An Arrival of a Rival. CH6

Progressing through their tests, some girls find it difficult while others were natural’s at their positions. With some learning valuable lessons along the way, everything they’ve learned up until this point was tested through and through.

Some learned things from one another that they didn’t know about each other before, shedding more light on their past lives.

When the final day had arrived, the chaperones gathered to discuss their student’s progress. Will they all pass?

(Artwork by anchet7/maddoxfanx.)

An Arrival of a Rival. CH5

With the day of the final test approaching, Karika and Reiza brace themselves for what’s to come.

Being put into pairs along with a chaperone to observe and score their performance, the skills and lessons taught to them will be put to the test in a week long job trial.

How will the girls fare on their first day?

(Artwork by anchet7/maddoxfanx.)

An Arrival of a Rival. CH4

While Faulkner deals with an unexpected encounter with Karika’s parents, Karika herself was stumped on what to do that Halloween day as no one she knew was free for the day.

Her encounter with Reiza, however, for better or worse, gave her something to do that day. Deciding to bring Reiza with her back to her apartment, the two spend a hectic, but meaningful heart-to-heart moment.

(Artwork by anchet7/maddoxfanx.)