The Attack on the Orc Fortress

There are two countries, one of monsters and one of humans. The two countries share a border that is mostly mountains. Raids can be made through the mountains but the only path that entire armies can go through is a valley, of which both countries have a fort to defend their border. While both countries have been conducting raids and skirmishes through the mountains for years, hostilities have been brewing. In addition, the royal families controlling the countries have another concern, their succession. The Queens of both countries are feeling the effects of old age more and more and the competence of their offspring – Prince Hilbert of the humans and Princess Dura of the monsters – is in question. Both are sent to their respective forts in the valley with a full military force under their command. There, they have the same goal, defend their fort, and take the other to prove their worthiness as successors.

The small monster camp had easily been taken by Thilo the ranger. A few arrows from an unknown location hitting the guards had caused them to give up looking for him and flee to nurse their wounds. More importantly, they had abandoned their cargo, a cage with a heavy blanket over it containing Thilo’s girlfriend Ebba.


After waiting a few minutes to make sure the guards didn’t come back, he approached the cage, as he got closer, he started hearing strange, muffled noises coming from the cage.


To his surprise, after pulling the tarp off the cage he saw Ebba being molested by a mass of tentacles. He was left speechless, frozen, and aroused by the sight as Ebba’s naked body was defiled by the tentacles, her mouth, pussy, and ass were filled, her breasts groped, and her body glistened with an erotic slime. Shaking off his stupor, Thilo quickly broke the lock open with his crowbar and drew his sword to cut the beast off.


Thinking that the tentacles would be too busy defiling his girlfriend to react, Thilo was caught off guard as they quickly redirected to wrap around his legs. “Damn fiend! Let go of me.” Thilo kicked his legs and cut at the tentacles to try to get them off but they bound him even further, each shallow cut quickly healed, and each severing cut restored by the tentacle pressing its stump back on the lost piece. The tentacles reached up further and more perversely, coiling around more of his body and underneath his clothes. “Grr… How is this thing so strong?” Having gained a firm grip on his body, the tentacles pulled him closer to Ebba.


Thilo changed tactics, digging his feet into the ground to resist the tentacles pull and managed to stop himself from being pulled any further. “How about this time, I bring you over you freak.” Thilo started pulling Ebba closer to him by the tentacles, sword ready to strike at the main body once he found it. “Haha, come closer, I’ve got steel for you.” Thilo said with a proud grin.


The tentacles were not simple beasts and changed tactics, tickling his cock and anywhere else they could touch. “Cur. You fight dirty” Thilo cursed. Their touch made him shiver, causing him to try to shake them off again instead of pulling the creature closer. He felt one start sucking on one of his nipples and dropped his sword to start pulling that tentacle away but whenever he pulled a tentacle off, another replaced it. More tentacles reached towards him to wrap around his arm and through numbers, yanked his arms above his head.


Now with his entire body in an unyielding tentacle bind, the tentacles pulled his shirt up and his pants down, coating his body in their liquid. The tentacles molesting him grew warts over their surface, the little bumps strengthening the sensations in his body. Thilo bit his lip to suppress his moans but as the tentacles learned where his weakpoints were, they focused their attentions and groans of pleasure started to leak out. Thilo’s body glistened from the slimy tentacle massage. He now looked just as obscene as Ebba. Even though this should feel gross, the tentacles were instead making Thilo feel hot, pleasure running through his skin.


“This… isn’t natural” Thilo realized and started panicking to escape his bindings. As he struggled, he fell onto his back. The tentacles pulled Ebba’s body over to him, maneuvering her body to line up her pussy with his cock. Once they aligned her properly, she was forced down so that his whole cock was buried inside of her. Her vaginal folds reflexively clamped onto his cock by instinct and with Thilo distracted, the tentacles shifted their grip so that their bodies were now pressed closely together. The tentacle in her mouth left Edda’s mouth and started forcing the couple together, lewd yelps escaping their lips as they were forced to mate.


The tentacles got kinkier, a thinner one crawled into Ebba’s pussy and around Thilo’s cock, jerking him off as he fucked her pussy. Another slid into his ass, poking, and prodding until is found his prostrate and then aggressively stimulated it. The stimulation brought Thilo to his peak and he started thrusting his hips forward into Ebba, filling her with his cum. Ebba’s eyes rolled back into her head and her tongue hung out of her mouth, feeling a better creampie then she had ever felt before.


The tentacles gave them both a break, halting their movements but maintaining a firm grip on their bodies. Ebba recovered first, finally looking at her boyfriend with lucid eyes and moved to kiss him and wrap her arms around his body. She then nuzzled into Thilo’s chest, the tentacles matching her movements. “Thank you for saving me.”


Thilo calmed down a little later. “Don’t thank me yet, I haven’t gotten us out of these tentacles.”


“That won’t be a problem husband.” The tentacles released their hold on them both and she got to her feet, turning so that he could see her behind. For the first time, Thilo saw that the tentacles didn’t come from something outside of her body, they came from within her body. Thilo scrambled to his feet in horror and in a moment, Ebba was hugging him with her arms and tentacles. “Thank you for giving me your cum. The tentacles are my limbs now. My hugs are now several times more loving.”


“It’s not too late, we can get you to a doctor and remove those parasites.”


Ebba glared at him, pushed him to the ground and mounted him. “No. I want to keep my new limbs and I’ll make sure you want me to keep them as well.”

Ralf was an easy capture, as he was moving into position to ambush the lone Ogre’s camp, he got caught in a snare trap and hung upside down by his leg, dropping his weapon as well and alerting the Ogre with a yell.


The Ogre approached the bound captive, her eyes ran over his body, focusing on his muscular arms and legs. “Oh, what luck, here I was marching over to join the monsters and a man who is exactly my type walks right into my trap.”


“My arms still work” yelled Ralf, “I’ll make you work for your meal” but the Ogre seemed to become more eager instead of intimidated and fixed her lustful gaze on his crotch. “The hell are you looking at with that pervy face? Don’t look” Ralf said as he realized what kind of expression he was being given.


“Aww, you’re shy. No need to hide yourself.” The Ogre grabbed his wrists and moved them out of the way.


“Damnit don’t look at me like that you bitch” though bound, Ralf tried to strike at the Ogre in any way he could but unable to form a proper stance, he couldn’t so much as graze her.


“I have a name, it’s Isereg so that you know what to scream.” Isereg buried her head in Ralf’s crotch, taking deep breaths of his manly scent. “Oh, yes, I can’t get enough of this. Do you see how excited this makes me?” The Ogre pulled off her loincloth, proudly showing off her wet pussy.


Ralf cast his gaze downwards, his eyes widening at the sight of her pussy, slick with juices and clit erect. “Wh-what the fuck are you… showing that off for?”


“Your amazing smell is turning me on, and this is the result. Come on, your turn.” Isereg grabbed his pants and yanked them upward, showing his erect cock. “Ahh, you like my smell too.”


“Absolutely not, it’s gross and stinks, don’t bring that thing nearer.”


“Oh, I like your attitude, it gets me hot” Isereg said, drooling on herself and getting closer. She edged her pussy closer towards Ralf’s face, rubbing her pussy against his cheek. “That’s nice. Oh, sorry, I’m being selfish, I shouldn’t receive without giving.” Isereg rubbed her face against Ralf’s cock, poking her face with the glans of his cock. “Human skin feels so nice.” Isereg’s pussy get wetter from smelling Ralf until it was dripping juices that were getting smeared onto his face.


“Grr, how long are you going to continue. You’ve gotten yourself off enough, haven’t you?” Ralf shot her a murderous gaze.


“I’m far from satisfied, I want to escalate. Here’s a fun game, I’ll copy your movements. Start licking or you won’t get satisfied.” Isereg opened her mouth and rammed his meat rod down her throat, making muffled moans in pleasure. Then her body went still, her tightness edging him to continue or be left unsatisfied.


“Dammit. I’ll make you regret using me like this. I’ll make you bleed.” Ralf took a deep breath and reached his teeth out to her clit, diverting strength to his jaw.


“Mmph!” Isereg felt the bite, surprised that he would go rough so quickly. She quickly recovered and started sucking his cock, her cheeks receding into her face.


“What the hell?” Ralf thought. “I’m biting this hard and not even making a dent. Come on, bite through.” He put more strength into his jaw but that only made her suck harder, the stimulation driving him crazy. She shook her hips a little, grinding her clit with his teeth.


Eventually, her sucking made his take his teeth off to gasp. Isereg slid her head back, taking his cock out of her mouth. “More affection than you could take hun? Be a little gentler and I’ll be gentler too.” Isereg thrust his cock down her throat again and then held still, waiting for Ralf to continue.


“Pisses me off to do what this bitch says but she’ll keep torturing me like this until I do. I’ll just have to wait for another opportunity.” Ralf started giving her basic cunnilingus: teasing licks, light sucks, and soft nips that Isereg doubled or even tripled, driving him steadily to rougher and more vigorous acts.


Ralf’s vision suddenly went pure white. He abandoned his ministrations on Isereg’s pussy and started flailing while Isereg continued to suck him off. After what felt like an eternity, Ralf seized his movements, leaving him panting with tears of joy streaming down his face.


Isereg noisily gulped down every droplet of cum he produced. Giggling as she pulled her face off his cock. “I can taste your enjoyment. Let’s continue, I still haven’t cum yet.” She once again filled her throat with his cock, and he resumed his ministrations. Both drank much of each other’s emissions until he passed out. With her husband now unconscious, Isereg cut him down from the trap and bridal carried him to her camp. She still intended to join the Orcs army though now she just wanted pay, no longer needing the chance to find a husband.

With a turn of his pilfered key, Henry unlocked the door, slipped inside, and locked it behind him. The kingdom was even resorting to getting help from criminals in its war against the monsters. The kingdom provided intel on their bases or supply caravans that criminals could do what they wished with. The successes took resources away from their military enemy, the failures got rid of criminals. Either way, it was a gain for the kingdom. That was how Henry had gotten knowledge about the layout of this monster base and now he’s right in their vault where they store riches used to pay their soldiers.


Henry wouldn’t be able to take all this wealth with him, so he searched around a little for the most valuable things to pilfer. His eye was quickly drawn to the chest in the center of the room. Something good must be in there for it to have this extra layer of security. Henry approached the chest and got out his lockpicks.


