No lewds, maybe implied, but no lewds. Mostly writing cute. And also suggesting that everyone eat cobb salads.


Just a man with a penchant for catgirls and too much time spent on writing. Generally not a lewds writer, but I have been known to indulge away from my home territory of feels.


I write lewd things...


Starting to write, be gentle. Open for commissions!


I write smut, but have been trying to move on to something where sex isn't the primary focus. In a bit of a slump at the moment.


I just enjoy writing romantic/erotic storylines with a bit of humor sprinkled in here and there. I always try to improve my writing skills and I will respond to criticism or nice comments almost definitely and with all due respect. At the moment I'm writing a series on the Monster Girl Encyclopedia but I might extend my reach to other genres in the future as well. I'm German and not a native English speaker. So, please forgive the occasional slip-up in grammar. I hope you all enjoy my content.


Procrastinator newbie write-fag.


I write random stuff excruciatingly slowly. Anubi, Dragons, Nightmares and Undead a best.


Full-time cook, chronic procrastinator, and I occasionally write things. "Tails are life, scales are hometown."


I write, and I guess I'm good at it. But if not, be sure to knock me off my high horse as hard as you fucking can.


I'm a guy who recently realized I can write, so I've started doing it as a thing now. I also really like monster girls so I constantly get new ideas for stories about them.


*Prolonged erogenous Pterodactyl-like screeching*


I write MGE, MonMusu stories, and Danny DeVito is my patron saint.


Art man and FUCKER™


Started writing monstergirl related stuff after stumbling across a fanfic thread on 8chan's /monster/ board back in mid-February of 2015. I mostly do holstaur(us) stories, although I do have a few other non-cowgirl related stuff. I also have a pastebin: http://pastebin.com/u/Beardicus


I am Zander Blackula. A anime and video game weird nerd with a knack passion for making music and writing stories, whether it'd be delusional fantasies about crushes I've had irl or lewd deviant ramblings delving into fantasy.


Trying to write a cute story before I forget about it.



I love writing about adventures, if they involve fantasy or technology even better. May or may not have a bias for anything soft and fluffy.


Huffer of fluff, keeper of the mofucores. Writer of degenerate porn and also not porn. I do commissions - feel free to contact me. I'll write almost any fetish or scenario.


I write sins not stories.


Kind of awkward when you look back at all the broken dreams you've left piled up in your wake and realize that they were actually your own.


Just some dumb faggot who writes shit as a hobby and has a monster girl fetish.

Carol J.

I like monster girls and when boys sub hard for them. We're all on the same team here, brother.


Strap in, boys! We're going through Life, Sex, and quite possible a toilet...


Hello, I'm Chiang. I am an artist for most of my time. However, I even write as well. Usually, I write original works. However, since my resurgence towards the MGE, I will write a few fanfictions. Though, I also write wwyd scenarios on the wiki. Name is the same except the @TFT part.


I write things. Lots of different things.


Most of my work is derivative, every story here probably has an image or other story that served as its inspiration.


Occasionally creative Has a secret fetish about monster girls


A fan of corruption. Its almost guaranteed that somewhere in my stories there is a lady becoming a monster.


Dedicated dilettante, passionate hobbyist.


Awkward writer with varied interests.


MGE enthusiast and wordy wordsmith.


I'm just your average college student. I want to write isekai mge stories on the side when I'm not swamped by classwork. This is my first time writing anything other than stuff for class so it won't be the best but I will improve.


Hello, my name is David Saint and I'm the author of Guilty x Creatures. Guilty x Creatures is an ongoing series set in an alternate universe in which all manner of fantasy beings exist against the backdrop of a technologically modern world. A single chapter will be posted publicly once a month between the 1st and the 5th, while two chapters will be posted each month on the 1st and the 15th for Patreon subscribers. https://www.patreon.com/guiltyxcreatures davidsaintgxc@gmail.com


I read history books sometimes. Often, I go crazy about their content. Right now, I'm going nuts over the Mongols. Oh, and, the MG's I write are usually pretty hard to get.


I am The Manticore Man.


Just someone who's never tried writing before but hopes that some people will be entertained by my stories.

Dr. Giovanni

Hello, my fellow degenerates. I plan on writing some stories. Don't plan on a lot though; I'm in the middle of college, so I have more important things to do.


Always trying something new with each story. My favorite monster girl is the Shoggoth. I take commissions. You can PM me here or inquire at EighthSpan@protonmail.com



"I read ero manga for the plot."



