Eyepop’s Classic Ephemera

A somewhat random collection of old greentexts, writings, and fragments from my time on /a/’s classic MonsterGirl thread.
It’s all been copy pasted as is, so enjoy savaging my early writings.
Enjoy the nostalgia, and remember, Moth-chan is girl of the week, every week.

Wizardquest Part 1: Humble beginnings

You are a Wizard, a man who reached the age of 30 while denying the opposite sex, and was rewarded with magical powers. However, should you have intercourse, all your powers will be lost. A difficult prospect when you live in a world full of horny Monstergirls! Join the wizard as the quest to restore his precious Communion glass begins and becomes something that will change his life, and the world.

Welcome to the world of Wizardquest, my first attempt at writing back on /monster/. A CYOA that spanned 7 months and created one of the most endearing stories known to the board as both the characters, and the author evolved through the process. The humor can be crude, and the grammar can be poor, but take time and enjoy the story for what it’s worth!