Harem Heroes: Heaven’s Gold Spear / The Final Chapters


Chapter 42: Home

David wrapped Bernice up in a warm embrace as he prepared to leave.

“It’s about time for me to get back.”

“Go back where? Where are you staying?”

“I’m staying in a house with… uh… my, um…” David turned crimson, “other wives.”

Bernice didn’t quite react like he expected.

“Can I come with you, then? I want to live with you too. I mean, I’m your wife too right?”

David straightened up a bit, pleasantly surprised.

“Definitely! I’d love that.”

Bernice gave him a serene smile as he placed an arm around her waist and kissed her.

“C’mon, let’s go. You’re going to love them.”

“Silly question, those monsters that were with you that day in the Ice Palace… they’re your wives too, right?”

“It’s not silly. Also, yeah, they are.”

“Which ones?”

David was silent as they crossed through the threshold of Bernice’s door, and entered the hallway. Bernice quirked an eyebrow, guessing at the reason for her husband’s silence.

“It’s all of them isn’t it?”

David scratched at his cheek, averting his gaze.

“Yeah. Yeah, it is.”

Bernice let out a sigh.

“Alright then. Let’s see. There’s me, Ophelia, the Ice Queen… the chimera, the devil, the slime, the angel-” Bernice paused. “How did that happen anyway? Angels aren’t monsters… are they?”

“Some are, from what I gather. Annabelle is a cupid, a servant of Eros. Apparently, she and Lakshmi aren’t the only ones among them that have Overlord leanings. Eros herself is neutral about it.”


“An apsara, a water nymph, she’s Annabelle’s friend and another wife.”

“Is she pretty?”

David looked at Bernice through the corner of his eyes. She didn’t seem jealous, just curious. David decided to take the honest approach

“She’s very pretty.”

“Hmm. Well, I guess being a nymph, she would be. Actually, no, being a monster  she would be. I’ve never seen an ugly one. Or even a plain one. Now, let’s see… me, Ophelia, the Ice Queen, the chimera, the devil, Annabelle, Lakshmi…”

“I’ll save you the trouble of guessing. There’s you, Ophelia, Delilah, Aurora, Nona, Persephone, Arsanggha, Yuurazha, Trixie, Calypso, Alexandra, Zagira, Zipporah, Lakshmi, Annabelle… and Nyx.”

“Those names don’t actually mean much to me. What species are they?”

“Well, you’re a sort of cursed sword/ slime carrier hybrid.”

“Thanks, I hadn’t noticed.”

“Ophelia is a bicorn, Delilah is a demon, Aurora is an Ice Queen, Nona is an earth elemental, Persephone is a water elemental, Arsa is a mindflayer, Yuura is a shoggoth, Trixie is a devil, Calypso is a basilisk, Alexandra is a chimera, Zagira is an Apophis, Zipporah is a Pharaoh, a type of royal undead, Lakshmi an apsara, Annabelle a cupid, and Nyx is a night-gaunt.”

As they walked towards the dining room that had held Lord Vasher and the others, Bernice let out a whistle.

“I was wondering what I got myself into, but honestly, now I’m wondering what you got yourself into. That’s a lot of women. You really think they’ll all get along and play nice? I mean, even if we all like each other, are you going to be able to keep up with that many women?”

“I honestly have no idea. I was kind of pushed into it. I love them, and I love you, but I’m really new to all of this.”

“Never had so many lovers before, huh?”

“I’ve never had any lovers before. I was a virgin when you met me.”

Bernice blinked, not expecting that.

“You were a virgin? When-I mean, when did you- stop being a virgin? When you met Ophelia?”

“No. I didn’t stop being a virgin until Delilah and Ophelia seduced me in the desert.”

Bernice hadn’t expected that answer, and the surprise was plain on her face.

“You mean you were still a virgin when you were arrested? You hadn’t even slept with Ophelia yet?!”

“Why are you so surprised?”

“I just… I guess I put things together in my head and I put them together in the worst way. I remember being so angry at you-”

“You mean two hours ago.”

She playfully punched him on the arm.

“Yeah. I was just- I mean when you think about it, it’s partly my fault you’ve got so many wives.”

David smiled and pulled her closer.

“You’ll like them, trust me. Before we go, do you want to say good-bye to your mother?

Bernice was quiet for a moment before nodding her head. David kissed her and walked them through the door.

The room was slightly different than how David had left it. The fire was still going, but the chairs that sat in front of it were empty. Instead, the three long tables were now occupied by crowds of diners. Rows and rows of foods decorated each one. Roast chickens, ducks, and turkeys were aplenty. Hams, pork, and lamb as well. In addition to the meats were piles upon piles of side dishes to choose from.

 Most of the chairs that were stacked to one side were now set up and occupied. The other table was lined with servants. Succubae in fetishistic maid gear sat on most of the servants laps, feeding them while holding their plates and utensils. Those without a Succubus taking care of them, had a mummy instead.

On one table was John, sitting at the head of the table, with his two wives on either side of him. Beside Hoshiko, sat John Sr. and after him, Lady Vanderhousen. On another table sat Rupert, ten glacies on either side of him, engaged in friendly conversation.

