A long time coming – Chapter 2

Note: Reading chapter 1 first is highly recommended: http://touchfluffytail.org/?story=a-long-time-coming

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Bowsette slowly arose from the realm of dreams with a light groan, lamenting having to leave the pleasant experience she was having behind. She rolled her head to its side and slowly opened her eyes, quickly forgetting any complaints she might have had about waking up. There, inches from her own face, was the face she loved waking up to.

Mario was snoozing, not quite done sleeping just yet. Bowsette didn’t mind this though, as it gave her a nice close up view of his sleeping face.
She slowly moved her hand close to him and lightly touched his face with the back of her index finger, reminiscing on last night.
A slight pink blush manifested on her cheeks as the remembered it.

Pulling her thoughts back to the present, Bowsette slowly slipped out of the bed and tiptoed out of the room so as to not wake Mario up. She wanted to surprise him with a breakfast in bed greeting.
As she proceeded towards the kitchen to get started on breakfast, she found herself reflecting on the three years that had passed.

Mario and Bowsette had come up with a little arrangement. Every once in a while, Bowsette would construct various challenges and obstacle courses for Mario to conquer, just like in the old days of their regular bouts.
The first major difference was that now, the princess in the castle was Bowsette herself.
The second major difference was that rescuing said princess tended to lead to more than a peck on the cheek. A whole lot more in fact.
Bowsette still giggled to herself whenever she remembered Mario’s words the first time they had ‘rescue sex’, “who needs a cream cake when you can have a pie instead?”
Reminiscing on some of their more memorable games, she moved through the hallways with a light spring in her step, her black nightgown flowing comfortably around her legs as she moved.


Bowsette hummed to herself as she moved back towards the bedroom with a breakfast tray in her hands. She was looking forward to seeing Mario’s reaction to the new bread recipe that she had perfected recently.
The bread in question used a slightly different flour and had pieces of apricot mixed in. It had then been roasted by her fire breath until its surface was hard and crispy so that it could maintain its moisture while it finished baking in the oven.
It had taken a few tries to get the balance right, but she was proud of the end results.

Cooking had never really been something she had bothered much with in her old life. However, ever since her first rather clumsy attempt, watching her lover enjoy the food she made with her own hands had quickly become a new favourite hobby and subsequent desire to keep improving her skills in that field.
She even kept a diary of the various recipes she had come up with, complete with little descriptions of Mario’s first reaction to them and ideas for improvements.

As she reached the bedroom, she remembered that she hadn’t yet checked her hair. Although it was very rare, sometimes she could wake up with a terrible case of bed head, and so she quickly headed to the bathroom door next to the bedroom door and opened it with the tip of her tail.
The room was illuminated upon her entry by the enchanted torches on the walls, making the whole space shine brilliantly due to its white marble walls.
She moved to check herself in the mirror, and then froze on the spot.


Mario was awoken from his pleasant snooze by a sudden loud crash. Startled, he jumped out of bed and quickly headed to the door. He moved to check the bathroom, as the noise sounded like it came from there, and saw that it’s door was ajar and the lights in the room were lit.
Fearing that some sort of accident had happened, he took a few quick steps and slammed the door open.
“Bowsette! What happened? Are you alright?!”
He noticed what looked like a tray on the floor, its contents spread out around it. Identifying it as the probable source of the noise, his gaze quickly moved around the room until it spotted the horns he was now so familiar with sticking out over the edge of the bathtub.
Concerned, he ran over to the tub to check on her, only to stop completely once he was close enough to see over the edge.

The first thing of note was that Bowsette’s hair and eyes were now a bright shade of red. The second thing was that her skin was tan. The third was that she was looking at him with fear in her eyes. Lastly, he noticed her crown was gone.
Taking a few moments to process everything, he now had a pretty good idea of the circumstances that lead to the tray hitting the floor. He moved closer and slowly extended a hand towards her.
She closed her eyes tightly, almost as if she was afraid of his touch. Hesitating for a just a moment, Mario steeled himself and touched her cheek.
“Hey, are you alright? You’re not hurt anywhere are you?”
Bowsette slowly opened her eyes again, this time with a look of relief mixed with new concern. She ever so slowly grabbed his wrist with both her hands while her eyes skittishly glanced at him.
“You, you don’t think I’m ugly now? T-this is my old colors, before I got the crown.”
Slightly surprised, Mario moved his other hand close to her face and lightly poked her nose.
“Why would I think you were ugly just because you changed colors, silly? Please, have a little faith in me.”

Bowsette was silent for a few minutes, her face an ever-changing look of concern and uncertainty.
Eventually, she stood up, stepped out of the tub and faced him with her arms extended.
“Please, hug me.”
Mario gulped a little, then did as she asked and took her in his arms. They held each other in silence for what felt like several minutes, not saying anything.
Eventually, Bowsette breathed a deep sigh of relief and the tension in her body started to slowly relax.
Her legs slowly folded and they both ended up sitting on the floor, still holding on to each other.

When she finally pulled back enough to look him in the eye, Bowsette’s face was very different. It looked almost apologetic.
Mario smiled at her and rubbed her back a little.
“Feeling better?”
She nodded, then slowly opened her mouth.
“I, I was afraid, Mario. I was scared, because I thought I was losing my femininity, and our newfound bond along with it.”
She paused to take a few deep breaths before continuing.
“I was scared of your touch, because I don’t know what I would have done if it had felt different.”
Mario lightly dragged his fingertips along the side of her throat. 
“How about this? Does it feel any different?”
Bowsette shuddered slightly.
He moved his other hand to her breast and gave it a gentle squeeze.
“How about this?”
Her cheeks slowly gained a gentle shade of pink and her breathing became a little more labored. She gave him a look that was deeply stained with need, leaned forward and extended her tongue slightly.
Mario had seen this particular gesture many times and knew instantly what she wanted. He gently put a hand behind her neck and kissed her. He could feel more of her tension melting away from the point where their lips met and throughout her body.

