Mental Emasculation: Captain Morgan’s Spiced Revenge Part 11

According to the tourist guide of this proud yet sinful city, Bugsy Brown’s was one of the less reputable gentlemen’s clubs hidden within the sprawling shambles of the old city centre.  

In keeping with the aesthetic appeal of ‘Den of depravity and sin’, Bugsy’s offered a more traditional experience for the less discerning customer, replete with quintessential features such as; thick velvet drapes, nicotine smoked windows, sultry lighting and an atmosphere thick with mood too make even the most angst-ridden Will-o-the-wisp choke under the oppressive ambience of the club. 

Karika The Troubled

With a crappy degree and shitty luck, I find myself at a loss for words at the situation I found myself in. A school for the mentally challenged Mamono, I ended up teaching the worse group of degenerate, classless women of the now non fictitious world of Monster girls!

TMRC (Troubled Mamono Reformation Class) Is an institute that hosts a variety of Mamono of all races with the sole purpose of reforming them to behave responsibly in the world of the human dominated planet Earth. Little did I know this opportunity would change how I saw these “Savages” For better or worse.

Mental Emasculation: Captain Morgan’s Spiced Revenge Part 10

A phone call in the early hours of the morning is a painful, bewildering experience that will very rarely have a happy conclusion. Similar, in fact, to placing your penis within the lubricated nozzle of a vacuum cleaner before gingerly tapping the ‘on’ button with your foot. If only to see what all the fuss was about. 

Marinella’s Chastity Belt – Ch. 1

This first experience with a chastity belt had been breath-taking, in a frightening sort of way. This contraption, she reminded herself – this steely metal undergarment, was locked onto her hips. And without the key, she truly, absolutely could not get it off. She had no access to herself at all, no ability to let out any of the frustration she felt, a steel wall erected between her and her own sex that no amount of strength could shift. It was a thought that thrilled her as she cast her mind back to the journals she had read of maidens locked into similar, if not less substantial devices than hers. To remain like this, the way she felt now, for months, if not years on end – how would that feel? If she could not remove the belt… no, the thought didn’t bear thinking about. Marinella knew she could, anyway. She had the key in her hand. All she had to do, right now, was push it gently into the lock… just like that… and twist-


She sat bolt up right, stumbling to her feet, as she looked down at the key. She twisted at it again, but nothing happened. It wouldn’t turn.

Marinella’s heart stopped. She rattled at the key, at the lock, twisting it in both directions, turning it over. She kept trying for several minutes, wondering if she’d made some mistake, some obvious error, but it was fruitless; the chastity belt remained firmly locked in place, the key refusing to turn a millimetre.

And with that, Marinella’s chastity truly began.