brown robe he was wearing, being careful not to scratch him as she did so, revealing the body she loved so much. They simply stood there and stared at each other for a moment, each one entirely entranced with their lover’s naked form. Beatrix was, in many ways, a typical Hellhound. She stood at a colossal seven feet tall, so that she always towered over the six feet tall Diedrich, but he didn’t mind that one bit. As far as he was concerned, it just meant there was more of her for him to have fun with. Her face rivalled that of any goddess, with her pronounced cheekbones, full lips that seemed to beckon all who saw them, her adorable button nose and her sultry eyes, framed by two long licks of orange and scarlet flame that somehow only made her sexier. Her skin was the most beautiful shade of smoky ebony, which only enhanced her beauty and emphasized the natural curves of her sensuous body. Atop her head was her thick, luscious black hair as soft as silk that went all the way down to the small of her back. From within this, at the very top of her head, sprouted her two fluffy canine ears, twitching every so often from the warm air blowing across the veranda. This, however, was where the similarities with the rest of her kind stopped. The vast majority of Hellhound’s have a very similar body type: slender and lithe, their curves more streamlined and their muscles, while still immensely strong, were scarcely visible beneath their skin. Beatrix, however, defied all of those standards. Her stomach was shredded, rock hard abs in full prominence, the steel-like muscle somehow managing to be both firm and yet soft. Above these rested her enormous breasts: gravity defying and perfectly formed, each tipped with a sweet black nipple. Her arms were very strong, cords of steel-like muscle writhing beneath the soft skin with every movement, yet most of this was covered by the smooth fur that covered nearly all of her arms, the downy black fur slowly turning a mauve colour leading down to her hands; large and similarly covered with soft hair, each finger tipped with a wickedly sharp purple claw that could rend a human warrior with a single swipe. The point where fur met skin was topped with massive tufts of the same mauve fur, looking almost like feathers and framing the toned muscles of her upper arm. Her legs were likewise framed by this soft hair, albeit the hair began just above the knees whereas the hair on the arms began around mid bicep, and ended with sharp claws, but there was not a man alive who would notice that before they noticed how full and voluptuous her thighs were: muscular and toned, yet soft and sleek at the same time. This came as no surprise, given how wide and sumptuous her hips were, which naturally caused her ass to be perfect, round globes that had made men around the world drool. Above her rump was her fluffy tail, far longer than the rest of her kin, the midnight black of it slowly blending into a deep scarlet of sunset the closer you got to it’s tip. In short, she was the perfect monster girl milf.

Beatrix was just as enraptured with Diedrich’s naked body. Though he looked nearly identical to the ideal human, he was in fact an Incubus, and as such there were some glaringly obvious differences between him and a human male. His cock was huge to the point that if he were to lay with a human woman, there was a real danger of him actually killing her: it was fifteen inches long and four inches wide, the entire surface lined with thick veins and topped with a large, bulbous head. While there was danger to normal human girls should they mate with him, he was perfectly sized for Beatrix, whose physiology was fundamentally different from those weak humans. Hanging below his cock was a massive set of balls, full and alluring, that Beatrix loved to suck on from time to time. The rest of his body was more human in appearance, though so perfectly muscular and toned it seemed as though he was sculpted by the gods themselves for Beatrix’s benefit.