When they separated, he ran his fingers through her hair with a smile.
“It looks like your heart made its choice. You no longer need the crown to remain in this form.”
She smiled awkwardly.
“I still want to find the crown again though, I know you like blonde hair and blue eyes better.”
Mario held up a finger in front of her.
“No more of that talk. I asked you to have faith in me, remember?”
He caressed her cheek with his free hand.
“You simply look different. Not better or worse, just different. And it doesn’t change how I feel about you in the slightest.”
He saw her eyes glint with new hope and smiled at her.
“Here, I’ll prove it to you.”
He then picked her up in a princess carry, causing her to yelp and throw her arms around his neck. He slowly moved back to the bedroom and placed her on top of the bed, then helped her slip out of her nightgown and removed his boxers.
As she coquettishly covered herself with her hands, she shyly looked at him.
“But, what about the mess in the bathroom?”
Mario climbed onto the bed and leaned over her.
“It can wait. You are far more important.”
He then leaned closer and kissed her.


Mario stirred, slowly opening his eyes with a silent groan on his lips. He shifted his head around and quickly forgot any complaints he might have had about waking up. Mere inches from his face, Bowsette was sleeping soundly. A faint, cute smile adorned her face.
Mario reached out and slowly twirled a lock of her flaming red hair around his finger. His cheeks felt a little hot when he remembered what had happened yesterday.
They had spent the majority of he day in bed, only stopping briefly to eat and use the bathroom before getting right back to it.
Mario had been determined to prove that his feeling had not changed, and Bowsette in return had wanted to thank him by doing something new.
Therefore, she had moved her face to his crotch, wrapped her hair around his penis, and then taken the tip into her mouth.
The sensation of her tongue eagerly working his tip mixed with the silky smoothness of her well-kempt hair wrapped around his shaft had felt heavenly, and her cute face had completed the picture.

With a stupid grin on his face, Mario carefully got out of the bed and tiptoed out of the room.
He went to a cupboard near the kitchen area and collected a few cleaning supplies. The mess on the bathroom floor was untouched since yesterday, so he thought he would clean it up before Bowsette woke up.
Humming to himself, he walked back to the bathroom and set to work.

Mario returned the cleaning tools to the cupboard once he was done with his task, then went back and took a nice, hot shower.
That was one of the big positives of living in a castle that had lava rivers running through several areas, once you set the plumbing up properly you always had access to hot water.
Mario smiled to himself when he thought back on the renovation. It had been a while since he had any practical use for that particular skill set.
As he exited the shower, he grabbed a towel and threw it over his head, rubbing it to dry his hair. He knew the room well enough to move over to the mirror blindfolded as he was by the towel.
As he reached it, he pulled the towel of his head, intending to grab the comb and straighten out his hair. Instead, he froze for a second when he saw something moving behind him in the mirror’s reflection. He quickly spun around and came face to face with…

It did not take many seconds before the door to the bathroom was slammed open with nearly enough force to fly of its hinges.
“Mario! Are you alright?!”
Mario slowly turned his gaze towards Bowsette, her face frozen in a stunned expression that he was pretty sure mirrored his own right now.
Then both their gazes slowly turned back towards the unexpected visitor that had startled him.

“P-p-p-p-p-please, d-don’t loooooook!”
The room fell into silence, save for a few whimpers from the strange pale girl.
Mario didn’t have a clue what was going on or what to say, and it seemed like Bowsette was no better of.
Thinking that someone had to speak first eventually, Mario slowly shook his head to clear his thoughts, then raised his hand and pointed at the strange girl.
“So, just who are you exactly?”
The girl’s fingers parted slightly, revealing a skittish eye who’s gaze flickered all over the place.
Before she uttered a single word however, Bowsette let out a startled voice and pointed at her head.
“Aah! That’s my crown!”
Looking at the top of her head, Mario saw that she was indeed wearing the crown that had given Bowsette her current form. Moments later, he realized what this most likely meant.

While Bowsette was angrily questioning the frightened looking girl about the crown, Mario wracked his brain for any memories that could help identify its current wearer.
After a little bit of contemplation, a look of recognition slowly dawned on his face.
“No way. Are you, King Boo?”
Words failed Bowsette for a moment as she looked at Mario in shock, then quickly snapped her gaze back to the pale girl, looking at her more closely.
The girl glanced at Mario and slowly nodded, before finally speaking.
“I, I g-go by B-Booette now.”


Mario and Bowsette were sitting on the edge of their bed, looking at Booette who was crouched down on the floor. They were both processing the current situation.
Bowsette spoke first.
“So, you’d better start talking. Why do you have my crown?”
Booette flinched a little at the harshness of the words and glanced at them carefully.
“W-w-well, y-you see. I was j-just, you know, I j-just wanted to…”
Bowsette gave her an annoyed glare and she covered her face with her hands as words failed her.
Mario, realizing that they were never going to get anywhere at this pace, sighed and put a hand on his lover’s shoulder.
“I think we should let her speak with her back turned towards us.”
Bowsette gave him a surprised look, so he explained his reasoning.
“It seems like the crown has made the signature trait of any boo more prominent, we won’t be able to hold any sort of meaningful conversation as long as we can see her face.”
Snorting slightly, Bowsette looked like she wanted to argue the point, but couldn’t come up with any good reason to do so. Eventually, she relented.
“Fine then. Booette was it? You can turn around, but you’d better start talking properly this time.”
The pale girl nodded vigorously and quickly spun around on the spot, her hands finally leaving her face once it was no longer visible to them. Mario noticed that she was still fidgeting constantly.