A few seconds into picking the lock, the chest burst open and his arm was jabbed with a poisoned dagger by the woman inside of it. The poison quickly weakened Henry, leaving him at the mercy of this strange and nude woman, only her upper body was visible with large breasts and short black hair whose bangs covered her eyes.


She grabbed his shoulders and turned him so that his back was towards her and then pulled his upper body into her chest, wedging his head between her thighs. “Hehe, so how does my ass feel? Oppressive? If I keep you like this, you just might suffocate to death.” She fixes a sadistic smile at Henry’s crotch.


“Hey, let me out of here. Let me go. Ah!?” As terror wells up inside Henry, the mimic pulls his cock out of his pants.


“Heheh, why do you have an erection already? Perhaps you’re… a masochist?”


“Ma-masochist!? Don’t say stupid things like that. You jabbed me with a poisoned knife.”


“That poison didn’t contain any aphrodisiac. This erection is all yours. This must be so exciting for you.” The mimic starts rubbing her butt in Henry’s face.


“Mmm, it’s so soft, such a nice ass. Even though I mustn’t get aroused by this” Henry thought.


“Hehe, have you changed your mind about masochism? If I do this, will you like it?” The mimic stuck her tongue out and licked and swirled it around his penis, mocking Henry between licks. “Mmmph *lick* You’re so stubborn… and hot… and you’re not even fully erect yet. *lick*” Swallowing the glans in her mouth, she focuses on licking and sucking the sensitive tip of his penis as if she were trying to quickly dissolve a piece of hard candy. The work of her mouth and tongue quickly fills Henry with an unbearable need to cum.


“Aaah, if you do that, I’m going to cum!”


“*Suck* I intend *slurp* to make you *lick* cum.” Henry releases onto her face, spreading so much semen onto her that it starts dripping down onto her breasts. “Heh, you came an amazing amount. Did you save up a lot or were you that stimulated by my ass? You dirty masochistic pig.” She starts spreading the semen around her face and body as if it were lotion. “Hehe, it tastes great. Your penis is so delicious. I just want to tear it to pieces!” The mimic resumes her service. “*Suck* Don’t worry *lick* I won’t bite *slurp* right now.”


“You only promised ‘right now’, ahh” The mimic continues to keep Henry in fear of her with little brushes of her teeth against his cock. She nibbles, sucks, and licks him to try to bring him to another release of his semen lotion. Although Henry is afraid of her, he’s also excited from the treatment. Even with such a recent orgasm, he’s quickly building up another one.


“*Suck* Mmmm, you’re a lewd masochistic pig, just like I thought. *Lick*” The mimic sexual fluids start pouring out of her vagina, covering Henry’s face in erotic, glittering slime. “Haaa, that feels wonderful… my pussy juice.” During her passionate fellatio, the mimic presses her butt cheeks smeared with genital secretions even harder into his face. The soft and slimy flesh of her ass smothers him with an unbearably erotic sensation and his penis starts twitching in pleasure, approaching another orgasm despite the miserable way he is being treated. “Hehehe. I wonder if you’ll run out of semen or if you’ll suffocate to death first? Hehe. *slurp*”


Henry unleashed an even larger and more forceful amount of semen than before, the mimic pressing his cock even deeper into her mouth, drinking his cum with loud gulping noises. “Aaah, am I really a masochistic pig?” he thought.


Henry’s vision starts to dim, his consciousness receding. “Oh, already at your limit? Hehe, well from now on, I’ll give you plenty of love from the inside of my chest.” The mimic drags the rest of Henry’s body inside her treasure chest and slams the lid closed, eager for him to wake up so she can endlessly milk his semen.

“I never get used to this” Rayner muttered as he entered the sewer. His assignment was to assassinate the Orc Princess commanding the defense of this fortress, which was why he was now entering the fortresses sewer to get inside. The unpleasantness of the sewers smell was however dampened by the fat purse he would earn for his target’s death. 4000 gold crowns for his primary target and other smaller bounties for her officers.


A short walk through the sewers and he had failed his mission. A mass of slime dropped down on him from the ceiling, clinging to his body. Each part that he managed to tear off would quickly reunite with the whole and even more slime was dripping onto him. His twin daggers wouldn’t do anything to the slime either, there were no organs to slice, veins to sever or hide to cut open.


The slime clung to and flowed over his body. He didn’t want to think about what substances it had been soaking in. An occasional green foamy bubble of varying size drifted off the slime into the air before popping.


Not even a full suit of plate armor could keep the slime off someone’s skin, let alone the light cloth armor he wore. It easily squeezed through gaps or soaked through to touch his skin, distracting him with a not entirely unpleasant stimulation.


As more and more slime dripped onto his body, the weight was starting to pull his body to the ground, forcing him onto his back. For a moment he considered an incendiary tool but quickly discarded the idea. Igniting the slime while it was clinging to him would be suicide.


As he tried to think of a solution, the slime became more active, vibrating on his body and producing more bubbles, which tickled him. More of the slime moved above his chest and started to form a more defined shape. Starting with the head, a green woman formed on top of him, her voluptuously shaped body rubbing against him. Once fully formed, she straddles his waist with the slime below restraining his limbs. Laying on his back like this, Rayner can’t help his eyes wandering towards her wide curves as the Bubble Slime looks down at him with a hungry lick of her lips.


Her slime pulls down his pants and solidifies slightly around his cock. Then, she lies on top of him, pressing her ample breasts against his chest, sandwiching him between her plush body and the bubbling pool he is resting on. With her face inches away, she gazes lovingly into his eyes and then presses her lips against him. Rayner tries to keep his mouth from being invaded but the slime easily slips through his lips and teeth, giving him an invasive and deep kiss that pours a gentle stream of her fizzy goo down his throat, slowly filling his body with warm melty heat as he is forced to either gulp it down or choke. The slime’s taste would be more appropriate for a gourmet desert instead of from slime coating a sewer, a delicious mix of sweet and sour flavor.


The slime rubs herself up and down his body, soaking through his clothes so that he might as well be naked. Her slick form slowly makes a foamy coating of bubbles as she slides across him, her hips rotating in slow teasing circles. Rayner is left softly moaning into her mouth as the pleasure mounts, tingling bliss trailing across his skin as every bit of his body is rubbed and massaged by the slime. His dick can’t resist twitching as the slime around it rubs and teases it.


Then the slime starts to swing her thick hips, slamming them down on his rigid member and making it throb with every wet impact. Rayner shivers as the waves of pleasure melts his thoughts away and he is caressed all over in her embrace.


“Mphfwa- don’t hold back honey. Mphml- pour it all inside me.” Rayner’s eyes start to roll as she deepens the kiss at the end of her words, his dick throbbing and spasming with each meeting of their hips, her slick tits rubbing against his chest while her slime pool massages his limbs and back.


All his thoughts dissolve away in a single instant of bubbling ecstasy as she slams her hips down in a jiggly impact and his cock erupts inside of her, flooding her with cum that she eagerly absorbs while idly gyrating her hips, making him twitch from excessive stimulation as she kisses him senseless. With a loud smack she finally ends the make out session. Rayner looks up at her dazed and smiling with pleasure, his dick throbbing inside of her as she keeps him sandwiched between her plush body and the gooey pool.


“Mmmm… You’re so delicious. I want more.” Rayner gasps as she bounces her hips again and locks him in a new kiss, leaving him shivering with delight as she dominates his mouth. His thoughts are left fizzing and bubbling with pleasure from her aphrodisiac and her rocking waist pumps his rigid cock with her slime. The sounds of their lovemaking wetly echo through the sewers and Rayner spaces out amidst the haze of pleasure, the bubbling massage drawing all the aching tension to his twitching dick as it submits to the swing of her hips.


Rayner groans in delight as her mating press milks another load of seed from his balls. The slime only purrs happily and rides his length, rubbing her luscious body against him and drowning him in affectionate kisses. Every bit of Rayner goes slack in her slimy embrace except for his dick. Lovingly massaged all over by her goo, her voluptuous body rubbed against his chest and her hips bouncing on his twitching manhood, his thoughts dissolve into a melting puddle of unrelenting pleasure.


As the next orgasm washes through him in a tingly wave, Rayner’s cock spasms excitedly as it pours another fresh load into her body. Instead of resisting, Rayner is now returning her gooey kisses, letting himself melt away in her slick, bubbly embrace.


“Mph- that’s it honey. Mphfwa- give me every drop.” Rayner groans into her mouth as she shakes her waist at a faster tempo, the soft insides of her sticking to his length as she pumps it, wringing another load out of him. Rayner sighs in contentment as the waves of orgasmic bliss wash over him in steady waves.


With a blissful, intoxicated smile on his face, he pours load after load into her as she lovingly caresses him, and her hips swing down again and again, even after he drifts into unconsciousness.


Having shown her husband, the love she can provide, the Bubble Slime signals to the monsters on the surface to help bring her husband back above ground. It’ll take time to get him to abandon killing for money but she’s sure they’ll be a good couple.

“Hold… Hold…” Captain Gangolf yelled to his unit as the orcs approached. Other units of human fired bolt after bolt into the orcs, thinning them out before melee starts. Gangolf’s unit was equipped with sword and shield, meant to defend the missile troops against enemy infantry with himself in it to help anchor the unit and provide some additional power with an enchanted sword.


“Charge!” Gangolf yelled once the orcs were close enough and his soldiers followed, the battle lines clashing together. The soldiers were too focused on what’s in front of them to notice the rumbling at their feet until a Sandworm bursts out of the ground, scattering the unit’s formation and giving the orcs an easy opportunity to overwhelm the unit.


Gangalf backed away from the orc in front of him, leaving his soldiers to face them while he directed his attention at the Sandworm. The warriors fighting it couldn’t do much harm, their swords glancing off its armored hide. That left Gangalf as the only one capable of facing it, as he approached the Sandworm opened its mouth and tried to bite him, which he deftly sidestepped and then thrust his sword at one of its eyes. The Sandworm twisted its body at the last moment so that the sword struck its shell instead but the magic within his sword allowed it to penetrate the shell and cut a shallow wound. The Sandworm twisted its body again to pull the sword out of his grasp and flung its body at him, knocking him to the ground. The Sandworm faced him and grabbed his upper body with its mouth, its inner flesh pulling the rest of his body into its maw.


Gangalf was engulfed in darkness and all he heard was a slurping sound. A strange fluid doused his body, and he felt the armor on his body melt away. His legs were sucked into the flesh surrounding him, stopping him from running.