Bernice seemed to lose courage at the sight of so many people, but David removed his hand from her waist and held her hand instead, giving it a gentle squeeze. She looked at him for assurance. He grinned at her, silently promising such.

As they entered, several maids and servants noticed them, but they only smiled and went back to their dinner.

As he and Bernice approached the table with Beatrice, John looked up from his meal and smiled at the two.

“David, welcome back! Bernice, finally out of the room! I’m happy to see it! Come, sit down. We have plenty of food, and room.”

“No thank you,” David said, “Bernice just wanted to say something.”

Bernice looked at the table with a stone faced expression, before bowing slightly.

“Thank you for your hospitality. I apologize for being so rude these past few days… and mother…I want to apologize to you especially.”

Beatrice waved her hand in a dismissive fashion.

“Bernice, You have nothing to apologize for.”

“I was rude.”

“It was understandable. These are strange days we’re living. But I would like it if you dined with us. The last time we sat down to a meal together didn’t go so well.”

Bernice gave her mother a smile and went up to her, before bending down and embracing her.

“I’d love too, but I’ve decided to go with David.”

John Sr. let out a bark of a laugh.

“Ha! I knew it. I told you, son. She had it hard for the wizard.”

“I never denied it, father. I just thought it would take more than an hour for them to get together.”

David rubbed the back of his neck and gave them all a cheeky grin. Bernice blushed, but smiled genuinely as she nodded to the elderly Lord.

“All right old man, so you’re right about something once in a blue moon. So what?”

“More often than that.” He glanced at Rupert, who was laughing at a joke one of his icy wives had told him. “I’d be right 100% of the time If the church weren’t a bunch of fat ugly liars.”

Beatrice laid a hand on his shoulder.

“Relax dear, he was only doing what he thought was right.”

Lord Vasher gave a harrumph as he went back to his meal. His wife, Lady Vanderhousen, looked up at her daughter with love.

“Come visit us often then. Goodbye my daughter, I love you.”

“I love you too.”

As the two of them prepared to depart, John Jr. called out to David.

“David, next time you see Delilah, ask her when our next meeting should be taking place. I appreciate her help in the transition, but I need to assure my people they’re still being ruled by a Vasher.”

“I’ll talk to her.” David promised.

The two left the castle with a few more goodbyes, Bernice holding David’s hand as they walked. Several people gave a knowing look to each other when they saw it, though no one said anything to Bernice other than goodbye. David could teleport to the manor, but if he did, then he would have left Bernice by herself.

So instead they walked together on the roads of Vasherton.

The sun was setting, bathing the city of New Vasherton in golden light. Freshly painted buildings and freshly scrubbed bricks gave off a mellow aura that made the mundane seem magical.

The poles that lined the streets, filled with glowing flowers, were now able to truly be seen. As the sun’s power faded, a rainbow of diffuse light radiated from the poles, giving the streets a lustrous glow.

While David did occasionally spot a horny couple… copulating in a few alleys, the city seemed to be mostly bereft of that kind of activity. Instead, there were a number of couples roaming the street side by side on various errands. Each of them locked arm in arm.

Bernice laid her head down on David’ shoulder, a big smile on her face.

“This is romantic.”

“You think so?”

“Well… yeah. I mean, I’ve never actually been on a date before. But I think this is what it would be like.

David blinked.

“Actually, I don’t think I have been on a date either.”

“That’s messed up. We’re married and we never dated.”

“Well, a monster’s wedding is a little different, so I guess monster dating is too. I’ll take you out on a proper date tomorrow.”

“Have you been on a date with the others?”

“Well… sort of. I mean… no? I don’t know. We drank together around a fire one night. John was there too, though.” David let out a sigh, “I honestly have no idea what I’m doing. I’m trying to just be considerate of everyone.”

Bernice kissed him on the cheek.

“It’s okay. Monsters are weird.”

“You’re a monster, Bernice.”

“Just barely.”

They smiled at each other as they continued walking to the manor.

The manor guards waved at David as he approached the estate and let him through the gate.

As they passed through the glowing garden, and entered through the doorway, Bernice tightened her grip and took a deep breath.

The interior of the house was not as dark as David first suspected it might be, glowing glass orbs of yellow light were hung on the ceiling. David hadn’t noticed that his previous visits.

From seemingly out of nowhere, an oozing purple slime materialized from the floor in front of the two, and in a matter of moments, Yuura was standing in front of them with a smile.

“Dear Sir! You’re finally home. We’ve all been waiting for you.”

She made to hug him before seeing Bernice and stopped cold. Their eyes locked on each other and appraising the other.

“You’re that human from the Ice Queen’s palace, Bernice.” Yuura said, dispassionately.

“Yes. Although,” Bernice raised a hand, and from her pores produced a translucent pink tentacle of goo. “I’m not really human anymore.”

Yuura nodded slowly as she looked over Bernice’s body. She flit her eyes to David, and then back to Bernice before she smiled again.

“Oh! I get it.”

Before Bernice could confirm Yuura’s theory, she was embraced by the gelatinous woman.

“I knew you were David’s friend! You were one tough opponent! It’s great to welcome you to the family!”

Bernice, though initially surprised, returned the hug.

“It’s… nice to be here. Although I guess I’m more than his friend, now.”

