A harrowing price for Arrogance and Envy

“Look at those meanies…” Staring out in the distance, a young man, barely in his ten years, looks onward to a group of three seemingly older children. Playing with each other, the young man stares at them. Watching on with envy and anger.

“I’m too small and weak they said, I’ll show them!” The young man who felt left out came from a line of mages sworn to serve under the Order Doctrine. Praised for his magical talent, the young man’s weak constitution was the only Achilles heel he had. In terms of intelligence and magical aptitude, he put even young adults to shame with his magical prowess.


“Man, that kid couldn’t handle playing tag with us could he?” In the outskirts of a small village, the three boys played near an open field. Two of the lads were brothers, sporting matching light brown shirts and shorts. The other seemed the oldest of the group, wearing a white shirt with short black pants.

“No, not really. He got winded after just five minutes! I wouldn’t want to play tag with him!” One of the brothers said

“Yeah, but maybe we should’ve let him play anyway? He is the town prodigy after all.” As the older brother spoke, the oldest kid scoffed in irritation.

“Like I’d be nice with a spoiled brat! Do you know how often the grown up’s talk about how he’s the village’s hope and junk?!” The two brothers cross their arms and nod in agreement. “He should just hang out with the adults then since he’s so high and mighty!” The three kids start laughing mockingly, unknowingly being watched by the very kid they’re making fun of.


“Laugh at me, will you?! I’ll show you what happens when you mess with ‘Ultia the Majin!’” With a devious smirk on his face, Ultia casts an earth spell that would create a pitfall beneath the three children. “I’ll trap you three into a hole. Getting stuck, you’ll have no choice but to ask me for help!” While a prodigy, Ultia would often use his gifts for less than ideal reasons. From causing minor inconveniences to adults to pranking other children, Ultia’s spoiled way of life has molded him into a young man that sees no consequence to his actions as he was skilled enough to use magic without getting caught.

“Time to teach you three jerks a lesson…” Just as Ultia began to perform his spell, he felt a presence that froze him in his tracks. “What the?!” Like a blizzard chill, the young man’s body began to shiver uncontrollably. The magical presence he felt was unlike he’d ever felt before. Few adults in his village were above him in magical power, but the presence he sensed was beyond what any of the adults have ever displayed.

Just then, he noticed the source of that power. Without him noticing, a tall figure stands in front of the three boys he was spying on.


“Wha…” Standing in the middle of the three kids, they all fell back on their butts, each holding themselves up with their hands as they stared up at the intruder before them.

With a bizarre appearance, she wore outlandishly flashy and colorful clothing. From her frilly top that covered her neck and exposed her abundant white breasts and dark red markings, her waist was partially exposed with bells attached to each side of the opening of her smooth stomach. Her top’s swallowtail bottom had two white tufts of flush on each end. Her tight leggings are adorned with star-shaped yellow patterns.

Above all, however, were her gloves, shoes, hair, and face which stood out as her most distinct features. On her arms, she wears multi-colored clothing that ends in white red-stained tufts like flowers bloom. Her white gloves were large, twice the size of what normal human hands would be. The tips of her gloves were covered in red stains that resembled human blood. Her shoes were of a similar fashion, sporting a white color and red coloring on the tips of the shoes, though around where the tongue of the shoe would be displayed a demonic eye with an eerie look as it seemed alive. On her head, she had horns that stuck out of the top of her head, the base covered in white tufts of hair. As for the rest of her hair, they ran down along the length of her thighs, tide upon four segments with the last segment on the right colored blood red.

Lastly, her face was partially covered with a mask on the right side of her face. The mask was pure black with only a white eye slit and mouth on it. The mask had a sinister grin on it. Her exposed face matched the rest of her skin, white with a dark red tear tattoo under her left eye. With a soft grin, her red eyes stared down at the children cowering under her.

“Oh, how wonderful! To think that I’d be the first of the scouts to make it here! This will truly be a blessed day for us, or should I say…night.” Looking up at the sky, it was bright and sunny outside with no signs of clouds. But with a sinister grin, a shadowy cast begins to cover the sun as dark clouds begin to form. As the shadow begins to engulf the sun, the sounds of metal clashing and spells activating could be heard from the village ahead.