A light from an unknown source illuminated him and to his surprise, his front was not being pressed against by a wall of flesh but by a woman. Taking a second look, he realized that this wasn’t any ordinary woman. Her flesh was bright pink, and her body is damp to the touch. “Wh-Who are you?”


“I’m the Sandworm and you are my husband.” Gangalf opened his mouth to reply but was silenced by her kiss, her tongue sliding into his mouth and eagerly intwining with his. She broke the kiss and then slid herself down his body, licking his flesh. “My body feels like one large tongue doesn’t it, but I should feel human enough to be comfortable right?” Her body moved further down, licking, and sucking his skin as she traveled until she reached his cock, erect from the stimulation. She caressed it with her hand and then her tongue extended out, long enough to wrap around his whole cock.


Gangalf had never thought it was possible to get a tonguejob, but the evidence was right before him, her tongue moved up and down and the tip prodded the hole at the end of his cock. Less than a minute of stroking and poking him passed before he orgasmed, scattering his semen on this woman, the walls of flesh and herself.


“Ahh, this tastes so good.” The Sandworm licked the semen that got on his body off. “I don’t want to waste a single drop.” Something about the way she licked him was adorable and he couldn’t resist reaching out to pet her head. She closed her eyes in bliss at his touch. “Ahh, pet me more.” She grabbed his other hand and started sucking on his fingers, her whole tongue sticking out to wrap around his hand. “Oh, my. You’ve gotten hard again. Now we’re going to make a baby. Isn’t it a good idea?”


“I think it’s a great idea” said Gangalf who maneuvered his cock to insert into her pussy.


“You’re so sweet.” She engulfed his cock in her hot pussy. “Ohh, this hardness and thickness. It looked so good when I watched mother and father, but I didn’t think it would be this good.” Gangalf grabbed her hips and started shaking them with his thrusts.


The squishing sounds of her vaginal walls rubbing against his cock and his head is filled with a pleasant, mesmerizing feeling. Drooling in ecstasy, Gangalf gave her a mighty creampie, filling her womb with his cum.


After receiving his semen, the Sandworm laid on top of his body. “Your orgasms are so strong. I can feel my womb quiver.”


“I want more. I want to cum in your pussy.” Gangalf said in a daze. She stared at him with rapt attention, shaking her hips on top of him, roughly stimulating his sensitive cock. The mixture of their genital fluids made lewd squishing sounds echo throughout their chamber. Gangalf is left unable to form a proper sentence, he can’t do anything but gasp and sputter.


The Sandworm leaned over, burying his head in her cleavage and wrapped her arms around him. “A-again… let it out… more much more.” Gangalf released again, making the Sandworms eyes glaze over at the feel of another creampie. He felt her pussy convulse and squeeze tighter than ever and fluid to spray out of her pussy to coat his lower body. “Not yet… you can’t be satisfied yet. Pump more into my womb!” Although still trembling from the lingering taste of orgasm, the Sandworm persistently moves her hips and her vaginal wall squirm with vigor. He hadn’t even finished ejaculating, but that doesn’t stop her from intensely stroking his erection from base to tip without pause.


“Haaah. If you keep this up… go-going to cum again.”


“That’s right. Just like that. Cum more and more. Fill me up!” They both felt his cock twitch in her pussy. The Sandworm’s pussy switched between contracting and loosening as he gives her a third creampie. There’s so much cum already inside her that the latest climax overflows and paints the area where they are connected white. Even so, his cock keeps throbbing and the force of his ejaculations isn’t subsiding.


The Sandworm collapses onto him, her embrace shifting from an orgasmic squeeze to a gentle cuddle. “Will you really become my husband.” Gangalf smiled and kissed her, giving a better answer than any words. “We should go to the surface and show everyone else our love.”

Cliah the Cockatrice ran as fast as she could to escape her pursuer, jumping over shrubs and weaving around trees in her retreat. Partway through a jump over a shrub, she felt something bind her legs and she fell face-first onto the ground. Looking behind, her, she saw that the shrub itself had reached out to grab her, having caught one leg and moving to bind another, she attempted to claw away the binds, but then a dark shadow loomed over her. She panicked and tried to crawl away, but the source of the shadow tackled her.


The source of the shadow pulled her lower clothes off and started undoing his pants. He shoved his face between her shoulderblades, breathing deeply of her enticing scent. “Ahhh, your smell is so sweet, it makes me want you so much.”


Cliah’s face was a mix of conflicting emotions. She felt a little fear and anxiety in anticipation of being taken so roughly but at the same time, the man’s grip made her feel strangely relaxed. “Don’t be so tense. It’s okay, I can take care of everything.” He started licking her earlobe, savoring her scent. Cliah, wiggled her hips, urging him to stop his teasing and properly claim her.


The man instead resumed his teasing, his erect cock rubbing against her clitoris and his hands pinching and twisting her nipples. His touch caused her to release moans and her face to blush bright red. “Oh aren’t you sensitive. I take making a girl feel good very seriously. I’ll make sure you enjoy this.” As he poked and teased her more, she released cute reactions. The combination of her reactions and musk made him more turned on then he had ever been before. He planted slow kisses on her back, sucking on a spot until marks appeared and then moving on to another.


It took some time, but he got bored of foreplay and decided to start fucking her. He inched his cock forward slowly until it was stopped by her hymen. He put a little more force into his movements and broke through. Cliah felt the sensation of something tearing asunder and looked to see the blood of her hymen mingle with her fluids where they were joined. “Oh my, you were a virgin, weren’t you? I just couldn’t help myself. You probably hate me now.” Cliah turned and shook her head at him, wiggling her hips to encourage him further.


“You’re one tough girl. It’s normal to be angry after something like this.” The man’s movements picked up pace, each time he lunged into her the surrounding area was filled with the sounds of liquids leaking out of her and the smack-smack-smack of meat on meat. Drool leaked out of the corner of her mouth with each moan. “Come on, seriously, you still don’t hate me for any of this?” Cliah shook her head again. “I don’t get you. Someone pushes you down and rapes you for your first time and you don’t mind? At this rate, I’ll take you as a familiar and fuck you every day, I mean it.”


The man couldn’t see her blush harder or smile happily at his comment, but he could feel her pussy tighten. In an impressive display of dexterity, Cliah shifted to her side, pulled her leg up, twisted so that she now faced him and then locked him in place with her arms and legs, all without accidentally forcing him out of her pussy.


“I’m about to cum, let me go!” he shouted but Cliah didn’t loosen her grip and shook her hips until the stimulation caused him to give her a creampie which brought her to her own orgasm. The man slumped forward in an orgasmic high.


A few seconds later, he had recovered from both his orgasm and he musk and started trying to separate from her, realizing that he had just raped a woman. “I’m sorry, I don’t know what…”


Cliah grabbed his face and forcibly kissed him, and with their gaze locked, her eyes flashed, petrifying his limbs so that he would not let go of her. “Please don’t apologize. I’m so happy that you wanted me.” Cliah shook her hips some more, urging him to continue fucking and he happily embraced her.

Thulvitten stalked through the undergrowth of the forest as swiftly and silently as he could. With the war between these two countries, he and a few other elven agents were sent to aid the humans by providing intelligence, sabotaging enemy armies, or assassinating enemy agents and leaders since a monster victory here would put their borders closer to his home. As he moved, he heard the faint sound of feathers approaching from something too large to be a standard bird. He rolled out of the way just before her talons grabbed where his shoulders once were, throwing aside his bow to draw his swords.


He took a moment to examine his attacker as she landed on her talons. A Harpy, one of the many races among the Beastwomen that his people would frequently fight. She resembled a lithe elven woman, but feathers grew from her legs below the knees, ending in bird-like claws, past the shoulders her arms turned into the wings of a bird. To Thulvitten, the most striking part of her appearance was her expression. He had seen it in many creatures both sapient and non-sapient, the face of a hunter.


The harpy pushed herself off the ground, dashing towards him with talons outstretched. The opponents dodged, slashed, and feinted in this duel. However, Thulvitten is more capable in ranged combat while the Harpy is specialized for melee combat. Thus, he was worn down, the poison on her talons slowing his movements and his spirit wounds draining his energy until she dashed at him, knocking his swords out of his hands, and pinning his legs to the ground, her talons pressing into his stomach.


Having captured her prey, the Harpies expression softened. “My name is Xynie. What’s your name?”, she chirped. To Thulvitten’s surprise, the area around her heels pressing into him felt surprisingly soft and squishy, unlike her talons. Shifting his attention away from that distraction, Thulvitten struggled but to his frustration, he could not summon the energy to escape her grip. “Aww, don’t be so cold, maybe if I make you feel good?” Xynie used her feet to pull down his pants, exposing his penis. She started rubbing her feet against his penis, the soft soles quickly bringing him to an erection and causing Thulvitten to look away in shame. “Please let me see your face. It makes it hard to tell if I’m pleasing you properly”. With her feet wrapped around his shaft, she nimbly rubs the skin, sometimes poking the area around the head with her talons. The occasional powerful stimulation of her pokes is mixed in with the gentle pleasant feelings of being stroked by her heels. The pleasurable stimulation causes Thulvitten’s waist to start shaking. “Maybe I don’t need to see your face to know I’m pleasing you. You’re shaking so nicely.”


Thulvitten starts to struggle some more but he’s still unable to summon the strength to resist his defilement. “G-get off me. I’m not your toy, you don’t deserve my purity,” he whines in a feeble shaky voice.


“But it’s twitching so much. It wants more”. Xynie starts tightly gripping the base of his penis with one foot and lightly pecking at the tip with the nails of her other foot. Thulvitten shakes and then goes still, his vision turning white from the pleasure running through his body. His cock gushes out cloudy semen and the sight makes Xynie gasp in amusement. While Thulvitten writhes in embarrassment so bad that he wants to crawl into a hole and die, his erection pounds over and over, launching semen everywhere. “Oh, what sweet semen! I wonder how much more you can give.” Xynie continues the motions of her feet even though his current orgasm hasn’t finished, her attention on his penis. She uses his semen as lubricant, making the friction far smoother than before.


His resistance having crumbled, Thulvitten once again feels the electrifying feeling of pleasure as his penis releases a second orgasm and his tongue hangs out of his mouth. “P-please stop, I don’t want any more”, he begs having swallowed his pride. Before he can hear an answer, he falls backwards and faints, a happy look on his face despite his words.


A few minutes later, Thulvitten wakes up feeling groggy, his vision unfocused. “Ungh, where am I?” he moans.


