Cut and Run Ch- 8 (Allen Belushi Cycle 8)

“In the prophecies concerning the Succubus Nostrum, it was stated that when the ‘First Male Returns’,” she explained, “other male dragons would start to be born!” she said, scrunching her lips together.
“But they haven’t!” she snarled, her teeth flashing.“Since your transformation, almost a dozen Dragons have become gravid. I had them all magically scanned, and not so much as a single one of them is gravid with a male. Not. A. SINGLE ONE!”  She pointed to me with a finger/claw, and stomped a foot on the ground with emphasis.
“Therefore, YOU must have a role to play when it comes to siring Male Dragons.

Girls Night

“Normally boasting a reserved and guarded disposition, the Anubis has thrown caution to the wind in an all out display to impress her mate.” the youko said in a fairly convincing British accent, her tone and inflection sounding as though she was narrating a nature documentary.
“Not to sound too immodest, but I think this works on a number of levels for me…” the Anubis began confidently. “I simply adore the Desert Kingdom motif, the fiber feels nothing short of divine against my skin and I must say….”
“It compliments my ass rather nicely.” she smiled, thrusting her backside and tail out for emphasis.

Panty Raiders Chapter 12

There’s two whole sex scenes in this chapter, and guess what? It’s basically 11k words. Gotta slow down before this story becomes too long. Anyway blahblahblah they raid the dragons and there’s two guys whose names you’ll never know.

If Monster Girls Took Over the World…(Chapter 3)

Power gets unleashed in a big fucking way by a stocky fat ass. Brought to you by Dodge Ram!
If Monster Girls Took Over the World (IMGTOW) is not, in anyway shape or form, supposed to be a jab at anyone or any incident in TFT. It’s only supposed to be a dumb parody story and nothing more. It is not my intent to make any real insults at anyone. It’s only a parody story. Nothing more, nothing less. If you have any problems with it, DM me I can explain myself.
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The Thing about Science…(PART ONE)

Researcher’s Log: Entry 1 Greetings, this is . My superiors suggested creating this log of our escapades in the . Supposedly these logs are hard-locked with a series of advanced security codes to prevent the classified information from falling into the wrong hands should these logs be stolen. As a further precaution, some information may…