“And it started. How nice…” Seemingly ignored, the oldest of the three kids tries to back away, shaking uncontrollably whilst doing so.

“Aha, don’t think I forgot about you children.” Looking down at the oldest, she revels at the sight of his frightened gaze. “Don’t be scared little ones. The fun’s about to begin!” Stretching her hand out, she reaches for the lad and prepares to ‘milk’ him.

“NO! STAY BACK!!!” Just before she could make contact, a gust of wind blew between her hand and the boy’s head.

“Oh?” Hitting a tree nearby, the tree was stuck at the base and split nearly in half, holding onto a few inches of its base.

“You three, run right now!” Ultia shows himself in front of the three boys. With the bravest face he could muster, he had his right hand aimed at the intruder. Snapping out of their fright, the three boys looked at Ultia who saved them.

“Ultia?” The younger brother said.

“Go! I’ll try and keep her at bay! Head for the village! You’ll be safer there!” With a quick nod, the three children managed to muster up the strength to stand up and run. Not looking back as they headed towards the village.

The skies darkened as the sun had now been completely enveloped by the dark shadow. Casting what appears to be a solar eclipse, the freakish intruder smiled at Ultia.

“Of course, I couldn’t forget about you! The biggest threat in this village. Ultia from the line of the Majin family Tera. I pegged you to be a specialist in Earth magic as your family’s name suggests, but you managed to cast a pretty decent wind spell at your age.” Looking at Ultia for a moment. He did look the part of a mage. Short in stature and weak in constitution, he was barely tall enough to reach her waist. His arms exposed by his sleeveless brown vest and white undershirt were skinny with no sign of developed muscles. Wearing long black pants, his legs were probably just as skinny as his frail body would suggest. His light brown eyes and blonde short hair were his only striking features.

“You know about me and my family?” Curious as to how the interloper knew about him and his family, Ultia tried to press her for more information.

“Who wouldn’t know about your family! They attained power over the Earth element that would be impossible to attain without an Earth Elemental as their familiar.” Walking towards him, Ultia moves back as she tried to close the distance.

“Stay back you fiend!” A magic sigil appears below the monster. With an amused grin, she stood still, waiting for the young man to finish his spell.

“Take this! Stag Edge!” With a confident battle cry, sharp stones shot up from the ground, seemingly impaling the monster as a sprinkle of red flies into the air, covering the stones and partially raining down onto the ground, covering the young man in some of it.

“How do you like that monster!” In front of him was a rather grizzly image for a young man like him to see. The monster impaled from her waist and left thigh, red blood poured from the wounds as she stood motionless. But just then, the monster before him turns into a bloody red mist and disappears. “WHAT?!”

“You didn’t even hesitate did you, young man?! Any other person hit by that may have been left injured…too bad…” Moving his head around, he tried to pinpoint her location, to no avail. Just then, another frighteningly cold sensation spread from his neck and down to his back as he felt something wrap around his shoulders. Unable to move at all, the Monster appears from a mist of red before kneeling and moving her exposed left face and whispering to his right ear.

“I know of your true intentions you know? A lonely boy whose talents make him the center of attention for adults, but the bane of all children he seeks to play with. Coupled with your natural talents and enabling parents, you’ve developed a superiority complex. Toying with those you please…” With her left hand, she gently wraps her white-gloved hand on his waist, nearly covering his lower body with her hand alone.

“Please…don’t kill me…” His entire body was shaking in fear, unable to move before she slipped her left hand under his shirt, handling his body with her soft gloves.

“ahhaaAAAHHH!!” An overwhelming sense of weakness spreads from where her glove touched his body, making his knees buckle under the sensation. Before he could fall on his butt, the Monster holds him up to legs with her right hand and sits down with her legs crossed before gently putting him down on top of them.

“Well, what should I do with you Ultia. You came at me with killing intent so…” Squinting slightly, she moves her face close to his until he could feel her breath on his face. “Of course, you can’t blame me for retaliating in response right young man?” Though her tone was soft like her thighs that gently cushioned him from below, her hunger-filled gaze and menacing aura frightened Ultia unlike he’d never felt before. As a last-ditch effort, he mustered up the remaining strength his adrenaline state could afford him and swung his left arm up in an attempt to swipe at her face.