“Hold still elf! I took you to my nest after you fainted. Ehehe… even though I squeezed out so much earlier, you still have an erection. Are all elves this virile even though you’re such prudes? Talk about throwing pearls towards swine.” Thulvitten’s vision quickly returned, and he realized he was up in a little treehouse, his clothes stripped off. Xynie is currently sitting on top of him facing away from him and his legs spread boldly in an M-shape, the wet slit between her legs rubbing against the tip of his penis. Feeling a hot sticky sensation licking his glans, Thulvitten involuntarily gulps in anticipation of what’s going to happen. His excitement is transmitted down to his waist, causing his erect penis to grow and pound mightily. “Uwaa, your virgin dick is looking forward to this. Even though your people deny the pleasures of the flesh, you can’t stop your bodies from being honest.”


“No, uh… that is… err…”


“Well, it’s time we learned together. I’ll teach you until you’re honest as well.” Xynie drops her waist, wrapping Thulvitten’s penis in a hot wet sensation, there’s a feeling of resistance that gets torn through, a little bit of blood flowing from where they are connected. “Our first time, I’ve even got the proof for you. Most harpies tear their hymens through exercise.” Thulvitten’s penis gets completely covered in a slimy feeling nectar. Her vagina expands and contracts, a bit tighter each time. Thulvitten would currently hate to admit it, but the overwhelmingly comfortable texture is better than anything he has ever experienced.


“No, it’s happened, she beat me, raped me and took my purity,” Thulvitten wailed in his mind.


Xynie started bouncing her hips. “Ngh, even though you were a virgin a moment ago, it’s so hard… so good…”, Xynie moans. “Haah, aaah, this is incredible. It’s longer and harder than I expected. It’s hitting me all the way inside.”


“Wa-wait, don’t move, stop!” Xynie ignores him and shakes her hips faster on top of him, causing her vaginal walls to relentlessly rub against the skin of his shaft.


“Stop denying it. I know this feels good for you. Your dick is shaking around inside me after all. Come on… ngh! Shake your hips too! I can’t do all of the work, put in some effort… ah, ahhh!” Thulvitten starts to get mesmerized by the pleasure she gives, driving away his previous thoughts of misery and loathing. He starts to shake his hips, stirring up her hot tight vaginal canal. Putting all his strength into it, each time he strikes the deepest part of her vagina, Xynie’s face slackens, and she moans in delight. “More… ngh, haa. Thrust harder and rub the depths of my pussy.”


Each time Thulvitten thrusts, her muscles crush his erect cock with their tightness. With her melting hot walls of flesh licking and sucking on his entire length, Thulvitten won’t be able to suppress his desires to ejaculate much longer. “I feel it again, get off! I don’t want a harpy daughter!” His warning has the opposite intended effect as instead of pulling out, Xynie shakes her hips harder to bring him to orgasm sooner.


The sensations cause Thulvitten to gush out semen into her tight fleshpot. The flow of his hot syrupy semen into her womb causes Xynie’s eyes to roll up in her head and release a delighted bird-like trill. Thulvitten tries to suppress his in-progress orgasm but that only draws out his ejaculation into her squirming love canal. He unloads so much semen into her that it starts to overflow from where they are connected. “Haah, haah, what delicious and abundant semen. Please stop lying to me, with the release of so much semen, it’s so clear that you want to get me pregnant.”


Thulvitten slumps back to the floor, “It’s not… it just felt so good.”


“That’s the same thing. Do you want some help?” When the orgasm finished Xynie started shaking her hips again even more violently than before. “I’ll squeeze out the rest of your semen… haa, ngh, hey, you move to! I bet you want to cum more. Your cock is still hard after all.” The pleasure drives away everything except Thulvitten’s primal instincts. He looks up at the writhing Xynie and thrusts his hips in ecstasy, scattering the genital fluids and vestiges of semen he had released inside of her.


Thulvitten feels the entrance to Xynie’s womb tightening, creating a suction on his penis. It’s too much for him to resist and he starts cumming like he’s being milked. As he releases semen for a second time, Xynie’s vaginal muscles powerfully constrict around his penis. “Ngh, aaagh!? Too tight.” Xynie releases her own genital emissions, releasing lesser quantities of her own, clearer liquid. Their bodies have become wet with their dirty fluids.


Thulvitten lies back down again, utterly spent with Xynie using the last of her energy to spin herself around to face him and then lets herself fall forward, hugging against his chest. Thulvitten instinctively embraces her, one arm wrapped around her back and the other wrapping around her shoulder with his hand patting her on the head, feeling an emotional bond with the Harpy. Xynie looks up at him with adorable eyes. “What’s your name?”


“Thulvitten”, he says. Xynie pushes forward, giving a deep sensual kiss to him, which he accepts, no longer wishing to resist and his mind wandering to what she’ll look like when she’s close to laying the egg containing their child.

As Norman the slightly short Warrior Priest moved through the corridors of the fort, he finds a monster in front of him, as if he were following her and had just caught up. With just a quick look, he knows that she’s a Medusa, a monster that looks like a human woman with snakes for hair and with a snake tail instead of legs. Her human-like part is moderately armored and she’s carrying a glaive.


The hair makes a sneak attack impossible “Who are you?” After a pause she remember her manners. “I suppose I should introduce myself first.” She turns back to face him. “My name is Riaspusa. What is yours?”


“I-I am… Warrior Priest Norman”, he declares.


“A Warrior Priest?” responds Riaspusa, a sigh mixed into her voice from looking at the man of below average stature. “Begone, you are of no threat to me”. Her eyes flash and Norman feels the magic of her gaze seep into his body. He steels his mind and fights the magic, shaking off the sluggish feeling in his limbs.


Shaking his head to remove the last of the magic’s effects, Norman readied his mace and shield, running his hand along the shaft to imbue it with divine might and then patting his hand against his chest to imbue himself with a shield of faith. While such spells would be more effective in a unit to bolster its fighting strength, it would still aid him in this duel.


“Hmm?” Riaspura squints her eyes, taking a better look at Norman, something about her expression from before has changed. “It’s not often that a man resists my gaze. Well then, shall we fight?” With those words Riaspura readies her glaive. Norman is a bit surprised to see a monster behave so honorably and as a Warrior Priest, he’ll have to fight with his full strength. “I like that look in your eye. Come! Fight with…”


“Honor!” the two yell and Riaspura charges him with glaive lowered with Norman prepared to receive the charge. Right before the moment of impact, Norman released a Soulfire, a flash of divine light scorching everything near him. The little damage of the spell didn’t stop her charge and she thrust her glaive forward. To Norman’s surprise, the glaive phased through his shield, barely being stopped by his Shield of Faith. A quick glance at the blade and he recognized it as an Obsidian Blade, a magic weapon that can phase through armor.


The fight continues with the two fighters evenly matched and gradually wearing it each other down. Norman releases an additional two Soulfires throughout the fight and manages to deal additional damage with his mace, while Riaspura cuts deeply whenever she can break through his Shield of Faith. Eventually, a battered and bloody Riaspura emerges victorious, but almost close to defeat.


Norman’s defeated form kneels to the ground, his energy drained away. A slap from Riaspura’s tail sends his mace skidding away. “The match is decided. That was splendid. You are truly a warrior of great will”, she declares. Riaspura bows to Norman’s fallen form, “First of all, I must apologize for so rudely scoffing at you.”


“Oh, th-thanks” he stammers, still finding it a bit strange to be treated with such respect despite being defeated. However, he wonders what she’s going to do to him now.


She slithers closer to him, lifting his chin to face her. “There shouldn’t be any issue with a powerful man like you. Please, let me have your energy.”


“W-wait a minute, what do you…” Norman realizes, she made it sound nice, but what she’s really saying is that she intends to eat him just like any other monster. “P-please… make it painless.”


“All right, may I begin?” Riaspura strips Norman’s lower half, coiling her tail around his upper body to stop his movements. “Hmm, this isn’t bad at all” she pulls out his penis, noting the look of fear on his face. “Do you have any sexual experience?”


“Well… n-not really, but why does that matter?”


“I see. I’ll have to be gentle with you”. Norman’s heart skips a beat, many possibilities come to mind on what she means, was it literal or is there some hidden message behind it? While Norman frets nervously, Riaspura pulls back the foreskin on his penis, causing him to climax onto her pretty face. Several tense seconds go by with Riaspura staring intently at his penis with an unreadable expression. Her hair becomes animated, the snake heads all getting as close to his penis as they can and repeatedly sticking their tongues out. Then Riaspura opens her mouth and seals it around his penis, her sucking and slurping sending a comforting stimulation through his lower body. She focuses her sucking on his glans especially, the strong simulation making his waist tremble in pleasure and Norman can’t help but moan from her ministrations. Riaspura bobs her head up and down, pleasuring Norman with the sensation of her moist lips sliding along his penis and her saliva soaking into his shaft. “Nice and thick… chp… and hard too. Now I can… chp, mmngh… my greatest wish.”


“Your greatest wish?”


“That’s not something, spsspt, chp… you need concern yourself with”. A long, pleased moan escapes Norman’s mouth, each suck causing a shiver to run through his waist and the stimulation shattering his will to resist. “Nngh, you’re so hard, you look like you’re going to burst. Once you can’t hold it in any longer, just come.” Norman moans over and over, her affectionate mouth and tongue techniques melting his resistance. He ejaculates into her mouth, an intense pleasure rushing through his lower body as his semen flows into her. “Ughaa, so… thick, I like it, mmmsspt. Give me more”. Riaspura shakes her head up and down as she gulps down his semen, her tongue coiling around his sensitive parts preventing him from calming down and making his cock even harder than before. Norman moans loudly, like she’s sucking out his voice as well as his semen. His next ejaculation quickly draws near and when her tongue slips under his foreskin to lick the glans directly, his semen shoots out of his penis again. Riaspura releases muffles moans to have her mouth filled with the delicious cum. So much flows into her that is spills out of her mouth and dribbles down onto her breasts.


Riaspura takes her mouth off his cock and praises him. “I didn’t expect you to release so much. Has the Chief God started allowing Incubi into her clergy?” she chuckles with satisfaction, scooping some of the semen off her breasts and rubbing it into her face like lotion. She rears up and strips her armor off her human-like body. Norman can’t help but stare, her large breasts, slim waist and widening where the woman part and snake part are connected make her femininity clear but her abs and arms have clear corded muscles, and he wonders how much that would help her hug. Her tail shifts again so that their bodies are lined up, her tail twining around his legs and then traveling further up to press their bodies together. He notices that the human-like part of her is bigger than his corresponding parts, such that her eyes are at the top of his head. Her hair wraps around his head, nuzzling against him.


