Good Vibes

My first non-contest entry set in the Vale setting.

Clay rubbed his aching head as he tried to stand, but the fall down the pit rattled his senses something fierce. His bruised arms and battered legs were unsteady and weak as he struggled to loosen his backpack from his person. It was a great and painful effort to brace himself against the pit’s wall under the late afternoon daylight. He needed to take stock. “How long was I out?”

Not Alone, Chapter 4

Weeks after the conflict in the town square, Priscilla the orc is getting used to her training as a mercenary. But an old enemy is keeping an eye on her, even as she starts to get closer to the man she loves… Features an orc primarily, along with many other supporting monstergirls. Explicit content.

Stick Together

In the desert kingdom of Arum Sedis, one Lilim takes a different approach than her sisters. She will spread demonic influence through peace, not war. One particular human couple have a chance encounter with the peculiar Lilim, and at her recommendation, decide to change their lives forever.

Wizardquest Part 23: The Journey Home Pt.2 (End)

You continue on your quest home with Selene and reach Sanctifrond, where you say farewell to Blake and the others.

The parting may be sweet sorrow, but with Selene beside you, you make your way home with much more than you ever dreamed you could have when you left home so long ago.