This is an important announcement to make from me. In the words of Russel Case,

“Hello Boys, I’m BAAAAAAAAACK!”

Yes, this is the VanHalen26, back onto the scene. This time however, I’ve undergone a complete and total transformation, from wannabe edgelord who drank absinthe and hanged around Hot Topic a little too much, to a new form I have dubbed, the campking. This new form allows be to absolutely wacky, absolutely ridiculous, carefree , and just hilariously dumb. Years of reflection, growing bigger, listening to Sabaton, and using some better soaps, it all transformed me from this asshole to the what the absolute hell kind of human being.

So what are you going to do now that you are back?

Simple, I’m going to rejoin the TFT Discord, and get to work on my series. As well as deal with some drama, get over myself and stop being such an asshole.

What kind of stories are you going to work on?

Stories that take place in alternate timelines, contain fun protagonists with strengths and flaws, hated villains without morals and with their own brand of evil, silly side characters, sexy love interests who aid the heroes, extreme over the top action, and monsters representing not only the darkest parts of humanity, but also monsters from ancient myth, body horror abominations and every Harryhausen and Mad George creation in between.

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