“I thought, you were going to eat me.”


“Where did you get such an idea? I just need your semen for my objective.” Riaspura repositions her waist and swallows his penis into her vagina. She raises and lowers her hips, sending tender feelings of pleasure through him as his penis rubs against her inner walls. It feels just like when she was sucking on him. “Aah, very good… it feels even bigger than when it was in my mouth”. Her slippery creases and folds wrap around him in wave-like motions. Norman’s penis swells further from the intercourse, stretching Riaspura out further. “Aaah, so good. This feels so much better than I expected. Huhu, I can feel you… twitching and shaking”.


Riaspura’s movements become more intense as she pounds her lower body against him, the wonderful feeling making Norman get harder and harder. “Please stop, I’m going to cum soon, you might get pregnant” he pleads.


The grip of Riaspura’s arms, tail, hair, and pussy becomes tighter and her expression changes, her face blushing even deeper and her eyes smiling. She starts to whisper “It’s too late to stop that. The semen you shot out earlier has already flowed into my deepest parts. Even if I’m not yet pregnant, it will surely be of great benefit to my tribe to produce children that will inherit your great will”. Riaspura’s hips swing more violently, their bodily fluids making lewd wet sounds and strengthening his urge to ejaculate.


Norman pants in hot breaths and feels his head spin. A heavy thrust buries his penis to the hilt of her vagina, driving him to ejaculate uncontrollably into her deepest recesses, the orgasm prompting a loud moan from the lovers.


Riaspura pants a bit, trying to recover from her orgasmic high, the grip of her body parts loosening. “Your energy… the taste is amazing, there can’t be anything better than it.”


The praise stirs something in Norman. “This isn’t so bad” he thinks as he gives himself over to the satisfaction enveloping his body, gripping her with the little movement in his arms that her coils allow.


“More semen, inside me. Aaah, give it to me!” Riaspura tightens the grip of her limbs, hair, and pussy around him, hugging him tighter than ever before. She combines her movements with shaking him, giving more intense stimulation than when she was only moving on her own. The pleasure sends his penis to the very limits of erection and wet sounds echo throughout the corridor, arousing both further. Norman is brought to orgasm quicker than before and her eager pussy exerts an incredible squeeze on his penis, determined to milk him down to the last seed-laden drop and the pleasure causes their eyes to glaze over and their tongues to hang out of their mouths. “Aaah, this is exactly what I have been searching for”, Riaspura mutters.


With a final groan, Norman passes out in Riaspura’s arms and coils, a satisfied look on his face. His lover remains conscious, stroking him with her arms and hair. “I’m sorry I made your first time too intense”, she whispers into his ear. “I promise we’ll create a happy family. I love you” she admits to him.

A final swing of Dura’s mace knocked Prince Hilbert to the ground and stunned him, giving her enough time to pin him down. “Victory is mine Prince Hilbert. Now don’t you fret, we’ll make you our breeding stud.” Dura eagerly removed piece after piece of Hilbert’s armor, exposing him little by little.


“P-princess Dura! What are you doing?”


“What am I doing? You must be sheltered to ask that. I’m going to have some fun with you.” She drew a dagger and started cutting away at the padded underlayer of his armor.


Prince Hilbert glared at the Princess with eyes full of rage. “Kill me or release me, but don’t waste your time thinking I’ll entertain you.”


“Do you really think you’re in a position to give orders?” Dura started pulling her armor of her torso piece by piece, giving Hilbert a striptease.


“D-damn it all… This ignobility won’t go unpunished.”


Princess Dura pulled her padded underlayer off, stopping for a moment just before exposing her nipples to tease Hilbert. “You really don’t know your place. You lost so you’re the breeding slave.” and then finished pulling off the padded shirt barring her massive orc breasts to Hilbert. “I’ll have to punish your cock.”


“If you have time to waste acting like a whore you have time to release me.”


“It sounds like I have a lot of taming to do.” Dura shifted her body around and pressed her wet cunt in Hilbert’s face, muffling his complaints. She stripped Hilbert’s lower half piece by piece, drooling a little in anticipation and grinding her cunt in his face. Her honey coated his lips, finding its way into his mouth. Hilbert’s mind grew foggy from her powerful musky scent. The princess teased Hilbert a little longer and then released him, letting him breathe air that wasn’t heavy with her musk.


Hilbert sucked in as much clean air as he could. “To do such a vulgar thing. I-It smelled…”


“Don’t you want to admit that it smelled good? I’ll have you drinking it like it’s ambrosia after a little training. But it’s rude to give without receiving.” One last pull exposed his cock to her face. “Your little brother is nowhere near the size of a proper Incubus. I’ll just have to tease and please him until he’s grown into a fine women pleaser.” Dura wrapped her breasts around Hilbert’s cock, swishing her upper body around leisurely.


“Stop! Quit rubbing my penis with your breasts.”


“You really are sheltered. It’s called a tit job, and this isn’t a proper tit job, THIS IS!” The Princess grabbed her massive tits and mashed them together around his cock, burying it completely in her titflesh.


Hilbert released an involuntary moan. “Enough, cease this! It’s making me feel strange.”


“You didn’t admit to disliking it did you. You don’t want to admit it but you’re getting aroused.” The High Orc worked her ample breasts vigorously, squeezing, groping, rubbing, and shaking her breasts around his cock. She released a small moan, enjoying giving him a titjob.


“I’m not aroused in the slightest! It just hurts. If you squeeze my penis anymore, you’ll crush it! I order you to stop. It’s throbbing!”


“I’m getting tired of your whining.” She mashed her cunt back into Hilbert’s face, muffling him again and leaving him unable to breath air that wasn’t heavy with her musk. “I can’t wait until you grow down here. Someday I’ll be able to do this while giving you fellatio.” Dura spat and drooled into her cleavage, lubricating her breasts to give a faster titjob. “I can feel you twitch.” A little longer and she felt his cock release into her breasts, little by little it squeezed out of his cock and then her titjob pushed it higher until his semen pooled in her cleavage. She used her fingers to scoop up a little of the semen and put it in her mouth, savoring the taste of his energy.


Dura finally released his mouth from her pussy but even being free to speak, Hilbert was too light-headed from his orgasm to respond. She shifted her position again, pinning him down with her body and resting their chests together. “Aww, that look on your face says you enjoyed that.” Princess Dura gave a forceful tongue-kiss to Hilbert which brought him back to wakefulness, his eyes forced to lock with hers. “That was your first kiss wasn’t it. You really are a sheltered little boy. Don’t worry, I’ll be making a man out of you soon.”


Dura’s words fell on an exhausted prince coated in a woman’s emissions, stink, and shame. He hadn’t the time to consider what she meant by ‘making a man’ of him.

Prince Hilbert was forced to sit on Great Shaman Morn’s lap and rest his head in her giant breast pillow, his naked body clear for the other orc in the dingy room to see. The other orc kneeled in front of him, giving eager stares at his cock. He recognized that orc, she was the Standard Bearer for the army, he had beaten her in a duel before getting defeated by the Orc Princess. Her aggressive look from before has been replaced by bedroom eyes as she nuzzled his legs affectionately.


“You curs! What have you done to me? Why can’t I move?”


“I’m so lucky to have such a handsome man as my master. Please mistress, let me pleasure him.”


The Great Shaman and her subordinate continued their conversation, ignoring Prince Hilbert. The Prince, bound by some unseen power, listened with gritted teeth. “This will be the first time you’ve fellated a man little sow. Do enjoy yourselves, just make sure you stop right before he cums.”


“Y-you two, stop ignoring me.”


“Now, now. You may have a bark on you Prince Hilbert but remember, you can’t move, even if I do this to you.” The Shaman pinched Prince Hilbert’s nipples, gently twisting and fondling him. He shook with a mixture of fury and pleasure and behind him the Shaman, instinctively versed in a man’s weak spots, paced her massage, enjoying playing with Prince Hilbert. The Prince was unable to suppress an occasional moan. “You crow beautifully… The truth is that you enjoy having your chest teased and plied by an orc. Aren’t you?” Prince Hilbert tried to twist away in resistance, attempting to escape the pleasure that seeped over him, but his body didn’t heed his will. “There’s no point trying to escape! While you’re under my spell you won’t be able to move an inch without my say so. But it doesn’t end there, you’ll happily face fuck this sow if I give the order.”


“I’ll never commit… an act like that!” Hilbert made his rejection of the idea clear with a resentment-laden glare.


“Oh, but you’ve already gotten a boobjob from her royal highness. A boobjob tends to be followed by fellatio, sequentially speaking…” The shaman signaled the orc with a flick of her jaw.


“Ah, finally, I get to taste you.” The orc reached her mouth forward and started licking and sucking Hilbert’s half-erect penis, the stimulation swiftly bringing it to full erection. She looked up at Hilbert, giving a displeased moan as he kept his sight away from the orc giving him a blowjob. The shaman forced his head to lock eyes with his sow letting her see the flashes of pleasure that he tried to hide from her sight. She fluttered her eyelashes at him and moaned in delight making it clear she enjoyed giving him pleasure before closing her eyes blissfully, sliding her head up and down along Hilbert’s shaft, only taking it out to lick it from base to tip.


“If I’m your master then I order you to stop orc. Let me go!”


“Heh, heh, you’re learning, but since she is the only one of your orc wives that you beat, my orders will come before yours. Now stop fighting and push her head down to the base.”


“N-nooo…” Prince Hilbert’s hands reached out towards the orcs head to caress her head and scratch at her pig ears.


“Come now, hurry up already Prince. Grab her and force her down.” Prince Hilbert, tears welling in his eyes, started to grip his sows head and then manipulated her movements. The orc opened her eyes to stare back at Prince Hilbert, swirling her tongue around his cock and fluttering her eyelashes some more, pleased with being treated like a toy by her master. “Too slow Prince, let’s get you more in the mood, did you know that men’s nipples are just as sensitive as women’s?” The Shaman pinched Hilbert’s nipples powerfully, yanking and twisting them.


“Nngn, stop it, I’m feeling strange.” Even with his denial, Prince Hilbert could not stop himself from releasing little moans and crying small tears of joy at how good it felt.


