Riches and Spoils that decay with Time. Chapter 8 (End)

Spending their free night in debauchery and indulgence, the two had a night of wonderful bliss together.

With several years passing by afterward, the wedding between the two finally starts as each has something special to offer.

Riches and Spoils that decay with Time. Chapter 7

With their date successful, Valery and Cassy got to spend a much-deserved day to themselves. Valery however felt unsatisfied with how short their date was.

Things change for the better though as events have led the two to have a little more time to spend together which they both took advantage of.

Paved With Good Intentions Chapter 4

After her defeat and near death at the hands of Sigrdrífa Eveleena retreats home to her family’s ancestral home for immediate medical attention. Meanwhile her siblings are none too happy about the state of their prodigal sister. Someone is to blame for this and may whatever god they worship grant mercy upon them for the daughters of Astaroth will not.