Weave Point Null Volume #1 is Out!

Heya, remember me? I’ve been bouncing around stories here and there while working on a full-length project! And after a full year and some of literary suffering, we’ve finally cranked out the first volume of a cyberpunk-fantasy series called Weave Point Null! It has monster girls and illustrations (which may or may not be an epic prank just to sell stuff.)


We’re out on Kindle Unlimited and paperback from now, but the company I set up while drafting this has bigger plans. Check us out at here, if you’re so inclined. We’ve got VNs and other things in the works.

This is a story that started underneath a different name on this site, and has been polished and banged out to hopeful perfection. Since we’re just starting out, any support you can possibly give us (word of mouth, buying a copy, leaving a review, just merely astrally projecting your energy towards us) will help more than you can possibly imagine. I know this place ain’t the most active these days, but I’m thankful to have been part of it.

Oh, yeah, since we’ve sold our souls to Amazon, we can’t freely distribute like I wanted. PM me if you want a reviewer copy that may or may not be free of charge. (Hint: izfreerealestate)

Best regards, you bloody degenerates;

John Fong

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