Wormhole Ch.15

Now storming out to do battle with the Skarliks on his own, Jason finds the odds are not in his favor. Could he win? Could he Get back to Earth? What will become of him and Veina? Is he making the right choice? Jason can only contemplate as things go from bad to worse. But the night is darkest just before the dawn…


Evan and his squad fight their way across a blasted hellscape of trenches and fortifications as they push toward the Queen’s mountain stronghold, intent on delivering a killing blow to the Bugs on Kerguela. With all of their cards on the table, the Coalition fleet must band together and use every tool at their disposal if they want to put an end to the alien occupation of the moon.

The Autumn War – Volume 1: Invasion

The largest Coalition fleet ever assembled descends on the lost colony of Kerguela to liberate it from its insectoid occupiers. On one side of the moon, a Marine takes part in a series of daring landings, while on the other, one of the few survivors of the original invasion hunts down the source of a mysterious signal. Conflict between both friend and foe will strain the alliance to its limits.

Wormhole Ch.14

Now reunited with Veina, Jason finds a bit of solace after returning from his massive misadventure. But as he sets his sights forward, the shadows from his past resurface to haunt him once more. Now Jason must make a choice. One that will change the lives of himself and Veina forever…

The Demon Braves

While the Renaissance brought hope for a better future, the world of Praxis went through some very dark times indeed before that age began. Some six decades before the Renaissance a group of women was brought together for an experiment by the Demon Kingdom to learn more about the transformation from human to mamonme, but afterwards were instrumental in stopping a malicious plan decades in the making, earning them the title of Demon Braves. Yet their history was nearly lost until efforts were made in the Renaissance to uncover it.

Carnality Series: C 1

“Their outward appearance is that of a little girl, but of all the monsters, they possess the most physical power… and they are feared by both humans and monsters alike.

If you ever meet one of them, never assume you can defeat her. With average abilities, one would be hopelessly outmatched…”

– Monster Girl Encyclopedia
Baphomet Profile, Paragraphs 1 and 4

From Another Place

It came to my attention that this had never been uploaded to TFT. This is the first thing I ever wrote that wasn’t a CYOA from back in the day. How much have I improved over the years? Guess you can be the judge of that. Honestly, it’s not going to be good (but then, is anything I’ve done?) so I won’t be surprised if no one finishes it.

That said, a story about war and monstergirls (the original title, but I felt I had to whip up a new one quick) and what is basically an invasion from another world. At least it’s a short novel. Here’s a link to a PDF: http://touchfluffytail.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/anotherplace.pdf