Valentina Inc. Chapter 2

So Roland finds himself in the unenviable position of being interviewed for a job he desperately needs by a woman (who turned out to be a Vampire) whom he had a one night stand with a month ago. By the end when all is said and done that little tidbit will be the least shocking turn of events to happen to him that day.

Valentina Inc. Chapter 1

To celebrate graduating university Roland is convinced by his friends to go to a recently opened nightclub that was built as a hookup spot for single men and monster girls. There he meets a mysterious older beauty and after hitting it off she invites him to a hotel for a one night stand to remember…or so he thought.

Art by Aroma Sensei

Ménage À Quatre~❤

Just one night off, that’s all Sunset wanted.

One night to cut loose, enjoy herself and leave caution to the wind…

However, when she encounters a rather enticing woman, Sunset finds herself unable to turn down her advances… and quickly ends up getting more than she bargained for…