Bea leaned in towards her mate, bringing her face close enough to his that he could smell the sweetness and fire of her breath as she spoke. “You’re not reading,” she repeated, her hot breath caressing his face. “What you’re doing right now is fucking me silly and filling me up. You’re gonna give me pups.” Her words made Diedrich aroused beyond belief, his cock rapidly stiffening until it was sticking straight out and nudging against her thick thighs. They simply stared at each other for a moment, each waiting for the other to make the first move. Then, without warning, they both pounced on each other, falling to the ground together and wrestling on the ground, each fighting to be the one on top. To them, the sex itself was only part of the fun. The other part was the game they played, each one constantly trying to assert their dominance, to be the one in charge, to be the one to make the other orgasm first. Of course, such a thing would be fundamentally impossible if their partner were anyone else, particularly for Beatrix. Hellhound’s were instinctively inclined to dominate their partners, using their mates however and whenever they wish, and given that Hellhounds were some of the strongest monster girls around, combined with the fact that being dominated by a Hellhound was often said to be the greatest bliss one could feel, their partners often couldn’t or, more commonly, wouldn’t even try to fight back. Diedrich, however, was an incubus, a monster often speculated to have been created to be the ideal partner for monster girls, and though he wasn’t quite as strong nor as tall as she, he could more than put up a fight. And so they rolled across the floor together for a while, each one temporarily gaining the upper hand before being dragged back down by the other, both of them laughing out in joy as they did so. But, as these things must, one of them finally won out. Beatrix let out a triumphant cry as she pinned Diedrich below her, her hips straddling his and her claws pinning his arms next to his head by his biceps. His massive cock was sandwiched between her plump ass cheeks, and without lifting her hands from his arms she lifted and shifted her hips so that his rod was lined up with her tight pussy. She leaned her head down and bit down slightly on his ear, not hard enough to draw blood but enough to stimulate as she backed down onto his shaft, moaning softly as his bulbous head stretched out her pussy. He moaned as well, in heaven as he felt her warm and tight snatch clamping down on his tip. She smiled down at him and, with one great thrust of her hips, slammed herself all the way down on his cock, her mouth forming an O as she felt his cock fill her up. A bestial growl escaping her lips, she started bouncing up and down on his cock, huge ass bouncing and jiggling as she rode him hard and fast, the loud smacking sound of her ass slapping against his hips resounding through the entire manor. Diedrich was in ecstasy, but it was an ecstasy he could handle, and he wasn’t about to let her just bounce on him and do all the work. He started thrusting his hips in time with her, matching her pace and effectively doubling the speed with which they were thrusting in to each other. Bea’s eyes went wider from this, the onrush of increased pleasure hitting her without warning, and made her slack up on her grip. He wrested his arms from her grip and put his hands on her wide hips, using it as leverage to slam her down harder on him. She noticed his sly tactics but let it slide, figuring she already had the upper hand and could make sure she kept it without restricting his arms. She lowered her upper body towards his as they thrusted, her height advantage allowing her to press her beloved boobs directly into his face. She knew how much he loved her tits, and knew that smothering him in them would get him off immensely, his thrusting picking up pace. She grinned, a victorious smile as she knew she had won. He’s gonna cum first, she thought. I’ve won. But Diedrich had other plans.

He loved the feeling of the breasts against his face, of their softness and their squishiness surrounding his face. In fact, he loved it too much. He could feel himself unintentionally increasing his pace, bringing himself closer to orgasm. But he had a secret weapon, a way to turn the tables, that would put him on top. He inched his hands away from her hips and onto her plush ass, an act Beatrix was a big fan of. She loved it when people played with her ass. Lifting his hands up, he slapped them down hard on her ass, making her yelp out in both pain and pleasure. She’d been expecting that. Diedrich loved to spank her ass, and she loved when he did it, the pain and pleasure forming a unique cocktail of bliss that floods her brain. What she wasn’t expecting, however, was for him to quickly and roughly grab her by the base of her tail. She let out a startled gasp riddled with pleasure, her eyes nearly bugging out of her skull as she came immediately, her hips bucking wildly and her body convulsing with pleasure as she squirted all over him. Diedrich was sent over the edge as well, her tight pussy clamping down and convulsing on his cock as though it was milking it making him shoot his seed deep in her pussy, filling her with his hot, sticky seed. They both let out satisfied sighs at the same time. But they were far from done. As an Incubus, Diedrich’s stamina was exceptional, and he remained hard even after cumming so much. Beatrix pouted at him, the expression on her face looking both cute and sexy at the same time.

