Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 20)

“Sigh~ so long as it’s for the children, I am okay with this” Katy said.

“Real bummer about that fountain…gotta admit, even I liked it to an extent, not a lot of water tubs can fit someone like me you know” Nirvana said.

“You’re being awfully considerate, more so than you usually are” Katy said.

“I lost my fair share of possessions I cherished too, and besides it’s no fun to toy with you girls if you’re in a bad mood, if there’s anything I can do to relieve you of your sadness, I’ll…think about helping you” Nirvana said.

“Gee, thanks…how about you start by helping me take care of that little Wonderland problem then?” Katy suggested.

Little Monster Miracle Orphanage (Day 7)

“Oh? It’s rare to see you topside like this. I hope this is good news” Katy began seeing one of her star employees enter her office.

“Katy…I-I had heard rumors that you have hired a b-b-boy here?” The Oomukade asked.

“Hm? Oh! You’re talking about our Anon. Yes he is the new employee, in fact he’s going to be showing up any moment now. If you want to you can stay and say hello. I’m sure he’d love to meet-” Katy began.

“He’s coming here! Now!? B-b-but I-I’m not ready! I-I don’t even have a topic of conversation! I-I’m sorry! I-I have to go!” She quickly began to panic.

“Please you need to calm down, I bet you two could actually click if you just-and you’re already running away…” Katy said watching her employee run away.

Cold to the touch

The snow-covered plains would’ve eaten his feet, had Aaron not been wearing a pair of snowshoes. Dark clouds loomed overhead, signalling a furious blizzard to come at any second, perhaps with a cold that could challenge what mountain of a man his clothes and equipment made him. Ahead, mountains etched a line over the horizon, mountains he walked towards, but nothing else that’d amount to life existed elsewhere; what little plantlife existed amounted to merely dead trees, and so much snow covered the ground that if he were to prod it with a stick, he’d sooner run out of length.

Wizardquest Part 22: The Journey Home Pt. 1

With wounded back in El Dorito, you and Selene take it upon yourselves to travel quickly back to Sanctifrond so the High Hospitalier may heal them. On the way you re-visit all the lives you’ve changed while you and Selene explore your new… boundaries.

Wizardquest Part 18: Cold Confessions

You manage to leave the Juliant Manor with your life, and your sanity, and finally reach your destination: The Solomon Mountains. As you travel the snow, you reflect upon all that you’ve experienced and the bonds that you’ve formed, recording them for posterity upon the Communion Matrix.

You’re so close to the Ultimate Elixir, but with the prize in sight, can you truly stay the course, or has your quest unearthed what you’re truly fighting for?

Tales of the Walker: Valhael (1)

A century and more has passed since the Divine Redemption, where the acts of the Gods through the Logos of Resonance rendered the half-forms of Mamono whole, and the world was given its first true chance at peace. But in the midst of this blessed dawn comes a new force. Azrael, Lord of Hell and Black Knight of Destruction has abandoned the heavens and seeks his own path, teased ever downwards by the undeniable temptation of the Lilim Lyra. The Fledgeling Order of Amaranth in his sights, will the Scions of God-Before-Tyris be able to find their own paths as the Heroes of this New World? And in the snowy north, The Throne of Valhael reveals its own horror, and the Logos of Resonance begins to reveal its own desires…