Booette took several long breaths, seemingly to stead herself. Mario found himself wondering if boos actually needed to breath, but forgot about the thought when she finally started speaking.
“I, I have been watching you two. Ever since you started living together.”
She shifted her position slightly before continuing.
“At first I was shocked. I couldn’t understand what was going on or why. So, I watched you closely from the shadows, trying to figure out what had changed.”
Bowsette looked like she wanted to say something to that, but Mario silenced her with a hand on her arm and a slow shake of his head.
“The more I observed you two, the more confused I became. It was as if nothing had changed, and yet everything had changed. It made no sense to me.”
Booette’s hands became restless and her slender fingers made all sorts of odd gestures.
“Then, then I thought that maybe I was incapable of understanding because I lacked perspective. After all, the thing that changed in Bows-, erm, I m-mean Bowsette, was her gender. And I am, was, genderless.”
It dawned on Mario that he had never even considered such a simple, obvious thing before. Boos clearly lacked any sort of defining gender characteristics. ‘King Boo’ was most likely a name chosen to imitate ‘Koopa King’.
“And s-so, I wanted to try it too. I wanted to know what it felt like to have a gender.”
At this, her fidgeting became increasingly restless.
“S-s-so, I b-borrowed your c-crown while you slept.”

Bowsette didn’t manage to stay silent this time.
“Borrowed?! You mean you stole it!”
Booette visibly flinched and covered her face again as she glanced back at them over her shoulder.
“N-no! I Only meant to borrow it, I swear! I was going to return it!”
Bowsette was not convinced.
“And yet, you didn’t. I had to find out it was gone by seeing my reflection in the mirror!”
Mario got up and put himself between the two, taking Bowsette’s hands in his own.
“Please, can we take this down a notch? I know you are upset, but I think we need to hear the whole story before we start drawing conclusions.”
His lover stared at him.
“Aren’t you upset about this too?”
He nodded.
“I am, but right now I haven’t fully decided how to feel about the whole thing. Please, lets just hear her out first, ok?”
Bowsette gave Booette an annoyed glare, but eventually relented.
“Fine then. Just don’t stop me once she is done talking.”
Mario nodded and sat back down next to her, then gestured to Booette to continue.

It took her a minute to calm down enough to keep talking, but when she did her voice sounded a little different from before.
“I, I wasn’t sure what would happen when I removed the crown from your head. It really surprised me when you changed color without changing back to your old form. I observed you for a while, and when you still didn’t show any signs of change I tried the crown myself.”
She shifted her position slightly and nervously grabbed her left elbow with her right hand.
“I moved through the wall into the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. I sort of knew what to expect, but not how I would feel about it.”
Mario could see a slight blush on the tips of her ears.
“I really, really liked it. So much that I thought I was going to ask you if I could borrow it for the whole day. But, when I moved back into the bedroom, something happened.”
The blush on her ears grew and started to spread.
“When I saw you too again, you had shifted in your sleep. Y-your faces were so close, you looked so happy. It, it made me remember that one time I observed you while you were having sex.”
Mario noticed that Bowsette’s face swiftly turned red and she looked like she REALLY wanted so say something. Probably something angry.
To his surprise however, she managed to stay silent. Instead her hand moved to grab his.
He gently squeezed it as they listened to Booette continue her story.
“When I first saw it, I wasn’t sure what to think or feel about it. Now that I had a gender though, everything was different.”
Her free hand grabbed the hem of her skirt and clutched it tightly.
“I, I found myself thinking back on that memory, and thinking to m-myself, ‘what if that was me in a situation like that?’. The mere thought of it made strange things happen to me. My body heated up, i felt restless, and I j-just wanted to touch myself in all kinds of places.”
Her head dropped a little lower.
“I, I found myself unable to take the crown of. I wanted to make sense of these feelings I had never felt before. S-so I ran away and hid. I thought you wouldn’t miss the crown for only one day.”
She covered her face again and carefully looked back at Bowsette through her fingers.
“I’m s-s-sorry. I was s-selfish. I should have asked first.”

Mario glanced at Bowsette and saw that the anger on her face was slowly draining away. It seemed to be replaced by uncertainty.
Booette smiled weakly and continued.
“After half a day, I felt so guilty about it all that I decided to give it back to you. H-however, when I got back you two were, well, busy…”
This time, Mario could feel himself turning red along with his lover.
“I, I was transfixed when I saw you. I couldn’t look away. I f-felt some sort of powerful lounging that wouldn’t allow itself to be ignored. And so I watched you. Watched everything you did while staying hidden.”
Booette fell silent, and Mario subtly fanned his face with his free hand in an attempt to make his blush fade a little. He glanced at Bowsette and saw that the anger on her face had almost fully vanished. She now looked like she was reminiscing on something behind her blush.
He turned his gaze back towards Booette, waiting for her to continue.

