Wizardquest: Epilogue

It’s nine years after the original events of Wizardquest ended, and your world has changed dramatically for the better. A peace has settled the land, for now, and you, and your family, take the time to visit old friends in the final installment of Wizardquest.

Wizardquest Part 18: Cold Confessions

You manage to leave the Juliant Manor with your life, and your sanity, and finally reach your destination: The Solomon Mountains. As you travel the snow, you reflect upon all that you’ve experienced and the bonds that you’ve formed, recording them for posterity upon the Communion Matrix.

You’re so close to the Ultimate Elixir, but with the prize in sight, can you truly stay the course, or has your quest unearthed what you’re truly fighting for?

Wizardquest Part 17: A Cold Night at the House on the Hill Pt.2

Blake and Saya are missing and Tabitha is out there, likely possessed the same as Hala was. In order to save your daughter, and your friends, you must fight the horror that is Xanthia and defeat the head of the Manor, the cold and beautiful Lady Juliant.

Wizardquest Part 16: A Cold Night at the House on the Hill Pt.1

With Saya now firmly in control of her senses, you continue on the road ahead with thoughts of your future when you’re attacked by a group of Reindeergirls who tell you about a secret pass into the mountains, but only if you gather supplies for them from the Juliant Manor, where a Lady of ice allows guests in, but not out.

You decide to brave the risks and enter the Manor, but will you be able to leave?

Wizardquest Part 15: What Matters Most

You’ve created a monster and now it’s loose upon the world.

You manage to chase it to Fort Carlsbad which initiates a lockdown, but the creature could be anyone in the fortress. You must find the thing before it escapes, but when you do, do you have the resolve to destroy your own child?

Wizardquest Part 14: A Winding Road

Resolving your issues with your party, you continue on the road to Fort Carlsbad out of Cair. Along the way, you get into more unexpected adventures, as well as try your hand at some serious Plagamancy, with results that are far beyond your wildest dreams.