State of Mind

Devon–a brash, reserved man–tries to clear his mind after dumping his girl when he finds out she’s been cheating.
But, while trying to find his state of mind, he get caught up with dealing with a monster woman’s problem.

Note: Reformatted from a greentext story I did months ago. Dunno if I’ll continue this story or not, but if anyone’s interested that this story continue, then sure I’ll try n’ finish it.

The Mob goes Wild 6

And here you sat almost head deep in sheepies pussy. A vagina that had it’s own gravitational pull that was hard enough to resist as is. Elizabeth laid eagerly waiting for the D, her fingers tracing little designs across your cheeks, face, chest, whatever she could get her hands on. Your hesitation on the matter…

Your Drunk Mistress

(Character in the cover by Kenkou Cross) After a long day of cleaning his Dark Elf Mistresses home. Matt crawled into his queen size bed, then covering himself up with the simple plain white sheets and black comforter. Matt was a simple teen, short black hair, slim non muscular body, pale white skin due to…