Just a guy who sometimes writes about monstergirls. Also loves Anubis'.



Love yourself, unless you aren't one of the only 2 or 3 in a thousand flexible enough to autofellate yourself.


Just a college student wanting to get better at writing by writing about things he's passionate about.

Hentai Sage

I'm just a guy who loves monster girls busty ones, cutes, cold ones and hot ones. But also love a good story and can easily fall in love with characters if they are portrayed well enough which will make me edgared to come back for more.


I'm an inexperienced writer that has dreams of monstergirls. If I do anything wrong, please tell me. Thank you for reading.


Everything goes slightly better in my head.


I enjoy writing about monstergirls. May do commissions soon.


Why, no Officer, that's not a real flamethrower in my passenger seat. https://www.patreon.com/JadedWidower


Anyone spare a dollar for Burger King?


Lord of the Flies psychopath


I am memes incarnate. Nothing I say is serious and I write bullshit. If ya enjoy that and normal stories aren't your speed, then I got the bullshit you need fam.

John Fong

John Fong is a lawyer for the Yangs, a high-class family in Hong Kong.


Someone that wishes to leave a mark on the world.


Homeless drunkard who effed up hard in life.


I write stories sometimes, that's all.

Klaus Shultz

I like to write stories. I also like to play musical instruments. But what I really love is feedback and writing requests, so email me at klaus_shultz@yahoo.com


A writer looking to get their work out in public and aspiring editor, I look forward to sharing wholesome moments and more with like minded folks.

Lady Tyrannica

You can find my main story archive here: http://ladytyrannicawriting.tumblr.com/tagged/LTwriting


Erotic author of Dhampyre, Umbral Coil, Wight Snow and more, publishing commercially via: Author Site | Amazon (UK)


College student killing some time and practicing writing. Werewolf apologist.


TFT inspired me to write stories to get practice for script writing. Most of my work is experimental and and any criticism or advice is appreciated. I promise the lewd stories will appear eventually.


Taking writing commissions || https://pastebin.com/VPD1jDNq || Discord: Losenis#1794


1 2/3 cups granulated sugar, 3/4 cup melted butter, 2 tablespoons water, 2 large eggs, 2 teaspoons vanilla extract, 1 1/3 cups all-purpose flour, 3/4 cups baking cocoa, 1/2 teaspoon baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon salt. Preheat oven to 350º F. Grease 8x8-inch baking pan. Combine granulated sugar, butter and water in large bowl. Stir in eggs and vanilla extract. Combine flour, cocoa, baking powder and salt in medium bowl; stir into sugar mixture. Spread into prepared baking pan. Bake for 18 to 25 minutes or until wooden pick inserted in center comes out slightly sticky. Enjoy.


The one with the scary sexy succubi and monster girls. Has books published up on Amazon under the pseudonym M. E. Hydra.


Thou shalt face judgment and be forgiven for thy sin in the sacrament of penance.


One thing's for sure-I ain't human.

ML Kaze

Just a writer. Likes to hear how to improve and such. Read, if you wish.


I started a blog in early 2014 about Monster Girls. I started writing monster girl stories in early 2015. I started writing novel-length monster girl shit in mid 2015. That's what I do. That's all I do.


Monte is the powerhouse of procrastination, bad ideas, and maybe even writing. Likely has written something else in another parallel universe.


You can't edit a blank page.


First time writing a story, finding it pretty fun. I hope to complete what is planned to be a near novel length story before I burn out and give up in disgrace. I prefer angst-free romance and adventure filled with humor and excitement, but I only half know whats going to happen next myself.


Awkward and waifus. Now also posting updates on twitter at https://twitter.com/mousykins



Someone from the MGE Wiki who likes cute and happy stories. So he writes his own. Lewd stuff may come in the future.


I am an editor of rather interesting stories, and a writer of rather less interesting stories. I will now shamelessly self-promote. Please read my stories and give me feedback.


Open for comms just shoot me a DM

Nulla Misericordia

Some tard who writes cute shit about monster girls. What else do you need in life?


Just a regular guy that writes stories that contain MGs from time to time.

Opie Anderson

My name is Opie Anderson, a young man who caters to the young male reader. Erotic Fantasy is an escape from the very Non-Erotic reality most people live in, and I work to let people escape that for as long as they like. Monster Girls, Alien Girls, Robot Girls, even Furry girls are some of the subjects that are under my purview. I now take commissions https://opieanderson.wixsite.com/website-1/commissions I hope you all enjoy my work


Demon is best girl.