“Wha?!” A little too fast for her to evade, his left arm managed to knock off the mask on her face. While keeping him down with her left hand on his waist, she swiftly covers the right side of her face with her right hand. Staying quiet, the only thing Ultia could see was her left eye, now bloodshot, staring down at him.

“Now you’ve done it…” Her sweet, teasing tone changed from something dark and sultry. To Ultia, he could see the visible dark mist emanating from where her mask was concealing her face. Splitting her fingers apart, he caught a glimpse of the other side of her face. With only her other eye visible, it immediately crushed Ultia with a sense of defeat and fear as he lost control of his limbs. Falling limp, he even started to drool, frozen in fear with only his thoughts left unaffected.

“I hope you’re ready to face the consequences of your actions.” With a loud sound, the Monster tore off his undershirt, leaving only his brown vest on. “I’ll squeeze you like the naughty boy you are…” Pressing the tips of her gloves against his bare chest, she’d leave traces of red liquid on his body.

Appearing to be blood in his eyes, Ultia started to breath more erratically, helpless as he couldn’t even move an inch.

“Hhhhooofhhh…” Barely able to move his mouth, Ultia just drools more in his attempts to tell her to stop, amusing the Monster even more.

“I don’t think you have the right to tell me to stop.” Finally removing her right hand away from her face, it was white like the other side, only there wasn’t a tear tattoo under her right eye.

After covering his top body with the red liquid, she moves onto his waist, pressing her left pointing finger on his crotch. “Now for this part…” Pinching the top of his pants, she easily pulls it down and off the young man. With his naked lower body exposed, his erect penis pops out in the open. Uncircumcised and twitching wildly in anticipation with a little pool of precum on the tip.

“How cute! Everything about you is small, including your little penis.” Though angered by her words, her frightful gaze kept his body in check as the only response she gets from him is light trembling from his body.

“Time to milk this part next.” Using the red-soaked tips of her gloves, she gently presses them against his penis. Scared as he might be, the sensation of her soft gloves pressing on his dick caused the little guy to rise at full mast. Though as his stature suggested, even his fully erect member matched his small physique.

“So small. I could barely stroke this with my pointing finger and thumb!” Mocking him, all Ultia could do was cry in response, but even that reaction incited the Monster to insult him more. “Crying too? Boy, you really can’t sink any lower than that can you?” While stroking his penis with her hand, she gently strokes his head with her other hand. “You’re a selfish boy you know that? I know you have the ability to read the magical power of those around you. I’m sure you could tell that the villagers are no match for my comrades. As we speak, every one of them is getting ‘eaten’ by monsters. You sent those boys to their doom! Though you don’t seem to feel even the slightest guilt from wronging them!” Delighted, the Monster continues to stroke him giggling in delight.

“I think I’ve got you where I want you, so I’ll forgive you for now.” Her aura finally weakened to the point where Ultia could move again. Though it didn’t matter as the only sensation he felt was a strong pleasure coming from his waist.

“AAHHHAAA!!! PLEASE STOP!!!” Screaming out, the young man was crying even more feverishly as he could see his penis being stroked. Covered in the red liquid that soaked her hands, he concluded that his penis was being squeezed to the point of bleeding. “No, stop squeezing my penis!” Though it was a frightful sight for Ultia, the sensation he was feeling from the attack was far different from what he was seeing. It felt incredibly good, a sensation that while foreign, gave his body a sense of euphoria that sought out more.

With the two contradictory feelings attacking him at once, it didn’t take long for the young man to ejaculate, shooting his white flag of defeat as it covered her hand.

“You did it! Good job Ultia. That wasn’t so bad was it?” Breathing so hard that his chest was rising visibly from the strain. A sense of relaxation and ecstasy washed over the boy’s body. His fear suddenly washed away with it, he stares back at the Monster, seeing a sincere smile on her face.

