Three Brothers in the Age of Monster Girls: Isaac

(Yeah I figured it would be a better idea this time just to dump all his chapters into one post instead of spamming them) Chapter 1 “A man has to take initiative if he wants to be happy, be it with a woman or by himself” As true as those words were, it requires at…

Tails of the Hidden Master: Milk Maid

The sun crept above the horizon. It would have sent thin slivers of light playing across the face of the sleeping Hidden Master if not for the thick curtains preventing even the faintest illumination from the outside world. The Master did not like to be woken up. Unfortunately, that was the maid’s exact duty this morning. Master had wanted to be woken at first light. He wouldn’t be happy, but he’d be even less happy to oversleep.

Of course, the kikimora knew that the Hidden Master wouldn’t think to blame her, she just wasn’t a fan of anything making him cross. She moved to gently place her hand on the Master’s head. She noted the disheveled look of his long, blonde braid. It was a venerable lion’s mane, reaching down to even his ankles. She did not approve of such a wild look, and would have to talk to him about letting his hair get so out of hand, but she supposed she should just focus on the current task, not wanting her beratement to be the first thing to greet him to the waking world.

She leaned down to whisper into his ear. “Master,” she said, her voice like a gentle breeze, “You wanted to wake up now.” The Hidden Master stirred, an unintelligible groan escaping him as he tried to bury his face into the pillows further, as if to escape the waking world by burrowing into his bed. “Now now,” the kikimora said gently, “You said you had something to do today. You’ll miss it if you sleep too late.” The words seemed to mull around in the Master’s head as his brain worked to interpret the message through the haze of sleep. He gave a short, relenting grunt. “All right, all right.” he said, “Just, give me a few minutes to compose myself.” The kikimora nodded, “Of course, Master.” she said before heading off to continue her morning routine.