Eventually, she spoke again.
“Once you two fell asleep, I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to give the crown back, and yet I just couldn’t bring myself to remove it. I wanted to make some sort of sense of all the confusing emotions that were rampaging through me. And so I left and hid once again.”
“The next morning I decided that I couldn’t postpone it anymore. I had to talk to you. But, I w-was afraid to do it. I had no idea how to start that conversation.”
She covered her face and glanced back at them through her fingers again.
“E-eventually, I decided to approach Mario first. I w-wanted to tell him I was sorry, and ask how I should talk to Bowsette.”
She fidgeted a little.
“But, it d-didn’t quite work out like I had hoped. I waited until his head was covered by a towel before I approached him, but I hesitated to speak a little to long and he removed it, spotting me in the mirror. And you know the rest.”


An extensive amount of time passed in complete silence. Nobody in the room really knew what to say, and so no words were spoken.
Booette remained sitting on the floor, nervously fidgeting back and forth. Bowsette’s face remained in a confused looking state, and Mario felt lost in his thoughts.
He had no idea how to even begin solving this situation.

After what felt like a small eternity, Bowsette’s face finally settled into a determined look. She slowly stood up and moved forward, closing the distance between herself and the covering girl on the floor.
Booette lowered her head and whimpered a little, looking like she was expecting to be struck. Watching her made Mario feel bad, but at the same time he remembered his promise to Bowsette to not stop her once they had heard the whole story.
Bracing himself, he anxiously awaited the unknown outcome.

Bowsette slowly got down on one knee and reached out to Booette, placing a hand on her shoulder.
The ghost girl flinched at the sensation initially, then carefully glanced up.
Bowsette took a deep breath and slowly released it, then finally spoke.
“I am still a little mad that you took the crown without asking. However, I can tell that you genuinely regret what you did.”
Not really knowing what to expect, Mario sat as still as he could so as to not disturb the conversation while listening intensely as Bowsette continued.
“I, I can’t exactly blame you for not being able to make sense of your emotional turmoil. After all, it took me quite a considerable amount of time to understand my own feelings after I first put on the crown, and I wasn’t distracted by guilt like you were.”
Booette’s body shifted around uncertainly as Bowsette stood back up.
“Please, leave the room for a little bit. I need to talk to Mario to discuss a proper punishment for you.”
Booette slowly nodded, then turned around and drifted out the door.

Mario held his tongue as Bowsette turned back towards him, anxiously awaiting her words. She slowly walked back to the bed and sat down next to him, then let out a long, deep sigh.
“Honestly, what a strange situation this turned into.”
Mario gave her a quizzical look as she turned her face towards him. Her lips curved upwards weakly.
“I honestly feel really bad for her. Compared to her experience, my initial time after transforming doesn’t sound so hard to deal with.”
Her hand found its way to his, her slender fingers intertwining with his while she kept talking.
“I know I said ‘punishment’, but it’s a formality more than anything. I just want to do something that we can call a punishment so that she can stop feeling guilty, and we can call it even. I don’t actually want to take the crown from her right now.”
Mario gently squeezed her hand and nudged her a little. She nodded and explained her reasoning.
“If we take away the crown and she reverts to being genderless, how much do you think that would hurt? I was scared of losing my femininity because it could have meant losing our bond, but I can’t even imagine what it would feel like to become genderless. Especially without having had a chance to make sense of her feelings.”
Mario noticed that her tail was slowly wrapping itself around his back, it’s tip gently caressing his side. It was a small gesture, but it said more than words ever could.
He reached out with his free hand and cupped her cheek with it.
“I can tell that you want to say something, but are hesitant about it. It’s alright, nothing would sound to strange to me at this point. Please, tell me what you are thinking.”
Bowsette gave him a meek smile full of gratitude.
“You know that it was actually king b-, I mean Booette, who gave me that crown, and I still haven’t really thanked her properly for it. I, I feel slightly guilty about that to be honest.”
Mario tilted his head slightly, curious as to where this was going.
“W-we both pretty much owe her quite a lot, seeing as none of the past years would have been possible without her. On top of that, taking the crown from her now would just be too cruel. S-so I was thinking. Maybe it is possible for her transformation to become permanent, just like mine.”

Noticing her increased fidgeting along with her words, it slowly dawned on Mario what she was most likely going to suggest. He suddenly noticed that his face felt a lot hotter.
Bowsette giggled a little when she saw his reaction.
“I know, I know. It’s a completely ridiculous thing to suggest isn’t it? B-but I really do think it can work. Remember what you told me before? You said that I remained in this form because my heart made its choice.”
Her eyes darted back and forth between looking at his face and some unspecified point on the wall somewhere behind him.
Mario struggled to speak for a few moments, but eventually he asked the question that needed to be asked.
“Are you sure you would be ok with that? This is something we will have to accept responsibility for if we do it you know.”
Bowsette nodded in return.
“I realized something after calming down. I actually feel a sort of kinship with her. I am probably the only woman who can truly understand how she feels and, by extension, she is the only woman who can truly understand my feelings.”
She shifted her position, but her hands on his shoulders and leaned closer, lightly touching her forehead against his. Her eyes were closed and a cute smile was playing on her lips.
“And you, my dearly beloved, are the only man who can understand and fulfill my heart. Therefore, I think you have the capacity to understand and fulfill hers too.”
Mario gently laid the palms of his hands against the sides of her neck and lightly scratched the bottom of her hairline on the back of her head, earning him a light shudder from her.
“Is this perhaps a conclusion you came to because of your unique perspective of having seen things both as your old and new self, my sweetheart?”
She let out a cute, girly giggle in response.
“Perhaps it is. Or maybe I’m excited at the prospect of having a ‘sister’ of sorts. Maybe I’m a pervert who is getting excited about the thought of pleasuring a woman together with you. Maybe I get turned on by the thought of being watched as you pleasure me. Maybe I love you so much that I just want to give you more pleasure.”
She smiled impishly.
“Or maybe, it’s all the above? Who can say at this point?”
Mario decided to respond in the same fashion.
“Or maybe, you want to test me, hmm? See if I am man enough to dominate her heart and make it submit the way I made yours?”
Her face flushed a nice shade of pink, and Mario smiled to himself.
“Maybe you want to see her face in the throngs of passion, so that you can know what you look like in that moment. Maybe you want to make her feel good yourself. Maybe you want her to make you feel good. Or perhaps, it is all the above? Who can say?”
Bowsette cutely bit her lip, then leaned forward and embraced him. He responded by kissing her as deeply and passionately as he could.
When they separated he petted her head and let the red hair flow through his fingers.
“You know I love you right?”
She smiled cutely.
“I do. And I love you too.”