“You’re a naughty boy that deserves to be punished, but I can’t blame you for acting the way you did. Avoided by the jealous kids that hated the attention you got from the adults. It’s really funny how there’s no one real villain in all this as everyone had something to do with how you ended up becoming so vile.” Ultia was at a loss for words as he hardly knew what the Monster was going on about. It’s almost as if she watched him the entire time.

“But you did so well when you shot your little white stuff from your penis!” Moving her left finger up to her lips, she licks off the semen off her fingertips and smiles. “Delicious…” Delirious from the pleasure, Ultia just looked up in a daze at the monster, staring particularly hard at her abundant chest.

“Hehe…you are a little boy after all.” Using her right hand, she pulls down her top and reveals her bare breasts. Two pink nipples made for a striking contrast to her white skin. “You did such a good job with cumming earlier if you even know what I mean by that?” Moving her right hand under his head, she pulls his head up close to her right tit.

“Ah…they’re even bigger than mommies…” Responding to her breast, Ultia’s penis grew erect once more. Amused greatly by his shameless words and honest response, the Monster squealed in excitement as she watched him unconsciously lick his lips

“Even bigger than mommies huh? Well, Ultia, I’m not your mother, but I can tell how badly you want to suck on them. I promise you nothing but joy and happiness if you call out my name and beg me to make you feel good. You’ve been bullied enough, haven’t you?” The Monster leans her face close to his and kisses him on the forehead.

“The name’s Lilico. If I call you my name and beg me to make you feel good, I’ll make sure you spend the rest of your days laughing and happily frolicking!” Tempted by her sweet words and the need to feel even more pleasure, Ultia smiled at the Bogie Monster named Lilico.

“Lilico! Please make me feel good! I don’t want to be bullied anymore! I just wanted friends! But what I’m feeling right now is good too, so please make me feel that good again!” Satisfaction was written all over Lilico’s face. Bringing his head to her right tit, he opens his mouth and take in her nipple before she started stroking his penis again.

“Good job Ultia. As I promised, I’ll make you feel really good.” Stroking his head with her thumb, she keeps his head firmly planted on her right breast while stroking his penis. Using her pinky, ring finger, middle finger, and thumb, she grasps his whole penis and strokes it faster and harder than before, making Ultia responds by moving both of his hands on her right tit and firmly grabbing it, sucking hard on her nipples.

‘Lilico…Lilico!!!’ Ultia’s mind was filled with nothing but thoughts of Lilico. Staring down at his glassy eyes, his mind was lost in a pleasure-filled trance. Lilico took immense pleasure from seeing his dazed state and starts laughing.

“AHAHAHAHA!!! You’re such a cute boy Ultia! I know I promised my lord that I’d take you to her highness to be contracted with a Gnome, but you’re just too precious to give to anyone!” In her excitement, she quicked her stroking, making Ultia suck even harder on her breast before shooting out another white flag of defeat.

“Puwaahh!” Letting go of her tit, Ultia lays his head flat against her soft thigh, breathing through his mouth while looking at Lilico.

“Lilico…love…Lilico…” Uttering the word ‘love’, Lilico gasped in happiness and put her hands on her cheeks.

“Oh, Ultia! My sweet, sweet Ultia!” Licking off the semen off her left glove again, she stands up and picks up Ultia with him. A portal dark portal appears in front of her before she takes one last look at the village being attacked.

“I’m sorry your highness. I’m sure you can make do with the boy’s father and mother. Ultia is mine…” Looking down at Ultia who she was holding like a baby, he just smiled at her with a glassy look in his eyes. “Isn’t that right, my love…” Pulling his face up next to hers, she gives him a deep, sensuous kiss as she walks into the portal with him on tow.

Gone with the prodigy known as ‘Ultia the Tera Majin’, the only thing left in the scene that provided any clues as to what happened was a black mask. No one knows what happened to Ultia afterward, but there were rumors of a pair of traveling entertainers that made a living out of bringing smiles and joy to people who needed it most.

One of them was a Bogie of some renown, and the other, a young man who was thought to be her son, helping her in their performances. After each performance, the two would celebrate alone.

Eventually, the Bogie by the name of Lilico stopped her adventures along with her ‘son’, declaring that once they make their return, a new trope member would join them in the fray.

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