Having difficulties? How casual.


Just a man with a dream. Like writing and seeking to improve as a casual pleb writer. pretty new to Monster girls so carry me Kappa HD


A writer for fun, I jot down whatever comes to mind with no set schedule. Most of the stuff I'll be writing about are Monster Girls and always NSFW. Though be warned, most of my works are literal sugar bombs, in other words Vanilla AF

Praxxys 980

A big fan of manticores and sci-fi stories who likes to write about both whenever is possible.


The real joke here is my life.


I like to write lewd stories about monsters. All my finished work goes here. pastebin.com/u/Quicksilver_


Soldiers and Monster Girls. Practically all my stories fit into that mold.


Just someone who loves Warhammer 40K, monster girls, anime, and TRPGs.


Probably rushed, Likely inebriated, Guaranteed late. Been bashing the kinks out of the same universe for god knows how long now.


Inspired by all the great writers on here, you guys are awesome.


A writer of many monstergirls, though with a weakness for manticores and ushi-oni. I've been writing for a few years now and look forward to continuing.


Howdy. I'm Scrambles, and I'm a hack with a word fetish.


Other works available at http://seafoam.pbworks.com

Shock Heaven

Wahahahaha! I started writting Monster girl stuff after some time of just reading it, Trying to improve the best I can.


Like his alcohol and snake women like he likes his love. Smooth and robust.


I'm inspired by novels targeted at strange young men with peculiar dispositions. Most of my work revolves around that in some way. I green-text when nobody is watching. The reason I'm so slow will forever be a mystery.


My name is Snekguy and I like to write, primarily science fiction and urban fantasy with erotic elements. I post my stories in a lot of places, and they're free for everyone to read. On my Patreon page, you can follow my writing more closely, interact with me as the stories develop, and read stories in progress before they're posted to other websites. I also create Ebook versions of my finished stories that are free to download, and I commission artwork and book covers for you to enjoy. https://www.patreon.com/Snekguy


Alcohol fueled writing. No common sense.


Hey there everyone! I'm just a college student who was peer pressured into writing. May or may not be a good writer.


I've a ton of stories to share, many take place in the Praxis setting. My stories explore the lives with and of mamonme (monstergirls), history and adventures.


Fetishist. Whether it's legs, ass, feet, breasts, or belly, I enjoy feeling up nude, perfect ‘works of art’ bodies. Mainly here to read monster girl fiction and stories with fetishes like feet and arse. I've loved the Monster Girl Encyclopedia ever since I found my first entry about it on the Monster Girl Encyclopedia Wiki (Wikia). You may not understand the context of my work if you're not on the MGE Wikia or don't know anything about it. Please check out the site, especially the 'What Would You Do (WWYD)' or 'What Do You Do (WDYD)' forums to know what they are. Some of my one-shots are on request by MGE Wikia users, so those should be familiar if you have a basic understanding of the MGE world. Please don't leave comments unless you understand the context of how they're written, they'll be removed otherwise. Cheers, and good reading. Happier writing as well if you're a writer. Contact me on my Discord tag at SPARTAN-047#4950 for feedback, requests, roleplay, and chat if you wish. Please support me on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/spartan047 I take requests and do commissions. My PayPal is spartan047@icloud.com (email) or +353 89 451 9381 (mobile phone). The only stuff I don't do are those which I'm sure I wouldn't try IRL, like scat or extreme pain. Your commissions will be exclusively for you and not released anywhere else, unlike my free material. If you don't mind it being released elsewhere so everyone can enjoy it, however, you can let me know via email. I will send a PDF of the completed document to an email address of your choice or via Google Drive/OneDrive/Dropbox links. You can download the PDF and read it at your leisure. All prices are negotiable depending on the content, fetish, and overall length. I'm also happy to add a few thousand words extra or so to make the story more complete and modify it if you wish. The lengths are not fixed even after negotiation, since I usually make it longer to add all the details you want and make them worthy of reading or even as fap material. Some of my stories have been double the agreed length. I'm generally asked to write commissioned stories for around 5000 words, and that's the general length I'll suggest to cover the material you want. They aren't always fixed, since I will have to add words to cover all the subject matter you want more often than not. This is especially true when the story is fap material (which is what I prefer to write and am good at, you'll know if you read my free stuff) and with different fetishes. If you don't like the subject matter after one or two rewrites, there'll be a nominal fee to rewrite the story according to the new instructions you send. They need to be clear enough and explicit, so please try to keep them that way the first time itself. The rewrite fee is fixed, and I will let you know what it is through email. Please send your commissions in USD wherever possible, since PayPal charges transaction fees for any other currency. Email IDs for commissions: spartan047@icloud.com spartan.sierra.047@gmail.com sierra047@outlook.com


A guy who writes monster stories cause it's cathartic.