Yuura gave a shrug.

“I expected as much. You had a lot of anger in you. But I felt it was more frustration than anything. Do you feel better?”

“I feel a lot better.”

Yuura smiled at her as she tilted her head and clasped her hands.

“I’m happy for you. I see the sword has mostly claimed you, but I’m a little curious about the slime.”

“Slime Parasite got me a long time ago. Long story short I was suppressing it until recently. So now I’m a Slime Carrier and a bearer of a Cursed Sword. It’s strange, though, I still feel like me.”

“That’s because you are still you. Monsterization doesn’t get rid of the old you, it just makes you a monster. It’s a healing process, allows you to let go of unhealthy inhibitions and go for what you want, allows you to commit to happiness and be sure of yourself.”

David gave Yuura a smug look.

“You sound like Delilah.”

“Indeed, she does, Love. Probably because she knows I’m right.”

David, Bernice, and Yuura looked down the hall as Delilah sauntered toward them, wearing a luxurious red lace ensemble. The outfit, like Ophelia’s before, looked to be closer to underwear than something you’d wear about town, but David supposed most monster outfits looked like that.

Delilah’s outfit consisted of a lowcut corset that showed off an ample amount of her bosom, and a red lace choker necklace. Her arms were laced up past the elbows, her fingers free. Her long sinuous legs bore knee-high stirrup hosiery that David found especially stirring.

Delilah stood among the three with sparkling yellow eyes and a smug smile on her lips.

“Welcome home, Love.”

She wrapped her arms around David without hesitation and planted a kiss upon his lips. David leaned into her, wrapping his arms around the taller blue woman, and engaged eagerly in the kiss. Delilah flit her eyes at Bernice, appraising her.

“Bernice, I presume?”

Bernice looked the tall demon woman up and down, slightly intimidated.

“Yes, you presume correctly.”

Delilah wrapped the short young woman up in a hug as tight as the one she gave David and planted a kiss on her lips.

Bernice’s eyes became wide as saucers, too surprised to push the demon off of her.

Before Bernice could even register what was happening, Delilah parted from her lips and gave her a wink.

“Welcome to the family, Bernice. I’ve heard much about you.”

Bernice was too stunned to speak, and only fumbled her words as she attempted to respond. David helped her out and placed a hand on her shoulder.

“Bernice, this is Delilah, the mastermind behind the Vasherton takeover, and one of your sister-wives. She’s very… forward. But I promise she’s very sweet and considerate.”

Delilah still had her arms wrapped around Bernice, and with a seductive smirk, slipped her hands over her butt, giving both cheeks and grasping them firmly.

Bernice let out a moan, which immediately caused her face to redden.

“I don’t- I don’t like women, ok?! So… please stop.”

“Really?” Delilah purred. “So, I should stop this?”

Delilah leaned down and kissed her again, only this time more fiercely, parting her lips with a long supple tongue. Bernice was helpless as Delilah grasped both of her wrists in one hand, lifting them up over her head. Bernice struggled for a moment before Delilah place her other hand on the small of the little blonde girl’s back. She gave up after a moment and moaned into Delilah’s mouth.

Delilah’s tongue wrapped about Bernice’s and they engaged in a very sloppy display that entranced David, as he looked on them with a swell of desire. Delilah invited Bernice’s tongue into her own mouth, sucking on it, licking it, kissing it.

Delilah nibbled at Bernice’s lower lip as they parted and delivered a final chaste kiss on her lips.

Bernice’s face was scarlet when Delilah finally broke away from her. She looked at David with shock on her face as her body trembled.

“I- I don’t like women. I don’t.”

David took hold of his trembling wife and kissed her on the forehead.

She melted into his arms, grasping at him tightly.

“It’s okay. Delilah has that effect on people.”

“I’m just getting her used to it, Love! There’s going to be a lot of kissing coming up. The main event is about to begin~”

“Stop teasing her, Delilah. She’s gone through a lot. I have to say though; I love the new outfit. You have a lot of different clothes don’t you? And here I thought you said you like being naked.”

“I do, Love, I do. But I also love dressing up. It’s a constant struggle. As for teasing, that’s just what I do. I just wouldn’t be myself if I didn’t.”

David brushed Bernice’s short blonde hair with one hand as he shook his head at Delilah in disbelief.

“Are the others all here?”

Though David had directed the question at Delilah, Yuura was the one who answered.

“Yes Sir, everyone is here. Dinner is almost ready; would you like me to escort you?”

David looked down at Bernice, who met his gaze with a look of curiosity.

“How about it, ready to meet everyone?”

“They aren’t all like Delilah, are they?”

“Ha, no. Delilah’s one of a kind.”

Delilah, who overheard their conversation, beamed.

“Well then, Bernice, c’mon. Let’s introduce you to the rest of the family. I believe you’ve met a few of them already.”

David held Bernice’s hand as Yuura and Delilah led them through the manor to the dining hall. The manor was new to Bernice, who commented on how dark it was.

The manor was dark. But the splashes of red and blue cushioned sofas and benches, as well as the bright blue flowers stacked up on shelves and stands in and near every corner gave color to the place. The decoration was close to garish, but somehow pulled together to create a decadent and elegant atmosphere.

