An Arrival of a Rival. CH19

As Faulkner works hard to tutor another Societal Norms Teacher, Dorephine, he gets a call from Reiss regarding hiccups in her plans at a TMRC institute she plans to open in Guatemala.

Forcing his hand, Faulkner forces Karika to tackle one of her biggest hurdles in life. Driving.

(Art by rlobado @Fiverr)

Home Improver Stories: Summer Camp!

The Home Improver Team is back! Only this time they are helping out a summer camp but when a new enemy decides to throw some chaos into the mix, will the girls come out ahead or has their luck ran out?

Paved With Good Intentions Chapter 5

Given the opportunity by the Valkyrie who would become his new guardian Jacob spent his remaining days with his family and enjoying the life he lived in Everguard for what promises to be the final time. Throughout it all he is plagued by thoughts of ‘her’ and his inability to reconcile what he knew of her with what he was told of her by the vast majority of the public.

Wormhole Ch.14

Now reunited with Veina, Jason finds a bit of solace after returning from his massive misadventure. But as he sets his sights forward, the shadows from his past resurface to haunt him once more. Now Jason must make a choice. One that will change the lives of himself and Veina forever…