Mario sat down at the head of the bed, his back leaning against the wall. Bowsette grabbed a large pillow and stuffed it between the wall and his back. She puffed it a little with her hands to make its stuffing evenly distributed.
“How is that? Does it feel comfortable?”
He nodded.
“It’s perfect. I think you can let our resident naughty ghost back in now.”
Bowsette chuckled a little.
“Alright, I’ll go get her.”
Mario watched her back as she approached the bedroom door with a slight tingly sensation is his chest.
They had spent a while discussing how they were going to do the ‘punishment’, and he couldn’t help but to feel both nervous and excited at the prospect of actually doing it.
He watched as his lover opened the door and slipped out of the room, anxiously awaiting her return. He had a hard time sitting still and so ended up constantly shifting his weight around.

When the door opened again his attention immediately snapped back to it. He saw Booette, her eyes tightly closed and her hands covering her face, being led into the room by Bowsette, who had her hands on Booette’s shoulders and used her tail to push the door open.
The ghost girl only made almost inaudible sounds, Bowsette did all the talking.
“My my, your shoulders sure are stiff. You should try relaxing a bit.”
She led her around the bed and up to the head end where Mario was sitting.
“There, now turn around and sit down here.”
Booette did as she was told and sat down on the edge, getting visibly more anxious by the second. Bowsette glanced at Mario and smirked a little. He couldn’t help but reflexively swallow.
“Now hold still while I move you into position.”
Bowsette worked her arms around Booette’s back and under her legs, promptly picking her up. This earned her a cute yelp and more trembling, before she crawled up onto the bed on her knees and moved over to Mario, placing Booette so that she was sitting between his legs with her back leaning against his chest.

Mario could feel how stiff her body was even before he wrapped his arms around her to hold her in place. She didn’t move an inch other than her trembling. He leaned his head forward a bit and whispered into her ear in a reassuring voice.
“Don’t worry, we will help you get used to it.”
He then slowly moved one of his hands to her breast and slowly squeezed it a little.
Her body jolted a bit at the stimulation, prompting Bowsette to lean forward and put her hand on the other breast. While slowly squeezing it in the same manner as Mario, she smirked.
“Doesn’t this feel better than doing it yourself?”
When Booette didn’t answer and only squirmed, Bowsette pressed on.
“Come on, don’t be shy. You already admitted to having masturbated while watching us go at it, just be honest and tell us if this feels better or not.”
Booette finally spoke her first words since entering the room.
“Y-y-y-yes, it d-does feel b-b-better.”
This time it was Mario’s turn to respond.
“Good, because we haven’t even really gotten started yet.”

As he spoke, Bowsette extended her tongue and let its tip trace a thin line across Booette’s lips. She responded by gasping in surprise and leaned her head back, putting her ear right next to Mario’s mouth in the process. He quickly extended his own tongue and licked the entire back of her ear while slowly exhaling his warm breath on it.
Bowsette meanwhile had moved to tracing long lines up and down Booette’s throat with her tongue and had begun massaging her breast more earnestly.
The ghost girl squirmed like crazy while alternating between sharply sucking in air to stutteringly exhaling.

After keeping this treatment up for a while, Booette’s body jerked a little before finally starting to relax a bit. She was still breathing unevenly, but the tension that permeated her entire body slowly started to melt away.
Mario looked into his lover’s eyes and gave her a slight nod. She returned the gesture and moved a hand down to grab Booette’s skirt, slowly lifting it up.
Once her legs were almost fully exposed, Bowsette grabbed them and lifted them upwards until the feet were pointing towards the ceiling.
Booette gasped as Mario reached his arm around her legs and pulled them closer, effectively making her knees almost touch her torso.
Being held in this folded pose made it very difficult for her to move at all, however she didn’t try to struggle or resist. She merely kept her hands pressed over her eyes.

After just holding her in place for a little bit, letting her slowly get used to the situation, Mario moved on to the next stage. He traced the fingertips of his free hand across Booette’s white kneesock covered leg, letting his nails lightly scratch against her.
As he did that, Bowsette leaned her head down and slowly licked the skin of the upper part of her legs that wasn’t covered by the kneesocks.
Subjected to these two types of slow stimulation, Booette finally let her sweet voice escape.
“Hauuuu! Aaahhh! W-Why d-d-d-does this feeeeeeeel, hah, so goooooood?!”
Bowsette briefly stopped her ministrations to answer.
“Hihi, this is what it feels like to have your female instinct stimulated. We will teach you all about it.”
She looked at Mario and her expression softened.
Mario gave her a smile before turning his head to lick Booette’s neck. His lover meanwhile returned her tongue to the area around Booette’s crotch, now massaging her clit through the white panties.
The ghost girl let out several heavy breaths in a husky voice as her arousal continued to build with every passing second.