“Aren’t both of you feeling it could be a little better? How about making it a little rougher.” Hilbert’s sow replied with an enthusiastic nod. “Now are you ready Prince? I command you to stuff your cock into your sow’s throat. Get started!” Hilbert forced his cock down the throat of his sow, an invisible force moving his hands and arms against his will. The orc vibrated her throat, her eyes full of euphoria to be treated so roughly by her master. The Prince’s hands moved the orcs head with such ferocity that it appeared he was trying his hardest to please himself of his own free will. “How is it? This act of having your graceful, regal cock reshape the throat of your personal orc sow? How vulgar. Oh, how I’d like to show your current state to your subjects and aides.” The shaman’s fingers pinched and twisted Hilbert’s nipples at more strange angles, her own pussy getting damp at molesting him, but she still had to wait for the Princess to have her turn. The Prince’s facefucking amplified, as if he were responding to the mix of pain and pleasure in his nipples like a whipped horse to his rider’s demands.


“No, please don’t. They’d lose hope at watching their prince get defiled.”


“After witnessing your handsome naked body and the way you force your sow to gorge on your cock, the men would just come to accept their orc wives, and the women wouldn’t be able to resist masturbating or offering their bodies to become orcs. My prince, you have all the qualities of a breeding stud.”


“I have no such qualities!” The sow felt Hilbert’s cock twitch and started sucking and working her tongue harder, sucking so hard that her cheeks retreated into her face.


“Hold on now, just a little longer… and then… stop!” The shaman snapped her fingers and Hilbert pulled the orc off his cock. He breathed heavily almost thanking the Shaman for showing him mercy.


The orc sow coughed a little at her throat and mouth suddenly being vacated, she squirmed and whined at the treatment, reaching her tongue out in vain to continue to service her master. “I wanted to taste master’s cum. Please mistress, why did you force him to stop face fucking me?”


“Don’t worry little sow” the shaman said while reaching out to stroke the orcs head. “We’ll bring him to the edge of orgasm again and again. When we’re done, he’ll be a breeding stud in permanent rut, eagerly breeding with his mistresses and sows’ Both of you, look forward to that will you?” The Shaman started giggling a little as the exhausted Prince looked back at her, too tired to continue to protest his treatment and the part of him not enjoying it being subsumed by the part that does little by little.

Dura pushed Hilbert into the bed, her strength easily pinning him down even if he was not handcuffed to prevent him from lashing out. Other than his handcuffs, both were naked, the princess eager to be the first in the harem to properly fuck Hilbert. “So, Prince Hilbert, have you been a good boy? After Morn trained you for so long, I bet you would have masturbated if we gave you the chance. Don’t worry, I’ll give you something better.”


“As if I would selfishly please myself.” Prince Hilbert dismissively turned his face away.


“Don’t be a poor sport. If you won and claimed me for your own, I would have accepted my defeat and your lust.”


“Hmph, how absurd, as if a human prince would take an orc as even a concubine.”


“Say whatever you want, you’ll be my prince, husband and breeding stud soon. I just have to train you a little more.”


“How dare… comparing me to livestock!?” Prince Hilbert gritted his teeth, realizing he could not triumph through words.


“I heard that during your training, you were brought to the edge of orgasm several times over before being delivered to me.” The princess gripped Hilbert’s erect cock which started dripping pre-cum from the combination of the touch of a woman and Hilbert seeing her naked voluptuous body. “No matter how much you lie to me, your body is making it so clear to me how much you want to breed right now.”


“N-no, that’s codswallop!” Dura started stroking Hilbert’s cock with slow and delicate movements uncharacteristic of an orc. Hilbert grunted in pleasure from the feeling.


“See? A little stroking and you get off this much. I just need to make your mouth as honest as the rest of your body.” Prince Hilbert glared at the princess, but he couldn’t keep his gaze from wandering towards her breasts or hips. As much as he hated to admit it, her body is gorgeous to the sight of a man and even the more exotic features such as her boar ears and tail, dark skin and height had their own appeal. “Aww, I see how your eyes wander to my body. It’s making me wet.” Dura moved his cock so a little of the tip was held in her pussy and spun her hips in lazy circles. “You want pussy, right? Do you feel how your cock stands up at just touching my pussy? Your little brother wants to go deeper.”


“This can’t be real. This is not the body I know. You must have done something untoward to me.”


“Untoward? I’ve not done a thing except play with you.” In reality, as a High Orc she produces musk that arouses men and women around her and being so close to sex is making her thicken the air with it, but she felt it wouldn’t be fun to tell Hilbert that.


“It’s even more intense than with your hand. My bodies tingling and I can’t think straight.”


Dura leaned down and rested her body on top of Hilbert and his face in her breasts. She started whispering in his ear. “A little poking is giving you so much enjoyment, think about what will happen when I slam you into me?” Prince Hilbert fought back his tears, being so close meant every breath was heavy with her musk and its aphrodisiac was stealing away his ability to fight his arousal. “You should be honest with your body.” Dura said while stroking his head with her hands and cock with her pussy, stirring lust in his body. “It’s not good to deny yourself pleasure.” Moans leaked out from Prince Hilbert’s mouth, half-open in frantic opposition to the pleasure he was feeling. “That’s enough teasing you, I’ll just move your cock like this…” She grabbed Hilbert’s cock with her hand and aligned the tip with her pussy, inserting it slowly.


“No! Don’t put it in. Spare me, I beg you. Anything but that!”


“How about this? If you do as I say, I’ll only insert the tip in.”


“Don’t even insert the tip in! Not like that…”


“No deal then? I’ll make sure to tighten up a lot once we fuck.” The Princess moved her hips in a circle again, stimulating the tip with a grinding motion. She could feel that even with his denial, he couldn’t stop his body from giving little raises in his hips. “So, what will it be Prince Hilbert? Are you going to just have the tip or are you going to slip in the whole way?”


“Okay, I’ll do as you say, so just keep it to the tip.”


“Well then, repeat what I say, ‘Please don’t tease my aching cock with your lewd pussy my Princess’.”


“I won’t say something like…”


“Then in it goes.” But despite what she was saying Dura paused to look Hilbert over.


“P-please don’t tease my aching cock with your lewd pussy my Princess.” Hilbert begged.


“Aww, I was hoping you would refuse.” The princess pushed her hips down slowly, but her embrace didn’t stop with the expected tip.


“You said you’d only put the tip in!”


“It’s all your eager cocks’ fault, if you don’t beg some more, it’ll go all the way in.”


“No! Please don’t tease my aching cock with your lewd pussy my Princess. Please don’t tease my aching cock with your lewd pussy my Princess.”


“As you command my Prince.” The Princess slammed her hips down, completely engulfing Hilbert’s cock in her pussy, Prince Hilbert unleashing an involuntary moan as her muscled honeypot tightens around his cock.


Prince Hilbert stared at where he was now connected with the Princess. “But I begged like you asked. You stuck it all the way in.”


“Is this as far as you can go? It’s thick and pulsing. Your cock is the best Prince. How’s my pussy?” Dura started bouncing on his cock, he couldn’t stop his expression changed from one of momentary despair to an ahegao. “Mmm. Don’t feel bad about it though, you had no chance against me. Just enjoy your loss. I’ll turn you into a pussy addict.” She stood up, increasing the pace of her hips while her fingers pinched and teased his nipples.


“I’m going to become a pussy addict. I’m feeling that lightness again.” Just as Prince Hilbert was about to reach his peak, Dura momentarily stopped her movements, despite also being near her limits and wanting to cum together with him. “Huh? What are you doing?”


“Just thinking… Finishing things like this isn’t as fun as I thought… I know.” Dura lied back down on Hilbert and pressed his head into her breasts again, this time he breathed deeply of her musk. She gave Hilbert a kiss on the forehead and then starts whispering in his ear. “I want you to listen carefully while I’ve got you on the edge of cumming.” she said while giving affectionate stroking to his hair. “Before I took you to our bedroom, I drank Treasured Child Tree sap. That means all you must do is cum inside me once, and I’ll be pregnant with our child. Do you understand that?” Prince Hilbert felt the blood that had run into his woozy head drain as he realized the massive implications of her words.


“Huh? I-I don’t want an orc daughter.”


“In a few months, you’ll be happily rubbing my pregnant belly, eagerly waiting for our daughter to be born so you can impregnate me with another.” Dura started slamming her hips into his, her wet pussy tighter than ever. Whatever meager resistance he has left is shattered from the brutally pleasant feelings of her aggressive movements, leaving him moaning and groaning from her electrifying assault. Dura lifted Hilbert up so she is now sitting on his lap, his face shoved into her breasts so he can breathe in more of her scent. “I’m at my peak too, let’s cum together my prince.” As if on command, Hilbert’s body convulses in orgasmic bliss and sprays her insides with cum. Dura tenses and moans in her own orgasm as she hilts his throbbing manhood into her deepest parts. Both are left gasping for air as she gently falls on top of him, her hands digging possessively into his skin. “Didn’t that feel good? That is what it’s like to give a woman a creampie, I’ll make you cum inside me again and again even after I’m pregnant.”


The Princess quickly resumes her assault. As Hilbert starts to cry out in pleasure again, she arches her back forward to dominate his mouth with her tongue. It is as if her pussy is trying to break Hilbert’s cock and it feels so good for him. Shuddering, Hilbert quickly cums again and as he does, he feels Dura make happy humming noises into his mouth. His eyes start to roll up in his head as his oversensitive cock is constantly attacked by her heavenly pussy. Hilbert is forced to cum again and again from her relentless lovemaking until darkness starts to tint the corner of his vision.


Before Hilbert can slip unconscious, she stops her relentless lovemaking and the two fall onto Hilbert’s back on the bed, she rolls over so that Hilbert is now resting on top of her and cuddles him, pushing his head into her breasts as a comfortable pillow. Prince Hilbert sobbed a little “Mother, forgive me. Your granddaughter will be an orc.”


“Don’t ask your mother’s forgiveness for giving her granddaughters. I’ll just have a little talk with her, and she’ll accept your marriages.” The Princesses comfortable embrace is too much for his exhausted body to handle and sleep quickly overtakes him.



The last strike broke the door down for Dura to finally enter the room, followed by another orc. The room she had broken into was a fancy bedroom for a queen. Queen Brunhild lied in the bed at the center of the room, immobile from illness but still quite beautiful even if age has marred her features somewhat.


