Panty Raiders Chapter 12

There’s two whole sex scenes in this chapter, and guess what? It’s basically 11k words. Gotta slow down before this story becomes too long. Anyway blahblahblah they raid the dragons and there’s two guys whose names you’ll never know.

If Monster Girls Took Over the World…(Chapter 4)

Lighting Bolt! Lightning Bolt!! LIGHTNING BOLT!!! (Delays are a bitch, but no match for me B!)
If Monster Girls Took Over the World (IMGTOW) is not, in anyway shape or form, supposed to be a jab at anyone or any incident in TFT. It’s only supposed to be a dumb parody story and nothing more. It is not my intent to make any real insults at anyone. It’s only a parody story. Nothing more, nothing less. If you have any problems with it, DM me I can explain myself.
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