However, when the pleasure had reached the point that she was on the verge of climaxing, they both stopped. She turned her head from side to side in a confused manner while talking in a weak voice.
“Eh? Why d-did you stop?”
Mario and Bowsette looked at each other, smirking knowlingly.
He held on to Booette while his lover took a seat right next to him with her back agaist the wall, then they both picked her up and moved her over to Bowsette’s lap. Mario noticed that she was surprisingly light.
Once she was sitting with her back against Bowsette’s chest, Mario moved in front of her and leaned down, licking her utterly soaked panties.
“Mmh, this sure is a strong smell down here. You must be really impatient by now. Don’t worry though,  we won’t make you wait any longer.”
Booette’s body jerked a little.
“Huah?! D-D-Don’t smell meeee!”
Mario removed his boxers, letting his rock hard dick swing freely. He then pulled the wet panties to the side, exposing a very cute, pink pussy to the air. It was glistening with juices and pulsated slowly.
Mario placed himself in front of her and lined up the tip of his member with her opening.
“Bowsette recommended that I do the first stroke quickly, so I will be taking her advice on it now.”
Booette seemed confused for a second before she felt the tip touch her pussy lips.
“Hueh! W-Wai…”
Mario grabbed her legs and pushed forward, hilting himself in one stroke.
She reacted in a similar fashion to how Bowsette had to her first penetration, and so Mario did the same thing he did then. He stopped his hip movement and reached a hand out, gently caressing her face.

Booette seemed almost surprised at first, but she let him touch her and as he did, she slowly relaxed.
Then, he could feel a few drops of moisture fall into his fingers.
“W-Why does i hurt so much? B-bowsette never seemed to be in pain when I saw you two.”
Bowsette held on to her and rubbed her belly with circular movements.
“It hurt for me as well the first time we did it. But then Mario did something that really helped. Do you know what it was?”
As Booette shock her head, Bowsette moved her hands to grab her wrists.
As she spoke, she pulled Booette’s hands away from her face. In her surprise, she flung her amethyst eyes open for a second, but before she could do anything else Mario leaned in close and planted his mouth over hers.
He continued to hold the palm of his hand against her cheek, his thumb slowly circling it, while his other hand found its way behind her neck and his tongue licked her lips.
Her entire face swiftly turned beet red and she closed her eyes tightly. Her mouth, however, did not close.
Her lips trembled a little every time his tongue touched them, opening up more and more. Eventually, her own tongue slowly emerged and poked against his.
Mario closed his lips around her soft, pink tongue and started sucking on it to keep the tip glued to his mouth as he moved his head back, slowly pulling more and more of it out in the open.
It was quite astonishing how long her tongue really was. The part that was exposed to air reached a length of about 8-9 cm, and that was with the tip hidden within Mario’s mouth.
He couldn’t help but feel giddy when he saw it. This was perfect.
He then moved his head forward again, sucking more of her tongue into his mouth as he did. When his lips almost met hers, he pulled back again, scraping his lips against the soft pink flesh as he went.
He repeated this process a few more times before finally pulling far enough back that the tip left his mouth with an audible ‘plop’.

The long tongue limply hung down her chin as she drew stuttering breaths, their steamy heat hitting Mario’s face.
Bowsette leaned close to her ear and spoke in a low, husky voice.
“Do you feel better now?”
Booette was having difficulties answering with her tongue hanging passively, so she ended up just nodding. Bowsette looked at Mario and smiled.
“Good, then you are ready for the main event now.”
Mario moved his hands down to grab Booette’s hips, then slowly pulled his dick out. She started squirming again as her inner walls were stimulated.
Once he had pulled back far enough that only the tip remained, he pushed forward again until he pierced her depths. He kept doing piston movements at a slow pace as if he was softly caressing her insides.
Just like when he did this kind of slow sex with Bowsette, it enabled him to truly savor all the little changes in how her pussy undulated around his member. And just like with Bowsette, it seemed to push Booette’s arousal higher and higher the longer he kept it up.
Her facial expression was ever-changing and her moans were cutely distorted since her tongue was still hanging limply down her chin.

Eventually, she finally tried to speak between her panting breaths.
“Huaah, hueee, dfo, dfo it hadder! Yo ar dviving me chrashy! Pweashe!”
Bowsette nodded approvingly.
“That was some nice pleading, considering how difficult it must be for you to talk right now.”
She shifted her wet gaze towards Mario, who nodded in response.
“We have to reward such diligence, don’t we?
He then took a firmer hold of her body and sped up his movements.
Booette threw her head back and almost howled when her body was subjected to a more intense stimulation. It quivered and shock as her depths were kissed over and over again by the tip of Mario’s dick.
Mario knew that she was probably still feeling some pain, but her arousal had reached a high enough level that the pleasure overpowered it.
Bowsette’s hands also alleviated her pain by massaging her breast and belly.
Mario took note of the fact that even though Booette was free to cover her eyes with her hands again, she curled them up into fists and only held them slightly in front of her face, leaving her eyes exposed.
She was also peaking at his face through her half closed eyelids, even though it made her face blush deeply. Mario smiled at her as he addressed Bowsette.
“Look, she is learning. Since she can’t do it with her mouth, she is pleading with her eyes despite how hard it is for her to do that.”
His lover smiled in return.
“Such a good girl she is, she deserves a nice reward for that, don’t you think?”
As she spoke, she extended her long legs until they wrapped themselves around the small of Mario’s back. She then pulled him in whenever he thrust into Booette’s love tunnel, adding force to the thrust and helping him reach a deeper penetration.
As he felt the tip of his dick repeatedly poke at the cervix, Booette’s shrill voice rang out in a higher pitch.
Her whole body was convulsing and she threw her head from side to side, making her tongue dangle back and forth comically.