Yuura led them to a lounge just outside the dining area, which could be seen through another archway.

The lounge had a pearl-white plush carpet on the floor and gold filigree along the walls. On the many sofas in the room, everyone was waiting. David couldn’t help but drink in the beauty of every one of the women there, and even Bernice stopped to stare.

Arsa wore a simple white satin dress with plunging neckline, but even just that seemed to be excessive for the normally nude mindflayer. She was spread out on a sofa talking to Alexandra and Calypso, both wearing what seemed to David, purple velvet sashes over their breasts, and sheer purple silk skirts.

On another sofa sat Zipporah, in her white silk ensemble, her hair put up and her diadem proudly displayed. Next to her was Zipporah wearing, as she usually did, nothing but silver jewelry. Silver pasties with dangling chains the only thing covering her decency.

Zipporah was talking animatedly to Nyx, who wore nothing, and was sitting cross-legged on the floor, her hands in her lap.

Leaning on the walls were Lakshmi and Annabelle, both wearing their usual outfits, though they immediately noticed David as he entered and made their way towards him.

By herself, wearing a luxurious white fur coat, worn so loosely and revealing so much skin David wondered if there were anything else under it, was Aurora, her crystal crown also upon her head. She looked as if she were bored, though David felt it was more nervousness than anything else. She kept glancing at Annabelle, Calypso, and Alexandra, an unreadable expression on her face.

Nona, Persephone, Ophelia and Trixie were absent from the room.

Annabelle was the first to approach David and embraced him with a smile. Lakshmi didn’t wait for her friend to finish as she too embraced him. The two bronze women trapped the man against their bodies, much to his delight.

“Lakshmi, Annabelle, you remember Bernice?”

The taller angel with the white beret looked down at Bernice with a passive expression, her arms still around David.

“Yes, she was our opponent in Aurora’s palace.”

Lakshmi, the shorter, more voluptuous nymph looked at her with a big smile on her face.

 “I’ve heard about you! You helped David get unpetrified, right?” She disengaged from David, and instead embraced Bernice, surprising the blonde. “You’re so cute! Welcome home!”

Bernice hesitantly hugged the nymph back.

“I… thank you for your hospitality. I hope I’m not intruding.”

They were interrupted as Zagira’s dark form twined about them.

“Ah, my servant’s daughter. I see you are finally out and about. She was worried about you so. I see you have chosen David as your mate as well. An excellent choice.”

Bernice was startled by the large violet serpentine woman but held her composure.

“Are you the one who monsterized my mother?”

“Indeed I am. I am Zagira, an apophis.”

“I remember reading about those in my studies. I never thought I’d meet one.”

“Then feast your eyes and bask in my legendary beauty. Zipporah? Come meet the cute little cursed sword woman. She seems to be the final inclusion to our family.”

Zipporah was right behind her mistress and nodded politely to Bernice.

“It’s nice to meet you Bernice, your mother spoke of you often. Is it true that you’ve joined David’s harem as well?”

Bernice’s face flushed red.

“I- I guess I am.”

David took the opportunity to hold Bernice’s hand and kiss her.

“I love you.”

He kissed her again, and then turned to the other girls.

He kissed Annabelle.

“I love you.”

He kissed Lakshmi.

“I love you.”

He kissed Delilah.

“I love you.”

He held Zipporah and Zagira’s hands, before pulling them gently down to him.

He kissed Zipporah.

“I love you.”

He kissed Zagira.

“I love you, too.”

He turned to Yuura, pulled her in and held her close.

“I love you.”

He swept Aurora off of her feet and kissed her as he held her in his arms briefly before setting her down.

I love you.

He kissed Calypso, Alexandra, and Arsa.

“I love you, and you and you.”

Finally he came to Nyx. He placed a gentle kiss on her lips, which she returned.

“And I love you too. No one here is a number, or an accessory, or a toy.” He looked up at Zagira, a stern look in his eye. “Or a pet. You’re all wonderful women, and I don’t want anyone to feel like they matter less, or inferior in any way. If at any point you do, let me know. I’ll fix that right quick.”

“And what about us?! Gonna get all lovey-dovey with the lazy bums while we slave over a hot stove for you?!”

Recognizing Trixie’s voice, David turned to the dining room. Trixie, Nona, Persephone, and Ophelia approached eagerly, tackling him to the floor in a pile. David noticed that all four were wearing nothing but pink aprons, and that Nona and Ophelia’s breasts were nearly falling out the sides.

David found himself wrapped up in Ophelia’s warm embrace as Nona and Persephone wrapped themselves about his arms and Trixie stood over him as he lay on his back.

David was assaulted with an unobstructed view of Trixie’s smooth bare pussy.

“Liking the view down there?”

“I have a feeling you aren’t the type to feel insecure.”

“It’s called naked apron! Its super sexy.”

David just gave the diminutive devil a smile.

Delilah looked about the room and quickly began to notice the flushed faces of everyone present. The scent of sopping wet pussy was in the air, and it was obvious that waiting until after dinner for their romp was quickly becoming farfetched. She shared a look with Zagira, whose self-satisfied smug grin told her everything she needed to know.