“Keep guard outside, make sure no one interrupts our negotiations” the Princess commanded her High Orc bodyguards.


Brunhild glared at her enemy, she expected to be displayed as a prisoner to her people and had resolved to not show her despair, the only act of defiance she could show at this state as her warrior days were behind her. All she could do right now is mutter prayers to the Chief God for salvation. Brunhild recognized the other orc as Lili, the daughter/apprentice of her court mage and a friend of her son, while her corruption into an orc had made her bigger and more voluptuous, her face was still the same. Lili’s once loose mage robes now tightly held her body and were torn in places due to her monsterization induced growth spurt. A cut had been made along the sides of the bottom of the robes, showing off her legs.


Brunhild turned her face away as the Princess stripped off her armor until she was in her casual clothes. Brunhild could not help blushing a little, an expression of disgust on her face at the way these monsters dressed. Even their highest royalty would walk in public as indecent as a common whore or even less and this orc was no exception, her clothes being more like undergarments. As embodiments of sin, this monster is beautiful like the rest of her kind, an insidious trap meant to lure the faithful astray. As much as Brunhild wished to change that, her face and body were not marked with a single flaw. Her belly had a tiny swell indicating pregnancy, no doubt from defiling one of her unfortunate people.


Dura approached with a smile on her face happy to finally meet her mother-in-law. She grabbed the sheet and pulled it away to show the rest of Brunhild’s form and sat on the side of the bed. Lili moved to sit next to her at her other side but with a lot less confident stride. To Brunhild’s surprise, the princess grabbed her and pulled her into an affectionate hug.


“I’ve been waiting so long to meet you, mama-in-law!” she exclaimed. The orcs words interrupted Brunhild’s prayers. It had to be a trick to torment her. The thought of her son being defiled by these harlots and having an orc granddaughter from the unholy union made her blood boil. Dura witnessed the mix of emotions on the Queen’s face, she was a little sad that she was not happy. “We can talk about your daughters-in-law later.”


“Get your filthy hands off of me!” Brunhild shouted. “I’d never accept you as my daughter and my son would never accept you as his wife.”


Dura grabbed Brunhild’s dress and tore the skirt off. Brunhild moved to cover her pussy with her hands, thankful that she wore shorts beneath the skirt but knowing that it would last as long as her skirt. Dura easily moved Brunhild’s hands out of the way and rubbed her pussy through the shorts.


“I’m sure you’ll find our terms quite generous.” Dura said while reaching her other hand around the queen’s back to fondle her breast. “Touch her as well sister-wife, don’t be shy.”


Lili slowly moved her hands over to Brunhild, she recoiled a bit at her glare, but further encouragement from Dura got her to reach one arm around Brunhild back to feel her breast and the other to touch her belly. The spell in her hand released its energy into Brunhild causing her to gasp in pleasure.


“Keep giving her tastes Lili.” A moment later, Dura found Brunhild’s clitoris and started poking and pinching it which made her grit her teeth to keep her moans from leaking out. “You know that my forces are overwhelming your country. You can either accept and stop the fighting now or refuse and let casualties continue. I want our countries to come together as seamlessly as possible.” Dura punctuated her sentence by blowing into Brunhild’s ear, which Lili copied and complemented with another magic shock.


“First of all, your country will become our vassal, you’ll keep your crown and courts. When the ruling monarch of one country steps down, we will confederate into one country. My parents are older than you so it’s likely you’ll become Queen of both.”


Suddenly Dura was interrupted by a cry from Brunhild as the stimulation from Dura and Lili made her cum, a wet stain spreading at her crotch. “Oh my, quite a screamer aren’t you.” Dura shoved her hand down Brunhild’s pants, scooping up her orgasmic emissions. “A squirter as well, you could fill a flagon with this.” Dura brought her hand up to Brunhild’s lips and forced her fingers into Brunhild’s mouth, forcing her to drink her own juices.


Brunhild panted, sucking air into her lungs to recover from her orgasmic high. Since her husband died, she has never gotten that feeling. “Are you satisfied with this humiliation yet?” Even with her protests, it was clear that she has mellowed out a bit.


Dura resumed shlicking Brunhild’s pussy. “Most women monsterize after the first orgasm. No wonder you are the Queen. We will just have to try harder. Another taste Lili.” The more confident Lili channeled her magic even deeper, enjoying the sight of Brunhild’s resistance crumbling. She gave a chaste peck on Brunhild’s cheek, which Dura then had to follow.


“Lastly, the prince and princess of our two countries who are already wedded will take the throne when their parents abdicate. My people will come to yours, becoming mistresses to men that are weaker and sows to men that are stronger. Any of your women wishing to be reborn as a monster just has to ask.”


Something was now changing in Brunhild. The thought of monsters and men fucking was making her blush instead of recoil, a weakness that the two orcs molesting her noticed and kept pressing. Dura started whispering in her ear, “I’ll give you so many grandkids, your first is already growing within me and it’s not just me that’s giving you grandchildren, there’s also Great Shaman Morn, Standard Bearer Gharol who has become Hilbert’s sow after he beat her and lastly Lili the apprentice.”


Brunhild’s glazed over eyes turned to stare at Lili, a little nervous at her mother-in-law now knowing that she is a daughter-in-law. “I’ve loved Prince Hilbert since we were little kids and the monsters said that class won’t get in the way of love from now on. I hope you will accept me.”


“Grandkids. I’ll have four women giving me grandkids.” Brunhild said in a trance.


Dura grinned at her mother-in-law accepting the marriages. “One little push left Lili.” With that last command, they both bit and licked at Brunhild’s ears, Dura’s hand shlicked Brunhild harder and Lili put as much energy into her spell as she could.


A last scream marked Brunhild giving in, her skin darkened, her ears receded into her head and then reemerged on top in a different shape, she sprouted a boar tail, her wrinkles smoothed out and she grew in stature, ripping her clothes in the process until her original dress was now just a few scraps of clothing barely preserving her modesty.


“Wow, you were quite a beauty in your prime.” Dura complimented, pulling Brunhild onto her feet. To Brunhild’s surprise she didn’t fall over, instead, she felt healthier than she has ever been before. “It’s time for a family reunion. I’m sure Hilbert will be so happy at our engagement gift.” Dura and Lili took Brunhild by her hands to lead her to finally see her son again.


Partway through the trip, Brunhild pulled her hands away from them and grabbed both of their heads and forced them to face her, a dark look on her face. “I know that your instinct is to dominate a man that is weaker than you, but Hilbert is still my son. If you ever mistreat him, I won’t hesitate to break all of you like breadsticks.” The intimidated wives swiftly nodded their heads, fear in their eyes. The Queen swiftly shifted back to a smile. “Good, I’m glad we understand each other” and started walking in front of them, eager to finally see her son again after so many long months.

Prince Hilbert entered the training grounds. While his mother’s surrender order had ended most of the fighting there were still pockets of resistance, each pocket its own faction that is fighting the mamano and in the worst-case scenario, their fellow factions. All that was left was pacifying these surviving factions.


Throughout the grounds, assorted warriors trained and sparred in neatly spaced designated areas. Among them were familiar faces of soldiers from his country that he commands, the men slightly easier to recognize than the women who had new features due to monsterization. Most of the practicing warriors are too focused on training to notice his entrance. As he moves to the center of the grounds, more and more of the practicing warriors look away from their training to watch him as he walks by, though none of them are motivated to stop him. Thus, he reaches the centre of the grounds without incident.


As he approaches the center of the ground, he heard the familiar voice of his sow, Gharol. She’s supervising the training of these warriors, occasionally barking advice to those who need it. He greets her and all her attention shifts to him. She walks over with a sensual sway of her hips and a smile at the sight of her master.


When Gharol gets almost too close to him, she hugs her breasts together and leans forward to show Hilbert an eyeful of her cleavage. “Hello master. Is there a particular reason why you’ve come to these grounds?” Hilbert can’t help but flush at her sultry voice and he feels the discrete gazes of people as they continue to practice around the training grounds.


Hilbert had changed quite a bit in the past few months, his mistresses having fucked all chastity out of him. Now he actively seeks to breed, sometimes forcing his sows to please him and sometimes approaching his mistresses for sex. While they could refuse him if they wished, it was quite rare for them to not be amorous enough to refuse. Of his two breeding sows, Lili was his favorite and would remain his favorite if he ever reduced Dura and Morn to sows. With Lili, even though Hilbert can easily overpower and dominate her, he preferred to love her tenderly. “Have any of these soldiers witnessed what can happen to them with a loss on the battlefield?”


Gharol’s gaze and body language become incredibly intense, her eyes glinting eagerly as she observes him. Her hand reaches to the collar on her neck, which contained marking indicating that Hilbert is her Master, and that Dura and Morn are Hilbert’s mistresses. Hilbert wore a similar collar but his only indicated that Dura and Morn are his mistresses.


Gharol backs away and assumes a combat stance and shouts to the warriors she is training, her voice carrying throughout the grounds like the crack of a whip. “Students, to me! My master wishes to spar! Gather around for a demonstration!”


Almost all the warriors stop practicing at the sound of Gharol’s voice and quickly surround the two, excitedly chatting to one another and calling out to the two of them as they watch the two face each other with eager eyes. “Go Gharol! Tame him!” “Come on Hilbert, fuck her silly!” While the warriors continue to yell out assorted cheers and jeers, Gharol continues to unblinkingly stare at Hilbert and talks into a low quiet voice that only he can hear. “If you lose, I’ll shed this collar and breed you in front of everyone like the stud you are.”


As the crowd begin to quiet down, one of the warriors starts gossiping. “Hehe, what a pervert. Whether master or stud, there’s going to be an exhibitionist show.”


Hilbert’s eyes dart around to look at the eager crowd before settling back on Gharol, the two combatants tensed for a fight. Like a spring suddenly being released, Gharol leaps at him with twin axes swinging in vicious arcs. At first, Hilbert gave ground towards his sow, beating aside the ferocious attacks with his shield. They slashed and struck, weaving, dodging, and parrying, until Hilbert swept an axe out of Gharol’s hand with his shield. Without pause, Gharol gripped her remaining axe in both hands and made a heavy overhead attack but Hilbert dodged the blow and followed up with a bash from his shield, knocking her off his feet. Hilbert finished the fight with a pounce onto Gharol, jamming his sword into the ground 2 centimeters away from her neck.