I am a writefag over at /monster/. I write semi decent things sometimes.


A storyteller's game, Lips that intoxicate, The core of all life is a limitless chest of tales Contact Info Twitter: @SukiruOW Discord: Sukiru#4340


If you are looking for erotica or stories with an MGE-setting than I recommend you look elsewhere. As an author my preference is to write stories set on Earth, whether it be the ambitious modern day or a historical period, and to envision MG versions of the many monsters across the globe that currently are ignored by MGE.


One of MGE's most recent addicts. Just started writing for the genre. More to come.


I'm also known as D4Skewer, or just "Skewer" on SMWCentral.net. I like to write! I like to write stories about monster girls, generally Alraune, Khepri, and the like. I write all sorts of stories, yuri, straight, ntr if that's your thing, dark or plain happiness. I think keeping an open mind is the most important thing for a content creator, you can't pander to everybody with your story, but that's why new projects are a thing.

The Iron Judge

I sometimes write lewd stuff, sometimes related to fitness, sometimes not.


A monster girl and transforming robot fan who hopes to one day do a Monster Girl Super Sentai story. But first, let's get used to writing the monster girls and their shenanigans.


Just a simple writefag with an affinity for fluffy tails, corruption, and tentacles.


Just a romantic prepper who loves fallout and monster girls... I wonder if they'd make a nightstalker one... 19 male btw


I am the guy you go to for ideas. At times, I write about these ideas myself, but these are far and few between. I also like to play video games..


A wholesome weirdo, who writes almost everything. I even do commissions if you like my stuff. As long as its wholesome, I'll do it. :3


Writer and game programmer. Updates irregularly. Quests are done at http://anonkun.com/user/thousandpath starting at 4 pm london time. Unfinished chapters, things not monstergirls and weird stuff is uploaded to http://pastebin.com/u/Thousandpath instead. Vore is uploaded to http://aryion.com/g4/user/Thousandpath first and foremost.


Started doing MG writefaggotry in 2014 and procrastinated my way through two stories (Aviators and Falling Leaves). May not ever post again.


An amateur writer enjoying the craft, always happy to chat and discuss tips, and tricks.


Some guy on the internet who writes things. Sometimes lewd things.


I like touching cows, smashing spiders, mating hounds, and a whole lot more.


Just another college student that writes stories as a hobby.


Stationed in Base Ox, Chengdu. Combat No. is 0000-000000-1. You didn't think that I'd write monster girl smut as my hobby, did you?


Probably not a sentient house cat. Not quite just a guy who's a writer for fun any more. Extensively traveled. Martial artist. Marksman. Tinker. Tenor. Doctor. Spy. Hates writing about himself in the third person. Best girls: Any fox girl. Inari, Youko, Kitsune, you name it. Jinko, Anubis, Dragons (all types, Wurms might be a bit dim, but so sweet!), any species of warrior monster girl. I have a twitter now, I'll probably barely use it, but it's there. https://twitter.com/LeMagnificat


Based out of a Top-Secret bunker in an undisclosed location. https://www.deviantart.com/unit-zer0


When the world screws you over, and the luck runs dry, the only response ain't to give up. It's to look them straight in the eye, and gun them down.


don't kinkshame me

Warsmith Wolf

All's right with the world.


A writer who may or may not live up to expectations.


YesWayInHell is a writer. That means he writes, and stuff. He sometimes publishes what he writes, not so much so that others can enjoy his work but so as to gather attention and praise. YesWayInHell was born in some place in which he lived for some time, before moving to live in some other place. He studied some subjects in some places. His grades varied from average to mediocre. After obtain a degree, he went on to work in various unrelated fields. To this day, YesWayInHell continues to deny all involvement in the murder of president John F. Kennedy. His only alibi (he allegedly "wasn't born back then") has never been verified by the police.


I am not a good writer.


I'm pretty new to this community. Started my own fan fiction just for the hell of it, always looking for feedback.


Hey everybody, I am Yuribears. I'm a freelance writer, who will write literally anything, no limits. Commission rates: For the first 5000 words ordered, it is 1.25 cents per word. After 5000 words, it is raised to 2 cents per word as it becomes more time consuming. Send me a private message if you wish to commission something. If not, have a good day