She motioned with her head towards David and made an obscene gesture with her hands, indicating penetration. The dark serpent nodded and licked her lips.

Delilah did the same with Aurora, who cast her eyes away, but nodded her head all the same.

Aurora and Zagira were the most powerful ones there, and though David didn’t play favorites, Delilah knew that power dynamics would emerge. She decided that asking token permission from those two was worth the hassle, as she was changing her plans that she had laid out for everyone who had shown up early.

She wrapped an arm around the shoulder of the newest, and Delilah suspected the last, member of their family.

The short blonde girl looked up in surprise at the contact. Delilah placed the tip of her finger on the former Order soldier’s nose.

“Ready for the fun, Bernice?”

The girl avoided Delilah’s golden orbs for a moment, before blushing fiercely and nodding once.

Delilah smiled as she let go of the girl and opened her arms up wide.

“Alright everyone! David couldn’t keep it in his pants, so we’re going straight for dessert!”

“I’m more clothed than everyone here!”

Delilah waved her hand dismissively.

“Semantics, Love, Semantics. You can’t give everyone a smooch and tell them ‘I love you’ and not expect anything to happen.

“Now, follow me, everyone. I have designed David’s room especially with all of us in mind. ~”

Trixie crossed her arms and stamped her foot.

“Hold up! I spent a lot of time making dinner for everybody! Y’all are gonna eat it!”

Persephone piped up

“We helped Trixie!”

“Ophelia helped. You and Nona did your best.”

David gave a her a look.

“Trixie, don’t be mean.”

Trixie pouted and eyed David for a moment before noticing Bernice off in the corner. When she recognized who it was, her expression changed to that of a devilish smirk.

“Ooh la la, who is that? The human from Aurora’s Palace?”

She flew up to Bernice on her small bat-like wings and gave her a look over. Bernice met her gaze, unblinking, a bit of fight coming back to her as she took Trixie’s prodding as a challenge.

After a few moments, Trixie just gave her a smirk.

“If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em eh?”

Trixie gave Bernice a reassuring slap on the back.

Delilah sighed and made a beckoning motion with her hands to the crowd of horny women plus David. All of them were ignoring her.

“Come on, now! Let’s head to David’s room. We’ll eat after. I know everyone has been-”

She was cut off as David got out from under the pile of girls and walked passed her.

“You guys heard Delilah, let’s go have some fun.”

Almost immediately, everyone’s interest was piqued, and they began following. Arsa got out in front of everyone, her tentacles moving swiftly, and latched on to David’s side. Calypso was the second one to slither by, glittering red scales sliding past Delilah to latch on to David’s other arm.

Though she was sure David had no idea what his room even looked like, it seemed he had taken the lead. She smiled, happy to see her husband take charge. She wrapped an arm around Trixie and pulled her in.

“Well, Little Sis, I guess it’s time.”

She attempted to kiss her on the cheek, but Trixie moved her face to kiss Delilah full on the mouth, surprising the taller demon.

“Big Sis, with all the sex we’re about to have, I hope you aren’t shy.”

Delilah wiped her mouth, both a blush and a smile on her face

“Of course. It’s just weird to kiss you like that.”

Bernice interjected

“Well now you know how I felt.”

Delilah chuckled and wrapped another arm around Bernice before ushering the three of them to David and the others.

David was basking in the molestation of Arsa’s tentacles, brushing against his skin lightly and gently as they passed through the halls towards where he assumed his room would be.

“I liked those cookies by the way. Makes me wish I had given you something.”

David laughed.

“Well aren’t you about to?”

“Hm, clever. But you’ll be the one giving. You’ll be giving lot and lots of sweet sticky goodness.”

Calypso piped up next to him.

“Your room is just down this hall, its next to mine. I really like my mask by the way. And I noticed you’re wearing the boots I gave you. You like ‘em?”

“Love them. They work really well, sand or snow. Er, wait. How can you see that I’m wearing your boots? That mask covers your eyes.”

“I can see mana, and everything gives off mana. How’d you think I got around?”

“I assumed it was like a viper, able to see heat, or something.”

“I can do that! But I can also sense mana, which is a lot more useful. And look! Here we are.”

And there they were.

David’s room was on the bottom floor, at the end of the hallway where the other girls were housed. David could see the walkway from where they were, which led to the upstairs hallway and the rooms of the rest of the girls. They were all living close to each other, which suited David just fine.

He opened the door and led everyone inside.

The room, like most he had been in today, was large. But the thing he immediately noticed was an extremely large round red bed. It became very clear to David that Delilah had made the bed special for the exact purpose they were about to use it for. Off against the other side of the wall was a large fireplace, a fire currently flickering inside it.

The rug was shaggy white fur, and there were several sofas and chairs placed around the rug that seemed to David made for every last one of his wives.

Off past the sofas and the bed was a desk, and a bookcase behind it, that reminded him of Delilah’s office, but his was lacking any books.

He made way for everyone as they entered the room.

Slowly, David was surrounded on all sides by lovely women, lustful eyes, and bountiful breasts. He began to feel less like a man leading a gaggle of beautiful ladies to his bedroom and more like a sheep surrounded by ravenous wolves.