Gharol let go of her remaining axe and pushed it away. Her surrender evident, Hilbert pulled himself to his feet and started stripping off his armor and underclothes. Gharol stripped off her lighter clothes and lay on her side, legs spread. “Your spoils are ready Master” she panted, already wet and eager.


Once his clothes are off, Hilbert moves forward and plunges his entire length into her soaked pussy in a single motion and Gharol releases a long, aroused moan at the sensation, the spectators flushing at the exhibitionist sight. “Th-thank you for using me Master” moaned the sow, her eyes locked on him and her eyes telling him to fuck her harder. “I’ll work hard as your sow.” Gharol shivers blissfully as Hilbert thrusts into her warm pussy and her insides get even warmer, conforming eagerly around his cock.


Hilbert’s hand glide over her voluptuous body, groping and teasing her, she shivers and whimpers as one of her hands settles on groping her luscious breast, giving her tight grips that would have made lesser women cry out in pain instead of moan in pleasure. “Mmm… ahh… S-show this crowd that I’m your sow” she moans.” Her entire body shakes as Hilbert continues to fuck her squirting pussy in front of her students who all watch the scene with varied reactions.


Being watched like this makes Hilbert’s heart race a little and every thrust into her eager to please pussy makes his manhood throb with need. Hilbert rolls Gharol onto her stomach, keeping her ass raised into the air so he can get a better grip on her waist to leverage his thrusts and she moans loader as she is pounded in this submissive pose.


Every thrust into her rubs her face into the ground, punctuating her complete defeat and she whimpers as an orgasm cascades through her body, leaving her tongue hanging out of her mouth. The sight of her slutty expression makes Hilbert’s cock throb with animalistic need and Hilbert speed up, thrusting into her warm pussy with every bit of strength he can muster.


She moans incoherently as she is fucked senseless, and Hilbert gives her plump rear a playful spank that travels from one butt-cheek to the other and makes her cry even louder in pleasure. He spanks her other butt-cheek and her already pleasurable pussy tightens as she spasms.


With a final resounding thrust, aching pleasure coursing through his manhood, Hilbert erupts inside of Gharol, pumping her full of his hot semen as her pussy clamps down to milk every drop from him. She moans and spasms in orgasmic bliss as she is filled, her eyes rolling up in mind-melting pleasure and a lewd slutty moan escapes her. Hilbert’s body tenses, frozen with ecstasy while he spurts load after load into Gharol’s exquisite pussy and he lets out a contented sigh as the pleasure ebbs away.


Gharol shivers as he pulls out of her cum-drenched hole his semen slowly oozing out of her twitching pussy. “Haahhh… hahhh… Shoo gooowdd… M-master”. Gharol looks back at Hilbert, her face flush with pure arousal. “A-ah… M-master, y-you can’t be satisfied yet. Please, g-give me more” her voice shaking with lust and her eyes filled with trembling need.


Hilbert grabs Gharol with one arm around her waist and the other one on her firm thighs and stands her up. “Oh yes” she moans in anticipation. After shifting her a bit, he releases her waist and grabs ahold of her other leg, lifting her completely off the ground and spreading her legs for her students to see. He plunges his cock into her pussy again and her body shakes with mindless bliss as she cries out in ecstasy. “Ohhh!? UUOHHH!”


A few of the human or formerly human students gasp in shock at the shamelessly lewd expression on their teachers face and the sight of her legs spread and their connection exposed. Other students watched the display with abject lust, quietly touching themselves. Gharol whimpers, managing to collect herself. “T-this is so shameful master… I love it”. Her moment of clarity is shattered as Hilbert thrusts and bounces her on his rigid dick, her voice crying out once more in lewd moans.


Gharol’s arms tense with ecstasy, her erotic cries of pleasure spreading throughout the grounds with the lewd sounds of Hilbert fucking her shameless pussy. Her back arches as her entire body shivers with orgasmic bliss and her pussy squirts sexual juices onto the floor. “Ahhh. Ohhh. Ohhhhhh! Mfffnnn, a-as you can see students, m-my master is – ohhh – s-showing you all how completely he’s – mfnnn – defeated me.”


Gharol begins to unabashedly play with her clit and squeeze her breasts as she’s completely overtaken with submissive lust. “Ohhh! S-so remember if y-you’re not careful – ahhh – you’ll end up like me! Mnnn! A sow or stud for your master! OUHHH! C-cumming as they use you as a sex toy”. Her entire body quakes with ecstasy as she is thrust into, punctuating her statement.


Hilbert’s cock pulses with need as she displays her complete submission to him and Hilbert pistons harder and faster into her, her voice dissolves from an impromptu lesson into incoherent slutty moans. Her orgasm seems to be unending as she shakes and twitches, her pussy spasming and tightening around Hilbert’s aching manhood.


With a final thrust, Hilbert gives her another creampie, flooding her pussy once again and his sow throws her head back moaning in maddening pleasure as she is filled up with his cum.


The pleasure in his groin gradually fades away and he pulls out of her still twitching pussy. Gharol shivers as his cock leaves her and she looks at her students with a pleasure-drunk giggle, giving them a slutty smile and double peace signs.


With the lustful need fading from Hilbert’s body, he notices the soreness in his arms and legs that would have emerged in his limbs if he were holding up a normal woman, let alone a taller, stronger, and heavier orc. Completely spent he sighs and carefully lays the orgasm ridden sow down on the floor, leaving her to twitch with aftershocks of mindless pleasure.


With a shiver, Gharol suddenly seems to remember where exactly she is as she quickly stands up, still looking a little dazed from the fight as her gaze becomes sterner while she stares at the onlooking crowd of trainees even as her face is flushed with arousal. “A-alright everyone, that’s it for the sparring match, get back to training!”


The onlookers scatter as they return to their areas, but they can’t fully conceal their giggles and gossiping as they walk away. After another few moments pass where Gharol keeps an eye on the students to make sure they get back to work, she turns back to Hilbert and saunters over to him, having seemingly recovered from her defeat, her face returned to its normal hue.


Gharol hugs her master, cuddling against his side. “That was so good Master” she praises. Hilbert looks around a bit, feeling a little guilty about how he had made her job harder.


“What about your students? I don’t think they’ll be as receptive to teaching now.”


Gharol leans down to kiss her master on the cheek. “Don’t worry. I might have to demonstrate my strength a little, but they’ll fall back into line. Ask me to do that again any time. I felt your eagerness in my womb.”

In the throne room of Hilbert’s country, Princess Dura and her underlings attended a banquet, celebrating their total victory and solidified hold over Hilbert’s country and the many men they had captured were to be their feast.


Everywhere throughout the banquet, mamano were rutting with human males and in the center, there was Princess Dura riding her beloved breeding stud, Prince Hilbert. “Your highness… Aaah! Your highness’s pussy is so wonderful.”


“Such a good boy” praised Dura, “and a good breeder too. Ah, my bouncing belly feels so good.” From how swollen her belly is, it’s clear that it won’t be long until Dura and Hilbert’s first daughter is born. The other monsters in the orgy gazed with envy at the proof of her pregnancy, encouraged to breed their men harder so that their own bellies would swell with children. “Is everyone enjoying this? Today is our victory party so don’t hold back.”


One of the pairs is an Ogre and man in the missionary position. As they fucked, his hands would rub against her abdomen, feeling the curves of her muscles. “Heheh, those aren’t just for show. Take this Ralf!” Isereg powerfully tightens her pussy, the pleasure momentarily stopping Ralf’s movements as he tries to weather her embrace. Taking advantage of his stillness, Isereg pulls herself up and headbutts him, the stunned man being pushed onto his back, now rutting in a reverse missionary position with his lover.


Another pair contains a bubble slime, the man lying on his back and face to face with his lover. The once quiet Assassin moaned loudly with each of his lover’s movements. “I remember meeting him before, Rayner was his name. He used to be so quiet. His wife’s taming was quite the success isn’t it Prince Hilbert?”


“Auuuh… Of course, after all, we’re having our cocks… Ngnn! Crushed in tight monster pussies… Ahn! Every day. Anyone would… fall in line… Aaah!” Prince Hilbert answered between gasps.


Among the room was a chest containing a man and a mimic who were in the lotus position. “Ahh, your eyes are so beautiful” praised Henry. The mimic turned her head, face red in embarrassment but at each attempt, Henry would grab her head and force her to continue locking eyes with him. “Thank you for cutting your bangs for me.”


The mimic pouted “It wasn’t for you. I did it because you work harder as a… Mmph!” She was silenced by a lewd, sloppy tongue kiss from Henry, their eyes open to continue staring into each other.


One more pair contained a Cockatrice familiar and her master. Cliah was held up with her back to her master so that the tips of her talons could touch the floor at a stretch. She was thrust into deeply by her master’s meat while she shook her head and shrieked delirious nothings. “Fuah! All my weight is bearing down on my pussy… Auugh! I can’t get enough of master’s cock… Kyaah!”


The smell of male and female fluids intermixing filled the room and Dura took a moment to relish the sight of this depraved banquet. She smiled at the rutting, enjoying the sight of people enjoying her work. Dura felt herself be lifted up by a particularly hard thrust from Hilbert. “You’re daydreaming. If you have time to spare for idle gazing, then put more attention into breeding. I command you!”


“Mouthy stud. You’re in no position to give me orders!” Although she voiced her displeasure at him, she still did as he demanded, pounding her hips into Hilbert. “Enjoying it my stud? Do you want it fast and hard or slow and gentle?” The Princess slowed down, teasing Hilbert with the steady rotation of her hips.


“It doesn’t matter how you give it to me. I just want to feel our daughter move.” Dura felt hands on her belly, prompting kicks and jabs from the baby growing within. She would only become this energetic when her father could feel her movements, a clear daddy’s girl before even being born. It apparently runs in Hilbert’s family.


“Is that so? Then you better work hard to feed her properly.” Dura’s movements accelerated, pounding into Hilbert so hard that it feels like she’ll leave an indentation into the ground, the sound of meat slapping meat echoing throughout the throne room.


“Your highness. Aaaah! I feel like… I’m going to cum soon.”


“Did you hear that Morn? Cast the spell.”


Morn cast her spell, the magical energy flowing through the throne room. Everyone in it felt the effects of the magic, their orgasms being either sped up or delayed. Every man released their semen into their woman in sync and at the same time, every woman’s pussy spasmed and tightened around their man. Everyone in the room made a love-drunk expression, moaning at the release of fluids or being filled with fluids.

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