“That’s not fair, Diedrich,” she complained. “You cheated, it doesn’t count.” As she pouted, she put her guard down, not expecting him to go on the attack just yet. Diedrich took advantage of the situation and jumped at her, pushing her off his cock with a wet plop and forcing her onto her back. She let out a startled cry, which turned into a lusty moan as Diedrich pushed her long legs back towards her head, exposing both of her holes for him. Diedrich said nothing, just looked into her face and enjoyed the change in expression when he lined his cock up against her tight ass hole, her expression going from aroused to outright being in heat. Beatrix loved ass play, and Diedrich taking charge and ramming her ass was so hot she could barely handle it. He didn’t bother putting on any other lube, as his cock was still slick with her pussy juices. His hands on her perfect thighs, he pushed his dick against her tight hole, his cock head pressing harder and harder against her until, with a pop, the head broke through and spread her ass apart. A deep moan escaped her lips, the feeling of her ass being stretched open making her pussy gush wildly, streaming down and lubricating his cock further. He thought of going slow, but he didn’t think about it for very long. He knew exactly what both of them wanted, and it certainly wasn’t a slow, steady lovemaking session. So, using her spread out thighs as leverage, he thrust in his entire length at once, tunnelling deep inside her bowels as he bottomed out in one go. Beatrix opened her mouth in a soundless scream of joy, her back arching from the pleasure as he rammed deep inside of her. He was so large and so far into her that he could see the outline of her cock in her lower stomach, the muscles bulging outwards in the shape of his cock as he rammed his cock into her. He wanted to moan too, the feeling of her ass, even tighter than her already tight pussy, clamping down on his entire cock with a hot, vice-like grip was beyond description. He pulled his cock nearly all the way out, until only the head remained inside, only to slam it all the way back in. He did this over and over, making her squeal in pleasure with each thrust, his heavy balls slapping against her ass with each thrust. Every thrust brought her closer and closer to having an anal only orgasm, the flames surrounding her eyes flaring up in time with the thrusts. Diedrich thrust in faster and faster, until his movements were a blur, shoving his entire cock in and out with each movement, punctuating each one with a harsh grunt. Beatrix’s body was rocked back and forth constantly from the harsh movements, her tits aggressively bouncing and jiggling up and down, the massive pillowy breasts flying all over the place in a beautiful dance. Diedrich removed his hands from her thighs and clamped his hands down tightly on her huge tits, roughly groping them as he fucked. He dug his fingers in and massaged them, pinching and playing with her dark nipples as he thrusted. Her tongue was hanging out of her tongue, unable to contain her pleasure in any way, the long wet tongue bouncing up and down in time with the thrusts, her eyes nearly rolled back into her head. They were both building up to their climax at the same time, the pleasure overwhelming both of them. They looked into each others eyes and knew that the other was close. He leaned over so that he was practically lying on top of her as he fucked her warm ass and nibbled on her neck. Beatrix came again, her pussy convulsing and writhing on him as she screamed out, not bothering to try to keep quiet. Not only did she have no modesty at any rate, the only ones who could hear them were the mindless golems who cared for the manor, as well as any monster girls who had wandered too close to their property. Diedrich was brought over the edge this time, and just as he started cumming, Beatrix wrapped her fluffy tail around his waist and pulled him in, using it’s tensile strength to get him as deep inside her ass as he could possibly get as he came even more than he had before, the immense tidal wave of cum filling her ass with it’s sticky hot goodness, with his cock being the only reason it didn’t come pouring out. He pulled his cock out of her ass and sat back down on the floor, panting and sweating from the rigorous exercise. The cork that was his cock no longer stopping up her ass, torrents of cum began leaking out of her ass, the white sticky goo running down her crack and pooling against the floor. Both of them breathing hard and smiling, they looked at each other from where they sat, and nodded once. “It’s a tie,” they both said simultaneously.

Once again they pounced on each other, only this time it was different. Instead of wrestling each other to the ground to assert their dominance, they met in the middle and pressed their lips against each other, a kiss of incredible warmth and fiery passion. Diedrich wrapped his arms around the small of her back and pulled her over so that she was resting in his lap, Beatrix’s hands firmly planted on the back of his head, her claws twirling his hair gently as they smashed their lips against each other, their love for each other made evident by that kiss, in the way they stole each other’s breath away, in the way he held her as though he never planned to let her go, in the way she seemed to all but melt into his arms, in the way she wrapped her tail around the both of them, holding them together. Her tits pressed up against him as they held each other close, her rock hard nipples rubbing against his body. The kiss continued, increasing in hunger and intensity, their lips rapidly mashing against each other, their tongues wrapping and twirling against each other in a dance of saliva and love, his smaller tongue tasting and exploring her large, rough one and vice versa. One of Diedrich’s hands wandered away from her back, down past her fluffy tail and over to her shapely ass, squeezing it lightly. Beatrix moved her hands away from his head to place them on his chest, the soft fur of her hands pressing softly against the hard muscles coiled beneath his skin, while her claws carefully traced across his body.