Chapter 43: A Happy Ending

Before David could say a word, Arsa’s tentacles found their way into his clothes and slid his shirt off of him, letting it fall to the floor with his cape. Calypso wrapped her scarlet serpent body about him, letting her smooth undulating length feel his bare torso.

David looked about the room, meeting the eyes of everyone present, and solidified his opinion that he was very much a mouse among ravenous cats.

David’s pants were tugged free by Lakshmi, who was now on her knees, looking up at him with sparkling green eyes. She ran her hands up David’s thighs, biting her lip as she stared at David’s undergarments.

Before David could say anything, he was swept up by Zagira, who plucked him up from the other girls, and carried him like a small child in her arms.

“Well then, my pe-” she caught herself, “My love, let’s get to it.”

Zagira whipped her long winding body over to the bed and placed David gently onto it, nestling close to him, placing her heavy bosom on his chest.

“You are soooo cute.”

Zagira began kissing him on his neck, then wound her way down his chest, down his stomach, and then to his groin. David was breathing heavy, face flushed and looking at Zagira with deep desire.

Annabelle appeared next to them, stripped of her clothes. She turned David’s head toward her and kissed him as the bed began to be filled by the others, most deciding to relinquish their clothes, but some deciding to keep them. 

Ophelia, Nona, Persephone, Trixie, Arsa, Calypso, Alexandra, Aurora, Yuura, and Arsa entered the bed naked, a pile of clothes quickly accumulating on the floor.

Though Bernice wasn’t wearing clothes in the traditional sense, she seemed overwhelmed by the situation, and remained covered by pink goo and black metal. Still, she wanted to be a part of this, and hopped on. Delilah seemed too proud of her red lingerie to take her clothes off as she crawled on the bed with Zipporah in tow, her heaving breasts straining against the white silk of her slave outfit.

Nyx was the last one to get on the bed, looking at the others not with trepidation, but with curiosity. Yuura spotted her hesitating and waved her over. Nyx crawled onto the bed, over Nona and Ophelia, and placed herself in Zagira’s coils next to David.

David spotted her and touched her cheek with an outstretched hand.

“Hey there. Kind of…crowded, isn’t it?”

Nyx nodded before clawing her way to him and locking her lips with his.

David wasn’t sure who tugged his underclothes off, but he knew who had begun to grab at his cock. Lakshmi and Nona had his cock between their breasts, Lakshmi’s milky white ambrosia was being used as a lubricant as Ophelia licked at the tip of his dick every time it peaked out from the pair of delicious brown tits.

Nyx was enraptured with his tongue as David pawed at Nyx’s unusual body. Though Zagira and Annabelle were occupied with discovering his, kissing and licking at his body. Persephone was the first to realize that David was largely occupied. She turned her eyes towards Bernice, who was just watching, hesitation written on her face.

Persephone came up to her with a smile and gave her a hug. Bernice was stiff and didn’t return the embrace.

“Listen, I appreciate what you’re doing, but-” Persephone silenced her with a kiss.

From behind, Delilah wrapped them both up in her arms and began kissing the back of Bernice’s head. The former human struggled for a bit before finally moaning into Persephone’s crystal lips, giving in. She returned the watery undine’s hug with force and starting kissing her back with wild abandon.

Inspired by the lurid display, Zipporah looked upon the tangle of bare supple nubile girls and spotted Calypso and Alexandra trying to get to David. With a smug smile on her lips she dove for them and wrapped her arms around the two bringing them in close to her bosom.

“Hey girls, looking for some fun while you wait?”

Alexandra smiled and pressed her naked breasts up against Zipporah’s, creamy white rubbing against oiled bronze.

“That sounds great!”

Calypso wasn’t so eager.

“No thanks, I’m trying to get to that dick! I’ve been waiting a long time, and I need some man-spunk!”

“C’mon Calypso, he isn’t going anywhere.”

Alexandra pulled Calypso into a kiss as Zipporah dug her fingers into their cunts. Calypso immediately grunted as Zipporah expertly ran her fingers through their pussies and played with their buttons. She was an expert at pleasuring women thanks to her time with Zagira, and both chimera and basilisk shivered as they came on the pharaoh’s fingers.

Aurora was much like Bernice, sitting at the edge of the bed, still wrapped in her white fur robe. Yuura and Arsa came up next to her, smiles on their faces.

“You know, Aurora, you’re in this harem with the rest of us, come on in and enjoy it.” Arsa said, her tentacles coyly attempting to strip the tall icy woman out of her robes.

Aurora patted her tentacles away.

“That’s quite alright. I’m fine waiting for him.”

Yuura shared a look with her underworld friend. Yuura moved swiftly, shifting her form into a gelatinous ooze, and slipping into Aurora’s robe in one swift motion. Aurora yelped and removed her robe in an attempt to get the shoggoth off of her.

She was immediately groped by Arsa, who slipped her tentacles around the taller woman’s thighs and breasts. Aurora tried to remove Arsa by force, but the dark purple slime that was Yuura, was now covering her arms and forming cuffs around her wrists.

The slime woman created cuffs around Aurora’s ankles and a collar around her neck as she reformed her torso from the slime still wrapped about the Ice Queen. She gave Aurora a deep kiss on the mouth as the queen vainly attempted to get the two of them off of her.

