Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 12)

“Katy!? Ya’ll shaking harder than a rattle on a rattlesnake! What’s going on sugar?” The cow-girl Betsy cheerfully called out, practically bouncing towards her boss/friend.

“Good news Betsy! Some of our new residents are coming out of their eggs today!” Katy exclaimed.

“Oh! Boy howdy! That is good news! Why I’ve never seen a girl come out of an egg you know!? My mom not being very good at that, and all…the little baby chicks were cute though!” Betsy recalled the best she could about hatching from her memories.

“Well these little ones will be even cuter than that! You must come with me! I can show you the process, and everything!” Katy exclaimed with glee.

“Count me in Sug! I’d love to see this for myself!” Betsy was eager to know more.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 10)

“Nirvana~ we just finished the beta version of your little models! What do you think?” Katy asked presenting Nirvana with a 9 inch figure of herself.

“Hm~ it could use some work, the pose is too stiff, I have some free time though. I can model for you a proper, dynamic pose! Oh! and I might as well pick out an outfit to present myself with” Nirvana reviewed herself.

“Okay, but not too complicated, we still gotta make a profit of these…have you decided on the perfume, colored lipstick, and your message for the premium version?” Katy asked.

“Done, and done, see for yourself darling” Nirvana presented.

“…Nirvana…these are all very…scolding, and berating…” Katy said.

“It’ll draw a crowd, I promise you” Nirvana grinned.

The Shirohebi and The Hunter: Chapter 8- The Path of the Wise Serpent

“It’s known as the Path of the Wise Serpent.” Yuki corrects me as she parts the sheer ‘curtain’ on her uchikatsugi. “Although I can see why you’d assume it was ‘White Serpent’…”


Yuki nodded.

“So what’s the story behind that?”

“Many years ago, the Daimyo commissioned the construction of a post road between the capital and major cities throughout the islands.” the lamia explains.

“How come?”

“Well, it was said that the Daimyo at the time ordered them built so that decrees from the imperial court could be delivered to his regional governors without delay and artisans, magistrates, nobles and craftsmen could quickly make their way to the capital when summoned.”

“So a road like this one?”

“Not quite- the first of these roads went along the coast-“

“The ones Kori and Fuyu are supposed to be taking?”

She nodded.

“That was the original alignment. However, washouts and landslides were a common problem during the rainy season or whenever a major storm moved through the area.”

“Then this would be an alternate route?”

“Yes- although the winters in the mountains are harsher. It was said that the Daimyo had a seer who he trusted more than anyone else- a Shirohebi who was also rumored to be his concubine. She reasoned that a path through the mountains would be far more passable during the temperate months and even during milder winters- and thus would ultimately be worth the investment in time and resources to construct it.”

“Makes sense. So the Daimyo names it in honor of the seer who convicned him to build it.”

“Well- that’s one version.”

“What’s the other version?”

“Oh my….the more popular version is a bit….how should I say?…..immodest.”

“Yuki- come on. How can a story about building a road through the mountains be- as you put it- ‘immodest‘?” I ask with finger quotes to emphasize the last word.

“I…I’ve said too much.” the nervous shirohebi stammered.

“Yuki….tell me…”

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 3)

Finally taking a break from doing paperwork, the Echidna and founder of the Orphanage Katy herself graces her halls greeting and exploring her building. She meets with her head chef; a Holstaurus cowgirl by the name of Betsy.

“Betsy! How are you today!? I was just about to ask you about your opinions on our new staff member” Katy asked.

“Oh! Yeah he was a real treat to the eyes if I do say so myself-b-but he’s also really nice, I can just tell from his eyes, they were strong, sharp, but gentle…and compassionate. Just like my papa-I-I mean my father!” Betsy replied.

“Yes, I saw a lot of spirit in his eyes too, it appears as if he’s starting to grow accustom to our ways here, but he has a lot more to discover” Katy hinted.

“Sure as apple pie he does! I wonder how he’ll react to it all? I hope we don’t scare him off, or nothing…I already got a few of my tykes wondering when he’ll come see them” Betsy replied.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day1)

You did it, somehow someway you got the job, and your first day is here and now! Meeting Katy for the first time you realize she’s surprisingly casual, especially considering the stories you have read about Echidnas in the past.

You can’t help, but wonder what your new job has in store, you hope the uniform looks cool, and not at all embarrassing to be seen in.

Then there’s the building neighboring the Orphanage, a shrine said to be taken care of by beautiful shrine maidens, and their head priest said to give incredible blessings to a certain chosen number of people. It might be worth a shot to buy a lucky charm of some kind while you’re at it right?


So, apparently there’s a new source of power newly discovered. Or something. Cutting edge.

Yeah, what a crock.


This story is the second installment of my original setting, Darkness Prevails.
I suggest reading the first one, Eyes in the Dark, first, as there are spoilers here for that story.

#Darkness Prevails


Sojourn’s End Chapter 2, Sojourn’s Ender

“Here on the Chaos, Upper Left, Board for each player there are ten Servitors also known as Shoggoth. They serve as the boards Pawns. Two Mind Flayers as Rooks, two Night Gaunts as Knights, two Mi-Go as Priests, and two Yith as Merchants. Finally, we have one Cthulhu as King and one Cthylla as Queen.”

“Wait!” said Yasu with a triumphant smile. “If the Shoggoth are referred to as servitors then this set must be truly old.”

“You are correct Yasu. This one fact alone gives us an indication of just how truly ancient this set is.”