Mario was quickly approaching his orgasm with the intense stimulation the two women put on him, and signaled Bowsette with a look. She nodded and readied herself, watching his face closely for the telltale signs she knew so well by now.
When he felt his semen begin its travel through his member, he groaned and hilted himself with as much force as he could muster. Bowsette matched his movement by pulling him forward with all her strength and the tip of his dick finally entered Booette’s womb were it began to spray his cum all over.
Her voice briefly got stuck in her throat as she threw her head back, powerful convulsions rocking her entire body. Mario and Bowsette leaned closer and licked her neck and ear respectively to extend her orgasm as much as they could.
The pressure her pussy put on his cock was unbelievable. It was as if it had a mind of its own and was massaging him to help his ejaculation continue, greedily devouring everything he have her.

Eventually, his spurts ceased and Booette’s spasms calmed down, both of them breathing heavily as the afterglow washed over them.
Bowsette was smiling as she petted the ghost girl’s head.
“You did really well. You should be proud of yourself.”
Booette only managed a weak groan in response.
As Mario slowly re-focused his vision and calmed down a bit, his lover extended a hand to his face and lightly touched it.
“You worked hard, my love. I became all giddy just watching you.”
He gave her a weak smile and leaned forward, his lips meeting hers in a gentle kiss.
“Don’t think I was planning on leaving you out, sweetie.”
He then slowly moved to the edge of the bed and opened the night stand next to it. It was the place where he kept something for moments like this, the super mushroom muffins.
They were an original creation of Bowsette, the result of her culinary experiments with sexual stamina boosting food. She had perfected them to such a degree that eating one would completely eliminate Mario’s refractory period and re-invigorate his erection.
He had consumed a number of them during yesterdays escapades, but there were still a few left. Bowsette made enough per batch to ensure there were ‘spares for unforseen needs’, as she put it.
As he chewed and swallowed the springy muffin, he felt his dick rise again. He turned towards his lover to see an expectant look on her face. He grinned at her.
“Turn your ass this way.”

Bowsette knew exactly what he wanted, and so she got on all fours and moved herself so that she was on top of Booette, who was now lying on her back on the bed while trying to get her breathing under control.
She leaned down a bit and poked her nipples against the ghost girls exposed breasts to get her attention.
“Ahh, hueh?”
She looked up into Bowsette’s smiling face that was right above her own, seemingly taking a moment before her blush from being looked at returned. However, her arms remained limply at her sides for now.
Bowsette smiled and spoke softly to her.
“I will give you a little show now. Make sure you observe thoroughly.”
As she spoke, she swayed her ass from side to side in a seductive manner while wagging her tail in a ‘come hither’ gesture towards Mario.
He chuckled a little under his breath and grabbed the second item he wanted from the night stand. An unmarked glass jar full of a white substance.

It was, of course, another one of Bowsette’s creations. The amusing thing was that it was originally a failed experiment at doing something new with coconut oil. For reasons best left unmentioned in public, they had realized that while it didn’t quite work for any kind of food, it made a really good anal lube.
Mario especially liked applying it, as it was soft and malleable initially, but melted nicely from body temperature into a smooth, viscous liquid.
Normally, he would spend some time slowly applying it. However, he could tell that his lover was plenty eager already, and making her wait longer at this point would be mean.
And so, he got onto the bed and crawled up to the inviting ass that was wiggling in front of him, scooped up a nice amount of substance from the jar with his finger, and slowly pressed it against her rear hole, pushing it in.
He could hear her gasp and see her back arc as she felt it enter her. Her anus almost immediately began to undulate as if it was sucking on his finger. She was really eager to receive him right away.

Mario continued to lightly massage her insides until he felt that all the coconut oil substance had melted, then pulled his finger out with an audible ‘plop’.
Bowsette whined a little and turned her head to look at him, her eyes moist and hooded. He looked back at her while caressing her ass cheeks.
“Make sure you let Booette see your anal orgasm face once I expose it, my dear.”
She let out a husky breath in response.
“Yes, of course.”
Grinning, Mario grabbed his dick and poked the tip against her anus. It opened slightly to welcome him into its dark depths.
He slowly pushed it in, inch by inch.
No matter how horny they both were, you just couldn’t rush the first insertion when it came to this.
From Bowsette’s reactions, he could tell that she was torn between feelings of gratitude towards him for being considerate, and impatience at having to wait to get railed really hard. He moved his hands around her ass, feeling it up while he continued to steadily work the rest of his length into her.

Once he was balls deep into her ass, her tail wrapped itself around his waist. He grinned again and lightly slapped one of her ass cheeks. That caused her whole body to jerk a little in an almost wave-like motion.
Being just as impatient as she was, Mario decided to get down to business. He grabbed her hips in a firm grip and began to pound her anus.
Almost immediately, her head leaned backwards so that her face almost pointed towards the ceiling.
“Hueee! Haah! It’s finally here!”
She then looked down towards Booette’s face again, a look of pure bliss spreading all over her face.
“Watch me! Watch as the magnificent cock that just made you into a woman is now dominating meeeee!”
Booette’s eyes went wide as she stared, seemingly forgetting to be embarrassed for the moment.
Mario lightly slapped his lover’s ass cheek again, feeling her innards twist and coil around him as he penetrated their depths over and over again.
“That’s right. Make sure to closely watch Bowsette’s perverted face, that is only brought out by my cock.”
He then looked directly at Booette.
“Because that’s pretty much what your face looked like just a moment ago.”