“You know, Aurora, I know you wanted to punish a few of us. Who were those you wanted to punish?”

“G-get off of me!”

Yuura kissed her again before she repeated herself.

“Tell me who it is, and I’ll do to them what I’m doing to you.”

She was silent for a moment, but with a look of defeat acquiesced.

“…damn it. Fine. The chimera, the basilisk, and the cupid.”

Arsa slipped her tentacles inside Aurora’s cunt and began pounding her vigorously. Aurora grunted as she arched her back involuntarily at the sensation. Arsa and Yuura kissed and fondled at the Ice Queen with vigor as Trixie flew overhead.

The little devil was watching every lurid display with her fingers deep in her snatch, cheeks red and flushed at the debauchery.

“Man, I need to find some room.”

The sex was hot and heavy, and soon every single body was covered in a light sheen of sweat. Bernice had taken to women rather well, though whenever David became free she eagerly latched onto him, simply delighting in his touch.

As David came into Ophelia’s waiting mouth, his ejaculation exploded with a powerful force, drenching the bicorn in creamy white semen.

Nona and Lakshmi embraced Ophelia and lapped up the cum eagerly, though Ophelia stopped them with a sloppy kiss on each of their mouths.

“Sorry girls, but I want to be painted white tonight.”

“That’s fair,” Lakshmi said. “I think we all want that.”

Several of the girls stopped their activities to agree with the nymph.

David was attempting vainly to push the cuddling cupid and overbearing dark serpent woman away from his newly freed and currently flaccid cock.

“W-wait guys, I need a breather.”

“Oh no you don’t!”

Calypso detangled herself from Alexandra and Zipporah, her crimson form flowing like water to get to David.

As she shambled on top of David’s bare form, she licked her lips and prepared to remove her mask.

“Are you ready to become a full-fledged incubus, sexy?”

“…I thought I already was one.”

Delilah laughed.

“Oh darling, you may have some small enhancements, but you’re nowhere near an incubus! Not yet, anyway. But if Calypso’s doing what I think she is, you’re going to find out the benefits of being an incubus very quickly.”

“I am in fact doing what you think I’m doing.”

She clasped David’s face and smiled down at him, with a smile she took one hand and removed her mask and threw it to the floor.

David’s storm blue eyes met Calypso’s emerald green orbs, and he felt a sudden jolt throughout his body. His entire body shook, trembled as his cock came to a full erection.

David took in a huge gasp of air as heat filled his body and goosebumps appeared for a brief moment, he gave a groan as another powerful orgasm shook his body and he came all over Calypso’s face and chest.

Hot white slimy semen spurted forth from his cock in great powerful ropes. Calypso’s face was drenched in dripping jizz as she smiled down at him with pearly white teeth.

But even with that powerful orgasm, David’s cock was still rock hard, throbbing and twitching, about to burst again with the slightest touch.

Calypso licked her lips, smearing the white frothy goo on her tongue as she flit her emerald green eyes over David’s still twitching body.

Now, my beloved husband, you are an incubus.”

Annabelle took the initiative next and moved to mount David. He was still shuddering from the powerful orgasm but understood what was happening enough to help Annabelle maneuver herself over him and align her pussy with his rod. Calypso allowed it, satisfied with her facial, and quickly scooped up Trixie from the air, wrestling her to the bed and stared into her red eyes. Again, Calypso’s powerful green eyes brought another victim to orgasm, and Trixie was helpless as the basilisk smeared David’s slimy semen all over her tiny petite body.

Annabelle was completely enraptured as David fondled her large perky breasts, and she finally consummated their marriage. David instantly came inside her, hot jets of cum filling her insides and causing her to tremble as her own orgasm overtook her. She hadn’t expected for it to be over so soon, but the feeling of being filled up was too good. She sighed and made to dismount him, but he quickly flipped her over, pinning her to the bed.

Annabelle looked up, surprised, as David locked his lips with hers and continued thrusting and cumming inside of her.

David’s body was alive with vitality as all aches and tiredness fled from him. All he could feel was the pleasant smoothness and softness of the most beautiful women he had ever met.

He gripped Annabelle’s thighs, and thrust with wild abandon, pumping her full of his length. She gripped his back, beating her white wings as he came yet again, and Annabelle came with him.

With a kiss, David left Annabelle on the bed as he switched his attention back to Calypso. Calypso let out a squeal as she was grabbed by her hips and flipped over, her wet slit now in David’s sight. Trixie tried to squirm away, but David held them both close and began kissing the little devil as he plunged deeply into the basilisk’s waiting pussy.

David was insatiable, kissing and fondling every girl he could reach. Gentle caresses turned into rough fondling and groping. Trixie was buried into the sheets as David buried himself to the hilt in her tight little cunt, and she was left to bask in the afterglow along with Calypso, their forms covered in pearly jizz.

Yuura, Arsa and Aurora were surprised to be next on David’s list as he went from girl to girl, kissing embracing and ejaculating in great powerful ropes. Yuura was David’s favorite to fondle and kiss as he thrust between Aurora and Arsa’s breasts, cumming like a fountain on the two of them, long thick sticky strands of cum bursting forth like water from a fountain.