Inevitably, from all the stimulation, Diedrich became hard once more, his thick member spring up and hitting Beatrix in the stomach, a combination of precum and her ass juices smearing against her dark skin. Beatrix broke off the kiss, a strand of saliva connecting them before finally breaking away, and she looked down at his member, still glistening from their oh so recent sexual escapades. She licked her lips at the sight of it, an action that let Diedrich knew they were far from done.

“Well, look at how dirty we’ve gotten your beautiful penis,” she exclaimed, her husky voice practically symbolizing sex itself in his mind. “Don’t worry. I’ll clean it up for you.” She backed away off of his lap and slowly lowered herself down to his cock, her eyes never once leaving his. Her face level to his juices drenched cock, she took in a deep breath, the musk of his manliness combined with the scent of her juices going straight to her brain, making her pussy gush and her mind focus on his cock. Right now, he was the only thing in the universe, and she needed him. Needed to taste him. Her long tongue stretching out, she gave him one long lick, from the base of his cock to the tip of his head. The taste of both of her holes mingled with the taste of his cock on her tongue, creating an entirely new, entirely unique flavour that drove her senses wild. She needed more, and she needed more now. Her eyes locked with his the entire time, she opened her mouth wide and took half his cock down her throat with one gulp, taking care not to scratch his rod with her sharp teeth, her throat distending slightly from the sudden intrusion. Pleasure flooded both of their brains like a tidal wave: Diedrich from the feeling of his beloved’s warm, talented throat wrapping around his cock, expertly manipulating her neck muscles to rapidly constrict and expand around his cock, effectively milking him with her throat; Beatrix from both the sight of Diedrich’s face twisting into an expression of true bliss, as well as from the sudden onrush of the aforementioned taste shooting through her like a drug tailor made for her. But still, it wasn’t enough. She needed all of him. She stretched her mouth out even further, her jaw complaining at the strain, and she slowly but surely made her way further and further down along his length, constantly bobbing her head up and down in short, quick motions to leverage her head to get down further, her hands holding his hips to use to pull herself down onto him. Her throat was now fully distorted, bulging obscenely as it was filled to the brim. Hellhound’s didn’t have gag reflexes, a fact she found herself grateful for as she worked her way down. She had made her way twelve inches down, a full foot of cock crammed into her mouth, down her throat and nearly all the way into her stomach. Diedrich was over the moon, pleasure enough to make a lesser man mad constantly wrapping it’s fingers around his brain as the sexy Hellhound milked nearly all of his cock with her throat, the hot, tight entrance feeling far better than the most talented of Succubi. He would know, he had tried both, and he found Beatrix to be without rival. He weaved his fingers throughout her thick, silky hair, stroking her head and locking eyes with her as her full, dark lips stretched around his shaft.

No matter what she tried, she wasn’t able to get the last three inches inside her. Frustrated, she tried every trick in the book to finally work the elusive remainder inside her, but it was to no avail. It seemed to be a goal completely outside of her grasp, and that agitated her far more than it probably should have. Diedrich, however, had a different idea. He knew just how to help his girl achieve her dreams. He moved his hands through her hair until they rested near the fluffy, black ears sticking out from the top of her head. When humans make love with a monster girl, they often forget that they are being intimate with a creature who’s physiology is fundamentally different from a human’s, and so the ignorant human will treat her as he would a human girl: completely ignoring the fact that every species of monster girl has erogenous zones that a human completely lacks, and often these are just as, if not more, pleasurable for them than breast stimulation. Hellhound’s were no exception from this rule. On top of the usual erogenous zones all humanoid females share, Hellhound’s also have two more weak spots: the base of their tail and their thick, fluffy ears. Beatrix, for all her differences with the rest of her kin, shared this weakness, in fact it was likely she was even more sensitive than her peers. This was why, looking down at her eyes without a change in his expression, he suddenly grabbed hold of her soft ears, the black fur feeling great beneath his strong fingers.