Booette’s blush returned to her face as she watched Bowsette pant and moan with her mind completely died in the color of pleasure. She seemed unsure what to do with her hands, as they were opening and closing while moving around randomly, so Mario decided to give her some directions.
“Hey, Booette, since my little sweetheart was nice enough to help you with your pain earlier, now would be a good chance to return the favor.”
She looked at him with confusion written on her face.
“Your hands, dearie. Use your hands to make her feel good. I recommend her breasts.”
She hesitated a little at first, but eventually reached out with her hands towards the boobs that were swinging back and forth above her.
She carefully cupped them in her hands.
“L-like this?”
Mario slowed down his thrusts a little to respond.
“Try to imitate how she touched your breasts before. Just be gentle and you will do fine.”
She nodded meekly and began to slowly knead Bowsette’s boobs as Mario sped up his thrusts again.

Bowsette’s voice changed its tone as more soft moans leaked out of her mouth unhindered. She shifted her gaze between them both with a dreamy expression.
Mario could feel his ejaculation coming, and so he started putting a little more force into his thrusts in order to reach deeper.
In between Bowsette’s moans and his own pants, he noticed Booette’s legs slowly reach out and fold themselves behind his back, mirroring what Bowsette had done earlier.
She didn’t put quite as much force into it, but to her credit she did manage to match his pace reasonably well.
It didn’t take many more thrusts before his dick stiffened as his orgasm came. With one final grunt, he pushed as deep into his lover’s rectum as he could and blew his load.
He could hear Bowsette’s pleasurable howls as her face melted into an orgasmic gape face, all for Booette to see in all it’s glory.
The ghost girl’s face turned as red as a beetroot upon realizing what kind of face she herself had made earlier, but she was completely unable to look away.

Mario took his time enjoying the slimy, warm feeling that wrapped up his dick. He took a number of deep breaths to regain his composure before finally pulling out, slowly.
He then collapsed onto his back next to the two girls, closing his eyes in an effort to return his pulse to normal.
He soon felt a soft caress on his right shoulder and opened his eyes again to be greeted by Bowsette’s smiling face. She had curled up right next to him and was slowly moving her hands over his arm and torso.
She moved her face closer and kissed him as he legs wrapped themselves around his right leg.
When she pulled back from the kiss, she smiled and raised her head a little to look past his face.
“You take the left side. Just do what I do.”
Mario rolled his head to shift his gaze to his left side to see Booette sitting there.
She hesitated a little, but eventually she slowly laid down along his left side in the same manner as Bowsette, and wrapped her legs around his left leg.
She was a little hesitant at touching him with her hands, so he decided to make the first move.
He wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled her into a kiss. She jerked a little at first, but soon started kissing him back with closed eyes.
Eventually, her arms found their way around his chest.
When their mouths separated, Mario rolled his face back towards Bowsette and snaked his right arm around her shoulders in the same manner. She smiled and laid her head to rest against his chest.
Mario felt a haze of drowsiness come over him, so he just laid there while enjoying the feeling of their soft, warm bodies as sleep slowly came.


A few weeks had passed since Booette’s ‘initiation’ into womanhood, and life for the trio had sort of normalized into a new routine.
Just like Bowsette had hoped, the crown’s transformation had become permanent. Now, the two girls took turns wearing it according to their moods (the one who wore it acted in a more submissive manner towards the other).

Currently, Mario was sitting at the table awaiting his breakfast that Bowette was busy making. She sported her white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes today as it was her turn to wear the crown, and she was humming to herself as she worked.
Meanwhile, Mario was getting his dick serviced by Booete, who was crouching down in front of his lap. There was enough of a gap between him and the table that he could see her pretty face.
Whenever Booette wasn’t wearing the crown, her hair changed from a pure white into more of a flowing silver color. The sclera of her eyes remained white, but her irises turned a deep black. Her skin didn’t seem to change much in tone.
She had become quite adept at using her tongue to properly service him, wrapping it around his dick in a spiral pattern as her head bobbed up and down, making lots of obscene slurping noises as she did.
He petted her head as she went at it, earning him a cute giggle that made her tongue vibrate in a pleasant manner.

Bowsette approached the table with their plates balanced on her hands. She had prepared a new egg dish today that was arranged in such a way that the plate almost looked like a work of art. Mario smiled at her when she put it down in front of him.
“Aw, it looks so pretty it almost feels like a waste to eat it.”
Boswette blushed a little and turned to look at him.
“Don’t worry, I made sure eating it will be worth it.”
They both quietly laughed at their mutual silliness, before Mario lightly grabbed her horns and pulled her into a gentle kiss.
It the sensation tipped the balance of his overdue ejaculation, which Booette had skillfully kept just under the surface, and his hot cum flooded the ghost girl’s mouth.
As he watched her undulate her throat, greedily swallowing his whole load, he let a pleasurable sigh escape his lips.

Once she was done swallowing everything and cleaning up his dick with her tongue, Booette crawled out from under the table and sat down on the chair on his right side. Bowsette meanwhile took a seat to his left.
Mario put his arms around their shoulders and pulled them close.
“Have you girls finished the latest obstacle course?”
Both of them nodded eagerly.
“Hehe, good. I hope you will be ready for me once I beat it. I tend to get a bit worked up when I do.”
They both giggled like giddy girls and laid their hands on his chest while giving him dreamy looks.
“I will be waiting, dear.”
“M-me too, darling.”
Mario smiled and released them, turning his attention towards his breakfast. He was going to need the energy.

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