Alexandra snuck up from behind him and held him from under his armpits, keeping him from moving.

“I’ve always wanted to try this!” she exclaimed.

“What are you doing?” David asked.

He was answered as Alexandra’s snake-tail peeked out from between his thighs and extended from under his sack. It coiled around and opened its mouth, and before David could worry about fangs or the sight of a snake’s open maw, it positioned itself to engulf his cock.

Alexandra’s tail licked at his cockhead and slipped its mouth over his shaft. It was warm, tight, and wet, and David gasped at how pleasant it actually felt. Alexandra kissed the back of his neck as he relaxed into her, bucking his hips every so often into the snake’s mouth.

They were joined by Zipporah, who ran a slender finger down David’s torso, biting her lips as she took in his form. David matched her gaze with a lustful longing, causing Zipporah to approach him with open arms. David’s entire body felt like it was floating within heaven itself as he felt the smooth taut bodies of Alexandra at his back, and Zipporah at his front, rubbing their breasts on his back and torso as he was helpless to resist.

Zipporah moved to the side as Zagira joined her, rubbing her own hands and voluptuous breasts against David’s torso. David tried to get out of Alexandra’s hold to play with the two beautiful women who were rubbing up on his chest, but it was futile.

“Alexandra, please let me go.”

Zagira eyes him with a haughty expression.

“Oh? Does the cute little boy want to play?”

“I am not a boy.”

Zagira ignored him as she wrapped her long arms around him and Alexandra and kissed him full on the mouth, her long purple coils entwining about Zipporah, David, and Alexandra.

The tight sensational embrace was too much for him, and David came yet again inside the mouth of Alexandra’s snake-tail. Large globules of pearly cum filled the snake’s mouth as it opened its maw, splashing Zipporah’s thighs and Zagira’s coils.

David shivered as he ejaculated again into the open air, a long powerful burst of semen splattering on Bernice and Delilah’s faces. The two of them looked surprised, but only smiled lewdly as they began crawling towards David with lustful intentions.

Alexandra’s dripping wet tail slunk up between the four entangled lovers, and as it came up to Zipporah’s face, she smiled and gave it a kiss. She happily smeared the jizz on the snake all over her lips as David watched.

Zagira wasn’t one to stop to watch, and kissed him again, delighting in the taste of his tongue as the swirled about her own, dominating him.

David gave a groan as another mouth wrapped around his cock, lips bobbing up and down as another pair of lips began kissing his dangling balls.

Zagira parted from his lips with a smile, a trail of saliva connecting the two as she pointed downward with her eyes. David peered down and was welcomed with the sight of Delilah making out with his sack, and Bernice deepthroating his dick.

David had never seen a more wonderous sight, never felt more bliss. He was on a hair-trigger and threw his head back as he came. Alexandra kissed him as his head rested on her shoulder, and his cock once more throbbed with need as it released into Bernice’s mouth.

No matter how much David came, he always seemed to cum in impossible amounts, thick white cream dripping out of Bernice’s mouth and splashing all over her body covered her in sticky white slime.

It only brought her happiness as she was coated in her husband’s essence, his approval of her body and a physical representation of his lust for her. Zagira scooped her up using a single hand under her groin and placed her in between her and Zipporah.

“Give him a kiss, pet, he wants you bad.”

Bernice didn’t hesitate and pulled him into her waiting mouth as she kissed him with wet and sticky passion.

David had once thought kissing someone covered in his own jizz was rather gross. That thought was abandoned as he and Bernice wrapped each other up and locked their legs together as they made out with each other, David’s wet sticky slime covering everyone.

David and Bernice pulled and pushed against each other, reveling and moaning into each other’s mouths as they explored each other’s bodies with rapturous delight. David slid his dick out of Bernice’s tight and greedy pussy with a plop, but her legs hopped up and wrapped around his waist, keeping her body tightly grasped against him, which he was happy to allow.

David’s eyes fell to Ophelia, who he was feeling a particular hunger for. She caught his eye and did her best to move to him, but with her body, it was easier for David to move to her. He carried Bernice with him as he aligned himself with Ophelia’s winking and sopping wet pussy.

He shared a look with Ophelia who was raising her horse-like backside for him. He gave her a smile and grabbed at her wrists, pulling her arms back as he entered her. Bernice was still wrapped around David as she eagerly rubbed her naked body against him.

He thrust into Ophelia with fury, her horse-like tail flicking and her large breasts bouncing with each thrust. His cock slipped in and out in steady rhythm, as Ophelia’s tongue lolled in her mouth, drooling at the sensations.

Ophelia came as David pulled back her arms, leaving her at the mercy of his thrusts

The night continued in much the same manner, David going from girl to girl, an unending amount of lust powering him as he satisfied each with the essence of a man, and the love of a husband.

When they all eventually stopped and went to eat Trixie’s well-cooked dinner it was less of a dessert, and more of a breakfast. The sun was rising on a new day.


Well its been fun! This is the conclusion to Heaven’s Gold Spear. However, it is not the end of the story! The adventure will continue in

Harem Heroes: The Curse of Heaven

I’ll be posting the first chapter of that book here. But while I am working on that book right now,  I have also created a website to take commissions!


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