Diedrich wasn’t disappointed with her reaction: her eyes shot wide open from the sudden stimulation as her entire body convulsed with pleasure, the fire around her eyes fluttering through a myriad of colours, some of which Diedrich didn’t even know the names of. It was these convulsions that finally let her get the final three inches inside her throat, her head slamming down hard on his cock until her nose bumped against his pelvis. She could feel his cock begin to pulsate, to grow even further, and so, with great reluctance to leave her prize so soon after winning it, but she couldn’t afford to have him simply shoot his cum down her throat, no matter how much she loved the feeling of that. Throughout all the sexiness, she hadn’t forgotten her original goal: she was going to have him fill her womb to the brim. Finally, she was going to have pups of her own. The look on Diedrich’s face when she pulled her mouth off of him when he was so close was priceless, it could be used as a definition of confused despair. He was about to protest, to complain, but she simply placed a single claw against his lips, silencing him as she clambered over him until she was straddling his cock in his lap, her legs wrapped around his hips. The height difference was on full display, her head so high above his she had to look down to even see him, his head completely buried in her tits. The despair was gone, erased from his face entirely as this far more appealing scenario came about so suddenly. She reached behind her and grabbed his cock, lining it up with her hot pussy and slamming down on it with all her might. Her pussy was more adept than her throat, and it easily and greedily swallowed up all fifteen inches of meat, the head stretching out her walls and pressing against her cervix. They both growled in joy simultaneously. Diedrich moved his hands to her ass and groped them roughly, whilst playing with her boobs using his head, licking, kissing and biting every square inch of them, much to Beatrix’s approval. Lifting her hips up, she started slamming her ass down on him, as aggressively and as rapidly as she could, loud slapping sounds heard as her fat ass bounced against his lap. Diedrich was in no position to join in on the humping, but he wasn’t about to let that continue. His grasp on her ass firm, his cock still buried in her quivering pussy and stretching out her inviting lips, he stood up, holding the massive hellhound up in his arms. Beatrix squealed in delight from the wonderful surprise. They had never fucked like this before, and not for lack of trying. Between her height and her bulk, Beatrix weighed well over three hundred pounds, and as fit as Diedrich was, he had never been able to simultaneously carry her and fuck her. Diedrich had been training, exercising every moment he could, and finally, he could pull off this position.

Beatrix wrapped her legs around his hips and pulled him in, ensuring he would have no way of pulling out, not that Diedrich had any plans to. He was enveloped in a world of pleasure, thrusting up into Beatrix as hard as he could, a combination of allowing gravity to sink her down his cock in tandem with him driving his cock up into her, and the result was the most pleasurable sex either of them had ever had. She added herself bouncing to the combo, and both of them threw their heads back as pure bliss overtook their brains. Unfortunately, neither of them were able to last much longer. Beatrix used a hand to tilt Diedrich’s head up towards her and, as they both neared their orgasms, she planted one more kiss on his lips. This was how they came, completely intertwined with each other, both in body and soul. Diedrich’s cock pulsed wildly as he shot his cum straight past her cervix, filling up her womb entirely. Beatrix squirted hard, copious amounts of liquid shooting onto Diedrich and dripping down on to the floor. They both collapsed hard on the ground, Diedrich laying down on the ground and Beatrix cuddled up against him, her large frame curled up so that she didn’t inadvertently make him the little spoon. They simply lay there for a long while, catching their breaths and simply enjoying each other’s company in companionable silence, Beatrix’s hand draped across his chest where she lay her head, his arm wrapped around her and resting against her stomach. After who knows how long, Beatrix finally decided to break the silence, and it was only as he digested her words that the full gravity of the situation hit him.

“So,” she began, looking up at his face, the fire of her eyes tickling against him. “What do you think we should name the pups?”

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  1. That was enjoyable. Actually kind of novel to have a man and mamono just mutually enjoying each other from the start, and the writing was hot, as it should be.

    Hot enough to get over the massive walls of text, dear god there needed to be smaller paragraphs.

        1. There will, and it will be twice as long as this one. The person who commissioned the first really enjoyed it and has already commissioned the second.

          Unfortunately, it may be a week or two until it is finished, as I have literally 14 other commissions booked.

          1. How is the title of the next story ? Is it again with hellhound ? :3

  2. Extremly good story with a pretty described writing style that i can see the story from my innern eye. I am glad that i seen and read that hot story. 9 of 10 points for it 😀

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