Evan and his squad fight their way across a blasted hellscape of trenches and fortifications as they push toward the Queen’s mountain stronghold, intent on delivering a killing blow to the Bugs on Kerguela. With all of their cards on the table, the Coalition fleet must band together and use every tool at their disposal if they want to put an end to the alien occupation of the moon.

The Autumn War – Volume 1: Invasion

The largest Coalition fleet ever assembled descends on the lost colony of Kerguela to liberate it from its insectoid occupiers. On one side of the moon, a Marine takes part in a series of daring landings, while on the other, one of the few survivors of the original invasion hunts down the source of a mysterious signal. Conflict between both friend and foe will strain the alliance to its limits.


Stanley drops out of agricultural college to join the Navy, and is shipped off to a space station known as the Pinwheel to complete his training as a UNN Marine. There he meets Raz, an unruly alien who he will be forced to befriend if he wants to complete the program.

Birth of a Wish

“There is no salvation for you,” the demon smirks from behind a gilded skull goblet.
Casey Logan fights to prove her wrong inside the salt strewn hellscape of the Akna Montes colony, alone. He clings to the hope of finding a ship in the last of the colony’s hangar bays. With a ship he can radio his separated men. With a ship they can escape together.
At the moment when the world ceases to make sense and the pillars that holding him up crumble into salt, will Casey feel the death of despair or the birth of a wish?

Adrift – Chapter 11

Part 1 ”Ya wanna know wha’?” Desri’s jaw hung in disbelief upon the question he had just heard. ”The Irisonians. You told me you’ve been to all kinds of places and seen all kinds of cultures and civilizations and stuff. So I was just wondering if you knew anything of them specifically.” Repeated Cole after…

Adrift – Chapter 10

Part 1 ”….. Are you two really going to keep on with that?” Following a sigh of pure and undiluted exasperation, Haudrica narrowed her eyes at both Cole and Mizelle. ”It’s alright; we fiddled with this machine before and nothing happened.” Replied Mizelle as Cole removed the tiny box of glass and metal from the…

Adrift – Chapter 9

Part 1 A palpable sense of tension. Like positive and negative wires, every time Cole got within five steps of Haudrica, she would hasten her pace and put some distance between them again. And if he tried to get even closer, she would lash out, like a spark in a short-circuit. However, with every step…

Adrift – Chapter 8

Peacefully uneventful days.

With no major incident or similar event to disturb his peace, Cole’s second week on the Phylactery had been mostly marked by his own advances on the understanding of his Unit… and the worrying fact that his growing beard was starting to make him look like someone out of a Mad Max movie.